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Chapter 4 - Freedom, Freedom, Freedom

The blood calmly flowing in our veins was pleasantly mixed with alcohol. Our drinking pace followed the relaxed ambiance of the pub, which was not too crowded nor too empty. The dimmed lights were barely able to draw a dark copy of the clients on the various objects surrounding them, and when they managed it, the shadows struggled to follow the movement of their masters. Erika had laid her head down on my lap a while ago already, inviting me to explore her curves respectfully with my hand. The warmth of her wool pullover matched her personally, comfortable, yet a bit itchy. 

The main topic so far had been Kitty, my girlfriend. In normal circumstances, it would have been reasonable for a companion to be disinterested when discussing the life of an absent person during a date, yet, Erika didn’t mind and was even asking for it. Was it that she sensed that by learning more about Kitty, she would be learning more about me? Maybe it was out of sheer curiosity. No matter what her reasons were, placing her body under my care and requesting to hear more of what, hopefully, would make her heart flutter, betrayed her desire to join our adventure, if only for one night. I found her very generous. She offered me her time and patience, she offered me her listening and understanding, she offered me friendliness and affection, which all made me feel as if my small story was not worth the benefits I received in return. 

The waiter brought us two more beers, which was the trigger to start some more storytelling. Erika looked at me from below.

“So, don’t forget this time... You have to turn me on if you want to take me home tonight.”

“Yeah, yeah...! I hear you. I just think that I don’t know you much. I don’t know what turns you on, so my story with Kitty might not be what you like. To be honest, I doubt it is.”

As I was saying that, a warm breath enveloped my hand, and a bunch of little teeth plunged into the skin of one of my fingers. A jolt of pain went straight up to my brain. My reflex to move my hand away triggered laughter from my red-haired companion. Did Erika just bite me?

“Hahaha... Do you hate me now that I bit you?”

“Well, no... but why did you do that?”

“Well, I did something, not worrying about if you were going to like it or not. No risks, no rewards. I think you still want me to stay. So take a risk, tell me the story as it happened and we will see.”

Clever. Such a sensorial experience led to the same kind of life lesson that Kitty tried to teach me over the past year. The more I thought about it, the more those two had things in common. Or am I that bad and clueless that people, in general, felt the need to teach me how to live?

“Alright then, I’ll tell you how our first week went and how things started to escalate after that.”

“Sounds good to me. Hey, can you show me the pictures again? I want to watch them while you are telling me stuff about her.”

“Sure. Here. Take it.” I handed her my unlocked phone and leaned forward to grab my fresh beer.

It had been a crazy week. After an astounding weekend spent with Kitty, my latex fetishist catgirl, I had to go back to work. Our routine for the days of the week was pretty decent, I’d say. Around 6:30 am, Kitty was waking me up with a blowjob, she wouldn’t let me wake up before her anymore, fearing what would happen if she didn't. Next, I prepared breakfast and fed her before going to work around 7:30 am. Leaving her behind was sad since she didn’t have much to do during the day. I left her some easy to eat food in the fridge, but most of the time, she skipped her lunch. It was something I noticed, but I haven't discussed the topic with her yet.

I was back home at around 5 pm when the fun started. The first thing Kitty always wanted was to be tied up and get fucked. I tried hard to convince her, but the stubborn catgirl refused to let me fuck her unless she was in bondage. It was enjoyable, so it was not a big deal outside that I always had to wait until later to receive some hugs. I liked her hugs.

In between sex scenes, since she was going to stick around for a while, I wanted to create a small environment for her alone so she could feel more at home. It took the form of the smallest bedroom I had that I converted into a little den. There was a desk, a chair, and a small couch where she could put her things if there was ever a need. What made this room a bit more her own, and I think she really appreciated the gesture, was when I gave her back the picture of her parents in a little wooden frame. I picked the one with paw prints all around and placed it on her desk. Of course, she made me promise to never go in her room ever again so that I couldn’t look at the picture of the real her. Talk about taking ownership of the space quickly. It was perfect, though, precisely how I wanted her to feel.

