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Champions at Last

by Anne Gray

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© Copyright 2007 - Anne Gray - Used by permission

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It was the last day of the Cheerleader Championships and, as a member of the press, I had a prime view from my seat in the stands. Things worked out perfectly when the team I had my eye on came in fourth place. That would take them out of the spotlight while everyone focused on the winning three teams.

The program told me their names were Nina, Panni, Anita and Laura and they were from a college on the East coast. My phony media credentials also got me in the closing dinner and it was no problem working things to end up sitting at their table.

They were naturally disappointed with the results of the contest but put on brave faces while the presentations were made. Since they were no longer in training they all let their hair down a bit and I bought some wine for the table making sure each girl had a couple of glasses.

When the event was over Laura suggested skipping the private parties being hosted by the winning teams and just heading back to the dormitory cottage they had been assigned to pack ready for leaving early in the morning.

My suggestion, as everyone was pulling on coats and jackets, that I bring another bottle of wine over was greeted with thanks and un-needed directions to the cottage; I knew exactly where it was.

Half an hour later I parked the van out of sight behind the cottage and walked around to the front door. Nina answered my knock and took the bottle of wine after closing the door then held my purse while I took off my leather jacket.

The cottage had only one level with a double bedroom on each side of a fairly large central living room; we all gathered there while Nina pored the wine. No one raised an eyebrow when I indicated that I would not be joining them because I was driving. Five minutes later the only one standing was me the four girls were sprawled, in chairs and on the sofa, fast asleep from the knockout drops in the wine.

I’m not exactly a small woman and I do stay in good shape but the next hour was a testing one. By the end of it the cheerleaders were securely bound hand and foot lying side-by-side in the van. Multiple straps from tie down points in the floor held them in place. They were not gagged yet but would be when it got close to the time for them to be waking up. Their luggage was also in the van and the cottage left clean and tidy.

I locked the door, pushed the key back through the letter slot, and drove off with my new recruits.

A couple of hundred miles later I pulled over to the side of the highway and fitted very effective ball gags in each mouth before continuing south and west towards my home, some help and some sleep.

Just as the sun was coming up the gate at the end of the road leading to my lodge was a very welcome sight and, after locking it again behind me, the last three miles of the journey passed quickly. As I pulled up in front of the stable Selena came out of the main house to meet me.

Turning off the van I reached up and gratefully peeled off the black wig, shaking my blonde pageboy loose. It needed a damn good wash having been covered for the last five days since we had taken the shot for the fake media pass. The crimson fingernail was my own and I hooked it under the thin membrane holding the padding against my nose. God it felt good to get rid of that too.

Selena had taken advantage of my rule that, when it was just the two of us, she stayed in her place as a sub’ and my personal ponygirl; but, when I needed help with new recruits for the business she was allowed to pretend otherwise.

Right now she was pretending in a black leather cat suit, stiletto heeled boots and a crop hanging from her belt. She looked very realistic but I would never tell her that, it would spoil our relationship!

I was nearly dropping but between the two of us we soon had four wriggling cheerleaders in the stable and put to bed for a few hours. Well, what we actually did was strip off their jeans, sweaters and underwear then drape them naked over a hitching rail. Each pair of wrists was crossed behind the back and tied simply, but effectively, with white cord. More cord around the ankles ran under the rail to simple collars around their necks holding them in position; the gags were still in place.


They were now fully awake and, before going for some rest, I pulled on a rubber glove, scooped two fingers worth of lubricant out of the big waiting jar and, while Selena pulled her ass cheeks apart, worked it in Laura’s rosebud.

She squirmed as much as the restraints allowed but only managed to make the others wonder what the hell was going on. They soon found out because we moved along the line until they were all well greased. My pretend dominatrix handed me thick butt plugs to be worked in each helpless girl. There was a threaded opening in the base of each plug and in these we screwed large plumed ponytails. Looking good; it was the start! I went to bed; Selena would keep an eye on them.

Three days later I watched as Selena, this time dressed in a duplicate outfit to mine, put the girls through some initial training. We were wearing fitted red leather “hunter” jackets with white leather jodhpurs and black knee high riding boots to set the scene.

With Laura leading them Nina, Panni and Anita were in line ahead high stepping in a wide circle around Selena who held the four lead reins attached to collars on each of them. At this early stage my cheerleading team was just getting adapted to the tightly laced ballet boots on their feet. Simple leather double arm binders held their forearms behind their backs with just enough stress on them to make the chests jut forward proudly.

