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Bovine Dreams

by LilCthulhu

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© Copyright 2022 - LilCthulhu - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M+/f; fpov; transform; hucow; F2hucow; bond; cuffs; hobble; latex; collar; buttplug; drug; conditioning; electro; oral; enema; bodymod; accident; cons; reluct; XXX

Chapter 1.) Waking Up

E-14 woke up with a pounding headache, a demanding horny pulsing in her loins, and her entire body aching. Everything felt kind of weird and hazy, and she didn’t want to open her eyes just yet. Slowly stretching, she noticed a crackling sound and felt straw pinching against her belly and breast. But then she also noticed she couldn’t feel her arms nor remember… anything. Where was she? Who was she? She kind of felt like her name was “E-14”, but that wasn’t a real name, or was it? She tried to remember, but it was hard to concentrate.

Feeling a dim sense of fear wallow up in her throat, E-14 finally opened her eyes. Everything seemed a bit blurry. Sitting up and blinking, E-14 tried to adjust herself to the situation and find out where she was. She soon realized she was in some sort of horsebox or cattle pen, inside a barn. There was straw on the ground and a metal fence surrounded her, and she could hear cattle mooing close by. But most importantly, there were weird cow like creatures, fenced in with E-14.

After another few blinks, and slowly getting up on her wobbly feet, E-14 corrected herself. It still felt hard to form a coherent thought, but after a while she noticed the creatures were women, not cows. Women dressed in some sort of nightmarish kink costume. After a few more moments of bedazzled staring and feeling her body, E-14 was certain – she probably looked just like them.

All the cows were looking identical, only distinguished by slight differences in height and build. They were clad in a tight latex suit, colored in a muted white with black cow pattern imprinted. All of them were missing their arms. Their shoulders were just rounded corners of their torso, giving not even a hint there was something missing.

Their feet were similarly transformed. Instead of human feet, they had black cow hooves, and a short chain was fastened between metal shackles around their ankles. It all was seemingly designed to prevent them from pushing the legs too far apart, effectively forcing them to move slowly. Being herself caught in the same position, E-14 could feel her real feet hidden under the costume, forced into some sort of boot, making her stand on her tiptoes. It would have been very unstable to stand, if the boot wasn’t so tight and stiff, and the hooves so wide.

Even more disturbing, however, were the cow’s heads. Their latex suit led into a hood which covered the entire head. Artificial horns and cow ears were attached to the mask, amplifying the cow-likecow like appearance of the women. The ears even moved, swishing every now and then, mimicking the behavior of real cattle. All of them also had a heavy steel collar around their neck, and an attached cowbell jingled happily whenever they moved.

Over the eyes, the women wore what looked like a very slim but solid looking VR headset, tightly bound to the skull with leather straps. It was hiding their expressive eyes under a shell of unfeeling plastic, furthering their unhuman anonymity.

Their mouths and noses also were covered with what E-14 could only describe as a weird mix of a bovine snout and a human pussy. It was made of slick, pink foam, roughly shaped like a very short cow snout. But instead of a normal mouth, there was a vertical slit, emulating a woman's genitalia. Behind the snout E-14 could feel a rubber ring forcing her mouth open, making her throat constantly accessible through the opening in her mask. She also noticed how she was constantly drooling, lubricating her artificial mouth in the process.

A little lower, E-14 noticed the only part where she and her sisters were not covered in latex – their massive breasts. The bases of their tits were tightly squeezed by a fleshy rim, connected to the latex suit. E-14 felt how the tight binding made her tits feel bloated and heavy, and she also noticed that her sisters’ tits were visibly bigger than hers, and wet around the nipples.

The last thing E-14 noticed was the cows’ naughty parts. All her sister’s ass cheeks were weirdly pulled apart, lewdly revealing their backdoor. Both their pussies and sphincters looked bloated and puffed, adding to their indecent look. The weirdest part was, even those most intimate parts were latex covered, the material seemingly reaching even into their body. It almost looked like it was spray painted, revealing every wrinkle and fold of the skin beneath. The latex also changed color into a cutesy pink, which positively drew the attention, making it look even more revealing.

All the cows had a plug tail shoved into their ass, rounding out the bovine look. Just like the ears, the tail sometimes moved and swished, adding to the illusion of a human-cow hybrid. Meanwhile, the plug inside was constantly vibrating on a low intensity, which E-14 now noticed was the reason for the weird arousal she had felt since waking up. She was surprised by how good it made her feel. Shouldn’t that feeling be reserved for her cunt?

The pussies of the cows were filled with a weird contraption, too. There was some sort of metal shield, nudged between their lips, covering the entrance to their love tunnel and their clit, while leaving their swollen labia accessible. The metal was mounted to their labia lips, making sure it could not move, and E-14 also could feel there was a small shaft mounted to the inside of the plate, nestling just inside the very entrance of her vagina, slightly shifting and stimulating with every step.

Despite the horror of the situation, E-14 had needed what felt like minutes to process everything she had seen. But after her slow-moving brain finally had caught up to the situation, she screamed in panic. But instead of a high-pitched jell of terror, all she produced was a deep, guttural “MOOOOOOO!”

