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Kim's new pet

by Moonwriter

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Storycodes: F/f; latex; catsuit; captive; drug; shave; petsuit; collar; shock; toys; insert; train; reward; conditioning; petgirl; enema; enslave; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

Authors note: English is not my native language, please enjoy my story.

Kim was 27 years old, had a height of 5’ 10”, black hair to the middle of her back and a Japanese face. She had studied electronic engineering was a former cheerleader so she had an athletic build body and was proud that she had maintained it after quitting the cheerleading for her job. One Friday she came home after a long day at work and was happy that her little private project was nearly finished. So she went downstairs in the mansion to her room in which she had a little workplace. She sat down at her desk and began applying the finishing touches to the collar she was working on. After an hour she stood up and looked at the collar pleased with what she had accomplished. Then she placed it around her own neck to test it. When she tried to speak she got an electric shock right to her vocal chords so that no intelligible word came from her. Pleased with the outcome of her test she placed the collar back on her desk and went upstairs to get something to eat and have a nice evening on the couch.

When she woke up the following morning still lying on the couch she looked up on the clock and saw that her little stepsister Natalie would come home in a few hours, to celebrate her 18th birthday by throwing her out of the house. They never really had liked each other. Kim thought that Natalie was a spoiled brat, because she never had to do anything except asking her father to buy it for her, and Natalie just didn’t like her because her father had left her mother for Kim’s mother. After their parents had died two years ago in a car accident Kim had gotten the rights to handle the wealth Natalie had inherited alone because their parents never saw the necessity to marry. So Kim had to hurry to prepare the last things for Natalie’s birthday present. After all she doesn’t want to lose everything she had done for this mansion she had lived in for the past 12 years. So she got up and took a healthy breakfast and after that went to the bathroom to first get rid of every hair beneath her shoulders. Then she took a long bath and thought of the upcoming days and how they would end her life as it was until now. When she was finished she took a towel and dried herself and her hair and then went into the master bedroom which she had prepared a few days ago.

On the bed laid out were her clothes and the ones for the little brat. There was a black latex catsuit with attached gloves and feet and a two way zipper between the legs, a blood red corset and knee length boots with 4 inch heels for her and for her stepsister there were also a black latex catsuit, but instead of legs it had pouches in which the legs where folded with paddings where the knees would sit and instead of gloves there where mittens in which the fingers where rendered useless so they would resemble paws. Also attached to this catsuit was a mask which had openings for the mouth and over the eyes which where accentuated with bright pink circles around them, on top of the mask where bright pink cats ears. There were also holes where the nostrils would sit so that the wearer of the suit could still breathe through the nose if their mouth might be blocked. Also laying there where a bright pink corset with full caps which had inlayed vibrators for the nipples and one rather big vibrator and a small vibrating but plug, which all had wireless charging capabilities.

When she had finished admiring the outlaid items she got her own catsuit and positioned it so that she could slip her feet in it. While doing that she felt that it was lubricated and pushed her left foot inside and then shuddered from the cold oil inside. But never the less she pulled the catsuit up her leg. When she had enclosed her other leg inside the suit she felt that the suit already was warming up from her body temperature. When she had pulled it over her belly she first pushed her right arm inside its sleeve and then her left one. After that she smoothed all wrinkles from the suit and closed the zipper from between her legs to her neck. When she had checked that there were no wrinkles left, she took the corset and wrapped it around her torso. After that she tightened it and stopped when she couldn’t do so without hurting herself. Then she laced it and hid the lace beneath the flap. After that she put on her new boots and walked a few rounds in the room. By doing this she found out that they were quite comfortable to wear so she went back into the bathroom and applied some makeup to accentuate her eyes with a little eyeliner and to use her blood red lipstick. As she finished her makeup she went to get the knock out spray and went to the living room and sat in the high backed chair Natalie’s father always had sat in and waited for her to come home.

An hour or so later Kim heard the door open and her sister calling: “Hey Kim I’m home. I hope you have packed your things already. Today I’m turning 18 so I don’t need you anymore.”

Kim answered angrily: “Come to the living room! We have to talk now!”

As she heard that Natalie responded angrily: “Why should I come to you, I will not change my mind I’m going to throw you out today and if I so must I will get a lawyer!” Then she went to the kitchen to get some water.

Kim stood up and followed her, while readying the spray can. When Natalie heard the clicking noises of Kim’s boots she turned around and froze at the sight she got from her stepsister.

Kim asked her mockingly: “How do you find my new clothes? I’ve got some for you too but you will not like them!”

After that she took the can and sprayed Natalie into the face. When Natalie saw the can she tried to dodge but was too slow and inhaled the gas. When Natalie collapsed Kim took her up and brought her into the bathroom. There she took Natalie’s clothes off and tossed them into the bin. After that she laid her into the tub and took a scissor to cut Natalie’s ponytail off. Then she took a razor to shave her complete body. When she was finished with that she washed Natalie. After that she took her to the master bedroom and laid her beside the items that where spread on the bed. She started dressing her by taking the lubricated catsuit and folded her legs to get them into their pockets. Then she pulled the catsuit farther up and placed the holes between the legs over the rosebud and the vagina of her stepsister. After that Kim pulled the suit over Natalie’s belly and pushed both breasts in their corresponding pockets. Then she stuck both arms into their sleeves and made sure that both hands were in there mitt.

