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by Tigerstretch

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Continues from

The Animal Cafe

Part 2

After a ten minutes walk, the new friends arrived in front of the café. Meeka was rather calm, but Kitty was getting anxious. She just couldn't wait before trying one of those petsuits. Despite her excitement, a spontaneous question popped inside her head. Her hand grabbed Meeka's shirt before she could open the door.

"Hey… Meeka, wait. Does… Does Lucy know who I am?"

"What do you mean? I told her you were a friend. Nothing more."

"But… Does she know I'm Syr's friend?"

"Oh, no. She doesn't know that."

"Should I tell her?"

"No. Let's not go there. It's not important. Lucy is super nice and won't dig into your private life unless you want her to. All the pets know who you are now, but they won't say a word. Mind you, if they don't see you before you put your costume on, they won't have any idea who you are either."

"Okay then, I won't say anything for now. Come on! Let's go in! Haha! I can't wait!"

Meeka opened the door and let Kitty in first. Since the place wasn't yet open, nobody was around. Trying to find Lucy, Meeka went to the kitchen, but she wasn't there.

"Let's go upstairs. She is probably in the costume room. Follow me."

The two small women climbed the narrow staircase and quickly arrived at the top floor of the café. Kitty noticed those strange pods in one of the rooms, but before she could wrap her head around what they were used for, she ended up face to face with a taller woman.

Meeka bounced forward and stood up next to her.

"Lucy, this is Kitty. Kitty, Lucy, the owner of the café."

"Kitty, uh? Is that your real name?"

"No, my name is Theresa, but I don't like it. So people call me Kitty instead."

"And you want to get a job as a pet?"

As Lucy said the word "job," Kitty's neck twitched violently. Working was not something she had ever considered doing because it was much easier to let Mark and Erika pay for everything, but in this current scenario, her answer to that unexpected question mattered.

"Y… yes… I mean… having a job… is good. Right? Hehe…"

"Yes, it is. So, working here as a pet is not a game. It's not just about wearing a latex suit and looking cute. Meeka told you all about that already, I'm sure."

"Y… yes… Of course. I'll… work hard."

"Good. I'm glad we have an understanding. There is no tolerance for slackers around here. Let's go to the costume room and dress you up then. Meeka told me that you are familiar with wearing latex suits, so it's going to make my life easier."

"Yes… a little…"

Lie after lie, Kitty made her way to the costume room, trying not to say something wrong that would either expose her strong slacker personality or display her high perversion level. But soon, her worries vanished. She entered the small room, and on the shelves, there were several beautiful pet suits. Immediately, she wondered which one she would get to wear.

There was a white rabbit, probably Trixie's, a raccoon for Meeka, a dog suit, a little wolf, and a fabulous cheetah. At that point, there was no doubt in Kitty's mind as to which one she wanted to wear. She HAD to wear the cheetah costume. Cats were the best.

But there was a little problem… Competition.

"Kitty, Meeka, this is Stella. She is applying for a job too. You'll get along because she is also familiar with wearing latex."

"N… nice to meet you."

"Alright, please undress. The café is going to open soon, so you have to suit up. Stella, you are going to be Savannah, the cheetah."

Kitty's neck twitched again as her hope to wear the cheetah costume had crumbled to dust because of that other newbie. Would it be inappropriate to ask Lucy to change her mind? Maybe Stella didn't care too much about what she would wear. Unfortunately, her joyful scream busted that last theory.

"YAY! I get to wear the cheetah! It's my favorite!"

"But… I… I would have liked… to wear it too…"

"No, Kitty. You are going to be Apricot, the dog."


Meeka sensed the problem here and rubbed Kitty's back to comfort her. She knew very well that once covered head to toe in the suit, no matter which one it was, they pretty much all felt the same. But for sure, a girl nicknamed Kitty probably had a soft spot for cats.

"Come Kitty. I'll help you dress up while Lucy takes care of Stella."

"But… I really wanted the cheetah."

"I know. But Apricot is super cute too. You'll see. The clients love her."

Kitty wasn't shy at all about her body. She stripped naked without any second thought while Stella seemed a bit more self-conscious, trying to hide her boobs and crotch. At least it was sweet revenge over the girl who had stolen her favorite costume. Kitty was also faster at putting her latex suit on, which was another win. Lucy even noticed her unusual skill and gave her a satisfying thumbs up.

Meeka held the doggy paws while Kitty pushed her hands into them.

"Oh… Those are very comfy. I won't be able to grab anything. That's so h…"

"Shhh… Kitty. Quiet. Don't say things like that in front of Lucy."

"Sorry… I said nothing."

"Alright. Are you ready for the mask?"


"Bhaha… Weirdest sound ever coming from a kitty becoming a doggy. So, the mouthpiece goes in first, then the nose tubes. It feels strange at first, but it will get very comfortable after a short time."

"Don't even worry about it! I love it already! What about you, Stella the cheetah?"

"Urrrh… That's going to be odd… but… I'll do my best."

"Don't worry! It's going to go deep inside your skull and… Ow!"

Seeing where Kitty was going with this, Meeka had to put a stop to her vindictive behavior by pinching one of her nipples through the latex. Lucy didn't say a word, but she certainly heard everything, and the trainee's attitude was an element she would definitely consider before hiring anybody. If Kitty weren't careful, she could shoot herself in the foot.

"Kitty, stop taunting her. She is not your enemy."

"Bah… She stole my… mmmph!"

"There you go… open wider so I can push the mouthpiece all the way in, and then put your teeth in the trenches. It's silicone, so it's super comfy."

Of course, Kitty got turned on a bit because she loved being gagged. It was a good thing she couldn't talk anymore because she would certainly have said something inappropriate. When the nose tubes slid deep inside her nostrils, that too gave her a little rush of pleasure that she barely managed to conceal. Those suits were even better than what she had expected.

But really, the best part was when Meeka pulled the hood over her head. It was the first time Kitty wore a mask with black lenses allowing her to see the world while nobody could see her eyes. There was a sense of functionality mixed with anonymity. After making sure her long black hair wasn't in the way, Meeka zipped her up, molding her torso, shoulders, neck, and head inside the smooth latex. The material was arguably better quality than her regular suits. The rubber was thicker.

Kitty turned around and hugged Meeka while bouncing.

"Heeey! Chill! I know you love it, but we are not done yet! We need to ensure the clients can't unzip your suit. They always try."

While Meeka stepped aside to fetch whatever she had in mind, Kitty felt quite happy when she noticed Lucy struggling to put Stella's mask on. So far, she was winning the race big time. Her chances of being hired were way up…

Then she paused… Did she really think about… getting hired? Meeka had not told her anything about getting a job. It was simply an assumption Lucy had made earlier, not knowing that Meeka had simply invited her to experience a day as a pet. But now, the small catgirl wearing the dog suit would have something to think about until she could speak again.

Something clicked at the back of her neck.

"There. All locked up until we decide it's over. Haha!"


"Naaah. Don't worry, Kitty. If you want out, just let Lucy know. Usually, newbies don't last very long. It's normal."

Kitty shook her head. She was confident in her ability to wear latex. Actually, not wearing a rubber suit was harder for her.

"Do you want to see what Apricot looks like?"

Kitty nodded.

"There is a big mirror in the corner. Look at yourself. You are sooo cute. It's great to have Apricot back finally."