A couple of the other cows turned towards E-14 and answered with moos of their own. Their faces completely dehumanized, no eyes, brows, or mouth to read emotions, no hands to gesture, E-14 could not even tell if they were scared like she was, or content with their situation. They were nothing but grotesque human cattle, not even able to share their emotions. Just like E-14.

Chapter 2.) Control Unit

Only a moment after E-14 began to panic and moo for help, her VR headset sprang to live. Lines of unreadable, red colored code flew by, before a single big line was left in the center of 14’s field of vision: ‘Control Unit (CU) 118-E14 Activated. Local code base detected. Loading system.’ A few seconds later the words changed to ‘Synchronizing with Host. E-14. Hu-Cow. Status: Calf.’

Of course, all of that did little to calm E-14 down, who was still mooing for help, stumbling around in the pen, and hyperventilating in panic. ‘Emotional outburst detected. Administering sedatives, aphrodisiacs, and antidepressants.’ The CU announced, and only seconds later E-14 felt she was calming down. Of course, she knew she was somehow drugged, but despite fighting it for a while, she soon was lulled, and found the annoying wanting itch between her legs grow more and more pronounced.

The other cows seemed to go through a similar experience. Some of them were wandering restlessly, mooing agitatedly, before they slowed down, and their moos transformed into soft moaning gasps. This made E-14 realize she too was subconsciously moaning between her breaths, rubbing her thighs against one another.

‘Cows are herd animals. Good cows play with their sisters.’ Her CU suggested, and even if E-14 did not like the machine, the idea sounded pretty good. Maybe one of the others could help her with her needs? ‘How many cows are in this pen anyway?’ She thought, looking around to count. ‘2, 4, 6….’ Suddenly she felt a painful shock from her plug in her ass, forcing her to her knees. ‘Non-Bovine thoughts detected! Cows don’t count. Punishment administered!’ explained the CU.

Angrily E-14 got back on her feet, mooing and stomping in defiance. She was not only transformed into… into a latex freak… and his machine expected her to think like a stupid cow?! But her tantrum only lasted a second, as another painful shock coursed through her helpless body. ‘Non-Bovine thoughts detected! Resistance is futile.’

After E-14 had recovered from the shock, her CU offered an alternative perspective. ‘E-14 wants to be a good, docile cow with beautiful big udders.’ It said, while in small letters another litany of drugs was listed to be administered.

Getting back on her hooves, leaning against a wall, E-14 shuddered. She felt the impact of the drugs hazing her mind even more. ‘A good docile cow?’ She thought, only to be instantly rewarded with a few seconds of intense vibrations between her legs. ‘E-14 is a good, docile cow.’ The CU reinforced, while she was enjoying the short moment of pleasure. ‘Cows are herd animals. Good cows play with their sisters.’ The CU reminded her.

Stumbling through the pen, E-14 directly moved towards the first other cow she noticed, forcing herself to concentrate on her, so she wouldn't be punished again. The other cow's ear tag identified her as E-6 and was shivering and moaning, probably from getting rewarded for something. At first E-14 just stared at her, wondering how she was supposed to ‘play’ with the woman? ‘Cow not Woman’ her CU wrote sternly, administering a zap to underscore the correction.

Jumping forward, E-14 mooed in dismay, before simply rubbing herself against E-6, unable to formulate any other plan to avoid more punishment. At first E-6 was stunned and just stood there, but soon she seemed to enjoy herself, and moved in sync with E-14. Rubbing their big breasts (ZAP ‘Udders not breasts!’) against one another made them moo happily, as they noticed how delightful the stimulation to their nipples felt, and how their CU rewarded them with increased vibrations for playing.

After a little while E-6 stopped, which made E-14 moo in protest. But opening her eyes, she noticed another woman (ZAP ‘Cow not woman’) had joined them. E-17 was leaning down, pushing her tongue through her mask (ZAP ‘face pussy not mask’) to lick E-6’s left nipple.

Still shaking from the latest punishments, E-14 hurried to emulate E-17. She pushed her wet face pussy against E-6’s other nipple, pushed her tongue through the tight but well lubed slit and began to lick. Immediately the vibrations between 14’s legs intensified, rewarding her good behavior. Soon the three of them were moaning and mooing in pure want, switching between licking and rubbing one another.

After a while E-6 tried to crouch down, seemingly wanting to lick 17’s pussy, but she was visibly zapped by her CU, jumping back to her feet. ‘Cows must stand on their feet. Only exception is when ordered otherwise.’ E-14’s CU explained.

Despite the reaction from the CU, E-14 was too horny to just give up. Trying to get an orgasm despite the tight control of the CU, she bent over, and tried to lick E-17s snatch while standing. It was a positively awkward position, and with no arms to balance herself, she could only hold it for a couple of seconds, exploring E-17’s well protected cunt with only a few shy licks before she had to get back up.

Noticing what E-14 was doing, E-6 tried the same. She leaned in front of E-14 and clumsily licked her puffed labia. Despite that she could not reach any of the more sensitive parts, it still felt amazing, and made E-14 moo in pure delight. Her entire pussy was immensely sensitive, and she wanted more! The three cows experimented for a little longer, but after a few minutes they noticed how futile and awkward their efforts were. This was clearly no way to get an orgasm.