After that she pulled the mask over Natalie’s head and then checked that she had positioned all holes were they belonged and closed the zipper of the suit. Then Kim took the corset and wrapped it around Natalie’s waist and laced it tight around it. When Kim was looking for the collar she saw that she had left it in her own room and went to get it. After her return she saw how Natalie opened her eyes and sat up. When she tried to stand she felt that she couldn’t bend her legs so she looked down her own body and as she realized what has happened she began screaming at Kim: “What the Hell are you doing with me? Take this thing of me or ahhhhhh.”

The last part was cut short because Kim had placed the collar around Natalie’s neck and fastened it quickly. Natalie tried to speak again but was again cut short by the collar so that her screams instead of anger where filled with pain. She tried to open the collar with her mitted hands but couldn’t so she stared full of hate at her stepsister.

When Kim saw that Natalie had realized that she wouldn’t get the collar off she began talking to her: “When our parents first moved together I thought I would be fun to have a little sister, but instead of that I got a spoiled brat, that would do anything to harm me and to bring your father against me, so you always did something when they were gone and blamed me for it when they returned and your father always believed you. And my mother didn’t dare to speak against him out of fear he could leave her, and after they died two years ago you were to inherit all things because our parents never married. And you always treated me as if you were something better. So I decided to teach you a lesson but this lesson will never stop and you will neither go the bank to shut your accounts for me, nor throw me out of this house, instead you will become my latex pet cat and to start training you, I will insert this two vibrators that lie beside you into your pussy and your ass. Oh and I nearly forgot that I choose this colours to accentuated your personality at the moment. The black parts are for your lack of admiration for your new mistress and the pink parts stand for your bitchy side that you always show. So be a good kitty and come over here!”

While hearing that Natalie couldn’t believe her ears what this psycho was planning to do to her and she would never let her stepsister put these vibrators into her. So she hopped off the bed and crawled in the direction of the door. After a few steps she winced and fell to the ground as her nipples were torched by an excruciating pain. “I said I will put this vibrators into you and not that you are allowed to leave the bed so go back!” commanded Kim and stopped pushing the button that was triggering the electrodes at Natalie’s nipples. When the pain ceased Natalie got back onto all fours and went farther in the direction of the door. So Kim pushed the button anew and went towards Natalie and slapped her rear ten times hard with a paddle she had gotten from the nightstand. Then she again stopped pushing the button to see Natalie’s reaction.

Natalie couldn’t believe what just had happened to her. Her nipples’ felt like they had been pierced by thousand needles and her ass was on fire. So she looked at her stepsister with all hate she could gather. As she saw Kim’s eyes she knew that she would not let her leave this room, so she gave in for now she couldn’t handle another assault with that electrodes. So she turned towards the bed and crawled towards it. As Kim saw that, she said with a smile: “So the little princess can do what she is told. She just needs the proper motivation!” When Natalie reached the bed she tried to climb it but couldn’t succeed because she had not enough strength for it. When Kim saw that she took her up and threw her onto the bed while saying: “I see you have to get a little workout. I will arrange that, but first I will put these vibrators where they belong. So turn around and spread your legs!” Natalie did as she was told and while doing so she took a good look at the two vibrators that would soon be inside her, and saw with a little fear that they were bigger than any of her own and feared also the rear one because she never had any boyfriend touch that region.

Kim walked beside the bed took the anal plug and the lubricant up and lubricated it. After that she positioned it over Natalie’s rosebud and pushed it in. When Natalie felt the intrusion of the plug she involuntarily tried to push it back out but Kim was too strong and pushed it completely in never the less. As it was nearly in Natalie felt that it was getting thinner again so her sphincter nearly sucked it in. Then she felt how the endplate of it pushed against her bottom and that Kim was fumbling at it. When the plug was fully inside Kim connected it with the clips to the suit so that it wouldn’t get out even if Natalie could push it. Before Kim took the vibrator for Natalie’s vagina she slipped two fingers into her and felt that she was damp. So she said with a grin: “It looks like I will need no lubricant inside there.”

Natalie blushed and started to get away from her stepsister. Who smiled evilly and got the controller and pressed the punishment button again. Natalie collapsed onto the bed and tried to get away from her sister because this time the pain was not only on her nipples but also inside her buttocks. As Kim saw Natalie’s reaction she took the vibrator and shoved it without mercy inside her new pet and clipped it too to Natalie’s suit and as soon as the last clip was sealed it too began shocking Natalie, who screamed in agony until Kim stopped it. She explained: “As you felt the pain comes from all of your sensitive parts. But I can give you pleasure too.” So she pressed a few buttons and Natalie felt as she was impaled again and again into both holes and as if her nipples where massaged. This feeling was so extremely different from the one before that she soon was at the edge of an orgasm but as she neared it all vibrators stopped.

