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by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 22 - Nursing Pets

It was early in the morning, but Accalia and I were awake already. Wearing our cute pajamas, we were sitting on the master bedroom's big bed at the Pethouse, and snoozing between us was Trixie. The poor thing didn't sleep well because of her cast and throbbing arm. It must have been the first time that she had not attempted to do dirty things to us while not at the café. Her little naked body rested peacefully under the blanket while Accalia and I were reviewing our school paperwork.

Since we were going back to school soon, we needed to decide what career we would like to pursue, but it was a difficult decision, at least for me it was. Accalia seemed to have found the solution to her dilemma.

"Clara… I think I've decided."

"Ah yeah?"

"Yes… And it's nothing our guidance counselor had suggested. I hope Tim won't be mad for having wasted his time on me."

"Oh, I don't think Tim can get mad. He was very patient. What did you choose?"

"Well… Yesterday when I went to the hospital to meet with Lucy and Trixie, a super cute nurse was taking care of Trixie."


"I mean, her cuteness has nothing to do with it, well, maybe a little, but… when I saw her taking care of Trixie while she was in pain, I kind of thought it was cool. I think I want to learn how to do what she was doing."

"So… You want to become a nurse?"

"I think so. Do you think it's a good idea?"

At first, I was about to answer that I didn't know, but before opening my mouth, I took a moment to think about it a bit more. Since I was visiting and working at the café, I came to learn more about my friends. Even though I spent more time with them as pets than as humans, their general traits remained roughly the same in both forms. For example, Trixie the white rubber rabbit has always been energetic, playful, and kind of an idiot in a good way. Out of costume, she was pretty much the same. She kept jumping around, always tried to go on dates with me, and was more interested in getting pleasure from all her friends than bothering with empathy or compassion. Her high and fun energy was how she made people happy. So would she be a good nurse? Absolutely not. She would exhaust her patients and probably would try to have sex with the cute ones.

In the case of Accalia, however, she has always been a smart one, almost motherly like Meeka. Not as calm as Vix or Oreo, she never seemed to run out of energy to do a great job as a grey wolf. I've seen her taking care of clients for hours on end without ever losing patience, even when dealing with difficult ones. When Lucy had asked her to rush to the hospital to take care of Trixie, she didn't hesitate one second and didn't show any doubts or even worried about room number and stuff like that; I would have freaked out if I had been in her shoes.

So, yeah. Could she be a good nurse?

"I… I think you'd be really good at it, Acca."

"…Aaaww… You think so, Clara?"

"Yes… I'm sure you would be an amazing nurse."

"…and you'd play doctor with me and wear a sexy latex nurse uniform while examining me in-depth with well-lubed toys?"

Of course, that last voice wasn't mine; it was Trixie's, who had just woken up and spied on our conversation. I wasn't surprised to see Trixie associating the nurse profession with something sexual. It precisely was why Trixie should never become a nurse.

Accalia rolled over Trixie and began nibbling her neck.

"Rawr! I like how you think, Trix!"

"Aaaah! That tickles! Stooop! Careful, my arm…"

"Pfff… I didn't even come close to touching your broken arm, stupid bunny. Stop being a delicate baby. How did you break it anyway?"

"I'm not even sure… I was standing on a couch trying to find Vix, and my foot got caught in a crack between the seats… I lost balance, and my arm hit the table awkwardly. Then I saw a lot of stars…"

"There you go. How many times did Lucy tell you not to stand on the couches? You never listen to her. That will teach you!"

"Pfff… She never told me not to do that."

"She tells you EVERY DAY!"

"Nope… never heard anything. I only hear her voice when she says good things about me."

I got better at socializing over the past few months, but as fun as it was to watch them play with each other like this, I still struggled to walk away from my old self. In my mind, there was no way I could have jumped into their conversation. I was not thinking fast enough, and somehow, I had this little rejection feeling lurking in my chest.

