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The Investigative Reporter 3: Discoveries

by Jackie Rabbit

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© Copyright 2014 - Jackie Rabbit - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; F/f; F+/f; jail; farm; naked; harness; bitgag; ponygirls; plow; bdsm; whip; punish; bond; group; oral; climax; cons/reluct; XX

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Part 3: Discoveries

The formerly sleepy girl, Tracy, and Beth hung breast to breast as the others ate, but a missed meal was far better than the alternative, thanks entirely to their drivers mercy. They were released from their suspended display and hitched to the plow after the others finished their morning meal, and the team was driven to the far corner of the farm to begin their first true day of work. Tracy had to work barefoot that day, apparently an additional part of her punishment was not being allowed to fetch her boots from their bunk house. It was a lesson she wouldn't easily forget.

Beth was happy to be wearing her boots even though they were no fashion statement. Their traction in the loose soil couldn't be better, and they protected her feet and ankles from injury as well. Being first in line Beth could at least see where she stepped, but the other girls had no such advantage. She also liked the clip clop sound the team made when traveling over hard surfaces with their "shoes" on, and she knew she would have to weave that into her story carefully to bring her readers into her experiences.

Pulling the plow through the loose soil was hard work, but far harder for her team than it was for her. It seemed so out of place to be freely perspiring in the chilly morning air before the sun was even fully up. Once it was the team had their first water break, both Beth and Tracy were each given a buttered roll out of their driver's top shirt pocket. Beth felt her belly growling and empty, and she assumed Tracy was in much the same state.

"Eat this quickly before somebody sees you", he ordered quietly.

Both girls devoured the generous gift without a word as expected, but Beth conveyed her gratitude to their driver with her eyes as only a pretty woman can. The two held eye contact for an extra second, and then he was gone, back to the plow and the reins that controlled her. Most of his commands were actually verbal, "get along" at the start, and "Haw" at the end of each row being the two most used. By lunch time she could anticipate his direction as if the two were of one mind, and she wondered if it was always like this between a lead girl and driver.

Lunch was brought out to the various teams by the cook house staff, (themselves serving time for some minor crime), and Beth thought simple sandwiches and fruit juice never tasted so good. They were unhitched and allowed to settle down under the shade of a tree between two of the fields to eat in silence, the trees left there intentionally many years ago as a natural wind break. Their driver's wife brought his lunch out herself in a basket, her pretty white dress and shoes a stark contrast to the girls near total exposure, even without the delicate ribbon in her hair. She was a pretty girl, but Beth found once again that appearances can be deceiving.

Their driver accepted his wife's sweetly delivered offer for an extended lunch break, and once the girls were hitched he laid down and placed his large hat over his eyes to sleep. The pretty wife walked to the front of the team and held the long handle of the whip under Beth's chin so the two could see eye to eye, after she looked Beth up and down in disdainful inspection. The braided tail of the long whip brushed against one of Beth's small breasts, and while not causing any pain, she was reminded that the hand that presently held the whip seemed frightfully familiar with it.

"I'll bet you're his favorite" she stated with no small amount of venom. As if a man would be mad to take interest in the likes of one like Beth with a fine prize like herself waiting at home.

The pretty wife could see the fear in Beth's eyes, and it was multiplied when she moved the tip of the whip's handle to Beth's right nipple and both pushed and lifted her sensitive flesh in one motion. If not for the bit in her mouth Beth might have forgot herself and told the pretty wife that she was hurting her, but the smirk on the wife's suddenly not so pretty face let Beth know it was unnecessary. The whip's handle was pulled back in a calculated way so as to let gravity rake Beth's nipple past it as it fell of it's own accord.

The pretty wife then mounted the plow after scraping the loose dirt off of her shoes, and she snapped the reins savagely to command Beth to move the team. She was rough with the reins and used any excuse to torment Beth with the whip, but their was no denying her skill with the painful tool either. Under her control Beth was stung with it's tail often, it's tip even snaking itself around her slender body to find the small breasts that seemed the focus of the evil woman's earlier attention. She was skilled enough with the whip that there would be no lingering marks to be questioned, even if someone were to suspect her of any unwarranted correction.

The entire team was relieved when their driver finished his nap and replaced his sadistic wife on the plow, and for the first time Beth found herself looking toward the distant train tracks right at the edge of the fields. There were no fences at Grandview, and as a mental distraction for the rest of their day she pondered how one could "theoretically" escape from their work farm and not be recaptured.

The team was worked somewhat more compassionately the rest of the day by their driver, but the girls were still weary by the time they ate their dinner and showered off in their gang showers before bed. The rest of their first week was all routine, and nobody overslept, or needed any discipline at all. Beth had discovered a trick, just before their waking bell every morning she heard the rumble of a train on the distant tracks, and she realized their schedule would have to be timed to the train's so any passengers didn't see a bunch of nearly naked girls harnessed like work animals in the adjacent fields. She had taken it on herself to wake the girls early to give them a head start over the others, and her team was always up and out first as a result.

Some days the train would come to a full stop at the station, and other times just slow down enough to snatch the hanging mail bag off of it's hook. Beth noticed a definite pattern between the trains that ran both directions on the tracks, but it was the northbound train that interested her the most.

Their drivers sadistic wife didn't bring lunch to her husband the rest of the week either, but her presence didn't seem to effect the other girls like it did Beth. Beth was relieved because she seemed the focus of her attention, whether it was because she was the lead girl, or she was in fact her husband's favorite she didn't know.

