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Cats Scratch Fever

by XVX

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Storycodes: Solo-F; costume; cat; discovery; mirror; collar; majick; transform; F2petgirl; discipline; punish; arousal; desire; chastity; denial; cons; X

Molly Brundidge was a five eleven part time model. One quarter Korean. And three quarter Irish. Part time store clerk. Her day to day routine was routine. A boring routine.

For the most part.

Living in a converted warehouse in a less than favorable neighborhood. She managed.

She did not make friends easily and went out once in awhile with a few coworkers or take the odd model job. Some say she was a bit catty.

She took that as a sidewise complement, For Molly loved cats. Unfortunately that love could not be reciprocated. She was deathly allergic to any feline. Even the hairless breeds would send her sneezing her face off. So her apartment was littered with cat pictures and trinkets. Not overwhelmingly so. Tasteful but not tacky

It was also her desire to dress like a cat. Or something much like it. A fur suit was just too bulky. No she wanted to be a sexual predator. A hybrid of sort. Catwoman and Cheetara from Thundercats. They where good start but she wanted to be a bit more cat like. A half breed. Like she was.

Starting at the feet she found some second hand boots and lopped off spiked heel. The idea was to make her legs more like a hind end of a cat. She would walk on tip toe.

She wanted to have a cats paw foot. So she widen the base and gave herself a cats paw with claws and appropriate cat print soul. She padded the upper thigh slightly so she would have that large flank the rear leg has. A digigrade leg.

It would zipper up the back and a separate zipper to allow her to go to the bathroom. To cover the whole costume she found a stretchy velour like material. She like the feel of it. All black. Sleek and she like the way the light shined on it.

She liked black and always though Panthers where the coolest cats around. The tail had a wire in it that would let the tail bounce and she could, with some effort. Make the tail wag.

Her green eyes had a slightly cat look to them. Due to her Asian background. So yellow cat eye contact where ordered. She needed to pick them up this weekend along with some demon ears, She would glue them to her real ears. A little paint and make up and they would be perfect. Elf ears where just too thin and pointed.

She had extra time since her trail separation from her boyfriend Tom. They where really hitting it off when six month into dating she started to get an allergic reaction from him. He swore her did not have any cats and did not get near them.

So to keep her mind off Tom. Although she had a selfie picture of him and her on her nightstand. Making the costume was time consuming distraction. She was a woman and a woman has needs.

The weekend arrived and she went the Dowry costume shop. She had been there many time before. Beth was the shop owner and she knew about Molly and her costume. Halloween was months away and there was a costume ball Molly wanted to debut her costume in. First place was a thousand dollars. She knew she had a stiff competition from one person. Last year he made a stunning dragon costume. This year it was a minotaur.

Not that it mattered. So while Beth was getting her order from the back. She saw a bunch of new stuff Beth got at an estate sale.

Beth was always getting stuff local playhouses could use for props. As well as old clothes.

One item held her attention the most. A standing dressing mirror with a cat face on its top. The corners look to have some sort of hieroglyphs. Egyptian like hawks with wing spread at the bottom. The cat eye had some sort of red gem in them caught the light. They look liked they glowed.

Beth came up to her with her order.

“Interesting isn’t it.”


“I got it at auction yesterday. You may have heard about that old lady with thirty cats. Willed all the money for their welfare.”

“I think so.”

“I was told her husband was big into Egyptology. Supposedly that is Cleopatra mirror. I doubt that it is.”

“How much?” said Molly idly not expecting Beth to sell it.

“Forty sound about right. I know how you love cats. She had some jewelry too. “

Beth went over amongst all the junk and pulled out a ornate box. More Egyptian stuff written on it.

She opened it and it had two collars. Both with the same matching cat face that was on the mirror.

“That’s odd. Two?”

“Yes. His and hers I guess.”

Molly felt that the collar was the last item she needed for her costume. And it did go with the mirror. The only mirror she had was the one in the bathroom. Which did not allow her to see her in full length.

“I have no way to get it home.”

“That’s alright. For forty five I’ll sell the mirror and collars. Ed can drop off the mirror.

“Really! it’s a deal.”

Molly did not own a car so having the mirror delivered was a bonus. She took the collars and case it came in with her.

After taking the bus and subway home. She started putting on her costume. The collar would be the last thing. Then the applying the small jowl appliance under her nose so her cat whiskers would stick in. Then the ears. Then blacking out the face. Then the cat eyes. What she could see was stunning.

The sun was setting when the door bell rang and she buzzed in Ed. He was totally taken by the look. She placed the mirror in her bedroom. Her bed had a white and black tiger stripe fur cover. The contrast was excellent. She put on her cat gloves and posed seductively on the bed looking at herself in the mirror.

Oh. Yes. That was what she wanted. She then walked on all fours. Awkward. Her arms where too short or her legs too long. But she sat like a cat and it did not look too bad.

