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by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 12 - Delicious Pets

"Open wide!"

"... mmmph!"

"There you go... Thanks so much for doing this for me on your day off."

I nodded... that was all I could do now that my mouth was stuffed with the soft mouthpiece, and my nose was invaded by the nose tubes. Lucy was turning me into a white rabbit again. I always seemed to end up in trouble after something nice happened to me.

I had an amazing time with Trixie and Vix the other day; I got to see Vix out of her suit, then I got my first real kiss from Trixie. But it turned out that the rabbit petgirl also liked to get close to Vix, because she got her cold... and she also transmitted it to Misti. Being Trixie, a girl who craved physical contacts a bit too much, came with a downside.

That said, Lucy was now down four pets. Apricot probably left the café forever, Trixie and Misti were recovering from their cold at the luxurious pet-house, Meeka's shift was over and was out of town, and me, of course, I ended up being the backup plan.

When I showed up at the café today, Lucy was somewhat panicking because she usually had a crew of six pets, but now she only had four; that wasn't too good for the café. She could operate with five, but with only four, people started to turn heels knowing they wouldn't get to spend quality time with their favorite rubber animals.

So this morning, Lucy "asked" me to be a pet to compensate until tomorrow. Useless to say that it was not my plan for the day. I thought I would get to spend time with my pet friends and maybe chat with Lucy about the mysterious pet-house, not work. But since I didn't know how to say no, I accepted.

I clapped my cushy paws together and made sure my fingers were comfortable sitting in them, and then Lucy zipped my suit up and locked it before turning me around and gently pulling on my long ears.

"Too adorable. So, you remember that you have to act like Trixie as much as you can, else the client will suspect something is weird?"


"Sorry, I had to turn you into our most sexual pet, but Trixie is super popular. When she is away for too long, people start asking questions. It's okay, right? You are well protected inside the costume anyway. You have nothing to fear."


"Okay, follow me. I'll let you in the lounge. Then I'll open the shop. If you make the clients buy a lot of cakes, I'll give you a nice reward when your shift is over."

A reward? I wondered what she meant by that... I didn't ask for anything. I just wanted to help and enjoy being a pet again. I didn't get to do that too often.

We walked downstairs, and she let me enter the lounge. Immediately, Vix, Oreo, Asha, and Accalia came to see me. They knew it was me and not Trixie this time, so they all gave me small hugs to welcome me as a temporary staff member.

It didn't take long before I ended up on the floor under a pile of rubber petgirls. It was so fun to feel like an animal again... so relaxing. I didn't have to talk, I didn't have to worry about what I looked like, I didn't have to worry about if this was the right thing to do. All I had to do was to enjoy myself and return some love to my little friends.

The life of a petgirl was a nice one. There was no need to think about anything real-life related. Lucy would keep an eye on us, feed us, clean us, and more. All that was left for us to do was to give and receive affection. I didn't think I would want to do that full time like the other girls, but it felt good once in a while.

About thirty minutes later, Lucy let a young guy inside the lounge; maybe early twenties... and he looked straight at me. It was not the first time I wore a pet suit, but it was the first time it was for work. Sure, one time, Lucy pulled my leg and made me believe that Trixie was a client, but this time it was real. I didn't know that person, and the thought that I could end up cuddling with him was quite scary.

I froze.

The man walked in my direction with a smile... I thought he would hug me... or pick me up... but then...

"VIX! Come here, foxy!"

That was not me he was after. Vix, the cute fox girl, from the other end of the lounge joyfully skipped toward the man and threw herself in his stomach without too much care.

"Oof! Lucy told me you were sick. I'm glad you are feeling better. I'm so happy that you are back. I have so many things to tell you."

Obviously, those two knew each other. Vix looked super happy to see him and vice versa. This false alarm was an efficient wake-up call for me. I couldn't afford to be this scared of strangers if I wanted to do a good job today. Lucy was right, I was well protected inside my costume, and my identity was concealed, so I didn't have much to worry about.

I discreetly observed how Vix interacted with this first client. Honestly, she didn't do much at all outside, staying close, reacting a bit when her client was petting her, and returning occasional hugs. I wondered if she really cared about him or if she just wanted to make him buy more cakes.

A bit later, Lucy let more clients in, this time it was a young couple. I had seen them at the café before but wasn't quite sure what pet they liked to play with the most. I never really paid any attention to that kind of detail. They looked in my direction, but Oreo and Asha were sitting with me, so it was hard to tell who they would request.

With a sign of the hand, the woman called one of us over... Which one? I was not the real Trixie; I didn't know who her favorite clients were... But Asha and Oreo apparently did. They started pushing me off my butt, trying to tell me that those were mine... or that I was theirs.