After a while E-6 got frustrated and left for another group. E-14 and E-17 meanwhile experimented with grinding their pussies against each other’s legs. It too was a bit awkward. With no hands, their legs chained together, and their big breasts in the way, they had to clumsily wiggle around. In the end they managed to stimulate their thirsting pussies a little bit. But it was awkward and exhausting, and the metal shield over their most sensitive parts prevented them from getting even close to climax.

The wild hunt for an orgasm continued for what felt like hours, but in the end none of the cows succeeded. After a while they all began to grow tired, and the initial frenzy became a slow grind. The cows of the herd restlessly wandered around in their pen. Only every now and then a pair of them began to play with another, either because their CU told them to, or when their needs grew too unbearable. Then they began to rub, lick, moan, and moo for minutes, while the other cows watched hungrily. But in the end, they always had to part, oversexed and frustrated, unable to get even close to climax. And so it continued…

Chapter 3.) Exploration

Hours passed, and defying her CU’s corrections, E-14 began to explore her surroundings. Despite feeling how she was adapting to the constant punishment, avoiding certain thoughts, words, and behaviors, she also noticed how her mind grew more active. ‘Maybe the drugs…’ (ZAP ‘Happy stuff not drugs’) ‘Fuck! Ouch! …maybe the happy stuff is subsiding?’ She thought to herself.

E-14 began to walk along the fence and took a closer look. ‘It only reaches up to my chest…’ she thought, but was interrupted by another zap shooting painful electricity through her ass into her body. ‘Udders not chest!’ the CU announced. ‘Ouch! Fine! It only reaches up to my udders! Still… there is no chance I could ever climb…’ A much more powerful punishment followed and almost made her drop to her knees. ‘Escape thoughts detected! E-14 is a bad cow!’ The CU wrote in big, angry letters.

‘Good cows are docile and submissive. Good cows stay with the herd. Good cows get rewarded.’ The CU suggested, but it missed the usual burst of rewarding vibrations. E-14 speculated that the CU was probably noticing she did not accept the premise, and therefore she did not get any reward.

Back on her feet, 14 still did not give up. She kept on walking around the entire pen, inspecting the fence closely. Looking at it made her head and eyes hurt, and after she was done, she was confused when she realized she had seen no gate. How was that possible? Could this fence really have no gate? But how did she and her sisters get in then? E-14’s thoughts were interrupted again by a powerful bolt of electricity. Her entire body began to spasm, and she fell to the ground, unable to even read what the CU was alleging against her.

Drained by the powerful punishment, E-14 did her best to get back on her feet, mooing in defeat. Trying to avoid another shock she hurried to get back to the center of the pen, where she noticed two of her sisters start to rub their udders against one another. ‘Maybe I should go for some playtime too.’ She thought to herself, while she felt her pussy and nipples ache in demanding need.

But before she could drift off to find a partner, E-14 noticed something weird. Soon after waking up, she noticed that her sight was somehow… impaired. She could only see clearly for a few feet, before everything went blurry, as if she had bad eyesight. But now she noticed, she could specifically not see beyond the fence. While wandering around the border of her small little world, it felt like she could only see a few inches, but now, in the middle of the pen, she could easily see cows a couple of feet away.

While that realization slowly worked its way through 14’s hazy mind, her CU recognized her cogitations and gave her another powerful shock. Electricity coursed through 14’s tail plug, spread through her entire body, and sent her painfully spasming to the ground, forcing all rebellious thoughts out of her overloading mind.

‘Fuck! I am sorry! I am sorry!’ E-14 tried to argue with the merciless, mind-reading AI controlling her every move. ‘Cows must stand on their feet’ It returned unimpressed. ‘Yes of course! Cows stand on their feet’ E-14 thought with a sobbing moo, while hurrying awkwardly back up. ‘E-14 wants to be a good, docile cow with beautiful big udders?’ The CU asked enticingly. ‘Yesyesyes! I want to be a good cow. Please! No more pain!’ E-14 answered in her mind, and the CU could read she meant it. ‘Cows are herd animals. Good cows play with their sisters.’ The CU simply said, rewarding E-14s submissive thoughts with a slight boost of vibrations to her overstimulated bum.

Unable to take any more punishment, E-14 could feel her entire body react with horny arousal, overriding every thought of resistance with the need to obey. Looking around E-14 soon found another cow. She had nice, large udders, and her mouth pussy was alluringly dripping.

E-14 walked up to the other cow, her tag identified her as E-2, and began to rub against her and her beautiful udders. At first the other cow seemed not to be interested and moved away, but after E-14 began to lick E-2s nipples, she soon began to moan and rub herself against E-14’s mouth pussy. ‘This is much better. No more pain.’ E-14 thought, and felt another rewarding boost of vibration. ‘Good cow.’ Her CU praised. ‘E-14 should try to taste E-2’s pussy.’ It then added, before falling silent, leaving E-14 to play with her new friend.

