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Chapter 10 - The Cookie of Love (Part 1)

“Aaaanh! Aaannnh! Mark! Aannh!”

It was one of those mornings when I just really wanted to fuck Kitty's brain out. Actually, for the past two days, we have been at it non-stop. Erika and Syr were not around, so I got my small pink latex catgirl for me alone.


Since my birthday, my love for Kitty reached new highs, and I couldn’t keep my hands off her. Having her hogtied on the bed allowed me to take her from behind, and there was nothing she could do to stop me. That said, her moans were proof enough that she didn’t want to do such a thing.

“Aanh! Mark... I’m about to cum... again! Aaaannh!”

“Well, we can’t let that happen...”

I flipped the small cat around, and now it was her face that was at my crotch level. She offered no resistance when I pushed my cock inside her mouth; it was not the first time of the session. Her throat was already well relaxed and allowed me to go as deep and fast as I wanted.


“Sorry? I didn't get that.”


It felt so good. I moved in and out of her head, enjoying the warm sensation of her wet tongue. One of the things she enjoyed recently was when I stayed inside her throat for longer and longer, making it impossible for her to breathe. It was all part of her desire to lose control over what was done to her. While in bondage, she couldn’t say or do anything to make me pull out, and that turned her on quite a bit.

Since we were not controlling her bladder or her stomach anymore, those occasional breathplay sessions were making her very happy. She needed that rush from time to time.


“What was that noise, Kitty? I better keep it in for a bit longer since you seem to enjoy it that much.”

She couldn’t breathe anymore. I explored her body while her little lungs began to struggle for air. Her whole body covered in pink latex was as attractive as ever. Those built-in cushy mitts encasing her hands were just the best; it made it so much easier to control her. This time around, I cuffed her ankles and wrist and connected them behind her back. I always loved to see her restricted this way; I've never been too sure if it was because I liked it or because her happiness was contagious. No matter the reason, it was working for both of us.

She was wriggling quite a bit now. Unsure of how long it has been since I prevented her from obtaining fresh air, my attention was suddenly drawn to my phone vibrating on the nightstand. I pulled out of Kitty’s mouth to pick it up; it was Erika.

“Aaaaaaaaah! AaaaaaanH!”

“Shhh! Kitty, I need to answer.”


I placed my cock back inside Kitty’s throat since she wouldn't keep quiet, then answered the call.

“Hey, Erika!”

“Hey, Mark! Syr and I are back at my place. Do you guys still want to come visit this morning?”

“Yeah, sure, I really want to come. Kitty too.”

Of course, she didn’t know where my dick was at the moment, so she didn't get my bad joke. Kitty was suffocating and was trying to find a way to pull away from me, but Erika just continued talking casually, unaware of the impact she had on Kitty’s faith.

“Okay, I’ll text you the address, it is not too far from your place. I’m sure you’ll like it.”

“We will see. We haven’t decided anything yet.”

“I know. But just try to be open to the idea. That’s all I’m asking.”

“I'm always open. We will talk about it later anyway. I have to go back to Kitty now.”

Kitty was struggling more and more, so I had to keep my hand behind her head to prevent her from twisting and turning. She managed to get a bubbly sound out, somehow.


“Mark? What are you doing to her?”

“Nothing... But I have to go. I’ll see you soon.”

“Okaaay! Love you.”

“Love you too.”

I finally pulled out of Kitty’s mouth, and she gasped loudly for air. It was better to let her breathe a little bit before she passed out on me. I flipped her around again and restarted the pussy fucking, harder this time. We needed to conclude this and go.

“Aaanh! Mark! Aaaaah!”

“Hold on, Kitty, I’m almost done. You are so hot.”

“Aaanh! I know! Mmm.”

I kept pounding her for a while longer. For some reason, this was a good day for me. Even if I wanted to cum badly, my orgasm was building much slower than usual. Perhaps fucking two girls all the time was teaching me to be more confident and enjoy more what I was doing instead of worrying about my performance. That said, Kitty was still an orgasm machine; there was no way she could drain out before me; it had never happened and never would.

But eventually, all good things had to come to an end; I fired my load deep inside Kitty. We were both panting happily, and I kept moving slowly in and out while trying to recover. I grabbed the remote vibrator waiting on the bed next to us and made a quick swap; I pushed it in between her legs, preventing my cum from leaking out, and I zipped her crotch up. She always liked that kind of dirty extra that didn't make much sense.

I removed her cuffs and laid down next to her. Usually, it meant she would crawl on top of me to rest on my chest, but this time, she went to my crotch. She started sucking on my softening member as if she didn’t have enough yet.

“Mmm Kitty. Are you still turned on that much?”


“Hehe, but we need to go visit Erika now. Want to take a shower with me before going?”

“No! I’m going as is.”

“You do know your crotch is full of cum, right?”

“So what? You don’t think it is hot?”

What could I answer to this? Of course, it was hot, but usually, she didn’t act this dirty. I kind of wondered what was up with her today.

“Kitty, if you keep sucking me, you’ll damage me.”

“It’s fine. If I break you, I have Erika.”

“She doesn’t have a cock.”

“She can buy a strap-on. We talked about it.”

“Hehe. A strap-on? Now I would like to see you two using that in front of me.”

“I know you would. Meow! That's why we talked about it.”

“Alright, cathead. Let’s go.”


“Kitty... Don't start.”

“No! Cum inside me once more, then we can go.”

Forty-five minutes later, we were almost at our destination. I had my shower, but Kitty was dead serious. She wanted to go as is, dressed up as a pink latex cat with her pussy filled with a couple of cum loads and plugged with her remote vibrator set on low. She moaned during the whole trip.

“Kitty, you are such a deviant girl today. Unbelievable.”

“Yes. But you think it is hot. Didn’t you want me to do it?”

“Yes, it is kind of hot, but I didn’t ASK you to do it.”

“It’s fine. I will tell Erika that you forced me to do it, then watch the show.”

“Kitty, you don’t say that else you are going to sleep in your crate for a full week.”


We arrived near Erika’s place. I knew the area, roughly, but I didn’t realize how big the houses were around here. Kitty, who had been here once before, suddenly pointed at one of them with her rubber paw.

“379! That’s the one there, on the corner, with the double-garage.”

“What? No... It can’t be. What the hell!”

