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The Farm 4: Livestock

by Cropsncuffs

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The Farm 4: Livestock

I purchased this pair from Her Ladyships farm next door. She had some sort of going out of business sale and had to liquidate all of her, shall we say ‘specialist’ livestock, and I bought this handsome beast. Or pair of beasts. It is sort of hard to be sure how I should describe it. But it or they are a beast to behold and a worthy addition to my little collection.

It is standing in a nice warm stall right now. Or they are. Like I said, it is kind of hard to know how to describe it.

I leaned over the stall and looked in at them, and four sharp blue eyes looked back at me. Eyes filled with a wary mixture of fear and passion. Just the way I like them in my livestock.

When apart they were something of a matched pair. Very much so in fact. Better even than twins. A mother and daughter pairing of delightful beauty. Both possessed of the delicate beauty of the natural redhead. Pale skin, bright blue eyes and a sprinkling of freckles in all sorts of fun places.

Daughter was a natural athlete, with toned limbs and a tiny waist, both set off by magnificent breasts that needed support while she exerted herself. A support I was quite happy to provide through a whole range of fun leather harnesses and some other quite interesting items designed to lift, separate, support and constrict all at the same time.

Mother had aged beautifully into a truly sexy figure of womanhood. Thicker of hip and mightier of leg she retained her daughters tiny waist and a defiant look in her eyes that made me perpetually want to take her somewhere dark with straps and chains and have my wicked way with her. And I assure you I can be very wicked when the mood takes me.

Right now they are both standing on the far side of the stall looking warily at me, knowing full well what is going to be required of them and not liking it one little but.

Those long legs were tightly sheathed in black thigh boots that tipped their feet up and forwards until they were standing on tiptoe, while the rear of each foot was filled in so they looked as if their feet have been replaced by gleaming hooves. And as they shifted their feet in a desperate attempt to lessen the tightness and aches in their legs they revealed the most evil part of those lovely boots. Where their feet moved on the cobbles and flags of my private little stable yard they made an uncanny horse like sound as those boots all wore genuine horseshoes on their soles. So every pace was accompanied by an eerily horse like sound.

Mother stood with her legs apart and there was a wild defiance in her eyes. And her lips worked endlessly and silently about the broad leather bit between her teeth, a bit held tightly in place by a wicked bridle of leather straps about her head. A matching strappy harness wrapped about her torso both supported and made prisoners of her breasts. Tightly adjusted buckles on the straps made them stand proud and true, while keeping tiny steel rings tight about her nipples so every movement stimulated them with a cool, insistent caress.

Once loose straps to the rear were fastened about her forearms and shoulders, fastening her arms together across her back and forcing her already prominent breasts up and forwards towards me in a most enjoyable display.

A final pair of leather straps were tight between her legs, keeping a pair of mighty dildos in place right where nature intended but no doubt not where mother wanted them to be.

Daughter was similarly harnessed, except where mother had her arms strapped tightly behind her hand to elbow, I had seen fit to encase daughters arms within a dark leather arm binder that I had lovingly laced tighter and tighter until her arms near met behind her. Her shoulder blades were hauled back together, and just like her mother her magnificent breasts were thrust out and up in a way I found most enjoyable to behold. In fact, I had a mind to take her out for some special exercise later. Maybe with her mother, maybe on her own. And I had idle thoughts regarding the very specific use of a feather, but I firmly put them to one side as I contemplated my next move.

Only the dildos were absent from the daughters bondage, the reasons which would soon become apparent to them both. As they watched and waited I snatched up a fresh harness lying bundled at my side and moved swiftly to the mother’s side, and the daughter let out a plaintive wail as she realised her impeding fate.

A smile dancing about my lips and my eyes met those of the mother as I fastened the fresh straps about her waist, snugging them tight about generous hips and muscular thighs until it as firmly in place. She gave her lovely arse a shake and smiled about her bit as she felt the remainder of the harness dangling against the back of her thighs. Without a word of instruction she turned her arse towards her wailing daughter and shook it enticingly.

Knowing her fate, daughter backed away from me as I approached. But on my flat boots I moved far quicker than she could and was swiftly behind her, plying my riding crop swiftly across her tight little arse. She let out a howl and sprang away from me, staggering on her teetering hoof boots, their steel shoes clattering on the flags and sending her legs flying in differing directions as she tried to regain her balance.