“I didn’t mention it earlier but I will teach you that you have to earn your rewards so how about you earn your orgasm by bringing me to one?” asked Kim with a slight smile. Natalie shook her head. As she saw that Kim pressed again a few buttons and said with a devilish grin: “Let’s look how you think of that tomorrow after you had a night to reconsider your opinion!” After that she pressed a final button and the vibrators started again and brought Natalie again close to her orgasm but not over the edge. Instead they shocked her as she was nearly there. Kim took the leash from her nightstand and clipped it to Natalie’s collar without her noticing it. Then she half pulled her, half leading her to the living room and made her lie down on a cushion beneath the television. After that she went to the kitchen and ate dinner, because the preparation on her new pet had cost nearly the whole day since before lunch, when her former stepsister had returned from her trip to Europe. In the kitchen she also prepared the food bowls for her new pet, which where engraved with the words pussy princess, which was the new name for her pet which she did not yet know of. When she returned from her Dinner into the living room she watched how princess squirmed and moaned the whole time wondering how long it would take her to be broken.

Natalie didn’t notice where Kim had led her only that on the way she was 3 times near the edge but every time was shocked before she could orgasm, so she got more and more frustrated and would have howled if it wouldn’t trigger a burst of electricity on her vocal chords, which would also deny her orgasm.

After two hours Kim herself got so aroused that she decided to change Natalie’s punishment and again pressed a few buttons. Natalie felt the changing when she again neared her orgasm but this time wasn’t shocked but was kept on the edge of her orgasm ever longer and longer. At some point she decided to abandon her pride in favour for her orgasm and crawled towards Kim. As Kim saw out of the corner of her eyes how Natalie started crawling towards her, she got more aroused but hid it and kept looking further at the television. When Natalie reached Kim’s sitting place she could hardly keep her balance and thought: “I have to get her attention or else I wouldn’t be able to earn my orgasm.”

So she started pawing at her stepsister’s groin. As she felt that Kim looked at Natalie and asked mockingly: “So you want to try and earn your reward pussy princess? Then how about you open that zipper with your mouth?”

At hearing that Natalie couldn’t believe that she had to degrade herself even more but she was so longing for an orgasm after these hours of being kept at the edge but always gotten denied, she gulped down her pried and gripped the zipper between her Mistresses legs with her teeth and pulled it open then she thought: “Where did that thought of her as my mistress come from?” And she heard a voice from deep inside her answering: “She treats me like she is it! So I should call her so!”

Then she again felt her urge for an orgasm and began licking first the outer lips and quickly moving further and searching for Kim’s clitoris and then began caressing it. As she felt how damp Kim already was she took great effort to bring her to an orgasm. Kim felt how Natalie first gently parted her outer lips and then played with her clitoris. As she felt that she herself was nearing her orgasm she pushed another button on the controller and felt how her world nearly collapsed as she got an earth shattering orgasm. As Natalie felt how Kim orgasmed, she also felt that her vibrators had been brought to a higher rhythm then before and she too felt one of the best orgasms in her live. After the waves of pleasure subsided Natalie gave in to the longing darkness on the edge of her consciousness. As Kim saw Natalie collapse on the carpet she herself felt exhausted from today’s work so she went to her new bedroom and lay down onto the bed. She fell asleep in only a few moments.

In the middle of the night Natalie woke up and felt that she was still lying in the living room, so she tried to stand up while thinking what a strange dream she had. As she felt that she couldn’t straighten her legs she realized that it wasn’t a dream but reality and she felt how her hatred for her stepsister grew even more for what she had done to her and what she had made her do. So she decided to leave and went to the front door. As she reached it she thought: “I should go to Vivienne and then with her go to the police!” She used her pawed hand and opened the door by standing only on her knees and supporting herself at the wall beside the door realising that it hadn’t been locked. As she went outside the door she was suddenly hit by an excruciating pain in her nipples and between her legs as she again was shocked but worse than last time. So she collapsed onto the ground. As she felt it wouldn’t subside she began crawling back into the house and as soon as she passed the doorstep the shocks ended and the pain subsided. She lay there panting for a few minutes and thought: “This bitch! I have to find a way to escape but I can’t withstand this pain!”

As she heard the alarm on the controller Kim woke up and went towards the camera ccv to look what her new pet was doing. When she saw that she already had crawled back inside the house she took the paddle from her nightstand where she had laid it earlier and went to the front door. When she reached her destination she said: “I see you found out about my way to keep you inside the house and out of areas where you don’t belong. But for trying to escape you earned a special treating! So come with me now!” Natalie kept stubbornly lying on the ground out of fear what her stepsister would do next to her. “So you wouldn’t go by yourself? If you don’t move I will slap you with the paddle again!” threatened Kim angrily. After she heard that Natalie went moving, after all her ass was still sore from the last beating. Kim took the leash that was still hanging on Natalie’s collar and led her to the master bedroom and chained her to one of the bedposts. After that she went back into the bed and went back underneath the sheets.

