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A Day at the Races

by Techie and Techster

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© Copyright 2020 - Techie and Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/mf; ponygirl; bond; outdoors; gag; plug; naked; cons; X

This past Monday two of our new friends -- Michele, the “wife” who is an intersex woman of mixed race and Clyde, her husband, who is a professional conditioning trainer at a local gym and a “normal” male -- invited Techster and I to be their “drivers” at the annual pony-play festival at the Hupony Farm located about 100 miles away from our home in the foothills. We had told them that I myself had been a pony for Techster. I won a few races and the dressage contest; we had a good time.

Clyde had advised us: “Be sure to bring at least one hundred dollars. Racing is part of our pony show and if you want you can bet on the winners, which we hope will be Onyx and Centaur.”

They proposed that we use their mini RV van as it had room for me to dress them out in their gear while we were enroute to our destination. They closed the curtains of the van and stripped in preparation for their pony play gear.

Michele opened a box containing her pony gear and put on and locked on her pony boots. Next Clyde stripped, put on and locked his own pony boots. They faced each other, kissed, covered each other’s body with sunscreen then locked wide stainless steel collars with 6 foot long chromed steel leashes on each other’s neck.

Now about the couple: Michele is a slender beautifully muscled mixed race (black) woman, proud intersex, about 6 feet tall. She is not embarrassed to let the world know about her sex. The term “intersex” has replaced the old world term “hermaprodite” which simply means that she has both male and female genitals. She a vagina, but rather than a clitoris she has a small penis. Due to intersex she has a higher testosterone level which accounts for her musculature. She still has a distinctly feminine shape and appearance with small perky breasts yet with firm rippled muscles in her arms, legs and butt. Her pony name is Onyx.

Michele turned to me and said, “Please pony harness me first.” She handed me a wooden box. “This contains a set of custom welded branding irons. Centaur and I trust you and Techster and we would like you to brand us with each other’s pony name. I will wear the ‘Property of Centaur’ brand while he will wear the ‘Property of Onyx’ brand.”

I opened the box and examined the stainless steel branding irons. I agreed, “Techster is an experienced striker, He did my brand,” I lowered my slacks and underwear so she could see Techster’s brand on my right butt.

Michele smiled , “Wow! I just know our brands will look great.”

Next I locked her hands in heavy leather bondage mitts. They were strapped to her thighs by a black polished leather full body harness that would be attached to the poles of the cart. Her long hair was up in a tall ponytail in a head harness with a top plume of coloured feathers.

Lastly she bent over as I lubed and installed an inflated her butt plug ponytail which was made from her own hair. Her shaven pubic area with the small penis hanging down attracted little attention unless you were close and looked.

She walked about proudly as I harnessed Clyde, her husband. He had a strong body which included a genital area which was also shaven. He had a gold CB6000 male chastity device locked around his cock and balls.

He was also bound in a black polished leather full body harness. I lubed and inserted and inflated a butt plug ponytail in him as well. Like Michele, Clyde’s head was locked in a leather head harness with a plume of black hair on the top. Clyde’s pony name was Centaur.

I strapped their bits in their mouths. The bits were a piece of soft pine dowel with a foam rubber ball in the middle and eye-bolts on each end. The balls were rather large and had to be forced into their mouths. Straps that were attached to the eye-bolts were tightened behind their necks. They were a proud-looking pony play couple with their sunscreen-oiled bodies that would be shining in the bright sun and air where the temperature was around eighty degrees.

When we arrived Techster and I helped them out of the van as their hoof boots were not steady on the metal steps. I held up the branding irons for Techster and Centaur to see and said,” Ponies this good looking should be branded so everyone knows whose property they are.” Onyx turned and kissed Centaur as Techster took her leash and I led Clyde off on his own.

We noticed a fire pit over by the stable barn and several other ponies bent over with their heads locked in a pillory awaiting their branding. Techster and I led Onyx and Centaur over to another pillory and locked their necks in the pillory and their ankles in the footstock that was attached to each.

A large, gruff looking dominant who apparently was in charge of branding took the irons from us. She placed them in the fire. ”We’ll wait for the irons to get bright red hot. That way the brands will be permanent and will hurt less. Have you ever branded a human pony before?”

I answered, “NO!”, but pointing to Techster I told her, ”But he has. He branded me!” I lowered my slacks so she could see Techster’s brand on my right butt cheek.