Looking at herself in the mirror was indeed very different than looking at an inert costume sitting on a shelf. Kitty was obviously a cat person, but she liked all animals, including herself at the moment. She was one sexy doggy.

Putting her finger on a single breed was not possible as this was more an artistic creation than a specific dog replica. Still, she could sense some Labrador and Golden retriever inspiration. Her pale caramel skin with white belly going all the way up to her muzzle was pleasing to look at, and the clients would certainly play a lot with her squarish floppy ears. The black eyes definitely fitted her canine look. Her rubbery dog tail was squishy and kind of funny to wag around, even though it was bulkier than her usual cat tail.

After a little while, and not without some difficulties, Savannah was also ready, looking felinely magnificent. Kitty thought Stella looked better that way than when she was a human, but it was just to be mean.

"Alright, Meeka. Walk them to the lounge and tell Misti to come to see me."

"Misti? Why?"

"I'm giving her the day off. She was very worried about Trixie, so I'm pretty sure she won't say no to going back home to take care of her. We have two extra pets today, so we will be fine."

"Alright. Come, Apricot and Savannah. I'll show you the lounge.

Of course, Kitty had seen the lounge from up close already, but she just played along, skipping her way happily toward the door. This was a good day.

The girl and her pets returned to the first floor, and Meeka let them in the famous lounge. Unsurprisingly, Vix, Misti, Asha, and Oreo stared at the newcomers. They were familiar with the costumes but not the wearers. Still, a warm welcome couldn't hurt, so they fast-walked to them to offer some free welcoming hugs.

"Misti. Come with me. Lucy is giving you the day off so you can go take care of Trixie."

Misti pointed at herself.

"Yes. We have enough pets today, and Trixie would be happy to see you. Come on. Hurry. I have to dress up too, and Lucy has to open the café."

Misti nodded and followed her friend out of the lounge. She was sad not to be able to learn more about the newbies, but it was more important to go take care of her suffering friend, who was pretty much her lover too.

The workday hadn't even begun when Kitty was all over her new friends. Vix was so adorable, Asha climbed back on a table and tried to get some more sleep, and Oreo seemed awfully intrigued by Savannah, who didn't seem too much into it. She kept rubbing her muzzle with her cushy paws, attempting to make her inserts a bit more comfortable. Why would it bug her that much? Kitty's philosophy was that every orifice had a role to play in life, and penetrating them was supposed to be enjoyable. Actually, she found she could breathe better with those nose tubes in, so all was good.

A bit later, Meeka, all dressed up as a raccoon, entered the lounge, followed by Lucy. The latter pulled Apricot and Savannah aside and made them sit side by side on a couch while she sat in front of them.

"Okay, the café is open now, and the clients will show up soon. I think it's going to be a busy day, so get ready to work hard."

The pets nodded.

"So, just a few tips and rules. See the room in the corner over there. If you have any problem whatsoever with a client or anything else and I'm not around, you go in there, and you press the big red button with your paw. I'll come to rescue you right away. If you need water or food, just let me know, but your lunch is at noon, so you'll get fed. You just have to be patient because I can only feed one of you at a time. Clara is not here to help me today."

The pets nodded again.

"So, now, your job is just to take good care of the clients. I don't mind them touching you here and there as long as it's nothing sexual. It's up to you to tell them what is good or too much. But crotch rubbing is a big no, and if it happens, you tell me immediately. And that is valid for you as well. No touching the clients in inappropriate places, that's not what the café is about."

Savannah nodded, but Kitty was a bit disappointed. Wearing latex without getting fucked hard was a relatively distressing prospect.

"You have a problem with that, Apricot?"

Apricot shook her head, no. She would have to focus if she wanted to do better than her competition.

"Good, we are all set then. Take great care of the clients, make them stay and buy more cakes, and if you do well, perhaps you'll be able to do it again in the future."

The pets nodded.

As soon as Lucy left her seat, Kitty stared at Stella through her black eyes. It was not evident to know what she was thinking, but she was pretty sure the rivalry was on. This girl wouldn't sell more cakes than her. She would not allow it.

But there was one problem. Even though Kitty had been a valuable asset at keeping the clients entertained at the Cats of the Caribbean, her most efficient skill, her voice spitting insanities like an eternal river, would be unusable. How would she manage to entertain the guests if she couldn't make them believe that they had a shot at fucking her? It was a bit problematic.

She got off her seat and went straight to Meeka, who offered some reassuring cuddles.

It only took about 10 minutes before Lucy let the first clients into the lounge; a young couple, a male a female. Not wanting to lose her chance to experience this, Apricot rushed to them and literally tackled them as if to say, "mine!"

"Oof! Doggy! Yes, yes. You are very cute. A bit intense, though."

Meeka grabbed her doggy friends by the waist and pulled her away from them. The clients then turned to another pet they were familiar with.

"Viiiix! Yay! You are working today. Come. We have so much to tell you."

Vix trotted to them and pushed her back against the woman's chest, wanting to be hugged. Those seemed to be regulars, and Vix was their favorite pet ever.

As the little group walked to the nearest table, Meeka signaled Apricot to calm down a bit. There was no reason to rush this. Chances were high that soon enough, a dog lover client would show up and select her. It wasn't something she could force upon people. To Kitty, this felt a bit unfair, she thought, because a lot more clients would lean toward the cheetah rather than the dog. Cats were the best, after all.

Shortly after, a few more clients showed up. This time, Apricot kept her distance, letting them choose whatever pets they wanted to spend time with. To her greatest despair, Savannah was the second one to go… then Asha… then Oreo… then Meeka… That couldn't be good. She lowered her head and went to the pillow pile in the corner and belly-flopped on it. Being a pet without being petted was not that fun, and now that she was alone in her corner, it was even worse on her morale.

For many long minutes, she relaxed, eyes closed behind her mask, and let her mind wander around. It could only remind her of home when Mark and Erika were at work, and Syr isolated herself in her workshop. At first, it wasn't a problem. She liked staying inside her crate, waiting patiently for someone to come get her. But since she moved into Erika's home with Mark, she got used to being surrounded by the people she loved.

Mark always took good care of Kitty, Erika was so into her for sex and other twisted games, and Syr always addressed her other non-kinky needs, like talking and eating. But everybody got busy with work recently, and waiting was not as fun. She was even a bit lonely at times.

The animal café had changed something, though. After having spent a few hours playing with Meeka and the other pets a couple of days ago, she got a sense that, maybe, it would be a good idea to make more friends. Not necessarily to do perverted activities, but just to expose herself to something different… something that was more… like her.

There was no question about it; she was still madly in love with Mark. Erika was a lot of fun too, and there was no one else like Syr, particularly when she wore her bikini. However, they all lived under the same roof, had the same routine, and didn't do much outside trying not to go insane because of their jobs. Now that Kitty had a steady life and felt safe around those people, perhaps it was time to look into doing something new with her life. Would getting a job the answer to this growing sense of emptiness?

"Apricot? APRICOT! What are you doing? Are you asleep?"

Apricot turned to her back and looked at the person who had startled her, Lucy. And she didn't look too happy.

"What are you doing, lazy butt? There are two new clients over there. They wanted to spend time with you, but they weren't sure if they could because you looked dead on those pillows. Come on! I gave you a great opportunity here, at least try to do your job."

