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A Puppy's Day

by RandomAussie

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Storycodes: M/f; petgirl; slave; naked; collar; piercing; hood; oral; buttplug; training; hum; cons; XX

Master gave me a task today. To document my typical day. Maybe I'll introduce myself first. My name is Jade. Wait no my name is Emily. Jade is the name that Master gave me. I think it is because my eyes are bright green. Master has never told me. I have always just been Jade. I don’t know Master’s name. Actually I don’t really know anything about him. I have never really met him. I answered a job ad, it was like any job ad - professional seeks full time personal assistant for specific role. It noted 24/7 live in position but I assumed that was to be on-call at all times. I guess I am on-call but wasn’t expecting this level of on-call. I had an interview via Master’s lawyer who went through the entire role in very specific details. I had to complete a physical and mental health assessment, as well as drug, alcohol and STD tests. Payment terms and conditions were negotiated. The remuneration package was very generous. Very generous! Some very weird items had to be signed off. This is so weird but somehow now just feels normal and right. I have been here for 3 months now, with 9 months to go. The agreement was simple and clear. I would be Master's pet dog for 12 months.

Enough back story. Here is my day.

I try to wake up before Master. I like to be awake and alert before Master needs me. That can be hard to do when Master wakes at 5:30 each day. My bed is beside his, on the floor. It is a small mattress with a pillow and blanket. Comfortable but not luxury. Pushing back the blanket I get a cold rush over my almost naked body. My only attire are my knee pads, paws, puppy hood, collar and tail. I also wear a modified Fitbit on my wrist. The cold tightens my skin and I feel the various piercings that are still quite fresh. A rush goes through my nipples. I quite like those rings. They feel pretty and enhance the feeling in my nipples and make them extra sensitive. The ring in my clit and the two in my labia I like less as they feel invasive, but they feel great when being penetrated. It is the nose ring I hate. It is too big to be cute, but not horribly big. But along with my collar, it is just big enough to bring attention to it every time I go out. I catch people looking at it all the time. I hate the humiliation but I hate that it also turns me on. Six piercings Master gave me. Master says he has plans for more. I think Master really wants my tongue pierced. Master also mentioned giving me dimples and that scares me. But ultimately it is up to him whilst I am his pet.

Each day I jump on the bed and lie next to Master. My collar is chained to the wall but there is enough length for me to get in close to him. I try to not let the cold metal chain touch his skin as it will wake him up, but the click of the metal causes him to stir. As Master stirs I pull back the sheets with my teeth to expose his naked body. Master sleeps naked for the purpose of being available for me. Master is slowly waking as I take his limp cock in my mouth and gently start sucking. I used to hate this, I used to feel so used. There were times that I cried. But now I love how good I am and how happy it makes Master. Master starts to stiffen as I keep working my morning ritual. Since my hands are bound in locked leather mittens, in the shape of paws, my hands are useless. I have gotten great at the use of only my mouth and tongue. Many times early on I failed to earn Master’s cum. I just wasn’t very good with my mouth. Now my tongue expertly flicks at his balls as his cock hits the back of my throat. Bringing him closer to climax he grabs my pigtails that stick out of my hood and at first gently, but then forcefully pushes his cock down into my throat. He cums and I swallow his load. I am so happy to have pleased him and I feel it both in my heart and my pussy. I need some release but it is not coming. I don’t notice but my tail wags in joy.

Happy, he gets up from bed, unlocks the chain from my collar and goes to shower. I clean myself up as best I can, attempt to tidy my hair using my paws and wait for Master. He takes his time knowing that I will be waiting for him with a full bladder. I attempt some level of patience, waiting at the bathroom door for Master. I catch a glimpse of Master showering and then get a full show as Master dresses in front of me. I sit patiently as I have been trained. On my knees, head up, back straight, tits out, legs slightly parted to show my pussy. As I rest back the tail pushes deeper into me and I adjust.

Finally Master is dressed and with a pat on the head we go through to the kitchen. I follow on all fours just behind Master where he deactivates the home alarm and unlocks the doggy door. I hate the doggy door, and I hate peeing outside. But the toilet is off limits whilst I am his doggy. Master stalls and I bark a few times. They are more like yaps to get his attention. I go outside and pee whilst Master prepares both his and my breakfast. I am still not that fast on all fours but getting better each day. I lift my leg and let the urine flow, trying to not get any splashes back on my legs.

My tail wags back and forth as I crawl from the lawn back into the house. The plug fills my ass and the rubber tail extends about 18 inches out. It is extra long and I feel each wag inside me. The constant feeling is a turn on that I cannot do anything about. I truly feel the tail is Master’s favourite part of all of this. Maybe after this is over I will get one for myself.

The first month together was a lot of training. Much like any puppy. Commands, obedience, daily routines, Master’s desires. The crop, cage and verbal discipline were used to punish bad behaviour with little treats rewarding good behaviour. I had mixed feelings about the training. To be honest I have mixed feelings on all this. Whilst being taught how to sit, stay, roll over and beg is humiliating, I enjoyed learning what Master wanted from me and what made him happy. I truly wanted to please him and be a good dog. Scratches behind the ear and pats on the head now actually feel good to receive. The human brain is a strange thing. I so quickly took pleasure from the simplest of canine acts. I really wanted to, and still do want to be the best pup I can be. There were periods where I would cry, or break down from the training. Master would comfort me and restore my confidence before continuing the training.