Chapter 4.) Farmhands

A little while after E-14 was done playing with E-2, a commotion arose in the herd. E-14 looked up and noticed two men walking through a gate in the fence. ‘But there was no gate! I checked the entire fence!’ She thought to herself, only to be silenced by another zap. ‘Non-Bovine thoughts detected! Cows don’t need to worry about gates.’’ The CU announced in the tiringly familiar sentence.

E-14 somehow also was unable to see the men’s faces. They looked blurry, as if there were specks in her eyes, making it impossible to properly see them.

“Hush, get out of the way!” One of them announced, shooing a few of the other cows away. “Okay. Da-tro ul, meg ta.” Suddenly the man’s words changed, and E-14 could no longer understand them. Wondering what had happened, 14’s CU soon followed with an explanation. ‘Cows don’t understand human speech. They only understand commands.’ It said, but then something went wrong. ‘Error! Speech Scrambler does not react. Restart software. Error. Unable to connect to the mainframe. Restarting communication. Waiting for a response…’ It said, and suddenly E-14 could understand the man’s words again.

“…usually opposite of the gate.” The man ended his sentence, while the other cows were curiously but ignorantly watching them. “There. You just pull that lever. Now the maintenance units are lowered down.” He explained, while fumbling around on the fence. Suddenly rows of weird saddle-like contraptions folded out of the fence. E-14 was stunned. She had checked the entire fence and had not noticed those metal saddles, and now there were dozens of them!

“Isn’t it dangerous to keep all that so easily accessible?” The other man asked.

“Nah.” The first one replied. “Without arms and their legs chained, those stupid cunts couldn’t do anything, even if they could see the controls.”

“Could see the controls?” The second man asked, surprised.

“Yeah, they can’t see the gate or the maintenance station or any other machines, until we activate it for them. Visual scrambler. The same trick makes sure they can’t read text or see anything outside their pen.” The man then shrugged, before explaining further.

E-14 listened with wide eyes, slowly realizing how fucked she truly was. Her CU was not only monitoring her every thought, but also tampering with her vision, preventing her from seeing anything important.

“Keeps them docile and makes sure they don’t think about something that would overload their stupid cow brains.” The men meanwhile kept on talking.

“Isn’t that a bit dark?” The other man asked.

“Not really, especially because it’s true. Their brains have been modified. They can barely remember what happened in the last hour and their intelligence is reduced. They really are nothing more than stupid animals. Would be inhumane otherwise.”

E-14s listened with horror, but also wondered. Sure, it was hard to think, but she didn’t feel that stupid. And she was sure she could remember more than the last hour. It was all a bit fuzzy and it required focus to reach through the fog in her mind, but she still remembered waking up and that was… at least a while ago.

While 14 was still contemplating her situation, her CU came back to live. ‘Error. No update possible. Loading backup system. Cow is not allowed to listen to human speech. Calculating alternate control methods. Punishment for listening to human speech: valid.’ It printed, and before E-14 could really grasp what that meant, she felt a powerful zap in her ass.

After what felt like an eternity, E-14 was lying on the floor, sobbingly mooing for mercy, as one of the men walked up to her. “Hey Carl, something is wrong with this cow. I think she has some sort of spasm.” He yelled towards his colleague.

“Huh? What is it Billy? No, she is getting punished. Electro shocks.” The other said, walking over to E-14.

“But it does not stop. See, she is flopping around like a fish on land.”

The seemingly older of the two scratched his head, unsure about the situation. After a moment he took a tablet computer from his belt and began to input a few things. “Huh… weird. Seems like her speech scrambler is defective… and the system could somehow not connect to the mainframe. Now it’s punishing her for listening to us talking. She has rather small udders too. I wonder if something went wrong during outfitting. Give me a sec, I think I can overwrite that…”

A moment later the electro shocks stopped, and E-14 lay there breathing heavily, sobbing from pain, but also mooing in thanks towards the men. “Ok, done. Set her to minimal control for now. Just let me send a message to tech so they can change the CU.” After doing the paperwork Carl leaned down and petted E-14s swollen tits (ZAP – ‘Udders not tits’). “Isn’t that much better cunt? Now get up before you get punished for lying around lazily.” He said with a patronizing laugh, gesturing at 14 to get up on her feet. More than motivated to avoid further punishment, E-14 followed the advice, and hurried back to her feet.

Chapter 5.) Mounting

“I think we have a volunteer. What do you say uhm… let’s see… 14! Do you want to be first in maintenance?” Carl asked, but did not wait for an answer.

“Take her to the first station. I'll fetch another one.” He said, before walking towards the herd. Billy, E-14 was now sure he was some sort of new farmhand, hooked a finger in the D-Ring in the front of her collar, and pulled her along.

“Come on … uhm… slut. Move that stupid ass.” He said, trying to emulate the rough tone of the older man, but lacking his confidence. E-14 still followed suit, just thankful for no longer being punished, and still catching her breath. She even got a rewarding pulse between her legs, for being so submissive, which sweetened the deal.

Moments later E-14 found herself in front of the fence, and in front of one of the maintenance stations. For her it looked like a small metal saddle, with a thick but short pink dildo reaching out of it. Right in front of her there was some sort of metal lever with a ring at its end, and above that a set of transparent cups and a long dildo dangled from the ceiling, all connected via tubes to pipes above E-14’s head.

