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by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 14 - The Ups and Downs of Pets


Was it morning already? Last night Trixie and Misti made love to me until very late at night, so much that we didn't even have time to talk about any of this storm of events that happened to me yesterday. It was okay because I got to play with their blonde hair to my heart content, but I still didn't have any answers to my questions.

Why did Lucy give me a key to the pethouse? Did she really want me to move in with her petgirls? Why were the commissionaires so scared of me? Would it cost me money to live here?

Still half asleep, I felt a warm presence next to me in the bed. I rolled to my side and got very close to her. I didn't want to open my eyes just yet to savor the moment. I gently dragged my finger on her face and tried to guess if it was my cute bunny or my adorable cat. Trixie and Misti looked alike out of costume, so I knew my odds to figure it out were low.

My other best option without opening my eyes was to kiss her, and see if I could find out that way. I slid an arm under her neck, brought my face closer and pressed my lips against hers. Her mouth was so soft; I quickly learned to like it.

As she slowly awoke, her tongue met mine, and we began making each other feel incredible. We quickly found a more comfortable position to make out. I guessed it could be Trixie because her thigh quickly reached my crotch to make me feel extra good; Trixie knew how to temper with my feelings that way.

For many long minutes, we made out tenderly. It was so good, but perhaps I could try to take the lead a little bit for once. Trixie had always been the one taking control and getting what she wanted out of me.

I sneakily slid under the blankets and reached her breasts with my mouth, and her reaction was immediate.

"Mmmm! Mmm!"

So far, my favorite thing when sleeping with a girl was to lick her breasts. It was so soft and comfy, and the sensitivity of the nipples made it very fun for the receiver.

She played in my hair while I had fun pleasuring her, but her impatience grew up rapidly. She carefully pushed me down, which made me smile. Trixie, the sexual bunny, always wanted more, so I wasn't surprised by her silent request.

The belly was also an incredible area of the body. It was always so warm, and if I pressed my ear on it, I could hear all the gurgles that were going on it there. Somehow, it found that very cute. My lack of physical contact in the past was likely to blame for those weird discoveries.

But she kept pushing me down because she needed something very specific this morning. Being well hidden in the dark under the blanket gave me some courage, and it was easier to keep my shyness at bay.

After raising her knees and opening her legs, I slowly visited her crotch with my tongue. I quickly understood why she was in a hurry; she was quite wet already. Her engorged clitoris was not hard to locate this time, and it felt right to suck on it.

"MMmm! Aaaah!"

Of course, she liked that. I was convinced by now that cumming was her favorite thing in the world. Because I didn't have an opportunity to have sex with people until recently, I'm sure my inexperience showed, but I thought I was doing a decent job. She squeezed my head with her legs, though; perhaps she was scared that I would pull away after getting her to the edge, something I had no intention of doing.

Still half asleep, the next few moments felt a bit like a dream to me. A lot of the questioning I usually had about doing this kind of intimate activity with another girl was absent. I didn't care if it was right or wrong, if this would impact my relationship with the petgirls, or if my family would approve of such behavior. No, I was happy and loved what I was doing. Making Trixie cum hard was something so joyful.


And that was a powerful orgasm, which meant I succeeded in my early morning mission. But then the bedroom door opened and somebody walked in, undoubtedly attracted by the call of the wild; Misti was probably getting jealous and wanted her share of the fun.

"Geez, Asha! Could you be louder?"

'Aaah! Aaah! S... Sorry! It's... It's Clara... she... aaah!"


Those voices... They were not... Misti or Trixie...

I rapidly crawled up on top of the body I had just pleasured and ended up face to face with Asha, the beautiful Indian looking girl.

"Mmm! Clara! That was sooo good. Thanks so much! You are a bold one!"


Before I could even react, Asha wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me into a deep, wonderful kiss.


Then the other person quickly climbed on the bed and laid down next to us. I didn't know that person, like, at all. She was also naked, holding a piece of toast between her lips.

Finally, Asha broke the kiss, allowing me to sit back on her hips.

"A... Asha? You... You are not Trixie!"

"Hee... No... Not quite. What? Don't tell me you thought I was Trixie!?"

"... Y...Yes..."

"Hahaha! Ah, well, I'm glad you made that mistake. That was amazing!"

My face turned beet red, as it too often did. It wasn't Asha's fault, she visibly knew who I was when I woke her up, but I didn't even notice the difference because I thought it was a brilliant idea to keep my eyes closed not to break the dream.

Next to her was a super pretty Asian girl, and she looked at me with a smile.

"Hi Clara..."

"... Hi."

"Hehe, you do know who I am, do you?"