That couldn't be good. She had not noticed these new clients getting in the lounge, and now Lucy caught her napping in the corner instead of taking care of them. Very bad timing.

"Don't look at me with those puppy eyes. Go say hi to them! They almost left. Don't forget that people come here mainly to spend time with the pets. If they can't do that, they might not stick around."

Apricot got up on her feet and rushed to the other end of the lounge, trying to find the clients, but Lucy recalled her and rolled her eyes.

"Nooo! Silly dog. They are here. Come on, Apricot. Use your eyes!"

She trotted back toward the booth that Lucy was pointing at. Because of the tall backrest, she couldn't see who they were right away, which was kind of exciting. Who would be her first clients? Two girls? Two guys? A male and a female? Young? Old? Cute? Ugly? Fat? Skinny? Black? White? Brown? Nice? Angry? Nerdy? Boring? Fun? The possibilities were endless.

Back to her previous thought, could this be a job she liked? Could it be what she needed for a change of pace? A place to express herself that wasn't home? Clearly, she loved people, and she loved latex, and she loved animals, and her new friend Meeka was incredible. If she stopped angering Lucy for a minute, perhaps she could get a job here.

"Alright. Apricot was asleep, so that's why she is a bit lost. She joined the café a couple of years ago, so I'm sure she will take good care of you two."

Apricot looked at Lucy in shock. That was such a lie… or was it? The Apricot costume was not new. Earlier today, she had heard Meeka talking about how she had missed that costume. Perhaps another girl wore this character in the past and had moved on.

Lucy rubbed her head and walked away.

"Do a good job, Apricot. I'm counting on you."

Apricot nodded before making the last few steps separating her from the clients and discovering them for the first time.

When her eyes landed on them, she stopped breathing.

"AAAWWW! Mark! Look! She is soooo cuuuute!"

"Deja vu…"

"Ah! Come on! That's not the same as what you are used to. If you don't cheer up a little, I'll gut you like a fish!"

"Fiiine, Erika. But let's not stay here all day, okay."

"Awww… Don't listen to the mean man over there. Come sit next to me, doggy!"

Apricot looked left and right but couldn't believe what she was seeing. Mark and Erika, her romantic partners, were here at the café for no apparent reason. Syr must have told them about this place… but at the same time, Syr had no idea that Kitty would be here today. All Syr knew was that she was going to spend time with Meeka. There were no talks about going to the café again. So… HOW!? WHY!?

Not having any answers to those questions, Apricot thought it would be better just to play the game and gather more information. She didn't even know if they knew if she was a pet or which one. Walking away from them wasn't an option since Lucy would undoubtedly kick her out, so she climbed on the seat and sat next to Erika. Being very close to the girl she savagely fucked every night was definitely not a challenging experience.

"Haha! Look at her, Mark! So cute. Well, if the dog has been around for a couple of years, we can scratch her off our list. It's hard to tell which one Kitty could be. They are all small and adorable."

"Syr didn't say Kitty was working here. She just said that it was the place they visited the other day."

"I know, but… I could totally see her working here. It would be perfect for her."

"Well, why don't you ask your new dog then. Maybe she knows something we don't."

"Good point… Apricot, is it? Do you know a girl named Kitty? Or Theresa?"

Apricot shook her head, no. Lying was absolutely appropriate.

"Do you know a woman named Syr? Or Elizabeth? She is the one who crafted your costume."

Apricot faked thinking about it for a moment but then offered a generic lie. She shook her head, no. This was super fun.

"What? You don't know who made your costume?"

Same hypocritical answer.

"So, you've never met a small Asian lady who always talks about sex?"

"ERIKA! Don't get us kicked out, at least. This is a café, not a nightclub. The owner was pretty clear about that."

Trying to defuse the situation and stop the ongoing interview, Apricot stood on the bench and, with the cushy paw, dragged the plastified food menu toward Erika. Not only she had to sell cakes if she wanted to be hired, but it would have the benefit of shutting Erika up. It would have been easier if it had been a whiskey lounge, though.

"Aaah! You want me to try a cake?"

Apricot nodded.

"You've been here for a long time. So, which one should I get?"

Apricot had never seen that menu before, so she had no idea about what she was doing. For the sake of trying to be entertaining, she comfortably sat between Erika's legs and looked at the menu through her smoked lenses while her red-haired companion held her by the waist.

Having an ace up her sleeve, basically knowing Erika like the back of her hand, she spotted the Triple chocolate cake and tried to isolate it on the menu with her big paws.

"Oh… Nice. You are well trained, doggy. I love chocolate. It looks delicious."

Apricot then pointed at Mark and selected the most sugary-looking cake from the menu, knowing very well that he wasn't a fan of sugar at all. That would teach him to invade her privacy like this without warning.

"Haha… Alright. He can try that one."

"Can't I choose my own cake?"

"No, our café dog is a superior species. She gets to decide in your stead."

"Very funny. At least let me choose my drink."

Erika was unsurprisingly not shy to pet her new rubber companion. Apricot returned the affection but giggled internally because her girlfriend had no clue who she was. Lucy's lie had thrown her off track big time, to the point where both Mark and Erika were now scrutinizing the other pets from afar to determine if Kitty could be one of them.

"She can't be the fox. Kitty doesn't move like that at all."

"I agree… And the raccoon… It's hard to tell. But I don't think that's her either."

"Yeah, no. Kitty would never wear anything else than a cat costume. She would make a fuss about it until she gets what she wants."

"Yes. She would be like, I must wear the cat costume! I must!"

"Haha. So true."

That last snippet of discussion was almost offensive to Apricot. She was nothing like that… Well, maybe a little. But they made it sound way worse than the reality, in her opinion.

"So, I think she might be the black and white cat."

"I don't know, Mark. I think the cheetah is more her body shape."

"No, definitely not. Kitty got fat recently because of all those brie and fig jam grilled cheese she eats."

That time, Apricot sank in her seat, crossing her arms. She wasn't fat… she was just a bit healthier… And Mark would totally pay for that comment later. She would bite his dick off. But now wasn't the right time to act on this as she would get discovered.

"How are we going to find out? I'm pretty sure the owner lady won't tell us. And Kitty won't tell us either. She probably saw us walking in already anyway and just ignored us. She might be mad because we came to her café without her permission."

"Erika, we don't need permission to come here. Anyway, we wouldn't have found out about that place if you had not exchanged the information for a new light novel. You knew Syr wouldn't say no to that."

"Whatever! I just wanted to see why Kitty wanted to come here so badly. Now, I know."

It was not easy for Apricot to keep a straight face even with a mask on. Now she would have to take revenge on Mark, Erika, but also Syr, who had spilled the beans just to get a new nerdy book. That said, learning the truth from unsuspecting people was also amusing. That was one more thing to love about being a pet at the animal café.

For the next little while, Apricot innocently listened to the conversation. It was no longer enjoyable because they talked about work and other boring things, but at least she got to cuddle with Erika during all that time. Lucy had dropped by to take their order and, a few minutes later, bring the cakes to the table. Erika loved hers, but Mark thought his was too sweet, which was well-deserved.

Mark and Erika agreed that Oreo, the black and white cat, was the most probable candidate to be Kitty, but they had no way to confirm it. Only a bit later, when Oreo's clients left, the small black and white cat, exhausted, dragged her feet toward the pillow pile for a short nap before lunch.

"Oh, Erika. Look… The cat is coming."

