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From Girlfriend to Pet-Girl

by Mike Davis

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© Copyright 2010 - Mike Davis - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; costume; contacts; petgirl; bond; outdoors; toys; mast; sex; cons; true; X

Andrea and I have been going out for only a short time, but our sex life is exciting and very kinky. Although I introduced her to many of my sex games – involving bondage, role-play and costumes - she naturally gets off on being bound, dominated and controlled. Speaking of which, this is an adventure we had very recently.

After watching a particular TV show, we were drawn to the special-effect contact lenses that one of the actors was wearing. Inspired by this, we hit on the idea of Andrea dressing up as a rather sexy and thoroughly submissive cat. The image of her eyes being made to look feline-like (whilst her mouth was tape-gagged) turned us both on so much, that in a week, we had the full costume and she was more than ready to become my submissive pet.

I watched her put on her slinky, glossy, black tights and semi-opaque leotard - both of which had a suitable hole cut to display her wet pussy for easy access. I then tightened her into her corset making sure it was very strictly laced. The tail was added, along with shoulder length, glossy gloves and sky-high stiletto heels. Along with her cat’s ears and collar, the icing on the cake was her feline contact lenses. These were green, with elliptical pupils. With the addition of extremely large eyelashes, she looked transformed into a very sexy, glossy, black, slinky pet.

The finishing touch was a very tight and rigorous tape-gag. This was something we always added to our game play; Andrea gets an amazing buzz from not being able to talk and to feel our mouths touching, as I kiss her imprisoned lips. Now she certainly couldn’t talk and later, I would make her learn to purr and meow, just like a real pussycat.

Her sexy transformation was too much for me at that point and I forced her onto all fours on the bed. Grabbing her waist from behind, I pushed my cock into her already glistening pussy. As I fucked her hard, we could both see each other in the large mirror in front. Looking into her feline eyes gave me a buzz that went straight to my cock and I pushed even harder and deeper into her wet cunt.

After a while, I pulled out, rolled her onto her back and entered her again. She was so sexy and desirable, I couldn’t stop myself from fucking her - my hard cock, going ever deeper into her wet, smoothly shaven pussy. She was making the sexiest noises from behind her gagged mouth, as her green cats eyes glared at me.

I decided to slow the pace (at least for myself) and, pulling out, I kept her on her back and made her push the large vibe into her willing cunt. I lay beside her and talked about how she was a sexy, submissive little pet – all controlled, teased and tamed. As this went on, Andrea – now renamed Tabitha – was driving herself crazy with the vibe and my sexy talk. She was being transformed by my controlling words into being the most turned on, obedient pussy. The problem for her was that, although she was getting more and more turned on and ready to orgasm, I would not allow her to. I wanted her to get deeper and deeper into submission.

The more this went on, the more she became almost dizzy with the buzz she was getting. This was getting her more submissive and out of control. I would still not allow her to come – she just had to get more and more turned on, as she fucked herself with the vibrator, which was large, long and being deeply pushed in and out of her hungry cunt.

After a while, I decided it was time to extend Tabitha’s adventure. Things were about to take a risky, but sexy turn. She already had her leather bondage cuffs on, so making her stand, I used some rope to bind her arms behind her. I like to start at the back of the neck, take the rope over her shoulders, under her arms and round to the small of her back. By the time her wrists are all tied, she is in very secure bondage. All the time, I was talking to her like my little pet cat and telling her she was about to go outside in the alleyway. Her wide eyes and mewling told me she was both excited and scared.

It was dark by now, so after dressing myself, I led her out into the alley by a lead attached to her collar. She was hesitant and a bit frightened, but with some calming from me, she started to become more accepting of her predicament. After all, I told her, it was natural for a cat to go out and this was her territory. I decided to be a little cruel and up the stakes though; I told her she had to stand across the alleyway in a particular spot. When she did this, I then went back inside, shutting the back door and locking it after me. Cats could cope okay in the dark and she needed to learn what it was like for real cats. With her hands bound, she had no control over the situation.

I then went upstairs and could see her outside standing there. She felt very vulnerable about being seen, but lucky for her, the glossy black leotard, tights and corset added some invisibility. Her pussy however was totally open and exposed – adding to her vulnerability. After a while I came back out to her, deciding she needed a small treat. Before allowing her back inside, I made her crouch down, whilst I played with her moist pussy – all the time, telling her what a good pet she was and how much like a real cat she was now she was outside in the open. She quickly climaxed from my fingers teasing her clit, as well as the thrill of being outdoors in her kitty costume.

She was now allowed back inside and back on the bed. With her hands still bound, I eased her onto her my hard cock. I lay there looking up at how sexy she looked – my girlfriend transformed into my very own pet-girlfriend. The first orgasm had set her up for a second and she was now riding my cock eagerly and listening to my soothing encouragement. She was so into the role now - thoroughly turned on, submissive and controlled. As she fucked herself, I encouraged her to purr for me. It was a bit tricky with the tape gag, but with a little practice, she began to get it right. This really made my cock so much harder as she stared right into my eyes – like a real cat on my lap – and purred long, sexy, gag-purrs.

The fantasy was now all complete – she was tamed, controlled and transformed. I had turned Andrea – my sexy girlfriend – into a glossy, black, tamed, pet-girl. She was thoroughly buzzing off it – the control, the costume, and the fucking. I watched her eyes widen, as we both had the most intense orgasm and I shot all of my pent up ball cream into her well deserving pussy.

It was a very, very intense game, mentally and physically. Andrea has been in role several times since. I am now planning her biggest adventure – where she is made to walk right the way down the alleyway – just like a real cat.



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