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by Tigerstretch

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Chapter 13 - Rubber + Latex = Kitty


That was the only word I could come up with to explain what was going on with Kitty right now. After spending two incredible weeks in the Caribbean, it would have been reasonable to assume that everybody had fun and were happy to have added this amazing experience to their memory for when they would be old and reminiscing. But no. Kitty had quickly forgotten about the inn, the creature in the kitchen, and even the cute lesbian Mae. Instead, she had decided to focus on the only negative element; we had deprived her of latex during that trip.

I would be the first to admit that traveling far from home with Kitty without bringing some latex gear to entertain her had been a mistake, but to react this way was a bit over the top. No… MUCH over the top.

She spent the past month wearing her catsuit and had since then refused to take it off in front of us. Her legendary stubbornness had come back in force.

"Kitty, come on. You were all happy not to wear your suit all the time, and now you don't want to take it off anymore. You are overreacting."

"I take it off, just not around you. I take it off occasionally to take a shower and clean the suit."

"Why are you doing this? It's been a month of that."

"If I take it off, you won't let me wear it ever again, as you did in the Caribbean. Mark, you are a dictator!"

"I'm not!"

It all started when we came back home after our vacation. The first thing Kitty had asked for was to wear her pink latex catsuit, and we even forced Erika to join her by making her wear the Kitty suit copy so they could play together. It was a lot of fun.

But after a few days, Erika was ready to murder me, so I let her out of her suit, but Kitty flat out refused, arguing that we would take away her beloved costume from her again. We tolerated it for a week, then two weeks, then three, but now it's been over a month. She was super cute as a rubber cat, but I feared that all the efforts she had put into feeling more confident about herself out of suit would go to waste if we didn't find a way to make her see the light.

Kitty and I just had a good sex session, and now she was sitting on my hips with her two paws on my chest, the same way she always did when we were arguing about something.

"Trust me, Kitty! It's for your own good."


"Why not? And don't say we are going to take your suit away. You know it's not true."


"No is not an answer."


"So you never want to get out of your suit ever again?"


"Even if it makes me sad?"

"It doesn't. You like it when I'm a rubber cat."

It was impossible to forget how smart she could be despite her childish attitude. She knew very well that what she just said was true and that I couldn't deny it. She was very happy to cut my legs off mercilessly.

Her little body, all encased in shiny pink latex, was beyond cute. It fit her curves so perfectly that it almost looked like it was her real skin. The attached matching hood with eyes and mouth holes topped with two big cat ears were just too adorable to resist; it was even worse since Syr had added some little whiskers on her cheeks. Along with her almond-shaped eyes, her outfit was undeniably compatible with what I loved.

"What about… your swimming lessons with Syr? You know you can't swim in this suit."

"She closed the pool. Winter is coming."

"Oh, did she?"


"Then, what about texting? You like texting me when I'm at work."

"I can do that by holding a stylus in my mouth. I've done it before."

"True… So what if Mae decides to visit? You'll let her see you dressed up like a rubber cat?"

"She won't visit for a long while, if ever. And yes, I showed her pictures of my suit when Erika and I fucked her very hard and made her cum and squirt repeatedly. She loved it."

"Kitty, you have a way to say things sometimes… so raw."


She wasn't unintelligent and certainly not unable to justify her actions. At the moment, she wanted to be a rubber catgirl and nothing else.

"You know, Erika has a new job, and I'm working too. Don't you feel bad for Syr? She has to spend all that time cooking for you and making you eat because your hands are encased in rubber mitts. Do you think that is fair to her?"

"Yes. She said, "Master Mark told me not to let you starve," so it looks like she doesn't mind."

Another blow to the liver. It was true that I didn't want Kitty to starve, so I did ask Syr to keep an eye on her when Erika and I were away. There was no way I would let her little stomach rumble as an incentive to force her out of her suit; it would be too cruel.

"Fine! You win! If you want to wear your suit all the time, it's your choice. But don't come whining later when you want out."

"Meow! That's not going to happen! Erika loves it too. She likes it when I'm helpless."

"I know that. You are some sort of weird masochist. You let her overuse you, then you whine that she goes too far."

"It's true! She always goes too far!"

"But you let her go too far…"


I shook my head at her strange thinking mechanism and gave her skinny butt a good squeeze.

"Okay, get off me, cathead. I'm going to take a shower and read a little bit before bed. It's getting late."

"Then you are going to come back and fuck me some more."

"Nope! Tonight I'm sleeping with Syr. It's your "Erika night," remember?"

"Oh, is it?"

"Yes. She said that every Wednesday, she has tons of frustrating meetings at work, so she needs to play with you to evacuate all her stress."

"Is that why she is so late?"

"Yep. So you have to be extra nice to her when she comes back."

"Ah! Work doesn't sound fun. I still want to find a job where I will get paid for doing nothing."

"Good luck with that dream, kitkat… Particularly if you refuse to take off your latex suit."

"Pfff… Leave my bed at once! Go take your shower! You are full of germs."

At least I managed to hit a nerve before leaving the bed. That felt good.

As planned, I took a long hot shower and went back upstairs to find Syr. I thought she would be cleaning, cooking, or repairing something as usual, but I found her relaxing on the couch with a light novel when I arrived in the living room.

