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I Was Just Trying It On

by Steff

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I Was Just Trying It On

Beth had just graduated from college with a bachelor’s degree, at the age of 20. She spent the next year getting a few computer security certifications. She was offered a good, nice paying job in a small town in Kansas. It turns out the company’s computer security office was there. After looking for a place to stay, she called an aunt that lived in a ranch just outside of town for advice. She said all the available areas were noisy or very old. Trish, Beth’s aunt, offered me a room on her ranch. She decided to say yes, so she would have a chance to look around the town and find a better place.

When she arrived, she was surprised that the town was smaller than expected. Trish had given her directions to the ranch so finding it was easy. The entrance was easy to find and well-marked. After entering Beth drove for about 5 miles before getting to the main ranch house, barns and other buildings.

Trish was waiting for her outside when Beth drove up. Even though Beth had seen her less than a year ago she was impressed with her. Trish is six feet tall with long black hair. Her body was well toned, probably from working on a ranch all day. She was wearing tight riding pants that showed the nice shape of her legs and her very nice-looking ass. The blouse also left little to the imagination, showing her narrow waist and large breasts. God, I need to get my mind out of the gutter, Beth thought to herself. She had always had a crush on Trish, and that was also a big reason she decided to stay here. A girl can dream, can’t she?

“Beth, I am glad you decided to stay here,” Trish said as she pulled Beth into a hug. Before Beth had a chance to reply she continued, “Follow me and I will show you to your room.” For some reason the force behind her words got Beth excited.

“Yes ma’am,” was the only reply Beth could manage. Neutrally she followed her into the main house. The house was nicely decorated with a modern look despite looking like an older ranch house. She was led through the living room down a hallway shown to an opened door. The room was smaller than she was expecting. There was a double bed and just the basics. The room had a very nice attached bathroom and large walk-in closet. 

“When you get unpacked come out and I will show you around the ranch,” Trish said and walked out.

Just like last time, the tone she used sent a tingle down Beth’s spine. She quickly unpacked and walked out to the living room. Trish was sitting on the sofa but stood when Beth walked in. Beth gulped when she was Trish and hopped, she didn’t notice. Trish had changed clothes and looked REALLY good. She was wearing glossy black yoga pants, a tight halter top that showed off her midriff and leather boots.

Trish had always liked Beth, especially when the blossomed into the attractive five foot 2-inch-tall blond. Trish also liked Beth’s nicely proportioned breasts, naturally narrow waist and firm butt. Trish had noticed Beth’s hesitation when she entered the room in her outfit. She had also noticed Beth’s reaction with the order to follow. Making a decision to push a little Trish said, in a commanding tone, “Come along pet and I will show you around.”

A soft “yes ma’am,” came from Beth.

“What was that?” Trish asked, but asked it with a force that demanded a reply.

Beth shook her head and replied louder, “Yes ma’am. That would be great.”

Grinning inwardly, Trish walked out of the house without looking back, knowing Beth would follow. “I think this arrangement will be a lot more fun than just having Beth around to talk to.” 

The tour showed Beth the two barns for the horses raised one the ranch. The outbuildings were used mainly for storage, an office and other things needed for the ranch. Beth was impressed with the small staff and Trish said it does take many people to run this place since all the wrinkles had been ironed out. The tour ended back at the house where Trish showed off the house and then cooked dinner. 

The following day, after Beth returned from her first day at work, she went looking for Trish. One of the ranch hands, a large, well-toned and attractive guy, told her that Trish was checking part of the fence and would be back in a couple of minutes. Beth decided to wait in the barn Trish was supposed to return to. She walked into a newly cleaned stall to look around. Even not knowing anything about horse tack and things, Beth was able to recognize quality and workmanship. Everything hanging on the walls and the structure of the stall itself screamed quality.

When Trish rode up, Parker told her Beth was waiting in the barn for her. After thanking him, Trish walked the horse into the barn and secured it, to show she could brush the horse down. It took her a minute to locate Beth. Trish watched her for a couple minutes and noticed the way Beth held and rubbed the leather of the rains she was holding. “Hello Beth. I heard you wanted to talk to me.”

Beth jumped in surprise, quickly put the rains back and replied, “Yes Ma’am. I found out that I can do a lot of my work from home and was wondering if I could use the ranch’s internet?”

“Sure,” replied Trish. “Give me a hand brushing this big girl down and we can talk about it.” Beth followed Trish to the horse and after a short instruction on what to do started brushing the horse. After a few minutes Beth was brought back from her thoughts when Trish said, “Ha! Were you even listening? It looked like you went off into your own little world?”

“Sorry I zoned out for a minute. What were you saying?

“I don’t like repeating myself,” Trish said with her commanding voice and noticed Beth's reaction to her. I was saying. “What were you so deep in thought about?”

“Sorry Ma’am. I was just thinking what it would be like to have to depend on someone else for everything, including basic care,” Beth said blushing.