It was one of the biggest houses on the street. By the look of it, it was worth a fortune compared to mine. One of the garage doors was open; in Erika’s text, she said to park inside. She probably knew Kitty would come as a rubber cat and didn’t want to risk attracting unnecessary attention. Her area was a fancy one and those nosy neighbors would complain about everything on a whim.

I parked the car, and the garage door closed behind us. Kitty and I got off and walked to the small interior door leading to the house. When we opened it, and Syr was there, fully dressed up as a maid, what was new, welcoming us with her usual bow.

“Welcome home, Master Mark!”

“Syr, this is not my house, you know?”

“I am aware. However, Erika said we should start playing with your perception right away to entice you to move here faster.”

Syr had no filters; I loved it. Every time the girls tried to plot something behind my back, if Syr heard anything unusual, she would repeat it to me within a casual conversation.

She had a little serving tray in her hand with two glasses of tropical drinks of some sort. She gave one to me and one to Kitty. How thoughtful, Kitty had a straw in her glass so she wouldn’t make a mess with her clumsy rubber paws.

“Follow me, Master Mark, Erika is waiting for you in the backyard.”

It has been three weeks already since I met Syr on my birthday, and not once, she dropped her “Master Mark” formula. In her head, she was my maid, and that was the end of it. She never got out of character once, not even by accident. It was as if she was more and more serious about her role, and this was slowly making me lose hope that one day I could discover her real personality. Ah well, I liked her a lot as is. It was not as if she was doing anything wrong.

We followed her through the house until we reached the patio door. So far, everything here was terrific. It was very modern and CLEAN. I loved the open concept too; just the kitchen and living room were probably bigger than one full floor at my house.

But we weren’t visiting right now; we were going straight to the owner waiting for us outside. Syr slid the heavy patio door open and let us go through first. As my brain couldn’t comprehend how big the backyard was, a piercing scream reached my ears.

“Maaaark! Kittyyyyy! Yaaaay!”

“Hey, Erik... aaaah!”

Sometimes, I felt blessed by the Gods. Erika jogged toward us from the other side of the large inground pool, wearing nothing else than the smallest bikini ever, bright orange. She knew I was coming and this outfit was not a coincidence. While giving me a tight hug, she made sure to rub her whole body on me.

“What’s up, Mark? You don’t want to hug me back... or grab my naked butt?”

“You are trying to play with my head, right?”

“Yes. But I feel sexy wearing it too. So, welcome to my home. I’m so glad you finally came.”

Kitty placed her sweet drink on the patio table and sat on one of the overly comfy chairs.

“Mark, we must move here!”

“Hey Kitty, chill a bit, okay? You know it's a sensitive topic.”

Yeah, it was. After my birthday, when I heard Erika was determined to have us move to her house, I was not very impressed by her maneuver. We had a long discussion about this. As a starter, she had apologized because Syr was not supposed to tell me. But Syr being Syr, she didn’t know the meaning of the word "secret," and she had spilled the beans too early.

But then, Erika quickly showed me that her intention was real. She told me her place was beautiful, had more room, and was fully paid off already. But then we ended up having a little argument when she used the word “better.” Her place was apparently “better.” It didn’t go over too well with me. Even Kitty, who was part of the conversation, lost her smile on that one.

My house was maybe not the biggest, but it was OUR home. It was where Kitty and I fell in love and had so much fun over the past year. We didn’t care about size or price tag, we were happy, and we honestly didn’t need more than what we had to continue to be. We understood that love was by far the most important thing. On that night, we discovered Erika had a materialist side, but we were not ready to condemn her just because of that.

The topic was heavy. I discussed it with Kitty, one night, and we decided to at least listen to what Erika had to say. She was a brilliant lady; she wouldn’t propose something unequivocally absurd. Therefore, Kitty came up with an excellent strategy to ease up the tension; I would go to the pub with Erika to get drunk and talk it out, and Kitty would visit Erika's house with Syr and report to me her first impression.

At the pub, things went as planned. The ambiance was just fantastic and helped us to have a frank chat. Erika explained to me that her love life had not been good in the past, and her bigger house was where she found happiness. It was a symbol of her abilities. A symbol that she didn’t screw up her life. To pay off something that expensive this quickly was proof of her dedication and resolve, qualities I admired in her. She knew how to sacrifice herself to accomplish great things.

Her mistake had been to think it would be the same for us, that we would get an equivalent feeling of pride, and that it would make us happier. There had been no ill intention from her part, but she admitted her failed approach. Five beers were enough to forgive each other everything.

On my side, I also had to make amends. I should have tried to understand Erika better before reacting harshly. The opportunity she offered us was worth considering. It was incredibly generous and kind from her part to even consider sharing her precious house with us. We ended up on the lounge couch, making-out, until the waiter had to tell us to keep it a bit more civilized.

The next day, while Erika and I mended our headaches, Kitty spent the day with Syr, and they went to visit Erika’s place. We knew Syr was living there too, but we didn’t know why; mysteries were a recurring theme with this maid. When Kitty came back, she said something like, “We must move in!” and since then, she had been acting like a broken record.

And now we were here, in Erika's backyard, and we would make our final decision today. Hence the sexy bikini to influence my mind.

Erika grabbed my arm and pulled me away a bit to show me her backyard.

“See, this is the big heated pool. Over there, we have an intimate fire pit. That little roof in the corner is the BBQ area. Wait til Syr cooks you something on it, she is so good at it. Then the patio, of course, we eat on it all the time when it's warm enough. And that's the shed and more land that I don't know what to do with."

"This place sure is big."

"Oh! And did you notice? No neighbors can peek in my yard. I’m on a corner, and the giant hedges are blocking their views.”

“It’s nice, indeed. I’m not used to having this much space. It must be a lot of work to maintain.”

“Syr takes care of all of it. We have a special arrangement, but honestly, she seems to love it. She happily takes care of the inside too.”

“A special arrangement? Come on, Erika. Who is she?”

“You know I can’t tell you.”

“Well, that's not good enough. You are asking me to move in with Syr and you. I’m sure there is something you can tell me about her.”

“Mmm... Okay, but promise me you won’t tell her.”

Why was Syr so much of a secret? Did she murder someone or something?

“I promise. You don’t have to tell me everything, just enough so I have an idea of who I’m dealing with here.”