I've seen my therapist several times since I had my meltdown, and I had learned to identify those situations where I would falsely feel that I was not part of a group, but it was still hard to control. She called those hooks. My mind had been trained to be lonely for so long that being around others sometimes felt dangerous. In situations when an urge to participate nagged me, my therapist suggested that I focus on listening instead.

Trixie and Accalia had all the rights in the world to be good friends and have fun together without involving me every single time. It didn't mean they didn't like me or that they wanted me to go away. But still, I had difficulties letting this negative sensation go and occasionally felt left aside. Why was it so much easier for them?

While the two of them tickled each other next to me, something unexpected happened. The bedroom door swung open, and Misti walked in wearing her civilian clothes and carrying a small cardboard box.

"Hiii, lesbian animals!"


"That's meee!"

"You are not… working at the café today?"

"No, Clara, I have a surprise. This morning, Lucy is testing two new petgirls. So she told me to take the day off and come cheer Trixie up."

Having to deal with three petgirls out of costume at once was a first for me. Shortly after my first day at the café, Apricot the dog had left, so at any given time after that, only two petgirls were off duty simultaneously. This made me nervous because handling two was already hard, and now with Misti around, I would undoubtedly have even more trouble fitting in.

My lack of confidence aside, I was still curious about those two new trainees Misti talked about. I understood it was just a test day and that Lucy had never hidden the fact that she wanted to hire more pets, but maybe she had expedited her intentions to hire new girls because Trixie would be out of commission for almost two months, and Accalia was going back to school with me. That said, it still made me nervous. Maybe I didn't want our little group to change.

Fortunately, I sensed that I was not the only one with that irrational fear. Accalia anxiously asked a few questions.

"Did you see them? Are they nice?"

"No, they are monsters with spiky hair and horns."

"Aaaah, Misti. Seriously… How are they?"

"I don't know, Acca. Lucy never lets us see the new hires until they join for good. I only saw them in costume."

"What costume did they wear?"

"The new cheetah and Apricot's dog suit."

"Were they good?"

"Hard to tell. As soon as they walked into the lounge, Lucy dragged me out to take off my costume. I mean, they looked a bit lost, but whatever… that's normal, I guess. They are not used to being pets."

"Haha. Like Clara when she had to wear Trixie's costume."

Now they were making fun of me. I knew I was probably not as good as they were as a pet, but it was not like I would be a full-time one like them anyway. I've only done it a few hours here and there to help.

"Talking about Trixie's costume. Guess what is in the box I brought with me…"

"WHAT? You brought MY costume?"

"Yes, Trix. I asked Lucy, and she said yes. You can't wear it because of your cast, but I thought you'd be happy to cuddle with one of us wearing it."

"Hell, yes! Cuddling with myself would be so hot!"

Those little moments around my friends, the ones when they said some weird things, were very entertaining.

Misti walked to Accalia and put the box in her hands.

"Here, Acca. Go help Clara wear it. I want to cuddle with Trixie for a bit."

"Yay! Clara is going to be a cute bunny again!"

Wait… What?

Before I could even react, Accalia grabbed my wrist and pulled me out of the bedroom to go to the other one. What was this? Did I miss something? A few seconds ago, we were saying that "one of us" would have to wear the white rabbit costume, but I seemed to have missed the part leading to the final decision.

"Alright, take your pajamas off, Clara. This is going to be so fun!"

"W… wait, Acca. Why… Why me?"

"Oh? You don't want to wear it? I forgot you are not a pet. For us, that would be a no-brainer. We love wearing our costumes. But if you don't want to, it's okay, I'll do it…"

"No… It's not that… I just… Why me?"

"Lucy doesn't want us to wear costumes out of the café. She said it would mess up our brains. But you can because you don't work at the café. And on top of that, Trixie would LOVE it if it were you because she doesn't get to spend a lot of time with you. Come on. It would be nice. It would make her so happy."