"She won't tell you, Mark. It's pointless. They can't even talk."

"I know… But I have an idea. Just watch… Hey! KITTY!"

Oreo stopped in her tracks and turned to Mark, who was seemingly talking to her. The small cat pointed at herself, wanting to confirm she was his target.

"AH! I knew it! She IS Kitty!"


"Come here, Kitty. We suspected it was you."

Oreo scratched her head, having no idea what this guy was talking about. Nonetheless, it was her job to entertain the guests, so she walked to the table and sat next to him. That done, Erika had an urge to make him understand how dumb his strategy had been.

"Mark… If you call a cat "Kitty," how is she supposed to react?"

"… Hmm… I didn't think about that…"

"Hey, small cat, are you OUR kitty?"

Oreo scratched her head some more. Did they mean Kitty, as in her being a cat, or as in the girl who had visited a couple of days ago? How was she supposed to know who they were talking about? She shook her head and laid down on Mark for her nap. Trying to understand those strange people was irrelevant.

"Yeah, I don't think that's her, Mark, but she likes you."

"Urgh… I have enough latex catgirls at home. I don't need another one snoozing on my lap."

"Hey, be nice. That cat did nothing to you. Alright. Finish your cake so we can go to the giant liquor store. That's why we came downtown in the first place. There are a few bottles of whiskey I wanted to add to my collection."

"You spend way too much on those."

"To each his own. I play with my whiskey, and you play with your nerdy maid."

The day went by, and Apricot got to experience many fun things at the café. First, obviously, was that her real-life partners, Mark and Erika, had come and gone, not suspecting for one second that she was wearing the cute dog costume. Then, at lunchtime, Lucy showed her softer side when teaching her how to eat and drink while in costume. She thought it was kind of hot, but Stella, wearing Savannah, didn't appreciate the experience nearly as much, which was satisfying to watch. And from the afternoon to the evening, Apricot got to spend a lot of time with many different clients. Lucy had asked her if she wanted a break, but she was not remotely finding this job difficult to do, so she declined.

She also got to spend time with all the other pets, who, outside Meeka, had no clue that she was the same girl who had visited with Syr two days ago. They were still as friendly but would certainly make a funny face when Meeka would tell them later about who wore the dog costume.

It was only fun and entertainment until the sun had completely disappeared behind the city buildings. Lucy was closing the café, but before she could leave, she had something else to take care of. As usual, the lounge was tranquil after a busy day. The pets rested here and there on the comfy sofas or the pillow pile and even on top of a table, Asha's favorite spot to chill.

"Savannah, Apricot! Come here, please."

The two small pets extracted themselves from their comfy position, Savannah from the pillow pile and Kitty from Meeka's arms, and they walked up to Lucy.

"Good job, you two. Not bad for your first day. Did you like it?"

Apricot nodded energetically and even bounced a little, but Savannah's reaction was much timider. She did what she was asked to do and did it well, but did she enjoy it? That was hard to tell.

"Okay, let's take you out of your costume now, so you can go home."

Savannah went straight to the lounge's door as if she couldn't wait to get out of here, but Apricot froze in place. That wasn't the deal. Meeka had told her she could sleep at the café tonight, whatever that meant.

"What's wrong, Apricot? Come on. I know you liked it, but that's it. The café is closed."

From the back of the lounge, Meeka rushed to Lucy and began flapping her arms, trying to tell her something. She pointed at Apricot and herself and pointed at the ceiling.

"Oooh! That's right. I almost forgot. You asked me if Kitty could sleep here tonight. Hum… Let's see… I'm not comfortable letting a newbie I don't know sleep here with you guys. But if you both take your costume off, then that would be fine, I suppose. You can play with the pets and sleep upstairs. I trust you, Meeka."

That sounded like an amazing deal to Apricot, or at least it was better than being evicted from the café late at night. But it didn't seem to be what Meeka wanted. So she gesticulated something incomprehensible that only Lucy appeared to have the skills to understand.

"Alright… That would work too. But I'm warning you, if she damages her costume in any way, shape, or form, it's not going to go well for you tomorrow morning. You are responsible, Meeka. Are you okay with that, Kitty?"

Apricot didn't follow the conversation at all and scratched the back of her head.

"Ah, you didn't understand. Meeka said that she would take her costume off, but you'll stay in yours overnight. That way, if you want out, she can help you. Are you fine with wearing your costume overnight?"

Once more, Apricot bounced in place and clapped her hand before throwing her arms around the raccoon girl.

"Good to see you are a happy pet. Alright, Meeka, Savannah, let's go. I'm tired. I just want to go home and take a hot bath.

After Stella and Lucy left, Meeka returned to the lounge as a human. She would be in charge of the pets for the night.

Asha and Oreo were spooning on the pillows, not looking too motivated to do any additional activities tonight. It was amusing to see how well those two black and white suits merged together. If Meeka didn't know them well, they could have passed for lovers.

Vix and Apricot had cracked open the blind and observed the outside world through the window. Meeka couldn't help but love what she was seeing. The previous girl who wore Apricot was her good friend, but she left the café a while ago and now lived in a remote city with no intention of returning. They still texted each other, but it wasn't the same anymore. Seeing Kitty wearing that same costume and doing an excellent job at it was good for her soul.

She walked to her two friends, placed her hands on the small of their back, and peeked outside with them.

"What are you two looking at?"

Of course, they couldn't reply, but Meeka saw right away what had captivated their attention. Right across the street, there was a traffic stop, and the cop was performing a sobriety test on the driver, a young woman.

"Aaaah! Stupid people. Driving drunk is ridiculous. Why can't they just call a cab instead of risking killing someone? Come, let's not watch this. It's depressing."

Meeka sat on the sofa, letting Vix and Apricot join her on each side, close.

"So, Kitty aka Apricot, I think you did an amazing job today. Isn't that right, Vix?"

Vix nodded.

"I'm glad you liked being a pet and wanted to sleep here tonight. Maybe we can sleep upstairs in the capsule room?"

Apricot had no idea what that was, but it sounded good, so she approved. Plus, Meeka was cute, so hopefully, she meant "sleeping together" as in having hot sex. She didn't know her a lot, so it was hard to tell how far she would be willing to go in bed, but she had a feeling that a night with her could be a lot of fun.

"Do you want to sleep with us too, Vix?"

Vix nodded.

Things were looking better and better. Not only Meeka had kind of confirmed that they would sleep together, but on top of that, she invited Vix to join. A threesome with a cute girl and an adorable pet was more than she had hoped for. It couldn't do anything else but remind her of the amazing time she had with Mae and Erika in the Caribbeans. It had been the first time she had a chance to sleep with two women, and she would never forget how much fun it had been.

But Meeka had a little unrelated concern.

"Hey, Vix. Why are you rubbing your cheek like that? You've done that all afternoon. Is there something wrong?"

Vix shook her head, no.

"Come on, foxy… I know something is wrong. What happened?"

Vix sighed through her ear tubes and lowered her head. She had tried to conceal her discomfort all day, but her friends were just too good at noticing any slight change in her behavior. They just knew her too well.

She began moving her arms in a way that only an experimented pet reader could comprehend. When she mimicked someone elbowing her in the face, nobody had trouble understanding that part, though.

"What? You got hit in the face? By a client?"

Vix nodded.

"Was it an accident?"

Vix nodded.