“It started with a school program that caught my attention. It was to help students in need of a roof during their studies. I rented her a room during her first semester for cheap, and in exchange, she had to help me with house chores, like cutting grass, cleaning, etc.”

“So, because you are a pervert, you enslaved her and turned her into a maid?”

“Mark! No! Stop! It's nothing like that. After a short while, she helped me so much that I decided not to charge her anymore. When she finished her program, she needed a place to work. She has her own small business, so I gave her a room for that, and she’s been here since then. She became my best friend. She is different than everybody else I've met.”

“So, how old is she then?”

“She just turned 21.”

Her age was shocking to me. I knew she was younger than Kitty, but that much younger? With so many skills? That was unbelievable. I had so many questions, but I knew I shouldn’t dig too deep out of respect for Syr. She was free to disclose whatever she wanted or not at her own discretion. What Erika told me was enough to make me feel at ease. I just dared to ask one more question.

“Did you have sex with her.”

“MARK! NO!” She punched me in the chest, making me lose my breath... That one hurt.

“Oops! I forgot I didn’t have my cushy paws on. Anyway, you deserved it. Come on, let's go back to them now. And keep your mouth shut, else it will make her sad.”

“Ooww! Okay, okay.”

That was Erika. Impulsive, rough, and no remorse after hurting people physically when they deserved it. It was a healthy sign of our relationship, I suppose. When we walked back, I saw Kitty next to the pool, crouching and dipping one of her paw in the water as if she was trying to catch a fish. Syr was standing close to her. I didn’t know what they were doing, but it gave me a brilliant idea. I placed my arm in front of Erika.


“What? What’s up?”

“Check this...”

I pulled my phone out of my pocket and went into the app controlling Kitty’s remote vibrator. Erika saw what I was doing and smirked.

“Ah! Don’t tell me it is inside her right now!”

“Oh, yes. She insisted.”

I selected maximum power, and I tapped the start button. Two seconds later, the signal arrived in Kitty's crotch, and she let out a very strange yelp, her knees failed, and she fell face-first into the water. Erika and I started laughing... but faster than we could comprehend, Syr, fully dressed as a maid, jumped in the water right behind Kitty. Erika let out the same words as the ones that were forming in my brain.

“What the...”

We jogged to the pool, and Syr emerged with an arm around Kitty who was crying her lungs out.


Then Syr screamed at me! “MARK! SHUT IT OFF!” I immediately went back to my phone to stop the remote vibrator. Erika and I were shaking in front of this unexpected scene.

Syr dragged Kitty to the pool steps and sat on them, holding the panicked catgirl in her arms, trying to calm her down.

“It’s okay, Kitty. You are safe. You are safe. Calm down now. We are out of the water.”


Syr rocked her reassuringly for a moment and looked at us with a frown.

“Why in the world would you do such a thing? She doesn’t know how to swim!”

Erika and I looked at each other. She and I had NO idea Kitty couldn’t swim. We felt so bad.

“Kitty? Are... Are you okay?” I asked.

“I... I got so scared.”

“Well, I bet. I’m so sorry. We had no idea. How come you don’t know how to swim?”

“I’m okay... I just never learned, is all.”

Bold as ever, Erika didn’t waste time and decided to beat the iron while it was hot. “We will teach you!”

“What? NO! I CAN’T SWIM!”

“Yes, you can. Come on... If we don’t do it now, you’ll be scared forever. Syr, I’m sorry about your uniform.”

Syr stood up and emptied the water from her shoes and wrung her apron. She didn’t feel overly phased out by this event. “Do not be concerned. It is just water. I do need to change, though. I will be back shortly.”

“Well, Kitty, go with her.” Erika said. “Syr, you have to come back wearing your swimsuit as well. Give one of mine to Kitty, like the pink one. She likes pink,”

“I cannot wear it. It would be inappropriate. Master Mark is here.”

“Ah, so what? I don't know... keep your maid headband on or something.”

Syr looked at me as if to seek my approbation, or perhaps hoping that I would side with her. This girl was so beautiful, even when wet. The thought of seeing her wearing a bikini was scary hot. If I were to get turned on around her, Erika would probably gut me like a fish. But... I liked cute girls... so...

“Alright, Syr... Bikini time!”

“... But... Master Mark...”

“Do as Erika said... We are all going to swim and have fun.”

“... Understood. Please, come with me, Kitty.

Thankfully, I didn’t think Erika picked on my corrupted move. She just walked to the pool and started to check the filters as if nothing happened. As for Kitty, she was almost dry already because of her latex skin, so she just followed Syr without saying a word. Poor thing, after her little adventure, she was probably very anxious.

Twenty minutes later, Kitty came back from the house. She traded her sexy latex suit for a tiny pink bikini. As usual, she was way shyer when she wasn’t a catgirl. She still wasn’t used to being this exposed around us. Walking straight to me with her arms open, all I could do was to catch her for a hug. This skin on skin action always felt right. I was only wearing a pair of black boxers since, in this world of girls, they didn’t have any male swimsuits for me to borrow.

“Come on. Follow me.”

“I’m scared.”

“Yes, you are, it’s normal. I promise, in a couple of hours, you will swim by yourself, and you’ll enjoy it.”

“I’m not sure about that.”

“I tell you. Trust me.”

I went down the pool steps with Kitty until she had water up to her bikini top. I pulled on her arms, and she fell forward.


“Calm down, cathead. I’m holding you... just relax and kick your legs a bit... just try to get a feel for it.”

“Come on, Kitty! You can do it!” Erika was cheering for her from the pool’s edge. For the next few minutes, I walked backward in the pool, trying to give Kitty some confidence. At least she started having a bit of fun with us, that was all we could ask from her after our earlier prank..

“Master Mark, your technique is flawed. Let me teach her.”

“My technique is...?”

Syr arrived behind me, criticizing my teaching. I turned around to look at her, and when I saw what I saw, I totally dropped the ball on Kitty, and let her sink like a rock. Syr was wearing the sexiest black swimsuit I have ever seen and there was so much of her skin exposed. Two bands of stretchy fabrics were barely hiding her breasts and were held together by a series of laces and silver rings over her belly. Her crotch was covered just enough to tell that she was clean shaved down there.

