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by Cardman

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Part Two Chapter 3: Let the Training Begin

“First lesson you have to learn Irish is that you are here to please me. When you are hooked up to a cart, you are to kneel with the handles resting on the ground. That makes it easier for your driver, whoever that may be, to step over the rails and sit down.”

No sooner had Ella finished speaking than Irish felt the sting of a riding crop on her left buttocks. Her squeal only came out as a soft whinny and she heard Ella ask, “Why are you still standing, ponygirl? I thought I was quite clear about what was expected and I do so hate to repeat myself. I like to let my crop do my clarifying when necessary.”

“Very good, my pretty ponygirl. I didn’t even finish my little speech and you were already on the ground. I think I like you already. Irish was just happy to have avoided another swat with the crop and whinnied a sigh of relief.

“Up,” was the command and Irish sprang to her feet. “I love your red hair, ponygirl. Wiggle your ponytail for me. Nice. Okay, I am now going to give you the basic commands with the reins and then we will walk a few times around the track to help you get used to pulling the cart and following my lead. From the standing position, when I shake both reins that means to start walking. If I whistle, it means go faster. Obviously, if I pull on your left rein gently, it means to veer slightly to the left. If I pull hard like this it means to turn sharply. If you are at a standstill like you are now, a hard pull means I want you to pivot the cart around in place. The same goes for pulling on the right rein. If I pull both reins back gently when you are walking, I want you to slow down. If I pull back hard, I want you to stop immediately. If I pull them back, while you are standing, I want you to back up. Are you clear about all of these?”

“N-n-n-g-g-h-h,” said Irish, which was apparently pony-ese for ‘Yes’ because Ella gave the reins a quick shake and off they went with first a slight turn to the right and then on towards the entrance to the track. Ella gave a firm pull on the reins and Irish stopped.

“If we go for a walk down the canyon later, it is okay to walk as you normally would but here on the grounds, you must learn to walk properly. I want my ponygirls to walk proudly, head held high and raising your knees to waist height with every step. Now let’s begin again,” said Ella shaking the reins and off they went.

Swat! Irish’s right cheek felt the crop that time as Ella called out, “Higher with those knees, Irish.”

Series of whinnies erupted from Irish’s mouth as if to say, “Okay, okay, knock it off with the crop already, I get it, I get it.” Ella just chuckled to herself.

100 yards later Ella drew back on the reins and Irish came to a halt. “Down” came the command, “I have to open the gate.” A minute later, Ella came back and taking Irish by the bridle lead her through the gate and closed it behind them. Irish immediately went to her knees without being told and Ella climbed in and shook the reins.

“I’m going to film from the grandstands,” said Christine, “I don’t want to get my sneakers dirty.”

As they resumed their walk, Ella began to explain that the track was only ¼ mile, much like a high school athletic field only much wider to accommodate several lanes of sulkies. The 35 and older ponies only race once around the track but the 18-34 year-olds run a full mile. That means on Derby Day, there will be 4 races in the sulky classes, two for ponygirls and two for ponyboys. Late in the afternoon on Saturday, there will be a chariot race for fun. It has two ponies pulling a chariot with two drivers. What makes it really challenging is that the drivers have paintball guns that they can use after the first turn to try to eliminate the other drivers. A chariot with two dead drivers at the finish line is disqualified. Ella gave a sharp whistle and Irish picked up the pace a little for the rest of the first few laps.

As they approached the start finish line, Ella shouted, “Okay, Irish, you’re on the stop watch, show me what kind of conditioning you’ve got.” Two sharp whistles and a swat on the rear and Irish was off and running. It was a little awkward not being able to swing your arms while running but Irish quickly got into a rhythm. She saw a muddy patch up ahead on the inside lane and was planning to avoid it when Ella pulled her left rein heading her right for it. She resisted and continued in a straight line not wanting to get her ponyboots muddy.

Suddenly, a severe jerk on both reins that jammed the bit hard into her mouth and caused her eyes to water brought her to an abrupt halt. BANG! BANG! Two shots rang out from Ella’s Ruger Blackhawk, 357-Magnum revolver and she vaulted out of the cart and sprinted past Irish.