After a minute Trish said, “I was saying the wireless signal doesn’t reach from the office to the house. I could set you up in one of the outbuildings that I occasionally rent to students when college is session. The problem is you would hear more of the ranch noises and the smells.”

“That would be fine. I don’t mind the smell and after living in my crappy apartment near the highway in the city I don’t think any noise from the ranch will bother me,” replied Beth.

“Ok. I’ll get Parker to clean the place up and you can move in after work tomorrow,” Trish said thinking of a plan.

“Thanks. He doesn’t have to make it spotless. Since tomorrow is Friday, I will have all weekend to clean it myself,” Beth said.

Once they were done, Beth went to the main house to fix dinner for the two of them and Trish went to Parker and told him to clean up the guest quarters and she also told him the bait she wanted “accidently left there.”

The following day Beth returned from work and finished the packing she started the night before then went in search of Trish. Finding her in the barn brushing a horse Beth grabbed a brush and helped out. When they were finished, Beth was taken to a smaller outbuilding. The inside contained a two-bedroom apartment and a back door that leads to a stall for horses and ponies requiring special attention. Beth thanked Trish and went to the house to retrieve her things. Beth returned to her place and quickly unpacked in the larger bedroom and decided to use the smaller bedroom as an office. After getting things set up, she cleaned the kitchen really well, no that it was bad but she liked a spotless kitchen. After eating Beth went to sleep.

In the morning Beth went to her computer and quickly set up the internet. Once the desk was set up to her liking, she got the empty boxes to top them into the closet. She was surprised to see the closet wasn’t fully empty and was shocked to see what was there. Hanging on the rod was a brown latex catsuit, a leather harness and a bit-gag. On the shelves next to the rod were two metal sleeves that ended in horse hooves, a bottle of silicon lube, an inflatable dildo and buttplug with an attached horse tail. On the floor was a set of metal horse hoof boots. She was able to recognize the items from some of the stories she read and pictures she found online. 

She pulled the latex suit and held it up to herself. “It looks a little small but latex does stretch.” On a thought, she hung the suit back up and went out the back door into the attached stable. After a quick look around Beth returned to the closet and removed everything and brought it to the stable. “Trish did say this was for ponies that require special attention.” She removed her clothes and then lubed up the inside of the catsuit and after a little work Beth was inside the latex and had smoothed out all the air bubbles. The suit had an open crotch and separate openings for each breast. The suit was tight but very comfortable.

Moving on to the next items Beth slid her feet into the boots which were tight and forced her feet into an en-pointe position but provided support in the right place to make the position manageable and almost comfortable. Beth walked around for a couple minutes getting used to the boot and noticed a metal device that looked like a collar that had two rods coming out in a V shape. She examined the device and noticed that it was a collar and the rods, about a foot long, ended in a claw mechanism. She was able to figure out the release to the collar and that the claws and they would attach to the hoof gloves and they too had an easy release, at least if you weren’t the one wearing the gloves. Picking up the buttplug she lubed it up and worked it into her ass. After some work the larger part entered her and pulled the plug until the base was snuggly seated against Beth’s opening. “This feels strange but in a good way,” she said out loud. Picking up the dildo she just slid it into her already wet pussy. After it was fully in place, she grabbed the inflation bulb and gave it a few squeezed inflating the plug. After the third pump Beth shook and she was overcome by a small and unexpected orgasm.

Beth had managed to grab onto the stall’s door before she fell to the ground. Once she stabilized herself, she picked up the body harness and untangled it. Beth worked the harness over her shoulder and then started to tighten the straps. One strap went over her breast just under her armpits. A second strap went just under her breast. The third strap went around her waist. She had to feed the inflation bulb from the dildo filling her pussy and her horse tail through openings in the crotch strap before tightening it up. 

“Mmmmm. That feels nice,” she said as she walked around to get the feel of the harness. She had some difficulty initially figuring out the straps of the bit gag harness but she figured it out. The bit went in first and the rest went naturally. Straps went around her cheeks and buckled in back. Two straps from each side of the bit went up to the sides of her nose and connected to a ring positioned on her forehead. From that ring a single strap went over the top of her head and attached to the already secured straps around her cheeks. With her bit in place, she picked up the collar device and wrapped it around her neck. 

The collar was hinged in the back and it closed snuggly around her neck and easily locked into place. The 2-inch wide collar felt good and was more balanced than expected. The last items were the hoof gloves. It took some pushing but Beth managed to get her hand all the way in. She had ball up her hand to a fist at the hoof end. She held up her hoofed hand and liked the look and feel. Holding up her free hand and fisting it made her want to put on the other hoof. After thinking why not, she stuck her other hand into the top of the hoof. She supported it against a pole and with effort shoved. Like the first glove her hand slid all the way in and she made a fist so the glove would be seated correctly.