"…Alright… I can wear it. But I'm just not very good at it."

"Clara, we were just teasing earlier. We know you are not nearly as experienced as us, but you are ADORABLE as a white rabbit. You can't do it wrong!"

Was I… adorable? The way she said that made me feel all fuzzy inside. Part of me still doubted any compliments I received due to my lack of confidence and my bad habit of thinking people never liked me. But if I were listening to my true feelings, what she said about me felt good. It made me wonder if one day, instead of doubting and worrying, those good feelings could be at the forefront of my mind and not buried under a pile of negative thoughts. I would have to discuss this with my therapist at some point.

"So, do you want to do it? As I said, I don't mind wearing it."

"No… No. I will wear it. Sorry."

"Yay! Clara is going to be a cute bunny again!"


Immediately after I gave my blessing, Accalia began to unbutton my pajama, and as soon as my top dropped to the floor, her mouth attacked my small breast.

"Aaaaah! Accaaa!"

"Sorry, Clara… I can't resist! It feels good… right?"

"Y…yes… very… but…"


Apparently, the costume could wait a bit longer. Spending a bit of time exploring my spontaneity couldn't hurt, after all.

When her pajama top joined mine on the floor, and she pressed her small body against mine, allowing me to feel the softness of her tanned skin, my little motor fired up and wanted more of this. Our lips joined, and our tongues began wrestling gently.


I was boiling inside the costume, but it was not because it was entirely made of latex. Accalia had just given me a lot of good feelings with her fingers right before enclosing me inside this amazingly form-fitting bunny suit. I loved cuddling girls in latex more than anything but wearing it was also very pleasant.

As soon as we stepped into the room where Misti and Trixie were still loudly making love, Trixie pushed her partner aside and jumped towards me.

"TRIXIIIE! …Well… I'm Trixie too… oh, my. That's going to be so confusing. It's going to take days to get used to it."

Days? As Trixie landed in my arms, making my long rabbit ears spring around, I realized that we had not discussed anything regarding the duration of this little adventure. But it was way too late for that since my chewy mouthpiece prevented me from talking. Anyway, my friends were not mean, and I knew they would ask me occasionally if I wanted out.

Before I could react, I ended up on my back on the big bed. Trixie sat on my hips, massaging my rubber breasts while Misti and Accalia were on each side, petting me. So many hands all at once. I had experienced the opposite a few times when I was naked in a sleeping pod at the café with many pets cuddling me, but this time those were real hands, not cushy paws. All those fingers sliding on my slick white rubber skin just felt immensely pleasurable.

All this sudden attention made me feel… loved.

It was ridiculous. A short moment ago, when Trixie and Accalia played together, I felt slightly rejected or, at the very least, not very important, but now, all eyes were on me, helped by my new look.

Wanting to invert the position, Trixie grabbed my paws and made me sit on top of her hips.

"Awww! Why are you so cute, Clara?"

I shrugged.

"I'm not sure why you are not asking Lucy to let you wear a costume more often."

I shrugged.

"Don't you want to be a pet more often?"

I shrugged.

"Okay… You know what? You need help. When you are a pet and can't talk, you have to express yourself differently, or else we have no clue what you are thinking."

I shrugged.

"See, that's what I mean. Misti, Acca? Am I crazy, or am I right?"

"Totally right."

"Yes, Clara needs some lessons."

What did it mean? Did they want to teach me how to be a better pet? I wasn't sure this was a good idea. Being expressive wasn't my forte, and putting on the costume was only to make Trixie happy. I had no intention to become a full-time pet, so I didn't see the point in having them waste time and effort into improving my deficient acting skills.

Not knowing how to tell them that, I just laid on top of Trixie, burying my rabbit muzzle in her neck.

"Awww… So cute. Okay, Clara… First lesson! I'm going to teach you how to cum like a bunny!"

Fast like lightning, I returned to my sitting position and stared at her through my black lenses. What did she just say?

