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The Farm 2: Morning at the Farm

by Cropsncuffs

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© Copyright 2013 - Cropsncuffs - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f+; D/s; machines/mf; maids; bond; milking; toys; insert; lycra; suit; mask; gag; petgirls; tease; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

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The Farm 2: Morning at the Farm

A alarm clock jangled and I was suddenly awake. For a fleeting moment I thought I was tied, but then I realised that I had sunk into the depths of the thick feather mattress.

Pulling myself upright I looked around the room, It was vast and wore a slightly period look. I shook my head to clear it and I dimly recalled eating a meal with ‘Her Ladyship’ in a huge dining room attended by the two beautiful girls her Ladyship had first introduced hitched to her little ponycart.

A sound by the door brought my head snapping round and I self consciously pulled the sheet up about my naked body. As my eyes swept across the room I noticed my abbreviated shorts and top draped across a chair before they reached a door that was creaking open.

The taller of the two girls swept in pushing a trolley laden with breakfast food that made my mouth water. Her long auburn hair was allowed to fall loose about her lovely face now, so different from the way she looked when hooded in her pony harness. Two green eyes sparkled as she smiled at me and performed a neat curtsey. She was attired in quite the most frothy creation of black satin and lace petticoats I had ever seen. Fashioned into the form of an enticing maids outfit of gleaming black and white the skirt was puffed ruthlessely out to reveal immaculate black stocking tops that boggled my mind.

As she turned and bent over the trolley the petticoated skirt rose to reveal gleaming black satin panties that competed the look and turned my stomach from hunger to pure lust. Glancing black over her shoulder she blew me a kiss and wiggled her gorgeous arse at me before arranging things on a tray and then strutting out of the room with an unbelievably enticing wiggle in her walk.

I slipped out of the bed, took up the tray and fell upon the food like a thing possessed. I was not sure that I had eaten the night before with Her Ladyship but right now it felt as if I had eaten very little for some time.

My hunger slated I picked up a hand written card that rested against the silverware.

“I didn’t want to wake you my dear, so I have made a start on my day. Do join me when you feel like it’

I pulled on my clothes and slipped from my room. Of the statuesque Victoria there was no sign, but the tiny Arianna was dusting in the corridor in a maids outfit every bit as saucy as Victoria’s but in a tinier scale. Her long blond hair swayed down her back and she stuck her tight little arse out and me as I passed and before I could stop myself I had reached out and given it a firm little pat.

She rewarded me with a tongue pushed out briefly from between pink rouged lips and swatted my arse with her feather duster before turning back to her dusting. For a fleeting moment I fought the urge to drag her back into my room and explore that tiny little body further but I shook myself free of the urge and made myself continue my walk out into the fresh air. And as I walked away I could feel her eyes on my back and I knew there was unfinished business with the girls I was going to have to deal with soon.

The door creaked open and the warmth of the sunshine hit me on my face. And there she was. Her Ladyship in the flesh. Upright she was a tiny thing standing barely 5ft tall in her spike heeled ankle boots, but what a figure. Skintight jodphurs in an immaculate tan clung to magnificent legs and her crisp white shirt shone in the sunlight. Her tiny hands were sheathed in leather gloves and she wore a bowler hat at a jaunty angle. A slender coaching whip dangled from her hand as an ever-present adornment no matter what she was doing. Serving as both a hope, a promise and a threat of punishment to all who encountered her.

“Good morning my dear” She chirped “Are you ready for the rest of your tour ?”

I nodded dumbly and fell into step beside her, totally in her thrall despite standing a full 5 inches taller than her.

We stopped outside a double storey wooden barn. I reached out for the door handle but she snatched my hand back in a surprisingly tight grip. I looked down at her and she was smiling.

“Unless you have some very specific tastes I would suggest we go onto the viewing gallery first”, and with that she took my hand and led me up a set of stairs to an entrance onto the upper floor. And as we climbled I found myself marvelling at her incredibly tight little arse and fought a fleeting mental image of it setting on my face from above and wrigling gently as tiny muscular thighs pinned my head down.

The creak of the door opening snapped me back to reality. She stood back and gestured for me to enter. I took a deep breath as nothing I had yet seen on her farm had been as I expected this was not to disappoint me.

The moment I stepped through the door I was hit by a wall of sound and smell. The stench of sweat and sex overlaid by the muffled sounds of passion. I felt Her Ladyship at my side as my eyes took in the sight before me.

There were two rows of stalls. Yes, stalls. That was the only word for them. Steel stalls, and each one held a naked figure. Down on it’s hands and knees.

“Welcome to my milking shed” she said softly, “A very popular attraction amongst those who choose to visit”

As I watched a side door opened and a naked man stepped inside. There was a terrible mix of trepidation and desire dancing across his features and he dropped to his knees and surrendered himself to the machine.

A steel collar on an articulated arm swung round and closed tight about his throat, and I thought I saw a tear trickle down his cheek as all control of his fate was taken from him.