She had to relax and calm herself because she was getting ready to orgasm again. After a couple minutes she held arms up above her waist and started to walk around. One the second time around the small stable she began to raise her knees as she walked. She had seen this on one of the ponygirl videos she had downloaded.

Unknown to Beth, Trish and Parker had been watching from the ranch office through hidden cameras inside the stable. “Isn’t she just a beautiful little thing?” Trish asked.

“Yes, she is,” he replied. “Do you want me to handle her training and sale?”

Trish shook her head, “not yet. We’re ahead of our quota and I have always liked her. She’s the only one of my father’s sides of the family that isn’t stuck up. After watching her behavior and the fact that she did this to herself, I think she’s naturally submissive and if I’m right, I’m keeping her for myself. Plus, you and I both know she is too pretty, and not built right to be a permanent pony.”

“True. It has been a few years since we had a plaything of our own. I’ll leave her to you until you call.”

Beth made a few laps prancing then made a decision. She raised her left hand up and pressed the ‘D’ ring attached to the top of her hoof and pressed it into the open claw on the rod end of her collar. When the ring pressed against the back of the claw it closed and locked around the ring. Like she figured, she could not pull her hoofed hand away from the collar. Holding the other hand up next to the other rod she imagined what it would be like to truly be stuck like that.

Trish had quietly entered and saw that Beth had locked one of her hands to the collar, liking the feel of it. When Beth raised her other hand up and imagined what it would feel like Trish said, “go ahead. I think you will enjoy it.”

Beth yelped and quickly turned around to Trish standing just inside the stable. She was wearing a leather corset that pushed up her already nice-looking breast forming a nice set of cleavage. She was wearing a really tight miniskirt and thigh high boots. To Beth, Trish looked like a leather clad goddess.

“If you want to know what it feels like to submit to someone, truly submit, then lock your other hoof to the end. I promise I will not hurt you. I will care for you like you have never experienced. I will give you pleasures you have never known. All you have to do is follow my directions without question. If you want what I offer you must also know I will discipline you if you misbehave but reward your obedience.” Trish could see Beth thinking so she continued, “You will spend until Sunday afternoon as my pony. I will then release you. If you don’t want to know what it feels like to be truly dependent on someone like you dreamed about when you brushed the mare the other day, then lower your arm and I will help you out of your pony gear.”

Beth couldn’t believe she’d been caught. She also couldn’t believe what Trish was offering. This was a dream come true. She however couldn’t figure out why she hesitated. When Trish used that forceful voice that always turned Beth’s knees to jello, telling her to make a choice, Beth locked the other hoof to the empty rod. The click of the lock seemed really loud and the knowledge Beth had just surrendered herself to Trish in every way Beth was sent to her knees as the largest and most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced slammed into her. She yelled into the gag and just rode the waves of ecstasy. They finally stopped and even though it was a fairly short orgasm it took a lot out of her.

Trish circled Beth a couple times before she said, “It looks like I was right about you. You crave submission.” Trish knelt down and tilted Beth’s face to look at her. “We’re going to have so much fun together.” Trish helped Beth to stand on her shaky legs. 

Beth moaned when Trish added two pumps to her dildo before disconnecting the inflation hose and belt from the base of the dildo. Trish clipped a least strap to Beth’s collar and loosely tied it to a post before she left. Without the use of her fingers, Beth knew she could not untie the simple knot used to keep her in place. Trish returned a minute later carrying a bucket that she hung in the stall portion of the stable. “Drink some so we can get started,” Trish ordered and she untied the lead. Beth took a minute to figure out the only way she was going to get a drink was to plunge her face into the bucket. She plunged her face in, and after a few attempts got the hang of drinking wearing her bit.

Once Beth was finished and removed her head from the bucket, she was led to the middle of the room and her lead was hooked to a cable she hadn’t noticed. The cable pulled the lead upward until Beth was forced to stand straight. Be then felt a minor sting on her ass. She yelped around the bit gag and moved around the little bit her lead allowed.

Trish stood behind Beth holding a riding crop. “That was for getting your attention. I will mainly use this for that purpose. You will learn how to react to it but not to fear it.” Trish then swung it harder against one of Beth’s thighs and this time it really stung. Once Beth calmed down Trish continued, “As you can see, I can also use this for quick attitude adjustments. I can see by watching you that you have a little idea of what’s expected of you?” Beth blushed and nodded. Grinning Trish hung the crop on a hook and grabbed a brush. She put one finger against Beth’s gagged mouth letting her know not to speak. Trish removed the harness and bit gag then began to gently brush Beth’s hair.

After only a few strokes of the brush Beth found herself relaxing and enjoying the experience. She had never been treated this way and knowing, by her own choice, there was nothing she could do to stop it she just gave into the experience.

Trish noticed when Beth relaxed and also when she surrendered herself. “I am so glad I was right,” Trish thought. “She is naturally submissive and sooo beautiful. She’s going to be fun to train and turn into my personal toy.”


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