Looking back I think the dog sounds were the hardest part. Being obedient is like being at work or school - you just need to know the rules. But whimpering for attention, barking or growling my emotions was just so unnatural. I was banned from talking from day one, but every now and again I would respond instinctively. Master would also respond with instinct, usually involving the crop to my ass. I got over the humiliation quickly and now almost enjoy the simplicity of my canine language. Plus it puts a lot of responsibility on Master to work out what I need from the sounds I make. I am so reliant on him but Master needs to provide for me.

Back inside and Master is sitting at the kitchen counter with his eggs and toast. At his feet is my dog bowl filled with scrambled eggs. Head down and ass up (tail wagging) I eat the lot and crawl for a drink from my water bowl. I should be embarrassed however I am grateful for the delicious meal Master has prepared for me.

Today is a work day so dishes are put in the sink. I will wash them later. Master is dressed ready to leave but before Master leaves he commands me on my back with legs open. His talented fingers explore and penetrate me, easily gaining my arousal and getting me extremely wet. I am raised to the edge before Master abruptly stops and smears his pussy juice covered fingers across my face and into my nostrils. Master knows that it will be some time before I am released and can clean myself up. My own sex smell will be with me for about an hour. I whimper for more attention as I lick Master’s fingers clean but Master is out the door. I miss Master instantly however my day is just starting.

Master is not worried about me running away. Besides the fact I love him and want to be here, Master had me microchipped like a real dog so Master can track my GPS location at any time. Along with the Fitbit Master knows my health status, and the combination of heart rate, blood pressure and other components, Master knows if I am touching myself. Orgasms are strictly prohibited without permission and are severely punished.

About 10 minutes after Master leaves, the locks on my mittens disengage and with the use of my teeth I can remove my hands. They are a bit stiff and I rub them. I remove my knee pads and with the use of his keys I unlock the hood. The keys are always left in a different place for me to find. Not hidden but it can take me 5 minutes or 55 minutes to find them each day. The collar remains on. Always. Today is a Tuesday so it means a gym day. Showering will come later. My smell will stay with me a bit longer. I walk upright to the bathroom to remove my tail. Removing the tail takes some effort but finally pops out. I clean it and leave it to dry.

Master needs me to be fit so that means 45 minutes on the treadmill, followed by 45 minutes of weights and 20 minutes of stretching. I have a set routine which not only strengthens me but keeps me flexible for long periods on my knees.

With my workout completed it is time for a shower and clean up. First up is my enema. As I only pee outside, I don’t want to have to poop as well so I make sure I am cleaned out each day. I clean myself thoroughly inside before jumping in the shower. I wash my hair and check for any body hair to be maintained. My pubic hair was meticulously lasered into an M (for Master) so that should be ok. Legs and armpits are ok for now. I will book a salon appointment later in the week.

Each day had a different schedule and therefore a different dress code. As I mentioned, Master can see me through the house so likes to see me dressed appropriately.

Some days it is housework, which means a latex maids outfit. This comes with ridiculously high heels or a corset, or both. Garden work means overalls, with no top on underneath. My boobs often pop out when I bend over or jiggle when I carry heavy items. My nipple rings will rub against the material and drive me nuts.

Master will leave notes from time to time issuing instructions such as ‘wear your harness gag for 1 hour’ or ‘nipple clamps to be worn whilst doing the laundry’. I never know if Master checks on me or watches, but I always do as told.

Today I need to run errands in town. Go to the post office, do some shopping, get my nails done, pick up Master’s dry cleaning. Most of this could be done online or by delivery, but I think Master likes me getting out. Especially since my collar and nose ring will be on display.

I have an extensive wardrobe of lingerie and clothes chosen by Master but Master will always specify what combination is to be used. A dress means no underwear at all. Shorts and tshirt means that a g-string needs to be visible at all times. If cold and wearing thicker and warmer clothes then underneath is a full corset, garter and tights. The works. It is a warm day today so I will go with daisy dukes, white T-shirt and a pink panty. No bra.

I am not allowed to drive so I have to walk to catch the bus into town. It is only a short trip but means many unpredictable encounters. People often stare at me but after three months of me being around this town, most just go about their day. My tits bounce in the tshirt and the nipple rings show through. Men stare, women stare. I blush and am embarrassed but am so damn wet. Master has told me never to cover up. I don’t know how Master might know if I did, but I follow his instructions obediently.

I make five stops through town, taking my time with each. I take my time at the nail salon with a manicure and pedicure. It will be a shame that these bright red fingernails will be covered by the puppy mitts but I love them. I go through each store, dropping off the packages to be sent, and picking up parcels for Master. I pick up his dry cleaning and go for the last chore on his list. Master told me to go to the pet store and pick out a new squeaky toy for myself. I am sure the girl behind the counter knows what's up by the collar, nose piercing and nipple rings. I choose something small enough to fit in my mouth (I try it), pay and leave. Jobs are done, but I have a special task for today.