Her green maid uniform was still surreal even after months of knowing her. Wearing something so fantasy-like was certainly making an impression on me. Her outfit's quality never ceased to impress me as it signaled that she was a true maid and that she was committed to the role. It was miles away from those cheap maid costumes that any girl could order online for a few bucks just to give a good time to their male for a single evening. Her uniform was legit.

I sat next to her and wrapped my arm around her shoulders; she leaned a bit on me.

"Hey, what are you reading?"

"This one," she said as she showed me the cover.

"Oh, is that not the first light novel you ever read?"

"That is correct, Master Mark. When I moved to Erika's house, it was the only book I possessed that was not for school."

"Hehe. So, how many times did you read it?"

"I do not know. Countless times. But it still feels good. Erika bought me all the subsequent volumes."

"Yeah, you were saying. You have a very cute relationship with her."

She leaned a bit more on me.

It was so strange. When we were in the Caribbean, I spent most of my intimate time with Syr, and she almost had no opportunity to act as my maid. She didn't want her aunt to find out about that, so she had put her character away on purpose. Despite how happy I was to see her acting like herself during those two weeks, I had worried that perhaps it was going to change our relationship once back home.

Oddly enough, I had been confident that Kitty and Erika wouldn't change one bit. But the total opposite happened. Kitty was experiencing a latex crisis, and, inspired by the success she had achieved with the inn, Erika dove back into the workforce like a savage beast ready to conquer the universe.

But Syr? She hadn't changed at all. The minute she put her maid uniform back on, she recovered her previous personality and was even more comfortable in her maid role. It was nothing less than fascinating.

"Oh, Master Mark. Can I ask you a question?"

"Of course. What is it?"

"What do you think of this uniform?"

She flipped a couple of her book pages to show me one of the drawings commonly found in light novels. It was another maid uniform, quite different than the green one she typically wore. This one was much more classical, black and white with a small apron. It was a bit closer to the sexy ones I had in mind earlier but much classier. The skirt was shorter, exposing the white stocking-covered legs of the character. The puffy sleeves were short, and the square neck allowed plenty of room for the cute little choker. Of course, there was a matching headband.

"I like it, Syr. You want to make it?"

"Would it not be odd?"

"What do you mean? I think it would suit you. Actually, I would love to see you wearing something different. I enjoyed watching you in your street clothes at the inn."

"That has not happened, Master mark! I never wore anything else than my maid uniform at the inn. You imagined things. I'm just a maid."

"Oh, right! Hehe. But yeah, go ahead and make this one. I would love to see it."

"But… It wouldn't match my name anymore."

"What does your name have to do with this?"

"Well, you gave me the name of your favorite character, and my current uniform matches it."

"Oh, come on. If you read the series, you should remember that Syr wore other clothes too later. Don't be so strict. I can tell you really want it. As I said, I want to see it too."

'Mmm… Okay… maybe I will make it, then."

As she closed her book, Erika entered the house after having worked a bunch of extra hours. We could easily tell that she was still pumped after a very stressful day.

"Mark, where is Kitty? I need to fuck her brain out!"

"You two are always so romantic."

"Yeah, whatever. On Wednesday, I'm in beast mode. Where is she?"

"Basement. She was waiting for you. Be gentle, okay?"

"Ah! You always see Kitty as this little fragile thing. She is stronger than you, you know."

"Hehe. Well, then enjoy your girl's night with her. You can sleep downstairs. I'll sleep upstairs with Syr."

"Cool. Good night!"

"Good night!"

And she was gone as fast as she had arrived. Syr put her book aside and rolled over me, resting her head on my chest.

"I don't want sex tonight. I just want to cuddle. Would that be okay?"

"Thank God! Yes! I could use a break! Why don't we go to bed right now and watch some anime on the tablet."

"I would love that very much, Master Mark."

It was our special activity. Kitty and Erika refused to watch any of this while Syr and I were very much on the same page.

As proof, a mocking voice came from downstairs.


"Kitty? Are you coming to eat your breakfast?"

It was the third time Syr shouted down the stairs, trying to wake Kitty up so she would come and eat a little something. When unsupervised, Kitty tended to skip meals, and her Master said that it wasn't acceptable.

"Kitty? Are you awake?"

The lack of answers wasn't uncommon. Either she was sleeping like a rock, or something perverted was going on. Mark and Erika had left for work a while ago, so Syr decided to head to the basement to assess the situation.

At the bottom of the staircase, she pushed the door open, but all the lights were off, preventing her from seeing the bed clearly.


Her delicate fingers found the light switch and dimmed it up, gradually allowing her to confirm her suspicions.

"Of course…"

As Syr approached the bed, a wriggling black form was twisting around with some difficulties on top of the blanket. Kitty was a prisoner of an inescapable bondage contraption, the ominous leather sleepsack that Erika had given her before their Caribbean trip. The tight crackling leather didn't leave a single inch of Kitty's body visible. Thanks to the fact it had been custom made, it looked flawless, even around the neck area where the tight hood was attached. The only contact Kitty had with the exterior world was the two small grommets at the nose level.

Syr understood what was going on right away; Erika had too much fun with Kitty, then she was late for work and decided to leave her restrained. She should have suspected this when, earlier this morning, Erika had told her three times to keep a close eye on Kitty today.

Constricted like a sausage, Kitty couldn't even moan anymore. It was more than probable that she was still wearing her full latex catsuit under this thick layer of leather, restricting her further.