"Okay, let's go upstairs and look at it. You should have told Lucy about it, silly. Come. You too, Apricot. Lucy said I shouldn't leave you alone in case you were a criminal! Haha."

Hand in paw, Meeka and Vix exited the lounge, followed by the obedient puppy. They went up the stairs, directly to the costume room where Apricot sat on a chair and watched Meeka unlock the Vix's costume.

As Meeka unzipped Vix, the fox girl became a bit agitated. But again, those two friends knew each other very well.

"Don't worry, Vix. It's Kitty wearing the Apricot costume. Remember how nice she was? She won't judge you for what you look like. And we told you a hundred times too. You are super duper cute. Just trust me on that, okay."

Vix sighed and let her arms fall to her sides. It was not like she had any other choice but to expose herself this time. At least, she wouldn't have to face Kitty's direct gaze. On her side, Kitty had no idea what Meeka was talking about and became apprehensive. What she had explained to Vix also sounded like a warning to her. Perhaps to prepare her for something maybe a bit unusual.

When the fox mask fell, there was not much to see because Meeka immediately wiped Vix's face with a wet towel, but this short brown hair was just adorable. It seemed to fit Vix's personality so well, a pretty young girl unable to take care of her hair.

"Ow ow ow! Meeka! Careful… My cheek!"

"Geez, Vix! Seriously! Why didn't you tell Lucy? It looks like you are going to get a black eye. Who did this to you?"

"A client. I didn't want him to get in trouble. It was not his fault. I sat next to him, but he didn't see me because I'm too small. When he turned around, he elbowed me in the face. Lucy would have banned him."

"Nooo, she wouldn't have banned him. She would have taken care of you and asked what happened first, silly fox. That's it. We take off your costume for the night, we give you some pain killers, and you sleep with us in the capsule."


Apricot just observed the scene, which gave her some insight into how life was at the café. Until now, she had not realized that the job came with some risks. Being a pet also meant being vulnerable and unable to always handle situations on their own. Having friends around was tantamount to safety.

Her second thought was about what Vix looked like out of costume. Right away, she understood the purpose of Meeka's little speech prior to removing the mask. Vix had some noticeable scars on the side of her head and on her cheek. It was not ugly or anything, but a feeling of compassion invaded Apricot's heart. What could have happened to Vix, and was this why she liked wearing the costume? To hide? And then she felt guilty, real and solid guilt. Why did she notice the scars before Vix's cuteness? It was so unfair because the fox girl was truly lovable with her ruffled brown hair and matching big brown eyes.

Vix briefly looked at Apricot but quickly turned her head to hide her scars, which was a reaction Meeka had expected from her friend.

"Stop it, foxie. I tell you. Apricot is super nice."

Inside Apricot's costume was Kitty. The same perverted catgirl who would love to have sex with everything that had a pulse, particularly a cute girl like Vix. Her sexual instinct was strong, and it knew exactly what would make the complexed girl feel better—an inappropriate move.

Apricot walked to Vix and placed her two paws right on her naked boobs.

"Bahaha! Vix! See… That's what Apricot is after! Your delicious boobs, not your scars. Not too far off from what the previous Apricot would have done."

"Aaah! She… she is massaging them too."

"Well, foxie, that just means you aren't going to get a lot of sleep tonight. Anyway, when was the last time we got to do dirty things together?"

"Aaah! I don't do dirty things like that. I'm not like Trixie."

"Oh! That is such a lie! You won't be able to keep your innocent image forever, Miss Vix. Alright, let me take you out of this costume, and then I'll give you your pain killers. After that, I'm going to tell Asha and Oreo that we are going to sleep upstairs and see if they want to join. I feel that this is going to be a fun night."

Things couldn't have taken a better turn. Kitty was going to wear this fantastic costume all night, and she was about to spend the night with two hot girls, maybe four. What more could a catgirl desire?

"Alright, Apricot. In you go! You'll see, those capsule rooms are so comfy!"

Apricot crouched down and crawled in the bottom capsule. It was indeed comfy. The micro-room was relatively spacious, and all the lights were blue, making the ambiance very futuristic. The soft mattress was about as big as a queen-size, which was good; the closer to the other girls would be, the better.

As she sat down in the far corner, she heard her two friends chatting outside.

"Are you sure they don't want to sleep with us?"

"No, Asha and Oreo said they were too exhausted. I mean, did you see the clients they got today? They were so excited, and drained them of all their energy. I think they never sold that many drinks and cakes in a day. Lucy is probably going to give them a bonus too."

"Okay… it would just have been nice for all of us to sleep together."

"Yes, but just give them a break. They deserve it. Come on. We have a special doggy to take care of."

Vix and Meeka entered the capsule room and slid the door close behind themselves. Apricot had not expected them to be completely naked already. While they were chatting, they had undressed as if it was a normal thing to do.

The first one to join her was Vix, and it was, as usual, to get a skin-on-latex hug.

"Awww. Apricot. Meeka is right. You did an amazing job today. It's like you have done this before."

"Haha. Vix. I told you. It's Kitty in the suit. She wears a latex cat costume all the time at home."

"Oh, I didn't know that. So you like being a pet that much?"

Apricot nodded. What a silly question. Of course, she loved it more than anything else in the world. Being a rubber pet girl was her entire life.

"So, tell me then. Is this costume better than what you wear at home?"

That was a tough question. Today, whenever she had some downtime between two clients, she wondered what would happen next. Would she be able to go back home and be satisfied with her usual pink catsuit with attached mitts, or would she want a full pet costume like the one she currently wore? On the one hand, she loved being able to talk a lot and use her mouth on Mark and Erika, but on the other, she loved the extra restriction that came with this café pet suit. Vix's question couldn't be fully answered on such short notice. It would be necessary to think about it some more and see how the next couple of days would unfold once back at home.

Apricot shrugged, unsure what to do.

"Ah, it's okay. Many of us don't know what we really want either. We love being pets, but we also love spending time with our friends too, outside the café."

Those words were reassuring, and it also felt like her friends understood the pros and cons of being a pet girl fully. How could a pet have a normal life?

"Hey, foxie. Let's show Apricot how close we are outside the café. Hehe."

"Hehe. I'm okay with that."

"Come here! Rawr!"

Inside her Apricot suit, Kitty had a mini orgasm when Vix knee-walked to Meeka and pressed her naked body on hers. The heat had barely been turned on that she already wanted to participate. Unfortunately, she was confined to the suffering role of being an observer at the moment.

The two girls wrapped their arms around each other, crushing their soft boobs in the process, and began kissing… slowly… erotically. Vix was shy but clearly liked Meeka enough to let herself go. Those little moans were unbearable.


"Aah mmm!"

Apricot's paw went right down to her burning crotch, and then the worse thing happened. She realized that Meeka had locked her in the suit to prevent the clients from accessing her sensitive area. This safety feature was a huge downside in a situation like this. Would Vix and Meeka have sex in front of her, and she wouldn't get to experience pleasure and release? If that were to happen, it would mean only one thing…


There was a hundred percent chance that she wouldn't be able to endure watching her sexy naked friends having a great time right next to her while she would be unable to get anything out of it. Too scared of this scenario, she crawled to her friends, demanding attention, but Meeka pushed her back in her corner.

"Bad doggy! No! Vix is MY foxie. Haha. And all locked up as you are, there is not much you can do for us, right?"