The nervousness set in, but knowing that I wouldn't have to talk to them changed everything. Not risking to have my communication disorder exposed today was an immense peace of mind. So I took a deep breath and began my walk toward this new experience.

One thing that helped me, I thought, was that I tried to pretend that I was the real Trixie. Acting like her provided me with confidence that I usually didn't have. I remembered that Trixie always walked like a little soldier, with her legs and arms straight, which made her look adorable. Doing the same thing made me giggle internally. The other pets probably knew what I was doing and certainly would make fun of me later.

I arrived next to the couple who was sitting in the booth.

"Triiix! Come here, you, cutie-bunny!"

They looked friendly. I sat next to them, as I would normally do as a human.

"Haha... What are you doing? You don't want to hug me?"

Did I just commit my first mistake as a petgirl? That didn't take long. I wasn't used to being the one initiating cuddles. 

As I was trying not to freak out about what I did, I received a soft slap behind the head, and before I could even turn around to see who did that, Asha circled me and jumped on the man, which made them react positively.

"Aaaah! Noooo! It's Ashaaa! She is invading us!"

The snow leopard turned to her back and laid down all crooked over both of them. I was pretty sure she just wanted to show me how it was done. There was no right or wrong way to go about it, but I had to find this heart-desire to be playful.

I decided to fall softly on the girl and see what would happen; that was a start.

"Awww... Trixie is all quiet today. Maybe she is a bit tired."

She wrapped her arm around me, pulling me closer. Well, that felt good; she was handling me so gently. As I was trying to get as comfortable as I could in her arms, I tried to remember what the pets were doing around me when I visited the café.

A bunch of random souvenirs crossed my mind, and I picked a random one to replicate.

I decided to go for it... I climbed on top of the girl to face her before wrapping my arms around her neck and pressing her face into my chest... Trixie had playfully done this to me more than once, so I hoped my client would appreciate it.

"Aaaah! Trixie's boobs are in my face."

"Hahaha! It's the first time she does that... It's hilarious."

First time? Was this my second mistake already? Trixie was my good friend, so maybe she treated me differently than her other clients. It was too late to reconsider now. The girl was so happy that she held me there for a very long time, just enjoying the moment and the comfort of my little chest.

"Jed, I want to take her home again! It was so fun last time."

"Hehe. It was... I guess you'll have to ask Lucy."

The girl finally released me from her grip and placed her two hands on my waist. Using her nose, she rubbed mine and whispered a little question.

"Trixie? It's a very special day for Jed and me today. We decided to get married. We are so happy. He said it was okay if I wanted to borrow a pet so we can celebrate a bit more tonight. Since you are my ultimate favorite, would you like to come back to our place for the night?"

Oh, shoot! Lucy didn't prepare me for this... Well, she didn't prepare me for anything. I didn't want to follow some strangers to their home. Maybe Trixie knew them well, but I didn't. The way she was talking, it happened before, so I guess it was possibly true, but I wasn't ready for this.

I just stared at her from behind my black bunny eyes, not daring to give her an answer, and started to tremble a little. As if someone kept an eye on me, the lounge door opened, and Lucy walked in, saving me from my dire situation.

"Jed! Eve! Having fun already with the pets?"

"Yes... They are as sweet as ever!"

"What can I bring you today?"

"Well, it's a special occasion, so we will take the triple-chocolate cake and two laté."

"Oh? What is the special occasion?"

"Jed and I are getting married!"

Lucy lost her shit again.

"WHAT!? Seriously!?"

"Yes... We decided yesterday! Is it not great?"

"It's AMAZING! Congratulations, guys!"

"Hehe, thanks... So... We also wanted to ask... Could we bring Trixie home tonight? We would bring her back tomorrow morning."

"Ah, sorry. No can do. Trixie has to stay here tonight. She is not feeling like herself today, so I want her to have a good night of sleep."

"Awww... Really?"

Wow... Lucy really had my back. She just protected me from an experience that would have been traumatic. I was not even officially working here, so expecting me to go sleep at a stranger's place would have been way too much to ask. I wore Trixie's skin, but I was not the fearless bunny.

"Sorry, another time, maybe. It's just bad timing. We are short on pets too and they all need to rest."

"... It's... It's okay... I was just looking forward to playing with her a bit more. I like Trixie a lot."

"She would have loved it... But hey, if you are okay with doing something special here, I can arrange a little entertainment."

"... a little entertainment?"

"Yeah... Give me a moment. I'll be back. I got the perfect idea."

