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Good, Good Doggie

by RubberH

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© Copyright 2019 - RubberH - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-M; pool; swimwear; F+/m; hypno; mind-control; conditioning; drug; strip; mitts; hood; tail; insert; collar; petdog; femdom; cons/nc; X

He opened up the gate to the back yard and walked onto the patio. The smell of the chlorine from the recently cleaned pool was strong. A little too strong. He’d maybe wait a bit for it to break down before taking a swim.

It was a simple arrangement. He’d do lawn work in exchange for pool time. The owner was a single, middle-aged businesswoman who needed help maintaining her large home in the North Suburbs. He was cautious at first. Single woman with money and college student. Yeah, that sounded like a formula right out of some half-assed novel. But as time went by, she never did or suggested anything improper.

Every Tuesday and Thursday he would mow the yard, trim bushes or whatever minor things needed to be cleaned or repaired. In exchange he would be allowed to use her pool on Friday afternoons.

The first couple of weeks all she would do is to show him what to do and how she wanted it done. She carefully explained how she wanted each task done. She had a soft, melodic voice. Pleasant to listen to and he paid attention to every word she said.

This Friday the weather was perfect for a swim. The sun wasn’t too hot and the breeze was mild. He walked into the cabana and changed into the suit that was on the shelf. It was on the smaller side and rather tight fitting. The two hook and eye tabs which secured the suit were getting a little worn. He couldn’t remember where he bought them. Online?

He looked at his arms and legs which were quite tan from all that outside work. He didn’t realize until now that he was tan all over, even where the suit covered him. Maybe this was one of those ‘tan-through suits’. He also noticed the puncture marks on both of his arms. He had been working on her rose bushes. Damn those thorns!

Well, it didn’t matter right now. He’d stretch out on the lounge chair for a bit and listen to some music.

He laid down and placed the buds into his ears. He heard some of that ‘New Age’ music. No words just a soft melody playing. He closed his eyes as the combination of sun, breeze and music lulled him into a gentle sleep.

As he slept on the patio, two bikini-clad women walked out of the house. One was the homeowner and the other was a much younger woman. The homeowner was in a very basic suit while the younger one was wearing an extremely brief version which barely covered her.

They watched as the young man lay on the chair. His cock had gotten quite hard.

The homeowner reached over and removed the earbuds. The young man opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was the younger woman’s barely covered breasts.

“Oh…I’m sorry. I must have fallen aslee…” he started to say.

“Good, Good Doggie.” said the older woman and snapped her fingers twice.

In moments the young man was on all fours. His face was expressionless as if he was in a trance.

“That’s my little doggie.” The homeowner said as he stroked his head.

“How.. How did you do..” said the younger woman.

“Time, the right words and a little pharmaceutical help.”


“Come with me, I’ll show you.” The homeowner looked at the young man and said “Stay!”. The young man remained motionless.

The two women went into the house and down into the basement. Behind a door disguised as a wine rack, was a room. In the room was a bed with multiple tie down straps. On a table was what looked like a set of virtual reality goggles and headphones.

“These provide specific visual and audio stimulus and induces trance.” The homeowner said and pointed at a small refrigerator. She opened the door and removed a bag which had a long plastic tube and a needle. “This is a very potent drug for making the patient responsive to suggestion. In short, brainwashing. My little doggie has for several weekends been strapped down, drugged and conditioned to respond to my specific trigger. When I say ‘Good, Good Doggie’ and snap my fingers twice, he drops back into his dog persona until he receives the trigger to awaken.”

The women went back upstairs and onto the patio. The young man was still in place.

“Bring me the large leather bag next to the grill.” Said the homeowner. The young woman complied and brought it over. The older woman opened it and withdrew the contents.

From the bag she pulled out a pair of what looked like mittens in the shape of dog paws. Next was a pair of booties also paw shaped. A wide pink leather collar was next and then there was another, larger piece; a thick rubber hood in the shape of a dog’s head.

The older woman took hold of the tabs on the young man’s swimsuit and pulled. “Ah, still in the mood.” She said as she spied his erection. He still stood on all fours oblivious to what was occurring.

She took his left hand and pushed it into the mitten/paw. She took from the bag a bottle and squeezed the contents on to his wrist. Then she held it tightly in place.  She did the same with his other hand and then his feet. She held up the hood and placed it next to his face. She looked up and smiled at the young woman. “I had a mold of his head made so that this will fit perfectly.”  She then did something which further shocked the young woman, if that was even possible. She took hold of his hair and began to pull it off. It was a wig which had been secured with more hook and eye tabs. His total bald head was soon covered in the hood. More of the bottle’s contents was squeezed onto his neck and the hood held down.

“Almost through.” Said the older woman “This one is a little trickier.”

She removed from the bag with large hollow rubber bulb attached to… a tail! She pushed the bulb up into the young man’s rear. He began to struggle and whine.

“Good, Good Doggie” <SNAP> <SNAP> . He went back into a trance.

“That happens sometimes.” She said, “It’s a bit of a trauma, and the subject can come out of trance.”

“Sometimes!” exclaimed the younger woman, ”You’ve done this before?”

“More than I can count. Now to apply the surgical glue and my little doggie will be almost ready.”

The homeowner took a final item out of the bag. It was a tag with the name ‘Marcel’ on it. She clipped it to the collar.

The young woman looked at the young man who had been brainwashed and now resembled..

A French Poodle!

“Oh my God! You can’t do this to people! It’s illegal!, It’s…”

The older woman smiled “Doggie, Doggie Wants to Play” <SNAP> <SNAP> was the last thing the young woman would hear. Instantly she dropped to all fours. The older woman gave a slight pull on the bikini strings leaving the young woman nude.

As she removed items from a second leather bag the older woman smiled. “It’s been awhile since I had a pair of pups to live with me. Now, I’ll have to keep you two separated until I can have Marcel neutered. The last thing I need is a pregnant poodle in the house.”

She made sure that the appliances were firmly set. She took out the metal tag and clipped it to the collar. ‘Fifi’  was now ready. The older woman clipped leashes to her new pets and took them for a nice walk before locking them in their kennel.




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