Another aspect of her life that needed attention was her new sudden income situation. Going on a spending spree and using any of that money to accomplish her fantasies was nothing that interested Kitty. Far to be materialistic, her life was all about people and not possessions. The only items that she cherished were her latex catsuit and the picture of her small family. It would be unthinkable to take away the catsuit from her, but yet I knew that if given a choice, she would undoubtedly choose the picture. Fortunately, such a dilemma was unlikely to happen anytime soon. That said, her aversion to money and her lack of capacity to apply a concept of value to it were a good thing, in my opinion. I’d much prefer to see her keeping it invested in case of a rainy day rather than spending it without any apparent purpose. She did offer me some for her food, but I declined as she was not even close to putting a dent in my weekly budget.

One thing that made me appreciate Kitty, even more, was when, while tied up, she called her mother in Japan. I was sitting next to her, but couldn’t understand shit half of the time. She was switching to Japanese with a strong English accent. It was quite entertaining. She wanted to tell her mom about the will and the money, but she knew about it already, and she thought Kitty was all set financially. This conversation resulted in a solid scolding. I now know what an angry Japanese mother sounds like. Nevertheless, Kitty offered to send her part of it, but she declined. The desire for wealth doesn’t seem to run in her family either.

All in all, the burden of taking care of that aspect of her life fell back on my shoulder. Instead of rebalancing the whole abandoned portfolio myself, I just transferred it to a robo-investment service. It was less maintenance since she wasn’t going to take care of it, plus if we part ways, she should be able to manage it through a simple app without too much difficulty. The income tax situation was going to be a bitch, though, but as she said, “No! You do it!” Therefore I would have to take care of that too in the upcoming weeks.

It was Saturday morning, a week after I met her, and we had one more problem to address.


“Kitty, let me untie you. It was fun this morning and all week, but don’t you want to have a bit of freedom now?”


“So what? I’ll keep you tied up permanently?”

“Mmmm aaanh!”

Her small, hogtied rubber body twisted under a wave of sexual pleasure. 

“Seriously?... That thought just turned you on?”


“So you only want to fuck when you are tied up, and now you also want to be tied up when I don’t fuck you?”


When she was acting like this, there was little that could be done to change her mind. That stubbornness of her was kind of cute. I could pretty much force her to do whatever if I wanted to, but I was not that kind of dominant person. Without being submissive, I preferred just to give people what they wanted and enjoyed.

“Okay, then. I will have to think of something. I can’t have you lie around like this all day. You’d just be in the way.”

I slapped her on her cute little tailed ass and left the room.


“Ow! Hey, where are you going?”

“You’ll see. I’ll be back in a few. I got an idea. Don’t you go anywhere, alright?”

Tied up as she was, hands pinned to her lower back and heels touching her butt, she didn’t even bother answering my absurd question. Kitty loved to be restrained and left to simmer in her own sexual world. The feeling of the leather cuffs and ropes hugging her tightly was enough to keep her entertained indefinitely.


After a short trip to the home renovation center later, I got back home and started working on a neat little project. My workshop was in the basement, and Kitty was two floors above, probably wondering what I was doing. At lunchtime, I carried her down to the kitchen and forced her to eat. She kept saying that she was not hungry, but she could use to have some more meat on her bones. I understood she was part Asian, but her relationship with food was not correct. She could become even more sexual if she had the energy she was supposed to get. I was sure she would like that.

“Eat more!”


Our lunch finished, I carried her still tied up body upstairs, let her pee in the toilet before I dropped her on the bed again.

“Fuck me!” she said.

“No, I’m busy. You just wait like a good cat.”

“What... what are you working on?”

“I’m not telling you. Now stay quiet. It’s probably going to take me another two hours or so.”

I left her once more and returned to work on my project.


The two hours had passed, and I was quite satisfied with the materialized result of my idea. I went back to see my latex cat girl and, not as if it was a big surprise, she was still wiggling on the bed in her hogtie. I got close to her and started to undo her bonds.

“No!” she protested.

“Yes, I told you, I can’t have you lying around like this all day.”

“I won’t fuck you if I’m not in bondage.”

“I know. I know. Now stop struggling.”

Free again, she stretched her limbs and rubbed her rubber body with her paws. So cat-like. It’s been seven days already, and I have not seen her out of her costume once. It is so strange. I couldn’t think of her in any other way than a rubber cat. How crazy was that? Since craziness didn’t have any limit, I slid my finger under her pink collar and pulled her off the bed. We went downstairs, and before entering the living room, I put my hands over her eyes.

“Since you wanted to be in bondage all the time, even if you were probably just teasing me, you gave me an idea. Can you guess what it is?”

