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The Costume

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2012 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; spandex; catsuit; paws; hoods; gag; collar; stuck; petgirl; cons/reluct; X

“You are serious ?”

“Of course I am”

I turned the slithery black mass of the costume over in my hands and it seemed to flow from hand to hand as if faintly alive. It felt warm to my touch.

“You’ll look fabulous” he said, “Absolutely incredible in that”

I could feel myself frowning but I knew I had nothing to lose by at least trying it on. After all, what was the worse thing that could happen ? I’d hate the look of it, rip it off, offend my lover and we might never speak again. No big loss then really.

I stalked out of the lounge and into the privacy of my bedroom as I had very quickly worked out that nothing was supposed to be worn under this slinky little number. 

I threw it on to the bed and slipped out of my baggy sweats and looked at myself in the full length mirror. Long hours in the gym had left me with a taut body a woman half my age would lust after. At my lovers insistence I had cut my dark hair boyishly short, and alongside my tight limbs it somehow looked just right.

Turning back to the bed I allowed my eyes to run across the steel posts at each corner and felt a faint stirring between my legs as I recalled the fun they had provided us with over the preceding months.

Shaking my head to clear away the pleasant memories I picked up the costume again and turned over carefully in my hands. It looked way to small too fit my body, but Lover was adamant it was in my size.

As I turned it this way and that the gleaming black lycra shimmered under the lights. I lifted it by it’s shoulders and allowed it to dangle. Unfilled it barely hung below my waist, but I could make out some sort of weight in the feet that made it hang straight down under a delicate tension.

Taking a deep breath I sat down on the edge of the bed and thrust my feet through the easily expanded neck and forced them down into the legs. Amazingly the shimmering black costume seemed to expand at my touch and my limbs slithered through the body and down into the legs with no trouble at all.

As I pulled at the costume the legs rapidly filled out as my limbs took up their intended places and I felt myself flushing as the stretchy material slid effortlessly over my lovingly smoothed skin, cradling me gently, squeezing me all over like some desperately attentive lover.

When my feet reached the bottom of the legs I felt something beneath my soles, something harder yet still yielding, cupping the soles of my feet. Only when I stood did I realise what it was.

Cunningly sewn into the suit were lifts, shaped material that made me stand upon my tiptoes as if I were wearing high heels, but cunningly concealed within the lycra of the costume. And now filled out I could see my human feet were sheathed within rounded padded effigies of soft cats paws and I suddenly knew what the slender costume was transforming me into. A shiny black kinky catwoman.

For a fleeting moment I grasped the material in preparation to taking it off again, but something akin to curiosity made me stop and I pulled the material further up my body.

More and more of my now glowing bare flesh vanished beneath that gleaming black skin, rolling up my thighs, expanding over the womanly curves of my hips and clinching tight about my tiny little waist in an almost impossible manner. And everywhere it touched it clung to me like a second skin. Caressing my flesh, stroking it, making it warm to the touch and bringing a flush to my cheeks.

I pulled it over my gently heaving breasts and shivered as it encased them in a terribly intimate caress. Holding them, supporting them, causing just enough friction between the smooth material and my already tender nipples to make them spring to attention. I gasped as I felt the material closing about them as they stood proud and for a long moment I surrendered myself to the sudden sensations and I wondered if I really could wear such a costume out in public.

I shook my head again and thrust my arms into the sleeves. Just like the legs they seemed to expand to accommodate my arms as they reached deeper and deeper into them. And as my hands passed on down the sleeves the material closed about my flesh and gripped me softly but firmly.

When I lifted the end of the sleeve up to look at it I saw it was in the shape of a padded cats paw. I felt myself frowning as I tried to figure out how to get my hands inside, then almost by accident I felt my fingers curl into a fist and my hand slipped inside the padded paw.

Nodding my satisfaction at a problem solved I curled my other hand and used my other forearm to press it into the second paw. There was an almost audible ‘pop’ as the second paw’s collar snapped closed about my wrist.

I flexed my shoulders and felt the material slip up over my shoulders and slowly but surely without any help from me close about my chest and crawl up across my shoulders and close itself about my neck.

I moved back in front of the mirror and looked at my reflection. Forced up on my tiptoes by those lifts my legs looked incredible sheathed in their gleaming black cocoon. And that gleaming coating just kept on making me looking better and better the higher my eyes went. Tight about my curvy hips pinching in tight about my waist and actually making my breasts look larger than they usually did. And I knew I already had great breasts.

I half turned and took in the profile of my rear and smiled to myself. That tight little arse of mine was outlined to perfection, as was every other curve I possessed from the rear. And I possessed plenty. And dangling enticingly from the small of my back at the very base of my spine, dangled a long feline tail of sleek black fur.

I noticed that something was hanging from the neck of the costume and I reached up behind my neck to look at it. But no sooner had my paws touched it then it slid out of my grasp.  I tried again but once again it slipped away from me.

I heard my lover chuckling and I turned to face him.

“Let me help you with the finishing touches” he said, and moments later he stood behind me, his muscular body pressed up against mine. The material was so thin I might as well have been naked as he touched me and I felt myself blushing.

He took the flap of material easily in his uncovered hands and stretched it gently. I realised it was a hood of the same material as the rest of the costume and before I could object he hauled it down over my face.

I opened my mouth to protest just in time for a soft foam gag to pop inside and pin my tongue down and puff out my cheeks. The gleaming black lycra snapped tight about my features and subtle padding over my jaw and cheekbones turned my human features terrifyingly feline as my new face stared back at me from the mirror.

This was just too much and I reached up to remove the mask. To my horror the padded paws devoid of fingers slid off the material of the mask as if they were oiled. I snapped round to look at my lover and he was smiling at me. In his hand was a pink collar bedecked with gleaming rhinestones.  

“You can’t get out until I let you” he said still smiling, “That’s the beauty of that design. Once you put yourself in, you need someone else to let you out. Now turn around.”

I swore at him, but all that came out was a muffled mewling and humphing sound as my mouth struggled with it’s soft invader. So I contented myself with glaring at him and slowly turned my back on him.

For some reason I felt tears welling up in my eyes as I felt the collar closing about my throat, and I knew I was crying when I saw a big bell dangled from it. I shook myself and heard the bell tinkle. My eyes misted over for a moment and when the focus came back I felt a tug as lover attached a leash to my collar. He was still smiling.

“Come on my little kitty” he purred, “I’ve a lady friend whose just dying to meet you. She has a couple of nice Great Dane male slaves she wants to introduce you to” My head snapped round to look at him. “And yes” he said softly, “This rather slinky little number does have a hole in just the right place to keep you all happy”.

Crying now, my hands pawing desperately but helplessly at the gleaming material that made up my skintight bondage, my every touch sliding off the material as if my hands were silken. Slowly but surely I was being dragged towards the doorway and my anonymous fate.



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