Was Meeka serious, or was she just playing with her mind? That wasn't fair. In normal circumstances, it was Kitty who was playing with people's minds. The opposite was illegal. Meeka wasn't allowed to behave like that in her presence.

The two naked girls kissed for a long moment, sensually, and making sure Apricot had a perfect view of their erotic activity and their drooly tongues rubbing chin, lips, and nose. As it wasn't enough, they cranked up the heat and started fingering each other.

"Aaah! Mee… Meeka!"

"Haha. You like that Foxie? I'm sure you… Aaaah! Oooh… that's a good spot… mmm"

Obviously, it was not the first time that these two played with each other. They knew which button to press to provoke a positive reaction and get the juice flowing.

Apricot uselessly rubbed her crotch, trying to feel something, but it was not very efficient. In dire need of assistance, she crawled again to her two friends with renewed resolve. Were they just teasing her? It sounded like it, but they were pretty good at pretending.

"Aaah! Our dog is insisting. Do you want to have fun too, Apricot?"

Apricot nodded furiously, and this time, she pushed Meeka to her back and poked her in the belly, leaving her no other choice but admitting that she was just teasing her.

"Hahaha! Stop! Apricot! Stop! Okay okay! We will play with you too. Vix, give me her key."

"Yes. I hid it in the corner here."

Vix dug out the key from the corner of the capsule, a little rubber dog keychain looking just like Apricot with a tiny silver key dangling from it, and gave it to Meeka, who was still trying to fend off her cuddly attacker.

"Alright, Apricot. Calm down for a sec. Stop moving."

The tip of the key entered a little hole on the metal block covering Apricot's crotch zipper tabs, and then it popped off. All there was left to do was to unzip it to reveal her most sensitive spot.

"Aaaand, there you go… Oooh… it's a bit warm in there. Hehe."

Instead of discussing any further, Apricot moved up Meeka's body, blocked her arms under her legs, and pressed her now liberated pussy on her mouth, surprising the raccoon girl with such boldness.

"Aaaah! Aprimmmph!"

"Haha! Meeka! You shouldn't have teased her. Now our doggy needs something from you. It's funny. The old Apricot would have done the same thing."

"Mmph! I… I know… mmmph"

"Woah… She really wants you. Hehe. Okay, then I'll do this while you are busy making her feel good."

A bit bolder than usual, inspired by Apricot's sexual behavior, Vix crawled between Meeka's legs and forced them open to access her smooth crotch. It started with some licking on her inner thighs, which totally drove her nuts, and gradually, the fox girl moved to the most interesting part.

Her little tongue began teasing Meeka's swollen clit. Up and down, side to side, sucking and licking, it quickly sent Meeka to a very happy place. Having her crotch licked like that by her adorable friend and responding to Apricot's forceful demand for pleasure, Meeka was almost in a trance. Inviting Kitty to spend the night over was somewhat of a shot in the dark but a very rewarding one. It was rare that she could have sex with both a pet and a friend simultaneously, and no matter what would happen next, she would have no regrets.

Apricot's breathing accelerated, but she had no good way to moan. On the edge, she was about to explode in Meeka's mouth because it was so hot. Why were the café pets so amazing? It was only her second visit to this place, but she already couldn't imagine living without them. She wanted to be friends with everybody. They were so much like her, so much like what she wanted to become. If Lucy were to offer her a job now, there was no way she could turn it down, even if it meant that she would have to do the most unthinkable thing… Working.

Her little body thrashed as a powerful tongue-driven orgasm assaulted her. Meeka seemed to have a lot of experience doing this and was pretty much as good as Erika. She stayed in position and pressed her pussy on Meeka's mouth again, sending a clear message that she needed more.

"Haha. Meeka… I think you are in trouble now."

"Mmmph! Aaah!"

The raccoon girl was pretty much gone. Between the delicious juice flowing from Apricot's crotch and Vix's soft little tongue teasing her clit, her soul floated between earth and sky in a realm of happiness. And when her oppressor squeezed her head using her rubbery legs, making this licking even more forceful, she lost it and came very hard.

"MMph! Mmmphaah! Mpph!"

For way too long, the three girls kept this same position and randomly came. Vix didn't get the same pleasure, but she knew very well that escaping the capsule wouldn't happen anytime soon. Nobody would forget about her. That said, neither Vix nor Meeka knew how sexually enduring Kitty could be, it would be a long and gradual discovery.

One of the hottest positions Apricot experienced during this frolicking, and that was when having a female-only threesome came in handy, was when Vix decided to do some nice scissoring with her while Meeka deep-kissed Vix. This made the small fox girl, who looked so innocent so far, definitely look more whorish, in Kitty's terms. Vix's cute body reacted so well to sexual pleasure, and she didn't seem to have the same shyness in bed as she had when her facial scars were exposed earlier. This proved that when you had good and reliable friends, a person's problems became not as bad as they seemed. With many hot sessions like this, it was possible that, one day, Vix would be a full-on self-confident woman who would not let her fears get in the way of her life. Every time the fox girl came, it was a new step toward mental freedom.

"Hehe. Vix. Do you think Apricot likes the same thing as the old Apricot?"

"Oh, you mean her toes?"


"We should try. Haha."

What was that? Toes? Apricot lifted her head just enough to see her two naked friends grab her ankles.

"Little rubbery toes."

Vix took the first bite. Her mouth was barely large enough to get the tip of Apricot's rubber sock in her mouth, but it was just perfect for nibbling on her toes.

Surprisingly unfamiliar with this feeling, Apricot jerked on the mattress, unable to control her limbs. It was such a strange sensation, something between pleasure and… whatever else that was. It was too new to understand. But when Meeka did the same with her other foot, there were no longer any hopes of figuring it out. Since she had no muscles, she couldn't even fight back and escape this torture.

"Ah! That will teach you for having forced me to lick you for so long."

"Meeka, I think we have a winner. She loves it."

"Yes! It's awesome! She is really a good doggy! Haha. I missed playing with Apricot a lot."

"Me too. I hope Lucy will hire her."

Tonight's goal was simply to have fun. There was a lot of teasing like this funny toe nibbling, intense sex, and some long breaks to chit-chat and cuddle with the latex doggy. Vix even went to get Apricot some water at some point so she wouldn't get dehydrated.

After hours of this, exhausted, the three of them finally fell asleep in the cutest position ever. Apricot was on her back, on her left was Vix, and on her right was Meeka, both curled like small critters. Even though they were all sinking in Morpheus's comfy arms, the chemistry was still flowing.

Early in the morning, the capsule room's door slid open silently, and Lucy peeked inside. Nothing could shock that woman anymore, so seeing the two naked girls clinging to the latex dog was nothing to write her mother about. She never minded when her girls had some good adult fun as long as they didn't damage the costumes. But today was a business day, and she heartlessly put an end to this little romance.

"Hey, all of you. Wake up. Vix, Meeka! You are working today. Go get a shower and get in costume, and… VIX! Why do you have a black eye!?"

"I… I do?"

"YES! You do! Who did that to you!? Why didn't you tell me!?"

"Lucyyy! It was an accident!"

"Accident, my ass! I'm going to ban whoever hurt my pets!"

"Nooo! It was my fault! Don't ban anybody!"

"Come on out! I need to look at it! Meeka! You come too. Did you know about it? Why didn't you tell me that someone hit her?"