I felt her eyes moving in every direction under my fingers. That question just threw her brain into a spiral of fantasy. I could sense all her perverted ideas bouncing like ping pong balls inside her skull. She moved her paws up to my hands.

“Show me! I wanna see!”

“Ready? 1... 2... “

I opened my hands. It took her maybe 5 seconds to understand what she was seeing. Her knees collapsed, and she fell to the floor and plunged her two hands to her crotch.

“Aaaaannnnhhh! Aaaaannnh! Oh my God! Aaannnggg!”

Well, it had quite an effect on her. I was hoping for that to happen. A good-sized wooden crate was in front of us. All sides were made of plain wood panels. To get inside, there was a little jail-like door at the front, the bottom half was a wood panel, and the top half was bars that I made out of copper water pipes. It could be locked securely by closing the two metal hasps and clicking padlocks on them. Once that was done, there was no way the person inside could escape; in particular, someone as weak as my cute cat. The purpose of the crate was evident, and the realization of it made Kitty’s pussy detonate like a sexual volcano.

“So, Kitty, do you want to be tied up again, or maybe there is something else you’d like to try right now?”


“That much? Ok then. Come on. Walk...”

I pushed her a bit on the butt with the side of my foot. She started crawling unsteadily on all four toward her new crate. It was evident that strong waves of sexual energy assaulted her. I thought she would react that way, such a little pervy latex cat. 

I opened the hasps, then the door. The only opening was the door itself, which made the interior feel quite dark and isolated. There was a little mattress at the bottom for comfort. When I built this, I was pretty sure in advance that Kitty would end up spending quite a bit of time inside, so I thought it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make it more livable.

“If you get in now, I won’t let you out until bedtime, no matter what you say. Think about it.”

“Aaaanh... mmmm .. I... aaaanh... Damnit body...! Aaaannh!”

She just couldn’t speak anymore. Slowly but surely, she crawled inside the box. She just had enough room to turn around to face me. I was crouching down in front of the door, looking at her while she was exploring her new house. Before she could do or say anything else, I closed the door and slammed the hasps into place. I picked up the two new padlocks I had bought earlier and locked everything in place. From that point on, only incessant moans echoed in the living room.

“Aaannnh! Aaaaanh! Make... make it... aaaaanh! Make it stop!”

“No... you walked in there by yourself, so you stay in there until bedtime. What’s up, Kitty? You look a bit turned on...”

“AAannnh! Mark... Mark... aaaanh... something’s not... normal... nnnnghhh! I’m about ... AAAANHH! I’m... I’M CUUUMMMIIINGGG! AAAAAAAH!”

No way! No way! Seriously? Did she come just by being locked in the crate? It was a good thing that I built this box sturdy enough. The cage’s door rattled as the convulsing, and orgasming catgirl involuntarily kicked it.

“Hey, Kitty? You ok?”

“...mmm mmmm mmmm...”

“Only six hours to go, you know.”

“Aaaaanh! Stop stop! Mark! I'm not joking! Don’t say anything else... mmm! Give me a minute.”

“I’ll tell you what, you seem to like it in there. Look at this. I bought it for you earlier at the local adult store. It is just a basic vibrator, but it might help you with your little problem.”

“Give it to me!”

“I will, but before I do, here is the deal.”

“No! Give it to me!” she insisted.

“Listen. I’ll put it here, in your cage, but if you use it within thirty minutes, you’ll have to spend the entire night inside the crate. It's not such a bad deal, right? See, I put it right here. It’s all yours to use. Can you resist for thirty minutes, Kitty?”

“Aaaanh...! That is impossible!”

“Enjoy, I’ll be next to you on the couch, reading a book. Now, keep quiet, please.”

“Mark! You can’t do this! How am I supposed to wait that long?”

As if that was going to happen. Kitty wouldn't be able to wait 15 minutes. I sat down on the couch with a light novel and started reading. I could hear Kitty struggling inside her box. I was pretty sure I knew what she was trying to accomplish ...


Yep. The vibrations of failure. I didn’t even have time to read three pages. I went back to the crate to assist somehow.

“Kitty, you failed.”

“mmmm... I know.”

“Turn around and put your tail near the door. I can at least do this for you.”

She executed herself, probably knowing what I was about to do. I gave her butt cheeks a good squeeze and unzipped her crotch to make her life a bit easier.

