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by Cardman

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Part Four Chapter 7: The Proud Pampered Pony Pleases

The squeaking of the dinner cart wheels was music to her ears as Irish stood at ‘parade rest’ as she was hungry as well as horny. Mistress Ella entered first dressed in her usual western outfit complete with her ten gallon hat, ornate red and black cowgirl boots and reliable 357 at her side. Christine, following close behind was dressed in full English-style riding gear, highly polished, black leather boots and all. “Very good, Irish Rose, you even managed to get your pony boots and cuffs on all by yourself. That’s great. Maybe we can be the first ones in line this morning.”

Irish pawed the floor with her left foot and Mistress Ella gave her permission to speak. “Christine, you look amazing. Where did you get that outfit?”

“Thank you, Irish. I thought I’d get in on the fun a little too. Cyndi loaned it to me. It turns out we are exactly the same size and I thought it would be a good contrast, Western versus English Styles.”

“First in line for what, Mistress Ella?” queried Irish.

“Today is picture day, Irish. This is one of the highlights of the weekend for many of the attendees. We have a professional, fetish photographer here today and everyone gets to be photographed in full attire. They can get prints made as a memento of the event and they get the digital copies to use on their websites or Facebook pages. They always do the photography first thing Saturday and Sunday morning before it gets too hot and everyone is all wilted and sweaty. I was just saying that since you are already so far dressed, we could be one of the first in line and then get back to training.”

“How long of a line could it be?”

“Well, both stables at this end of the canyon are full, so that makes 64 ponies, plus anyone who drives in for the events rather than rent rooms here. There could be more than 80 in all. Come sit, dear and eat your breakfast. It’s not as fancy as last night’s meal but I think it will do. Mistress Cyndi said it was going to be another hot one so eat lightly, you don’t want to get cramps.”

“Thank you, Mistress Ella, granola and English muffins are fine… and this coffee is to die for.”

“It had better be good at $50 a pound. Fortunately, one of the growers is a member of our community and he sends us a shipment from Jamaica every couple of months. He and his ponygirl wife are already here.”

Irish wolfed down her breakfast but took time for a second cup of coffee while Ella and Christine talked about the next phase of Irish’s training. “Green light, oh good,” thought Irish and ran to brush her teeth and use the john once more. Emerging she grabbed her head gear and locked it on tightly then picked up her brush and fluffed up her ponytail. Next she picked up the chastity belt and walked over to Mistress Ella.

“What? You actually want to wear that chastity belt again?”

Irish nodded and whinnied in response.

“What about your bikini top? Aren’t you going to wear that?”

Irish shook her head no and stamped her hoof on the floor.

“Well, what a brazen little hussy you have become. I’m afraid I have created a monster, Christine.”

Christine laughed and began lacing and buckling the body harness while Ella lubed the probes on the chastity belt and locked them in place. When Christine finished, Irish reached up and adjusted her position so that her nipples popped out over the semi-cups of the corset. She held her head up proudly, threw her shoulders back and went “N-n-n-g-g-g-h-h…n-n-g-h…n-n-n-g-g-h… n-g-h!” which one can only assume was her attempt to say, “Eat your heart out.” Everyone had a good laugh as Ella clipped a leash on Irish’s collar, unlocked her chain and headed out to the photo shoot.


Their timing was almost perfect as there were only three groups ahead of them and the photographer was just finishing with the first. The second Master said something to the photographer, slipped him a $100 bill and walked away. The photographer stepped away from the seamless backdrop paper, picked up a portable flash and followed the couple over to their cart in front of the red and tan sandstone canyon wall. The Master sat in the cart and his ponygirl wife, clothed in black leather from head to toe, picked up the handles. They smiled as the photographer took several shots then he returned to the set and called for the next group.

“We’re next,” said Mistress Ella. “That was Mr. and Mrs. Andersen from England that were just photographed. He wanted to be shot with the canyon as a background so he could prove to his friends back home that they had actually made the trip all the way here. There will probably be more who will ask the same favor. Others will prefer the seamless backdrop as it makes a sharper image for posting on the web.”