Never having been a big bondage fan, Syr was still getting it. Seeing how much bondage fun Kitty had with Mark and Erika day after day, it was not hard to imagine that some people loved this kind of activity. It was just not her cup of tea. Syr always preferred vanilla sex driven by a bit of roleplay over these extreme scenarios.

But Kitty was different; being tied up was part of her DNA. If she went too long without some sort of BDSM action, she would undoubtedly lose her mind. Syr's knowledge about her friend allowed her to accept what she was seeing and route the situation toward something Kitty would enjoy.

"Kitty, I'll be back around lunchtime. I'll turn on the baby monitor, so just grunt a bit if you want out, okay?"


There was no way to know how long Kitty had been mummified like this. Perhaps Erika had tied her up late last night or just this morning. But based on her body language, it was fair to assume that Kitty wasn't ready to be freed. Her breakfast could wait a bit longer.

Syr left the room and headed back up to her workshop to work on her new uniform. Perhaps if she were to do a good job on it, it would please her Master.

A few hours later, Syr still had not heard any concerning grunts through the baby monitor. Occasional healthy moans conveyed the fact that Kitty still had a blast inside her dark and restrictive world of kink. That said, Syr knew that the small catgirl would push her limit irrationally, so it was better to put an end to this activity, at least for the time of a meal.

"Oh, it's already 1:30 pm, and I barely made any progress on this maid uniform… I'm being lazy."

After a long stretch and some undeserved self-criticism, the green maid left her workshop and headed back to the basement to check on her friend.

Like earlier, Kitty was still wriggling on the giant bed, but this time she had flipped to her stomach and seemed stuck that way. This position was actually convenient since the laces and the long zipper were located at the back of the sack.

This time around, it seemed that Erika had tightened the sleepsack more than usual. Perhaps Kitty had said something wrong that had resulted in this extra punishment… or perhaps it was a reward. It was hard to tell sometimes with Kitty.

Syr pulled on the string to release the knot, returning some slack to the poor Asian girl.


"Yes, it was very tight, Kitty."

Loosening the leather laces allowed Kitty to curl a bit. Syr had to push her back down to unzip the long zipper and give her full freedom back. As the sack cracked open, it revealed a glossy pink latex skin; Kitty was unsurprisingly still wearing her full latex suit.

Carefully, Syr helped the tired cat out of the bag, which almost looked like a butterfly crawling out of a cocoon, minus the fact that Kitty was more like a shiny larva.

"Aaaah! Erika overtightened it!"

"It looked that way. Are you okay, Kitty?"

"Why did you let me out? I wanted to stay like this all day!"

"Master Mark would be angry at me if I were to let you skip too many meals."

"Mark will never get angry at you. He is incapable of it."

"You still have to eat. Come, I will make you a snack."

"Can we have sex first? I'm so frustrated."

"…I'm not going to have sex with you, Kitty. We had this discussion in the past."

"Aaah, I was just teasing. You are too serious."

Visibly tired, Kitty crawled off the bed and followed Syr upstairs and into the kitchen. As she always did, as if she had been unconsciously trained to do so, the pink rubber cat climbed on one of the island stools and waited for her food to magically appear before her. It didn't even cross her mind to offer assistance.

"What would you prefer, Kitty? A late breakfast or lunch?"

"I want a cathead sandwich!"

"Absolutely not. I will never make those again for as long as I live."

"Why? Just because you made a couple of those at the inn?"

"I made hundreds at the inn, and it felt like millions."

"Meow, okay. Then I want a cheese sandwich!"

"The brie grilled cheese with fig jam? Sorry, I don't have the ingredients, and Master Mark said it makes you gain too much weight."

"Ah! I'm still tiny and cute. Then just make me whatever you want. I'm hungry."

As usual, Syr confectioned something good looking for the starving cat girl. She never minded cooking for her friends because it was satisfying to see them enjoying her food. Having proved that many times in the past, Kitty wouldn't be able to survive if she were to cook her own food. Additionally, Kitty couldn't use her hands right now as they were encased inside her suit's built-in mitts. Since the back zipper was locked, there was no way to address this issue, and that was on top of Kitty's decision not to take it off. The battle wasn't worth it.

Syr opted for a very nutritious smoothie; that way, Kitty would be able to feed herself. Some blender action later, the catgirl had a delicious liquid meal between her paws and sucked it using a large straw.

"Mmm… This one is good."

"I put avocado in it."

"What's an avocado?"

"Kitty, you know what an avocado is."

"Yes, but it makes me look cuter if I pretend not to know."


"Can I go sit in your workshop and watch you work this afternoon?"

"Today, you can. I don't work on any secret project at the moment."

"You and your secrets."

"Not all my customers wish to be known."

"Customers… You should only craft things for yourself… or for me."

"And how would I make money, Kitty?"

"You don't need money. Just do like I do and let Mark pay for everything."

Kitty had her own special way to look at things.

Once the two girls finished ingesting their lunch, they headed back to the workshop where Syr kept working on her new uniform and where Kitty laid down on a big pile of fake fur for a little cat nap.

"Maaark! You are back home!"

"Oof! Do you always have to throw yourself in my stomach like this?"


Whatever Kitty would say, I could tell that her days felt longer since Erika had returned to work. Syr was home but often busy, so Kitty was alone most of the time with nothing fun to do.

I pulled on her rubber ears to make her look at me.

