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A Model Pet

by KnottyNarrator

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© Copyright 2020 - KnottyNarrator - Used by permission

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When female slavery became legalized and commonplace across the civilized world nearly a decade ago, it left the average woman in a tough spot. Freedom and citizenship rights could be maintained by renewing an annual license, although the yearly cost for renewal alone rivaled most middle class incomes. Most women couldn’t afford it, and if they could afford it free women were treated as second class citizens anyway. No voting rights and rampant workplace discrimination and harassment were only the start of a free woman’s worries in the new world. Marriage was now a literal trap, wherein a woman would become the legal property of her husband. With the cost of freedom as high as it was to maintain, it’s no surprise many girls sought out additional, less legitimate, sources of income. Ironically, prostitution was still illegal. Not for the same reasons of course; since slave relief stations were provided everywhere as a service, government sponsored corporations sought to control all revenue in the market. Any women found guilty of even minor legal infractions could find their freedom voided and sent off for slavery processing, training, and auction.

Thus, it was usually just the rich, single, upper echelon of women that could afford both their freedom and still maintain some semblance of a normal lifestyle. It was a rare thing these days, usually seen with older women who were financially stable before the laws went into place, or occasionally a younger woman who inherited a fortune from a deceased relative. There was one recent exception to this rule which had been gaining popularity, and that exception was Valerie Goodhead.

Valerie Goodhead’s situation was an ideal collision of skill, timing, and a bit of luck. Valerie started off her ‘career’ as a model when she was only a child. Eventually Valerie gave it up as she got older, as when slavery laws were implemented when she was 14 her family decided it wasn’t exactly a steady profession now that slaves modelled anything for free. While Valerie was able to finish high school as slavery laws only apply after a girl’s 18th birthday, she never went onto college despite her parents’ protests. Valerie wasn’t stupid, she was brilliant academically and incredibly street savvy. It was this brilliance that afforded Valerie the foresight to know that college was a dead end for her. At best she’d spend 4-6 years amassing more and more debt while simultaneously working to renew her freedom license, only to graduate with a masters so that she could be an overpaid secretary desperately sucking her bosses’ cock in hopes of a bonus. No way, not the life for her. Valerie had a different plan, and so far, it had worked out well.

After high school Valerie used her college fund to support her license renewals for the next few years while continuing to stay at home. Valerie chose to use those 4 years to pursue becoming a celebrity. She started small with a personal website where she rekindled her love for modeling. Valerie knew that sex sells, and in this era that was the only thing that sold. So naturally, she became a camgirl. Sort of. It was Illegal in the new world for a free woman to make a profit off of any kind of sex work, and to further trap women into unfavorable situations the use of stage names became illegal as well. That’s where the luck came in: Valerie’s ridiculous last name, Goodhead, for all the grief it caused her in high school, made her stick out in a market of girls forced to be transparent about who they were. Goodhead had novelty, and it wasn’t the only trick Valerie had up her sleeve. Valerie was gorgeous; a 5’4” brunette truly blessed with a bombshell of a body. Graciously sized assets complimented by a narrow waist and toned physique; it was something she prided herself on and worked to maintain. And so Valerie initiated her plan by starting as a camgirl, and she did it for free. A key part of her long-term strategy. Valerie always retained some level of modesty in her shows, never fully committing to performing an explicit sexual act on camera. She wanted to keep people yearning for more. In a world of on-demand sex slaves, a sense of modesty and pulling off a successful tease was a rare feat. After a year or so of working on her “modeling career” as a camgirl, Valerie took to social media with the next step in her plan; she was building a brand.

Valerie continued to work on her “modeling career” as she called it while simultaneously building up her social media brand. Valerie carefully constructed her public image and personality, culminating in this perfect blend of a sexy, flirty, and Intelligent youth with just a pinch of naivety and a hint of prideful obliviousness to the problems of the day. This was, of course, all just a front. Behind the scenes Valerie cleverly planned out her every move. Valerie was setting herself up for something greater, and despite not formally attending college she spent much of her downtime studying business. Her strategy paid off. By the time her college fund had expired, Valerie was able to gain a large enough following to earn herself a number of modeling contracts. They were small at first. Stepping stones. She started with lingerie, then as the checks continued to grow she moved onto fetish gear; the big-ticket seller in this day and age. Yet Valerie always maintained her dignity on set; she had studied business so that she could be her own manager, and always negotiated contracts on her terms. Whether Valerie was being photographed in skimpy lingerie and coyly covering herself or seen seductively contemplating fastening a ball gag into her own mouth, Valerie’s modeling always exuded control and self-determination.

When Valerie turned 22, two important life events occurred. First, her parents kicked her out. Valerie’s parents didn’t approve of her career path, and with the financial strain they decided they couldn’t support her anymore. Thankfully by this time her career had taken off to the point where she could at least sustain her own living expenses and yearly renewal fees. This did however sour Valerie’s relationship with her family. Though after not hearing from them for over a year, Valerie wasn’t exactly upset to learn that her father had declared bankruptcy and had been forced to auction off Valerie’s mother. They had left her behind, so she did the same and never looked back. The second major event was Valerie secured her biggest gig to date; a commercial. Valerie had become famous enough through social media and her modelling that she was one of the most lusted after women in the nation, and companies knew it. That’s when she was approached by ControlCorp. ControlCorp was one of the largest corporations on the planet; it had government support plus a near monopoly on controlling the slave trade, being the premier developer of the highest end in fetish and slave training technology. Valerie may have been trending, but ControlCorp was as big as it gets.