A minute later, she was in Irish’s face and screaming, “I told you to veer to the left. What did you think you were doing? I saw the mud. It’s my job to see everything. It is my job to train you but more importantly it is my job to protect you. You saw the mud but did you see this?” With that she held up what was at one time a perfectly healthy rattlesnake right in front of Irish’s eyes which opened almost as wide as her mouth. Ella continued, “This canyon is full of snakes and they like to come out on the track sometimes to warm themselves in the sun. They can easily strike an animal up to 4 feet away and 3 feet off the ground. I’ll bet he’d have loved a bite of that cute little butt of yours.” Ella was fuming. “The nearest medical facility is in Needles over those mountains to the North. By the time the LifeStar helicopter got here and got you there, you could have been dead. The anti-venom we keep on hand might not be enough to save you. Naughty  ponygirl!”

With that Irish began to sob as she realized what might have been. Ella embraced her for a moment to comfort her and then jumped back into the cart and pulled hard to the right. Irish turned the cart on a dime as previously instructed and waited for further cues.

“Very good, Irish but you still have to be punished for your disobedience. Head for the stable.” A shake of the reins, two quick swats and a whistle and they were off to the stable, double-time.

As they cleared the gate at the track, Christine, Tom, Cyndi… and most of the guests were on hand and standing waiting to hear what the commotion was about.

Tom spoke first, “I assume all the racket means you got another one, El.” Tom was the only one who could get away with calling Mistress Ella, El for short.

“Sure did,” smirked Ella as she held up what had to have been an 8-foot rattler. This produced an audible gasp from the crowd.

“Looks like the foundation owes you another $100 bounty. Let me put this on ice. Nice shooting, El.”

“Too bad there isn’t a reward for saving this little filly’s butt. She almost ran right into it, completely ignoring my command to turn aside. Now she has to be punished. Christine, I’m sorry but you won’t be able to do any filming in the corral as there are other guests there now. Why don’t you go hang out with Mistress Cyndi and Twilight? Perhaps you can get some good interviews as the guests arrive.”

 Taking Irish by the bridle, she led her to the corral. There she locked a set of larger, leather cuffs above her elbows and pulled them together and linked them before unlocking her hands from the rails. Immediately, the cuffs on her wrists were also locked to rings on each side of her corset and she was led into the corral where her reins were attached to the outer arm of the exercise carrousel. Three other ponies, two girls and a boy, were already doing laps around the corral.

“Don’t think for one minute that this is your punishment. This is just standard posture training. You can parade around with the others while I decide on a suitable correction program. Mistress Lilith, be a dear and keep an eye on Irish Rose for me along with your other trainees. Make sure she keeps her knees up. I’ll be back soon.”


Soon, as it turns out, is a relative term. It was just before lunch when Mistress Ella returned. She was pleasantly surprised that Irish hadn’t wilted although her butt cheeks and thighs had been reddened by Lilith’s crop. There was now resoluteness in Irish’s eyes that said if these others can do this, so can I.

“Thank you, Mistress Lilith; I’ll take her off your hands now.”

“No problem, Mistress Ella. Irish has been high-stepping like the best of them for the last hour. I haven’t had to swat at her at once.”

“Well, why is she still so red then?”

“Let’s just say the first hour or so was less than satisfactory,” Mistress Ella replied proudly.

Ella disengaged the drive for the carousel arm and quickly took down Irish’s reins. She led her back to the stable and showed her the new sign on one of the stalls, IRISH ROSE, etched into the shiny, brass plate. She opened the door and led Irish in as she pulled out her cell phone and hit speed dial #2.

“Yes, Mistress Ella” answered Cyndi.

“Can you spare Twilight to tend to Irish Rose for a little while? Mistress Lilith was a little severe on her and she is going to need some TLC and rest before we can resume training.”

“Certainly, Ella, but we are expecting the next guests in about an hour and a half, so I’ll need her back by then.”

“Great. You’re a life saver. Have Twilight bring a chocolate, protein shake, a topical anesthetic and some Aloe lotion. We are in stall #3. Bye.”

Once again, Ella turned her attention to Irish. She picked up a tall, red posture collar trimmed in black off from the bed and showed it to her. It had her name stamped in it. “Raise your chin a little, Irish,” she said as she placed it around her neck and locked it. She then attached it to a chain anchored in the back wall of the stall. “Let’s take the strain off of your shoulders, shall we?” she said as she unclipped the leather elbow cuffs first and then the wrist cuffs.

Irish shook her arms and said, “N-n-n-g-g-h   N-g-h” which means “Thank You” in pony-ese. She had heard Mistress Ella mention TLC and whatever that means on a pony ranch, she knew she was in desperate need of it.

“I am going to take off your bridle now but remember, just like Twilight, you are not allowed to speak unless given permission. Speak of the devil, here she comes. In here, dear.”

