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The Kennel

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: Solo-F; M/f; petgirl; kidnap; catsuit; latex; mittens; costume; catgirl; hum; chair; transform; drug; mind-control; reluct; XX

Her fingers were sliding along the edges of her wet pussy as her other hand was rubbing her nipple. She was getting close to an orgasm when someone began to knock loudly at her front door. She quickly covered up, answered the door and saw a UPS delivery man, a nerd with a pot belly, holding a package.

She was annoyed that this disgusting man disturbed her self pleasure but she saw he had a package that she has been waiting for. "Well just don't stand there like an idiot! Give me my package and stop staring at my cleavage! I'm out of your league!"

With that she reaches out and just grabs the package, slams the door in his face and does not even thank him. "What a total bitch."

She quickly opens the package and sees it is the reply she has been waiting for: she had been accepted to take part in an erotic bondage adventure, for one to three years. She knows soon she will be abducted by strange men and her kinky bondage role play fantasy will begin. But she has no idea what fantasy it will be…she might be a pony-girl, she might be auctioned off as a sex slave or a combination of other fantasies. Her pussy is tingling just thinking about it.

Over a month ago Pamela Donner - a beautiful blonde, 22 years old, very fit and a great body, despite being only 5 ft 1 inches - found The Bondage Fantasy Makers company on the dark web. She answered and submitted many health questions, personal questions and sexual fantasy questions.

She answered ‘yes’ to a whole bunch of bondage/ role playing questions: pony girl fantasy, gang-rape fantasy, harem life, sex slave auction, damsel in distress role play, pet-play fantasy and other fantasy that included elements of the above list. She answered ‘no’ to: extreme pain, lesbian bondage, permanent marks, whips, chastity device.

The company gave her 500,000 dollars in advance and an additional 1 million for every year she serves. She will be serving and/or entertaining rich men and women. These rich powerful people enjoy using young sexy men and women for their pleasures and will pay large amounts of money.

One late evening Pamela is abducted, she is tied up, drugged and transported to who knows where. She is prepared, modified and shipped to her new playground where the fantasy begins. She will learn what fantasy she will be living and the horrors of her fantasy.

The Kennel and Life of a Pet Girl

She awakens to strange sounds and sights. She can tell that she is a medium-sized cage, she is not bound or gagged. She sees in front of her cage several bowls, and more cages on the other side of the room. She can hear cat and dog sounds, but they are human animal sounds. She figures out that she is some kind of pet…a pet girl.

There is a mirror nearby, she sees herself dressed in a black latex catsuit with openings for her breasts and crotch area. Her hands are trapped inside cat mittens and her fingers are useless. She is wearing a cat collar with a large loud bell and a pet tag with the name Pussy Delight.

Pussy Delight! She thinks what a sexist demeaning name to be called, she would be mortified if she was called that name in real life. Then she sees the pet next to her is called Pure Silk, a pretty Asian young woman. Then there is Frisky Cunt and Pussy fears that her rich abductors are going to force them to participate in some kind of lesbian act.

She notices that she can sit up and crawl around in her medium-sized cage but she can't stand up. Her catsuit has padding on her knees since she will be on all fours.

Then she sees a female handler, this older woman is placing disgusting slimy cat food into their cat bowls. “Do they expect us to eat this crap?” Pussy tried to ask the handler, “what's going on?”

"Meow." What the fuck? Why can't I talk? "Meooow." Shit!

The handler notices her scared pet girl eyes "Hello Pussy Delight, wow, what a name! This is your first day here, all pets here can not talk. These special collars take away your human speech. Don't worry your speech will return after your tour is over…maybe."

The handler reaches out and pets her, feeling her furry ears. Pamela realizes they modified her ears to look like furry cat ears. "Enjoy your cat food, eat up, this is the only slop you will have to eat. By the way you are not allowed to use your paws to eat, you will eat directly from the bowl."