The style of the commercial they proposed was… a departure from Valerie’s usual M.O. to say the least. ControlCorp wanted to use Valerie to advertise and glamourize slavery and female submission, no doubt to try and swell their already massive bank accounts on the back of female suffering. Morally, Valerie couldn’t be more opposed to not only the commercial but everything ControlCorp stood for. Yet…they offered her half a million dollars for a 30 second commercial. Half a million could cover Valerie’s renewal fees and living expenses easily for the next 3-5 years, and who knows how well off she could be in 5 years with that kind of safety blanket. But was Valerie really willing to go against everything she stood for over a paycheck? Valerie signed the contract.

“Yes, I do believe that the highest calling in a woman’s life is slavery…” the commercial began. A woman’s silhouette is shown sitting confidently on a stool in a dimly lit, dingy looking room. Suddenly the camera shifts to a closeup, showing the silhouette slowly fastening a metal collar around her own throat, before shifting back to the original angle. “As a woman…” the figure begins, the camera briefly zooming in on a seductive biting of her bottom lip. “As a woman I’ve faced plenty of discrimination and harassment in my life.” Briefly a montage of a woman’s silhouette being whipped and flogged flashes across the screen before returning to the original shot of her on the stool. “…and it’s always bothered me” the voice continued. A clip of the silhouette on her knees, sobbing, now dominates the screen. “…but it didn’t bother me because it was wrong,” the voiceover continued as the woman on screen suddenly stopped sobbing. “It bothered me…” the voice says while on screen a large male silhouette suddenly appearing before the woman, who slowly looks up to face him. “…Because it wasn’t enough.” The voice concludes. Suddenly the darkness of the frame is banished as the woman’s silhouette looks up into the camera now showing a closeup of her now illuminated face. Valerie Goodhead’s iconic face now fills the screen; well lit except for the dominating shadow of a massive cock looming above her face, just behind the camera. Valerie’s light mascara streaking down her cheeks, and her contagious, eager, open mouth smile are on full display, although they’re easily missed when the viewer’s eyes are drawn to the jarring, hastily scrawled “CUNT” drawn across Valerie’s forehead. The commercial fades to black and the ControlCorp logo and website information permeate the screen until the commercials end.

The commercial violated all of Valerie’s values, was incredibly demeaning to women, and it undermined the public image of the dignified ‘model’ she’d crafted and maintained for herself over the last 4 years. Yet, ControlCorp made it really difficult to be upset with them; the entire process was surprisingly respectful. Valerie found when working with the director from ControlCorp that he was exceptionally empathetic to her needs throughout the whole process. A stunt double was the one getting whipped in the scenes, and since the only scene they needed her was mostly just her face, she wasn’t even naked at any point during the shoot. Even the implied silhouette of that cock was a prop, not a real person. While Valerie obviously wasn’t a huge fan of the script, the director was incredibly accommodating in that he removed nearly all of the more explicit scenes they’d originally wanted in the shoot. Having her face plastered on TV with “CUNT” stamped across her head was a tough pill to swallow, but half a million washed it down just fine. Once filming was finished ControlCorp paid her in full and offered that they would be open to working with her again in the future.

The commercial went viral. Originally airing during one of the largest sporting events in the nation, the entire country saw Valerie Goodhead’s “CUNT” face endorsing ControlCorp. The reception was wild. It was immensely popular with male viewers of course, though the female audience was surprisingly divided. Plenty of free women spoke out against the commercial, condemning Valerie’s actions, yet there was a significant amount of the female population who pushed back. Being such a sexual icon and a beacon of self-determination, the pro-Valerie camp argued it was empowering women to choose slavery instead of fall victim to it. Regardless, the commercial worked; ControlCorp’s stock soared.

Valerie was in a bit of a tough spot; she couldn’t well bite the hand that fed her by condemning ControlCorp, but she couldn’t risk looking like a sellout either. Ultimately, Valerie had no choice but to double down on her statements in the commercial, and somehow from there her popularity exploded even more. Valerie decided to own this, and so she took that ownership to social media. She made a number of statements and posts saying everything from the commercial was the truth and would later go onto a number of talk shows and sing nothing but praises for her time working with ControlCorp, which was honestly all true. Valerie even started teasing all over social media that maybe she wouldn’t renew her freedom license in the coming years; she just had to find a proper master. Valerie framed it almost as a challenge, a challenge to find a man worthy of breaking her, if only someone like that existed. It drove her male fanbase wild. That was a huge fucking lie of course, Valerie would rather die than end up as the slave of one of her filthy fans. Still, her media presence only got bigger and bigger as she continued to take on bigger and better standard modeling contracts.

