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Chapter 12 - Cats of the Caribbean (Part 2)

“Aaah! Aaaahn! Mmmm! More! Mooore!”

"Shhh! They will hear us!"

"Aaahn! But... I want... mooore! aaah!"

As I had my beautiful Syr pinned under me on the mattress and accepting my love and begging for more pleasure, I couldn't ask for a better vacation so far. What had started as a fiasco had turned into a very enjoyable adventure. We had so much fun that we even decided to extend our stay by an additional week.

"Aaahn! Dee... Deeper!"

Our first week had been as exhausting as rewarding. We figuratively took ownership of the dilapidated inn that Syr's aunt had foolishly purchased for her retirement. Erika had been working hard on planning the restoration project and scheduling all the appointments with different contractors and officials to obtain permits. I have spent my days driving my iconic old pickup truck back and forth to the hardware store and working hard at renovating the inn with the help of a few cheaply hired locals. Syr had been our dedicated cleaning machine who had given a new life to the kitchen and the bathrooms, and she had even started working on side projects like crafting curtains for the few functional bedrooms. Kitty had also been surprisingly useful; she was slowly shattering our perception that she was our lazy house cat by cleaning the beach and the inn's surroundings of all its trash. Who would have thought?

"Ma... Master Mark... I'm about to... aaaaah!"

"Me too... You are so hot, Syr!"

And then, there was aunt Michelle, who was visibly doing her best but couldn't keep up with any of us. By deciding to help, we had partly robbed her of her will to steer the project exactly where she wanted. That said, it was a good thing. Her initial mistake had been to purchase something without prior knowledge about how to run it, so our priority was to leave her something functional and a good plan of action to make some money out of it once we go back home. She spent a lot of her time working with Syr, which was good to see; they were family after all.

It was annoying, that Michelle still didn't like me, and her avoidance was getting childish. I didn't need recognition for my hard work, but I would have loved to leave the island on good terms. I loved her niece, and there was nothing she could do but accept it.

"Aaaah! Aaaah! Aaaaaah! I'm... I'm cumming! aaaaah!""

"Shhh! Quiet!"

"Aaahn! Mmmphh!"

Trying to quiet Syr with my hand over her mouth as I was cumming deep inside her was quite a challenge. Her burning hot spasming vagina was just way too amazing. I had no idea what went so right in my life to deserve someone so exciting.

We kissed for a while longer as we slowly reconnected with reality. After rolling to my back, Syr just wrapped herself around me. Her perfectly flushed face and soft skin made me feel like the luckiest guy in the world.

"Syr, I'm so glad we get to spend every morning together like this."

"Me too, Master Mark. This is very special to me."

The first morning we spent at the inn, Kitty and Erika visited my bedroom to get some extra sex, but they had not done it again since then. I only had sex with Syr since that day. There was no way for me to know for sure, but I thought Kitty and Erika had discussed what they had done and had decided to play along with the rules we had set. If Michelle was to learn that I had three girlfriends, it would be very upsetting to find out that her niece had lied to her. Nobody wanted to create this kind of family conflict. Syr, above all else, didn't deserve this.

Perhaps they had also decided to allow Syr this special time alone with me, or maybe they had realized that they, too, had an opportunity to spend two special weeks exclusively with each other. It was not a secret that Erika was really into Kitty, probably more than she was into me, so these two weeks was a chance for her to experience what being a lesbian full-time meant.

Kitty and I weren't jealous one bit. She missed sleeping with me, and I missed sleeping with her, but we were okay with that, knowing it wouldn't change our relationship at all. After this trip, I would take great care of my catgirl, and she knew it.

For now, my time with Syr was priceless. This dream girl gave me a run for my money by making sure we had fantastic sex at least twice a day, either in the bedroom or on the beach under the night sky. It was my reward for having rescued her aunt from a devastating retirement plan.

But sex was not all that was great. Because Syr couldn't act as a submissive maid during the day due to her aunt's presence, she was forced to show me her real personality a bit more. It made me fall in love all over again; she was cutely shy and a romantic daydreamer. I could tell that she was a good artist because her mind always wandered elsewhere, searching for new creative ideas even though she wasn't doing it on purpose.

"I love our vacation! I don't want them to end."

"Haha. One week to go, Syr. Can you believe how much work we have done so far?"

"Yes, Erika is amazing. She thought about every single detail and priority, and now my aunt almost has a functional inn. You did so much work on the roof and bedrooms too."

"We all worked hard, even Kitty. Have you ever imagined she would spend so much time cutting branches and cleaning the garden area?"

"Oh? You don't know?"

"...? Don't know what?"

"Erika blackmailed her. She told Kitty that if she didn't work hard, she wouldn't have sex with her."

"... Seriously? Doing that to Kitty is like a crime."

"Yes, Master Mark... I fear that Kitty is still lazy. She wouldn't do anything useful unless there was a kinky reward at the end. A perverted carrot and stick."

Why was I not surprised? Well, I didn't know if I was more unimpressed by Kitty for only moving her butt if she could get something sexual out of it, or by Erika, who had shamelessly abused her powers.