"You still don't want to take your suit off?"

"Never! Play with me!"

"I will. But while I was at work, I thought about something."

"Uh oh!"

"If you don't want to take your suit off and be a rubber cat forever, then we will have to treat you accordingly."

"…Does this mean you'll have sex with me all the time?"

"No, I only have sex with real humans. You are just a cat."

"You won't last one week without my warm and horny latex body next to you."

"And I told Erika not to have sex with you either."

"Oh! That's never going to work."

"And you won't be allowed to use any furniture anymore. The chairs, couches, bed… it's all off-limits, or else you're going to get punished."

"Meow, that sounds hot."

"We will see about that. By the way, I spoke to Erika on the phone today while we were at work, and she is in. She, too, thinks you are going too far with your latex suit obsession."

"Pfff… You are not allowed to speak to her when I'm not around!"

"Since when? I'm dating her as much as you do. Anyway, go down on your knees. Real cats don't walk like humans."

Kitty acted tough, but this series of instructions and how I had cornered her were bugging her, I could tell. It was a matter of time, perhaps only a few minutes, before she broke one of those new rules and ended up receiving a nice spanking. Following directions was not her forte.

She unhesitantly sat on the floor like a cat and placed her rubber paw on my crotch in a sign of defiance.

"That's cool. This is the perfect height for you to fuck my skull."

"No, Kitty. As I said, you are a real cat now. No sex for you. Also, you can't talk anymore. You can only meow."


"Yes, unless you want a sore butt."

"…I do not consent to this last part!"

"Haha. You don't have to. We will make you consent."

I patted her on the head and walked past her.

"Oh, and the basement is off-limits too."

"Hey! That's where all my cool bondage stuff is."

"Ah, too bad. Real cats don't get tied up. That would be considered animal cruelty. Anyway… Less talking, more meowing, cathead."

"…Meow! But Erika still won't let this happen!"

"We will see about that, Kitty. We will see about that."

As I walked away from her, I knew I had given some good food for thought. She was right that it would difficult for me not to have sex with her until further notice, but I would not let her know that. It was also true that I had talked to Erika and that she was totally on board with this little coercive plan. None of us thought that what Kitty was doing was healthy. We couldn't let her go back to the time when she was too extreme. She had made a huge step forward when she had stopped wearing her suit permanently, and we were determined not to let go back to that baseline.

I headed to the basement for a shower. Since our trip to the Caribbean, I felt a bit more in control of my environment. Around my girls, I had never had a big opportunity to show what I was capable of in general. Here, Syr spoiled me every single day with good food and doing the house chores, Erika loved running the show and taking charge of everything, and Kitty was not very high maintenance because of the two previous reasons. But on the island, when I had decided to kick aunt Michelle in the butt and fix this damn inn, I had really felt a sense of accomplishment. Sure, we all helped each other over there, but I still felt like this idea came from me and that the project wouldn't have happened otherwise. Situations like this were rare in my life, and I wanted more of this feeling. I had no intention to return to what I was in the past, a mostly spineless guy.

Driving Kitty for a while to get what I wanted was one of those projects that would feel similar. I would just have to be mindful of what Kitty felt and make sure not to make her miserable. This game would only be fun if it were helping her.

After dropping my clothes on the big bed, I headed to the washroom for a warm shower. Work wasn't giving me a break. Actually, every time I thought things would get better, our management was putting more responsibilities on our shoulders, and I was getting tired of it. I had not talked about it yet with any of my girls, not wanting to bug them with my work life and problems, but it felt I was getting closer to the point where I would have to make a decision for myself. Erika had warned me more than once about the danger of burnout, and that was what I saw developing.

As I was thinking about those things, the bathroom light turned off, leaving me in the dark with the hot rain.

"Hey! Who turned the lights off?"

"It's me, Master Mark. Can I take a shower with you?"

"Oh, Syr… Absolutely! Come on in."

"I will light a candle for intimacy."

"Feeling romantic?"


I loved when she did that. She would crack a match and light a small candle tray before joining me. Sometimes it was for sex, other times it was for some romance, and sometimes it was just because she liked when I washed her hair. I would soon discover what she had in mind this time around.

The ambiance was already much more relaxing. Perhaps I should do this candle thing even when I was by myself instead of always waiting for her to do it. Syr slid the glass door open and stepped in. Before I knew it, her perfect naked chest pressed against mine.

"Master Mark! Hello!"

"Hehe. Hi there. Did you have a good day?"

"Yes. But I didn't finish the uniform."

"Geez. Take it easy. I want to see it, but there is no rush, you know."

"I know. I just really want to wear it for you now."

"And I can't wait either. You should have crafted another one a long time ago."


Syr looked at me with her sweet grey eyes and tiptoed herself up to kiss me. I always had so much to think about, but I always had a hard time remembering that Syr just wanted to please me. Most of what she did for me in a day was her initiative, but I knew she would like it better if I were driving her around a bit more. I would have to keep that in mind and let her know about things I would like her to do for me. This new uniform idea should have come from me.

"You were tough on Kitty earlier, Master Mark."

"It won't be just me. I talked to Erika and decided we would try this on Kitty to change her mind about wearing her suit permanently."

"I know, Erika arrived from work already, and she began spanking Kitty really hard. This is why I sought refuge here. Such violence."

"Haha. Really?"