Fast forward to present day…

Valerie Goodhead was 24 years old and as big as ever. She was nearly a household name at this point, especially among men, and her career prospects were stronger than ever. The only thing not going perfect in her life was that Valerie had unfortunately made some poor investing decisions over the last two years. Nothing serious enough to threaten her way of life, but it had certainly set her safety net back a few years and she wasn’t as close to an early retirement as she’d hoped. By no means was it Valerie’s lowest point, but she was getting tired of living the double life of a celebrity, especially of pretending to enjoy the twisted mistreatment of women she’d made her fortune endorsing. It was then that the key to all of her ambitions suddenly appeared; another call from ControlCorp.

ControlCorp came knocking once again, this time with an even bigger offer. One they knew Valerie couldn’t refuse. ControlCorp reached out explaining that it had been developing a new line of slave training apparel and that they wanted Valerie to be the model promoting it. Valerie wasn’t opposed yet, it seemed like a pretty standard gig so far. Valerie was interested, and so she reached back out for details with a phone call. Coincidentally, Valerie spoke to the same representative who’d contacted her originally two years prior.

“The catch,” the ControlCorp rep explained, “is that we’re not interested in doing a photoshoot or a commercial this time around. We want to shoot a movie.

“A MOVIE?!” Valerie exclaimed. She had not anticipated this. Her outburst undermined her usually calm demeanor, and she made a mental note to keep it together. “I don’t have much experience as an actress…” she explained.

“Fifty million,” the ControlCorp representative stated boldly. Valerie felt like the wind had been knocked out of her; she was speechless. Did she hear that right? $50 million?! Valerie could retire on $50 million.

“Bu…what….” Valerie stammered, “What kind of movie? J-just give me all the details” she continued a bit too excitedly. The rep knew he had her attention.

“Well it's really going to be more like a documentary,” the ControlCorp rep began. “So, the product we’ve been developing is a new line of pet play gear.” He explained. Valerie was familiar with the fetish and had even done a few light modeling gigs for some gear before. It was demeaning, sure, but not the worst costume theme she could wear for $50 million; he still had her interest. “We’d actually like you to sort of act as the mascot for our new line with this film, and…” he paused. “…and the film we’d like to be a sort of pet girl training documentary.” The representative finished. There was a long pause. “We are very open to accommodating certain preferences on set…” the rep said to fill the silence before being cut off.

“I-I’m definitely interested!” Valerie exclaimed, cursing herself again for the blatant show of enthusiasm. “I… just need to think this over for a while. C-could you s-send over the contract and we’ll start negotiations? Valerie asked. The rep knew he had her.

“Absolutely! I’ll send the details right over and call you back in a few days.” He joyfully stated, confident in his victory. “And if you have any questions please feel free to reach back out to me!” he stated before hanging up. Valerie screamed like a schoolgirl when she heard the call end.

Valerie’s mind was racing. She was giddy, too giddy to focus. She pranced around her skyscraper studio apartment and jumped on her bed like she was 10 years old again. Ultimately Valerie decided to go for a run on her treadmill for an hour to burn off all her excess energy before taking a long shower and calling it a night. She needed to have a clear mind for the morning.

Morning came, and Valerie went straight to work. She opened up the contract details ControlCorp had sent her and began coordinating with them to negotiate a deal. Valerie repeated this process nearly all day, every day, for 2 months. Originally, ControlCorp’s offer was that Valerie literally undergo the same pet girl training that slaves do, which she immediately shot down. Much like the first time they negotiated, ControlCorp seemed especially accommodating despite their initially high demands. They also initially insisted Valerie be otherwise naked aside from the pet gear, which she also shot down, not really expecting them to agree. This was $50 million after all, Valerie knew she’d have to compromise somewhere. After a long week of negotiations, an agreement was met on that front. Control Corp would design some sort of matching underwear to go with the pet gear specifically for her to cover her vagina without compromising the look they were going for. For her upper body, they presented her with two options. They agreed to allow her to wear nipple pasties, however it was up to her how they’d be attached to avoid falling off during shooting. They could either adhere them with a strong adhesive, but it may become difficult to remove and potentially damage her skin, or she could opt to have her nipples pierced and have the secured to the piercing. Not wanting to cause any long-term damage, Valerie opted with the piercing. The trade-off ControlCorp wanted in return for covering her privates was they wanted to change her hair color for the shoot. In her eyes, this was a steal. Valerie agreed, and so when filming started Valerie would have her hair dyed blonde with pink highlights. It would probably make her seem a bit more ditzy and airheaded looking, but that was so much better than shooting a film with her nipples and pussy on full display, in her opinion. Thoroughly satisfied with her victory over not being nude, Valerie completely forgot to inquire any details on the pet gear itself.

Next came the training and how filming would work. ControlCorp was exceptionally stingy with the details of what ‘training’ they wanted to film her doing, stating it was a company trade secret. Eventually though the company relented with what Valerie felt was the perfect compromise to the contract, stating that “The client, Valerie Goodhead, reserves the right to refuse performing or participating in any explicit act related to the filming process, to include the ability to withdraw consent during a scene. The client, Valerie Goodhead, must verbally notify a member of the film staff when withdrawing consent and may not retroactively withdraw consent to a previously filmed act. The client may not be gagged unless it is specifically requested and approved ahead of time by the client.” The clause went on to outline limits so Valerie couldn’t just refuse to film the entire movie, but the intent was to be Valerie’s primary shield against whatever ControlCorp may have up their sleeve. ControlCorp also agreed to bring on the same director she’d previously worked with, which reassured her given how respectful of her wishes he was before. Due to the uncertainty involved with what the training entailed and Valerie’s newfound veto power, it was decided that the script would essentially be played by ear, presenting added difficulty for the director and writers. The director would essentially introduce Valerie to the company’s standard training protocols, and they would have to film around or improvise anything Valerie wasn’t comfortable performing. In the end, they’d stitch together various scenes from the ‘training’ into a cohesive story of a woman being turned into a broken, submissive pet. Finally, the contract finished with an open-ended agreement that sequels or future films are expected, but that Valerie could opt to pull out of that agreement after filming was finished with no consequences simply by verbally withdrawing her consent.