On the next morning when Kim woke up she stood up and first cleaned her catsuit and then went to eat breakfast, after she had finished that she went to get dressed in one of her silk blouses and a leather knee length skirt. Over the blouse she tightened a black leather corselet and decided to watch one of her new films she had made yesterday.

After an hour the doorbell rang and Kim went to open it. Outside stood Vivienne looking puzzled at how Kim was dressed. Then she looked at Kim’s face and asked shyly: “Hello Kim is Natalie at home?”

Kim answered: “I’m sorry she isn’t home. But yesterday I got a voicemail from her in that she stated that she found a trace from her mother and that she wants to look for her in Europe.”

Vivienne looked surprised and answered: “Oh I hope she finds her mother she was so lonely in the past two years after your parents had died. If she isn’t home I will be gone now I have to get to my work. See you.” After that quick exchange Kim closed the door and went upstairs to look after her new pet.

When Natalie woke up she lay still for a while and thought about her situation. After a few minutes Kim came inside the room and broke Natalie’s thoughts by stating: “I think your little friend Vivienne really likes you. She was at the door and when I told her that you are still in Europe because you found someone a trace of your mother, she looked really shocked. So let’s get you started for the day. I think you might have an urge to relieve yourself but that wouldn’t happen now. Until I decided otherwise you will get enemas so come with me!”

When Natalie heard that she looked with fear how Kim unclipped the chain from the bedpost and began walking towards the bathroom door. So she tried to protest but again was reminded of the collar around her neck as she screamed in pain. Kim said with a sadistic smile: “I really thought you would have learned by now that you aren’t allowed to talk anymore! And now come!” With that said she pulled on the leash. But Natalie tried to resist further by staying where she was, so Kim went to the nightstand and opened the top drawer to pull out a riding crop while saying: “This will be fun!”

With the riding crop in hand she went to Natalie, who with fear began crawling towards the bathroom. When she got there Kim was directly behind her and swung the riding crop through the air which was enough to fasten Natalie’s fear induced crawling. Inside the bathroom Natalie saw a machine in the corner of the room, which had not stood there before, from which two tubes on the height of her butt and on the height of her vagina were protruding. So she turned her back towards it, while Kim was saying mockingly: “Oh I see you want to get over with it quickly. But I can say you this will not be over quick and I’m going to enjoy every moment of it! You have to press your ass against the tubes!”

While saying that Kim sat cross legged onto a chair in one corner of the room. Natalie gulped and pressed backwards and as soon as she heard a faint click from the tubes that connected her to the machine she felt how the machine started pumping warm water inside her. While the Machine kept pumping Natalie felt how the water was pressing inside her and when she barely could breathe the pump stopped. But instead of draining the water again it shut off. So Natalie looked with pleading eyes at Kim, whom was sitting on the chair and was admiring the view of her former little sister squealing on the ground. “The enema has to clean you really throughly so it will stay inside your ass for at least 10 minutes!” said Kim with a big smile.

When Natalie heard that, she tried to relax and lay down but because her ass was still connected to the machine it was held up and she could only lower her breasts to the ground. When Kim saw that she said: “It looks like you want to get ass fucked really badly. But you will not get that pleasure!” Natalie blushed underneath the mask but could do nothing against her imagining how it would feel if the vibrator in her ass would be shoved in and out again. From the thought of that combined with the vibrator in her pussy she got wet again and could do nothing to fulfil her desire. After what felt like an hour of her degrading pose Natalie heard how Kim tipped a few times on her Cell phone before her own voice could be heard stating: “Hey Kim. I found a trace of my mother here in Prague so I will stay longer here and look if I can find her.” Natalie couldn’t believe her ears she never had called her sister and never had said that.

Kim looked at her with a smile: “I see you can’t believe what you just heard and the best part is that the call came from your own phone from Prague. Today it’s so easy to clone a phone onto another one and with the technology from my job at the governmental research facility it was easy to give another person your voice! So you see I have thought of a lot of things to get other persons to believe that you still are in Europe and with that collar you are wearing you wouldn’t be able to say something against my story!”

Natalie wanted to scream at Kim but didn’t dare to in fear of the shocks that would strike her if she did so. Then she felt how the vibrators inside her started up again and how in the same moment the machine began to pump the water out of her. After that she again heard a faint clicking noise and then realised that she could move from the machine. So she did it and wondered how far she would have to sink before someone would rescue her if she would ever be rescued after what she just had heard. When Natalie was finished Kim took the leash back up and lead her to the kitchen. There she stated: “It’s time for your breakfast so go get it. Over there are your bowls!” while pointing to the corner of the room where they were located.