The collar walked him forwards into the steel barred stall before him and almost faster than my eye could follow steel manacles flashed out and gripped his wrists and ankles to keep him in place. I watched his fingers scrabble at the concrete floor as they tried to reach a red button frustrating inches beyond his reach.

From a channel on the floor between his legs a steel cylinder rose smoothly accompanied by a hydraulic hiss and advanced on his erect manhood.

I heard him cry out, watched him suddenly haul on his restraints as the cylinder touched the very bobbing tip of his tenderest part.

“When they come in first I tell them they only have to press that red button be released” she said quietly as I watched the man suddenly trying to evade the advancing steel cylinder “Yet when they are in and restrained it is always just out of their reach.” She chuckled, “And every time they come back they think they will be able to position themselves that little bit better so they can actually reach it.” She smiled to herself. “That is of course quite impossible. Once the milking shed has hold of you, you are it’s prisoner until it chooses to let you free”

The man let out a cry as his raging manhood was swallowed by the steel cylinder. Then, as I watched, it started to move slowly up and down on it’s hydraulic ram, wanking him slowly and surely and it’s own chosen rhythm.

When he let out a cry a final metal arm swung round and jammed a ball-gag between his parted lips to render his cries down to quiet mewlings as the machine had it’s way with him.

Facing him a woman with long back hair was squealing through her gag as twin milkers ravaged her nipples while a hudraulic dildo screwed her slowly from behind.

“If you want to hear squeals” Her Ladyship said almost conversationally, “You should wait until the rear arm takes our gentleman friend down there from behind. He’s made a poor choice of stall there really, it has one of the larger rams fitted. But finding that out when it’s took late to do anything about it is all part of the fun I guess”

Not quite sure what to say to that she wheeled and led me away. From the near howl that reach my ears as the door banged closed I assumed the man had just discovered the size of his arsehole invader first hand.

We clattered down the wooden stairs and I quietly marvelled at the way Her Ladyship could keep her even footing on her spindly heels while still keeping that damn sexy rolling of her hips that accompanied every step she took.

We were walking across the courtyard towards what looked like four steel stakes set into the concrete when the pattering sounds of dogs paws came to my ears. I turned and felt myself flush as I saw her Ladyship drop to her knees to greet the new arrivals.

There were four of them. Two were broad chested hounds of an indeterminate breed with mottled brown fur. Tails were wagging energetically as they approached, and in each mouth was clutched a leash. And at the end of each leash scrabbled a package of human submission.

They were tightly wrapped in gleaming black lycra that formed a yielding but utterly inescapable prison about them. Their legs were squeezed back up against their buttocks by the tightly stretched material and their hands were the prisoners of thick mittens that reduced their hands to fingerless paws. Thick black collar were snug about their throats, collars that matched those of the dogs who were leading them in a terrifying submissive reversal of the usual order of things. The dogs now leading the people at the ends of their leashes.

Shapely canine masks with alert pointed ears hid their features but blue eyes shone from behind them in a bright manner that might have been fear, and might equally have been pure submissive arousal.

One of them was slender with generous breasts that filled out the costume in a most enticing fashion, while the other was stockier. Thicker of hip and hindquarters but still possessed of a shapely waist that gave her a more mature but still undeniably sexy appearance.

“Allow me to introduce my pets” Her Ladyship said cheerily running her hands strokingly over all four quadrupeds in equal measure as if they were all her pet hounds. “And aren’t they a lovely couple ? Mother and daughter you know. They came here ages ago and just can’t seem to find the desire to leave. Not that this is quite what they expected of course, but isn’t it a lovely thing that they both found they had the same perversion in common?”

She walked over to the four posts and the dogs trotted after us dragging their not entirely willing subjects with them. Up close I could see manacles set at the base of each post. Manacles with what looked like nasty spring-loaded jaws.

“This little toy is what I once jokingly called my mating rack” Her Ladyship said, “Sometimes people submit to it voluntarily” The mother’s head dropped in something close to shame at this “And some have to be put in place more forcefully, don’t they my dear ?” At this she smiled at the slimmer daughter who I thought I saw blush behind the mask. “Of course, it was all good clean fun until some fool left the dog pen open, wasn’t it ?”

“What do you usually do with someone on the rack ?” I asked somewhat breathlessly.

“Oh a bit of fun with the girls and a strap on. Or maybe a little light whipping of an immobile arse, you know the sort of thing. Then one day one of my poor pet girls found herself locked in when one of my dogs got out. And he soon got a taste for it I fear. Mind you, so did she”

Once again I watched the mother’s head dip low in shame and the daughter’s head snapped round in shock to look at her as if this was the first she had heard of the subject. And Her Ladyship laughed. She was clearly enjoying herself.

The rest of the day passed in what I can only call a whirl. I recalled those two poor doggie girls being led away quite helpless at the end of their leashes by their canine dominants, part of my marvelling at the swaying of their hips as they walked on padded knees and palms in an erotic manner that spoke to a deep part of me I didn’t want to think about.