The contract had been finalized, and filming was set to begin in two months. Valerie had no intention of ever filming any sequels of course, this would be the last time she ever had to work before she could comfortably retire and live her life away from all the stress over her future. All she had to do to preserve her freedom for the rest of her life was pretend to give it up on camera for a few months. Valerie did her required preparations and had her nipples pierced and hair dyed blonde with pink highlights. While dying her hair wasn’t a big deal, Valerie was shocked to discover how distracting her nipple piercings were. They were constantly hard and pushed through both her bra and shirt, and the increased sensitivity was unbearable. She’d wake up in the middle of the night so worked up and on the brink of orgasm purely from touching her nipples in her sleep. Valerie wasn’t a fan of feeling so desperately horny all the time, and decided after it was all finished, she’d opt to have the piercings removed.

Finally, the first day of filming began. Valerie had been a little concerned, as up until now she hadn’t received any kind of script and was worried about her performance. However, as the first day of shooting began, Valerie realized just how “documentary” they wanted the film to be. Filming would be started with an interview. No script, just an impromptu interview to Valerie, not even in character.

“State your name, please.” The voice behind the camera asked. Valerie was sitting in a stool, not unlike the one from her commercial, only this time instead of being in a dingy cellar she was sitting outside on a sunny day outside one of ControlCorp’s training facilities.

“Valerie Goodhead!” Valerie exclaimed with a smile. A little more excitable than her usual self, but maybe her blond and pink hair styled into curly pigtails for the shoot had her feeling a bit ditzier than normal. This whole process was just so weird. She was still in her street clothes! A low-cut tight crop top with jeans.

“Perfect, Ms. Goodhead, do you know why you’re here today?” the interviewer asked.

“I… am here for petgirl training, I guess?” Valerie said without a ton of confidence. She’d have to start getting into her social media persona to sell this better.

“That’s right! So, what made you decide you wanted to be a petgirl?” the interviewer said with a wink. Valerie caught her cue to play along.

“Welllll…” Valerie began with a ditzy tone, “I’ve been talking about needing to find the right man to put me in my place for years now, I’m just not sure one exists.” Valerie explained with a devious smile, as if she were issuing a challenge. “I’m hoping maybe this training can start to scratch that itch, at least a little.” Valerie stated brazenly.

“Whoa, that’s quite the bold statement, Ms. Goodhead” the interviewer chuckled. “What will you do if this training actually succeeds, breaking you into a submissive pet?” he asked jokingly.

“If it actually succeeds? Unlikely.” Valerie responded rather pompously, playing into her persona. “But if it actually succeeds in breaking me, who cares what happens to me? Sell me to a fan? Keep me as a mascot?” she stated with calculated indifference.

“That’s very exciting, we’ll have to hold you to that, Ms. Goodhead!” The interviewer responded jovially. “In that case, I guess there’s just one last question before we begin; would you like to start your training willingly, or would you prefer the hard way?” the interviewer finished with another wink.

“Oh, I willingly came here to be a petgirl,” Valerie stated confidently. “but I’m letting you know that you’ll have to do things the hard way if you want any chance of breaking me,” she defiantly pronounced.

“Perfect, the viewers will love that.” The interviewer confidently replied. A moment went by, and suddenly Valerie saw the interviewer mouth something to her silently with a wink; “Play along.”

Suddenly two men seized Maya from behind, grabbing her arms and restraining her while shoving a white cloth over her face. Instinctively Valerie panicked and realized ControlCorp must have been up to something shady all along, only that after a few moments of struggling she realized the white cloth was literally just a white cloth. There was no chloroform, no drug. Valerie, realizing this, played along pretending to fall limp. Cameras stopped rolling.

“Excellent work! That was amazing improv, Valerie!” The director said as he appeared from around the corner. Valerie went from terrified to annoyed to beginning to relax. Valerie voiced that she would have preferred they told her ahead of time what they were planning, but they explained it was purely improvised in the heat of the moment and from here on out things would be a bit more structured.

From there the film crew transited into the training facility. Valerie was required to march though the facility with hands over her eyes until they reached the designated area, trade secrets and all that apparently. Finally, they reached their destination, and the director explained the next scene. Valerie would be waking up from her ‘abduction’ alone in a cage, now wearing her pet gear, and her trainer, Marco, would come in and set expectations for her training. Valerie got to meet Marco, and good lord was he a hunk of a man. Marco stood around 6’4” and was built like a tank. He certainly looked the part of the imposing trainer, Valerie figured. Marco himself seemed a bit harsh, but she figured he was just trying to stay in character.