Well, I didn't know what Lucy had in mind, but I knew her brain was wired differently than normal people, so it was fair to assume that she would throw a nice curveball at one of us... and by one of us, I meant me.

Without realizing it, I was squeezing my client just a bit harder, searching for reassurance.

It only took a few minutes before Lucy came back, her arms full of random items, and wearing a smile that announced trouble.

"Alright, first, a nice table cloth... It might get messy..."

Messy? Why messy? Lucy? What are you going to do to me this time? As she unfolded a thick and transparent plastic table cloth, I grew suspicious. With the puzzled clients' help, she neatly spread it over the table, and once that was done, she grabbed my wrist.

"Alright, Trixie, lay down on the table..."


"Don't look at me like that... We are giving your friends a special wedding gift... Don't you want to do something nice for them? Come on, bunny-girl. Up! Get on the table!"

I've seen petgirls lying on top of tables before, but it was not something I was personally used to. It was not very natural for me to do that... particularly while knowing that Lucy was hiding her plan from us.

I hesitantly sat on the table, and they helped me lay down on it. My white latex skin was sticking a bit on the clear plastic, but I still ended up comfortably on my back. It was a funny position to be in; my legs, dangling from the table's edge, were pointing toward the wall where Asha was sitting; on my right side was Jed and Eve, sitting side by side and giggling at the vulnerable me.

Because we were sitting in the corner booth, the other clients in the lounge couldn't see what was going on over here; they would see my two long rabbit ears at best. Depending on what they planned to do to me, this sort of privacy was possibly not the best thing.

Lucy placed a spray bottle on the table, along with a few soft cloths.

"Okay, that is perfect... Give Trixie a good cleaning. I'll be right back."


The plan was starting to take shape a bit too quickly... What did I get myself into again?

Eve didn't waste any time, too happy about this turn of events. She grabbed the bottle and began spraying me with the cleaning solution.

"Raise your paws, Trixie."

Disobeying was not even an option anymore; I was too far in. I raised my hands to the side of my head, undoubtedly making me look even more adorable and, therefore, more desirable. Asha, her, wasn't phased out by this and pushed on my knees to open my legs.

Eve sensually rubbed the soft cloth on me... everywhere... preparing me for what was coming next. As nervous as I was, this didn't feel bad at all. It reminded me of the massage Trixie and I received when we went to the spa; Eve just spent a lot more time massaging my chest.

It was evident that she knew Trixie loved a good breast rub, but she had no idea I wasn't her. She meticulously wiped my arms, torso, belly, upper legs... and crotch, which couldn't do anything else than turn me on. Good thing I was all protected inside my thick rubber skin; it was easier to accept that kind of attention.

"Aaaah, Trixie loves this... She is so cute when she gets excited."

"Yeah... Too bad we can't take her home tonight."

"No, Jed... It's fine... I think this is going to be really fun."

Lucy came back not long after, carrying some more items that she placed around me. She then put her hands around my neck and massaged me gently.

"Ooooh, shiny rabbit. You are so cute. Alright, guys. Trixie will be your cake today. Use those squeeze bottles to decorate her. It's chocolate syrup. You can do whatever you want... draw something, write words, let your imagination flow. And then, I sliced your triple-chocolate cake in bite pieces... just stick them everywhere on her body. And when you are all done... well... bon appetit!"

"Aaaah! Lucy! That is so awesome! Thanks so much! Mmmm... Trixie-cake! Come on, Jed... take this bottle! You take care of her lower body, and I take care of the top."

"Haha! Okay!"

"Enjoy, guys!"

Just like that, Lucy turned heels after converting me into a food whiteboard. There was obviously nothing I could have done to stop this from happening, but I didn't want to. Seeing those people so happy to play with me made me feel good about myself. I was providing them with something joyful that they needed.

As they were squeezing cold chocolate syrup all over me, I couldn't do anything but smile because it tickled. I couldn't see what they were doing in my current position, but guessing was fun.

It took a few minutes of laughter and awws for them to turn me into a pet artwork. Eve stood up and snapped a picture from above with her cellphone and showed it to me.

I couldn't do anything else but melt when I saw what they had done to me ... Not only they had covered me well with tons of zigzags and stars, but on my chest, I had a big heart, and inside it, she wrote, "I love you." On my belly, she wrote "sexy bunny," and on my legs I think Jed had written "cutie" and "cuddly." Clearly, he was not the artist in the couple. The color contrast of the chocolate cake pieces covering my ultra-white skin made everything stand out.

"Oh, my God. Trixie! You look so delicious. I have no other choices but to eat you alive!"


I had almost forgotten that part... I was a bunny-cake, and bunny-cake needed to be eaten. Eve dug in first. She slid her warm tongue slowly along my rib cage, almost making my heart explode.