"As usual, those two like having fun in their own weird way. Alright, let's get out of bed. Let's go prepare breakfast for everybody."


"Don't make that face. You are not my maid while we are here. Remember? I'll prepare breakfast with you."

Syr returned her head to my chest and grumbled a little. Not being allowed to fulfill her maid duty while we were on vacation was slowly chewing at her. She was happier when I let her serve me, so being robbed of that feeling of pride and accomplishment was not easy to endure.

Despite that, I gave her a good slap on the butt, and we got ready for a trip to the now squeaky clean bathroom for a quick shower.

A bit later, Erika was the first one to show up for breakfast. Syr and I had already prepared a continental breakfast for them to choose from. Erika grabbed a croissant and came to see me while adorably chewing on it.

"Good morning, Erika. Oh, boy. You look tired."

"Yeah... I understand why you were exhausted when I first met you. Handling Kitty alone is a lot of work for one person. She is a nymphomaniac."

"Haha. That's Kitty for you. She is an endless reservoir of sex."

"That's an understatement. But, hey, I wanted to ask you... Kitty is missing being tied up and all. She is getting restless. We didn't bring anything BDSM related to play with her, and now I realize it was a mistake. I'm not sure what I can do to cheer her up."

"I thought it would happen. You should have brought her latex suit."

"Ah, yes, Mark. It would have gone down well with Michelle around. Seriously? Do you have any idea about what would make her happy?"

That was a first; Erika coming to me for sex advice about Kitty. Without their latex costumes and bondage equipment, they were a bit lost. That told me quite a bit about their sex-life. Fortunately, this unexpected question reminded me of something special.

Since Syr was around and I didn't want her to hear what I was going to tell Erika, I leaned forward and whispered something in her ear.

"... What? Really?"

"Yup. Trust me, Erika."

"It's such a weird idea."

"I tell you, Kitty is going to love it."

"Mark, you are sick in the head."

"Ah well, you do whatever you want, Miss red-hair."

Erika shook her head and mumbled a few faint words...

"I am dating a bunch of weirdos!"

Kitty and Michelle joined us at one of the dining room tables shortly after. The small cat-girl went straight to Erika, her assigned vacation girlfriend, and Michelle sat in front of Syr and me. As usual, I had to be the one breaking through her ice-cold attitude toward me.

"Good morning to you too, Michelle."

"Mmm... Yeah. So what's the plan for today?"

Syr elbowed me in the ribs to stop my sarcasm, still fearing I was just making things worse, but Erika was the one who replied to Michelle's question.

"We prepare the grand opening."

"Uh? We can't open it. My inn doesn't even have all the rooms ready. There is still so much work to do to fix the place."

"Well, Michelle, we need cash flow. We can't keep burning through your savings like this. We need customers. The kitchen is good to go, the dining room is ready, and we even have some tables outside. You'd be surprised how much money you can make by only beers and snacks. You and S...Elizabeth can cook, Kitty and I can serve, and Mark... Well... You can keep working on the renovation, I guess."

'Oh... fun!"

For once, I was with Michelle. It seemed a bit early to open the inn for clients. Sure, it was way cleaner than before, but our to-do list was still extensive. Also, Kitty serving customers? She would do it because she had been blackmailed, but she had no such skills.

I preferred to check with Kitty directly to determine if she was willing to act as a waitress.

"Kitty, are you okay with this, or do you prefer to keep working on the inn with me? Ooch!"

Syr slammed her elbow into my rib cage again and gave me another funny stare, meaning that the way I talked to Kitty in front of Michelle was probably inappropriate to keep suspicions at bay. And the small catgirl reacted accordingly.

"No! I prefer to work with my lovely girlfriend."

Of course, saying that was not enough, so she engaged Erika in a deep kiss, making sure she used a lot of tongue and slurpy noises to convince Michelle that she was only dating the red-haired girl, the one who was trying not to laugh under the silly sexual assault.

Michelle rolled her eyes at the sloppy lesbian show and asked a more practical question.

"So, if we want to open Admiral Lobster and serve snacks and beers, we need to go to the grocery store, I guess."

Hearing that caused Erika to detach her lips from Kitty's and angrily protest.

"Absolutely NOT! Michelle, Admiral Lobster is a terrible name for an inn. We need a new name."

"You... you don't like Admiral Lobster?"

"God, no! It's awful! This is not a seafood restaurant."

Taken aback by Erika's straightforwardness, Michelle looked at Kitty, Syr, and even me, hoping to get a different opinion. Unfortunately for her, she was the only one who thought Admiral Lobster was a good name.

"S... so... What name do you propose then?"

"I'm not sure... But we have to come up with something else."

"I know a great name."

Everybody turned toward Syr, who had her eyes closed while sipping her coffee. After a moment, as if she were done confirming within herself that she was ready to share her idea, a beautiful smile appeared on her lips, and she parted them to let the words out.

"Cats of the Caribbean!"





For various reasons, nobody had expected Syr to pick such a name, which left us speechless.

Five seconds was enough for Kitty to process what had been said and jump on her two feet while raising an arm high up in the air.