Ella and Irish walked onto the make-shift set. Ella had Irish turn towards her and grabbed her leash about 10” from her neck and lifted slightly. “Don’t smile for this one, just stare into my eyes,” said Ella and flash went the studio lights. Ella spun Irish around drawing her close, placed her hand on Irish’s hip and instructed her to turn her head towards the camera. Another flash and time for another pose. “Irish, just stand here by yourself… turn your body so you are half facing the camera… that’s it… now, turn your head and look at me not the camera… it’s okay to smile this time.” Flash, flash. “Christine, you need to have a picture with Irish also. Get up here! Irish, kneel down and turn slightly so that I can see your metal horseshoes. Great! Christine stand so that your right leg is behind Irish. I want her head about even with your belt. Here hold my riding crop and let your left hand hang at your side with it and grab her leash with your right hand and pull it up slightly. Now look each other in the eyes. Perfect!” Flash...Flash...Flash.

“Next!” Unnoticed by Irish, Christine slipped the photographer a $100 and a quick wink and off they went to the next phase of Irish’s training.


“Irish, I am really pleased with how quickly you were able to adapt to pulling a cart and taking non-verbal instruction that I think you will do fine in the Derby tomorrow without any further practice. Let’s see how quickly you can learn some of the basic gaits a good ponygirl needs. Mistress Lilith and Twilight Girl are giving a class this morning and she said you could join in if you want to.”

“N-n-n-n-g-g-h-h-h,” agreed Irish and nodded. She wiggled and jingled excitedly as she couldn’t wait to see Twilight in her full pony regalia at last.

“I can’t shoot any video during the class so Cyndi is going to give me a tour of the vendors’ tent,” said Christine. “I’m sure their companies will welcome any kind of free publicity they can get. Have fun.”

Others were just beginning to arrive in the corral and the owners were milling about renewing old acquaintances or making new ones when Ella and Irish came through the gate. Everyone hushed and turned their eyes to follow Irish as she passed. Swat! “Keep your eyes straight ahead Irish. I know they are staring at you but if you look back it might embarrass them.”

“N-n-g-g-h?” Irish looked at Ella with a confused look as if to say, “What did I do wrong now?”

Ella laughed and replied, “Oh, you’re doing fine, Irish. I just couldn’t resist swatting that cute butt of yours. How about one more?”

Irish did a quarter of a turn and stuck out her butt towards Mistress Ella then pulled it back just in time to miss the second swat.

 “Oh, so you want to play, huh,” joked Ella as she secretly pushed the button on the remote in her pocket. Buzz-z-z!

“N-n-n,,,” which must have meant ‘Ooops” in ponyese as her eyes popped wide open. The tingling stopped as quickly as it started and Irish looked imploringly at Ella then gently nuzzled her shoulder with her cheek.

“Oh, so now you love your trainer. Well, it’s too late to kiss and make up now, class is about to start.”

Everyone turned at the sound of ponyboots clip-clopping across the makeshift stage in the center of the ring and then a whistle blew and the ponygirl stopped. Irish had to look twice and still wasn’t sure if this stunning creature was Twilight or not.

“Good morning, everyone. For those of you who are new here, I am Mistress Lilith and this is my demonstration pony, Twilight Girl. Say good morning, Twilight.”

“N-n-n-g-g-h  N-n-n-n-g-g-g-h-h,” said Twilight happily.

“As you can see, Twilight is dressed in full, show pony attire. She is wearing a full head-to-toe, latex body suit, thigh length ponyboots, a traditional English pony corset, collar and cuffs, a feathered tiara bridle with our patented voice converter and a set of hand hooves as well. Now the style you have chosen to wear today is perfectly fine for this class but I see that not all of the ponies have hand hooves and you will need them. Masters and mistresses, if you will, please come and get a pair of hooves for your pony from this box here on the stage we will begin. Don’t worry, these truly are ‘one size fits all’”

The taking of the hooves was done in a surprisingly orderly manner and without any chit-chat so Lilith resumed. “All of you had to learn the ‘parade rest’ position whether you wanted to be a work pony, a show pony or a racing pony. Now Twilight is going to demonstrate the ‘show pony’ rest position. Go ahead, Twilight, show them.”

Twilight didn’t move an inch which brought a concerned murmur from some of the owners.