"Yes, Kitty was lying on the couch. Master Mark, I don't want to spank Kitty. I can report her behavior to you, but I will not spank her."

"It bugs you that much when we spank her?"

"I don't like it, but I accept it… I'm not going to participate in her punishments. I am not her girlfriend."

"Right. You are mine."

"I'm your maid."

"Correct, and to change the topic, do you know what I would like right now?"


"A nice blowjob from my maid."

"Yes, Master!"

That was what I was thinking a moment ago. Syr loved it when I decided things for her, and I would have to use this trait more often. Without any hesitation, she knelt in the shower pan and started licking me.

It only took a few seconds for me to get hard as a rock; she was so good at it. With the water gently running and the candle dancing around through the foggy atmosphere, Syr carried me to a happy place. Why did it always feel so good? Why was she so beautiful? Why did she make me believe that blowjobs were her favorite thing in the world? She was so good at it.

Half in a trance while Syr took me deeper and deeper into pleasure, I decided to take this opportunity to share my dark secret. While I rubbed her temples with my thumbs, I broached a subject that seemed out of place.

"Syr, I think I'm going to quit my job."


"Oooh, that's good. You know, I've been working there for a long time, and I thought I would spend my entire career with them… But work just keeps piling up, and we get no additional help."

"Hmmm, Master…"

Just wanting to share and not seeking reassurance, I pushed my cock back inside her mouth, making her understand that she didn't have to talk. Her soft tongue resumed its work, providing me with the dose of good feelings I needed while I tried to make up my mind.

"I think I'll give them a month's notice, and then I'll quit for good. Perhaps I'll do what Erika did and take some time off before going job hunting again."

"Aaanh… Master… I'm… I'm getting a bit turned on…"

"Hehe… Alright, lie down on your back. I think I know what you need.."

Syr was so pretty, even at the bottom of a shower pan. I carefully went down on my knees before lying on top of her. As we kissed sensually, I pressed my cockhead between her perfectly smooth pussy lips and rubbed it on her swollen clitoris.

"Aaanh.. Master… If… If you quit your job… aanh… I'll take good care of you when… you are home. Hmmm."

"That's part of why I want to take a break. I want to enjoy my maid a bit more."

"I… I love you… Master… AAANH!"

As she was confessing her love, I pushed my entire length inside her boiling vagina. It was always so hard to resist, and anyway, that was how she liked me to penetrate her. She was willing to accept a bit of discomfort in exchange for this forceful sensation.

She quickly wrapped her smooth legs around my waist so I could go deeper. No matter how cute and innocent she was, Syr was a sexual creature and fully enjoyed these moments when her Master took pleasure from her body.

If I were to quit my job, she would undoubtedly become one of my favorite ways to kill time, particularly if Kitty was still in the penalty box.

Having sex with a cute girl was always an incredible experience. No man could get used to it, and if they were, it was probably very sad. Guys like me should fully appreciate how beautiful women were while they were fucking them. It was okay to treat them as an object of pleasure during sex, the same way those women could do the same. As long as there was an acknowledgment that it was not their only purpose, it was all good. There was nothing wrong in desiring people for what they looked like. It took me a while to understand this, but now that I did, sex was even better. At times, we were only wild animals trying to procreate, and once the act was completed, we would both be very satisfied.

For many long minutes, I drained all the love I could from Syr, who was particularly into it this time around. She seemed to be assaulted by her sexual feelings much more than usual. I could see it in her eyes.

"Aaanh! Aaah! Ma… MASTER! I'm… I'm about to…"

"Wait for me, Syr… I'm close too…"

"No… I… I will… AAAH!"

"I said wait!"

"Y… Yes… Mmmph! AAaah!"

And of course, even if she tried, she failed. Her pussy began spasming uncontrollably, so did all the other muscles in her body. Seeing her in that state was so hot that it pushed me over the edge as well, and I filled her belly with all I had. Our synced orgasm was amazing, one of the best.

I kept pumping inside her for a bit longer, even if it made her lose her mind some more.

"Mmm… My little maid is so fun to play with. But after I used her for my pleasure, it's only fair that I give her a good wash. I wouldn't mind caressing this soapy body for a while longer."

"Y… Yes, Master Mark. Everything you desire. Oh… and please wash my hair too."

"Hehe. I can do that."

Slap! Slap! Slap!

"Oww! Oww! Owww! Okay! Okay! I get it, Erika!… No sitting on the couch! Stop! My butt is on fire!"

"Just wanted to make sure it was a punishment and not a reward, catface."

"Getting spanked is hot… but it's not a reward."

"Is that so? When I got back from work, I found you sitting on the couch, knowing very well that Mark had explained the new rules to you. So I spanked you. Then five minutes later, you were back on the couch, thinking I was no longer around. So you either have a very short memory or like being spanked. On top of that, you keep talking. Cats don't talk."



With one good final strike on the butt, Erika finally let Kitty off her lap. The small catgirl headed directly to her crate and closed the door behind her. It was a good thing that she had this safe zone where she could escape her tormentor. Erika didn't just spank her to enforce the rules; she also did it because it was fun.

I walked into the living room at the end of that scene. Erika stood up to meet me and wrapped her arms around my waist.

"Hello, mister!"

"Hey, Erika. Having fun applying the new rules?"

"Oh yeah. I'll be on Kitty's case until she decides to remove that suit."