Her only comment was, “He did a good job. The iron was the right temperature, and he had a steady hand so there was no smearing. I’ll ask him to do both brands.”

She pointed to Techster and he came over. “How long did you hold the iron on her and did you whip her before the brand?”

Techster answered, “I held the iron on her for a quick count of three after about 20 strikes with a thick flat belt. Why?”

“By warming her up with a belt you deadened the nerves in her butt so the branding had less pain. You did a good job, she has a permanent brand with no subcutaneous or muscular damage! Please do these brands the same way!”

Techster walked over to Onyx and Centaur and asked, “Who shall I brand first?” 

Onyx shook her head up and down as a signal for “YES”, while Centaur shook his head from side to side as a “NO!”

The dominant handed Techster a thick flat leather belt about an inch wide. “Well get started we’ve got other ponies waiting to get branded!”

Techster took the belt and passed it to me saying,” OK Techie you warm them up and I’ll do the actual branding!” I took the strap and with a wide stance proceeded to flog Onyx’s butt until it was a bright red. Techster then held the iron to her for a quick count or three. There was a brief flash of smoke when the sunscreen on Onyx’s butt flashed off and she let out a scream that was muffled by her gag-rein bar and then she got quiet.

Next I warmed up Centaur’s butt with the leather strap and when it looked bright red I stood back as Techster applied the brand. Centaur uttered a brief scream and there was a flash of smoke as the sunscreen he was wearing flashed off. The Onyx brand showed up beautifully on his well-muscled butt.

The dominant in charge said, “best to harness them up to their sulkies and let them run off the pain. They’ll heal better that way.”

Techster and I were surprised when Onyx and Centaur led us to their identical lightweight pony carts, called a sulky. Each had their pony names on the sides. Each sulky had a long single tail whip in a socket in the front.

Techster and I held the whips up for them to see as I told them, “These are the accelerators! If you need encouragement WE WILL USE THEM!” Both Onyx and Centaur nodded their heads in agreement. We coupled them to their respective sulkies, clipped their reins to the bits in their mouths and strapped their wrists to the draft poles. Techster and I sat on the seats and with a shake of the reins and a snap of the whips on their backs we started riding around a circular track. As we came to what appeared to be a starting line there was an electronic sign that read ”Register your ponies here. Sign up for the first race in 30 minutes.”

Both Techster and I pulled on the right reins and guided our ponies into the centre of the track where we paid the five dollars to register each of our ponies. The little lady running the booth asked, “ Which race do you wish to register for? There will be a total of five races today; a one lap, a one hundred metre, a five hundred metre sprint, a three lap and a five lap feature race winner take all. Also, do you want to place any bets? If so, which pony do you wish to bet on and which race do you want to place your bets?

She continued. “The winner of each heat race will be paid fifty percent of the amount of all the money bet on that race while second place will receive twenty five percent of the amount bet in each race. The exception is the five lap feature race, which is winner-takes-all!” 

“We bet ten dollars on our ponies in each race to win.” I told the lady. There were fifteen ponies racing in all 5 races.

Our ponies reacted tour reins and trotted around the track and staged at the starting gate. Both Techster and I dismounted from our sulkies and walked to face both Onyx and Centaur. “You are registered for all five races. “ I told them. “Can you deal with that?” They both nodded a strong YES!

Techster also told them there are disc brakes on each sulky. Just before the start Techie and I will hold the brakes and at the same time we want you to pull as hard as you can against the brakes. We will release the brakes for the start and that should give us a jump on the other ponies. Is that OK with you?” Both Onyx and Centaur nodded an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Techster went over to the refreshment stand and bought four large bottles of energy drink. He passed me two bottles, “One is for you one is for your pony.” I opened one of the bottles and tipped it up to Centaur’s lips. He drank it all down, nodded and pawed the ground with his right foot in thanks. Techster held one of his bottles up for Onyx and like Centaur she drank it all quickly.

I stood ahead of the ponies and asked, “Should we get a few more bottles of this drink and pass it to you each one after every race?” Both ponies nodded affirmatively.

I walked over the snack booth and bought the last 6 bottles of the name brand energy drink. I placed three in the storage area under the seat of each sulky, As I passed the bottles out I told the ponies, “Techster and I want to keep our ponies hydrated and healthy. Do you want a snack?”