“Master Mark! Kitty is drowning again. Stop looking at me and help her.”

“... Who?... Oh! Damnit...”

I plunged my arms in the water and brought Kitty back to the surface. She didn't even have the reflex to stand up.

“Kaaah! Kaaah!”

“Are you ok?”

“Kaaah!... I... I think so...”

“Syr said she wants to teach you, are you ok with that.”

“More than okay... Go swim with Erika if you want.”

“Alright, Syr, she is aaaah!”

Syr and her sexy flesh met me in the pool; she was right next to me in all her splendor.

“Master Mark, do not look at me this way. It is embarrassing. Leave Kitty to me. She is in good hands.”

“... Sorry... okay... sure.”

I swam away in a hurry. Good thing that my lower half was underwater, I had something to hide; being this turned on by a girl was unreal. Her maid uniform had hidden such a perfect body for the past three weeks.

I met Erika, who was still sitting on the edge of the pool. As soon as I got close enough, she lifted her legs and placed them on top of my shoulders. My face was way too close to her crotch, which was not helping my case. Erika started playing with my wet hair, making some funny haircuts.

“I saw everything, you know.”

“Saw what?”

“When you looked at Syr.”

“You imagine things.”

“Am I? You like her.”

“Erika, stop it... It’s nothing like that.”

“Ah yeah? Nothing like that?”

She let me go, stood up, and gracefully dove in the deep part of the pool. I never realized Erika could be so graceful. Her bikini exposed her femininity more than her street clothes did. She reappeared in the far corner of the pool.

“Come here, Mark!”

“So bossy...”

“Yup... Come! I want to swim with you.”

I swam towards her, and just as I reached her, she disappeared underwater again. Was she a mermaid or something? She was such an agile swimmer. Her head popped out behind me. As soon as I turned around, she pushed me in the corner, trapping me.

“I think you are a liar, and you like her.”

“... She is cute, but that is it.”

“That is it?”

“Yes... that is it.”

She smiled at me and placed her hand on my crotch, discovering my erect member. I was so screwed... again.



“I want you to look at her while I’m sucking you off.”

“What? No! Erika! We can’t do that.”

“Sure we can... Come on! Look at her!”

She took a deep breath and disappeared under the surface. She expertly lowered my boxers and grabbed the base of my shaft before getting to work.

“Oh, God!”

Kitty and Syr, absorbed by what they were doing, had no clue about what was going on in my corner of the world. Seeing my cute Kitty touching and hugging Syr everywhere while she was trying not to drown was an unavoidable sight. I was still not sure about this, but Erika didn’t allow me to think too much. She came back to the surface a moment later with more teasing.

“You would like Syr to do this to you, right?”

“... No... Stop the mind games...”

“Nope... You do as I say. I know you, Mark. You have the hots for her.”

“E... Erika...”

“Unless you want me to claw you later, you are going to look at her and accept that you are attracted while I’m working on you. Is that clear?”

Erika, the authoritarian, was back, and I didn't know what triggered it. It was the first time since my birthday that she went back to that mode. The memories of the nasty clawing came back to me in a flash, and I certainly was not in a hurry to go through an experience like this again. Erika dove back and restarted, sucking me off energetically.

I had no other choice but to look at Syr again. Why was Erika having so much control over me all of a sudden? I started picturing in my mind, that Syr was actually the one sucking me off. It couldn’t be that bad, right? As long as she didn’t know I was doing it, there was no harm. We were all aware that she was not interested in our sex games. Doing this was not worse than falling in love with an actress in a movie, even though this way of thinking didn’t make any ethical sense.

This was way too good... Erika was a blowjob machine. She had her personal techniques, and it was also the first time I did such a thing in a pool. I was trying not to moan as it would have been slightly awkward. The last thing I wanted was to attract odd stares to me from the girl I was currently fantasizing about. Erika came back to the surface a minute later; she had good lungs.

“Did you do it this time?”

“Hehe... What if I say no?”

“I wouldn’t believe you... What did you think about?”

“Well... That she was the one giving me the blowjob...”

“Ooooh! I like this... Let’s push it a bit further... Master Mark!”

She called me Master the same way Syr always did. What was she about to do? She pushed her bikini bottom to the side and wrapped her legs around me before slowly pushing my cock inside her. She whispered something in my ears.

“If you want me to fuck you, you have to pretend I’m Syr.”

“... Erika... Is it not a bit...”

“Fucking vs Clawing. What will you choose?”

“... F... Fucking.”

“Alright. Look at Syr, the girl you desire. Pretend I’m her. It's okay; she won’t know. Whisper things in my ear... things that you would like to tell her... about her body.”

Erika was a professional mind fucker. There was no way I could get out of this experience without any brain damage. Yet, what she was asking from me was so hot; I couldn’t just ignore it. I circled her tiny waist with my hands and started fucking her slowly. I had to play her game; she would surely not let me have a free pass.

“S... Syr...”

“Yes, Master Mark?”

“You... you are gorgeous. I would like to... fuck you.”

“Oh, yes... I would love it very much.”

There was no going back now. Erika even changed her voice and intonation to sound a bit like Syr’s maid character. I looked at unsuspecting Syr, who was at the other end of the pool. She was now just standing in the corner, looking at Kitty, who tried to swim by herself in the shallow water. It was so wrong for me to do this, but yet, it was just a game between two lovers.

“Syr... I love your breasts so much... they are just as I like them.”

“Oh... Master Mark... They are yours... please... It's embarrassing but... I want you to touch them while you make love to me.”

I raised a hand and started massaging my imaginary lover’s breasts. I fucked her just a bit harder. I kept my eyes on the real Syr, and all the real thoughts I had about this girl leaked through my mouth uncontrollably to Erika's satisfaction.

“Since the first day I saw you, all I wanted to do was to touch you. Your smell, your warmth. I wished I could have you.”

“Mmm .. aannh... yes .. you can have all of me right now... please fuck me harder, Master Mark.”

“When I thought you were fucking me during my birthday... I was so happy. It was so exciting. Since then, I wished we could do it for real.”

“Aaannh! Master... Mark... I’m... I’m about to... aaanh!”

“Syr... Syr... Fuck me harder... you are such a good little maid!”

I started pounding the girl in my arms so hard, as we were about to cum together, we kissed deeply; there was something special going on right now. It felt so freakin good for both of us.