"It's worth a try."

"Do you want to bet how long it's gonna take before she begs for sex, Mark?"

"I give her twenty-four hours, max."

"Oh, I think she will last longer than that this time around. Don't forget how stubborn she can be. I say seventy-two hours."

"Okay, what's the bet?"

"A bottle of scotch. Minimum 100$."

"Haha. I'm in.

As we placed our best bet, Syr entered the kitchen to start preparing our dinner. After our little fun in the shower, she had jumped right back into her green maid uniform, ready to resume her duties. Since she told me that she would make a new uniform, her old one seemed… old. I knew she was taking really good care of it, but wearing it day after day for such a long period started to show. Occasionally, she had replaced the apron and white frills as they were the first things showing wear and tear, but I didn't think she had gone much further than that. The green wasn't as vibrant as it once was. It had lost some of its quality despite her diligent and careful handwashing.

"Master Mark, we will eat a Tuscan pork and ricotta pasta bake tonight. Would that be okay?"

"Sounds good to me. Do you need help?"

"Master Mark! Please refrain from getting involved in things that are not yours to deal with."

Erika loved it when Syr scolded me. It just meant that the maid was in a good mood and was fully playing her role.

Instead of answering, I walked to Kitty's crate and crouched in front of it.

"So, Cathead. Do you like the new rules?"


"What's that?"

"I said, meow!"

"Oh, at least you remember not to talk. I have more good surprises for you. Are you sure you don't want to take your suit off?"

Kitty shook her head and curled on her mattress while hugging her heart-shaped pillow. Her butt was probably still throbbing after that loud spanking.

"Haha. Alright. We will see how long you can last as our real house cat."

An hour later, Syr placed a large cast iron pan in the middle of the table. These pasta mixed with pork and marinara sauce were smelling heavenly. As usual, Syr wouldn't sit down unless everybody started to eat. Erika and I presented our plate, and shortly after, we had a carefully measured portion proportional to our stomach's size. But one thing was missing.

"Kitty, come over here. Dinner is ready!"

Not having the best day of her life with those new rules, Kitty dragged her feet to the dining room. At least we didn't prohibit her from eating. She pulled a chair next to me using her rubber-encased hands, but then she stopped and stared at me.


"That's right, Kitty. You can't use chairs anymore. We will put your plate on the floor."


We had to be strict if we wanted this plan to work. It wasn't the first time we treated her like a cat, but nothing this intense. Being a feline lover didn't mean Kitty was ready to ditch the human perks.

As I presented Kitty's empty plate to Syr, the maid came up with an unexpected idea, probably because she agreed with our desire to take Kitty out of her suit and wanted to participate in our efforts.

"Master Mark, wait for a moment. I have a better idea."


Syr left the dining room and disappeared from our view. Erika and I started eating our delicious meal while Kitty was just drooling next to us. Not only was she hungry, but she also apprehended what Syr was going to come up with to accommodate her new cat mode.

"If I give you a blowjob, can I sit on the chair?"

"No talking, Kitty. If you want to talk, you have to take off your suit."


"Just be patient. Syr is very creative. I'm sure she got a great idea for you."

Crossing her arms was pretty much all Kitty could do to cope with her frustration. It took a moment before Syr came back with a little gift.

Erika and I choked on our pasta when we saw what she had in her hands, but we immediately approved without any glimpse of hesitation.

"Kitty, this stainless steel dog bowl will prevent you from making a mess when you eat on the floor. See, I just wrote your name on it with vinyl tape. That way, nobody will steal your food."


"Hey, no talking, Kitty. Or else you're going to get spanked again."

It may have been cruel to enjoy this moment, but Erika and I couldn't stop smiling as Syr filled the dog bowl with some pasta, and when she put it in the corner of the dining room, so Kitty would have to face the wall while eating, we just lost it.

"Syr, you are a genius!"

"Thank you, Master Mark. Since Kitty belongs to you, I will take good care of her."

"I love my maid so much. Come on, catbutt, go eat! It's delicious."


"Aaah, you know what you have to do if you want to avoid being treated like this."

When Kitty reluctantly walked around the table to kneel in front of her bowl, I got immediate regrets for not having thought about doing this before. Since I've met her, I have taken on myself to feed her more often than not. But not once, as far as I could remember, I had forced her to eat on the floor with her butt up in the air like this.

"Come on, Kitkat… we are all watching you."


Defiantly, wanting to prove that her resolve not to take off her suit was greater than anything else in this world, she lowered her face to the bowl and took her first bite. We couldn't see the look on her face, so it was hard to tell what was going on in her head. Her chewing was pretty much all we heard.

A few more times, she awkwardly plunged her face into the bowl. But then she paused and turned to us, not realizing that her nose and cheeks were covered in pasta sauce. It was beyond cute.

"Hey! Stop looking at me!"

"Hahaha… Someone will have to bathe Kitty after dinner."

"I will take care of this, Master Mark."

After this delightful dinner, Syr took Kitty to the bathroom and wiped the noodles and sauce stuck on her face with a warm towel. Knowing Syr, she must have applied all the rules that I had put in place to control Kitty, so I wasn't worried that she would give our new cat a break.

When the small rubber girl returned to the living room, Erika and I were browsing the different whiskey on the tablet to identify which ones we would like if we were to win our bet.

Kitty knelt on the floor and put her head on the couch between my legs just to stare at me.