This was SO erotic!

My hips lifted on the table, betraying the fact that I was hardly in control of my brain anymore.

"Haaa! Trixie is so tasty! And she loves it too... Oh! I want this piece of cake there..."

Her slippery tongue slid up one of my boobs, and her soft lips engulfed my now erected nipple... and her teeth even caught it a little bit, sending even more sexual pleasure down my spine. That was insane.

I'm not sure what Jed was doing, but I felt some licking on my thighs as well. But I think he was leaving most of me to Eve on purpose, or maybe he was too scared to be too forward in front of his future wife. Chocolate bunnies seemed to be her thing more than his.

But the one I forgot about was Asha, who kept my legs open and facing my exposed crotch. I should have known... Pets are playful and somewhat evil at times... She shamelessly pressed her cushy paw on my rubber covered pussy and massaged it slowly. That time, they must have heard me moan. ASHA! What were you doing to me?

"Aaaah... Good Asha! I'm not sure Lucy would agree with this, but since it's you doing it, I guess that's okay. We won't tell her."

No kidding... Was masturbating me in public even allowed? If Asha knew the rules, she broke them on purpose.

For many long minutes, Eve had a blast licking and nibbling me all over. The nipples, neck, and lower belly area felt extra good to me, and I tried to let her know what I liked by twisting around when it was a good spot. Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't have allowed a stranger to lick me, but that layer of latex and this mask turned me into something much more approachable.

Lucy came back after a while to check on us.

"So... How is your cake, Eve?"

"She is DELICIOUS! Can I have some more?"

"Haha... Yes... Here, I brought you some more cake... Enjoy yourself! Hey!... Asha... What are you doing? Were you...?"

Asha shook her head and withdrew her paw from my crotch. Now I had my answer... Crotch rubbing in the lounge was not allowed. Sadly, I didn't want her to stop.

Asha knew that... so as soon as Lucy left us alone, she returned her paw to my pussy and rubbed it more energetically as if there were a sense of emergency... Now that she knew Lucy would keep a close eye on her, she had to act quickly.

I was in heaven and close to the edge. Eve added some more syrup on me along with a couple of cake pieces... but then she did something unexpected.

She pinned my wrist on the table above my head and slid her warm tongue over my exposed latex armpit... That move, combined with Asha's relentless crotch rubbing, sent me to a very happy place. Nobody ever touched me there before... but it was so erogenous. How come I never knew about this? Worrying if I were clean and shaved was pointless in this case, so all that was left was the good sensation... and Eve noticed my great reaction to her experiment.

"Oooh... I think I found Trixie's favorite spot... Alright then..."

She plunged her face in my armpit again, eating it slowly with her lips, teeth, and tongue... all at once...

That was too much to endure... I had no idea this was one of my weak spots. It was not tickling, it almost felt as if I had a second clitoris somewhere in my armpit. But it didn't matter anymore...

I started thrashing on top of the table, overwhelmed by an intense orgasm. As I was cumming hard, they all tried to hold me still on the table not to attract Lucy's attention. Eve even tried to plug my breathing holes with her finger to muffle my faint moans, which made it even worse for me... it just made my orgasm stronger.

Stars... Many stars were floating around in front of me, and I didn't even know where I was anymore... My body was drained of all its energy, and I was still lying flat on my back while Eve finished licking my body and chewing on her cake pieces. I might have blacked out for a moment here... I was the happiest pet in the world.

A bit later, Lucy came back with some more towels and asked Eve and Jed to clean me up. After that, for another hour, Asha and I cuddled with them, and then they had to go. I may have understood why the pets loved interacting with clients so much. It was certainly not the most unpleasant job in the city... as long as we were allowed to bend the rules a little bit.

As soon as they left, Asha went to Lucy, pointed at me with one paw, and pointed at her neck with the other.

"Oh? You think Clara needs a break?"

Asha nodded.

"And you, Asha?"

Asha shrugged.

"Why don't you both go upstairs to a capsule room to relax then? There are not a lot of clients right now. And I saw what you did to Clara earlier, by the way... I'm not blind, you know. At least upstairs, you won't cause any more trouble."

Asha looked down for a second... and then walked to me and wrapped her arms around mine.

"Right! Follow me, you two. I'll open the door. Go rest!"

Lucy let us out of the lounge, and we headed right to the room where the capsules were. Asha and I entered the bottom one and slid the door close behind us... forgetting that we were both pets and that we wouldn't be able to open it from the inside because of our cushy rubber paws.

Ah well... Asha laid down on top of me, and we started cuddling...

That was way more important.


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