"Nobody hit her… As she told you, it was an accident. She is fine. I gave her some pain killer last night. She is just going to look funny for a few days."

As soon as Vix was in range, Lucy, feeling particularly motherly, pulled her out of the capsule by the arm, and Meeka followed, trying to explain what happened to save her friend from zealous care.

All that to say, Apricot was now alone in the capsule, not too sure what to do with herself outside remembering the terrific night she had with her new friends. Still trapped in her dog costume, she didn't even know if she was going to work again today. That had not been discussed yet.

After a minute or two, when the loud voices ceased, she got on her fours and crawled out of the capsule. A good stretching session was in order to take care of those sore muscles. Vix and Meeka definitely gave her a good run for her money.

The first logical place to go was the costume room which was just across the hallway. Still filled with endorphins, Apricot danced her way over there and found Lucy preparing the fox and raccoon suits.

"Ah! You… yes. You look happy. Slept well?"

Apricot nodded and danced a bit more.

"Glad to see you enjoyed yourself. Come here now. I'll take off your costume while the girls are showering."

That was not what Apricot wanted to hear, but this Lucy lady didn't seem like a person she should be arguing with. Plus, it would be a good idea not to push her luck. Since yesterday, she had a unique experience, and requesting more of it would just be greedy at this point.

"Mmm… Where is your key? It's not in the key box… Is it in the capsule room?"

Apricot nodded.

"Ah, it's fine. I have a spare over here. Come."

Lucy went to the nearby dresser, opened the first drawer, and grabbed a full keyset, the keys for all her animals. It was not the first time the girls lost their keys, so she had learned to have a backup plan.

"Turn around, Kitty."


The metal cap holding the zipper tabs popped off, and a second later, the cold ambient air chilled Kitty's neck skin, a sensation announcing that the fun was truly over. The suit opened all the way down to the small of her back and then to the top of her head.

"Okay, let me do the work here. I'll remove your mask and clean up your face. You know, your hair is very pretty, Kitty. It reminds me of Accalia's hair, but hers is shorter. She is Asian too, you know. You guys are so lucky to have straight black hair like that. Alright, take a deep breath and open your mouth. I'm going to pull off your mask. You can close your eyes too if it helps."


"Haha… I know. It feels funny when the nose tubes come out. Here, let me wipe your face with a wet towel."

It obviously was not Lucy's first rodeo. That wet towel felt great and smelled equally pleasant. It was so refreshing, making the end of a fun adventure more bearable. The store owner seemed a bit overprotective and motherly, but God, she knew how to take good care of her pets.

After popping Kitty's arms out of the latex sleeve and pushing the suit down past her hips, Lucy wrapped her in a big soft towel to keep her warm, a feeling that Kitty had not really experienced since she was a child. Did the pets get this nice treatment every time they got out of their suit? Was this some sort of comfy reward for having done a good job? No matter what it was, Kitty buried her nose in the large towel and appreciated the attention.

Once Lucy pulled Kitty's feet out of the socks, she hung the suit to have it cleaned later.

"So, Kitty. How did you like working as a pet."

"Oh… I loved it."

"Good. Outside some little mistakes, you did okay. Stella did well too. Are you still interested in working for us?"

The first thing that Kitty wanted to say was yes, but she paused for a moment instead of answering. The truth was that she had not done this for a job. Meeka kind of put her into this situation just to make her happy. Kitty was many things, from being childish to being an absolute pervert, but there was one thing that she wouldn't do, and it was to lie. Even though it could cost her something important, she preferred to be honest.

"Well… about that… I… I wasn't here for a job. Meeka just wanted me to have a chance to wear a pet suit because she knew I would like it."

"Is that so?"

"Yes… I'm sorry. But… I mean… Stella wanted this job, and me, I just happened to be at the right place and the right time. So it wouldn't be fair to steal her job, right?"

"Mmm… Yes. You are right. Thanks for telling me the truth. I appreciate that a lot. I'll close my eyes on this and still consider you as a potential candidate. But let me be honest as well. I'm very picky when the time comes to choose a new pet, and I'm not convinced that you nor Stella would be good pets yet."


"No. Stella did a great job around the clients, plus I think being a pet would be beneficial to her. It would change her world. But she wasn't very comfortable wearing the suit. When I let her out, I could tell she didn't enjoy it nearly as much as she thought she would."

"And… me? What did I do wrong?"

"You? Haha. Nothing. You did nothing wrong at all. You are a natural. I don't know what you do at home, but you were born to wear a pet suit. You are the best!"

"But… Why do you say you are not sure if I could be a good pet, then. What does it mean?"

"Kitty, to be a pet here, you need a good reason. Just wearing a suit is very fun, but why would you do it at a café when you can do it at home. Meeka said that you have a boyfriend… Surely you can express your love of latex with him, right?"

"Well, yes… I do that already… but… I don't know…"

"And that's exactly it. You don't know. Look, if you ever figure out why you'd like to work here, I would be happy to hear it. Until then, I don't think I can hire you. I'm sorry."

"No… It's… it's fine. You are right, Lucy. Thanks for letting me try it, though. It was a lot of fun."

"You bet. Your clothes are in the little locker right there. Number 4."


Lucy exited the costume room, leaving Kitty alone, cocooned in her warm towel. She fixated on the floor for a moment, thinking about the conversation. It was not often that somebody reached her core so easily. But the message had been pretty clear, for now, she couldn't be a pet at the café.

After retrieving her clothes from the locker, she dressed back up in her civilian clothes. The fabric rubbing on her hairless skin felt a bit boring. As she finished tying her shoes, Two supercharged naked girls wearing nothing but towels around their torso rushed at her.

"KITTYYY! You are no longer a bitch!"

"Haha! Hi! No, I'm no longer Apricot the bitch. That's funny."

"Sooo? Did Lucy hire you? Please say yes!"

"Nooo… She said I did well, but I don't think she is interested."


"It's okay, Meeka. It's fine. I had a lot of fun, but having a job is not for me, I suppose. It would require effort. and effort is too difficult anyway."

"Awww. Okay, but I'm still disappointed. I think you did super great. Lucy is a good judge of character, though. She knows what she is looking for, and sometimes, her thinking is pretty mysterious."

"We can still be friends, right?"

"OF COURSE! Silly Kitty! We work a lot, but I'll text you when I'm off so we can do more fun things."

"Great. And you too, Vix. You are the most adorable girl I've ever met."

"Awww… Don't say things like that. It's embarrassing."

The new friends hugged each other, wet eyes included, and then Kitty said goodbye and headed out of the room. The staircase leading downstairs seemed a bit longer than it was yesterday, or perhaps she was a bit slower. With Kitty, air density was enough to slow her down. When she reached the main floor, Lucy was doing some paperwork at the reception desk.

"Goodbye, Lucy. Thanks again for the opportunity."

"Don't mention it. See you later. I'll tell Meeka to text you when your salary is ready."


Dragging her feet as if she carried a heavy weight on her shoulders, she was still ready to go; her body just didn't seem to want to. When she finally reached the glass door separating her from the outside world, she pushed it open, but a voice interrupted her.

"Oh, Kitty…"

"Yes, Lucy?"

"Say hi to Elizabeth for me, would you?"

"… How… how do you know that?"

Lucy pointed at the security camera in the corner of the lobby.

"You… you knew all along who I was?"

"Of course."