As I sank into the bed to rest during the afternoon my mind was swirling wildly. I had seen thoroughly harnessed people in the stables. Women with tormented breasts and men with mighty erections that bobbed as Her Ladyship wiggled past in a most enticing manner. And other harnessed souls sweating on a machanised horse walker forced to walk in circles until released at the whim of this wicked but terribly sexy farm dominant.

I felt myself relaxing and sinking into the deep mattress with a gentle sigh. My eyes were closing as I felt the bed rock and as my eyes struggled open I was faced by two sparkling hazel eyes either side of a sweet little upturned nose. Platinum blonde hair framed her lovely face and I knew the girls had come round to play.

The bed creaked again and Victoria’s face swam into my view from my left, a wicked smile lighting up her shining green eyes. She shook her long auburn tresses and as a single person they lent forwards and nibbled at the tender flesh of my neck.

I heard myself let out a cry at the sudden stimulation and as teeth grazed the sensitive flesh I felt my arms lifting off the bed to embrace them but quick hands held me down. Moments later there was a writhing tongue in both my ears and I let out a cry at the sudden assault.

I tried to move again as I felt their grip loosen and found soft ropes now had my wrists their prisoners. I tugged half-heartedly at them, but a large part of me just wanted to lie back and enjoy the ride.

My mind lost in a haze I raised my head from the bed and looked down in time to see Arianna sliding down my tightly toned torso, her tongue never losing contact with my flesh and leaving a gleaming trail as she moved lower and lower. With a wicked smile dancing about her lips she slipped out of sight between my widely spread legs and that tiny tongue snaked out further and made me squeal as it found that spot every girl likes to have licked.

The bed heaved and I saw Victoria’s glorious arse rising above me. I stuck out my tongue as it descended and lapped hungrily as she pinned me down, a muscular thigh clamping down either side of my face and bringing her weight to bear on me. I was their helpless captive and loving every moment of it.

I have no idea how long we played that afternoon, and my mind only started to tick over again when their kisses, licks and loving caresses ceased and I felt them gently manoeuvring my limbs. I felt something smooth and yielding slowly sheathing my legs, folding them back until I could feel my heels against my arse.

I wanted to fight them, to stop them carrying out the inevitable but there were still ropes at my wrists and my body was so awash with afterglow that I could barely summon the energy to moan let alone fight these two girls who had spent their afternoon giving me such wonderful pleasures.

In the half light I caught glimpses of that gleaming black material I had been admiring earlier in the day slowly wrapping my gymnasium toned limbs in a shiny black layer that felt both sexy and somehow comforting. My legs contained I felt it rolling up my body squeezing my abs in an almost loving fashion.

The ropes holding my wrists down were suddenly loosed but before I could struggle they were grasped and thrust into snug sleeves with padded feet at their end. My fingers curled round on their embrace and without my fingers I knew I was lost.

That gleaming lycra was rolled swiftly about me and I could see Victoria smiling widely as Arianna pulled the hood with it’s upstanding ears about my head. I watched helpless on my back as she handed that lovely blonde the thick black collar I knew was coming and I could feel the tears brimming up in my eyes as I felt it being fastened snug about my throat.

They rolled me over onto my ‘feet’ and in the mirror I could see the quadruped beast I had become. The girls sat either side of me, supporting me in my unfamiliar new form. Both were smiling, faces framed alternately by wild auburn and long blonde hair. And the only human part of me visible was my face, framed by the gleaming black lycra hood. I struggled for a moment, feeling the stretchy material give under my flexing muscles, but the moment I relaxed my limbs were snapped back into their skintight prison and I was still their helpless bestial prisoner.

Victoria reached behind me and I heard myself pleading with them as she drew her hand into view holding the canine mask that would complete my bondage.

She showed it’s face to me. All black with hauntingly blank eye holes and a snub muzzle. Then she slowly turned to reveal the rear Sculpted to lovingly hold my face, a large ball was affixed to the back when my mouth would be. Smiling ever wider she reached out, pressing the soft ball against my tightly clenched lips. She chucked softly at my resistance and I felt her other hand against the back of my head. There was an abrupt pressure and my lips parted to allow the intruder between them.

The ball was a soft foam and it sprang between my teeth, swiftly swelling to fill my mouth and pin down my tongue. I pressed at it desperately with my tongue, but where my tongue touched it, it just flexed gently then sprang back to its original shame the moment my tongue was removed. Just like the suit it was soft but utterly implacable. For a fleeting moment you might think you were forcing your way to freedom, then the moment you rested, it took you abruptly back to where you started from. Squeezed back into your bondage with no hope of escape without ouside help.

I looked up again and now a barely human figure stood on all fours between those two girls. As I looked at myself they started to caress me again. Stroking me through the soft material of my bondage, tweaking swaying nipples on my treacherous breasts, stroking the length of my spine, the gleaming curves of my buttocks, and as I felt my body respond the only way it knew how I knew I had found a place to stay. Maybe for a time, maybe forever.

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