"Bwahaha! Trixie, you scared her."

"I didn't scare her. We had fun like this before, right Clara?"

After a second of pause, I nodded… slowly. We indeed had a bit of fun in the past, but not exactly like this. Thinking about it a bit more, having sex while in costume could be… interesting.

"Nice! Hey, let's do a competition. I lick Clara, and you, Acca, you lick Misti. The first one who makes her partner cum."

"Hey, why is it you that licks Clara?"

"Cause the rabbit was a gift to make me feel better? Okay, look… I lick her, and you lick Misti. Then once they cum, we will switch partners. The first one who wins twice with whatever partner gets to spoon with the rubber rabbit tonight."

"Deal! But you don't stand a chance, Trixie."

"Hey, my arm is broken, not my tongue. I'll win this! I swear!"

Before I could fully comprehend what was happening to me, I ended up on my back, resting on a bunch of pillows, and my three friends were now naked like worms; I barely had time to see their clothes flying. Misti sat shoulder to shoulder with me and even wrapped her arms around mine, bracing for the pleasure we were about to receive. She was looking forward to this game. Perhaps she knew how good Accalia was in bed or something.

Trixie, with her only good arm, separated my legs and reached my crotch to unzip it. There was something about wearing this costume; I didn't feel naked. It was as if I was hidden behind those smokey lenses and could offer myself the luxury of not being as shy as usual. So far, most of the sex I had happened in the darkness. Early this morning would feel a bit different. Everybody was fully awake, and the energy was more playful.

"Alright, Acca, you're ready?"

"Oh, yeah!"

"Okay. Clara, just tap on my head with your paw if you want me to stop, okay?"

I nodded, making my long white ears bounce back and forth.

"Three… two… one… GO!"


As a voracious little mouth attacked my pussy, Misti let out her first moan right away. Our heads were touching, so it was a strange feeling to hear her make erotic noises so close to my ear… and, that was a problem. Not only did Trixie quickly find the right spot to pleasure me, but on top of that, Misti's moans were just turning me on so much… and I wasn't even responsible for them. Could I handle this level of erotism?

"Aaaah! Acca… aaanh! No… no… not that way…aaah!"

"Hey! You can't help her, Misti!"

"Hmmm… o… okay…"

That competition was serious. Chewing on my silicone mouthpiece prevented me from joining the symphony of moans, but maybe it was for the best. That way, I could have all the fun in the world without worrying about them teasing me about the way I moaned.

Misti slid her hand around my face and turned it toward hers to give me a lick on the muzzle. Her flushed cheeks and her little smile were just so adorable. I was pretty sure having the latex bunny next to herself while naked significantly improved her experience.

On my side, I was getting there. While I was not too sure if I was supposed to focus on Trixie's tongue or Misti's cute moans, my body took the initiative of not caring and just did its thing. Voracious. That was the word I had used earlier, and that was exactly it. Trixie had never behaved like this with me in bed before. Her determination to win this race was unarguable… She wanted the bunny for the night.

As my orgasm was building, I could tell Misti was in the same distressed state. We were gradually losing grip on our bodies and minds. Arm in arm, forehead to forehead, it was as if I was making love to her… but I was not. It was such a different way to share pleasure among friends.

But then it happened… Trixie managed to push me over the edge. I wanted to scream, but with my mouth plugged, I was pretty sure nobody would hear me, particularly with Misti being so loud. All my muscles contracted and…

I came! I came so hard… and Trixie wasn't stopping. She must have felt me convulsing on the mattress, yet, she kept going. For an indeterminate amount of time, my brain turned to wriggly gelatine as I rode this powerful orgasm. She got me good, but it had to stop before I died.

Not really controlling my body anymore, I gave her a big slap on the head with my cushy paw!

"Oooww! Hahaha! CLARA! Owww!"