“She didn’t move, did she? The moment she stopped moving Twilight immediately assumed the rest position without being told. I don’t even have to turn around and I can tell you exactly how she is standing. I want each of you to mimic her position as best as you can while I talk you through it. Here we go. Feet together, not shoulder width apart… back straight… shoulders back… chest out… elbows bent with front hooves even with your shoulders… head up proudly looking straight ahead. How are we doing? 12 out of 12. Fantastic. Now let’s complete the pre-show pose just like you were in front of the judges as some of you may wish to complete in the novice division this afternoon. Let me get Twilight and we will demonstrate.”

Lilith walked to the back of the stage where Twilight was standing, stepped to her left, picked up her reins and clicked her tongue. With that they moved forward in unison until Lilith blew her whistle and two steps later they stopped. Twilight took her stance as before and Lilith began again, “She’s magnificent, isn’t she? She won the Show Pony Grand Championship last year so she will be an honorary judge this year.”

Twilight blushed slightly as Lilith stroked her pony tail.

“Since riders always get on a horse from the left side, that’s where you all need to be standing.” Three newbies quickly switched sides. “Notice how my feet are also together with my hands at my sides, reins in my right hand and whistle in my left. Don’t worry if you don’t have a whistle, I’ll blow mine to signal when to stop for today. My head is up and looking forward but the rest of my body is more relaxed than my pony. It’s okay for your pony to look proud but you don’t want to appear to be arrogant in front of the judges so relax a little and smile. Okay, when I blow the whistle start walking towards the stage until I blow it again, take two more steps and stop in unison.”

 Tweet! The second tweet brought everyone to a stop but……

“Back up and let’s try it again.” By the fourth time, Lilith figured that’s as good as it was going to get for today and decided to move on to the gaits.

“I have some good news and some bad news,” Mistress Lilith resumed, “There are 16 different gaits. That’s the bad news.  The good news is that novices only have to master 6 of them. Let’s start with the ‘Spanish Walk’ and then maybe prancing. Everyone please turn to the right. We will be circling the ring counterclockwise today. Now watch as Twilight and I demonstrate and then you follow behind.”

As the lesson went on, there were more and more frequent breaks for water as the desert heat began to make everyone sweat profusely. The water misters around the corral helped to cool one off if they were standing still but breaks were never long enough to really enjoy the sprays. No one seemed to mind though as everyone was learning something new and Twilight and Lilith had a way of hamming up a demonstration that brought laughter whenever things got a little tense.

“I’ve saved the most fun gait for last. This one is a prance with exaggerated hand movements. When you lift your left knee, I want you to lift your left front hoof even with your ear and vice versa on the right. When the right goes up, the left should come down even with your chest. Around here we call it the Clydesdale Clip-clop. It’s almost lunch time so picture yourselves as majestic Clydesdales pulling the Studweiser beer wagon to the picnic.” She blew her whistle and immediately the Studweiser theme song began playing over the ring’s loudspeakers and she and Twilight took off around the ring. Everyone started laughing or whinnying at the sight and joined in. “Now keep in time with the music and don’t spill the beer.”

“Who knew Mistress Lilith had a sense of humor,” thought Irish just before the thought of food passed through her mind. Actually, it wasn’t hunger that caused her to think of food, it was the smell coming from the barbeque pit that got her. She was snapped out of her temporary daze by the sound of Lilith’s whistle and a tug on her reins stopping her prance around the ring.

 “I want to thank you all for coming today. I hope you’ve had an enjoyable time. If you have any questions, I will stay around for a few more minutes. Twilight has to leave and help the kitchen staff but she will be around later if you want to talk to her. You have approximately 30 minutes to freshen up and relax before lunch. This afternoon you have free time until 3:00 when the ‘show pony’ competition begins so be sure to visit the vendors’ tent and see what’s new in equestrian attire. From 1:00 to 2:30, Master Tom will be having a leather working class for those interested in the equipment barn on the second floor. Thanks again.”

A brief round of applause followed and a few couples headed over to talk to Lilith. Irish turned to Ella with a look of quiet desperation. “Oh, I suppose you’d like to use the bathroom after all that water you drank, is that right?”

Irish nodded and whinnied.

