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Angel's Country Weekend

by Gandalf

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© Copyright 2003 - Gandalf - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; scarves; gags; ponygirl; boots; bridle; outdoors; oral; sex; cons; X

Now if you're read any of these stories so far, you'll already know that both Angel and David enjoy not only doing the tying but being the tied.  Doesn't matter to them which end they take, as long as there is some sort of restraint and/or bondage involved.  Angel and David had been seeing each other for quite awhile, and decided they needed a weekend away from their jobs to de-stress and relax and just plain enjoy each other.  So they both called in sick on Friday (shame on them…such bad employees…*wink*) and took the weekend to 'recover' from their alleged illnesses.  They packed their bags and drove out to a little country bed and breakfast, and as Angel checked the clock in the van it was just passing 4 hours from the time they started out.  

Sufficiently away from anywhere and anyone they might know, they started to unwind already.  A quick dip in the B&B's Jacuzzi helped them relax even more, and with a few glasses of wine they were downright drowsy.  David managed to talk Angel into heading back to their room early, although she *had* been enjoying the fondling she'd been getting while they were in the Jacuzzi together (and nobody was looking!).  As they retired for the evening they found the bed in their room had these lovely wrought iron head and footboards.  David's eyes boggled imagining the possibilities, as did Angel's.  Kinky minds think alike.  Angel was soon spread-eagled to the bed, squirming against the soft silk scarves that tightly held her to the bed.  Knowing the more she pulled the tighter the knots got, she tried to relax.  

David was making relaxing difficult with his mouth down around her already inflamed pussy lips, as well as playing with her clit with that talented tongue of his.  She thought she was getting the bedding wet it was turning her on so much!  Up one side of her lower lips with his mouth, sucking, nibbling lightly, and flicking each side with his tongue, before repeating the process on the other side.  It was driving her nuts!  She was bucking her hips now, trying to get him to put his tongue inside her further.  But he knew her game, and always backed off when he could sense her getting close.  By this time she was loudly moaning (sorry neighbors!) so he figured for the common good he'd better take care of things before they called the front desk.  He took her panties and promptly stuffed them into her mouth, catching her entirely off guard.  She was so stunned she didn't try to spit them out, and that's when a large piece of duct tape was placed across her cheeks, nicely covering that pretty mouth of hers.  Another couple pieces below the chin and yet another in the space between.  

She wanted to be grossed out after the shock wore off…I mean, those were <her> panties in her own mouth!!!  But she could smell and taste her own juices, and for some strange reason it really turned her on!  As she sat there struggling against the scarves and tape gag, David sat up.  "You look rather bored like that…maybe a change of view would help!"  

And with that he untied her ankles and retied them to the headboard above her arms.  She was now effectively doubled over with her ass and pussy sticking out from off the soft mattress.  As David cinched the scarves nice and snug around each ankle again, he massaged her aching pussy with his fingers, rubbing her clit with his thumb.  He knew she loved it when he "multi-tasked" with her.  He strolled casually to the ice bucket they'd filled earlier with ice, and grabbed a couple pieces.  He slowly slid a small piece down inside her warm wet pussy, feeling her body tense and her scream into the tape gag as he did so.  He then offset the cold of the ice cube with the warmth of his tongue inside her, flicking the ice cube with his tongue whenever he felt it inside of her. With the other piece he rubbed it against one of her already hard nipples until it was standing fierce and proud off her large shapely breast.  Then he switched to the other one, making sure it did not feel neglected.  As the sensations overtook her, she thrust her hips toward his mouth, losing control of herself.  She came forcefully after that, leaving her sagging and limp against the soft but strong scarves.

The next morning she awoke to herself in the large bed, completely naked and lying next to David.  She felt his warm naked body and the even rise and fall of his chest as he slept.  They were both pretty tuckered out from last night.  After their leisurely breakfast Angel noticed the picnic basket sitting on the edge of the bed.  She hadn't seen that before.  Assuming it was for a picnic lunch later on she picked it up and it seemed heavier than it should have been.  She didn't think anything of it, perhaps because she knew David could eat a lot… maybe there was just a lot of food in there!  

