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The Forgotten Ponygirl

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; ponygirl; kidnap; bodymod; piercing; bond; buttplug; costume; latex; permanent; cum-eating; sold; extreme; nc; XXX

Yes! I found it! I take a drink and it's my third glass of red wine. I have been feeling tipsy, horny and happy since I found the website that I was searching for..."The Dark Legal Company". They legally make any fantasies come true, as long as you are willing to pay a ton of money and that you legally consent to your fantasy.

My naughty fantasy is to become abducted, trained and sold as a pony girl. I'm still young, at the age of 28 and a knock out. I'm extremely rich therefore I don't need to work and I can afford the pony girl fantasy.

I agreed to this fantasy because I'm very curious and sadly I don't have any man in my life. I have had sex with many men in the past but I never met a man that I truly loved.

After answering many general, health, sex, limitations, fantasies questions I was now ready to begin my fantasy. The company informed me that the surprise abduction could happen anytime in the next six months. Just the thought of strange men abducting me is making my pussy wet.

The legal contract I signed allows the company to abduct me, modify my body, train me, punish me and sell me off. There are a lot of things I don't look forward to, like butt plugs, piercing and strict bondage but it also turns me on.

The first week I'm always looking around thinking that tonight will be the moment my abduction happens...but it doesn't. After a month I got so busy with my daily routine that I forgot about the abduction. I actually met a man that I fell madly in love with.

I adore him and I want to make him happy. No man has ever made me feel this way. We are even talking about marriage. We are in love and soon I will be his bride.

Four months later I'm at home alone and my handsome Jeffrey is away on a business trip. I'm in bed about to fall asleep when three larger women, wearing all black, break into my place.

One woman puts her entire weight on my body as she binds my hands together behind my back. Another large woman shoves a ball gag into my mouth, silencing me. The other binds my feet together. They then roll me up in a carpet and carry me out of my home and into the van.

At first my mind is racing...who are these strange women? What do they want? Do they want money? Are they going to ransom me? Then it hits abduction, my ponygirl fantasy.

But I agreed to that fantasy when I was sexually curious and I had no real love in my life. I have to tell them I changed my mind and I will no longer go through with my fantasy.

After the long van ride, I'm carried into a large facility. I'm secured to a medical table and still gagged. Before I can protest, a syringe goes into my arm and I'm out!

Over the next few weeks, I'm drugged continually and my body modified. During that time my mind is filled with vivid and scary nightmares.

I'm finally fully awake and I remember the abduction, my stupid ponygirl fantasy and the love of my life Jeffrey. He must be searching for me now and I know he will find me and rescue me from my own ponygirl fantasy.

I'm standing in a stable dressed in a black latex ponygirl outfit...well, only partially dressed. I try to speak but my bit-gag prevents me from speaking clearly and something else feels strange as I try to speak. My hands are tied above my head and secured to a beam.

A plump woman enters the stable holding a riding crop. "Hello, Jilly. That's your ponygirl name. I'm your trainer Mabel and this place is "The Punishment Pony Ranch". Let me tell you the changes we made to your body. We removed all your teeth and now you will forever be on a soft food diet."

I try to scream but it's useless. I try to focus on this evil woman but I can't see her well. "We also did laser eye surgery on you and you can now only see a few feet in front of you."

Then Mabel pulls on my tit ring! Fuck! She gave me huge tit rings! Suddenly Mabel pushes her finger into my pussy and I'm horrified to feel another ring pierced on my pussy lips!

"You didn't expect have your pussy lips pierced! Later we will lock your pussy using tiny padlocks. don't like the idea of us locking away your pussy and not allowing penetration." I try again to speak or somehow tell Mabel that I don't want this fantasy and I want to be reunited with my Jeffrey...but I fail.

I see her holding a beautiful but scary horse tail. The horse tail is long, silky and beautiful but the other end is a cruel butt plug. "You are going to love wearing this long butt plug, the unique shape and length will keep you frisky at all times. You will constantly think about sex, a hard long cock fucking your pony pussy But ponygirls are not allowed to have sex ever!"

I watch as she lubes up the butt plug and with one quick thrust she shoves into my ass. I instantly hate it and hate how it feels inside of me. I hate it! As I start to move around I begin to feel the effects of the strange shape and it's making me so horny.

The next item Mabel brings is the sexy horse shoes. They are sexy black boots that have no back heel and they look like hooves. I don't know how I'm going to walk in these impossible boots and soon I will be running in them.

My hands are untied and my arms are forced into a strict arm binder. A collar and leash is added to my ponygirl outfit. Mabel then takes my leash and I slowly and blindly follow her. She leads me to my home...a stable with real straw as my bed.

She leashes me to my stable. "Get some sleep Jilly, tomorrow we start your training as a ponygirl. I can't believe sexy women like yourself sign up for these kinds of fantasies. We need to train you and then auction you off."

As I lay on the rough straw, my arms hurt and that pony tail is hurting me now. I can't believe I asked for this ponygirl fantasy. I start to cry as I think about Jeffrey...our future wedding...and I hope I will get to see my love again.

The next morning Mabel grabs my leash, pulls hard and I follow. It's so hard to walk in these ridiculous boots, I try to kick them off my feet. This action makes Mabel laugh. "Silly Jilly, these horse shoes are permanent, they will never come off. Your feet and hooves are one!"

I'm brought into the workout room where I meet two other ponies...Joy and Roy. They are both dressed similar to me, horse tails and sexy horse shoes. Roy is a man but his cock is exposed and locked away in a cruel chastity device. Roy looks like he is hating what is happening to him, but Joy is smiling and enjoying the experience.

