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Binding Contract

by XVX

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© Copyright 2019 - XVX - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; contract; enslave; naked; chastity; collar; punish; corset; balletboots; armbinder; enema; bond; gag; shock; ranch; harness; hooves; ponygirl; cons/nc; X

Pain and gain.

Come here. That right my dear, Come to your master.

You have been a bad girl. You now you will be punished.

You signed the contract. In return for you services as a maid for one year. Your beloved sister is saved from nasty leg breakers.

As a dancer by profession that would ended her career. But she did rack up a huge amount of gambling debts.

Now you read every word. You sought me out. Told you that day you said your tearful farewell to you sister. The day I gave her the money to pay off her debt you will be mine. Your manner of dress will be as I say it is. For the past two months you have only your collar. A bra top and a chastity belt to wear as you cooked and cleaned for me out in my little corner of heaven.

You have done well. But I do monitor my home. We are here in the middle of the desert. I go to work at my office ten miles away. You see the service road out the large bay window. Park Rangers use this road daily. Checking for dead animals. Or perhaps a slave that wanted to run away. But cannot. Or would if she could.

You know my house is ringed with a buried security wire. You cross that while your collar is on and a very painful shock is given to you.

You are also aware that very same collar enforces your silence. One word and you are shocked.  I like the idea of you being seen and not heard. Very much in fact.

But you have defied me. How?

You learned the about the time I leave. Not long after the Park Ranger's truck comes by. The road is actually a border where the park ends and my property begins.  I am very friendly to them and they to me. But they never step foot on my property.

However you display yourself with your bra top down. Hoping that they may catch an eyeful. Maybe even come to your rescue.

You are a smart girl. You may have thought to poison me. Perhaps kill me. A knife in my sleep. But every night I lock you in your little room. But the thought to kill me. What if you did. Then what. You would die here as well. I do the shopping and aside from water. We only have enough food to last a week. The only communication I have is my cell phone which is coded  and pass worded. Which I change on a random basis.

You relented to me. Gave yourself up to me. You heard rumors of my tastes. The bargains I have made with others. You love your sister very much and fear that any action directly against me would mean retaliation against your sister. I will not deny that would happen. But I have kept my word. You did for the most part.

So for two weeks you kept your little peep show going. Hoping the passing truck would see. But I have cameras all throughout my home. They are so well hidden that I cannot remember where they are. But I do review the action of my maid while I am gone.  I let this play out. Hoping that maybe you would see that they would not come to your rescue.

But after a week you persisted. I admire your persistence but you know such willful act of insubordination must be dealt with. I will punish you.. Its in the contract.


Oh you might not like what I have in mind.

First have a seat on this ottoman. Back to me. That’s it. Arms over your head. Let me slip this on and tighten it. A corset. Very nice, yes. Notice how it pushed your breast up and out supporting them more. How it now shapes your figure. Very Victorian wasp waist shape.

Ahh but you find it hard to breathe. The heavy steel boning pulls and presses again your semi naked flesh. Let me lock these straps on. Yes. There we are. Like it. Well of coarse you have to like it. You have no choice. Further more it is not coming off until I say so. Your morning baths will be difficult. But you are a smart girl. You will figure it out.

Oh. One more thing This corset has a  unique feature. Your body heat and sweat will make it shrink.

But I am not finished. Your punishment is yet to come.

Turn around. Yes. Very nice. Now your right leg. I have some interesting footwear for you. A ballet shoe. I know your size. After all when we arrived here I took all of you clothes. And gave you your uniform.

You where perplexed at the chastity belt . Yet it gave you some comfort that I was not going to jump your bones at the slightest whim.

Now let me lace this up and lock it on. Notice how small of a foot support you now have. How your feet are held in the ballerina en-point positions.  Toes pointing downward. You will learn to walk in these. Imagine the sheer pain of all your weight pressing down onto two square inches. Now the left foot. There we are.

Now stand.

Yes. Very Nice. Very Nice indeed.  A bit wobbly. But you will adapt. You have to,

Do you think this is punishment enough? I see by your face you do not believe me. You are right. Your punishment has not even begun.

Be seated. Back to me again. Arms behind you. Now bend over. Your ass a little higher.

Excellent. Now hold still. You feel that? It is a enema tube. It connect to a camel water back pack. Let me strap this on. There. Now hold it. I have not even released the water yet. That will come later. Now for your arms.

I must say. So far you are not making this difficult for your self by fighting me. Of course if you did. It would only be worse for you or your sister.

Now you feel the yoke I am strapping on. It is a insidious device called a arm binder. Arms behind you and palms together. I see your trembling. You have fear. Good. Remember it.

Feel your arm being pulled back. The slow encroaching feeling of utter helpless as I slowly lace it tighter and tighter. Your shoulders pulling back. You arch your back to relive the strain. You now can feel your elbows almost touching.