"What, cathead? Need something?"


"Is that so? I have no idea what you said."


Erika reached Kitty's head to pet her and, of course, to tease her some more.

"It's so great. From now on, I'll only have sex with Mark. You were fun to play with, Kitty, but we have to move on, right? Too bad you don't want to take your suit off… It must be hard to abandon all that fun lesbian sex you and I used to have."

"Meow! And whatever!"

"Oh, you just talked… Alright! Spanking time!"

"WHAT! NO! Not agaaaain! Erika! You must not!"

It only took a few seconds before Erika managed to drag Kitty over her lap and started striking her pink rubber butt with her bare hand.

Slap! Slap! Slap!

"Oowww! Enough! Mark, save me! Ow!"

"Nope, cathead. You know the rules. Plus, I enjoy watching Erika spanking you. It's quite entertaining to discover how stubborn you can be."

"I'm not stubborn."

"Okay, then take your suit off. You were doing it before our vacation, and you were very happy about it."

"NO! I will never take it off again!"

"Suit yourself. Erika, give her another thirty good slaps for me. And you know what, why don't we order a sturdy paddle. I get the feeling we will need it."


"No! You must not!"



After this latest spanking round, Kitty wobbled back to her crate and slammed the door shut again, mumbling things we couldn't hear. We knew very well that a good spanking wouldn't be enough to break her. She usually liked that kind of activity. That said, the part where she couldn't talk, even if she weren't gagged, was a bit harder. And what was to come would be even worse.

Tonight, nobody would have sex with her. She wasn't even allowed in the basement anymore. And as I was thinking about this forced endorphins deprivation, it gave me a great idea. I whispered my plan into Erika's ear, and an evil smile appeared on her face. My creativity could be efficient at times.

A few hours later, just before bedtime, I led Kitty back to her crate.

"Come on, cathead. In you go!"

"Meow! I love sleeping in my crate. This won't make me get out of my suit."

"Good, I'm glad to hear that. Because that's where you'll always sleep from now on."

"No, you'll miss me too much, and you'll break the rules before I do. You'll say that you love me too much, then you'll fuck my brain out until your cock gets numb."

"We are not there yet."

I closed her door and locked it with the two big padlocks. Not being cruel, I also gave her a water bottle in case she got thirsty in the middle of the night. But I also had a little surprise for her.

From her crate, all she could hear was that I installed something on top of it.

"Hey, what's that? What did you put on top of my crate?"

"You'll find out in a bit, cathead. Don't worry about it. Have a good night."

"Wait… unzip my crotch first!"


"Give me a vibrator at least!"

"No. Good night, Kitty."

"Mmmph! Good night!"

After patting her head through the bars, I headed to the basement where Erika waited for me on the big bed, naked like a worm.

"Did she protest?"

"Oh yes."

"Do you feel guilty?"

"Of course I do. But I'm not going to tell her that."

"Right… and did you set up the device?"

"Yes, Erika… I wouldn't forget that. So why don't we have a bit of fun now."

"A bit? Kitty can entertain me for hours. I'm expecting the same performance from you, Mark."

"I'll do what I can, or else it is you that is going to break the rules and free Kitty to get better sex."

"Damn right!"

I took off my clothes and joined Erika on the bed. But before we began our playful activity, I flipped a switch on the baby monitor sitting on the nightstand. Following that, I grabbed Erika's legs and plunged my tongue into her crotch. She was a loud moaner, and that exactly was what we needed for our plan.

Upstairs, in the living room, was the other end of the baby monitor. Kitty, prisoner of her cage, would soon have to endure all the sexual noises that would come from Erika and me, and there was nothing she would be able to do to make it stop. It was some sort of audio exhibitionism that I was sure would turn on everybody tonight, even the one who won't be able to have sex.

It has been a week already. Last night I slept with Syr in the guest bedroom as Erika said she needed some extra rest and wanted to sleep alone. So this morning, I had a half-asleep naked maid in my arms; as usual, brushing my fingers against her soft skin was enjoyable.

But I now had a problem. Erika and I had a problem, to be exact. We both have lost our bet. After twenty-four hours, Kitty didn't break. After seventy-two hours, Kitty still didn't break. And on top of that, she had accepted all the rules and didn't commit any infraction as of late, so we didn't even get the pleasure to punish her.

Kitty didn't climb on furniture anymore, she ate from her bowl without complaining, she was happy to sleep in her crate every night even though we tortured her with our sex noise regularly. She was even happy to meow instead of talking because she discovered that she could annoy us a lot more that way. Acting like a real cat didn't bug her, even though I was sure she missed having sex.

But the worst thing in all of this was that Kitty had been right. I was the one who wanted to have sex with her. She was my girlfriend, and I missed our intimate time together a lot. At that rate, I would break before she did, and she would regain all that power over me.

Syr slowly woke up and rolled a bit more over me.

"Mmm… Master Mark."

"Hey. Good morning little maid."

"Morning. Mmm… You woke up early."

"Yeah. I guess I'm preoccupied."

"About what?"

"Kitty. I give up. I don't know what to do anymore. Nothing worked. She still refuses to take off her suit."

"Yes… Your idea sucked."

Did those words come out of Syr's mouth? She was usually not this opinionated, particularly when she was talking to her beloved Master. What could have triggered such a harsh reaction so early in the morning?