“Alright, you are all set for the night.”

“Mmmm ok... mmmm!”


Wait... Did Erika just moan? She was still resting her head on my lap while listening to my long story.

“Erika? Are you ok?”

“Mark, you are a son of a...” she said, half angry.

“Hey, that’s rude. What did I do now?”

“What did you do? You just won my body for the night. That is what you did.”

I almost forgot about our deal.

You have to turn me on if you want to take me home with you tonight.

“Erika, are you saying that you are turned on by pet girls locked in cages?”

“Mark, shut up. It is embarrassing, and we are in public. Are you done with your beer and your story already?”

“Nope, hang in there. Something pretty cool happened the following week.”

“Darn! Ok, but hurry up. We are leaving right after, okay?”

“Yes, madame.”

“Don’t call me that, else I’ll gut you!”

It turned out Kitty masturbated until late that night. She refused to eat as she was too busy getting herself off. Her priorities were absolutely out of whack. I did provide her with a big bottle of water before going to bed, though, hoping that she would at least remember to drink. I love sleeping with Kitty, but sleeping alone from time to time is not a bad thing. It was the cute moans coming from downstairs that rocked me to sleep. 

The next morning, it seemed beneficial to not check on her too early. Trapped inside a small wooden box like an animal, unable to escape it, having her entire freedom taken away from her, I could only begin to imagine how she must have felt when I left her in there for the night. I was determined to take my sweet time before checking on her.

A long shower, a clean shave, and complete dental care were all necessary before I went looking inside the crate. In dreamland, Kitty was. A little ball of rubber dreaming about losing control over her entire life. Very quietly, I removed the padlocks and half-opened her door. It was only later, while I was preparing breakfast, that two small rubber arms wrapped around my waist and hugged me tightly.

“Heeey, look who is awake. Did you sleep well?”

“The batteries died.”

“I bet they did. This morning you have to eat. You are not skipping again. Okay?”

“Yes. I need to pee first.”

For the next 45 minutes, she sat on top of the kitchen island, and I spoon-fed her some oatmeal, a banana, then some eggs. She was hungry. It was easy to tell. We will have to discuss her food habits eventually. In between bites, we talked about her new crate. She said it was very comfortable but wouldn’t mind having a small pillow. She was not a real cat, after all. I didn’t want her to end up with a stiff neck during her playtime. It was an arrangement I could live with. When we talked about improvements, the suggestion of painting it arose. Of course, she was going to choose her own color, which ended up being pink. She could be so girly sometimes, at least it will match her paw pads and ears.

I went to the store to buy the necessary supplies while she stayed home to take a shower. After my round trip, I quietly painted the crate while she was sleeping on the leather couch. It turned out that she never made it to the bathroom, and she passed out on the couch in the living room.

“Well, the shower can wait, I suppose. The poor thing was exhausted.”

I spent the next hour or so working on the crate in silence. Even if Kitty was sleeping, behind me, it was an intimate moment that I got to share with her. It felt great to do something like this just because I knew it would make her happy. There were no other reasons.

The rest of the day was uneventful. I put Kitty in bondage, and we had a couple of hours of playtime. She really won't let me fuck her anymore if she is not tied up, I tried again to no avail. I’m still not sure how I feel about that.

As if she was not already extreme enough with all her fantasies, Kitty decided that it would be a good idea, that from now on, she would always sleep in her cage. I objected. Holding her rubber encased little body at night was one of my favorite things in the world. Her decision would mean that I’d end up sharing my bed with memories instead. I wasn’t thrilled at that idea. There was a back and forth arguing about this between both of us, and nobody won. We settled on a one week trial run. On weekdays, she would sleep in her crate, but on the weekend, I’d decide where she sleeps, and she won’t have a word to say. She would also have to be extra submissive in exchange for the trouble. She was my sexy catgirl, and I intended to enjoy her as much as I possibly could.

Our little deal started on Sunday night. It still seemed extreme to me, but Kitty would be spending all her nights, until Friday, within the confine of her new little bedroom. It pretty much gave me a feeling that she was turning into a pet at this point. Anyway, it went very well. It wasn't as hard as I was anticipating. Having more time to read my books in the evening was not a bad thing at all. In the morning, unlocking her door before going to work and making sure there was plenty of easy to eat food in the fridge, were the only things I had to do. Curiously, she seemed to sleep way better. Her eyes didn't open once during the whole week before I left. When she slept with me in the bedroom, she would always wake up before me. I suppose it was a good sign. I was not entirely sure what she was doing during the day, but when I was getting back home, she was always energetic and ready to play. She was really not depressed about her current lifestyle, on the contrary. I'd even go as far as to say that our sex was better. Perhaps the extra recovery time was beneficial to us.