A quick calculation in my head was necessary at this point. I knew what Trixie, Vix, Misti, and Asha looked like, so I counted on my fingers the remaining pets. She could only be Meeka, Oreo, or Accalia. It was so hard... I had no idea which pet she could be.

"Aaah, so cute. She counted on her fingers. That's adorable. Come on, Clara. Try to guess!"

"... Oreo?"

"God, no!"

I wished I had looked at the pet schedule at the café earlier this week.





Now I was confused... There could only be another option left that I could think of.

"... Apricot?"



"Hahaha... I'm just pulling your leg. I'm Accalia. Here, take a bite."

Accalia placed her half-eaten toast in my open mouth, asking me to chew on it. It was so weird; the mental image I had of Accalia was so different from who was in front of me. I never thought she would be a cute Asian girl with a North American accent.

Asha wrapped her soft hands around my waist and brought up a good topic.

"So, Clara, I take it that Trixie and Misti didn't tell you they were going back to work early this morning? Accalia and I finished our shift when they showed up at the café."

"No... we... were busy."

"Haha... We know what that means. So, anyway, when we got here, Acky and I found you deep asleep on the bed, so I decided to nap with you... Best decision ever!"


"Did they tell you what your Gold ID card means?"

"They said Lucy allowed me to move here."

"Yeah, that's right. It's my fault, actually. When I was at your place, you were pretty distressed about your rent increase. So I talked to Lucy about it, and she decided to do this for you. Of course, instead of telling you directly, she put you in a weird situation. That's Lucy for you!"

"But... What does it mean? I don't understand the pethouse. How... How can you live here? It’s so luxurious."

Visibly, I was upset by all those secrets, so Asha and Accalia made me sit in a pile of pillows between them. Perhaps, this time, I could get some answers. This mystery was getting a bit too intense for me to handle.

"The short answer is that we don't know. Trixie and Vix apparently know all about it, but not us. That said, we've been around for a while, and there is no trickery or anything like that. Lucy just doesn't want us to know the full story, and that is her choice."

"But... Why was the commissionaire so scared of me?"

"Haha. Well, I don't know what you did to them. Usually, they are plainly ignoring us. We suspect someone told them to leave us alone. Lucy is asking us not to bug them either."

"Do... Do you... pay a rent?"

"Nope... All free. I think you should accept Lucy's offer and move here. You are lucky that she likes you that much. Usually, only her pets are allowed to live here."

"Does... Does Lucy want me to become her pet?"

"Mmm... Good question. Honestly, I doubt it. I think she just appreciates your help with the café and trusts you to take care of us. It's a lot of work for a person alone, you know. From what I saw so far, she is using you as a swiss army knife. But anyway, she would never ask you to do something you don't want to do. She is not like that."

This wasn't answering all my questions, but what Asha explained calmed down my worry monster. She made it sound as though there were no evil plans behind all of this, only a secret around this place that needed to be respected. Overall, it felt more like Lucy didn't want us to worry about anything.

"So, do you want to move in with us? You'll save all that rent money, plus you'll be very close to the Cakes & Pets. What do you say?"

"I... I can't pay my rent anymore. I don't want to move away from the café. You are my friends... You are very important to me."

"Aaww... So? Is that a yes?"


"Aaah, come on, Clara! Say yes!"

Both Asha and Accalia got closer to my face, surrounding me with their naked bodies. They looked so friendly out of suit, I really didn't think they were trying to trick me. So...

"Yes... I'll move in."


"SUPER! It's going to be so fun!"

I got hugged from both sides at the same time and even received some free kisses too.

Unfortunately, it was time for me to head to work before it was too late. They showed me where the shower was, and Asha let me borrow a fresh pair underwear. Shortly after that, I was sitting on the bus, heading to work.

Even though I wasn't looking forward to packing random items all day long, I was actually happy today. I couldn't stop thinking about what it would be like to live without rent.

"No, Vix... The other box. Not that one."

After work, I briefly dropped by the café to tell Lucy about my decision. No matter what, I had to move out of my apartment. So what did I have to lose? Nothing! If everything went according to plan, I would be allowed to live with all my friends in a big luxurious penthouse. And if something went wrong for whatever reason, I would just have to find a place to stay out of town and be very sad. The first option was worth a try.

I had accepted what the petgirls had asked from me, not to bug Lucy about the pethouse or whatever mystery that surrounded it. The right thing to do after she offered me such an amazing lifeline was to respect her privacy. What would be the point of antagonizing her about something she was not willing to share. Perhaps one day I would get some answers, but at the moment, it was just better to own my decision and prepare my move.

I stayed only for a short time to have a coffee and a cake and confirm with Lucy that all was good. She seemed happy for me and even allowed me to bring a pet back home for the night. Of course, I picked Vix.