Before she could recover I had a hank of her hair in my hand and I was hauling her head over and down. She was already wailing again as I bent her over at the waist, her tightly pinioned arms thrashing and writhing within their leather sheath but giving her no help as she saw her fate approaching.

I placed a firm guiding hand on her shoulder blades and shoved her head tight up against her mother’s glorious arse, and before daughter could react I had threaded one of those trailing straps through her harness and she knew she was lost. She tried to pull back from the warm caress of those buttocks, but there was no hope for her as strap after tight leather strap was fastened to her harness, and when I took a pace back I wondered as I always did at the way a pair of bipeds had suddenly become a quadruped. Mother at the front standing broad and strong, daughter bent over at her waist providing the body and sexily toned legs at the rear, but they both knew I was only half finished in my evil labours.

I reached down behind the low wall that bordered the pony stall and lifted a bundle of heavy material that the mother watched warily. She could guess what it was but she had never seen the finished product I had had made.

I stepped up to her, those big blue eyes of her following my every move, and lifted the canvas-weight material and slipped it over her tightly bridled head.

Her head popped through a hole in the material, and I guided it as it unfolded over them, wrapping itself almost lovingly about them as it unfurled. Curves unrolled in the material, enveloping them in its warm embrace, uniting them as the single four-legged beast they had become. Padding added to the illusion of them becoming a beast, adding curves to haunches and shoulders where they should have been on a real beast.

I reached up to mother’s face and slowly unfastened the buckles that held the bridle in place, almost lovingly removing it from her mouth when I was done and smiling at her as she tried to work feeling back into her jaw.

“Nearly done” I purred, “Soon have you all finished.”

“Please” she whispered, “You don’t have to finish it all, no-one would know. It could be our secret.”

“Ah, but I would know my love” I whispered, “And we both know it’s just not the same without the finishing touch, is it? And anyway, we have guests later and we must look out best, mustn’t we? ”

I lifted the finishing touch from its rest and turned it to face the mother. It was a terrifyingly realistic black leather horse face mask, complete with a long black mane and big brown lenses for eyes. Eyes that would soon be occupied by real eyes.

“Say hello to the new you!” I said, lifting the head towards her until their lips met, and I smiled as I watched mother flush and her lips purse to kiss the mask. Her mouth said she hated it, but her actions always said she loved it.

Once the mask was in place I knew a wonderful transformation would take place, and mother would become the horse. The pony. The bizarre, kinky and yet somehow incredibly sexy quadruped. And my what fun we would have today. Just the two (Three?) of us. At least to begin with. Guests were due later, and then the funwould really start.

I turned the sleek equine face away from hers and pressed the open rear of the mask towards her. She moved back at first, and then I heard her give a tiny sigh before leaning forwards and allowing the scent of that dark leather mask to envelope her. She give her head a tiny shake to settle the tight darkness of the leather snug about her face, and her lips parted to allow the cunningly placed internal steel bit between her teeth.

I closed the back of the head against her soft red hair, deftly fastening it shut and giving the reins a sharp little tug to settle the bit into place, and she gave a beautifully equine snort. She shook her head to make the black mane move and shiver with a life of its own, and give her arse a shake beneath the costume making daughter move in her bondage, and suddenly I was looking at a shifting quadruped, more pony than people.

I took up the reins and gave them a tug as I headed towards the gate out into the stable yard. The steel horseshoes clattered on the cobbles in the most realistic fashion and I felt the familiar thrill I always got when I took my very special livestock out for the first time.

Mother was holding her head high as we walked out into the fresh air, her chest thrust out under her heavy wrapping as she took a savage pride in her movements. Her knees rising high as she walked like a superbly trained dressage pony, her breath coming in horse-like puffs from the nostrils of the mask.

I led them out to my paddock and set them loose for a moment, and as they walked away from me I marvelled at the tight arse and swaying legs of daughter as she helplessly followed mother out into the paddock. Mother led them out into the middle of the grass before stopping and turning to look back at me like the well trained pony they had become. And I felt myself smiling.

Walking up to the beast Her Ladyship had created I clipped a nice long lunge rein on the bridle and gave it a playful tug as the mother watched me carefully. I knew she was enjoying herself as I watched her breasts heaving under the costume. So turned on it hurt, and she gave a whiney as I could not stop myself reaching out and roughly caressing a heaving breast.

I took a pace back and raised my coaching whip, the horse head following my every movement. I called out ‘yah’ and brought the end of the whip cracking down on the daughter’s arse, and she lurched forwards, talking mother with her.