Thin straps from the tip of the arm binders went through the crotch, holding in the butt plugs, then cleaving each vagina before being buckled to the front of a waist belt. Instead of gags they each had a 1½” diameter hard rubber bit pulled between their teeth and strapped at the back of the head. Their hair was held with braided leather thongs in, what else, ponytails.

A thick cord ran from the back of Laura’s collar to the front of Nina’s and so on back to Anita to keep them in line. We were concentrating on making them high step in exact co-ordination together and the riding crop I carried was not getting quite as much use as it had the previous couple of days.

Every so often one of them would have a crying fit; this time it was Panni who just stopped and dropped to her knees dragging the others with her. It had to be forcefully driven home that I was demanding the same teamwork they had in the cheerleader routines; the one for all and all for one mindset.

After telling Selena what was to be done we unhitched Nina and Anita from the sobbing girl then led them, with Laura, over to the fence of the corral leaving Panni where she was.

In short order the three were bent through the fence over the third rail with their ankles tied to the bottom rail and the crotch straps unbuckled so a length of cord around their wrists and over the top bar pulled the arm binders up out of the way.

My lecture was short and sweet, “When one of you screws up the others get punished.” I handed Selena my riding crop and, with the furiousity of one usually on the other end of the crop, she proceeded to stripe each presented ass with ten of the best.

Part way through this process Panni scrabbled to her feet and tried to get between Selena and the recipients. I pulled her out of the way then stood behind her, wrapped the girl in my arms and made her watch the punishment she had caused her friends. As she wailed around the bit and shook her head I whispered in her ear that the next time it would be twenty each until they learned to do as they were told.

The lesson seemed to be effective and by the end of the week they could perform in perfect unison; time for the next step.

We changed the ballet boots for pony shoes!

Knee high with the heavily boned leather locking their ankles, the shoes were heel-less with curved metal strips under the feet forcing the insteps to arch gracefully down to the three inch thick toe pieces. Small horseshoes under the toe pieces allowed them a semblance of balance but it took another week before they were handling them with any sense of ease.

By this time the nipple and nose ring punctures had healed nicely and I moved on with the program.

The flat, stainless bars had metal cuffs at each end that were riveted around their arms just above the bicep. These were short enough to really brace their shoulders back and force the four very well endowed chests to display themselves beautifully. The inside of the cuffs were lined with rubber to avoid any irritation to the skin and, with the stainless steel, it meant that the girls could be hosed or washed down and there would be no rust.

Two additional cuffs on each bar allowed me to cross their forearms and lock the wrists in them. What I was beginning to think could become a very acceptable team of ponygirls had lost the use of their arms permanently unless a skilled blacksmith removed the rivets.

At every opportunity I exercised the team, concentrating on them moving as one, until it got to the point where they were ready for the final test.

Selena had them up, fed, watered and washed down when I arrived in the stable with the other components for their outfits. The gold studded leather straps of the breast harnesses attached to the ends of the arm bars. The head tack, with 3” square blinders, only allowed them to see forwards.

After tightening the bit straps and brushing out the ponytails on top of their heads we moved lower to fit wide heavy leather belts around each waist and used straps from them to hold in a new treat - rubber dildos. The crotch straps split so that as they came up between the pony’s ass cheeks the butt plugs were also held in but the opening left to screw in the plumed tails.

We lined them up, Laura in front as usual, then Nina, Panni and Anita and fitted the two pieces of 10’ long black fiberglass so that the four half circles in each one met around their necks. The pieces were 3” high forcing their chins up; several short bolts locked the two pieces together and, therefore, the ponies in line.

The other pieces of black fiberglass looked like 10’ long skis. I fitted Laura’s left pony shoe in the first flange near the front tip and locked it in place. Then Nina’s about 2’ back and the other two. Their right hooves got the same treatment. Now we had to find out if the system worked; it would but only with precise teamwork from the four.

The footboards had very short studs along the undersides to give the ponies a grip and I walked slowly backwards in front of Laura, pulling on temporary reins to see if they could handle the setup. They could and after two days I began to teach them how to turn.

On command the right legs moved outwards slightly allowing the left board to come down on a gentle angle to the left and in this manner they were able to make a complete circle.

The last piece of the picture was to hook the tongue of the lightweight two-wheeled trap to the end of the bar behind Anita’s neck. With the weight evenly distributed all four contributed to pulling it, and me, around the corral.

The four were high stepping in perfect time, they had to because one knee not lifted to the exact right angle at the exact same time would throw the entire team off balance. An added touch were the small gold bells hooked on each of the eight nipple rings.

After hitching them this way for a few more weeks until it became second nature I was satisfied enough to make a phone call.

A regular customer had requested something different to pull a personal trap around his farm and I knew he would fall in love with these four champions - even at the price I was asking.


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