“Mast... Master Mark... i’m... I’m cumming! Aaaahhh!”

“Syr! Cum for me... I love you, Syr! Aaanh!”

I unloaded my cum inside Erika, and she was holding me so tight, trying to muffle her moans in my shoulder. My orgasm refused to subside, and her clenching walls were not helping.

“So... So good! Oh! SYR!”


“Yes, Master Mark?”

My heart stopped... Why did I say her name so loudly? Syr, at the other end of the pool, heard me calling her name and responded, thinking I had addressed her. Erika bit my shoulder hard. She knew I had fucked up, and she had no desire to be discovered.

“Aaah!... Heee... Yes... Syr... so... I was... just... wondering... What are we eating tonight?”

“I do not know, Master Mark. Is there something you would like?”

“Eeeeh... I... I do... Erika told me you make great BBQ.”

“We do have pork, I believe. Would that be okay? It is frozen, though, I would have to take it out of the freezer right away.”

“That would be perfect. Thanks!”

“Kitty, keep practicing and stay in the shallow water. Do NOT go deeper.”

After warning Kitty, overly-sexy Syr got out of the pool and headed to the house. I could breathe again. Erika was still tightly wrapped around me and started laughing.

“Mark, you are such an idiot! Why did you do that! Hehe.”

“Hey... It’s your fault. It was a terrible idea...”

“Right... and a very sexy one too.”

“You are a nutcase, Erika. But... wow.”

“Yes... wow. I hope we will do it again.”

“Hehe... You, girls, are never satisfied.”

Suddenly, from the other end of the pool. Kitty waved a piece of wet black fabric above her head.

“Hey, Mark? That’s yours! What the hell are you two doing over there?”

“Holy crap, Syr? Where did you learn to cook? The pork is phenomenal!”

“The Internet is a good source of knowledge, Master Mark.”

There was nothing ordinary about this girl. After our pool adventure, Syr had cooked an early dinner, and it was just ridiculously tasty. I will have to be more forward and ask her for my favorite foods instead of always relying on her choices. Having a dedicated maid had tons of advantages.

Kitty was also eating a lot more; good food helped her. I almost felt bad for feeding Kitty all this junk over the past year. Erika seemed to be used to it, though, because Syr had lived with her for quite a while already. The red-haired girl looked at me, thinking that everything we did so far would perhaps convince me to move in.

“So... Do you feel my place isn’t as bad as you thought?”

“Erika, I never said your place was bad. Don’t put words that I didn't say in my mouth.”

“I don’t. We all know what your words are... you like screaming them out loud.”

That witch! Thankfully, Syr didn’t get the reference about our earlier sex game. I put another piece of pork in my mouth instead of answering Erika's sleazy comments. Kitty, her, discovered what muscles were and was asking Erika for guidance.

“Why do I feel like this?” Kitty asked to no one in particular.

“Like what?” Syr answered her.

“I don’t know. I feel like... weak. But all over my body.”

“It is called exercise. It is good for you.”

“If exercise makes me weaker, I don’t want it.”

Kitty was kidding, of course. She had a habit of acting clueless and childish simply because it made her look cute. It worked great, but Erika was biting the lure way more often than I did. It tended to happen when a rational mind encountered an emotional mind; It was entertaining for sure. Those three girls wearing sexy bikinis were an endless source of distraction.

Talking about minimalist swimsuits, Syr, wore her cooking apron; it dialed down the over-erotism a notch. I wouldn't have survived a meal with such a body in front of me. But even with that extra article of clothing, she was dangerously pretty. She had turned me on so much when I observed her while having sex with Erika. I was still not convinced about the morality of what we had done despite the hotness that ensued.

We quietly finished our food, chit-chatting about Erika’s house. Syr, actually, only had kind words regarding the place. She listed a massive list of things that were convenient for her. This time it wasn't something she rehearsed with Erika beforehand. She genuinely liked it here. Erika also suggested some things that I didn’t really think about.

“You know, Mark. If you were to move here, you wouldn’t need to sell your townhouse. You could always rent it. You would make more money than the cost of your mortgage. So while you are trying here, you can pay your house faster.”

“That's not a bad idea.”

“I know it’s not about the money, but that way, you would not lose your house if you change your mind later.”

Kitty interjected with her take on this suggestion. “I think we should sell the house.”

“But, Kitty... It is where we met.”

“No, it’s not. We met when I fell asleep on top of your chest while wearing my rubber catsuit. It could have been anywhere.”

“True... but... “

“I’m a good cat. I taught you tons of things... You know what I would tell you, I'm sure.”

“Yeah... Probably that it is just a house and that we can always get another one.”

“Something like that. Meow!”

Kitty knew I would never let her go. As long as I was with her, she would follow me everywhere until our death. I also knew she wanted me to love Erika as much as she did so that we could stay together forever, but Erika and I were more down to Earth. As much as we loved each other, this relationship was still new, and who knew what could happen next! We were just two adults covering our asses.

Kitty pulled on Erika’s arm.

“I want to go swimming!”

“Again? I thought you were tired.”

“Yes, but it was fun. I want to do it again.”

“Okay, I don’t mind. Hey Syr, why don’t you give Mark a tour of the house? He hasn’t seen all the interior yet.”

“Very well. Please follow me, Master Mark.”

I got scolded by Syr again when I tried to bring in some dirty dishes to help. She was very serious about her maid role, even though she was only wearing a sexy swimsuit at the moment. I still couldn’t believe I was friends with such an attractive girl. I followed her inside, getting a good view of her perfect buttcheeks; there was now way I could control my eyeballs. I wasn’t so sure it was a good idea to tour the house with a guide dressed up so thinly.

The worst was when she removed her apron. It was a recipe for disaster. I wanted her to be back in her uniform ASAP to protect me from myself. Ah well. I could always just take a deep breath and go with the flow. Anyway, Syr was acting; I tended to forget about that. Behind her persona, I didn't know much about her or about what she was trying to achieve.

She started walking around, showing me the different rooms. There was the kitchen, of course, it was very modern and had a neat island in the middle. It would be perfect for making Kitty sit on it. Then, there was the living room, with big sectional couches, a huge TV and a fireplace.