Moments later I had them lunging round me in a rough circle around me, mother with her knees rising high as she stepped out like the thoroughbred filly she had become and daughter with her tightly toned legs trotting along to keep up. Occasionally the cut of the tip of my whip kept them moving at a suitable pace, their horse shoes kicking up the dust as they circled me.

They were quite the sexiest sight I could imagine, and for a fleeting moment I wondered what it would feel like to have those straps tight about my limbs, those hoof boots on my legs and the leather mask about my head. Enveloped in that warm leather small and quite helpless, at the complete command of another. Then I gave my head a sharp shake. Such thoughts could only lead to one place, a place I knew I must never go lest I never return.

As they trotted around me, and I thought it was time to give them their reward. Well, daughter her’s anyway. Mother has getting her perverted reward every moment she was in that costume. I knew she was turned on the first time I had put them into the starting point of the costume that had come with them from Her Ladyship, and every little improvement I had made had made the experience sexier and more kinky for her. Now I knew she would be so turned on in her bondage it would not be true.

I heard the sounds of the gate being opened and I looked back to see my neighbours leading their pony in. A simple biped theirs, it still has it’s arms tightly fastened up behind it’s back in a creaking leather harness, it’s legs sheathed in hoof boots and a realistic horse head covering it’s human features. But their beast was stallion. Mighty of height, broad of chest and tight of buttock. And at the sight of my thoroughbred filly the hefty member between his legs sprang to attention.

Arianna is leading him in. A tiny thing Arianna, with blonde hair long enough to brush her tight buttocks and a pair of smiling hazel eyes that never failed to set the lesbian in my soul alight with desire. Her slender legs were sheathed in gleaming white jodhpurs and over the knee boots with spindly heels that imparted a glorious sway to her already sensuous walk.

Her leash ran to the straps his chest harness and it looked as if at any moment the stallion could pull away from his tiny mistress and run way to his freedom. But behind them walked the Victoria. A far mightier mistress who rewarded any slowing of his steady pace with a slash across his arse from a springy whip that left a glowing red mark across his arse.

Dressed just like Arianna, Victoria stood far taller, and as they passed me I allowed my eyes to wander lingeringly across her generous buttocks and permitted a few fantasies to flit across my mind. My but I would love to get to know them way better, but I knew what that would lead to, and once they had the straps and harness in place they would never let me go again. And that was a prospect I both feared and desired.

Mother gave a snort and tried to pull away from my rein as the stallion circled us but I was having none of it. It was time to mate the ponies for everyone’s pleasure.

Arianna reached down and caressed the already rampant member of her stallion and he let out a whiney as the warm fingers touched him, and before my eyes he grew even larger and started to lurch and bob as she released her touch. I knew the girls from her Ladyship’s farm well, and rumour was they had taken over the organisation and remaining unsold livestock with verve.

Cantering over the stallion nuzzled up against mother, rubbing his broad chest against her and caressing her as best she could through the leather mask. Then, as I held the reins tight he trotted round behind her, and she did her best to pull away, but I was quicker. I pulled her in on a tight rein as the stallion positioned himself to the rear of my beast and thrust his mighty manhood forwards.

Daughter must have realised what was happening and I watched a she did her best to meet the incoming thrusts with the warmth he was desperately seeking. Moments later he found his mark and hurled himself forwards to be rewarded by an inarticulate cry from daughter as she was thoroughly impaled by that mighty member.

I kept mother on that tight rein as the stallion took his pleasure of the daughter, giving her the reward she so desperately sought and which I would take later of one, or maybe both, of them.

Under the wild carnal assault my beast seemed to lurch, snort and whiney in a most realistic fashion until the stallion was spent and he stepped back. He was panting under his mask and his legs were trembling gently as the girls led him away from my mare. I could hear the daughter making sounds of satisfied passion in her bent-over bondage, and mother was twisting in her harness, envious of her daughter and frustrated in her bondage. So turned on and yet unable to get the relief she so desperately desired.

I gave the rein tug and led my quadruped beast slowly away on swaying legs, the mother casting desperate glances behind her as she watched the receding tight buttocks of the stallion, his manhood already bobbing upwards again as he walked.

“If you are really good” I murmured in the mother’s ear, “And give me enough pleasure later, I might just let you be the back end next time!”

She turned her face to me behind the mask, and I could just make out the gleaming blue eyes behind the dark lenses. There was a look of passion in them and I knew that I was in for a fun evening.

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