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Bitgirl Part 3: The Race

by Jo

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© Copyright 2011 - Jo - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/ff; F/f; D/s; slaves; ponygirl; harness; cart; race; crop; outdoors; cons; X

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Part 3: The Race

Bitgirl followed Evans back to the patio. Angela had toweled her off and they would both have to oil her pretty tack, but it felt good to run. Evans had decided to show her off, throw the gauntlet down, as it were, give Celeste something to think about. Give Dee something to think about more the better.

They were standing in a group, the center of attention. The song "You're so vain" ran through Bitgirl's head.

"Very impressive, Evans," Celeste said.

 "You almost took a spill down there." This from Dee.

Bitgirl flushed, resisted the urge to plant a hoof in Dee's crotch.

"No problem. I have total confidence in my pony."

Evans stepped over to Celeste, took her elbow. "Shall we discuss format and wager?"

Celeste nodded and allowed him to guide her to chairs at the side of the patio.

There was an awkward silence. Angela the maid and the two ponygirls. Finally Dee spun on her heel and flounced away.

"i could kill that bitch!"

"You'll have to fight me for first shot," Angela chuckled.

"is it me, or is there something not quite right about her?"

"You mean the attitude? Celeste is a first class bitch and Dee has been top pony for five years. You saw the way everybody crowded around them, all the ponygirl wanna be types. Christ! I'm surprised the frickin' paparazzi didn't show up."

Bitgirl laughed, a small breathy sound.

"well, there's that, but something else ..."

"Come on," Angela said taking Bitgirl's reins, "Let's get ready for dinner."

Bitgirl followed Angela to her stall where the maid removed Bitgirl's tack.

"Not bad. A bit damp, but I think a bit of conditioner will prevent any damage."

The two women worked for several minutes cleaning the leather, then went down the hall into the room.

"I think the little black dress would be appropriate, a simple contrast to your white, dressy harness."

Bitgirl nodded and stepped into the shower. When she came out Angela did her makeup. Bitgirl slipped on the dress sans underwear. It was snug enough across the top to show off her tits while giving them some support. She stepped into her highest fuck-me pumps.

"how do I look?"

"If I were gay I'd jump your bones in a heartbeat. Oh wait. I did jump your bones and it was only yesterday."

The two women laughed. Angela took Bitgirl's hand and led her back to the patio.

No Hooves In The House!

Bitgirl looked at the sign and snickered.

"it's okay to love your pony, but you really shouldn't LOVE your pony!"

"Oh, I think Evans loves you in his own way."

Bitgirl blushed.

"you, too."  She gave Angela's hand a squeeze.

Bitgirl never thought of herself as gay, but in the world of owners and owned, the men took their pleasure with the slaves and the slaves took their pleasure with each other. That was her take away from The Story of O: The women served the men, but slept together.

Dinner was dinner. Celeste held court. Dee was petulant. Evans was his charming self, paying as much attention to the other ponygirls as the owners. Bitgirl sensed a definite shift in loyalties.

The morning dawned cool and clear. Angela helped lace Bitgirl's hooves, pulled on her own sneakers, and, taking Bitgirl's reins, led her out into the dewy grass.

Bitgirl followed Angela at a trot. The sign she'd seen from her stall was indeed a trail marker. It was chilly in the woods and Angela picked up the pace a bit. Bitgirl followed.


Bitgirl nearly stumbled as Angela fell against her. The two caught each other and watched the receding backside of Dee, Celeste at the reins in the sulky.

"Fucking bitch!"

"you okay?"

"Yeah. Fucking bitch caught me with a wheel." Angela rubbed her hip. "Fuck you!" She made a rude gesture at the retreating form.

Bitgirl steadied Angela.

"She was aiming for you, you know."


"Look," she said pointing at the ravine. "If you'd gone down there, you'd have broken a leg for sure. Fucking bitch. Evans is going to be so pissed."

"don't say anything."

"What? Are you nuts?"

"this is personal, i'll handle it."

"Girl -"

"i said i'll handle it."

They sat at a table on the patio.

"The race is three laps through the woods. That's three miles. This isn't a quick sprint, you'll be pulling the cart, it'll be more like ten miles, so take it easy the first two laps."

"yes, sir."

"Angela, watch out for Celeste. Back there in the woods there's no telling what she'll try."

The two women shared a glance. Angela nodded.

"Stay behind her -"

"But -"

"Just do it. Make her think she's setting the pace. She has an ego a mile wide, so stay on her tail. Let her wear herself out. If you get in front, she'll stay on your ass and you'll only work yourselves harder trying to get away from her. Let her think she's in control, okay?"

Both women nodded.

"Pass her when you come out of the woods by the big rock on the last lap. The turn is kind of sharp, but if you drift outside a bit, fake like you want to pass outside, then swoop in you should get a good line."

It pretty much went that way. Once in the woods, Celeste tried some serious bumping whenever Bitgirl and Angela got close. It became apparent that they were running a little slow hoping Bitgirl would try to pass. But as they entered the woods for the last lap, Dee took off. Bitgirl kept right with her. Suddenly Dee stumbled. Angela saw a shot, flicked Bitgirl's reins, and pulled past. In an instant Dee was on them.

Bitgirl didn't dare look back. Didn't need to. She could hear Dee and she was close, very close.

At the final turn Angela steered Bitgirl wide as Evans said, then cut back across Dee's path. They collided. Both carts bounced, Angela getting the worst of it. Bitgirl had to slow way down to maintain control.

Dee had a two cart lead heading up the hill. But Bitgirl had the legs. She pulled up to, then passed the other.

"Woohoo! You go girl!" Angela screamed, snapping the reins.

She lashed Bitgirl's rump, something she rarely did, and Bitgirl put it all on the line.

They beat Dee/Celeste by a step. Cheers erupted from the gallery.

Dee steered into Bitgirl's cart sending Angela ass end over tea kettle, tumbling down the hill.

Bitgirl hauled off and planted her hoof in Dee's crotch. Dee screamed, collapsed to the ground, clutching herself.

It took a moment for the implication to sink in. Bitgirl had been kicked between the legs, and yes, it hurt, but this? Then the light dawned. Dee was a man!




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