The small fox and I walked arm in arm back to my place and I decided to start packing right away.

"Viiix! It’s a book... You can't put it in this box."

The poor rubber fox had a novel between her two cushy paws and looked at me, probably feeling useless. I didn't know if she ever moved before, but she had no organization skills whatsoever.

Lucy had asked me to follow a few rules if I wanted to live in the pethouse. First, I wouldn't be allowed to bring any furniture. She said there was enough there already for everybody to be comfortable. I liked that because all mines were second hand and in pretty rough shape; I wouldn’t miss that flimsy bookshelf or my old squeaky bed frame.

Another rule was that I needed to leave behind all utility items, like dishes, glasses, cutlery, pots, and pans. Again, I was more than happy to oblige because everything at the pethouse was way better than what I had; I wasn’t even sure I had two forks of the same shape.

Overall, I would simply bring my clothes, toiletries, and some of my books if I wanted to. Lucy said that, for now, I could store everything else in the basement at the Café. She told me that I shouldn't get rid of anything in case I changed my mind. Her intention was not to strip me of everything I owned, it was merely to keep the penthouse in order.

Not having a lot of stuff made is easy to pack. Tonight I would spend the night with Vix, and tomorrow morning, we would go to the café to drop a few things. Next week, I would rent a small van for the furniture; Lucy said Misti would help me with that because she was the only pet with a driving license; no wonder Lucy picked her to run her errands all the time.

"Okay, Vix. That's enough for today. Let's go to bed. I'm drained."

The small fox girl trotted to me and wrapped her arms around my waist.

"Aww. You are always so cute. Are you happy that I'm moving to your place?"

Vix nodded.

"... Am... Am I going to regret it?"

Vix shook her head, no.

"It... It is a bit scary... I never lived with other people before."

The small fox pulled me to the bedroom and tried to take off my clothes. Her paws were useless, but she still pretended to help while I was doing all the work. Soon enough, I was naked and flipped the light switch off.

Vix and I crawled under the blanket for some cuddling time. As much as I had appreciated my non-latex evening with Trixie and Misti and my unexpected morning with Asha and Accalia, it would never be enough for me to walk away from my cute rubber animals.

The feeling of having a warm latex covered petgirl near me was just the best. Vix nuzzled my neck, and I could faintly hear her breathing through her ear holes.

One of the main reasons why I decided to visit the café in the first place was that latex suits had always attracted me. It was some sort of dream that I had caressed secretly, but considering buying one had never come close to be a thought because of my meager income.

I was so lucky that Lucy trusted me enough to let me wear a pet suit from time to time. Okay, it was not as if I had a word to say about that, but still. She knew I liked it and was undoubtedly aware that it made me very happy.

Being naked in bed with a rubber pet was a constant moment of bliss, particularly with Vix. Trixie seriously made me discover how sex could be enjoyable, but it was not something I was in a hurry to do with every single pets. The fox girl was so adorable and cuddly as is, and I didn't need to go farther than this with her to appreciate the moment.

Since I saw her out of her suit at the pethouse, it was clear that she became one of my best friends and that she was a bit different from the others; we seemed to have similar personalities. I didn't know how old the pets were, but I felt that Vix might have been a bit younger, and perhaps she was carrying a heavier past. The way she was trying to hide her face scars around me might have had something to do with it.

But tonight, she was here with me, in my arms as a pet, seeking affection before falling asleep, not having to hide her scars from me. Her latex suit provided her with these few millimeters separating her from the harsh reality of real life.

"I love you so much, Vix!"

Vix rolled over me and hugged me tightly.

"Is it too heavy?"

Vix shook her head, no.

"We are almost there. Hang on, Vix."

In the morning, Vix and I headed back to the café, transporting some of my things for storage. I strapped a small backpack to her back and made her carry a box that was not too heavy. On my side, I was pulling a suitcase on wheels and a couple of grocery bags containing random items.

As usual, walking down the street with a cute rubber petgirl at my side attracted attention, but I didn't care anymore. Before, I was always freaking out, worried about what people would think of me, but that was the old me. First, the attention was on THEM and not on me. Second, I kind of understood that people were like fish, and after thirty seconds of excitement, they forgot what they had seen and resumed their business.

This time, the only reason I wanted to get to the café quicker was because my suitcase was too heavy.

Despite my tired arm and my worries about overtaxing the small fox, we made it in one piece. Lucy held the café's door open while we walked in.

"Good morning, Clara! Is that all you are bringing today?"

"Yes... But it's heavy."

"I see that... you are struggling. Alright, go put that in the basement, then maybe you can help me feed the pets?"

"Yes... I have time."