“It is natural gas.” She pressed a button, and the fire magically appeared; talk about convenience! This room was large enough to host a party of fifteen people. Next, a separate dining room designed for a large party. There was also a small guest bedroom at that level.

“This is my room. You can find me here if you need something while I’m sleeping.”

“I will never wake you up at night, Syr. Don’t be ridiculous.”

“If you need anything, I wish you will. I’m here for you, Master Mark, no matter what time it is.”

“Alright. Hey, there is nothing in your room, just a tiny bed, and a dresser. There is not a single picture on the walls.”

“I’m a maid. I don’t need those things. This is all I need.”

She abruptly turned around and bumped into me accidentally, causing me to grab her by the waist. Perfect skin... her face got so close to mine, to the point where I felt her warm breath blowing on my neck. Did she... do this on purpose?

“Master Mark... Do I need to remind you of my rules?”

“I’m sorry... I didn’t mean to... I was just following you.”

“I am not your girlfriend. I’m sorry for wearing this swimsuit. I didn’t want to make it harder for you, but my uniform is still wet.”

I had two theories, and I didn't know which one to pick. Either Syr was dead serious about it and wanted nothing from me, or she was sneakily trying to pull me into something unthinkable; there was no way to know.

She was acting, and I knew she was flawless at it. She could have easily staged all of this, the same way she manipulated me during my birthday. I didn't feel like she was trying to tease me, though. I was under the impression she was simply trying to create a story, which would fit better with her roleplay hobby.

Being around Syr always gave me the impression of reading a light novel. Her way not to feel embarrassed was to stick to certain habits and emotions. It was unnatural but so attractive and entertaining at the same time. She liked to live inside this fictional world and create herself a storyline. Unfortunately, by doing it this way, it blocked my ability to read her true intentions; how could I give her what she wanted if she wouldn't let me see her needs?

We walked upstairs, which gave me an even better view of her almost naked rear, and she led me to a small cozy lounge.

“This is where I come to read. It is my favorite room of the house,” she said.

“Oh, I love this! With the skylight... it is great. Is that your bookshelf over there?”

“It is, Master Mark, you can take a look. You’ll recognize some titles.”

I walked toward the well-populated bookshelf and saw many series of light novels and mangas. Syr wasn’t lying; she was really into the same literature as I was. With my fingertip, I tapped on the series from which I drew her name. I understood her satisfaction when I told her my choice on my birthday. She gave me a little smile, knowing perfectly well why I was pointing at those books.

“If you move here with Kitty, you can borrow all my books.”

“Did Erika tell you to say this?”

“Master Mark, I was genuinely offering. I am your maid, and everything I possess is yours to use.”

“Syr... aren’t you pushing a bit too far now? You are not my possession, you know.”

“I... I... Nevermind. Master Mark, please follow me, there are two more bedrooms on this level.”

Okay. Syr reacted badly to my comment. I've never seen her make a face like this before. I think I may have insulted her by accident when I questioned her good intentions. After all, she just tried to be kind and let me use her bookshelf, in her own odd way. It must have been disappointing to hear my moralizing answer. I would have to find a way to make it up to her later.

She led me to another guest bedroom. This time it was a huge one. I walked in and looked around. There was a massive king bed, paintings on the walls, nice curtains, and even a mini-bar. Something didn’t add up, though. Why was she sleeping on a single bed in the small plain bedroom downstairs if this one was available?

“Why don’t you sleep here? Erika doesn’t let you?”

“No. It was my room before, but it was too big for me.”

“And... how is that a bad thing? Your room downstairs only has a single bed. You wouldn’t even be able to invite a date.”

“I do not plan to. I’m happy just being your maid. And the room downstairs is convenient to fulfill my role.”

Another classic Syr answer, but I wasn’t going to say anything this time; I was too good at hurting her feelings. It would be better just to let that one slide and proceed to the next room. She let me out and closed the door behind me. Then, she went to another door on the right side. She opened it and walked in.

“This one is similar, but the wall art is different. I like it a lot and ...”

I didn't follow her in the room because I noticed another door on the left and got curious about it, it seemed to be the largest room on the floor, yet, she skipped it. I turned the handle and pushed the door open. I expected it to be Erika's master bedroom... But no... not at all...

“Hey, Syr... What is this over here?”

“Over where? There is nothing else... NO! YOU CAN’T GO IN THERE!”

She ran to me and pulled me out of the strange room and placed her two hands on my chest.

“You... You can’t go in there... I must have forgotten to lock it. Please... walk away... Mark... Master Mark.”

She was very anxious all of a sudden, and even if she tried to stay in character, she clearly was not anymore. There was something in there she didn’t want me to see... and I wanted to know what it was.

“Syr... I saw a bit of it already. Let me take a look.”

“But... No... please... this is private...”

“Don’t fear me, Syr. Let me learn this little thing about you.”

“M... Mark...”

I grabbed her naked shoulders and gently moved her out of the way. It was probably the wrong time to think about it, but she was SO soft. Why was she so perfect all the time, even in the middle of a crisis? I walked into the room, and I almost fell on my ass.

Erika had told me Syr had a small business, and that was it. There was a wall full of costumes of all sorts; hats, gloves, boots, necklaces, ties, and more. There was a long workbench with all kinds of crafting tools, and shelves full of fabric rolls. It was a big room, and it was her workshop.

“Syr... So you are working from here?”

“... yes.”

“It is amazing. Why didn’t you want to show me? Look at all those amazing costumes you've made.”

“It... It breaks the magic... Now you know I’m not real.”

Ah, that was sad. Syr really thought that me seeing this would change something to our relationship. It was as if she was convinced I didn't know she wasn't a real maid. That was by far the most adorable reaction she ever had around me. She deserved some cheering up.

“What are you talking about, Syr? You are my maid, the best I've ever had. Trust me. I know tons of them.”

“Hehe... I... sorry... I... we are not supposed to be here.”

“It makes you that happy to be my maid?”

“I don't want to answer this question. Please, can we go? I’m grateful for your compliments, but I don’t wish to stay here with you.”

What a strange girl. All that talent, and she didn’t want to share it with me? Something was making her so uncomfortable, and this something was me. It was better just to do as she asked; I didn’t want to make her even more embarrassed than she was, because this time it was real.

I walked out, and she hurried to close the door behind us. And as if nothing at all happened, she resumed her tour, and her maid attitude was back.