 Twilight tried to hide her shock at the condition of Irish’s bottom and thighs as it was all she could do to hold back the tears as her pursed lips quivered. Inquiringly, she glanced over at Ella.

“It’s going to be fine, Twilight. There is no bruising and no broken skin to get infected; it’s just a little red and puffy. That’s what you are here for now. I expect you to help her recover from this unfortunate incident.”

Turning to Irish, Ella explained, “Twilight is going to apply a topical anesthetic first to take the sting out and help the puffiness and then gently rub in Aloe Vera to soothe and heal any tiny fissures in the skin which might have occurred. Drink this chocolate shake for now. I’m afraid solid food would not be a good idea in case you have a reaction to the anesthetic. If you suffer no ill effects this afternoon in the heat, I’ll see to it you get something extra special for dinner. Feel free to use your bathroom if you need to…….it’s behind the door in the corner. You will have to share facilities with the other 3 ponies in this quad of stalls.”

Irish took hold of the chain locking her in her stall and held it up with a quizzical look.

“That is company policy, I’m afraid. All ponies must be chained when they are in their stalls. It prevents unwanted night visitors. It seems strange to have to do it during the day but I don’t make the rules. By the way, you will probably want to take off your bikini bottoms. It will make it easier to apply the lotion. When Twilight is finished, I recommend you take a short nap if you can. The heat of the day can be really draining on those unaccustomed to desert life. You both have permission to speak after I leave but don’t dawdle. The sooner you start treatment the better you’ll feel. I’ll be back,” Ella concluded with a much feminized impersonation of Arnold and she headed for the lodge.

Chapter 4: Different Strokes for Different Folks

Irish surprised herself at how quickly she had fallen asleep once Twilight had begun the massage. She never heard Twilight slid the door to her stall closed and snap the lock. It was the jingle of Mistress Ella’s key ring and rattling of the lock that made her open her eyes and sit up. She stood up and started to walk towards the door when Ella shouted, “Stop!” It’s a good thing she listened this time and stopped dead in her tracks as one more step and the chain anchoring her to the wall would have given her neck one heck of a whiplash.

“Very good, Irish. You just saved yourself a lot of pain. You wouldn’t have been the first pony to have tried to hang themselves on their first day here. In the future, when a trainer enters your stall, please just rise to the “parade rest” position and await further commands. Now back up even with those rings in the walls and I will show you the position.”

Mistress Ella stepped behind Irish and grabbed her wrists placing them so that her hands formed an overlapping “V”. “Now, flatten your fingers out and hook your thumbs together. Shoulders back and chin up proudly dear. Place your feet about shoulder-width apart now. There, now that’s it. Now you look like a perfectly proud, properly Pampered Pony… Peter Piper picked a pack of pickled peppers.”

Irish giggled at Ella’s joke and she began to mentally relax after her ordeal. She was beginning to feel very safe while Ella or Twilight were around.

“Now drink this bottle of water. It’s getting hot outside now, even with the camouflage netting spread over the rim of the canyon. Use the bathroom if you have to. Leave your bikini bottoms off for now.”

 She was still wondering what her punishment for her earlier misstep was going to be when she came back out. She assumed the “parade rest” position without being told and Ella handed her back her head harness and told her to put it on as tightly she could tolerate because this afternoon’s training involved a lot of swerving back and forth and she didn’t want it falling off.

Irish smiled at Ella as she put the bit in her mouth and tightened the straps and then laughed which as you know by now comes out as “N-n-n-n-g-g-g-h!” “This thing really is cool,” she thought to herself and laughed again at her own whinny.

Ella checked the straps and clicked the locks shut. “Extend your arms straight out from your shoulders towards the rings, Irish,.” where upon she clipped a chain to each ring and wrist cuff further limiting Irish’s movement. From the “rest” position it was then a simple matter to likewise clip chains to the ankle cuffs.

“Have been thinking about your punishment and what you have already unfortunately gone through and have decided to teach you how even pleasure can be a form of discipline.” Ella proceeded to lock a beautiful, neoprene-lined chrome band around Irish’s waist which brought a very confused look from Irish.

“Here’s the discipline part, my little filly,” she said holding up another chrome and neoprene band. This one had a bright red pony tail hanging down and two rubber protrusions sticking up. Just the sight of this caused Irish’s eyes to bug out and she tried to back up but all she could do was rattle her chains.