Now she looked at the box on the her dresser, Now she wanted to be collared.

Molly took the collar from the box and it snapped on. She got close to the mirror and turned her head sidewise to get a good look at herself.

For a moment she thought the she heard something.

Twist the bones and bend the back.
Itch-it-a-cop-it-a, Mel-a-ka-mys-tic-a.
Trim her of baby fat.
Itch-it-a-cop-it-a, Mel-a-ka-mys-tic-a.
Give her fur, black as black.

A sharp pain started at the back of her spine and lanced up into her brain.

*Excellent costume. But we can do better.*

She tried to let out a scream but the collar choked off her air.

The mirror eyes seem to glow and a mist like thing was in the mirror.

*You are the servant of Bast* was blasted into her head.

THE GODDESS MUST BE OBEYED echoed in her mind.

Molly was writhing on the bed in pain. She could feel her whole body being contorted and being changed. It felt like insects were crawling all over her.

Then the real whammy.

She felt a growing need. That itch. THE itch.

It took a moment to figure it out.

She was a cat in heat.

Part 2

Wanting to relive herself of that problem, Her hands strayed down to the zipper. But there was one problem. No zipper. In fact the seams of the costume had vanished. She was the costume.

She was a cat. Or something like it.

With no zipper to impair her she started to poke her clawed hands into her newly formed sex.

*Sorry my dear. We cannot have that. You have to earn that.*

A sharp lancing pain sent her reeling. Then she felt something encircle her waist and slide between her legs.

Yet she still had the itch. The belt around her waist frustrated every attempt to satisfy her need. There was a hole in the back to allow her tail to poke out. Molly knew that this was some sort of chastity belt.

The next thing was she tried to say something but only a pitiful mewing sound came out. She could not talk.

*If you wish to speak to me. Think of your thoughts. I will hear them.*

The pain subsided and she was panting like a dog. Or rather a cat.

‘What is happening?’ Molly thought.

*I am part of you. You are the first of many. I am Bast. I have made you what you wished to be. We have much work to do.*

Molly saw her vision was shaper but colors more muted. She had cat vision. Her face had changed. Her jaw now jutted out a bit more to the end of her nose. So her nose flatten a bit and she had a cat jowl. The fangs and teeth were real. The whiskers were real. She could feel the air moving around her with them.

Her tongue moved and licked like a cat. She had yellow cat eyes. Not contacts. The ears were real. She could pick up sounds in the next flat. She could smell things that she wanted to explore. All these new senses flooded into her.

The transformation went further. Her tail was real and she watched it flick back in forth. Her back legs bent like the real legs of a cat. Her fake claws where no longer fake. They retracted like the paws of a real cat. Her feet where oversized paws. Like a real cat. Standing was awkward. Her legs would not straighten out. She moved in half crotch. Dropping to all four was more comfortable. Her legs may have shorten or her arm got a little longer. Or both.

The claws on her hands where another matter. They did not retract. Some cats species claws do not retract. It meant when walking on all four she had to put the palm down and lift up not roll the hands or her claws dug into the carpet. She prowled around the bedroom and then went to the kitchen. Still trying to walk up right but she kept going down to all fours.

She still had human dexterity in her hands, So she could open a milk carton. But she found it strange to drink from a glass. It worked better by pouring into a dish and lapping up like a cat.

She wonder if this was going to stuck this forever. ‘Am I stuck this way?’

*I am a night goddess. I have enchanted your skin so that it will transform you at night. When the sun rises. The skin will change to normal. However. The collar and belt will not be removed at any time unless I will it.*

THE GODDESS MUST BR OBEYED echo in the back ground of her mind.

*Every night before sundown you will become what you are now. Failure to obey me will be mean you be punished.*

THE GODDESS MUST BR OBEYED. It was a chorus of people with one voice. All shouting from some distance behind the voice of Bast.

*You will learn much from me. You will be stronger of mind and body. You will be able to do things no mortal can fathom.*

THE GODDESS MUST BR OBEYED The chorus repeated.

Molly wondered what this goddess could teach her. Right now she was a oversized housecat. But then it was what she wanted. Licking the milk from her face she padded back to the bedroom and looked in the mirror.

‘Punished how?’ She thought.

*I will demonstrate.*

She went into heat.

Unable to relieve the need. That belt stopped her at every turn. She could only try to endure it. It barely lasted a moment. But Molly got the message.


‘Yes my goddess.’



*Good. You are learning. Now rest. Tomorrow night we start your training and education.*

Bast was the ancient Egyptian goddess of protection and cats. She was the daughter of Ra, the sun god. As protectors, she was seen as defender of the pharaoh, and consequently of the chief god, Ra. Bast other duties where protector of virginity. Love, Joy dance and music. And fertility. There where vague entry’s of her having solders or priests. She guarded the night while Ra ruled in the day.

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