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Wrapped Up In Her Job

by Lobo De La Sombra

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© Copyright 2006 - Lobo De La Sombra - Used by permission

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The plant was dark and silent. Jamie frowned as she made her way through the production area. As production manager, she always made it a point to go through after the plant’s single shift had left for the day, making sure all the equipment was properly shut down. Not that there was much to check. The plant was a small operation, making custom stands and hangers. Thus, the only real equipment consisted of saws and drills, benders and shapers. And the wrapper.

Secretly, the wrapper was Jamie’s favorite thing in the plant. Just the thought of being tightly wrapped in plastic aroused her in ways that would shock her co-workers. Jamie knew she was viewed in the plant as a cold, efficient person. Little did they know!

Saving the best for last, she made her way through the production area, verifying all equipment shut down, then moved to the packing area. After making sure the two fork lifts were properly shut down, she slowly made her way to the wrapper.

Like most wrappers, this one consisted mainly of a rotating platform, coupled to an arm holding a roll of plastic wrap. When the plastic was attached to an item and the wrapper activated, the arm rose as the platform turned, tightly wrapping the object. This wrapper, though, had been modified due to the small diameter of most of the things that would be placed on it. A spring-loaded arm stuck out from the wrapper, the plastic feeding through two rollers at it’s end. When in use, the arm was pulled close to whatever was on the wrapper, ensuring a tight, secure wrap.

While examining the wrapper, Jamie recalled a memo that had crossed her desk. It was a copy of a request to have Maintenance look at the sensor eye that controlled how high the wrapper arm went. According to the note, the eye was set too high, causing the arm to reverse before it had reached the top of the item in question. Shrugging, she dismissed the thought.

Standing before the wrapper, she found herself wondering, again, what it would feel like to be wrapped. Not that she ever would be, of course, but it was a delicious fantasy. For a moment, she savored the thought, then a more wicked thought made her smile.

Jamie glanced around furtively, even though she knew the place was deserted except for her. Then, quickly, she stripped off her outer clothing. Her bra and panties followed. Dressed only in a black garter belt and stockings, she stepped up to the wrapper.

As usual, the shipping crew had placed the next item to be wrapped on the platform, so as to get a quicker start in the morning. In this case, the item was a heavy base plate with a sturdy wrought iron pole welded to the back. Once shipped, Jamie knew, a crossbar would be fitted to the pole to allow for the hanging of plants. For her purposes right now, though, the incomplete stand would work perfectly.

Jamie stepped onto the platform and reached for the start button. As long as she didn’t attach the plastic to herself or the pole, she reasoned, she could safely ride the platform as it spun. She wouldn’t be wrapped, but she could close her eyes and fantasize as she rode. What harm could it do? Smiling, she thumbed the start button.

Quickly, the platform lurched into motion, almost throwing Jamie from her feet. She saved herself by reaching behind her and grasping the pole with both hands. This is when a further modification of the wrapper, unknown to her, made itself known.

As the platform began to rotate, the wrapping arm, drawn in by it’s springs, pressed the end of the plastic to the pole just below her grasping hands. Before she realized it, the platform had made one full turn, wrapping Jamie’s hands to the pole. As her stunned mind struggled to comprehend what had happened, the platform turned again, the arm slowly rising. By the time she finally began to struggle, she was wrapped to the pole from just under her ass to her elbows.

Panicked, she fought to free herself, but it was no use. Remorselessly, the arm continued to rise, pinning her arms to her sides, crushing her full breasts. Jamie feared it would crush her throat, but while tight, the wrap wasn’t tight enough to do harm.

When the wrap reached her chin, Jamie set her lips and closed her eyes, knowing the end was near. The wrap would soon cover her nose, cutting off all air. Tomorrow morning, the shipping crew would find her suffocated, nearly naked body firmly wrapped to the pole.

Here, however, providence stepped in. Just as the top of the wrap covered her mouth, the beam from the misaligned eye cleared the top of the pole. Following it’s programming, the arm stopped, allowing three additional turns to secure the top of the package, then reversed.

Feeling the wrapping begin to work it’s way back down her body, Jamie opened her eyes, amazed to find she could still breathe. She could not, however, speak. The four top wraps, pressed tightly against her closed lips and contouring to beneath her chin, held her mouth firmly closed. She could only stand silently as the wrapper continued it’s work.

Reaching the bottom of the already wrapped area, the arm continued, wrapping her legs tightly to the pole. When the plastic reached her ankles, the arm stopped. After three additional wraps to stabilize the bottom of the package, the wrapper shut down.

Helplessly wrapped to the pole, Jamie silently cursed the careless oaf who had left the wrapping arm part way up. If it had started at her ankles, as it should have, she would have been able to hit the stop button and get herself loose. Instead, the shipping crew would arrive tomorrow to find their cold, efficient manager nearly naked and wrapped to a pole in clear plastic that left no doubt of her feminine endowments.

For a moment, Jamie struggled, then slumped in defeat. As she stood waiting helplessly for morning, a thought made her wince.

I hope, when they unwrap me, they don’t notice how wet my pussy is right now.



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