While E-14 still was eying the contraption, Carl came back, another woman (ZAP – ‘Cow not women’) in tow. He moved her to stand in front of the saddle next to E-14, and got ready to demonstrate to Billy what to do.

“Okay, first we must pull out the tail plug. Close your hand around the tail, right at the base of her ass. You should hear a click – that is the system unlocking. Wait for a second and then pull the plug out.” Carl began to explain. “The calves’ asses are usually very tight, so you have to pull pretty hard.”

Billy meanwhile followed the instructions and put his hand around E-14’s tail. She could hear the clicking noise, followed by one last intense vibration, before the sex toy died down, leaving her unstimulated for the first time since she woke up. It felt… empty… and wrong. “Yea, that’s just right. And now… pull!” The older man said, while he did the same with his cow. E-14 could hear her sister's painful wailing moo, but only a second later her plug popped out, leaving her ass gaping wide and a gooey, cum like slime dripping out of her.

Billy meanwhile was way less confident. He slowly began to pull, trying to be gentle, and E-14 could feel her body resist. Pain began to bloom from her backside, as her sphincter began to stretch, but kept on resisting. E-14 stumbled back, unable to cope with the pain, ruining the little process Billy had achieved so far.

“Nah Billy, it won’t work that way. You only make it more painful for the beast if you are doing it so slow. Grab the tail with one hand, put the other on the cow’s back, and then pull the plug out with a swift motion.” The older man explained.

Following the advice, the newbie let go of E-14’s tail, which made the plug slip back into her, reactivating the vibrations and relaxing her poor sphincter. E-14 could not help but moan in surprised pleasure, before she felt the man grab her tail again. The vibrator died down again, and then the pain came back. E-14 felt Billie’s hand on her rear, keeping her from stepping back. Her ass felt like it was going to burst, her muscles cramped with pulsing pain from the pressure. Then suddenly, her sphincter could no longer resist, and with a pop the plug slipped out of her overstretched ass, giving way to an unbelievable sense of relief. “That’s it. Well done!” The old man applauded.

“Okay. Now just move her over the seat.” Carl instructed, while he was shoving his cow forward, until she was standing over her saddle. “Instruct your cow to sit down and guide her ass onto the dildo. Simple.” He explained, before addressing his cow to demonstrate. “Hey cunt. Sit down.”

While Billy was watching, E-14 had a moment to catch her breath and recover. She watched the other cow sit down with a moan, pushing the dildo up her ass. Up until now E-14 had not noticed, but her feet hurt, and sitting down looked very tempting, even if it meant taking another shaft up her ass. Thinking about it, having that dildo up her ass probably would feel pretty nice.

“Sit down… uhm… cunt!” Suddenly the command came, and E-14 followed without hesitation. Sliding down E-14 felt the erect dildo nudging against her thighs. Its tip rubbed tantalizingly against her swollen pussy lips. But she had not much time to regret that she couldn’t push the dildo into her wanting cunt. Billy took control by holding onto her hip, moving her forward until her ass lined up with the dildo, and pushed her down. Wiggling on her seat, 14 did her best to really feel the intruder inside of her, moaning with pleasure, which soon turned into a long, lustful, moo!

“Next you take that metal lever with the ring on the end. You pull it down until it lines up with the cow's throat. You see that ring on the leaver? It is a snap hook – simply connect it to the D-Ring of your slut’s collar. Once it is closed, voila, the cow is fixed to the fence and can’t fall off the saddle anymore.” Carl explained, while Billy followed his instructions.

“Ok, now she sits properly. Next you take the chain between her legs and pull it up, fixing it to the hook on the backside of the saddle. This way she can’t get off that dildo anymore.” The old man carried on, and moments later E-14 felt her feet getting lifted, until her upper and lower legs were pressed against one another. Billy fumbled around with the chain a little bit, but after a while he stood up, and E-14 found herself unable to lower her legs. She was now sitting with all her weight pressing her groin against the saddle, pushing the shield between her pussylips and the dildo in her ass even deeper, revitalizing her lewd mooing.

With E-14 and her sister properly fixated, both men took a step back. “Ok, now we put the feeder down their throats and the pumps on their udders. They won’t give much milk yet, but with the hormones in the food and the stimulation on their tits, they will properly produce in no time. Just don’t overstimulate them. Don’t want them cumming from you playing with their tits.”

“Why is keeping them horny and preventing them from cumming so important anyway?” Billy asked.

“It enhances the taste of the milk. Or so the big wigs say. But who knows. Maybe they just like their cows frustrated and horny.”

Carl meanwhile kept on talking, now with a dirty undertone. “You still can fuck them, you know. Not in the pussy or ass of course, but in the mouth. The calves are still a bit clumsy, but the cows, man, they give the best blowjobs you can imagine. Just order them to kneel and then take your sweet time. They really like it. Mooing and moaning as if you are the greatest man they ever had. And considering how stupid they are, they probably really think that. Can’t remember any other man anyway, not even if they get mouthfucked every day.”