"And… You didn't mind?"


"A.. alright. I'll pass the message."


The wind pushed the glass door close as if an invisible force wanted to prevent Kitty from leaving. Having no muscles, she struggled to push it back open, but as she put a foot outside, the same voice stopped her a second time.

"Hey, Kitty…"

"Y… yes?"

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

What? Kitty thought about it for a second and had no clue what she could have forgotten. But Lucy helped her a little by placing her backpack on top of the desk.

"Oh! Darn! My backpack! Thank you!"

"Your mind is definitely elsewhere this morning."

"Yes… I'm sorry."

She trotted back to the desk and hugged her bag before returning to the door that had slammed shut again. With her tiny shoulder, she pushed it open again, and once more, Lucy called her name again. It was almost getting irritating.


"Uh? What did I forget this time?"

"Nothing… I was just wondering how badly you wanted to leave. Have a good one."

"… O… okay…"

Kitty finally stepped outside, still hugging her backpack and being puzzled by Lucy's strange comment. How badly did she want to leave? What did Lucy mean by that?

She shook her head and headed toward the nearest bus stop to sit on the plastic bench. Her next move would be to call Syr so she could come to pick her up.

As she walked on the busy walkway, she realized something. For the first time in a very long time, she was all alone in the big City. Meeka wasn't there to accompany her, and Mark, Erika, and Syr were not around either. It reminded her of her previous life when she had a hard time making ends meet and simply surviving a society she didn't fit in.

There was still a bit of guilt coursing through her veins regarding this previous life before Mark saved her. Her bad situation back then was due to her extreme laziness. She hadn't been capable of holding a job, had trashed all the opportunities offered to her because she got distracted by more fun things, or simply had been so uninterested that she gave up on everything.

If she had been smarter, she would have kicked her own butt hard and did something about it. But no, she had failed over and over, never learning her lessons. To this day, even though she now lived a much happier life, she had a hard time forgiving herself for having been this lazy and stupid. Simply put, everything she possessed today, love, money, home, friends… She only got that because of luck. She had not worked for any of those things she had. They had been handed over to her by people much more valuable than herself. She knew that… it was burning her insides just to think about it.

After sitting on the bench, she retrieved her phone from her bag and dialed Syr's number. It rang two times, and a melodic voice answered.

"Hi Syr… Yes. I'm done. Can one of you come to pick me up?… Cool. I'm at the bus stop near the café… Yes, same street… Okay… I'll see you in a bit then… Thanks… Bye."

Soon, she will be back home with the people she loved the most. At night, she would have tons of fun, and during the day, she would just chill and do nothing, as usual, watching Syr do her crafting and being fed by her too. She would wear her latex suit, get tied up for Erika's pleasure, play mind games with Mark, and get punished accordingly. She would also spend a lot of time locked in her crate or tied up in the leather sleepsack with a bit of luck.

For what? For herself? For them?

Was she supposed to be a toy? An entertainment? Did the fact that she loved all those things meant that her entire life had to revolve around this little BDSM planet? Was this her limitation? Or could she do better?

"No… Kitty… You are an absolute idiot! Aren't those people worth more to you than that? Can't you be better? Can't you offer them something better? Mark, Erika, and Syr bust their ass to earn money so we can do all kinds of cool things… and me? I just take everything for granted. Erika pushed me hard so I could get my secondary school diploma, and what do I do with it? Nothing! She wasted her time on me, and I gave her nothing extra in return. Just my usual warm body. This is sick."

Eyes watering, Kitty mumbled things to herself… harsh things. Her mind spiraled out of control, ejecting questions and considerations, memories of all sorts. A tornado of bad choices that had led her to undeserved happiness.

"Hey? You okay?"

"… uh?"

"Are you okay?"

"… Oh… yes… sorry… I was just talking to myself."

"You don't look too good."

Kitty wiped her eyes with her sleeve so she could see who was talking to her. It was a short Asian girl, like her, wearing a worried look on her face.

"Sorry… I was just thinking about things. I'm fine, really."

"Do you want a hug?"


"You can say yes, you know. It's free."

"I… I would love a hug, actually."

That was very special. An unknown young woman sat next to Kitty and pulled her in a warm hug. It felt so good. For about a minute, Kitty's mind calmed down, and her thought became somewhat coherent again. Why was this girl so generous? Why was she doing this?

"There… Do you feel better?"

"Yes… Much better. Thank you."

"I'm Lian, by the way. And I have to go. I'm already late, and my boss is kind of a dictator. Haha! Maybe I'll see you around."

"Haha. I'm Theresa. Have a great day. Thanks again!"

Lian walked away, but after a few steps, she turned around while jogging backward.

"Hey! Theresa! If you need more hugs at some point! You should visit the Cakes and Pets Café! It might just be what you need. Byyye!"

Kitty froze and whispered back the words she had heard.

"The… Cakes & Pets… might just be… what I need?"

As if a lightning bolt had traversed her brain, Kitty stuffed her phone in her bag and zipped it close. She sprung off her bench and ran after the girl who had disappeared into the crowd.


Lian was already out of sight, but Kitty exactly knew where she had gone. Despite the tears that had restarted running down her cheeks, it didn't take her long to travel the hundred meters separating her from the animal café. As soon as she arrived at the glass door, she took a deep breath in and opened it with one hand. That was so much easier than when she had left.

She stepped inside and found Lucy, still working at the reception desk, and Lian, the mysterious girl she had just encountered, was about to climb the stairs.


"Kitty? Back so soon?"


"I must?"


Lucy smiled and placed her two elbows on the desk and rested her chin in her hands.

"And, why would I do that?"


"Sorry, Kitty. Not good enough. Try again."




Tears were flowing down Kitty's cheek as she was clumsily pleading her case to a very calm and composed owner who didn't seem to mind being yelled at by a hysteric girl.

"So? What would working here do for you, exactly?"


"Okay, you are hired."


Lian walked to Kitty and smacked her forehead with the palm of her hand, which petrified the crying girl.

"Hey! Snap out of it, nutcase… She just said that you are hired."


"Hello? Did I break you?"

"She… she did?"

"Yes. She did. Welcome to the Cakes and Pets' family… whoever you may be."

Kitty fell to her knees. Crushing her backpack in her arms was the only thing that prevented her from fully collapsing to the ground. Her tears wetted the floor, and her whole body was shaking. She couldn't comprehend what had just happened. As much as she would have loved to make sense of this moment, her brain had turned into useless scrambled eggs.

Meanwhile, Lucy wrote a little message on a piece of paper and placed it on the floor in front of Kitty before turning away.

"Alright, Accalia. Come put your costume on. You are late."

"I knooow! I'm sorry!"

"Next time, I'll revoke your fridge privilege."

"Nooo! I'm sorry. It was Trixie's fault. She wanted me to wear this cute nurse uniform and… then she started touching me and…"

"Have mercy! I don't want to hear about that. I'm paying you to be a pet, not to be a nurse."

"Awww… But it was such a cute outfit…"

As Lucy and the girl climbed the stairs, Kitty stayed on the floor for a bit longer, trying to recover from her flash meltdown.

Did she… get a job? By herself? Without anybody's help?

Her shaky fingers picked up Lucy's note, and then her reddened eyes began to read it. It was only a few words, but they opened a whole new world to her.

"Monday 8am to Thursday 8am. Don't be late, Savannah."


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