“Now, not knowing how much experience you may have had in your personal life, I have given you two of our smaller plugs which by now I am sure you have guessed where they go. As we run through the obstacles in the corral this afternoon, these two toys will wiggle around and give you a pleasurable time but not quite pleasurable enough I’m afraid.” Ella liberally lubricated the two probes and slide them home, locking the band in the front and back. “Of course, if you do really well, from time to time I may press this button on my little remote here.”

Buzz-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z-z. Immediately the vibrator pressing against her clit and the ones in each of the probes sprang to life and Irish’s knees almost buckled. The buzzing stopped as suddenly as it started and Irish whinnied and gave a please don’t stop stare that would melt the coldest heart.

Mistress Ella chuckled, “Do we have an understanding, Irish?” as she unhooked the chains from her wrist and ankle cuffs.

Irish nodded vigorously in reply as she was beginning to see some of the attraction of this unorthodox, sex-positive lifestyle. “N-n-n-n-n-g-g-h!” she whinnied and wondered if Christine had any idea what she was missing.

“Before we go find your cart and continue, I want you to learn another piece of pony etiquette as you will be introduced to other guests and ponies this afternoon. When introduced to another pony, all which is expected is a simple nod in their direction as you are all equals. When you are introduced to a Master or Mistress you must bow and keep your eyes to the ground until you are told to rise. It’s much like meeting the Queen of England. Now try this, put your right foot forward about 18” and bend from the waist as far forward as you can. Keep you right leg straight and bend your left knee. It’s kind of like a curtsey and a graceful ballet move all in one. Try again, dear… not bad, but don’t rush it….smoothly, try counting to 3…one (ease your foot forward)…two (bend from the waist)….three (curtsey with your left knee)… now hold it…Rise. Okay, one last time for now and think elegant….remember the Queen approaches… Yes, that’s it… Rise. You really are a quick learner.” Irish just blushed with pride as Ella connected her reins and began to lead her out of the stable.

“We have one more detail to attend to and then Christine can join us on the obstacle course. She was able to get two other couples to consent to filming this afternoon so the course will be tougher as we have to avoid other carts using the course. You will have to trust my every cue and act without hesitation.”

“N-n-n-g-g-h-h,” whinnied Irish and she nodded.

They exited the back of the stable and turned behind a tall wooden wall into a private alcove off the corral. There was Master Tom and Mistress Lilith. Irish stopped dead in her tracts but Ella said softly, “It’s okay, this is nothing to be scared of.”

“I believe Mistress Lilith has something to say to you, Irish,” said Master Tom.

“I am very sorry that I got carried away with your training this morning, Irish Rose. I should have known better than to have pushed a newbie so hard. Please forgive me,” begged Lilith.

“Well said, Mistress Lilith. Drop your pants and assume the position, please. How many strokes do you feel you deserve,” asked Master Tom.

“Five, please, Master Tom,” answered Lilith, “with the cane instead of the crop”.

“Five it is then… count!”

Tap…tap…tap…swoosh, WHACK!.....”One,” groaned Lilith.

Tap…tap…tap…swoosh, WHACK!.......”T-Two-o-o,” Lilith sputtered as she gasped for breath.

Tap…tap…tap…swoosh, ….the sound alone of the cane slicing through the air was enough to make Lilith cringe in dread…WHACK! …”Th-th-threeee” Lilith panted and Irish had to turn away as red welts began to appear across Lilith’s bottom.

Tap…tap…tap…tap…tap…just the stalling set Lilith’s nerves on end as she gritted her teeth…tap…swoosh, WHACK!!.....”F-f-f-f-our,” Lilith’s knees buckled and she began sob as she held on to the railing on the outside of the stables to keep from falling down.

“Irish, come here,” commanded Tom.

Irish looked around for someplace to hide. She was terrified of what Master Tom might do next but Ella nudged her forward and whispered, “You have to be the one to end it.”

“Lash number five is yours to give. Remember how she beat you. Remember how she humiliated you. Show her all the resentment you have towards her,” Tom goaded her on, “Take the cane. Do it now.”

Tap...tap…tap…swish, whack…”Five,” Lilith said, breathing a sigh of relief and pulling up her pants.

“You are a very compassionate young lady, Lindsay, like I said last night,” Tom said praisingly, “Not many people would have passed up an opportunity to extract their pound of flesh in revenge. You’ll be a great newsperson some day. Now get back to training and show me what kind of ponygirl, Irish Rose can be.

Mistress Lilith looked Irish in the eyes, said “Thank you” and planted a big kiss right across her bit and lips much to the astonishment of everyone. “There will be a special treat for you in your stable tonight.”

