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Her Holiday Pet

by Mike Ra

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© Copyright 2022 - Mike Ra - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; mpov; bitchsuit; collar; leash; petplay; chastity; outdoors; electro; cbt; chain; blindfold; sendep; cons; XX

Day 1

After a few hours of driving, the crackling of the dirt and rocks under the car’s wheels were an indicator that the journey was almost complete, and our weekend of adventures was just about to begin. Pulling into the driveway of the remote cabin in the mountains we grabbed the keys from the lock box and headed inside. There was nobody else out here for miles, it was just Mistress and I secluded amidst the wilderness for an entire weekend, perfect for what was in store.

After carrying our luggage inside, we set out exploring the cabin and opening blinds, windows, and doors to let the sunshine in. Pouring ourselves a drink we sat out on the deck for a moment just enjoying the quiet, taking in the view of the valley and mountains in the distance and enjoying the warmth of the sun. My final moments of freedom were quickly interrupted with Mistress’ words… “Go and get yourself ready,” she said with a grin as she laid back taking in more of the sunshine and closing her eyes. Mistress was set, she would be spending most of the weekend relaxing, my adventure however, was just about to begin.

The first order of business required a few things to be set up around the cabin and the property, starting with a food and water bowl on the deck, a large square piece of rubber matting and a blanket placed in the living room next to the giant log pillar spanning up to the roof of the cabin, and a chain with about 5 feet of slack locked around the pillar. Outside, selecting a sturdy tree in the center of the yard that was clearly visible from the back deck, I attached a 15-foot steel cable “pet yard tether” around the trunk.

The next task was to remove and lock away my clothing, which in this instance Mistress had me wearing a pair of denim look spandex leggings and an oversized black t-shirt along with one of her lacy G-strings and a pair of black 2” heel Chelsea boots. Removing them all, placing them into the steel toolbox, closing the latch and placing the first padlock through the hasp. The clicking of the padlock rendered my only pair of clothes that I had with me now inaccessible until Mistress decided to release them.

I was now naked apart from the very short steel chastity cage with a catheter tube down the middle preventing any sort of accidental pleasure during my predicament and the tube removing any chance of pulling out, the key to which was now sitting in an envelope at the bottom of a post-box in the small town we drove through before we arrived so I would now have to wait until it arrived in the letter box at home sometime next week in order to remove it.

Now that all the components were set up it was time to get as ready as I could by myself, starting with lubricating my butt-plug and sliding it in followed by a latex thong with a full crotch opening to help hold it in place. Laying out the final components, I called out to Mistress, letting her know that I am almost ready and began working my legs into the heavy 1mm thick rubber dog suit, pulling it up to my waist, then pulling the back zipper up, securing my legs in their pockets.

As Mistress walked into the room with her glass of wine, she sat down silently on the bed and watched as I continued to secure my bonds Now kneeling on the floor, I picked up a rubber mitt and placed it over my hand that was clenching down on a foam ball, zipping it up and then locking the zipper with the key. This was Mistress’ cue to step in; standing up she placed her glass down on the side table and proceeded to hand me the second foam ball, followed by fitting, zipping, and locking my second rubber mitt securely into place.

Reaching down, Mistress grabbed the top section of my suit and worked it up my body. I folded my arms and with Mistress’ assistance, lined up my elbows with the two arm holes sliding them in. Mistress pulled and stretched the suit over my arms, working my elbows down to the bottom of the sockets, as she did, the pressure of the rubber was welding my arms into place. Relocating herself behind me, Mistress began to pull on the seam of the suit and then worked the zipper up as she held the sides together. As the zipper reached the collar section of the suit, it glided home, encircling my neck preventing the suit's removal without assistance.

The collars were next, first a thick latex lacing posture collar that she placed around my neck but instead of the laces, she fed a series of zip ties through the holes and pulled them secure, clipping off the excess further preventing the suit from “accidentally unzipping and restricting my head movement. Finally, a 2” steel locking collar with four steel rings for attaching leashes and chains.

Mistress checked that everything was comfortable and secure as she helped me onto my new legs, getting me to walk around the room and to see if anything needed adjusting. Once everything was in order, she came down to give me a passionate kiss, followed almost immediately by the press of the 2.25” ball of the harness muzzle gag into my mouth. Still staring seductively into my eyes, she reaches around and secures the buckles tightly. She then jumps up and excitedly grabs the leash from the bed, clipping it onto my collar and tugging on it a few times to ensure its connection.

Tying the end of the leash around the bedpost, I watch in helpless silence as Mistress walks over to the table collecting and placing all the keys for my chastity cage, collar, and clothes box into the safe, locking it and removing the key, placing it around her neck and down between her breasts. “You’re all mine, just what I’ve always wanted, my very own pet” she says, turning back around to inspect her pet with a cheeky smirk, grabbing her wine and sipping it while she admires her new toy.

