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How long had it been.

Betty could not say.

She knew she was under ground. She had not seen the light of the sun since she was kidnapped and brought here. Where ever ‘here’ was.

A body harness was underneath a simple t-shirt. The harness encircled the neck, chest and waist and slipped between her legs. Hands manacled behind her that connected to the harness. The t-shirt was extra long so it covered past the hips. A short chain hobbling her ankle so she could only walk heel to toe. Then a slip on work out shoe. That was it.

The routine never varied.

The fight had gone out her ‘days’ ago. She reasoned that this was not about money or sex.

In fact it was possibly the weirdest kidnapping his history.,

Her ‘day’ started out with Mr. and Mrs. Jones (she did not know their names and they where not very talkative). Opened her windowless cell. The door was thick. Like a vault door. No food slot. A Peep hole was about it. She had a toilet and a drinking fountain with a foot pedal. She learned that to avoid any punishment. She best use those properly. The collar around her neck was a shock collar. It hurt like hell. After a few zaps with that she started going along with the program.

The day began with the Jones’s opening up her cell. Unlocking her neck from the chain bolted into the wall.

Then chained to a treadmill for the better part of hour or more. Speed and the incline varied. But she was really starting to burn off the calories. Then aerobics. Then bending and stretching. Then some sort of dance thing with high stepping routines. Then food.

Shower with the only the collar on but they would spread her legs apart. Chain those. Unlock the hands one at a time and soon she was spread eagle naked. The collar never came off.

Then every inch was washed. Scrubbed. And washed again. Hair washed. All the female needs seen to. The only hair she had was her eyebrows and on top of her head. Everything else was shaved or removed.

Today was different.

She was taken to a dentist chair and strapped down. Then a needle jabbed her and it was lights out.

Her mouth was fuzzy when she woke up in her cell. She could feel the gaps in the back of her jaw. They'd pulled the wisdom teeth.

Kidnapping with full medical and dental? She also noticed weight attached to her ankles. They where stepping up the program.

The white slavery angle seemed way out of bounds. She was not an alcoholic or drug user. So not boot camp intervention. She was raised in a foster home in Pittsburgh. She worked in retail for gods sake. A cashier trying to save up enough money to go to Ohio.

The works outs where just as intense as before with the added weight. The routine never varied she also suspect she was not alone.

She counted at east eight other cells like hers. So she was not alone.

There was a plan to all of this. What it was did keep her mind occupied. She tried coxing something out of her jailers but nothing.

She never felt this good physically and going along with the program was the only option. They could kill her and some days that felt like it the way they where stepping up the program. Heavier weights where added to the legs. A small amount to the back

After awhile she became single minded. Wanting to please her captors. One more rep. one more mile. One more.

Then she was fitted with an odd looking shoe. A heelless one looking like a horses hoof. The same looking false hoof on her hands. The hair around the wrist and ankle was white. Then also spray tanned her so she had a deep golden brown color to her skin. A matching black tail along with hair extensions in the same color was added . She looked like a human horse hybrid with a mane and tail.

A bit and bridle was fitted into her mouth that sat comfortably in the gap where the teeth had been pulled.

She then was taken on her exercises and trained how to act and move. She did so because her love of her trainers could be expressed in complete and blind obedience.

More ‘days’ passed. A name plate with her name was added. This was a reward for doing well.

Then as the ‘days’ past she was introduced to seven other ‘horse girls’ all dressed and looking like her!

They had names on their harnesses too. She read their names.

Barbra. Beverly. Bianca. Beatrice. Bethany. Bailey. And Becky. And of course her. Betty. Eight girls with the letter b.

They where hitched to wagon and pulled it. The man driving the wagon was new. She also learned there where two trainers for every girl.

They pulled the wagon as one. It was many days and each where proud to work together. For if it pleased the man it pleased the trainers. Then after pulling the wagon around the man would pull a lever and each one would be released and then do a dance that each where taught. Then we would all dance together. When the dance was done. We would go back to our places and be hitch up again.

Then Betty saw a male team. She was really excited. They where told if the preformed very well. They would be allowed to get to know their opposite number. Yes. Her life was good.

Twenty years later.

“How long?” asked Det. Harry Bell.

His partner Julie Mason flipped through her notes. “It seems over twenty years. This little under ground community all thinks they are some sort of human pony. They have children and grand children raised this way. Doc’s say it is a nightmare. They think like a horse. If it where not for their caretaker dying suddenly and that tip. We would never know.”

“So how many I have to interview?

“Sixteen horse people. The founders they call themselves. Then about forty staff.”

“God help me and them.”

“I think god has very little to do with this.”




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