As I was trying to feel guilty for having whacked Trixie so hard, I almost forgot about Misti. It seemed that I had won the race because she started cumming very intensely. Her body, like mine did a short time ago, spasmed out of control as Accalia pushed her over the edge of an orgasmic cliff. She had the time of her life.

"Aaaah! Acca! Stop! Stop!"

"Gnaaaw! Never!"

"Stooooop! I caaame! I caaaame!"

Then it was Trixie's time to intervene. She jumped on Accalia to tug her away from Misti.

"Heeey! Stop licking her! It's going to make it harder for me to make her cum next!"

"That's the whole point! Gnaaaw! Raawwr!"

"Accaaaa! Get off heeeeer!"

At that moment, I understood why Accalia was impersonating a grey wolf at the café. At least their little fight gave me some time to recover from my emotions. This kind of fun wasn't what I had expected today, but I was happy it happened. It definitely made me feel a bit more part of the group.


"Ah! I'm sleeping with Clara-bunny tonight!"

"You cheated, Trix!"

"How did I cheat?"

"How were you able to make Misti cum so fast?"

"Haha… I know every millimeter of Misti's body, right Misti?"

Misti and I were cuddle-napping on the big living room couch while Accalia was cooking us lunch. Trixie incessantly spun around on her stool, basking in her sexual victory. They were all still naked except for Accalia, who wore an apron to protect her belly from the frying pan's popping oil. The ambient air traveling down my ear tubes smelled so good. I didn't know what she was cooking, but I wanted some. They would probably let me out of the costume soon so I could plant my teeth in a good meal.

But then Trixie killed my mood.

"Do we have a squeeze bottle for Clara?"

"Yes, in that cabinet."

"Sweet! I want to feed her!"

"Sure… just go slow, okay. Clara is not used to it."

"I know. Stop patronizing me."

"Well, if you had listened to people, you wouldn't have broken your arm."


So, was that it? They wouldn't let me out of the costume even if we were not at the café? Would they blend my food and make me eat like a pet?

With Misti deeply asleep on top of me, I didn't want to wake her up to argue with them. That small blonde girl peacefully resting was so cute. I remembered when I caught her and Trixie having sex on this exact same couch the second time I had visited the pet house. It has been a turning point in my life.

When I saw Trixie and Misti making love back then made me realize how attracted I was to women. But it was a bit more than that… Seeing THEM making love had turned me on. They had the same pale white skin, same body shape, same short blonde haircut. Watching those twins caressing each other was so hot. I saw them kissing, digging their nails in each other, and cumming under my gaze. Maybe they had inadvertently fulfilled one of the fantasies I didn't know I had.

The beautiful thing was that I could now get to see them play again for free without feeling guilty. This was how much my life had changed since I made friends. Before that life-changing moment, I would never have thought that I would have held a naked Misti like this on the couch… like Trixie did. I felt so lucky to be able to do that.

It was almost like when I cuddled with Oreo and… Oreo… No… That wasn't the same. Oreo was different… Cuddling with Oreo might have left an even better sensation… but… why?


An awful noise yanked me out of my wandering thoughts and also scared Misti, who woke up with a start. As the loud noise continued, Misti rubbed her eyes and started yelling at Trixie, who was performing some blender action.

"What's the big deal, Trix! I was sleeping!"

"I'm making Clara's food! She has to eat too, you know."

Oof! Misti let her naked body fall back on top of mine, and she whispered some sweet words in my bunny ears.

"Trixie is an idiot. You should be the one wearing the rabbit costume all the time. You are like sedated Trixie. You are so much calmer when you are wearing a latex suit, you know. It must feel good, no?"

Was I? I knew I was the anxious type, but I hadn't realized that wearing a pet costume had this soothing effect on me. It was possible. This thin latex skin separating me from the world felt reassuring. The costume was so comfortable that it was easy to forget I had it on. I was well protected and feeling good. So, yeah. I guess it was easier to relax in these conditions.