Erika followed her immediately by standing as well and wrapping an arm around Kitty's waist.

"Sounds good to me!"

My three girls had made their choice, and going against them would mean my death, so...

"Great name! What do you think, Michelle?"

Syr's aunt looked at all of us over and over, trying to figure out what had just happened to her inn. Having possibly convinced herself that Admiral Lobster would be her retirement project, this sudden change of nomenclature shook her to her core.

But after receiving so much help from all of us, did she really have the decisional weight to go against our proposal? She had been the one who had displayed terrifyingly poor judgment, and we had been the one rescuing her from an inevitable catastrophe.

Michelle scratched the back of her neck and...

"Cats of the Caribbean, uh? It has a nice ring to it."


Kitty jumped over the table and wrapped her arms around Michelle's neck. Apparently, there was a new inn in the Caribbean... one that had drawn its name from an unusual source.

"She is so pretty."

"Kitty! Focus on our task instead of flirting."

"Why is it for us to buy the food if we are not the ones that are going to cook it!"

"The others stayed behind to prepare the inn for the grand opening tomorrow. You still refuse to work inside it because of the creature you saw in the kitchen. So, that's why you are here with me. Anyway, it doesn't matter. Syr had made us a good list. Let's try not to miss anything, okay?"

"Okay, but still... The girl over there is so pretty, the one picking up the cauliflower."

"Are you that dissatisfied with Erika?"

"Yes. She forced me to work in exchange for sex. It's inhumane."

"Ah, come on. Aren't you proud of all the cleanup you did outside the inn?"

"It wouldn't have been done nearly as well by someone else."

"There you go. That's the spirit. Come, cathead. We need shrimp."

It was good to spend some time alone with Kitty. As much as I loved being around Syr, I was not used to keeping my hands away from my small catgirl. Her sense of humor, even if exhausting at times, always made me happy. She was way smarter than she would make it look and had an innate talent to cheer me up and make me look at things from a different angle.

Little things like her being vocal about a random cute girl in a grocery store have always been a life lesson. Kitty never cared about what people would think of her or what she liked. I remembered the first few months when I started dating her; I was so sheltered and scared about what people would think of me if they had discovered that I lived with a girl who was wearing a latex catsuit permanently.

Kitty had changed the way my brain was wired. Her patience with me had been legendary, and she slowly, and sometimes not so gently, pushed me in the right direction, one of happiness. I didn't hesitate nearly as much anymore before doing the things I wanted to do.

If she had not transformed me, I didn't think this inn vacation project would have happened. I would have never allowed myself to rattle Michelle's cage the way I did.

I needed Kitty in my life.

"Eww! What are those?"

"Seriously, Kitty? Don't you know what a scallop is? Syr made some at home more than once. You just don't remember."

"They are like small animals without eyes."

"That's a way to look at it. Alright, we have the shrimp. We need the frozen chicken wings, and then we are all set."


Our cart was full and heavy. There better be many clients tomorrow, or else there would be a lot of extra food for us to eat before it spoiled.

As we headed toward the meat freezers, Kitty placed her body in front of my cart and slowed me down on purpose. Why was she doing that?

"Hey, cathead... What are you doing?"

"Shhh... wait!"

"What do you mean, wait? Wait for what?"


Suddenly, Kitty began fast walking, almost jogging, toward the end of an alley, leaving me very confused, as only she could make me feel. But then, I got it...

"Kitty! DON'T...!"

The pretty cauliflower girl from earlier unsuspectingly appeared from around the corner, and Kitty "accidentally" rammed into her, making her trip. It was so well staged that Kitty ended up on the floor on top of the cute young girl, with her face jammed in her chest.



Kitty lifted her head to end up nose to nose with the shocked girl who was wondering what had just happened.

At this point, I had a strong urge to grab Kitty by the collar and give her a severe spanking for having done something so abusive to an unsuspecting person. But before I could react, she started apologizing profusely... and lying.

"I'm... I'm so sorry! I didn't see you at all... and..."

"Haha! It's okay. I didn't see you either. Good thing that you are not very heavy."

"I know, right! Haha. I'm very small."

"Can... can you get off me? So I can stand?"

"Oh, yes! Sorry!"

Of course, Kitty had to sit on the girl's hips and grab her waist before finally standing and help the girl up.

"Sorry again! Are you hurt? I'm Kitty, by the way."

"No, I'm fine. Kitty? I'm Mae! Nice meeting you!"

Only Kitty could do these awkward things and managed to make friends out of it. That said, she had good taste. That Mae girl was very pretty, and somewhere in my heart, I understood why Kitty attempted this stunt, no matter how inappropriate it was. Maybe having three girlfriends had conditioned me to think that I could eventually add more if I ever wanted to. Kissing Mae would probably be a pleasant experience.

I shook my head like an Etch A Sketch, to erase that temporary image that had formed in my mind, and returned my attention to Kitty.

"Hey! You are pretty cute, Mae. We are opening our new inn tomorrow. Would you like to come work with us?"