After those last few words E-14 grew unsettled. Not because of the prospect of giving head. She really would love to taste a big, throbbing cock. The thought alone made her mind wander off, fantasizing about sucking both men. But the feeder made her nervous. She could see the dildo dangling from the ceiling, and its size intimidated her. Also, the idea of her udders lactating did not help much either. But on the other hand, she had not much of a choice. Bound and helpless as she was, there was nothing she could do.

While 14 still was contemplating her situation, she felt Billy’s hand on her shoulder. He held the feeding dildo in his hand. It was long and thick, glistening wet. 14 tried to plead, but the young man ignored her pitiful mooing, and just shoved the dildo into her face-pussy, and down her throat.

E-14 immediately began to gag and cough, but her handler did not really care. He fastened the feeder with a strap around E-14’s head and left, leaving her to struggle on her own. At first E-14 was gagging and felt like she would die, but her CU was encouraging her to ‘swallow’ and she followed, desperate to ease the situation. Gulping and gurgling she then soon found her gag reflex easing, and after a while she even managed to take labored breaths, in between suckling the thing lodged in her throat.

While E-14 was still struggling with her feeder, Billy focused on her tits. He teasingly grabbed her big udders and squeezed them. It felt amazing, and she truly wished he would play a little harder with them, but the young man held himself back. Instead he took the suction cups, which had dangled in front of E-14, and put them on her nipples. A second later the air was pumped out of them, vacuum sealing them to her tender udders.

After E-14 and her sister were both done, Carl stepped up to Billy and clapped on his shoulder. “That’s it. Well done. These calves are ready. Fetch yourself another one, while I start the machines.” He said, with a nod.

Chapter 6.) Maintenance

After the two farmhands had left, E-14 had to endure the maintenance on her own. Machines began to buzz with activity, and pumping noises indicated something was moving inside the pipes above 14’s head.

Then 14 felt something stirring in her backside. The dildo began to expand. Every now and then it stopped, vibrating for a second or two, before expanding further. At first it was very pleasant and 14 had the distinct feeling that she had done something right, as it felt like a reward from her CU. But after a while the plug grew too much, stretching her beyond the point of being pleasant. It filled her, vibrated her muscles loose, and expanded further, until 14 was filled to the brim.

Then the enemas started. Through the plug in 14’s ass something warm was pumped into her bowls, until her belly began to bloat and her body to cramp. The liquid was left inside of her for at least 2 or 3 minutes, before she finally was relieved and flushed out again. But 14 had not much time to recuperate, as the cycle began anew, filling and flushing her bowls again and again, until she was completely cleaned up.

At the same time the pump of the feeder activated. Squinting at the transparent tube connected to her face, 14 could watch the gray goo flush towards her face-pussy with rhythmic pulses. After it had vanished beyond 14’s field of vision, it took only a few more moments and she felt the rubbery dildo in her mouth swell and stir. Then another few more moments later, and the goo squirted out of the dildo and against the back of her throat. E-14 could not taste it, only feel it, and she immediately noticed how the ‘food’ blocked her airpipe. Instincts kicking in, 14 immediately began to suckle the dildo in her throat, swallowing the icky goo as fast as possible, so she could take another breath. Just in time before another squirt of goo was shot into her.

In the meantime, 14’s breast pumps also sprang to life. A powerful vacuum began to rhythmically suck at her nipples, pulling them longer and longer, painfully stretching the tender flesh of her areola. 14 noticed that she did not produce any milk, while the cow next to her was at least dripping a few drops with every suckle of the pumps. Somehow this realization made her feel bad. She felt somehow deficient and inadequate, compared to her sister. She just wished her udders could be just as big and beautiful as those of the other cows.

Chapter 7.) Memories

E-14 had no idea how long she was in the machine, but after a while it became easier to endure the feeding and enemas. In some weird way it even felt pleasurable. And while 14 was thinking about that, a memory flashed through her head. She remembered watching cows in their maintenance units, observing their lewd moaning, and wondering how it felt.

14 almost choked, as the surprising memory interrupted the rhythm she had found with the machine. Coughing and choking, it took E-14 a while before she calmed down again. ‘I am… My name…’ she began to think, ignoring her CU messaging her that she was E-14, a docile cow with big, beautiful udders. ‘I am… Lydia.’ She finally managed, mooing happily after another load of goo was forced down her throat.

Over the next couple of minutes Lydia slowly began to reconstruct more and more of her memories, unconsciously grinding happily against the plug in her ass, as she remembered who she was. Her name was Lydia Thompson, and she worked as an engineer in this very facility – Human to Animal Rehab. Incorrigible women (mostly criminals) were brought here, and transformed into pet slaves and trained to fill their new role - e.g. as puppies, ponies, or cows.

Lydia now remembered her working here, and how she was secretly turned on by the almost inhumane treatment the cows went through, perfectly bound and shackled, dehumanized and transformed, their very sexuality used to control them. She even had her arms replaced with cybernetic prosthetics to emulate them. To her colleagues and friends, she had asserted that she did it because the artificial limbs were stronger and more precise than her real ones, but in reality, she did it to feel like one of the cows. When she was home alone, she often got naked and took off the artificial arms, standing in front of a mirror, looking at her limbless form, fantasizing of being a hu-cow.