Now stand. Let me support you. Now follow me. That’s it. You notice the bay window. The very one you use to exhibit to others. You notice something new. The chains on the floor. There connection point have been there for some time. Under the rug. Feel foolish that you did not discover these as you vacuumed.

Now spread your legs. Shoulder width. Yes the boots make you feel unsteady.

Now stand there. Let me lock you into place. There.

There is an interesting observation I like to make. I have seen many bondage video where the woman had such fine torturous elegant footwear and then they bind her in such away the she is lying down or on her knees. Making such footwear irrelevant.

Now let me add this gag. Why? You know you dare not utter a sound, but it is the discomfort I want to add. There. A bright red ball. Like a pig with its apple in its mouth. Now let me insert the secondary tube from the camel pack into it.

Now let me surprise you. You see this key. Ahh.  I see by your eyes you do. It unlocks your chastity belt. There. How does that feel. Be patient your punishment is coming.

Now as I tie a rope around your waist. I also tie a knot in a very strategic place. Then thread the rope between your legs and to the arm binder.

Now let me place this plate on the floor between your legs. I take this wire and connect it to the back of your collar.

Now your punishment begins.  It works on multiple levels. You know this spot can be very hot. If it was not for the air conditioning you could even fry an egg. The glass even magnifies the heat.

First I will turn on the valve to the camel back. There. Can you feel it. The water filling up your insides. That ‘I have to go to the bathroom feeling‘.

The crotch rope tied to the arm binder. This will give you the chance to pleasure your self by pulling your arms in the arm binder away from the body and back again. But that also feed you water into your mouth to drink. But it also pumps more water down the enema tube. Filling you up more.

Now as for the plate at your feet. It any water or moisture touches the plate. It will sense it. It sends a signal to your shock collar. And zap. Now if you scream. Zap. If you drool.  Zap. This is a lesson in control and restraint.

As the hours pass, you will get warmer. The corset will being to shrink. Placing more pressure on your bladder. Then you will sweat as the heat of the sun rises as the day passes. The corset shrinks more. More pressure on the bladder. You get thirsty. You can pump water into your mouth but also into your bladder.

Then the temptation of getting off. You pull on the crotch rope but more water fills your mouth, you swallow. More water into your system and the urge to pee. But there is that plate under you. One drop of piss. And you will know it.

Then what of your pussy. Will it become moist? Perhaps a drop might trickle down. ZAP.

Know you are a smart girl. I will be here watching. You might think of falling down or dropping to your knees. Maybe even trying to kick the plate away. But that will only earn you more stiffer punishment. If you think it is bad. Imagine what I could do is worse.

Then there is your sister. Keep her in mind.

I do.




Binding contract.


Come here girl.

You betrayed your sister. I gave you the funds to clear your debt with Mr. Hobbs and his crew. But you wanted that big score. The one big shot. Double your money.

But you lost it all. Now You come to me. Asking for more. Hoping your graces will earn you something. I am not without mercy. But now you signed the contract with me. You are mine for a year. I had you read it. You skimmed and signed it. You where desperate.

The moment I placed my shock collar on you. You became mine body and soul.

Welcome to my ranch. You spent one day in the sun  naked with little water. This is what we call the purge. You had to sweat out any inclination that of freedom and self will. Our little shack. The hot box as we call it.

Now let begin your training.

I found it amusing that you lost all your money betting on the ponies. Now you will become one. This ranch is ten miles in the desert. The heat and cold will sap your will. The trainers I have here are conditioned to it.

Now lets get you suited up. This harness is first. Fight us and it will be worse for you. Then also remember your sister. She loves you and sacrificed her career and her life to me. For you.

There. See how it supports your breast. Frames your lithe dancer body.  Makes you stand up straighter. Pushes your breasts out just a bit more. I hate seeing floppy ones. Let me tighten that up a bit. There we go. Comfy?

Now a chastity belt. I am rather fond of these things. You have a false confidence  with them on you. You have a false sense of security. But this locks on as they should.

Next is your head harness. Let me fit this on you.

You notice the bit that now presses down on your tongue  The harness that frames your face.  You begin to feel like a horse. How such a device controls you. Make you turn and stop. My people will see to your training. Every day I will pass by here on my way to my office. I will see your progress.

Now your hooves. Yes hooves. First the ones on your hands. They buckle on. Then are secured to your sides. I have taken may ideas from a another Ranch I visited. They are very well versed in ponies.

Now your feet. Yes. You see. The are formed into a hoof. No heel. You will wear these for the term of your contract.  You will learn balance and poise something I am sure a dancer like yourself should have no problem in accomplishing.

Your days will be learning the extent and limitation of being a pony girl. You will work on this ranch. Your skin will darken with the sun. the straps and head harness will give you remarkable tan lines. Almost like a zebra. Very exotic.

One last thing. Your name. I am taking that too. Your name is now Sundancer. Or Dancer for short. Now as I leave. You will obey your trainers. Failure….well remember your sister.

I do



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