WHAT? Was Kitty trying to hire a random girl to work at our inn? I didn't hear Erika mentioning anything about getting new staff yet. We didn't even know if we were going to have any customers when we opened. Kitty and Erika acting as temporary waitresses were certainly going to be enough to start with.

But Mae reacted positively to the spontaneous request.

"Oh? Really? I'm actually a waitress, and I'm out of work since the last hurricane. I'm sure I could help you get started. What is the name of the place?"

"Cats of the Caribbean!"

"Never heard of it. Where is it?"

Kitty turned to me with a big childish smile, knowing very well how much she had irritated me...

"MARK? Where's our inn?"

After putting all our food in the pickup truck's bed, I climbed in the driver seat, ready to have a good chat with Kitty.

"Did you just hire somebody without asking permission?"

"Yes. And I even got to hug her. Her boobs were amazing!"

"Do you realize how furious Erika will be?"

"It was totally worth it! And Michelle will need an employee when we leave anyway."

"And you couldn't find a better way other than assaulting an innocent girl to introduce yourself."

"Meow! It worked and I got to caress her perfect waist too!"

"Okay, well. Since you think it's right to do whatever you want, I'm sure you won't mind if I do what I want now."

"Uh? What do you mean?"

Without warning, I easily pulled the muscle-less catgirl toward me and placed a hand behind her back to keep her pinned belly down over my lap.

"Hey! What are you doing? Let go of me!"

"I'm giving you something you deserve."

I lifted her skirt to expose her cute cat butt, and then...







For some reason, spanking her while parked in the middle of a grocery store lot felt immensely satisfying.

"You did WHAT?"

"Why are you all mad at me? She is super pretty."

It was Erika's turn to be frustrated at Kitty for hiring someone without having discussed it beforehand.

"Being pretty doesn't mean we have money to pay her salary! What will happen if we get no clients this week?"

"You worry too much. You always find solutions."

"Is that your plan, Kitty? You get us into trouble and ask me to fix it?"


My hand was still numb from having punished Kitty earlier, but it didn't change her good mood. She had decided that this new girl would work at the inn, and that was the end of it. To her, it was a good thing, and nobody could convince her otherwise.

Syr had spent the last few hours in a temporary craft room that she had set up to confection the various items needed to furnish the inn, such as curtains, pillows, towels, and more. She was coming back from it, holding a small cardbox.

"So, does it mean I have to craft an additional uniform?"

"Uniform? S...Elizabeth? What are you talking about?"

"The Cats of the Caribbean needs a good reputation, so I made you uniforms that people would like and remember."

"And... you crafted those today?"

"Yes. Here. They were rather simple to make."

Erika, extremely apprehensive, looked inside the box that had been handed to her, and her jaw clenched.

"... You got to be fucking me!"

"A more elaborate costume would have taken too much of my time. These will do just fine."

"No way I'm wearing this in public!"

"What is it?"

Erika's adverse reaction made Kitty curious, so she looked inside the box too, but unsurprisingly adopted a drastically different stance.

"MEOW! Erika! Come! We must wear them now!"

"NO WAY! Forget it!"

"You must come with me!"

"Stop pulling on my arm!"

"No! Come! We must wear them!"

It was unclear why Erika decided to comply at that moment, but she finally followed Kitty upstairs without even showing me what those secret uniforms were. As usual, I couldn't count on Syr to explain it to me. Instead, she just went back to the kitchen to assist Michelle with the food preparation for tomorrow's opening. They came up with a short menu that people would order from, but everything needed to be prepared in advance to serve the clients quickly and efficiently.

Since we brought back beers from the store, I grabbed one and went to sit at one of the tables outside. The inn looked so much better than it was just a week ago. With a fixed roof, replaced broken windows, and a fresh coat of paint, the place looked much more like what I had envisioned when I had decided to take on that challenge.

Kitty had done a fantastic job of getting rid of all the debris and extra vegetation, which made a world of difference in terms of attractiveness. At night, we had burned so much of what she had collected on the moonlit beach that it made it look like we were in a movie. Yes, this place was welcoming again.

For the next little while, I enjoyed the noise of the crashing waves while sipping on my cold beer. I was pretty sure nobody would call me lazy after all that energy I had spent under the burning sun repairing the building with the help of a few workers. A twenty minutes break wasn't too much to ask.

But then my peace and quiet came to a halt when a certain sexy Asian girl with black hair trotted out of the inn wearing her new... uniform.

"What the..."

"Look! Mark! I'm so cute!"

Kitty raised her arms in the air and spun on herself to show me what she was wearing... or what she wasn't wearing.

It turned out that her uniform was a minimalist black bikini, similar to what she wore at home when playing in the pool, but Syr had attached a fluffy cat tail to her barely covered butt. Of course, on top of her head was a matching pair of cat ears. I got the concept with the new inn's name, but were those wrist and ankle cuffs along with the collar really necessary?

While she knew I was distracted trying to keep my boner in check and comprehending how what she was wearing could be appropriate, Kitty turned around and called Erika over.

"Erika! He is here! Come show him yours!"

"No! I hate him! He should die!"