The whole week had been insane at work. On Friday, the last day of the week, some weirdo scheduled a meeting at 8 am, who does that? So I had to rush to work early on that day. My mind was preoccupied with the workload that I knew would be inescapable. Hell didn't disappoint me one bit, and that day turned into a nightmare as we had to deal with emergencies all morning. There was no doubt in my mind that the afternoon was heading toward being the same madness. What a clusterfuck!

Around noon, I entered in my fuck it mode. People would have to give me at least 15 minutes to relax and have a sandwich. Otherwise, I’d have bitten their face off. I was then able to sit down and relax a bit. Stupid emergencies! They could wait.

I checked my phone. Oddly enough, I had a couple of text messages from Kitty. That was unlike her. She rarely bugged me when I was working.

8:34 - Hello?

9:12 - Mark?

10:13 - Pee

11:41 - bad now

It took me a moment to understand what she meant. Once I did, the blood drained from my face. It struck me like a lightning bolt. I FORGOT ABOUT KITTY! I didn’t open her cage door this morning before leaving. I immediately felt awful. It was now 12:20 pm, and she was stuck inside her crate for the past 14 hours with only a bottle of water. I texted her back right away.

Kitty, I’m so sorry! I forgot to let you out. I’m coming now.


You need to pee. I’m coming.

I was almost at the elevator trying to put my coat on while texting.

Too late.

I’m so sorry!

I came.

See later.

Are you sure?

Yes fine.

I felt so bad. But there was not much to do at this point. Kitty said she came too. Maybe she was not as miserable as my imagination led me to believe. The only thing left to do was to finish this hellish day and head home as early as possible to apologize appropriately.

And that plan failed. Work kept me busy until 6:30 pm with no possibility of getting out early. I only got home around 7 pm. All afternoon I tried to keep Kitty updated and asked her if she was still okay. She kept replying ‘yes’ to all my questions, so I was not sure in what state she was now, I would soon find out. I went directly to the living room and unlocked the door that was holding her prisoner. She was asleep, and yes, it smelled like pee. I rubbed her shoulder gently to wake her up.

“Hey, Kitty, I’m here.”

She opened her eyes and looked at me tenderly. She sensuously lifted herself, not looking in too bad shape. Not saying a word, she crawled out of the box slowly. She was so cute in her tight latex catsuit. I couldn’t get tired of this sight. Her latex paws reached me as she kept crawling. Kitty, wanting something from me, dragged her latex body closer and closer to mine. She pushed me until my back rested on the soft carpet, and she started kissing passionately. Her moans betrayed her arousal that she wasn't trying to hide.

“Fuck me right here, right now. Please.”

“Kitty? Even if you are not tied up?”

“Yes. Fuck me! I've been waiting for this all day. And you owe me.”

She didn’t have to ask me a third time. I ended up naked in a heartbeat, and the perverted cat was all over me for the next hour, always fetching for more orgasms. The rest of the evening was as torrid. It was as if our relationship leveled up because of my mistake.

The next day, I cleaned up Kitty’s crate mess while she was in the shower. After replacing the mattress, I grabbed her small pillow and gave it a little squeeze. It was a heart-shaped pink pillow that I found at the store. Needless to say that I was embarrassed to buy it, but when I gave it to her, she was all excited. She could be so girly sometimes. I placed it back inside her box and went to read a book, waiting for her to finish up her long cleaning routine. She never explained to me exactly how she managed to clean up her suit while hidden in the bathroom, but she did a fantastic job at it. She was always getting out of there, looking like a brand new latex cat. It was impressive... and sexy.

Bouncing down the stairs, wearing her usual second skin, she immediately joined me on the couch and hung onto my arm as usual. She licked my cheek and murmured in my ear.

“I love you!”

“How was your skin?”

She grumbled a bit and slapped me on the chest with her paw.

“My skin is fine. I said, I love you.”