"Okay, Misti, move. I want to feed Trixie… I mean, Clara-bunny."

"Don't give her too much, or she is going to get fat like you."

"HEY! I'm not fat! Move, dumb cat!"

"Alright. Alright."

Trixie sat on the couch next to me and moved me in the same position as I usually put them when I had to feed them at the café; on my back with my head lifted on her lap. It made me feel cared for.

She plugged the bottle tip in my under chin hole.

"Okay, you have to suck, but not too hard, or else you will choke. Just take it easy."

I nodded.

A bit of air entered my mouth at first, and then the food mixture hit my tongue. Closing my eyes provided me with an amazing experience. All my attention was on the food and its taste. I couldn't tell what it was exactly, but the flavor was overwhelming. Usually, when I ate, there was always something to distract me; a television, a phone, a tablet. Eating like a pet took all those things away and allowed me to enjoy more what was entering my body.

"Do you like it?"

I nodded.

It was incredible. Was that how the pet felt like every time I was feeding them? Did they have this enhanced food experience every time? I also started to understand why the pets were acting difficult when I gave them the wrong food. The taste was ten times stronger when I focused on the flavors, so eating something with a bad taste wouldn't be fun at all. That time when I had fed Trixie with Meeka's vegetarian food, I now understood why it hadn't worked too well.

Good thing Accalia had cooked something delicious.

For a long moment, Trixie fed me. I was pretty sure she would have loved to rub my belly if her free arm had not been encased in a cast. I would have loved it too. But it was okay. Perhaps someone else would like to feed me again later while providing me with some nice belly rubs.

After the food, I received a bit of water, and Trixie showed me how to rinse my mouth properly. A bit of cold water went up my nose at first, but it was okay; I quickly learned how to be a fully functional pet. I wondered if they were going to tell Lucy. That could get me in serious trouble later.

Following my food adventure, Accalia dressed the table and served a plate to everybody. They didn't wait before digging in. I sat next to them and just listened to their conversation. What else could I have done as a latex pet outside waiting and looking cute?

"I'm curious to learn more about the two new girls at the café."

"Accalia, you know they probably won't stay, so don't get ahead of your horses."

"I know. But what if they are super cute? Would they move to the pethouse too?"

"You are thinking too far ahead."


Did Accalia like people that much? She seemed incredibly curious about those new trainees. We all were, but she seemed particularly nervous about it. If I could have talked, I would have asked her if she wanted more petgirls around her or if she feared being replaced. Accalia was supposed to go back to school with me soon, and Lucy told her she would only work part-time during her studies, so I was possibly right. But then the topic quickly changed.

"So, what are we doing this afternoon?"

"Oh! I know! Let's go shopping!"

"With rabbit-Clara?"

"YES! Let's go get her some cute outfits."

"That's a great idea."

Wait a minute… what? Did I have a say in this?

"But, Misti, you know Lucy doesn't want us to wear our costume inside the building. If we try to exit and get caught in the hallway with a giant latex bunny, we are gonna get scolded."

"YES! Thrilling!"

"Okay… What's the plan then?"

"We will disguise her! It can't be that hard to hide that fluffy tail."

"Well… I'm more worried about her long ears."

"It's going to be just fiiiiine! You'll see."

Looking left and right to follow this discussion between Trixie and Misti, the two mischievous blonde girls, I knew I wouldn't be able to escape this. If Lucy were to hear about this infraction to the rules, I was pretty sure a bunch of us would see our privileges at the pethouse being revoked. It was hard not to remember when Vix made a scene at the café; she ended up spending a whole week out of costume and was confined in Lucy's small apartment. I hadn't had a chance to speak to her about it, but it was not too bold to think that she had learned her lesson the hard way.

That said, being a latex bunny was kind of fun so far, and it gave me some extra courage that I usually didn't have.

"So, Clara? Do you want to go shopping with us?"

I bravely nodded. This could be interesting.


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