Why would she hate me? I had nothing to do with any of this.

"Come on! Don't be like that. You are super cute!"


Not able to resist Kitty's insistence, Erika walked out, wearing the same sexy cat kit, but hers was as red as her face, which made me smile. What crossed Syr's head when she thought those kits would be proper waitress uniforms was a mystery... but I loved it and smiled.

"Why are you smiling, Mark? You want me to gut you like a fish?"

"I think you two are adorable. I can't wait to see all those clients touching you everywhere with their greasy fingers."

"Is that so?"

Oops! Did I speak too much?

Erika grabbed Kitty's arm and yanked her toward me. They were both standing in front of me, with Erika in control.

"You like how sexy we look?"


"Good... Because if you remember, while we are here, you are not our boyfriend!"

"Meow! Erika speaks the truth!"

Aww crap!

It was always the same wherever we were going. If they found an opportunity to tease me, they used it, and this was an obvious one that I should have seen coming from miles away.

They pushed their almost naked body together and ran their hands slowly on their soft skin in the sexiest way they could think of. Unsurprisingly, they started making out while ensuring to show me their drooly tongue rubbing on each other, and they even added poorly acted moans that were still too credible for my own good.

They turned to me, just to gut me a bit more.

"Aaahn! Master Mark... Would.. Would you like to have sex with us... we are so wet and in heat."

"N... No... Erika... If you push your finger there... it.. it will go in..."


All day long, when they had a window of opportunity, Erika and Kitty teased me. Some of their attempts were very risky, as Michelle was nearby, which could have gotten us in trouble.

Michelle was also struggling with those sexy cat uniforms. I wasn't too sure if it was too sexy for her taste or because her niece had made such costumes for her friends.

But Syr didn't make it sound like there was anything inappropriate or special. She kept saying that it was a fitting outfit for the Caribbean's warm temperature and beach ambiance and that it would attract more customers.

One of my worries was that Kitty's new friend, Mae, would show up tomorrow to help as a waitress. Would she turn around and leave once she would see the sexy cats? The girls seemed to think she would be fine with it, even though they didn't know her at all. I was not too convinced it would go down well.

Ah well, not much I could do about it. I was a mere victim in all of this and would be until the end of our vacation. It was my destiny.

After another hard workday, we were sitting around a campfire on the beach, ready to hit the sack. Michelle had already gone to bed, exhausted, and Syr and I were about to do the same.

"Alright, Syr. Let's go. I'm dead tired, and tomorrow will be tough."

"Yes. But I'm looking forward to it. It would mean a lot to my aunt if we were to have a profitable day."

"Does she still hate me as much?"

"She is just a bit overprotective. You keep teasing her too. It doesn't help."

"As I said, I want a good vacation. I won't keep silent just because it's convenient for her. Plus, it seems to work. Did you see how we turned this doomed place around? It wouldn't have been possible without pushing Michelle a bit."

"I know. Just be nice. She will end up liking you. I'm sure."

"Maybe... Alright. Let's go. Erika, Kitty? Are you going to bed too?"



Kitty turned to Erika after being denied her bedtime, wondering what that was about. Erika extended her arm and pressed on Kitty's nose with her finger.

"I have a little surprise for you."

"You do?"


I had an idea of what Erika had on her mind, but I would not get involved. Arm in arm with my beautiful Syr, we headed toward the inn, leaving the girls behind.

"Why are we not going to bed, Erika?"

"You kept whining that there was nothing kinky to do at the inn, and it was driving you nuts."

"Yes. It's boring here. Normal sex is boring. I miss my rubber suit. I miss my collar. I miss my crate. I miss being tied up. Why don't we just tell Michelle that I'm a sadomasochist and stop hiding."

"You know we can't do that. But come with me if you want to have your surprise."

"Where are we going?"

"I'm not telling you."

The two girls got off their seat, interlaced fingers, and headed toward the beach for a walk under the stars. Wearing only their cat bikini, it probably was not the best thing that two cute girls dressed like this could have done safety-wise, but there was really nothing around, making it very unlikely to bump into bad people.

"You know, Kitty. I love you."

"Meow! I know! You are all over me all the time."

"As much as I like Mark, you are my favorite one to toy with. This vacation made crystal clear to me that if we were to be together, only the two of us, I would still be very happy."

"I would be happy too. But Mark means so much to me. I'm going to follow him forever."

"Hehe. I know that. I'm damn glad he is around. It adds variety to our sex life, and I like to torture him, but I'm saying that you are very special to me. It's really you who allowed me to turn my life around and have so much fun."

"Being a perv is good. I keep telling everybody!"

Erika stopped and dug her toes into the sand, adopting a different tone, transpiring sadness and doubt. Showing her vulnerable side was not something she was used to, but tonight it felt like the right time to let her guard down.

"You... you don't say that you love me often, you know."

"I love you!"

"No, Kitty... you can't just say it when I ask for it."

"I love you."

"Kitty... You have to mean it."

"I love you, and I mean it... You are just not listening when I say it."

"I... I'm not?"