Natalie looked at her and began crawling towards them with no resistance out of fear of another beating. When she saw the engraving on the bowls she hesitated and remembered the many times her father had called her his little princess and that he would protect her from anything that would come at her. But he had failed with that because he had trusted Kim to watch over her until she would come of age and that Kim would protect her. But instead she had put her in this humiliating suit and was treating her like a cat. Then she felt how her stomach was crumbling and she gulped down her pride and began eating what looked and smelled like ordinary cat food. Because she could not use her hands she had to stick her mouth inside the bowl and pick up everything with her tongue and teeth. After a few bits she took a few gulps of water from the second bowl. When she had finished eating she turned around and saw Kim stand there smiling.

“I see you have to need some training with eating like this without smearing your face.” Said Kim and walked towards Natalie while picking up a towel from the counter to clean her. When that was finished she led her into the living room. There Kim sat on the couch and patted the place beside her. Natalie climbed onto the couch out of fear of the riding crop that Kim was still holding in her hand. Then Kim made Natalie lie down and lay her head onto her own legs and started to pat her while she watch some videos. When Natalie realised that Kim was watching the things she had done to her yesterday, she wanted to raise her head but Kim pushed her straight back and made her watch how she had removed every hair underneath the suit before closing it. After a few minutes Natalie felt how she was getting aroused and involuntarily began stroking at her own breasts and between her legs. When Kim realised, what Natalie was doing, she first switch the vibrators on and then began to caress Natalie’s breasts.

When Kim felt how Natalie was nearing her orgasm she stopped with the caress and said: “You know that I said yesterday you have to earn your orgasm!”

So Natalie looked at her and knew from the look in her eyes that she had no other choice then to get Kim to an orgasm before she would get her own one. So she stood up as far as she could and crawled underneath the desk in front of the couch and between Kim’s legs, which she had spread wide apart. So Natalie once more began licking Kim’s wet vagina. When Kim had had her orgasm, she rewarded Natalie with hers. After that Natalie crawled back onto the couch and lay on her former place to watch till the end of the video. When it ended Kim switched to the normal Television program and sat there with her new pet padding her, while Natalie had an inner conflict: “How long will I have to endure this until I’m freed of my mistress? What? No! She is not my mistress! Why do I keep thinking of her like this? But she is behaving like she is my mistress.”

A few hours later Kim felt her hunger rising so she went to the kitchen. As Natalie saw that she got up to and followed her. In the kitchen Kim made herself a filet-o-fish, rice and some cooked carrots. When Natalie smelled the meal her stomach rumbled so load that Kim could hear it, so she looked at her and said: “You want something too?” Then she went to a sideboard and got a can with a cat meal from it. She went to get the feeding bowl opened the can and then poured the ingredients inside the bowl. “You know what that smells really bad I will season it a bit.” said Kim with a smile and took a spoon full of one of the pots besides the oven, while thinking: “It’s good I placed the aphrodisiac inside this pot so she shouldn’t be suspicious that I put something in her meal!” When she was finished with that she placed the bowl back in the corner and sat at the table, so that she could enjoy her meal and the view of Natalie’s ass. Natalie went to the bowl and began eating, while she thought: “This can’t be true. This must be a nightmare, but why then feels the hunger so real. I have to eat something but this food smells so disgusting. At least it doesn’t taste as bad.”

When both finished there meal, Kim went to Natalie with a towel in hand to clean her face. “You are getting better with this way of eating. This time you didn’t smear your whole face.” mocked Kim with a bright smile.

Natalie got a good feeling in her from the approval, but she had no idea why that was so. Then Natalie felt that she needed to relieve herself, so she began pawing her own butt to get Kim’s attention. When Kim saw that she smiled and said: “You naughty little kitty. I should bind you so that you can’t pleasure yourself!” Natalie shook her head and tried to gesture her need to Kim, who knew exactly what her new pet meant, but enjoyed mocking her. So she went back to the living room and heard that Natalie was getting frustrated but followed her.

In the living room Kim sat back onto the couch and watched how Natalie was getting more and more frustrated. And she also saw that the aphrodisiacs took effect on her new pet. After what felt an hour for Natalie Kim said mockingly: “You know how to use the machine in the bathroom!” As she heard that Natalie went crawling to the master bedroom’s bathroom and there connected herself to the enema machine. When she felt how the water flowed inside her she also felt her arousal heighten and when the water was sucked out she felt that she was on the edge of her orgasm. Kim had followed Natalie without her noticing it and when she saw what was happening she pressed the punishment button on her controller and so denied Natalie her orgasm with the angrily spoken words: “I told you a few times by now that you have to earn your right for an orgasm or you will get punished each time!”

Then she got the paddle and began to strike Natalie’s ass with it, ignoring that she was still connected to the enema machine. Natalie tried to hold her screams out of fear of the shock collar, but only resist for three or four hits before she could no longer hold it and then had a circle of only pain because the pain caused screams and they caused new pain. When Kim stopped hitting Natalie after 15 strokes she remembered the collar and shut it off. So that Natalie was freed of the never ending circle. Then Kim took Natalie up onto her arms and carried her to the living room and laid her on the coach, before she went to the kitchen to get some ice for Natalie’s butt. When she returned Natalie tried to move back from Kim out of fear what she would do next to her.