Over the last couple of weeks, she finally had decided to try it out. Insert herself into the system and really experience what it felt like to be nothing but a faceless hu-cow, just another latex beast, a sex slave without identity or rights. Of course, this was absolutely forbidden, and she had to do it secretly. But seeing the cows every day, she could not hold herself back any longer. The temptation was simply too big.

Most of the facility was automated, and as an engineer Lydia had access to all the relevant areas. She planned to stay over the weekend – two full days with only minimal staff, except for the farmhands, of course. Company policy dictated that the daily care of the livestock was done manually, to improve mental health.

After only a short wait a fitting opportunity presented itself. A new batch of recruits would be delivered on Friday. Seeing her chance, Lydia sprang into action. She prepared one of the transformation chambers, so it would add her retroactively to the list of cows (using a pseudonym, of course) and use a special program for the conversion. She didn’t want the machine to lobotomize her or enhance her tits, like was normal for cows. The less obvious body modifications however, especially those to the genitals, she left in. They were drastic changes for sure, but there was no way Lydia could fully experience or even withstand life as a hu-cow without them.

Next, she made sure she would not receive the full dose of drugs. All cows on the list had a very specific, tailormade menu of drugs, so they would not be accidentally overdosed. But those numbers were way too high for Lydia. A normal cow was already damaged enough to take it without trouble, but Lydia’s brain would suffer if she took the full doze. Additionally, she wanted to really feel the entire thing, and not just sleepwalk through it.

Lastly Lydia made sure to arrange a way out. She prepared one of the older, unused transformation chambers, so it would remove her outfit, instead of installing it. She also stored a set of artificial arms, hidden but easily reachable once she was out of the costume.

Most importantly however, Lydia reprogrammed a control unit for her specific needs. She left most of the controls and punishment options intact, as it was part of the fun to be enslaved by the AI. But she separated the unit from the mainframe (preventing any overrides or unsuspected updates) and installed a special routine which would activate on Sunday evening, just an hour before maintenance, guiding her out of the cow pen and into the prepared undressing room. Cows were constantly relocated by the mainframe, so Lydia was reasonably sure she would not raise any suspicion, even if she met somebody.

Finally, as the day came, Lydia could barely hold back her anticipation. She did her best to go through her usual routine, but could not wait for the shift to end and for most of her coworkers to leave. Almost at the end of the day, somebody told Lydia a new farmhand would start on the weekend, and Carl would show him the ropes. This was bad news. A new farmhand could easily turn out to be a sadistic asshole, ruining the entire experience. But after thinking it over a couple of times, Lydia decided to stick to the plan. The only thing she changed was to deactivate the speech scrambler of her special CU. Maybe she would be able to appease the newbie if she could understand what he was saying. Not a perfect solution, but something.

A couple of hours later the recruits arrived. Naked and afraid they were herded out of the transport, divided by role (pony, cow, etc.) and shoved into their respective transformation chambers. Almost the entire staff was on deck to oversee the unloading. But once all the women were in the machines, the entire process was automated, and everybody could leave for a well-deserved weekend.

Lydia of course stayed behind, pretending she had to finish some repair work. After everyone was gone, she got her specially prepared transformation chamber. After double checking all of the changes she had made one last time, she got naked, gathered all of her courage, and stepped into the chamber.

From there on Lydia could not recall anything specific anymore. She remembered the door closing behind her, and metal arms grabbing her, injecting her with something, but after that, everything was a blurry mess of confused pictures and feelings, while she had drifted in and out of consciousness, while the machine had done its work: modified, outfitted, and prepared her to be a hu-cow.

Chapter 8.) End of the Road

Suddenly Lydia was yanked out of her daydreaming. Carl had walked up to her, and without much fuss, pulled the feeder out of her mouth. “Okay Billy, this is the last one.” He explained, while Lydia was coughing. Looking to her left she noticed the rest of the herd was already free and wandering around again.

Only a few minutes later Lydia was almost completely disconnected from the maintenance machine, with only the dildo in her ass and the metal bar connected to her collar left. Then she felt the plug in her bum deflate and Carl slap her ass encouragingly. “Up you go little cunt! Don’t worry, you will be filled up again in just a moment.” Mooing in happy approval, she followed the command, standing back up on her hooves.

“The snap ring doesn’t come off just yet, cunt. Can't have you run around without your tail, now can we?” The old man asked jokingly, while fetching a fresh tail plug for Lydia. “Okay Billy, remind me why it's important every cow gets their specific tail?” Carl asked the newbie, testing his knowledge.

“Every plug is filled with the drugs specifically tailored to the cow.” The young man answered. “The wrong plug could overdose them.”

While Carl nodded approvingly, seemingly satisfied with the answer, he stepped behind Lydia. His cold hands pulled her big butt cheeks apart and began to massage her overstretched, bloated sphincter. It was a glorious feeling for Lydia. Her entire body shivered and twitched from the gentle, rotating motion of his fingers. She began to moan, which slowly transformed into a lewd “Moooooooooooo!” Lydia of course knew it was all thanks to the body modification she had received, but she still never had imagined anal stimulation could feel that good.