“The only part left is the basement, please follow me, Master Mark.”

“Hey, wait up, Syr... Sorry, I just want to tell you, thanks for letting me see your workshop. It was nice.”

“Master Mark... Please, can we forget about this?”

"I know only one way to do that..."


"I heard hugs make people forget things. Have you heard the same?"

Call me opportunist, but her little reaction in the workshop made me have a mini-crush on her. I just couldn't help myself and attempt a playful arm twisting for my benefit.

"Of course, Master Mark... I've heard the same."

I can't believe it worked. Syr and her sexy swimsuit stepped toward me with a gentle smile and wrapped her arms around me. A wave of good feeling traversed my body. Just as I was going to return the hug... she prevented me from doing so.

"I'm not your girlfriend... you can't touch me!"

She pulled away with a big smile on her face, proud to have altered the deal. We were back to the start. For now, I will have to live with a glimpse of what I accidentally found about her. I had a feeling it would take a while before I could reach her like this ever again. My relationship with Kitty and Erika was extremely simple compared to what I was experiencing with Syr.

I followed her down to the basement. At the bottom of the staircase, there was a fancy door, which Syr pushed open.

“This will be your master bedroom if you choose to move in. I hope you like it.”

“A master bedroom in the basement? That's unusual...”

I walked past Syr and started to look around. This was not at all what I expected... The basement was MASSIVE, and there was not a single division. There were a few columns to support the whole structure, but outside that, it was all open. This bedroom was by far the most bizarre I had ever seen.

At the far back, there was Erika’s giant bed with some furniture, then a bit closer to us, a home theatre. And that was it...

“Syr... is this not... a bit... odd?”

“What do you mean, Master Mark?”

“Well, it seems like a waste of space... and there is no privacy for the bedroom.”

“The whole basement is the bedroom. Just close the staircase door. Over there is the master bathroom. The furnace, electrical, and water tank are in the small room on this side. You won't hear anything as Erika had it soundproofed.”

“I have never seen a bedroom like this... It is so empty.”

“That is because she just moved downstairs recently. Follow me. There is something you need to try.”

The bikini maid walked toward the bed, which took an eternity to reach, and she stopped next to it.

“Please, try it.”


“Kitty told me that your bed at home sucked. It is small and uncomfortable. This bed is extremely high quality. She wanted you to feel the difference.”

“Syr, you don’t use that kind of vocabulary often... is my bed that bad?”

“Yes, Master Mark. It is awful. Please try this one.”

Syr had always been honest with me, even when it hurt. I walked to the bed and sat on it. Mmm... It did feel more robust than mine; the side didn't collapse. I moved toward the middle and laid down as if I was going to sleep.

“Ah... Yes... I have to concede that bed is quite nice. And it would be roomy enough for three people.”


“Well, yes, Kitty, Erika, and I...”

“Oh, I thought you meant three girls... my bad. Wait, I want to show you something else.”

“Three girls... wait... Hey... What are you doing?”

“You cannot touch me, Master Mark.”

Syr, only wearing her sexy bikini, climbed on top of the bed and crawled toward me. What was she doing? I got turned on like crazy, just by seeing this beautiful girl coming to me like a gractious feline. I got quite tense when she reached me and decided to adopt a cuddling position.

“S... Syr! What are you...”

“Do not be concerned, Master Mark, I just want to show you how comfortable the bed is when two persons are in the same spot. Think nothing of it. See, the mattress won't cave in as it does with yours.”

Again, the two theories I had earlier were the same. Either Syr was clueless about the consequences of her actions, or she was teasing me on purpose. In any case, I was now as hard as a rock, and she would totally notice it.

“Do you like it?” Syr asked.

“Yes, you are very cuddly.”

“I meant the bed.”

“Oh... The bed is nice too.”

“We can just stay like this for a minute so that you can appreciate the quality of the mattress. Would that be okay?”

"I... I suppose we could do that."

Syr was strange, but I was falling for her because of it.

A bit later, I returned to the backyard to find my two bikini-cats resting on their respective long chairs. Kitty was deep asleep, exhausted from her swimming lessons, while Erika was just playing on her phone, as usual.

“Heeey! How was the tour?” Erika asked.

“Interesting would be the word.”

“What do you mean? Did you like the place or not?”

“Move, I want to lay down too, just get on top of me.”

The small Erika got off her chair, I laid down, and she climbed back on top of me before questioning me some more.

“So? Tell me, seriously, do you like my house?”

“Oh, I love it. It is really nice. I was just confused by half of it.”

“Hey... Be nice! What do you mean by "confused"?”

“Well, the basement bedroom is bigger than my entire house.”

“It’s a test... I like it so far... it’s very special. I love the open spaces.”

“And the secret workshop upstairs. That was something.”

“What? No way. Did she show you that room? No way! It's not possible.”

“Well, I kind of found it by accident...”

“And she didn’t murder you? Wow.”

“No, she was very nice about it. She told me she was not comfortable and asked to leave. That was the end of it. I don’t get it, though. She is that talented, and she wants to hide it. Why?”

“Don’t judge her. It’s her little private corner. A little bit like the room you gave to Kitty to make her feel at home. It’s a room I won’t go into unless she needs my help with something.”

Explained like this and compared to the room I gave Kitty, it made a lot of sense. I felt a bit guilty for insisting to see it, but in the end, Syr was just uncomfortable, not angry. I squeezed Erika in my arms to comfort myself. She was so small.

“So what are you waiting for?” she asked.

“Uh? Waiting for what?”

“I don't know. To ask Syr on a date or something?”

“Erika! I don’t sleep with all the girls I meet. Only the two smallest ones.”

“What? Do you mean you don’t know?”

“Don’t know what? Would you stop being so cryptic?”

“Do you realize she’s been waiting for weeks for you to make a move on her? She must be dying inside! I didn’t think she would be that patient, she must really like you.”

“Erika, you are giving me a headache. What are you smoking? You know Syr doesn’t get involved with us that way. She always walks away as soon as the heat turns on, and she won’t even let me return a simple hug.”

“And that makes you sad! I know you have the hots for her. You should do something about it.”