It was true that she admitted her love for me about two weeks ago, very quickly after I met her. Back then, I was not ready to declare mine. I probably could have. Was I ready now? Thinking about it, I cared enough about her to live with her around all the time. The fun and joy that each and every moment I spent with her brought to me were undeniable. I did love her. It would be distressing if she were to leave me at this point. So why didn’t I say something already? Was I that scared?

“Hey, Kitty. How much do you love me?

“How much? Probably more than you could imagine.”

“So, you are not just with me until you find someone better, right?”

She looked at me, trying to figure out what I was trying to say by that. I couldn't believe the words that just escaped my mouth. I vocalized my lack of confidence right in her face. She climbed on top of me and put her two paws on my shoulders. She sensed that something was wrong inside my head. What I said was not against her. To cover for a bigger truth, I used a simple foolish statement as a decoy. 

“Hey, hey, hey! Mark, I don’t know what kind of experience you had with girls before. You can tell me if you got hurt in the past. I’ll always listen. But with me... you know... you can trust me. I have no intention of leaving you. I know what you may have thought of me. A cute girl is wearing latex. Oh, she is kinky. She must sleep around a lot. Oh, she is a pervert. Every man will be after her. But I'm nothing like that. I'm super picky, and you are one of a kind. It is not true that many guys would accept me for what I am and what I love. They would all love just to fuck me and discard me ignoring my true feelings.”

“Kitty... I didn't think that...”

“Do you remember what I told you a while ago? Your fear is a good thing.”


“You are scared that I’ll go do things with other males. What does it mean if you think about it?”

“That... I am jealous?”

“Nope, not at all. Mark, you can be so hopeless sometimes. Try again. What does it really mean?” she said, poking me in the chest.

“I’m not sure... maybe I’m not confident enough? I know it’s bad.”

“Failed again. But yet, you are getting close. Just say it already. You want to say it badly... Just let it out. What is the real feeling burning inside your heart right now? I know what it is. I told you before that I knew how you felt about me. But now, YOU need to say it, for your own sake.”

“Kitty... I..."

"Yes? Say it. It is okay to say it. You have the right to say it."

"I love you...! I LOVE you...! I love you so much. I want to be with you and never leave you!”

“Aaaawww! Finally! I love you too, and I'm so happy right now. I won't go anywhere, I promise. I will work extra hard to make you believe it too.”

Damn, this felt great to be able to let it out. Kitty leaned forward and started kissing me passionately. She said that she was the happiest cat in the Universe. Only her, ever, managed to read my mind that way and pull the truth out of it. Seriously, I may have said it to myself a billion times already, but I felt like the luckiest guy on Earth. 

After a series of erotic kisses, she stared at me for a moment. It was the same gaze she always had when a deviant idea crossed her mind.

“So, does this mean I can stay here forever.”


“Does this mean you’ll tie me up to fuck me all the time?”

“Only if you are nice, yes.”

“Does this mean you’ll leave me caged when you go to work every day?”

“Yes... Wait... What? Kitty, what are you saying now?”

“I loved it a lot,” she said, eyes closed with a big smile on her face.

“I know that, but every day? Is it not a bit much?”


“I won’t clean up your pee every day.”

“I dunno, find a way then. You are smart.”

“I am not into diaper fetish,” I said.

“You are the one who just said that, not me. I can't believe you are dreaming of me wearing diapers. Ah! I don't want that. I am no kitten!”

She always threw curveballs at me like this. Her sexuality is a never ending whirlpool of fantasies wishing to become a reality. I would have to come up with, yet, another idea to make this new one happen.


Solutions always come when you least expect them, they said. I had to tap into the accumulated memories of my time before Kitty. A place that was not agreeing with me anymore. It was the hell of porn that consumed me for so long, before I got pulled out of there by pure love. A paw was presented to me, and I grabbed it. This little girl from the book store obliterated my twisted conception of the world and replaced it with something real and invaluable. That said, my previous life was still a source of knowledge. Even if it made me nauseous to go back there, I was glad I did. A small amount of discomfort in exchange for a great idea.

A trip to the store later, I got back home and placed my shopping bag on the coffee table. I went to fetch Kitty and cuffed her wrists behind her back and made her lay down on the soft couch. I put my hand on her crotch and was ready to claim a bit more control over her life.

“So, do you trust me?”

“Yes, but... what are we doing?”

“Taking away a bit more of the control you have over your body.”