Irish simply whinnied and did a perfect curtsey almost all the way to the ground.

Ella laughed out loud said, “Rise! Let’s go find us a cart and get back to work, ponygirl.”


The obstacle course was set-up inside one of the smaller corrals on the ranch. Christine was already sitting on the top rail of the fence filming the others when Mistress Ella and Irish Rose showed up.

“I heard about your run in with Lilith after I left. It couldn’t have been too serious though as I see the redness is almost all gone and there are no cuts or bruises.”

“She usually works with the consignment ponies at the other end of the canyon, but a new batch won’t be coming in until Monday. This weekend we needed to have as many trainers and aides available as possible even the ones who get a little over zealous from time to time. Let’s just say that Lilith and Irish have kissed and made up for all of that and get back to training,” advised Ella as she opened the gate to the corral.

The first few times through the course weren’t spectacular as Irish had to learn how far to turn based on how hard she thought Ella was pulling. How hard is hard is clearly a matter of interpretation not objective science and Irish sideswiped a couple of gates and ran over a few cones before a good understanding was reached. Each time she made an error, buzz-z-z-z-z-z-z went the vibrators but never long enough to give her the release she craved. After a near miss with another cart, which was the other trainers fault, Mistress Ella decided it was time to put Irish to the test and out came the blindfold.

“It’s time to show me how good a learner you are, Irish. Don’t be afraid. I haven’t crashed you into anything yet. Just trust me. You can do this, I know it.” With that Ella attached the blindfold to the inside edges of the blinders and Irish’s world went dark. Ella climb back in the cart and shook the reins and Irish started walking, head held high and knees up. After a series of circuits, Ella pulled Irish to a stop.

“Down”, said Ella stepping off the cart and then over the rails. “Up.” Irish stood quietly whinnying as she tried to catch her breath. The hot, dry desert air was becoming increasingly difficult to breathe and she was sweating profusely. Ella stepped up beside her and whispered in her ear, “Let’s do one for the record books. One more run through and we will call it a day. Tip your head back and I’ll give you a little sip of water first. You will have to listen really closely for my whistles and sense my every pull as we speed up and slow down through the different phases of the course. The last section is just a straight 25-yard dash but everyone has a tendency to drift either left or right and only minor corrections are needed but I think you can do it. Are you ready to try?”

A nod and a N-n-n-g-g-h-h later and Ella was back in the cart speed dialing # 2 again. “Mistress Cyndi could you find Master Tom and come to the obstacle course, Irish wants to try to break the blindfold record.” Two minutes later, Tom, Cyndi and most of the guests were lined up along the corral fence.

 “Master Johnson! Master Fredricks!” Tom shouted, “Would you be so kind as to move your carts behind the yellow line for a moment. Mistress Ella and Irish Rose would like to try the course against the clock without having to dodge extra objects. Thank you so much.” Pulling out his stop watch, he turned and asked, “Are you ready Mistress Ella?”

“One second, Master Tom.” “Hey, Irish,” Ella whispered, “The record was set by a ponygirl named Winter Spirit and her trainer, … Mistress Lilith.”

“N-n-n-n-g-g-g-h-h-h-h!! That’s “Game on!” in pony-ese.

“Ready, Master Tom.”

“On your mark….get set…go!”

A quick flick of the reins and Irish started off through the first gate. A quick whistle and then again and Irish was sprinting straight through the next. A light tug to slow down and a hard pull to the right for a complete 180 and back down the next row of obstacles, first left and then right and then left again then right for a 270o  turn around the first barrel. Two whistles and a burst of speed to the next gate and then a tug to slow for the last barrel with a 450o turn to head down the course one more time. Left. Right. Left. The final 180o and two whistles and the dash to the finish line was on. Just a slight shift to right and hard tug to stop.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, the time for Mistress Ella and Irish Rose is 1 minute and 44.2 seconds. There is a 2 second penalty for hitting cone number 5 for a total time of 1:46.2. There was a long pause while Master Tom waited for Ella to remove Irish’s blindfold, then he continued, “Breaking the previous record of 1:54.4 set by Mistress Lilith and her pony, Winter Spirit almost 4 years ago. The first round of drinks tonight is on the house.”

Whether the crowd was cheering at the thought getting free drinks or cheering for the winners, really didn’t matter to Irish Rose. Her first day as a ponygirl was winding down and although she was hot and horny she couldn’t remember being this happy in a long time. “I sure hope Christine got that run on tape,” she thought to herself as Ella gave her another sip of water and started leading her back to the stables.