They dressed in street clothes (shorts and t-shirts) and headed out to their picnic, a decent hike from the bed and breakfast.  Once they'd found a particularly nice glen, shaded by tall trees and bushes around as well, leaving a small open grassy area in the middle, partially covered by shadow and the rest bathed in warm spring sunlight.  David brought a backpack as well, but she never even asked what he had inside of it!  As they spread the blanket and got situated, he started taking food items from the backpack and setting them out.  She wondered why the food wasn't coming from the picnic basket.  "If there's no food in the basket, I wonder what IS in there," Angel mused.

As the old saying goes, 'Be careful what you wish for…you just may get it!' 

David made her take off her shorts and t-shirt, leaving her in nothing but her white cotton bra and boy-cut panties.  He always thought she looked sooooo sexy in those!  Momentarily distracted, he regained his focus and returned to the task at hand.  First he retrieved a thick leather belt, with a spot to lock it on the wearer, he cinched it around Angel's trim waist and locked it in place.  Fashionable (yeah right!) silver D-rings held form on each of her hips.  He then took those comfy fleece-lined wrist cuffs and locked one onto each of her delicate wrists.  David made her put her arms behind her back and stretch them as far as she could, until he was able to lock the left wrist behind the back to her right hip, and vice versa. 

Satisfied her arms weren't going anywhere he moved on to rolling the silk stockings up her beautiful shapely legs.  He ran his hands up and down the length of both legs, stopping to momentarily brush her pussy through the panties.  She shuddered at that, but he wanted to make sure his girl was all dressed to play today!  He then strapped a harness onto her solid body, cinching it behind her arms as well as across her chest above and below her breasts, and through her crotch area connecting to it again behind her.  A few more padlocks later and she was definitely going nowhere fast that way.  

Angel couldn't figure out why it was a little drafty 'below decks' but she soon discovered the reason.  David had cut a slit into her cotton panties right about at ass-line.  She could feel a finger slip right by the defenses (cotton though they were) and play with her pussy and clit a bit more, just to torture her with pleasure.  

He then had her sit down on the blanket they'd packed for their 'picnic' and he helped her get her boots on.  These were black leather boots that laced up to the knee, and they were the type known as Pony Boots, so the foot was made to look like a horse's hoof.  Balancing in these would be precarious at best, Angel figured.  David helped her up, and teetering ungracefully on them took her first tentative steps as a pony.  He then pulled her hair up into a ponytail and helped work the faceless hood over her head.  The only opening was at the mouth, and Angel breathed slowly and surely feeling David lace the hood onto her face until it was a second skin.  Her ponytail was threaded through the hole in the top as well.  He knew she wouldn't be complete quite without a bridle, so he dug into the basket and retrieved the last piece to the costume…a nice leather and metal bit gag bridle that was cinched and locked onto her beautiful hooded head.

"Such a beautiful steed," David thought,  "but still not quite done."  He took the last couple items from the basket, a medium sized butt plug complete with a horse's tail.  He lubed it thoroughly, as he wiped the extra from his hand around Angel's tight ass, and slowly worked the thick plug in between those beautifully tanned cheeks.  One more thick intruder on the front side as well made Angel feel very full in her belly.  David adjusted the straps on the harness so that the plugs were held in nicely, every movement Angel made causing it to make their presence known in her behind as well as in her increasingly wet pussy.  

David helped her take a few steps and he swatted her rear with his hand to 'encourage' her to a nice trot.  The bottoms of her boots had horseshoes cobbled on, so Angel left her petite little hoof-prints everywhere she pranced.  He used her bridle to direct her movements and lovingly corrected his gorgeous filly around the quiet deserted woods, her full breasts bouncing fluidly with every 'hoof' print. 

Several hours’ later Angel's arms had gone numb, and the soreness in her jaw had turned to a nagging throb.  David took her nipples between his fingers and pulled her back towards their blanket.  She was made to kneel, and he finally released her ass and pussy from their temporary residents.  She gasped into her bit gag as David proceeded to start caressing her wet engorged sex with his mouth and tongue. Angel's knees nearly collapsed as she came!  

"What a nice weekend in the country," she thought.



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