“You know a real ponygirl would just piddle here in the corral, I don’t know why you should be any different,” teased Mistress Ella.

Irish just glared and stamped her foot.

“Okay, newbie, just this time. Let’s go back to your stall.”


With bathroom duties out of the way, Irish assumed the ‘parade rest’ position while Mistress Ella re-locked the chastity belt in place.

“Hold your arms out to the sides, Irish, and I have something else I need to do.” As Irish raised her hands, Ella removed her hand hooves and chained her arms to the walls opposite and then did the same with her legs, putting her in the same standing spread-eagle position as the day before.

“I have to take these hooves back to Mistress Lilith so don’t run off,” smirked Ella and hit the button on the remote, BUZZ-Z-Z-Z-Z, and walked out, leaving the stall door open.

“N-n-n-n-g-g-g-h-h-h!” NO-O-O-O-o-o-oh-ooooo is the rough translation from ponyese. Irish’s eyes popped wide open and she frantically pulled at her leg chains trying to pull her thighs together to clamp down on the vibrating intruders without any success. The buzzing continued and so did the struggling until she heard the clip-clopping of hooves coming down the corridor. She tried to stand perfectly still and hoped that they wouldn’t look her way as they passed. No such luck. Not only did they look but they stepped into her stall.

“Why look, Bronze Lily, according to her collar, this is Irish Rose,” said Master Ramirez, “Isn’t she stunning. She is almost as beautiful as you are, my pet.”

Bronze Lily nodded and approached Irish, first looking directly in her eyes and then whinnying softly and rubbing her cheek against Irish’s. That was all it took to push Irish over the top and her entire body went rigid against her chains for a second and then shuddered in orgasmic bliss. Lily took a half of a step back and Irish’s eyes opened as she began to recover her composure. She stared longingly into Lily’s eyes and stretched against her chains to rub cheeks again.

Master Ramirez laughed out loud and said, “There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, Irish Rose, Lily has that same effect on me. I can hardly keep my hands off her when we are out here.” He grabbed Lily’s rump and squeezed. She whinnied happily in reply. “By the way, I hear you really like my coffee. I’ll see to it that you get a canister to take home with you. Come, Lily, I can’t wait to get you back to your stall”. Lily whinnied, gave Irish a quick wink and trailed quickly behind her Master as he left.

BUZ-… .Mistress Ella cut the buzzing short as she re-enter the stall. “Still think it was a good idea to give me such control over your body by wearing that belt again today?”

Irish whinnied and nodded yes.

“You brazen hussy,” teased Ella, “Whatever has made you so horny?” With that, Ella picked up the bowl off from the table and went in the bathroom. When she came out, the bowl was full of lukewarm water and a washcloth. First Ella wiped Irish’s face and neck as Irish whinnied softly in approval. She moved quickly over her arms, buttocks and legs and let the gentle flow of air from the overhead ventilation system cool Irish and dry her off. She reached around from behind and wiped Irish chest and then gave her nipples a little tweak. She unlocked Irish’s chains and asked her to dump the water into the sink and bring the bowl back out.

“Put the bowl on the table and come over here a minute, Irish.” Ella reached into her pocket and pulled out a special tool. Ella took hold of Irish’s bridle and rotated the two cam-locks on each side of the bit and pulled the pad out of Irish’s mouth. “Now put the end caps over the speakers and stick the voice converter back in the bowl and add fresh solution then assume the position.”

When Irish was ready, Ella continued. “Today, you may speak openly with any of the other ponygirls or ponyboys but you may only speak with other guests when given permission. You have to leave your headdress and other tack on all day but you can leave your bit out until the next event. Let’s go to the barbeque and check out the vendors’ tent. We might find Christine still hanging around in there.”

Irish pawed the ground and got permission to speak. “Are we going to enter the chariot race later today, Mistress Ella?”

“Yes, dear, we are. I already have another pony and driver lined up to team up with us. It’s a lot of fun and I want you to be able to try as many different things as possible while you are here.”

“Thank you, Mistress Ella; I was hoping you would say ‘Yes’.”

“You’re welcome, Irish, now let’s eat, I’m starved,” said Mistress Ella as she attached a leash to Irish’s collar and started out of the stall.



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