The time had come for Valerie to finally get into her costume. She hadn’t actually seen or heard anything about this so-called state of the art pet gear, so she was naturally curious. The staff left her with the costume and one woman stayed behind to answer any questions if she needed help getting anything on, recommending she start with the leggings. Maya examined the gear in front of her. All of the gear, minus the collar, had a blonde fur exterior, explaining why the company wanted her to dye her hair. There was a set of dog ears, a collar, individual leggings that seemed to reach about mid-thigh with paw like shapes on the foot, paw shaped mitts for her hands, and of course her hard-won underwear, a C-string, and nipple pasties. Following the recommendation, she started with the leggings. Valerie got them on easily and found they were pretty comfortable. If she had any complaint, it would be that the paw pads on the ball of her foot were rather pronounced, making it uncomfortable to stand on 2 feet.

Next she threw on the collar, which upon fastening seemed to seal in place, causing a bit of alarm for Valerie. Whatever, she’d press on and ask the director about it later. Next came the ears, which Valerie learned had some sort of harness mechanism that went beneath her hair and subtly attached to her collar, holding them rather snuggly in place, to the point where she’d probably need help trying to unfasten them. Valerie reached for the paws next, but the woman suggested the nipple pasties and C-String first. Nodding, Valerie followed her instructions.

She grabbed the nipple pasties and admired their craftsmanship. There did appear to be some sort of advanced mechanism on the interior that would fasten to her piercings. Aesthetically they were adorable too, Valerie begrudgingly had to admit. They were heart shaped and furred on the exterior with a color that matched both the blond and pink in her own hair, somehow matching the blonde color of the costume while also presenting an inviting pinkness that stood out to draw attention to her nipples. Valerie positioned them over each nipple and was shocked to hear a sudden click and feel them cinch down; seamlessly connecting to the skin around them. It was a bit of an exciting feeling with her nipples so sensitive from the piercing, but she would have to steel herself and think about that later.

Next came the C-String. As Valerie examined it, she found it was also covered in the same soft blond and pink fur as her nipple pasties. Valerie was also upset to find two sizable holes where both her vagina and anus would be, though held her tongue since they weren’t noticeable unless you were up close. The assistant noticed Valerie’s frustration and explained that since it’s designed for long term wear, with that design she would be able to use the restroom without concern for taking it off. Whatever, it was too late to cry about such a minor detail now, Valerie figured. The c-string was firmer than she imagined, and upon sliding it into place she felt it clamp shut around her. Both ends of the c-string ended in heart shapes, anchoring themselves on her pubic bone and above her ass cheeks from behind. It was surprisingly snug; Valerie would have to inquire how all of this stuff was removed later on.

Finally came the paw mittens, which Valerie understood why had to come last; they’d essentially force her hands into useless balls. Valerie wouldn’t be able to use her fingers for anything while they were on. Unsurprisingly, as seemed to be a trend with this outfit, as Valerie slid the mitts over her wrists they cinched down and seemingly locked in place. That must be why this gear is considered state of the art, Valerie figured. Valerie hurried back to the set.

“You. Look. Amazing.” The director complimented Valerie. Valerie couldn’t help but blush just a bit. Valerie was ready for the next scene; after this they could finish up and go home for the day.

“We’ve been waiting on you.” Marco interrupted bluntly. Marco, her fellow actor and pretend trainer. He was really getting into character. Valerie couldn’t help but feel small next to him and the sternness of his voice sent a quiver of excitement down her spine. She wouldn’t let him down.

“Alright let’s get this rolling then!” The director announced jovially. “Valerie, we're going to need you to get in this cage over here then we can start the scene. Same as before, just be yourself. You’ve just been abducted into your petgirl training and Marco is going to be your trainer. Good luck!”

On that note, Valerie got into position in her cage and pretended to be waking up.

“Aaand Action!” the director declared. Valerie pretended to groggily come to consciousness, with a suddenly startled expression as she ‘realized’ she was in a cage. Next she took the time to examine her outfit, rubbing her paws all along her new form. Valerie unironically noticed that her cage wasn’t even really locked, and that lifting and turning a simple latch would open it. Feeling rather pleased with herself and hoping to maybe create a funny blooper, she casually went to unlatch it and open the cage door. After a few moments of fumbling however, Valerie found herself genuinely unable to open the simple latch; her puppy paws rendering the task impossible. Next, Marco entered the room.

“Good Evening, Bitch.” Marco declared apathetically. He sounded bored, yet his voice was so deep that it demanded Valerie’s attention; he was really good at this, Valerie thought. “I’ll be handling your training; you will obey my every command. If you disobey me, or break a rule, you will be punished. When we’re done, you’ll be nothing but an obedient bitch in heat, any questions?” Marco asked plainly. He was so confident, it drove Valerie a little mad honestly, but she had a role to play.

“I’m not impressed yet.” Valerie stated as a matter of fact. “A cheap collar and dog ears won’t…” Valerie began before being cut off.