One item at the time, I made small trips to the unfinished basement and stacked my belongings in a corner. There was nothing special down here; a big furnace, a water heater, and an electric panel. There were some spare tables for the lounge and some extra seats as well. It still gave me the creeps a little bit; it was definitely not a place where Lucy would keep a secret pet; at least, I hoped not.

I hurried and climbed back up the stairs, hoping that not too many spiders would colonize my stuff while it sat down here.

"Clara, come here. I'm in the kitchen."


Lucy prepared me a tray with some squeeze bottles of food and water. I looked at the labels to figure out which pets I would have to feed; Misti and Trixie. Lucy was going to feed Oreo, Vix, and Meeka.

We grabbed our respective trays and headed to the lounge. Lucy entered first but quickly stropped in her tracks, causing me to bump into her and almost drop my bottles.



Uh oh, that didn't sound good. I didn't know what was going on, but for Lucy to raise her voice like that, it must have been very bad.

I walked around Lucy; she had a hand over her mouth with a fixated stare on Misti... And then I understood.

Misti, the black cat petgirl, was standing in front of us, staring at us with her big black eyes, and between her cushy paws, her tail, detached from her body and dangling as if she was holding a dead snake.

"Okay! That is NOT funny! Do you know how MUCH those suits cost?"

She turned around and tried to point at Trixie, who was hiding behind a booth, clearly feeling guilty about something, but Lucy didn't buy it.

"Stop it, Misti! YOU are responsible for your suit! How many times have I repeated to you that you had to make sure your tail was not caught in something before running around?"


"Don't try to blame your friends, young one. Clara, put your tray over there. Go upstairs and help Misti out of her suit. I can't believe it. I'm already short on pets, and now that they are back, I'm losing one again. I'm really not happy!"

Misti lowered her head and slowly walked to me until her forehead bumped onto my chest. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders to console her.

"It's... it's okay, Misti..."

"CLARA! Stop that right now. It's NOT okay! Go take her suit off. I'll feed the pets and meet you upstairs after. I can't believe this!"

"... S... Sorry. Come, Misti."

Lucy was very angry, and I thought she had the right to be. Beautiful costumes like these were precious and probably very costly. If Misti had indeed been warned to be careful repeatedly, and that she kept ignoring the advice, I could understand why this incident had infuriated Lucy.

I grabbed Misti's wrist and led her out of the lounge. We slowly went up the stairs and to the changing room. I retrieved the black cat keychain from the keyholder and approached Misti with it.

"Turn around, Misti. If I don't take your costume off, Lucy will be even angrier."

The small cat sighed and spun on herself, presenting her neck to me. With one turn of the key, the little metal lock came off. I grabbed a few wet towels and began to unzip her suit, exposing her ghostly white skin that was contrasting with the black latex; it was almost blinding.

Then I unzipped behind her head and pushed her mask forward. The first thing to come out was her nose tube, which was why I had to be quick with the wet towel, and finally, the mouthpiece popped out, allowing her to cry out loud her misery for the first time.


"... M... Misti... don't... don't cry!"

"Bwaaah! I didn't mean to break it! Lucy hates me now!"

"Nooo... She... She is just angry. She doesn't hate you."

I turned her around and pulled her to me. I had never seen a pet so distressed since I visited the café. Misti felt very guilty, and the thought of Lucy hating her was unbearable.

"She... She will kick me out now! Bwaaah!"

"... I'm sure she won't."

"She will make me pay for the suit. But... But I can’t pay!"

"... I... I don't know."

"I... I don't want to leave the café! They are my only friends."

Now that she said that, I fully understood why she was so scared. My only friends were here at the café too. When my landlord increased my rent, it was exactly how I felt. I thought my world burned to ashes; it was so painful.

When this happened to me, Lucy saved me by offering me to move in the pethouse; it was a very generous gesture. In my opinion, Misti had nothing to fear; Lucy wouldn't kick her out on a whim just because she ripped her tail off. It would be inconceivable. So I placed my two hands on Misti's shoulders as she was sobbing.

"Misti! She won't ask you to leave!"

"... You... you really think so?"

"Yes... She loves you. All your friends love you."

"... aaah! Clara! You are so nice. I... I'm sorry... I just feel so bad."

"It's okay... It's going to be fine. Give me your paws. We need to take your suit off. We better listen to Lucy, okay?"

A few minutes later, I wrapped Misti in a warm blanket and cleaned her face some more before combing her short blonde hair. All we had to do was to wait for Lucy to show up and then, who knows.

Misti wouldn't get evicted, that was my conviction, but Lucy would certainly be capable of finding a twisted punishment fitting the crime. The question was...

What would it be?


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