The next day three men, male dogs are brought into the kinky kennel. Two of the men are short, disgusting and look like bulldogs, but the other is cute dressed like a pink poodle. The poodle's cock is in a chastity device while the other men have their cocks free. They are brought in by male handlers by leashes. The Bulldogs get aroused and aggressive when they walk by the cat cages.

Over the next several weeks, she and the other pets are fed, cleaned, taken for walks and occasionally petted and nothing else. She is becoming bored and she can't speak to let anyone know and she has not been raped, fucked or touched sexually! She is starting to miss sex.

Every now and then strange men and women dressed in dark clothing with hoods and masks appear in the kennel. The strangers will observe, inspect, take photos of all the pets as if they are looking at them to adopt or buy in the future.

The Vet and the Itch

One day the female handler shows up with a leash and locks it onto her collar. She takes her away from the cage and her loud bell rings as she walks on all fours. The male bulldogs Rex and Tex instantly get excited as she walks past their cages. These dogs, once men, have their cocks erect and ready to fuck if they could. These men are short, about 5 ft 3 inches only and not very pleasant to look at, so Pussy ignores the bulldogs as she is taken to the vet.

She is strapped onto the examination chair with her front paws secured to the sides and her hind paws secured and spread…showing off her pussy. Pussy is worried and not sure why she is here?

The vet does basic health checks and then she gets scared kitty eyes when she sees the syringe. As the syringe gets closer to her crotch area she struggles and panics.

Her handler pets her head "Calm down Pussy. This will hurt a lot but it's important you don't move. Be a good kitty and I will give you a sugar treat." The sugar treat is just an ordinary cube of sugar, but I have been eating disgusting cat food that this simple treat is heaven sent.

The vet inserts the needle into her clit and Pussy screams and tears fall from the pain. The ordeal is quick and done. Pussy is still crying and wondering what the shot was for?

The vet looks at Pussy and then speaks to the handler "She should start feeling the effects in a few hours and the effects will not be constant. Give her the toy."

My handler takes me back to my cage and throws into my cage a rubber squeaky pet toy shaped like a pink dildo. "I'm sorry I can't tell you what the vet did to you, but you will find out soon enough. The squeaky dildo toy might help in the coming years of frustration."

As promised she places a sugar cube in the palm of her hand. I lick it at first, tasting the sweetness and then I open my mouth and swallow the whole sugar cube. She pets me as I find myself purring. My kitty mind thinks about what effects and years of frustration.

The next day I wake and I have an itch coming from my pussy. It's not going away and there is no pole or anything to rub up against. My pussy needs to be fucked…badly…I need cock! My paws are useless and this itch is driving me wild…I'm becoming a cat in heat! Throughout the day I start to look at the ugly Bulldogs and their free erect cocks.

That night I fall asleep thinking about Rex being in my cage. He comes up behind me and fucks me doggy style. We fuck like animals as his huge cock scratches my itch. But I fall asleep alone and no one comes to relieve my itch. This pet life is driving me mad and this is not what I wanted for a sexual fantasy. I thought maybe I would be fucked one way or another.

The next day I begin my word command training. Certain words like Kneel, Sit, Open, Submit, Obey, Stay, Lick are reinforced by light shock punishment and rewarded with sweet treats. I hate most of these words but my training has brainwashed them into my mind. I'm becoming a submissive pet.

One Year Later

My female handler shows up and I light up for her…purring for her. She attaches the leash to my collar and takes me into the playroom. She adds pretty pink satin ribbons to my hair. "Smile pretty for the camera."

I see a photographer and an older beautiful Latina. Photos of ourselves are taken with me on all fours and she holds my leash. Other props are used cat bowls and me having the pink dildo in my mouth. I'm looking at this Latina with wonder in my eyes? Who is she? Is she one of the rich players? Is she going to buy me and remove me from this kennel hell?

She says sit and I comply by sitting on my hind paws with my legs spread slightly and my paws raised near my collar. The Latina then feels my pussy and that sends pleasure waves throughout my body since this is the first time I have been touched.