"Uh?… I'm sorry?"

"Master Mark, did you really think Kitty was unhappy about all those new rules? She loves being controlled and treated like a slave."

"…yes, but… The rules were pretty strict."

"Not really. As I said, your idea sucked. Kitty's favorite thing in the world is to lose control and let you do whatever you wish to her. You simply gave her what she wanted the most."

"…And you couldn't tell me that earlier?"

"I'm your maid. It is not my place to tell you what to do. I simply obey your commands. This morning, however, you seemed in need of guidance."

Why was I not surprised? And why didn't I see this coming? Syr was right… Trying to take Kitty out of Kitty was pointless. I had just given her more of what she loved, and I had reached a dead end.

Since Syr seemed more intelligent than me this morning, I asked her for more of this spontaneous guidance.

"So, am I right to ask Kitty to take a break from her rubber suit?"

"Yes. It is the right thing to do."

"Okay, then what would you do if you were in my shoes?"

"I would be a sock."



"…Syr… That was a really bad joke."

"I'm sorry, Master Mark. You can punish me if you wish."

"Maybe later. But seriously? What can I do to get Kitty out of her suit?"

"Easy. A trade."

"…A trade?"

"Yes. With the right reward, she will take it off."

"I don't know about that. Kitty is not materialistic one bit, and she doesn't care about money. What could I give her in exchange for a bit of reasonability?"

"It's easy… I know just what would work."

"Well, tell me, then."


"No? Why?"

"Just no."

What was going on with my submissive maid this morning? Was she broken? First, the insult, second, the bad humor, and now, the attitude.

"Aren't you supposed to be my obedient maid and do everything I ask you to do?"

"Yes, I am. But in this case, the information I possess is invaluable. So I want something in return."

Did I just dream this? Was Syr really asking me something in exchange for her help? If that were the case, it would be an absolute first. Usually, she did everything I asked without question. She even shamelessly told me about everything Kitty and Erika plotted behind my back when I was away due to her unbreakable loyalty. What in the world could she know that was worth more than her unbendable principles?

"Coming from you, that is very odd. But alright, what do you want in exchange, Syr?"

"Two things. I knew this moment would come, so I had all week to find something that would please me greatly."

"You knew it would end up like this all week, and instead of helping us, you were thinking about what you could get in return?"

"Yes. I'm your maid. I do things very thoroughly."

"Great. Something I'm wondering if I'm dating a bunch of demons. Okay, so if you get Kitty out of her suit, what do you want in return?"

"Just you and I, we will go to a hot spring, one like in the anime I watch."

"That's gonna be hard to find this around here…"

"Do not worry, Master Mark. I already gathered all the information about the place I would like to visit."

"Great… and what is the other thing you want?"

"During our trip, you'll treat me as your slave. More than you usually do…"

"Oookay… I guess I can think about it… As long as it's not another one of your rape fantasies."

"It is not…"

"Alright… I accept. Now, how do I get Kitty out of her suit?"

"Please, wait for me. I will show you."

Syr got off the bed, put on her silky silver nightgown, and exited the bedroom. Walking naked around the house wasn't her thing.

A few minutes later, she returned with not only Kitty but also Erika. The two of them rubbed their eyes and whined because they didn't get to sleep as much as they wanted.

"What's wrong with you, Syr? I let you sleep with Mark last night because I wanted to sleep more, and you came to wake me up early without telling me why."

"This is very important."

"What is more important than my sleep?"

I felt for Erika. She busted her ass at work, and her sleep was important. Next to her, Kitty was also yawning uncontrollably.

"Master Mark and I are going to a hot spring together, and you are not invited."

"Whatever floats your boat, Syr. You didn't have to wake me up to tell us you were going on a trip. Mark and you are adults. And you know I like spending time alone with Kitty. So what's the big deal? Was that really just it?"

I had to interject because nothing was poured in concrete just yet. Before we would go anywhere, Syr would have to prove that she could get Kitty out of her latex suit, and the probability of success was pretty much zero.

"Syr, you are a bit too confident this morning. You know you have something to do first if you want that trip to happen."

"Yes. Kitty will be out of her suit in just a minute."

"WHAT!? MEOW! What does this trip thing have to do with me!? You must not touch me, Syr! Only me can decide if I take my suit off or not!"

That was what I expected. Kitty was nowhere near the point where she would accept to change her mind about her new cat status. But Syr still positioned herself behind the rubber girl and began to unzip her beloved catsuit, which didn't fly. Kitty started yelling while slapping Syr's hands with her rubber mitts.


"Kitty, you have to take your suit off because we are going to the animal café together this morning. Just you and I. You know, the café you wanted to go to, with the raccoon and…"


"Yes. We can get there early and have breakfast surrounded by the animals."

"…Take my suit off… Quick! Quick!"

"Yes. Please stop moving, Kitty. Oh, and don't you dare put Master Mark and Erika through this all over again once we come back. They like you out of suit too. I don't want you to deprive them of this joy ever again."

"No! No! I swear! I won't! Quick, Syr! We must go to the animal café right now! Hurry!"

Erika and I stared at each other, defeated. Syr had effortlessly convinced Kitty to do something we both had failed to make her do. And on top of that, the maid had won a trip to a hot spring where she would be able to fulfill some of her secret fantasies.

"Syr… You are a sneaky one!"

"Yes, Master Mark. I can be."

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