“Alright, don’t move until I’m done, okay?”

I pulled out a plastic envelope from my shopping bag, and I ripped it open carefully. First, I read the instructions to make sure I did things the right way. Kitty tried to look, but since her back was resting on top of her arms, she was struggling.

“What is this?”

“A catheter.”

“A what?”

“A tube that goes to your bladder. So we can control your pee.”

And just like that, I talked too much, and a wave of sexual pleasure hit her. She didn’t know exactly where this was going to, but again, just the thought of losing control over her body made her brain spiral down into bliss.

I put the latex gloves on and started to work. After cleaning the area and lubing the tube, I pulled Kitty's pussy lips apart and started to insert the soft rubber snake slowly inside her urethra. Deeper and deeper. Kitty moaned a bit, but it was a different moan.

“Mmmm it... feels weird.”

“Stay put. We are not done yet.”

I pushed and pushed until I reached the end. Right away, some urine started to flow, and I clamped the tube shut with a clip. Using the included syringe, I inflated the air balloon that was inside her bladder to secure the tube in place. And we were done. I zipped her crotch up; only the tip of the catheter was dangling out.

“Alright, how do you feel?”

“Mmmm... different.”

“You can’t pee anymore unless you ask me to. And you can’t pull it out either. So don’t try.”

“Aaanh... stop! You are saying this on purpose. Mmmm”

“So when you’ll be in your cage, we will hook it up to a bag, and your pee will just flow to it. It means that I can keep you in there much longer without having to worry about you making another mess.”

Kitty didn’t seem too sure about this one, but she was willing to try.

“Okay, I guess we can try. When do we have to take it out? In a day or two?”

“Oh, no, no! Kitty, you will keep it in for two or three months.”


And once again, her uncontrollable brain sent a powerful electric wave right to her pussy. She was not expecting that answer. The thought of losing control over her bladder for three full months was insane. It was almost... permanent.

For the next couple of hours, I played with her until she said that she desperately needed to pee. To hurry was not a priority since it was much more fun to see her mind gradually understand the extent of what I took away from her. With her arms tied behind her back and her hands encased in her latex paws, there was nothing she could possibly do to relieve herself. I was needed, and I needed her too. I unzipped my pants in front of her face. Abusing a defenseless prey is not always a bad thing, right.

“If you want to pee, you have to be super nice.”

She did what she had to do to get some relief. The only reason why she allowed me to treat her like this was that she trusted me. Deep down, I’d never do something that she wouldn’t like. She was awesome to understand that so well.

On Sunday night, I put her back in her crate and connected the urine bag to her catheter.

“There. Good night, and I’ll see you after work tomorrow. Text me if you need anything, okay?”


Erika sat back up on the couch, looked at me, and kissed me.

“If you don’t respect our deal, I’ll be mad. Let’s go to your place right now to cuddle. Okay?”

“You kissed me? Does it mean you are paying the bills then? As my reward.”

“In your dream... We pay our own. Welcome to 2020,” she said.

“Haha, okay. So, you liked it that much? The story?”

Erika gave me another kiss and sat on my lap. She needed to vent a little bit.

“Look, I’m almost 40. I never really had a good opportunity to explore the fetish world. I was curious about it but not much more than that. I don’t know, you telling me all those insane things tonight, showing me pictures of your gorgeous latex kitten, and telling me how much she loved everything... It made me jealous. I want to hear more about all of this. Look, I'm not sure what I think about you. You are still very mysterious about what you are trying to accomplish here. If you just toyed with me to get sex, I’ll gut you like a fish. But I don’t think that was your intention. I think you are a genuinely good guy, and you care about people. That's why I'm willing to go to your place tonight.”

Those words were very kind and passionate. Erika has not been that serious all night. She was pretty and wanted to cuddle with me. As much as I was not sure about all of this myself, I thought I couldn’t have found a better person to try.

“Erika, I won’t hurt you. I am not toying with you at all. Let’s go home, and I’ll tell you the whole thing, if not tonight, tomorrow. I promise. Just don’t worry, okay? There is nothing ominous about this whole thing. I’m just uncomfortable, and I’ll explain to you why. We will get to it.”

She stood up, stretched, and turned around to face me. She leaned forward and kissed me again.

“Alright, Mr. Full Of Secrets, you talk too much, let’s pay our bill and call a cab. I need to cuddle.”


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