Mistress picks up the leash and leads me off around the cabin, it takes me a moment but eventually I find my footing and rhythm. After a few laps, Mistress walked me back to the lounge. “Does anything need adjusting?” I shake my head, “are you sure?” I am filled with anxiousness and excitement knowing that this next answer meant that there was no chance of freedom anytime soon, I nod in agreement. “Okay, off we go then…” I would be kept like this until it was time to leave on Sunday and it had only just gone 3pm on Friday afternoon.

A sharp tug on the leash brought me back to reality and this was no longer just for a walk around the cabin, I was now being led outside into the yard. Once outside, Mistress was happily taking some videos and photos of her new pet walking around the yard, when she was finished, she walked me over to the tether where Mistress picked up the end of the cable and attached it to my collar, removing the leash, she stood back to take in her new pet. “You can enjoy yourself out here for a while I unpack and get organised,” I’ll be back to check on you…eventually” turning around and walking away, my fate was now becoming real, I was now a helplessly strapped up pet, tethered in the middle of the yard with nowhere to hide, unable to speak or protest at the complete mercy of Mistress.

It must have been at least an hour of wandering, testing my bonds (and the tether) and waiting when Mistress finally returned to check on me. Mistress, now dressed in a pair of shiny black compression leggings, matching crop top, sports jacket paired with some hiking boots, walked up and re-attached the leash to my collar, removed the tether and then tugged at the leash indicating that it was time to go for a walk.

Heading towards the gate, Mistress stopped before opening it, instead looping the leash around the pole, “there is one more thing we need to do before we go.” Walking around behind me she unzipped the crotch zipper of the suit and began fondling my balls. I heard Velcro, then a beep, and then a cold sensation around my sack as she attached the shock collar securely to my balls. “This is just a precaution of course my dear, can’t have a disobedient pet on the loose”


My eyes almost water as I let out a muffled yelp through my gag “Just checking it’s working,” she says with a giggle, “now, are you going to be a good pet for Mistress this weekend?” Swiftly nodding in agreement with Mistress, she returns to the leash and opens the gate to begin our adventure, placing the remote for the shock collar into her pocket.

Slowly shuffling along, Mistress walks behind me keeping the lead just slack watching me navigate across the uneven ground, helping me down a few steps here and there, eventually the path flattens out and I find a rhythm that while still much slower than a regular walking pace, is a respectable speed for my current situation. I’m guessing we would have been walking down the path for about 20-30 minutes when we came to a large clearing set out for camping with a fire pit and log seating on the bank of the creek, Mistress unclips my leash and lets me wander around and explore for a little while she sits and rests on one of the logs.

Exploring for a little while and enjoying a well needed break after the long walk, I was now needing to relieve myself, making my way to the far edge of the clearing and hiding behind a bush to do my business, as I appear back from behind the bush, Mistress is standing up and placing the leash into her jacket pocket, taking out her phone and snapping a few more pictures of her new pet in the wild, then with a smile waves and says “I’m heading back now, I’ll see you back at the cabin, have fun”, turning around and walks off into the distance without even a second glance. Trying to protest fails miserably in a muffled moan. Standing there in disbelief for a moment, realising that I have no option but to make my way along the path back to the cabin on my own, I begin my slow journey back to the cabin.

The return walk must have taken about twice as long as it took to get there with the entire path being uphill and not having Mistress to assist with the stairs and uneven ground. When I finally reached the property, Mistress had left the gate open for me to get back in, I walk through and head towards the house, a few steps past the gate, an almost paralysing shock goes through my balls grinding me to a sudden halt, I look up to see Mistress sitting on the deck of the cabin with a wine and book and the shock collars remote in hand, “you forgot to close the gate.” Turning around and heading back to the gate, using my head and stumpy paws and manage to close the gate and get it to latch shut before completing my journey back to the cabin.

Stepping up onto the deck, I head over to Mistress where she gives me some head rubs and tells me that I have been a good pet. Mistress then gets up and calls me over to the bowls on the deck, asking me if I would like some water, I nod and make my way over, where Mistress unbuckles the gag, pausing for a moment while she reminds me that pets don’t talk, and being naughty pet can have “shocking” results. Nodding to agree, she continues removing the ball from my mouth, I spread my front paws and place my face down into the bowl, slurping away at the water. Once I am done Mistress places the gag in front of me, puts the ball back into my mouth and buckles the gag back down securely.

“Time for a nap” Mistress politely commands, to which I nod and make my way inside towards my pet bed, hopping onto the bed, Mistress follows and crouches down to give me a pat and a kiss, removing my shock collar from around my balls, from her pocket she pulls out a leather buckling blindfold, and within moments, the world is dark, securely buckled behind my head and almost simultaneously foam ear plugs are pressed into each of my ears. While these muffled almost all sounds, the distinctive click of the large padlock that Mistress attaches to my collar connecting me to the chain that is around the post is unmistakable and my now squished cock throbs in response. A push from Mistress sends me off balance falling sideways onto the bed, and just like that, silence then prevails as Mistress stands up to take in the view of her sleepy pet, snapping a few more photos on her phone before returning outside to the deck to her wine and book.