“SHUT UP! Rule #1: bitches don’t speak.” Marco shouted. His sudden outburst in comparison to his previously calm demeanor genuinely startled Valerie. “You’re famous, right?” his tone cooled. “I’m sure you’re used to being in control, but that’s over now. I understand you made a challenge earlier, right? You said if you’re broken, we could sell you to a fan, or make you our mascot?” Marco continued. “Well luckily for me, I am a fan, Valerie, and I’d love to turn you into our company mascot.” Marco bragged, showing the slightest hint of a smile forming; the first real emotion Valerie had seen from him. Begrudgingly, Valerie felt herself getting aroused from this gorilla of a man’s teases.

“You’re not..” Valerie stammered to get word of edgewise in before being cut off again.

“Again! You broke the rule, guess It’s time to break you in.” Marco interjected with a grin. He lifted the cage door latch and threw it open, and in one fluid motion reached his thickly muscled arm in, grabbed Valerie by the collar, and yanked her out. Valerie was about to voice a protest, when she suddenly saw him pull out a small remote of some kind. Valerie hesitated, her mind instantly racing and thinking maybe this collar had a shock feature she didn’t want to learn about. Marco pushed a button. Valerie felt a brief vibration and tingle from the collar but otherwise felt fine, though slightly confused. Was she supposed to be pretending to be shocked? This was just an act after all.

“Go ahead, say it.” Marco stated triumphantly. “What’s wrong? Cat got your tongue?” he challenged. If he wanted her to break the rules, sure, she’d play along. Valerie opened her mouth and went to say something disrespectful, but no sound came out! She cleared her throat and tried again; nothing. “Aww, poor bitch doesn’t have anything to say.” Marco teased condescendingly. “Here, maybe this will help.” He added before pushing another button. Valerie took a huge breath in and screamed.

“ARF! ARF ARF!” Valerie barked. All that came out of her mouth were dog sounds! Valerie was mortified, and slowly started to piece together what this might mean.

“Bitches. Don’t. Talk.” Marco reaffirmed. Valerie decided to call cut for the scene, she had to straighten some things out with the director. As soon as she got to her feet and straightened her legs, a shock ran through her, starting from the paw pads on her feet.

“Bitches walk on all fours.” Marco added happily. “I’m sure you’ve got a lot racing through your mind right now, but we’re going to have to get you into the rest of your pet gear.” He continued. Rest of her pet gear? Valerie’s mind was racing a million miles a minute and she didn’t have time to think about what he said. Suddenly Marco started reaching out towards Valerie, and she instinctively shoved her arms out to stop him. It was no use; Valerie might work out to maintain her physique, but Marco’s hand was so big and strong it enclosed around both her wrists and her throat, which he then clamped down around and used to shove her face to the floor, ass up. “For starters, what pet doesn’t have a tail?”

Valerie glanced back and saw the first look of genuine excitement on Marco’s face, which she noticed just before her eye caught a glimpse of what he was holding in his other hand. What caught her eye first was the pink and blonde plume of hair hanging out one side of his hand that matched her hair, then her eyes immediately darted to what it was connected to: a 6” long phallic object. It looked like a penis mostly, aside from the base of the shaft having a large, canine-like knot in it at least 3 inches wide, before tapering back down into what appeared to be a fake dog tail. Immediately Valerie started shouting to the director to withdraw from the scene.

“ARF ARF ARF!” Valerie yelped desperately.

“Aww, don’t worry, Bitch…” Marco began. “I’ll explain everything later, but that collar has seized control of most of your central nervous system. I have it set so that every time you feel pain you’ll feel pleasure in equal measure.” Marco explained, with a hint of genuine empathy in his voice. Valerie could feel the tip of the plug starting to push against her sphincter; it was lubed, thank god. Marco continued to push, holding her in place as he slowly plunged it deeper into her asshole. Valerie thought she was going to explode. Under regular circumstances her brain would have been completely overloaded with pain signals, but now that load was doubled. Marco wasn’t lying. For every twinge of pain Valerie felt she felt pleasure rebound throughout her body, putting her into sensory overload. After what felt like an eternity Marco reached the knot and after a brief pause, throwing caution to the wind, he plunged the remainder of the plug into Valerie’s asshole. Valerie’s entire body tensed up in pain before beginning to convulse with wave after wave of orgasm. Valerie couldn’t take it, and after a moment everything went black.

Valerie was probably out for approximately ten minutes, and during that time she had no idea what was happening to her. When she awoke, she was curled up in Marco’s lap. Marco was sitting on the floor, and Valerie was snuggly resting in his arms. Valerie opened her eyes, and something seemed different. First, her eyes felt really dry, so she blinked several times to adapt. While the dryness faded, something else didn’t; everything had this greyish pink hue to it, with most other colors being drowned out of sight. Valerie was also suddenly aware that there was something in her ears, something small, but deeply lodged in her canals. Marco was speaking.

“Good Girl,” he whispered to her, his hands lightly stroking her hair and ass. As soon as he finished his statement, Valerie felt something in both her nipple pasties and c-string purr to life; they started to vibrate deliciously. There was almost something tender about the way Marco was holding her that Valerie might’ve appreciated under different circumstances. Valerie couldn’t help but to open her mouth and moan softly. Marco noticed this and quickly repositioned Valerie so that she’d be sitting on her hands and knees in front of him. “Good Girl,” he said again. The vibrations intensified. Marco reached his hand out and gently but firmly grabbed Valerie’s face by the jaw, his thumb sensually probing the outside of her mouth. Valerie couldn’t resist and softly moaned again, parting her lips and allowing Marco’s thumb to invade her mouth. Suddenly Valerie remembered the situation she was in! This was all bullshit and she never agreed to do this scene. Valerie may have been limited to barking, but she figured she had another way to let Marco know how she felt about him. Valerie decided to bite down, hard.