"No, you are not. We have tons of fun all the time. You should know by now that I love you, yet, you still doubt it."

"But, I know you are Mark's favorite girlfriend. That you'd choose him over me."

"Why choose? He has nothing to do with us. Even if you were to break up with him, he wouldn't decide who else I'm dating. He is not like that, and you know it."

"I don't want to break up with him... I just... I just feel like the third wheel of the wagon sometimes. I feel like an extra."

"You make yourself feel that way. I tell you. Mark loves you, Syr loves you in her own way, and I love you a lot too. You know what? You are too confident."

"Uh? Too confident?"

Kitty dropped her butt in the sand, spun around to face the waves breaking on the beach, and pulled Erika down next to her.

"You've always been super smart, super in control, super autonomous, super powerful."

"I do like all of those qualities. It's not a bad thing, right?"

"It's good, but you rely on them too much."

"What do you mean?"

"Why do you like me?"

"Uh? Well... You are a perv, you are funny, you are childish, so it gives me many opportunities to play with you and have fun. There's just no dull moments around you."

"Is being childish a quality?"

"I... I don't know... probably not. But I find it fun."

"See... Quality, flaws... it doesn't matter. You remind me of Mark when I first met him. You guys are so smart that you let your intelligence get in the way of your emotions. You are so used to thinking ahead of time and plan everything that you forget living in the present moment."

"Mmm... you think?"

"Yes. What's the point of me saying that I love you if, instead of absorbing what I said, you ask yourself tons of questions. Do I really mean it? What does it mean for our future? Do I like Mark more than you? You see? It's getting in the way of the moment."

"Mmm... I've never looked at it that way."

"I love you!"


"Come on... stop thinking that I'm playing with your head. Just take it. I love you."

"I'm... I'm not sure what to do..."

"I love you, Erika!"

Kitty rolled on top of Erika, pushed her back flat in the sand, and sat on her belly. She leaned forward to kiss the red catgirl.

"I love you!"


"Hehe... do you believe me, now?"

"Yes... I think I do. Come!"


Not expecting that reaction at all, Kitty jerked back when Erika tossed her aside and stood up before running away.

"Hey! Wait! It's dark! Don't leave me alone! Where are you going?"

Tails flying in every direction, the two cat-girls chased each other in the sand for a little while. Then Erika entered a strange part of the jungle. Kitty followed her in reluctantly, protecting her face from the leaves with her arm.

"Erika? Where did you go? It's not funny! You know I'm scared of the creatuuuu... Aaaah!"

Kitty put her foot on something slimy, causing her to trip and land face-first into a mud pit. Erika, who had avoided the trap knowing it was there, burst into laughter.

"Bahaha! Even better than I expected. I found this place this morning while you were grocery shopping with Mark."


Kitty turned to her back, coating her sexy little body even more with mud, and looked at Erika, who was way happier than usual.

"I learned your little secret, kitkat. Since you were missing so much of your kinky activities, I thought this would cheer you up."

"Mud... There is mud near the inn?... This hot!"

"Haha... Apparently, it is! A mud bath would be a first for me, and probably a stupid thing to do. But as you said, I will leave my intelligence aside and enjoy the moment."

Without hesitation, Erika stepped into the small mud pit to join her cat friend. She quickly sank up to her thigh but just found it funny. As soon as she reached Kitty, she let herself fall over her to share the fun.


"Haha! This is perfect. Want to wrestle a bit?"

"Meow! I'll win!"

Of course, Kitty, who was barely strong enough to lift cutlery, had no chance of winning. But rolling around and coating themself in slippery mud was the ultimate goal—that and sexily rubbing their bodies together to experience the dirty sensation of such an erotic bath without any judgment.

Kitty remembered her night in the mud on the first day she had met Mark, but this was different. It was deeper, less cold, and she wasn't wearing her full rubber catsuit.

"Aaaanh! Aaabblrrrr!"

"It's quieter if I play with your clit while I push your head under the mud."

Erika wanted to have sex, so was Kitty, and she knew how much Kitty loved breathplay. All the elements were there for a fun night. The mud was deep, creamy, and slippery, as if the Gods had created this small piece of paradise just for them tonight.

"Pffaaa! Pffaaa!"

"Hehe! Enjoying yourself?"

"Pfaa... Oh my God. YES! Push me under more... longer!"

"Such a pervy cat. Let's take our outfits off before we lose them. We will rinse them later, or else Syr is going to be super mad at us."

That was the signal meaning they were going to stay here for a while longer. Clumsily, the two girls took off their sexy cat attire and put them aside near a bush. Cuddling was now even better. They could explore their flawless curves and massage their breast without a layer of interfering fabric.


Erika pushed Kitty back in the mud but followed her in as well. Both of them were submerged, cuddling while confined inside this strange muddy universe. Knowing that their partner couldn't breathe gave them both the impression that they had just sunk together in moving sand. But, of course, it wasn't the case as they could slowly push themselves back up to breathe and clean each other's face.