Having put the cart away for the night, Mistress Ella ushered Irish Rose back into her stall and reconnected her collar to the wall. As she began the task of removing Irish’s tack, Irish whinnied and fidgeted.

“Irish dear, if you will just stand still a minute it will be easier to undo you and you’ll get to use the bathroom that much quicker. Besides, do you see the red light on the door post? It means that someone else is in there right now so you’ll have to wait until the light turns green again.”

“I guess she does understand what I need even without my being able to say it,” Irish thought to herself and stood stock-still for the next two minutes. When her headgear was unlocked, Ella gave her the okay to remove it and continued loosing the laces on the body harness. About a minute later the back to the harness opened up and Irish got her first full breath of the day. She almost blurted out a question but caught herself. Instead she looked at the red light, then to Ella and tipped head as much as her posture collar would allow.

“Would you like to say something dear? Whenever you want to say something all you have to do is paw the ground with left hoof and I’ll let you know if it is okay. Sit down dear so I can remove your ponyboots. You have permission to speak.”

“Why are all of my toiletries here and what is all of this other paraphernalia? None of this was here earlier. ”

“Irish, your stuff was brought down from the lodge because this is where all the ponies sleep. I’m sure you will want to wash your hair and clean up after today’s work out. Since ponies don’t wear pajamas, all of your clothes are still in your room up at the lodge. The table and chair are for your meals and for you to do your work on this evening. That bottle and bowl is for soaking your mouthpiece. It contains a very strong anti-bacteria solution. Hand me your headdress and I’ll show you. First you put the rubber end caps on the bit to protect the speakers and then you put it in the bowl. Fill the bowl to the yellow line being careful not to get the leather parts wet and let it sit for about an hour. When the time is up, take the mouthpiece out of the solution, rub the straps with this saddle soap and hang it on that hook to dry overnight. Are you with me so far?”

“Yes, Mistress Ella. Is that it?”

“Silly ponygirl, who do you think is going to clean all of this tack you got dirty, the leather fairy?”

Irish smiled at Ella’s quip and realized that it only made sense to have to clean up after herself.

Ella continued, “After you hang up the headdress, put the corset laces in the solution for 5 minutes and then hang them up to dry also. Your pony boots should be wiped down with the saddle soap inside and out to clean them and keep them soft and your hooves need to be polished. We don’t want scuff marks showing and we don’t want to leave clumps of dirt behind as you walk so clean the grooves in the bottom of the hooves as well. The corset will take you the longest. You will have to dip that rag in the solution and wipe the entire thing down. Next you will wipe it with saddle soap just like your boots, inside and out, and then hang it by the shoulder straps on those two padded hooks. Use one of the smaller brushes to clean any sand or grit out of that fancy lattice work on the front and polish the sides where the handles of the cart have left scuff marks. That should keep you from getting bored tonight.”

No sooner had Ella finished than they both heard a door latch closed and the light turned green. Irish got up and started for the door when she remember the chastity belt and turned around to see Ella with an evil grin.

“I suppose you would like that off now wouldn’t you? I’m not so sure that you’ve had enough discipline to ensure your compliance. What do you think, Irish?”

“But didn’t I follow your every command on the obstacle course. Didn’t we set a new record together?”

“That we did, Irish and I don’t feel that I properly rewarded you for that.” BUZZ-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z! The vibrators kicked in on high and Ella just smirked as she walked out leaving the remote on the floor just out of reach of Irish’s chain. “I’ll be back in a while. Enjoy yourself, ponygirl.”

Irish could barely hear Ella’s fading footsteps over the incessant buzzing of the vibrators. She screamed fell back on the bed in the throes of the most powerful orgasm she had ever felt. BUZZ-Z-Z-Z-Z-Z! Her mind was on edge now wondering how to stop it and she moaned deeper. For the first time, she heard giggling coming from the other side of the adjoining stall. “Oh no,” she thought, “Someone else knows what’s going on. I am so embarrassed but”……(moan) a second smaller wave of an orgasm caused her to muffle another scream as her toes felt like they had curled back to her heels.

She was dying to call out for Ella to come back but where had she gone. “If I call out, will my voice be recognized? What a stupid pony I am. No one knows me here so why not call for help?” Her thoughts were driving her almost as crazy as the vibrators. BUZZ-Z-Z-Z-Z. Her third orgasm pushed her to the edge of being what the sex positive community refers to as “cum drunk” when Mistress Lilith opened the stall door. Irish was too far gone to feel any shame for her situation and didn’t blush a bit.



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