But then it was over. Carl suddenly stopped, and gave Lydia a slap on her big bubble butt. “Tztztz, not so fast missy. Can’t have you cum just like that. If you want an orgasm you have to earn it.” He lied, as Lydia knew none of the cows were allowed to climax.

Then Lydia felt her new tail plug push against her backdoor. Her sphincter was still relaxed from the massage, and Carl knew exactly what he was doing. Lydia only felt a moment of pressure, a little bit of pain, and then it was over. The plug was swallowed by her hungry ass, and a click announced that it was connected. Only half a second later she felt the familiar vibration, and the weight of her lovely tail swaying behind her.

“Hey Carl!” Lydia then heard a familiar voice. “Hey River! What are you doing here?” The old man said, greeting Thomas River, the second engineer and immediate colleague of Lydia. ZAP! Suddenly Lydia felt a powerful shock in her ass. ‘You are E-14 not Lydia!’ Her CU corrected her thoughts, reminding her with painful directness, that AI could punish her again.

“Ah it’s really nothing. There was a weird log file with a few of the transformation’s chambers. But I read you having a defective CU?” Lydia (ZAP! – ‘E14 not Lydia!’) E-14 panicked. If River looked at her CU, he could easily uncover her. This was a nightmare! ‘Oh, please River, just go away!’ She prayed in her mind.

The CU meanwhile noticed how E-14 began to panic. ‘Emotional outburst detected,’ it announced, ‘Administering sedatives, aphrodisiacs, and antidepressants.’ NO! Not now!’ E-14 tried to object with a loud moan, but it was too late. She felt the soft pressure of fresh liquid being pumped into her perfectly empty bowls, and only a few moments later her body began to absorb the high concentrated drugs (ZAP – ‘Happy stuff not drugs’).

River meanwhile walked up to 14, and took a tablet, connecting to her CU. “Oh wow… Seems like she is a feisty one.” He joked, while reading the log files. “That… is weird. Here are more than a dozen nonstandard routines and the entire thing is disconnected from the mainframe. Huh… almost as if it was hacked.”

“Hacked? Why should somebody hack a hu-cows CU?” Billy asked, bedazzled. But River only answered with a shrug. “I have no idea, but it's easy to fix. Let me just reset the entire thing.”

E-14 could barely follow the conversation, as her body was overloaded with happy stuff. Still, she tried to stomp and moo in protest, but it was futile. For them she was just another cow. They ignored her and kept talking to each other. “No ch um taf teral?” Billy said, and E-14 registered that she could no longer understand him. ‘Cows don’t need to understand human speech. Only commands.’ Her CU reminded her.

But E-14 did not care or panic because her escape plan had been sabotaged. Instead she only wondered what River’s cock would taste like. Pleased with E-14’s reaction, her CU triggered a burst of rewarding vibrations, which made her lewdly moo. E-14 was a good docile cow, with beautiful big udders.

Chapter 9.) Epilogue

The three men looked a bit confused at the weird calf and its unexpected outburst. But a moment later she began to falter slightly, and moo happily. “Heh, seems like the CU is now working properly. Pumping her full of drugs already.” River said, shaking his head. “Okay, listen guys, I must check if somebody from outside managed to access our systems. Don’t want activists or other hackers tampering with our livestock.” He said with a smirk. “Was nice meeting you Billy. If you have any tech troubles, feel free to contact me or Lydia – she is the other support engineer around here.”

While Billy and River exchanged a few more pleasantries, Carl walked up to 14, and unfastened her collar from the snapping ring. “Here you go cunt. Go and play with the other cows.” He said in his usual patronizing tone, while sending her off with a slap to the bum. Then he turned back to the other two men, leaving 14 to her own devices.

E-14 meanwhile followed Carl's advice. She stumbled into the rest of the herd, and soon she found a cow willing to play with her. Remembering Carl's massage to her backdoor, she wondered if she should try to like her new friend's asshole. Maybe she could get an orgasm that way?

A few minutes later Carl and Billy had pushed the maintenance stations back into the fence and were ready to go. Taking up a bucket full of used tail plugs, Billy looked at the herd. A sea of faceless beasts, oversexed human cows, all clad in white latex with a cute cow pattern imprinted on her bodies. There was no way to tell them apart or even read their emotions, as their faces were hidden behind their visors and snouts. But they moaned and mooed happily, so he figured they were probably enjoying themselves.

Looking at them, Billy slowly began to understand why they had to be lobotomized. Now matter how sexy their costumes seemend, and how erotic they looked licking each other, their lives were horribly monotonous. They were just very good looking livestock, dressed to please the eye, while walking around in their small pen, constantly horny and trying to hunt down an orgasm they would never get. The only distraction was the daily maintenance, which also consisted of sexual teasing. All just to make their milk taste a little better.

Some of them could end up getting sold to a rich man's farm, serving as eye candy in an outside pen, but that would probably not change much about their lives. Maybe their new master would give them some sexual pleasure, but considering the fact that their chastity was one of the most attractive points about them, that was unlikely. They would probably only be used for milk and serve as sexy decoration. Not too dissimilar to here.

But the majority of the cows would stay at the facility anyway, serving as livestock. Billy wondered how they would feel if they knew, if they could understand that this was their life from now on.


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