Both ponies nodded no to the snack so Techster and I dismounted and walked our ponies in a circle to keep them warmed up as we waited for the start of the first race. As soon as the first race was announced I told our ponies: “Remember: We will press on the brakes of the sulkies as soon as the starter says ‘Get set’. I want you both to pull as hard as you can. We will release the brakes at the start and that should give up a good jump at the start. Let’s go win some races! We bet on you to win and we can all use the money!”

The sprints were one pony at a time with an electronic timer. There was no luck to it as Onyx placed first in the one-hundred metre sprint while Centaur placed second.

Centaur was first in the five hundred metre sprint with Onyx placing second. Onyx and Centaur were both very competitive and really put forth a great effort doing their best to win.

The circular track was wide, marked off into twenty lanes and the sign at the starting gate said it was one thousand metres in circumference. Techster and I had a brief conference with Onyx and Centaur where we told them “We know this will be demanding so we will encourage you to run as fast as you can! We will push your endurance and encourage you with the whip. Do you understand?” Both ponies nodded enthusiastically.

The one lap race had all fifteen ponies lined up at the starting gate with the drivers drawing the lane assignment for their pony from paper slips in a glass bowl. Onyx drew lane one on the inside of the track while Centaur drew lane seven in the middle. When the starting gate dropped both of our ponies got great starts and were able charge to the lead of the herd.

Techster and I ran a relaxed race with only light snaps of our whips. Most of the other drivers used their whips frequently and hard. Centaur ran in aggressive style intimidating the ponies by running close alongside them next to him while Onyx took the lead and stayed there. The final result of the one lap race was Onyx first: Centaur third. The payoff for race number one was $75.00 for Onyx while Centaur earned $37.50.

Likewise Onyx and Centaur fought for the lead in the three lap race. Both Techster and I gave our ponies a snap on the back with the whip when their pace slowed and they both took the hint and ran faster.

By the end of lap number two nearly all of the other ponies were gasping for air, shuffling their feet and one, a big male pony actually passed out by the end of the race. We led out ponies to a cool spot in the shade of a large oak tree and gave our ponies their drinks. 

Onyx and Centaur gratefully drank their energy drinks. It was obvious to us that they had trained for the distance. There was a break of thirty minutes before the five lap feature. New starting positions were drawn and this time Onyx drew lane fourteen while Centaur drew lane fifteen.

We gave our ponies the last bottles of energy drink before the start of the race as they were both sweating like real ponies might in the hot weather. We set up in the starting gate just like we had before with both ponies pulling hard right before the start.

All of the other ponies were obviously getting hot and tired; they were not enjoying the competition as much as ours so Onyx and Centaur won the start. After that they closed to the inside lanes and stayed well ahead of the other ponies to the finish. Of the fifteen starters more than half dropped out with two passing out from heat exhaustion and were attended by the farm’s medical staff.

To me it appeared that Onyx and Centaur finished in a deliberate tie. They pranced to the winners’ circle in the middle of the track in a high stepping dressage gait to receive their garlands. 

As it finished the track manager said over the public address system “...and by tradition we shall have the drivers become ponies and give their winning ponies a victory lap around the track!” Techster and I unharnessed our ponies and removed the bondage mitts and gags.


“Now it is your turn to be a pony!” Onyx told us. “Please strip and be harnessed.” . 

Techster looked at me while saying, “Why the hell not? It will be fun!” We stripped down to our shoes and stood patiently. We received our harnesses, bondage mitts, gags and tails which were deflated then inserted in Techster and I and re-inflated. It was obvious from Techster’s reaction that he had never had an inflatable butt plug tail before.

We hooked up to the sulkies. With a light snap of the whips across our backs given by Onyx and Centaur, Techster and I broke into a proud high stepping trot around the track. To those watching it must have been humorous with a pair of trim, well muscled, tanned former huponies working the reins of a pair of senior ponies, both with pale white skin. Techster with a tummy flap and me with a loose tummy and floppy breasts but we enjoyed our “victory lap”. 

Once we were done we were led over to the van everyone got normally dressed. Both Onyx and Centaur commented, “Do you want to be our ponies for a race or two? Obviously, since you’re older and not as conditioned as we are we’ll do races that are less competitive.”

I said ”YES!” while Techster thought for a second and then agreed.


My only comment is that pony play is a lot like puppy play but requires more energy. The real fun is trusting your master or driver enough so you can shed your humanity through an extreme power exchange and become the animal with the inner strengths to be a successful racing pony against other racing ponies. 

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