That was the plan anyway. As the anger flashed through her mind and she went to crunch down on Marco’s thumb, suddenly her entire face felt really weak and heavy, especially her eyes and tongue. Instead of biting down, the best Valerie could muster in the moment was to squeeze her lips around his thumb, sucking on it desperately. Everything felt numb and Valerie struggled to control her facial expressions, so as she sucked down, she also accidently raised her eyebrows and went cross-eyed for a moment from her surprise at the situation. Marco chuckled at her, and after violating her mouth a moment longer he withdrew his digit. Valerie suddenly couldn’t control her tongue very well though, and as he pulled out a large amount of drool started pouring from Valerie’s mouth uncontrollably, with her tongue dangling out limply as well. Valerie didn’t understand what was happening.

“I’ll explain how everything works,” Marco deviously began. “Your collar allows us to interface with your nervous system, controlling your senses, as well as your vocal cords. To a certain extent it also allows us to control your facial muscles, preventing any naughty pups from biting the hand that feeds them” he explained. Your collar, tail, hind legs, nipples, and clit all have shock features available if you misbehave, and your Tail, nipples, and clit also have vibrators to reward you for good behavior. All of your gear has spatial sensors built in, which will use those tools to condition you to move like a pet girl. Your tail wags when you squeeze the plug, which you’ll be getting lots of practice with. Finally, you may have noticed some new additions. We’ve given you a special pair of self-cleaning contact lenses for long term wear. Once I activate them, they’ll significantly impair your vision for as long as they’re worn, and they’ll completely eliminate your ability to read. They also change your pupils to look like pink hearts, so that’s kinda cute, If you’re into that sort of thing.” Marco digressed. “Then we’ve also taken the liberty of giving you a set of shallow ear implants, which, once I activate after this conversation, will distort everything you hear to prevent you from understanding human speech, outside of the preset training commands you’ll be learning. They’ll also use subliminal messaging over time to reduce your cognitive ability, but that’s not their main purpose.”

Fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck NO! Valerie thought to herself. This was real slave training gear! ControlCorp completely circumvented her veto power with this stupid collar and she never saw this coming. Without her ability to negotiate, Valerie would probably have to go through the entire training program, however many weeks that was! It would all be on film! Valerie tried to reassure herself of the silver lining; her $50 million.

“If you don’t have any objections…” Marco inquired coyly, giving Valerie a brief moment to speak. “Then we have one last matter to discuss.” He continued, “Your name! Every petgirl needs a pet name, and we’ve thought of the perfect one for you.” Marco explained with a sinister smile. “So, your last name was a good inspiration, Goodhead. Like… good head? You know, like you suck cock well.” Marco explained the joke she’d heard a million times, further robbing it of what little value it had. “Then we also looked back to that famous commercial you did with us, you know, the one where you had CUNT written across your forehead?” Marco continued, a little too pleased with himself. Valerie didn’t like where this was going. “So, we decided to blend the two ideas and arrived at your new name, Cuntface! It is what you’re famous for after all, your cunt face.” Marco concluded confidently. Valerie’s heart sank. She’d planned on retiring peacefully after this film, but at this rate she’d be retiring in exile, too ashamed to show herself in public again. Marco pulled out a golden bone shaped name tag with ‘Cuntface’ engraved across the front and fastened it to Valerie’s collar. “On that note, it’s time to turn on the rest of your pet gear’s features. We’ll deactivate them again after the training is finished in 6 months” Marco said casually, flipping another switch on the remote.

“6 Months?!” Valerie’s vision shifted suddenly. Everything was in shades of pink, and she couldn’t seem to see more than 10 feet in front of her. She was suddenly also aware that Marco had still been speaking, but it all sounded like distant gibberish to her. Suddenly her tail, nipples and clit purred to life with vibrations, and Valerie couldn’t think straight. Distracted by all of the sensations within her own body, Valerie failed to notice the looming shadow of Marco’s massive cock that eclipsed half her face, just past the camera.

Cuntface’s petgirl training was too much for her to keep ahead of. She was constantly so overwhelmed with pain and pleasure and had no awareness of her surroundings that she struggled to hold onto who she was, let alone actively resist the conditioning. By day they would film her performing all sorts of humiliating acts. Half the time she wouldn’t even know what she was doing, so overwhelmed and confused just reacting to stimulus unable to understand the people or situations around her. They would have her enthusiastically play catch with large, colorful dildos and beg for male attention. She’d go on walks, leashed side by side with real dogs who were treated better than her. She’d do dog tricks on demand and performed every manner of sexual act. Marco, or Master, had been right. Cuntface got a lot of practice wagging her tail; they demanded she show her enthusiasm this way and doing so would send waves of pleasure rolling across her body with each squeeze of the plug.