There was no field work permitted on Sunday, and the girls were given the chore of cleaning up their bunk house, and other than that allowed to rest. Their was still a guard force present, but they were less than enthusiastic about their duties as escapes attempts were very rare. The drivers were home with their families, and the cook staff still fed the girls, but they ate together in their bunk house to easier keep track of them less they be tempted to wander off.

Sunday evening there was a different feeling in the bunkhouse, the girls were rowdy, and Beth was reminded of the phrase "An idle mind is the devil's workshop". When they took their showers together Beth noticed a predatory feeling when pressed in between the larger girls. There was enough room for them to all shower together at the same time, but that left the soapy girls bumping their naked selves into each other. For Beth the gang showers took some getting used to, but there was no expectation of privacy at Grandview either.

With their showers complete Beth was forced out of the showers as her tiny dripping body was carried along by the other's larger ones in an apparently innocent way. It started off as some friendly wrestling and towel snapping, but soon the girls conspired to pin Beth on her back upon their common table. One of the girls pinned Beth's arms under her strong legs, her face inches from the powerful girls loincloth, leaving little doubt as to her intentions. Several others used their bed sheets to tie her spread eagled to the rough tabletop, and Beth saw the futility of resistance even before the girls passed still another bed sheet over her eyes and forehead. That one they tied off under the table top, both blindfolding her, and holding her head helplessly stationary.

The girl straddling Beth's chest said huskily, "I need a man, but you'll have to do".

Beth thought this "devil's workshop" had just produced a desperate product, if not a unique one. She knew several men once who would have just loved to watch her struggle under the control of these powerful girls, not to mention watch what Beth knew to be coming.

The girl on top of Beth put both of her hands on her head covered by the bed sheet and pulled herself in. If she expected resistance she would have been disappointed, and Beth took her first taste of female flesh in several years. That taste turned into so much more as Beth's expert manipulations had the dominate girl shocked to silence. The others looked on as the girl ground and rocked herself into Beth, and she popped off into a shuttering breathless orgasm that made the others jealous.

"Damn girl, you have a golden tongue. I think I just found a new favorite hobby."

Beth knew her pretty nice girl persona had just been trashed by her performance, and the rowdy girls lined up to take a turn with their new found play toy. She was used by the girls one after another with little regard for her own needs, and the general consensus between the girls was Beth had not only done this before, but that she liked it.

Tracy was last girl to have a go at Beth, and she had definite second thoughts despite the feeding frenzy of lust slowly dissipating in their small shack. Beth's body was a slick mess from entertaining the girls, and Tracy felt especially guilty about taking advantage of her. She was the one who had slept in earlier in the week and earned Beth the punishment they shared, although that wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

Tracy had watched Beth's performance intently with each of the girls before her, and while she couldn't understand how a girl could want to do such a thing, one couldn't argue with the results for those on the receiving end. She knew what she wanted to try, and that curious desire is what made her let the other girls go first. They had wandered away to bed with their lusts sated for the moment, and she and Beth were as alone as they could be.

She also knew Beth was still blindfolded, and no matter what she did to the helpless girl her identity would be safe. Tracy touched her lips delicately to Beth's breast, and Beth flinched is shock. Another touch, but this time much more of a kiss, and Beth groaned in a whisper. Her chest heaved upward in response to the pleasurable assault, and the kisses became more passionate. Her nipple responded, and the emboldened Tracy teased up Beth's sensitive bud as if it was her life's mission. Beth eventually rolled her chest to the limit she could bound as she was, as if to say "don't forget about this other one".

Tracy had to mount the table just to reach Beth's distant breast, and she straddled her as she gave equal attention to it as Beth desired. The girl was curious what another girl tasted like, and one of the ways she could find out was only inches from her lips. She kissed Beth experimentally, and while not what Beth had become accustom to over the course of the night, she still kissed back. Those kisses as well became impassioned, and Tracy found herself wanting more.

Tracy spun around and offered herself to the same lips she had moments before kissed, but with her legs entwined under the same sheet that blindfolded and bound Beth's head to the table. With some manipulations Beth was able to reach the girl with a long and slow lick the full length of her, and the girl shuddered in response. More tender explorations had Tracy wanting to reciprocate, and she realized it was a now or never moment for her. She laid down inverted on Beth's tiny bound body, and ran her hands up Beth's thighs as her rather substantial breasts met the resistance of Beth's flat belly.

Beth splayed herself in invitation as the sheets binding her ankles were dawn tight, but she never stopped her own attempts to please the unknown girl on top of her. Despite her fatigue, she wanted to do more for this tender girl mounting her than just pop her off, and Beth knew many tricks to prolong the unknown girls pleasure, as well as her own.

Tracy's long hair cascaded about Beth's bare skin, and she felt the girls hot breath on her womanhood just before the first gentle kiss. Just as before the kisses became more than just kisses, and she explored another girl's body for the first time. Beth tutored the inexperienced girl silently, she did something, and the girl replicated her actions. They spent considerable time together, but Tracy teased just a little too aggressively at one point, and Beth started off toward her own unstoppable orgasm first. It was like a speeding train entering the station, and no force on earth could stop it. Beth pushed the girl easily to one of her own, and both of them came in a violent thrashing manor, but in Beth's case she wasn't going anywhere until she was released no matter how badly she trashed about.

So ended Beth's first week at Grandview, with several experiences she knew would be hard to word in such a way as to get published, knowing the sensibilities of her papers readers. Could she write under a pen name instead of demeaning herself by relating her experiences in the first person? Would she still be able to claim her Pulitzer if she did?

To be continued...

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