I'm not a lesbian and I have no attraction for women but her touch did something to me. I would not mind being owned by her and forced to lick her pussy. But the finger action is short lived and she is gone.

Moments later another handler brings into the playroom Pure Silk on a leash. I can sense she is also in heat just like myself. Then Rex is brought into the playroom on a leash and we both go wild as we see his free seven inch cock. There's only one cock and two pussies…that's a problem.

Rex comes up to me, looks at me, sniffs me and then crawls to Pure Silk. She licks his face and she is purring as his cock gets even harder. He chooses her as he gets begin her to fuck her doggy-style.

As they begin to mate my handler pulls hard on my leash and I'm led back to my cage with an untouched pussy. I find my squeaky dildo toy and try to rub up against it but it's not hard enough to give me any pleasure.

Two Years Later

I'm becoming more and more like a pet girl, most of the time I forget about my previous real name, my life, my own speech. I look toward having my cat ears petted by strangers and by my handlers.

One evening the pink poodle with his lock cock is placed in my cage. I look at his pathetic useless cock and know that I will not get fucked. But maybe he can at least lick my pussy and give me some pleasure. I try to seduce him by purring and rubbing up against him. He shies away from me and retreats into a corner. He ignores me totally, but I'm in heat and need some kind of pleasure.

I have no idea, but the pink poodle is wearing a chastity device that inflicts pain onto his trapped cock. Any stimulation will cause him pain, so he avoids any kind of sexual activities.

Prior to the end of my three year tour at the kennel, my trainer reinforces the word commands with me. I have been trained well and most of those words will affect me in ways I don't know.

Life After the Kennel

I can't believe it's over and I'm finally back home. I'm trying to get used to most things like talking, standing on two legs, and eating a good meal.

Then I check my bank account and I'm 3.5 million dollars richer and then I notice it! The name on my account is Pussy Delight, in fact that name is on my drivers license, credit cards and everything. How could they do this to me?

I start to cry as I have to go through life as Pussy Delight, I'm so embarrassed. Then I see an interesting email, it's from a rich powerful handsome Prince. He has offered me a chance to become his princess and live a life full of pleasures and luxuries But! I must become his private pet girl!

My pussy tingles and I want to email him back and say Yes! I take a pause and want to really think about this and live a life as a princess but also his pet girl. I get in my car and head towards my best friend's house to discuss this big decision with her. As I'm driving, I'm not looking at the road and I hit a UPS truck and it's totally my fault. I see it's that same fat nerd and instantly get hostile with him.

"Look what you did to my car! You stupid fat idiot! Next time, pay attention to how you are driving!"

The UPS driver recognizes her "It's you, the rude bitch that slammed the door in my face. You are at fault and you need to obey the traffic laws!"

Once she hears the word ‘Obey’ Pussy changes into a submissive pet girl. "Yes Sir, you are right I'm at fault. I will pay for all damages and anything else you need."

Pussy mind is fighting the command words, deep down she hates this guy and how he looks But her training was strong.

He is stunned by what he is hearing "Hmmmm…anything you say? How about you Submit my work paperwork for me?"

She hears the word Submit and she is done. "Yes Sir, but how about I make you a nice dinner and dessert for you at my place…say 7 pm? Please Sir…let me please you!"

He decides to call her bluff and shows up at her place. She answers the door wearing a red silk lace nightie and red 5 inch heels. As soon as he gets inside, she puts her arms around him and kisses him. They end up in the bedroom where he fucks her…for only 3 minutes and then he cums inside of her…planting his seed inside of her. She was not able to achieve an orgasm since he fucked her so fast.

One Year Later

Pussy is standing in their kitchen, she is now married to him and pregnant with his child. He walks into the kitchen with pot belly exposed as he points to the ground. She submissively kneels and sucks his cock. She only gives him pleasure never receiving any pleasure, she is not any allowed to use a dildo or vibrator.

As she sucks his cock, she sees on tv that the handsome prince has married Pure Silk. She sees how lovely Pure Silk looks in her princess bridal gown and here she is married to a fat slob.


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