Kitty had been right once more. Putting the thinking aside for the benefit of the present moment had made such a difference. Erika had fun and felt loved a bit more than usual. Her fears and questioning had been put on standby until they would be required again. None of her thoughts were useful while rubbing her slippery thigh between Kitty's crotch to make her cum.

The dirty sex session lasted for well over an hour, and the two girls were now relaxing on the edge of the mud pit, their bodies fully submerged, protecting them from the freshness of the night. Their faces and hair were completely coated in mud as well, making it impossible to tell them apart.

"I love you so much, Kitty."

'Meow! I love you too, Muderika."

"Haha! Silly Muddykitty!"

"Mmmm... Morning, Syr! ... Syr?"

That was a first. My cute Syr was already gone. I was getting a bit too used to those morning blowjobs. She must have woken up very early to prepare for the opening. I could tell that she was stressed out because of it last night. We relied on her for so many things that we would have to make sure she wouldn't overexert herself today. She loved running a house, but still, she was not a machine.

It was around 7 am, and we were planning on opening around 11 am. The best I could do was to get out of bed and make sure everything was in order and be ready to help with whatever the girls needed. I went for a quick shower, and on my way back, I knocked on Kitty's door.

"Hey, you two... wake up."


"Kitty? Erika? Are you coming to help?"

Still nothing... I slowly pushed the unlocked door open and found an empty bed.

"Oh, they are already up? I'm impressed."

I went down to the main floor and headed to the kitchen, where Syr was in action, organizing everything she would need in case she had to cook.

She was indeed in full maid mode, taking her duty very seriously, perhaps a bit too much.

"Hey! Good morning, cute girl"

"Sorry. I'm swamped at the moment. I will cook your breakfast shortly."

"I don't need breakfast... I just want a good morning kiss."

"Oh... Sorry."

Syr quickly kissed me on the cheek and returned to her pans. There was not much else to do other than smile and give her her space. I couldn't blame her for taking this day seriously. If all her ducks were in a row, it would ultimately make her cooking day more manageable, so it was better to let her enjoy herself and deal with the mental damage later, if any. She was still young; she could take it.

"By the way, have you seen Kitty and Erika?"

"No. They must still be asleep."

"They weren't in their bedroom. Odd."

I wasn't overly worried at that point, but I was so used to having them around at all times that not knowing where they were made me feel uneasy.

Once outside on the inn's porch, I could see our little campfire from last night and the five empty chairs surrounding it; they weren't there either. Our two vehicles were in the lot as well.

"Mmm... I'm wondering..."

Yes, just now, I remembered the suggestion I had made to Erika regarding Kitty's lack of BDSM fun and was willing to bet that she had used it. Erika had mentioned a surprise to Kitty before Syr and I went to bed, so it was the most plausible explanation that I could think of.

And as I was thinking about the wolf...

"Oh, dear God in heaven... someone pinch me!"

Two small feminine silhouettes appeared from the beach. They looked more like sea monsters than humans, but I knew right away that they were my two missing girls. The more they approached, the dirtier they looked. There was not an inch of their skin that wasn't covered by a thick mud crust. It was impossible to tell them apart.

I stepped down the porch to intercept them.

"STOP! Stay away from that inn."

"... We... We kind of need a shower. We played in the mud ... and ... you know... we fell asleep... and it all dried overnight... and..."

"I don't want to know... I really don't. That's between you two. But you don't walk into our clean inn like this, dirty girls. You wait for me here."

I quickly went back inside to collect a couple of large towels and then led the girl to the garden. That recently installed garden hose would serve it's first purpose.

"I'm going to rinse you. It's going to be cold, so take a deep breath..."



They were caked as fuck. It was as if I was washing two pets that went off roading before letting them in the house. The water hit their crusty skin, making them squirm under the cold jet.

As I was hosing them down, I discovered that they were naked, and the little blocks of mud they were holding were the uniforms Syr had given them.

"You better find a good solution to clean those, or else Syr is going to be mad at you."

"We are sorry!"

Once they reached an acceptable level of purity, I tossed them the towels, and they wrapped themselves in them while hugging each other in a very lesbian way.

"Go take a real shower now. I want you back in your cat waitress uniforms within an hour!"

"Yes... sorry!"

"No, you are not!"


Of course, they were not. Those little giggles betrayed that but also betrayed all the fun they had last night, which was good to see. We were on vacation, after all.

The next few hours were eventless. Michelle had prepared the dining room; I made sure the parking lot was clear; Kitty and Erika magically reappeared as normal human beings, wearing their sexy cat outfits, clean and dry.

Just before 11 am, we all gathered in the dining room to discuss the next steps. Our coordinator in chief, Erika, told us what to expect.

"We did send pamphlets to the locals through the mail, so I hope people will drop by for our opening. Outside that, S...Elizabeth will camp in the kitchen, Michelle will take care of the bar while Kitty and I will put our breasts in the clients' faces to make them drink more and stay."

"ERIKA! My inn is not a brothel!"

Michelle wasn't used to Erika's crude humor.

"Sorry. I'm just kidding. But hey, I'm sure they will like us."

"There is another way we will attract people here."

"Uh? What do you have in mind, S...Elizabeth?"