We are each led to a large treadmill where we will have to run in place in horse shoes. Are arms are secured in arm binders, so we have no support. Roy and I glare at Mabel since we know we go through hell on this treadmill.

Mabel shows up with a small chain link, she attaches it to my pussy ring to the treadmill. "That chain will keep you focused on staying upright. The running and bouncing will force that long butt plug to stimulate you...don't get to horny."

I can't even curse at her with this bit-gag shoved into my mouth. The treadmills are activated and the three ponies begin our slow run in horse shoes. Yes I'm getting horny from the butt plugs movement as I run on the treadmill.

Roy is struggling running in horse shoes, but his caged cock is bouncing as he runs. I stare at it as I become more horny. I lose focus, I nearly fall over, but I'm able to catch myself. I feel the tug on my pussy ring and that sends pain to me.

Our treadmill ordeal is finally over as Mabel returns and turns off the machines. "Nice job. Tomorrow you will run for 2 hours at a higher setting. But now it's feeding time! I bet all my tired pretty ponies are hungry!"

We are taken to the feeding area, we are each secured to the wall. Our bit gags are removed and a feeding funnel is placed in our mouths, we can not dislodge the funnels. Mabel has an evil smile on her face as she holds a large canister.

"I hope you ponies like semen, although I don't really know what animal it's from. There are lots of nutrients in this semen, but I would never eat this stuff. It's slimy, chunky and it's going into your feeding funnels...enjoy!"

We are struggling as we watch her pour the disgusting semen into each of our funnels. I see it slowly moving down the funnel, then the tube and my eyes go wide as it slides into my mouth. There's nothing I can do as more semen enters my mouth and slides down my throat. Even Joy is not enjoying this part of her fantasy.

As weeks then months go by, my memory of my former life and even Jeffrey fades away. Now it's auction time...we will each be auctioned off as ponies.

Both Joy and Roy are sold to separate cruel masters. I can see the fear in their eyes, but now it's my turn for the auction block. This was my fantasy many months ago to be abducted, trained as a ponygirl and sold to a Master. I have been so frisky for months that I can't wait to be sold and maybe fucked...I need cock!

Before I'm brought onto the auction block, Jeffrey shows up. I still have a bit-gag, I can't say any words to express my excitement to see him and I can't even hug my love since I still have the arm binders on.

"Jill...I have been searching for you for so long. I found The Dark Legal Company, but they did not know who actually abducted you and where you were taken."

I look into his beautiful powerful brown eyes as I know my ordeal is finally over...

"I got bad news and more bad news. All the modifications they did to you...the horse shoes, the eye laser surgery, the teeth's all permanent."

Mabel returns, grabs my leash as I look to Jeffrey to stop her. "Jill...the auction will continue...we can't legally do anything about it. You will be sold as a ponygirl...but I will bid on you and try to own you. I love you Jill and I have missed you so much...but...I have to tell you..."

My leash is yanked hard and I'm pulled away from my Jeffrey. I'm led to the auction block and I stand before strangers in my sexy ponygirl long beautiful horse tail on display. My gold tit rings shine as I stand in the painful horse shoes.

I'm bought and sold! I'm so glad that my Jeffrey was able to buy me. I can't believe I was sold as a ponygirl to a's my pussy so wet and I can't wait for my Jeffrey to fuck me like he used to.

We arrive back home, it's a new home with a large barn. My Jeffrey leads me into the barn, he removes my bit-gag and I'm relieved it's gone as I try to say my first words in months. I can not speak and I'm shocked!

"I'm sorry Jill, they removed your vocal cords...I guess they did not tell you."

I hate not being able to talk, but I'm thankful my Jeffrey saved me and I'm back home with him. But I wonder why he has not shown me our bedroom...then this sexy woman shows up.

She places her arm around his waist and kisses him deeply in front of me. I'm filled with rage, jealousy and confusion. Who the fuck is this woman?

Jeffrey looks at me with sadness "I'm sorry Jill...this is wife. We have been married for a month...I thought there was no chance of ever finding you. But when I found out about your location I had to save you from being sold as a ponygirl to some old pervert."

Donna looks at me and is not happy to have me here.

"This stable is your new home, I will make it as comfortable as possible. I will take care of you, feed you, bathe you since you can not do those things. But I'm married to Donna and I can not touch you sexually...I'm sorry Jill...Jilly."

The next week Jeffrey will be leaving for a long business trip. "Donna will take care of you while I'm gone. And Donna, remember to arrange for the transport of Bessy to the milking company."

Donna terrifies me as she approaches me, she pretends to give me a hug as she whispers into my ear. "I'm going to make your life a living hell. I heard you like chunky semen as food."

I can't warn Jeffrey of Donna's true feelings as I watch him leave. I'm fucked!

Donna’s a total bitch as she shows me a video of her and Jeffrey making love. I cry as I see her riding my Jeffrey...riding his amazing seven inch cock. My heart breaks when I hear Jeffrey scream out Donna's name as they make love.

Donna then feeds me the dreadful chunky semen but it also has a sedative that makes me weak. That's when Donna places the name tag Bessy on my stable and on my collar.

The transport people arrive at the barn. "Looks like this is Bessy. Hmmmm...she is one of those kinky ponygirls. Maybe there's a mistake?"

I'm barely aware of my dire situation. I see and hear the transport people but I'm too weak to fight back.

"No mistake...this is clearly Bessy. Look at her name says Bessy."

"I guess you are right, but her life will never be the same nor will her breasts. Her breasts will enlarge to three times their size. They will pump her full of hormones and her breasts will be milked constantly...I heard it can be painful."


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