Speaking of Master, Cuntface eventually realized she lived only for his cock. Master’s cock was the most important thing in Cuntface’s world. Marco’s cock was significantly larger than the tail in her ass and would have left her walking funny for days had she not also been stuffed with the tail plug. The two of them stuffing her together though, with all of the pain being matched in equal parts with pleasure was the first thing that truly broke Cuntface. By night, her mental degradation would be reinforced. She slept in an incredibly cramped pet carrier, outfitted with a dildo, modelled after Marco, that she could suck for nourishment. Cuntface’s diet had been entirely converted over to the solution she sucked from that dildo, which was rich in nutrients, and of course actual semen. Additionally, Cuntface would spend the entirety of her evening forced to endure a VR headset strapped to her face, which worked in conjunction with her hearing implants in reducing her cognitive function through conditioning.

After 3 months, Marco decided to test Cuntface’s progress. Cuntface was allowed an entire day to spend alone, collect her thoughts and get a bearing on what had happened. Looking back, Cuntface was relieved as she felt she’d mostly retained her sense of self. Then Marco decided to give a demonstration. Marco deactivated and removed all of her pet gear, aside from her tail.

“How do you feel, Cuntface?” Marco asked. Cuntface could understand him! It’d been months since she’d heard a real human sentence and was overjoyed.

“ARF ARF ARF!” Cuntface enthusiastically barked. Wait, what?! Cuntface thought to herself. The collar was removed, why was she still speaking like a dog?

“Perfect.” Marco explained plainly to other people on set. “Through her conditioning, she’s reached the point where she can only make dog noises, even without the collar. She still understands us, but her capacity for human speech has been entirely removed.” Marco explained.

“Arf?” Cuntface whimpered. Removed?! This wasn’t fair! They couldn’t treat her, a free woman like this! Sick of being treated like an animal, Cuntface decided to stand up and face Marco, person to person. It didn’t last long. As soon as she got to her hindlegs and started to stand up, her sense of balance was completely lost, and she had to fall back on all fours.

“See?” Marco explained. “She’s now completely dependent on the training gear.” He stated as a matter of fact. Marco suddenly directed his attention back at Cuntface. “You could still speak like a person again if we used the collar and I forced you to use human language,” Marco offered. Obviously, he was baiting her. “But as a show of goodwill I need you to beg to suck my cock for the camera, to show off your training progress.” Marco was pleased with himself. Cuntface would not be giving into this, her alone time allowed her to remember who she was. She had more dignity than that. After a brief pause with no action, Marco grew impatient. “Cuntface, BEG!” he ordered, and Cuntface suddenly found herself instinctively assuming a position on her hind legs, knees spread, chest out, mouth open and panting. Cuntface went flush with embarrassment, but a mental block prevented her from deviating from her trained position. She cursed herself when she felt the fluid start to drip down her thighs in anticipation of sucking master’s cock.

Another month went by, and it was time to start promoting the film. Cuntface got to go on a number of talk shows to promote her new movie! On a leash, obviously. And Marco would accompany her, of course; she would always conduct her interviews either on the floor at his side, or on a table for everyone to admire. Cuntface, with her new ability to speak like a person thanks to her master's collar, couldn’t speak highly enough about her experience as a petgirl, and how her life had never been more fulfilling. When filming was finished, the director and Marco proposed that the entire film crew celebrate by fucking Cuntface together, provided she didn’t have any objections. Cuntface couldn’t refuse, and so a special behind the scenes package was produced showing all 120 members of the film cast and crew having their way with Cuntface, with her enthusiastically lapping up every spilled drop of cum.

Cuntface finished her training, and the movie was released. The film instantly dominated the number one spot at the box office and continued to do so for nearly a year. Cuntface got her promised $50 million and tried to return to her normal life, or as normal as she could make it. She was, naturally, completely dependent on her pet gear and had to wear it 24/7. Initially she hired someone to walk her daily and attend to her personal needs, spending the rest of her day locked in her small carrier kennel for comfort, but it wasn’t enough. Something was missing from Cuntface’s life ever since the movie. She yearned for a master again, she yearned for Marco.

She had her handler reach out to him and Marco reluctantly agreed to meet with her. The collar allowed her to speak provided her handler or Marco activated the function. Thus, after a bit of negotiating, Cuntface’s best skill, Marco and Cuntface reached a mutual agreement. Marco agreed to move into her skyscraper studio apartment and would oversee all of her matters. Marco would act as her manager from then on and have full control of her finances, as long as Cuntface agreed to pay for all of his expenses. This wasn’t without a tradeoff though. Cuntface had her own terms. Marco was forced to agree a few additional conditions. Cuntface demanded Marco continue her petgirl training, insisted on a larger plug for her tail, and made Marco promise he would both fuck her and let her suck him off at least 3 times a day, each. It was a hard bargain, but in the end, Marco conceded and agreed.

The last time Cuntface was in the news, it was announcing her estate’s new business strategy to pay for her pet food. Cuntface needed a lot of semen each day to sustain herself, so Marco set up an excellent marketing strategy to kill two birds with one stone. Cuntface started running a promotion where if fans allowed her to pay them a thousand dollars, she would face the challenge of sucking them off, provided she was allowed to lap up any of the cum if she succeeded. This marketing innovation kept Cuntface’s popularity high, setting up for an offer for a second movie…


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