Awakening sometime later to the pleasant sensation of Mistress tickling my balls, this was soon trampled by the once again cold sensation of the shock collar being placed and strapped back around them. Ear plugs were removed, and the padlock unlocked from my collar. “You can roam around for a while I get our dinners ready” Mistress says as she walks back over to the kitchen.

After a while of cautiously moving around the cabin and running into pretty much every wall and door, Mistress came over to me and grabbed me by one of the rings on my collar, “come on, your dinners ready” she said, leading me out the door onto the deck. I feel a cold sensation in both nostrils as Mistress inserts the clamp and tightens it down on my septum. Gently tugging on it she leads me over to the food bowl and clips it to a small chain at the top of the bowl, a customised steel dog bowl with a weight attached to the bottom, locking my face right in front of my food. “Now eat up, you can come inside when it is all finished” Mistress says as she walks back inside and closes the door to enjoy her meal leaving me to eat mine.

Mistress wanted to cook one meal and then simply mash mine and serve it in a bowl, however I requested to be served a more “pet-like” dish to add to the experience, which on this occasion was mashed up Brussel sprouts mixed in some overcooked rice with some corn flour and water for that gloopy texture that was then frozen at home and then refrigerated so that it had now only semi-thawed. Knowing this was at my own hand, I slowly chowed down on the meal, knowing that Mistress would keep to her word of not returning until I had finished the entire bowl. It took a while, and I did receive a few zaps of encouragement, but once it was finished, Mistress returned and removed my nose clamp, moving me over to the water bowl for a drink, before replacing the gag and attaching the leash to take me out to the lawn to go to the toilet.

After relieving myself, I was led back inside and the leash removed, still blind at this point as Mistress wanders off to put down the leash, I started to slowly wander, trying to follow Mistress by the sound of her footsteps. “Come here pet” Mistress said from a distance, “come on, over here” she continued to call out as I followed the sound, when I reached her, she grabbed one of the rings of my collar “come on, come with me, I have a surprise for you…”, I followed along at Mistresses lead, suddenly feeling the cool breeze I realised that we were once again outside “alright, let me have a look here” Mistress said as she crouched down in front of me. The returning sensation up my nose and clamping down on my septum indicated that this was not in fact a surprise, rather a punishment. Gently led forward by the nose clamp followed by the sound of a click, I was now securely attached to whatever was in front of me, testing my bonds, I was not even able to turn my head from side to side.

Mistress had attached me to the railing of the small private balcony off the master bedroom. “I had to wait a very long time for you to finish your meal this evening which has now eaten into my relaxing bath time, you would have had free reign of the cabin for that time, but instead, you will now stay right here and wait for Mistress to finish, I might even get have some dessert and watch a show or a movie...if your lucky,” Mistress proclaimed. “I sure hope that bath doesn’t make me too sleepy, it would be a long night for a naughty pet to be left like this.” She giggled as she placed the ear plugs back into my ears, kissing me on the cheek and nibbling on my ear lobe, I then felt the vibration of the sliding door to the balcony being closed and the latch being locked, then once again, silence.

I could make out the distant sound of water running, then sometime later what sounded like footsteps moving around the house, having no idea how long that I had been left outside. Mistress could be laying on the bed on the other side of the door watching TV with a full view of her pet secured on her balcony, just the thought made my cock swell into its cage. While the position was not painful, I was looking forward to being able to lower my head and stretch my neck once Mistress released my nose from the railing.

Shaking me out of the meditative state that I had entered was the vibration of the sliding door opening, and without a word, I felt the nose clamp being removed releasing me from my strict balcony prison. Mistress continued removing the ear plugs and then the blindfold. “Okay pet, Mistress is tired now, it’s time for sleep, go on, inside, on your bed”. While the thought crossed my mind to disobey Mistress and possibly end up back in the previous situation for the entire night, I did as she asked.

I headed inside and stood next to my bed ready for Mistress to reattach the chain to my collar, clicking the lock shut and kissing me on the forehead “goodnight pet, see you in the morning, have a good sleep”. I watched as Mistress stood up, taking in her beauty wearing only the satin slip that I had got her for Valentine’s day and intentionally standing over me giving me full view between her legs as she ran her fingers down between her lips, “ooh, it looks like it’s time for Mistress to go and have some fun on her own.” She reached down and wiped her juice covered finger across my nose. “ Unless of course my clever little pet can find a way to escape his collar and come and assist me.” She placed her crotch directly in front of me, reaching over and fondling my balls before standing back up.

She smiled and stared for a moment and then turned and walked towards the bedroom door, turning off the light so that it was now dark once again. I attempted to follow Mistress as far as my chain would allow, to no avail, shortly after returning to my bed and falling in defeat, wriggling around to find a comfortable position to drift off to sleep for the night. A glimmer of light still shone from the bedroom door, and I heard Mistress building up to a climax that shook the house. Shortly after, a click of a light switch, turning off her lamp and both of us drifted off to sleep.


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