“I didn’t mean to start that circle of pain. But you should have tried to resist your orgasm instead of embracing it, after I told you more than once that you have to earn your orgasms!” said Kim with a soothing voice, “so will you let me put this ice onto your butt to cool it?”

After she heard that Natalie was unsure how she should react but her butt was hearting so much that she crawled towards Kim and bowed her head. So Kim placed the ice onto her rear and after that sat beside her to watch television. After 15 minutes Natalie crawled further towards Kim and put her head back onto her lap. Kim noticed that with a smile and started patting Natalie’s head, who again had an inner conflict: “She really cares for me and I really should have tried to resist the orgasm. No, she has no power over me or has she? She now controls everything for me. Even if I decided to leave the house I would be a shivering mess after I only pushed my head out of the door. And that only because of this damned collar, but I can do nothing against it. And my mistress will not remove it before I learn how I should behave as her new pet! No! I’m not her pet or am I? I’m so confused and what is that noise that I hear?”

She unintentionally had started purring from the caressing of Kim, and as she noticed she felt that deep inside her was a longing desire to not feel pain again, that she avert by controlling her body. So she decided to try her best to do as her new mistress commanded, as long as she could do nothing to free herself. When she came to that conclusion she relaxed and pushed all irritating thoughts aside and just focused on the touch of her mistress and again began with the purring.

When Kim felt how Natalie relaxed beside her she began to smile again and thought: “I think she may have started to accept her new position and that she could do nothing against it.” And as Natalie started purring again Kim felt how her own pussy dampened again but didn’t wanted to masturbate, so she started the vibrators inside Natalie again to bring her again near the edge. When Natalie felt her vibrators starting up she realised that after her acceptance she had gotten damp but could not really explain it. So she soon was nearing her orgasm but this time wanted not to end it with pain so she rose from her position and went for the second time that day between the legs of her mistress. But this time she took care to heighten the pleasure her mistress was getting, by first slowly caressing her outer lips before she went deeper and circled the clitoris and then began sucking while circling it further.

When she felt how her mistress began throwing around from her orgasm she intensified her licking and sucking so that Kim had multiple orgasms that followed each other. Then Natalie felt how her mistress went limp and crawled back onto the couch to look what she had but as she reached her Kim was coming by again and stated weekly: “Wow you really are a goddess with your tongue. So I think you really have earned your reward.” Then she tried to grip the controller but first was too weak and let it drop onto the floor. “Looks like you have to wait a few minutes before I have recuperated enough to get the controller.” mentioned Kim with a weak smile.

When she felt that she would have enough strength Kim moved for the controller and tapped a few buttons so that it would tease Natalie for a while. When Natalie was on the edge of her orgasm Kim used the controller to set both vibrators on the highest setting. This time it was Natalie’s turn to have multiple orgasms in a row. But it didn’t stop even after her third one and kept going so she had a few more. When Kim thought Natalie would have enough after her dose of aphrodisiacs at lunch she stopped the vibrators and watched how her pet left the depths of her orgasmic ocean that she had sunk into. After that Kim lay beside her pet and hugged her in a lovers embrace. So they both slept for a few hours on the couch.

When Natalie awoke she felt that Kim was hugging her and felt good about it for it was her mistress, who was hugging her and nothing would change that for the near future so she decided to surprise her. So she cautiously stood up on all fours and between Kim’s legs and again started licking her. When Kim woke up from the caress she moaned and soon had her orgasm. “That is a nice way to be woken.” said Kim with a big smile “I think we should eat something and then I need a warm bath.”

After she said that she went to the kitchen and made herself a light meal and got a can of tuna for Natalie while saying: “I know you really like tuna so I bought some.” Natalie couldn’t believe that her mistress had not forgotten that she loved tuna and stated an unintentional happy: “Meow.” After that she waited for the shocks but they didn’t came so she looked confused at her mistress, whom stated with a slight smile: “Yes you’re allowed to make noises that a cat would make but I didn’t see fit to inform you of that before, because you would have abused it or am I wrong?” Natalie bowed her head in shame and shook it.

After that Kim emptied the can into the Natalie’s bowl and ate herself, while again watching how her latex kitty was enjoying her meal too. When both had finished Kim again used the towel to clean her cat and then went to the bathroom there she started filling the tub and that was happening she unclothed herself and placed her clothes onto a chair. When the tub was nearly full Natalie came into the bath and watched her mistress and Kim decided to relieve her pet for a while from her intruders. So she went to her and made her lie down onto the carpet. Then she unclipped the holdings of both vibrators and eased them out cautiously. When Natalie felt how both vibrators where pulled out she sighed in relief and saw how her mistress placed both in the sink and washed them. But instead of reinserting them she laid them onto a device on the cupboard and Natalie didn’t really knew why, but was a little sorrowful about that. After that Kim stepped inside the tub and let herself slowly sink into it. Then Natalie went to walk around the house a little and while doing that kept thinking of how her mistress had been really sorry about the punishment but that it was her own fault. After all she had had not the strength to resist her orgasm and she had to get it or otherwise she would have to endure more of this horrifying pain circles.