Whatever. I had enough emotions for one day. Yes, I was very attracted to Syr, but outside being beautiful and oddly resting on the bed next to me for a few minutes, she didn’t do anything that suggested she wanted to have sex with me. “I am not your girlfriend,” and “you cannot touch me” was not quite an invitation to romance. I was pretty sure Erika was wrong on that one.

I preferred just to change the subject.

“So, can Kitty swim now?”

“No. She still sinks like a rock. But at least she is no longer afraid. She likes it. A few more sessions and she will turn into a catfish. I’m so proud of her.”

“I will move in.”

“Seriously? You go from the swimming topic to you moving in?”

“Yeah... I want to move in. I’ll miss my place, but it is the right thing to do. We can be happy here.”

“Ah! I’m so happy, Mark! Thank you! You won’t regret it. Kitty will love it here too.”

Erika squeezed me tightly and kissed me; I made her day. I knew this was important to her, and she was important to me. As she said, I didn’t have to sell my house; I could just rent it if everything went well here. The odd master bedroom in the basement was the only thing that freaked me out, but we could address this later.

“So, when Kitty wakes up, let’s go back to my place to sleep, and tomorrow we will come back with our luggage and try for a few weeks. How does that sound?”

“Works for me! Your bed is the absolute worst, but one last night in it won’t kill me.”

“Is it that bad?”

“Oh yeah, it sucks big time.”

A bit later, Kitty emerged from slumber. It was getting dark already, and we were ready to go back home. Syr, who was back in her now dry maid uniform, said she was going to stay here for the night, so she could get groceries early tomorrow to feed all of us. That made sense. The three girls stayed at my place for quite a bit, so there was a need to resupply Erika’s house.

Kitty, Erika and I went to my car, and we left the premises. Unfortunately, after driving for a few minutes, I realized something bad...

“Ah, shit! I forgot my wallet on your kitchen island.”

“Hehe. Let’s go back then, since we aren’t too far. Let me text Syr, so she doesn’t get scared when you get in.”

“Good idea.”

I turned around and drove back to Erika’s place. Five minutes later, I parked in the street in front of her driveway. I let the car run and walked up to the house. Syr was supposed to close the garage door behind us, but it was still open; that was a bit odd. I went through there instead of using the front door. I would just use that already unlocked door in the garage and announce my arrival not to startle the poor maid; Erika said Syr had not replied to her text.

I gently opened the door and was about to call her name when...

“Mmmm nnnng!”

Moans? Were those moans?

“Mmmm aaannh!”

Not good. They were definitely moans. What should I do? Perhaps I could quietly get my wallet and get out of there quickly and silently. I was just not sure where Syr was. One thing I was pretty certain of was that she wouldn’t masturbate in the middle of the hallway. I left the door open and very slowly and quietly headed toward the kitchen area. The moans were, unfortunately, getting louder... Either she was moaning louder, or I was getting closer to her.

“Aaanh! Mmmm aannh!”

The latter seemed to be the case. Oh, God. What was I doing? I should have just called her name, and she could have hidden or something, but it was too late for that, now. I took a quick peek in the living room, and there she was, lying on the couch. She was naked like a worm, one hand in her crotch and the other on her breasts, rubbing her clit while pinching her nipple.

Fortunately, she couldn’t see me as she was facing the wrong direction. My wallet was right there on the kitchen island. I could do this if she kept making enough noise.


Good maid. That was louder... I started tiptoeing as carefully as possible in the direction of my wallet. Syr was having a lot of fun with herself, but she was also turning me on like crazy in the process. Because of her very erotic moans, I was getting hard. What I was doing was so wrong.

I focused with all my might and reached the precious leather item... I pinched it with my fingers and turned around to go back and away from this place before being discovered.

My legs froze. I couldn’t walk away even if I had wanted to. My eyes were fixated on this gorgeous naked girl masturbating so naturally. It was too damn hot.

“Aaaaanh! Master Maaaark! Aaaanh!”


Did I just hear right? Was she fantasizing about me? Was she calling me that name even when I was not around? The paralysis due to the mental shock prevented me from bailing out. The fantasy persisted.

“Aannn! Please... What are you waiting for... aaanh! You need to force me!... That's what I want... Aaannh! Why can’t you understand! Oooh... Master Mark!”


My heart was now racing. What was Syr dreaming about? Was it just a fantasy, or was it something she really wished me to do? I had so many mixed thoughts. Since I met her, she kept pushing me away, avoided everything sexual, and even scolded me when I dared touching her... Was it because she secretly waited for me to break those rules and force myself on her? Was this the storyline she attempted to create for herself?

“Aaaaah! Aaaaanh! I’m so close... I’m a good maid... It’s okay to force me... aaaanh!”


This was insane. A bead of sweat rolled down my neck while she was storytelling herself to climax, using me as an object of desire. It was so wrong to violate her intimacy like this, but... It was not planned... I didn’t ask for this... It just happened.

“Aaaanh! Aaaanh! I’m... I’m cumming! Master Mark, I’m cumming! Aaaaah!“


Her perfect body thrashed on the couch. It was such a beautiful sight. She didn’t fake that one at all. It took her a bit of time to come back down from it. And now I was in real trouble because she was calm and no longer disconnected from reality. If I made one sound, she would turn around and see me. I was so scared; I probably held my breath for the past five minutes while watching her masturbating; my lungs were burning.

Then my world exploded.

“MARK! What the hell are you doing!? Are you coming or what?”


Erika entered the hallway from the garage and yelled my name; she had lost patience and came to see what I was doing. My head turned automatically to her, but after the initial shock, I slowly looked back at Syr.

The beautiful naked girl was staring at me with the biggest eyes I’ve ever seen on a person. She didn’t say a single word. What was there to say, anyway? She now knew I had witnessed the whole show... That I had heard all her words, her secret fantasies... and I had no idea how her brain was processing this landslide disaster.

“The hell are you doing!?”

Erika insisted on getting an answer from me and started walking in my direction; a few more steps and she would discover what had happened. The only good decision remaining was to preserve the last fragments of Syr's shattered dignity.

“I just found it! We can go now,” I said.

“About time! Kitty is dead tired. We need to go home.”

Erika stopped and turned around, seeing I was coming. Just before leaving the room, I looked back at Syr, and her two hands covered her mouth. Yeah... There will be a need for some explanation from my part. I had no choice. I had to leave her in this state, else Erika would come back.

I left.

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