"One moment, please. I will be right back."

Syr left the table and went to fetch something from her improvised workshop. Meanwhile, Michelle started to get suspicious about why Erika had so much difficulty pronouncing Elizabeth's name.

"Erika? Why so you keep calling my niece Selizabeth? This is strange."

"Well... Hum... I... I'm not sure."

"You are not sure? She lives at your place for the past few years. Is there something you are not telling me?"

"No... no... I just... I just call her sweetie... That's it... I'm just trying to break the habit."

"Sweetie? Elizabeth doesn't even like it when we call her Liz... This is very strange that she would accept such a nickname."

"Hehe... I know... right? That's why I'm trying to stop... hehe."

As Erika tried to manage her cold sweat, Syr came back to the dining room, holding a big sign. She flipped it so we could all read it.

"NOW OPEN! Snacks & Cold Beer."

"Yes, Kitty will go to the side of the road wearing her uniform and will hold this sign up to attract customers."

"That's brilliant!"

"Wait a minute! Why me and not Erika?"

"Because you would have no idea how to be a waitress, but you are good at talking to people. Erika would just scare them."


A loud knocking along with a melodic voice interfered with our group teasing.

"Hellooo! Mae, reporting for duty!"


Kitty bolted to the door and hugged the new girl that she had unofficially employed. It seemed that we had all forgotten about her except for Kitty. And why was it okay for Kitty to jump in the arms of someone she had only met once as if she was her best friend? And why was this girl going along with it? Some days, I wondered if Kitty was a mind-controlling witch.

"Haha! Hi, everybodyyy! I'm Mae, and Kitty said you might have a work for me."

"Meow! Yes! Welcome to the Cats of the Caribbean!"

"Hey, thanks! Why are you wearing a bikini with cat ears?"

Kitty turned around and wriggled her butt in front of Mae, displaying the other body part she had missed.

"And a tail! This is our official waitress uniform! You must wear it too! Ack!"

Erika roughly grabbed Kitty by her collar and pulled her away from the new girl. If we wanted to have a chance to keep her employed for more than two minutes, it was probably not the time to ask her to wear a sexy bikini and ears.

"We are not going to make her wear this! Think with your head, Kitty!"

"Aww, why?"

"Yeah? Why?"

Kitty protesting was a given since she wanted to see cute girls wearing bikinis, but Mae asking the same question was not something any of us had expected. This caused all of us to stare at her, mainly me, who came to the Caribbean expressly to see cute swimsuits on perfectly tanned girls. Would my secret wish be granted?

"Why are you all staring at me? If you are wearing this as a uniform, I should too. I love wearing a bikini, and it's always too hot here."

"Well... in that case. S...Elizabeth... Do you have another kit that she could try?"

"... no... well..."

"Oof... What kind of tone was that? That wasn't convincing... Do you have one or not?"

As Erika further questioned Syr due to her shaky answer, Syr's cheek turned bright red, and her hands crossed in front of her chest. It was a pure unexplained embarrassment.

"Well... I do... but..."

"But what? What's the matter?"

Instead of answering, Syr leaned toward Erika and whispered something in her ear.

"HA! You made one for yourself to wear in front of Mark later? Kinky!"

"Sshhhh! Why did you say it out loud!? I told you not to! Now he knooows!"

"Calm down! Mark is not that important. Mae seems to be your size. Just go get it so she can try it on."

As usual, when Erika made fun of me, I knew it wasn't serious, but I felt a bit of pain knowing that I was about to miss an opportunity to see Syr wearing a sexy cat-girl outfit. Since the first day I met her, I've never seen her wearing cat ears again. It wasn't her thing.

With some smoke coming out of her ears, Syr went upstairs to fetch the mysterious extra outfit. Poor Michelle. This sudden flow of sexy catgirls must have been hard for her to digest. I didn't know what she had in mind for her inn, but felinity was certainly not a concept she had expected to embrace.

"Alright, I can't wait for our first clients. I'm going to the curb with my sign. Come get me when you have enough customers, okay?"

"You are quite confident that you can catch people's attention. That's good."

"Yes, I am! Alright, see you in a bit!"

The small Asian girl grabbed the sign, which looked even bigger in her hands, and disappeared through the door. Amusingly, Mae patted her on the head as if she was a small pet. Again, how come they had built such chemistry this quickly? It was scary.

While we were waiting for Syr to come back, Michelle showed Mae around, leaving me alone with Erika, who threw herself in my arms after making sure nobody would see us.

"You are breaking the rules, Erika!"

"I know! But I'm happy!"

"You do look happy. Does your little muddy adventure from last night have anything to do with it?"

"Yes! Your idea was great. Kitty loved it, and so did I. I got closer to her. She is way smarter than she let us believe, you know."

"Oh, I know. I know. Trust me."

I squeezed Erika in my arms and rubbed her back.

There was something about our little group. No matter what happened and what challenges we faced, we always found a way to get along and love each other. Occasionally, I wished to have more quiet time, but during moments like these, when we were teasing, playing, loving, and joking, it really made me feel fulfilled.

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