After one and a half hours Kim woke still inside the tub and got out of it after towelling herself, she wondered where Natalie might have wandered in the meantime. But before she was going to look for her she decided to dry her hair. When she had finished that she went into her bedroom and saw with a smile that Natalie was lying in front of the bed on her cushion and was fast asleep. “No wonder her day was exhausting, too.” spoke Kim with a soft voice to not wake her up. So Kim decided to get into bed naked and lay between the latex covered sheets and soon was too fast asleep.

The next morning came and Kim was again woken by her pet caressing her vagina even before her alarm got off. “I think you really are getting into this but I have to disappoint you. Today you will not have so many opportunities to earn your own orgasms because it’s Monday and I still have a job.” mentioned Kim with a slight smile. After that she got up and led her disappointed pet into the bathroom. “We have to reinsert your toys so keep still will you?” asked Kim with a smile. As an answer Natalie, to her own surprise, pushed her ass up into the air and thought: “Wow do I really want them back inside so eagerly? Yes I think I want. They got me more pleasure in the last days then I had in my entire life!”

Kim took both vibrators from the device and also took the bottle of lube she had placed beside it after its last use two days ago. Then she saw how damp Natalie was and said mockingly: “I don’t think I will need the lube this time I can simply lubricate the anal vibrator by pushing it first into your pussy.” So she took said one and first pushed it inside Natalie’s vagina before pulling it back out, which caused a slight moan from Natalie, and after that she pushed it into Natalie’s ass before refastening it to the suit. After she was finished with that Kim took the second one and pushed it inside Natalie’s vagina, which again caused her to moan, but this time a little louder than before. When she heard that, Kim said: “You have earned your orgasm already so you will have it soon or I can also arrange for you to get constantly teased the whole day, but you would never know when you will orgasm. So what do you choose? Meow once for the first option and twice for the second one.” Natalie hesitated before she meowed first once and while doing so decided to do it a second time. “That is unexpected but you can’t blame me afterwards. It was your decision after all!” said Kim with a smile and then went to cloth herself into clothes that where appropriate for her job. Then she went to have a quick breakfast before programming the setting Natalie had chosen. Then she placed some food into the bowl and left for her work.

Natalie went after her mistress, but couldn’t catch up with her before she had left the house so she was wondering what she could do over the day. So she began to wander around the house to train herself in walking on all fours. After the third time she lay panting on the floor after another time her orgasm had been denied she cursed herself for choosing that setting and went back to wandering around. When she neared the stairs underground she felt how a new sensation was beginning. It were the electrodes on her nipples that were emitting small shocks. As she crawled nearer towards the stairs the shocks got more intense and when she stopped they ceased, but when she crawled another few inches towards the stairs they would come back and would be stronger than before. Then when she stood only a foot away from the stairs she could barely keep standing on her paws, so she turned around and crawled away from the stairs and felt how the shocks where ceased. Then she thought: “I think I’m not allowed to enter there.”

When she got hungry she went to the kitchen to her bowl and ate her meal. After that she looked around and saw that the towel for her face lay on the cupboard. So she tried to stand on her hind legs but couldn’t do so the first few times and each time fell back to her front paws. Then she tried to use her front paws as support and so managed to get the towel from the cupboard. After that she fixed it with her paws to the floor and then rubbed her face over it to clean it. When she had accomplished that while she was rocketed by the vibrators again and again was denied. Then she returned to her wandering.

A few hours later she lay on the couch and was recovering from another near orgasm when she heard how someone was using the doorbell but couldn’t reach it in time to see who it was. When she was trotting back to the couch she felt how the vibrators sprang back to life and she again cursed herself for choosing this setting earlier that day. She tried to reach the couch in time before she would collapse so that she could recover from her near orgasm on it but didn’t get there in time before she collapsed this time panting in her so desired orgasm. After that she crawled to the couch thinking that her near orgasms would be over. But as soon as she reached the couch she felt how the vibrators sprang back to life and sighted as she knew they would tease her the rest of the day until her mistress would return.

Again a few hours later Natalie craved for another orgasm but could do nothing to gain it if she wanted to bypass the punishment it would get her. She was wandering around upstairs again and was just recovering from another near orgasm when she heard a voice calling her from beneath. As she heard it she recognised it as her mistress and was happy that she was back and crawled as fast as she could to her. While Kim drove home, she wondered how her pet was doing without her and if she would have eaten something. When she reached the driveway towards the mansion she was happy to be back and as she drove into the garage she hurried to get inside the house eager to see her pet again. Inside she called her pet and then went to the kitchen to make a dinner and while she made it she saw with a slight smile that the towel lay on the floor and not anymore on the cupboard. She really was interested in seeing the video tape from that day’s events inside the house.

When Natalie reached the kitchen she saw that her mistress was standing at the oven and sneaked towards her as silent as she could but was disappointed when her suit made a squeaking noise and so ruined it. Kim turned and saw that her pet had tried to sneak up at her. She got a big grin on her face and said with a slight mocking tone: “From the look in your eyes you had an interesting day with your chosen setting for the vibrators. And from the smell you have on you, you really crave for an orgasm. Am I right?” Natalie was so frustrated by now since the vibrators had started a new, that she went towards her mistress and tried to reach her groin but Kim turned away and said with a commanding voice: “Hey not while I’m cooking. You have to wait till after my dinner at least!”

Natalie reversed after that statement in fear that her mistress would punish her otherwise. And when her mistress just returned to her cooking she crawled to her own bowl and sat before it looking at her mistress, who as she saw that said: “I’m sorry you must be hungry as well. I will refill your bowl in a moment, when my steak is ready.” So Natalie sat there waiting patiently for her mistress. When Kim’s steak was ready she refilled Natalie’s bowl and then sat at the table to eat. This time Natalie was so hungry that she finished fast and after that again cleaned herself with the towel. As Kim saw that she smiled over her little kitty and after that was surprised by her. The reason was that Natalie crawled underneath the table and slipped under Kim’s skirt and began licking her which made Kim moan, who tried to resist her orgasm as long as she was eating, but failed to do so. So she came while leaning back on her chair. “Wow. You really like to lick me, don’t you?” said Kim while grinning. Natalie blushed underneath her mask but was pleased about being praised from her mistress and became damp from it and thought surprised: “Oh how am I to stand against this and be able to live a normal live after this is over? What would be a normal live after this?”

An hour later when Kim had cleaned the kitchen from her cooking, she went to the living room thinking: “I believe it’s time to tell her the truth about her father.” So she went to the cupboard and opened the top drawer taking a letter from it. “Kitty come sit with me on the couch! I want to tell you something!” Natalie strolled over towards the couch and climbed on it, while Kim sat down on it. “Here I have a letter from your father, which I found when I went to his laboratory downstairs after he and my mother had the accident. It says:

Dear Natalie,

When you find this letter something has happened to me before you reached your 18th birthday. I’m sorry that I can’t be there for you anymore but I designed something that would probably improve your future. I wanted to wait until your18th birthday to tell you the following: In this very laboratory I hid some speakers that can be programmed. I used them to subdue Harumi to be my loyal slave and you can use them on Kim if you want to. They must be placed near, underneath or inside her cushion to work properly and they will transmit messages of how she should serve you, but the problem is that you have to speak the messages. That’s the reason I haven’t started with Kim’s subjugation by now. This plan is the reason I tried to make sure you never really liked each other, because she was ever destined to be your slave in my opinion. After all she is only a Japanese Immigrant and should never be here unless she would serve someone. The only problem that my plan would ever have is that she could be sent back to Japan after all this years so I filled all the needed papers for her adoption years ago and hid them in my safe. So that would the time need it you can prove that she is a “legal” citizen and you would not lose your slave.

Your loving father

“So what do you think of him and his little plan? I’m glad that you never had the strength to go into that laboratory otherwise our roles would be opposite to each other.” When Natalie had heard that she couldn’t believe her ears. “My mistress is trying to test me this can’t be true or can it?” thought Natalie confused. As Kim saw the confused expression in her pet’s eyes she showed her the letter so that she could read it. Then she again began speaking: “Didn’t you wonder why your thoughts were so confused in the last few days? I used these speakers on you, but let them send messages that would only be triggered if a certain event would happen. That event was your clothing in your new suit two days ago! I also found the papers inside the safe and sent them to my lawyer so now I’m legally your sister and would something happen to you I would get this mansion and all other of your belongings. And as you know your last registered call came from Prague and there anything could happen in these eastern European countries. It’s also a good thing you used our own plane and landed on our private landing strip, so no one saw you enter this country except the plane crew and I made sure that there only was the captain on this flight, and after that he went should have gone to Africa or so and go into hiding with a huge number on his check. But instead he went to a bar and had an accident while driving drunk. I’m really sorry that he had the accident. So even if someone would be looking for you. I doubt they would search in my house!”

After hearing that, Natalie felt how a big weight fell off her, that where her worries about the future. She would be her mistress’s pet until her end of days and in that moment accepted it and even embraced her new position, while thinking: “I’m princess and will do whatever is needed to please my mistress!” When Kim felt how Natalie lost all her tension she knew that the last bit of her former stepsister was gone and now only her new pet was inside the body beside her so she took the controller and set all vibrators on her cat to the maximum setting. As Princess felt that she wanted to stand up but her mistress smiled at her and softly pressed her back onto the couch while stating: “You have earned your orgasms, while I ate dinner and because you listened so carefully, so stay and enjoy it!” After that she went upstairs to take a quick shower, while her pet was occupied. When she finished her shower she dressed in her latex attire and went back downstairs to have a nice evening watching television and her squirming cat.

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