Each week I have to check in with a friend. She assisted me through the negotiations with Master's lawyer and she ensures I am safe and happy. There were many calls with her when I was crying, miserable at my life decisions and how I was being treated. But with some support I kept going. This week we met for coffee and chatted in person. Stacey stared at my nipples for a few minutes before staring at my nose ring. We discussed how my training was going and my relationship with Master. Once Stacey was convinced I was okay we hugged and left with the promise of a call next week.

Weekends are always different. Sometimes Master will release me to clean up and exercise and then have me back as Jade for the rest of the day. We might go for a drive with me in the back of the car or in a dog crate in the back of his truck. If cold and wet, just lounging by the TV or fire. There was one day Master just left me locked in my cage whilst he entertained guests. Other weekends Master is busy and I am left some chores or exercises to complete and I treat it like a weekday. I appreciate the limited freedoms I get but honestly, I would much rather be at Master’s foot as his pup more than anything.

I have some spare time so after ensuring the house is in a satisfactory condition (beds made, kitchen clean), I plan to hit the couch and relax with some TV. Master’s rules state that once chores are done that I am to be naked. So I put my clothes in the washing basket and strut naked through the house and relax on the couch. There is a camera pointed at me so I lay down giving Master a nice show of my amazing body.

I have a strict menu for the week. Snacks for morning and afternoon, and a specific lunch each day. The food is always delicious but is focused on being healthy and not putting too much pressure on my digestive system. Wearing a tail for significant lengths of time requires you to manage your diet. Whilst I cannot stray from the menu, I must also consume all the items. No waste or denying myself the required intake.

At 4:30pm I start preparing for Master to return. Master is quite strict on his demands for me as he walks through the door. I am to be in full puppy attire. That means the tail, knee pads, mittens and my puppy hood. The hood is leather and covers my full face. It has ears and a snout, but it is not too long so I can still eat, drink or use my mouth in other ways. The hood has two small padlocks that I lock on myself. The click always hits me as it is a point of no return. I hang the key on a hook in the bedroom until I can unlock myself in the morning.

The tail is still a struggle to get in, but I am really enjoying it. It is weird but I almost feel wrong without it now. I will definitely need to buy a tail, or plug, or both when this year is over.

As Master approaches the house my mittens will lock and that is my trigger. No further speaking or standing. Only canine sounds and walking on all fours. We have never spoken to each other. I have always been and will always be his puppy. The girl that ran his chores earlier is some other person. I am now Jade again, and I am thrilled about it!

His other main demand is that my bladder is full on his return. Master takes delight in being responsible for taking me out for my humiliating evening pee. Each evening Master will personally escort me out and watch me do it. I need to time my water consumption and toilet breaks just right. If Master is late for any reason I could be in trouble. Any mess would be strictly punished, but also not needing to go would also be punished. The crop is the most common response, but so is leaving me outside or in the cage. I never like any of them to be honest, but I would rather take two dozen cane strokes than be locked away and ignored when Master is home.

Tonight Master had a special request. Master commanded that I place bells on my nipple rings and labia rings. They were left on the counter when Master left this morning. I clip them on my piercings and they jingle on every step.

I complete all these tasks and take my position in front of the door. I sit and wait. Sometimes I am there for 5 minutes, other times an hour. I wait like a good dog. I get anxious. I miss Master and although I am his mere pet, it is his attention that makes my day. I am curious if Master will be happy and want to play, stressed and need some companionship, or maybe horny and need my body.

My mittens lock and I get excited. My pussy betrays me and gets wet. I fidget and I feel my tail wag. The wagging gets me excited and I get more aroused. A whimper escapes my mouth and I catch myself entering puppy headspace.

Our evening routine varies. If it is warm we will go outside and play fetch. If cold we are probably inside in front of the fire and TV. Sometimes Master will just fuck me and send me to my cage unitl dinner is ready.

I hear a key in the lock and Master enters. I see his smile and Master greets me.

“Hi there Jade. Who’s a good girl waiting there for me” Master gushes at me and I love it. Master gave me that name and although it felt weird at first, I now love it. I yip a few times in joy.

“Come on Jade. Outside.” Master drops his case and coat and unlocks the door. I rush to a tree to pee. Master watches smiling knowing that I hate this. The control, the humiliation, the stimulation of the tail. It is almost too much but Master calling me snaps me back into line.

It’s a warm evening so Master tells me to stay whilst he grabs a beer and comes back outside. Master has the new play toy I just purchased today. We play fetch for 10 minutes or so. I chase the toy and with all the power I can manage I grab it and bring it back. Each time Master rewards me with a pat and some cute words. The toy just fits in my mouth but after a while it feels like it is getting heavier and heavier. My tail wags, the bells jingle and I feel the arousal all through my body. I used to present myself to Master and invite him to fuck me, but Master punished that. Sex is not up to me, it is only when Master wants it.

Master tells me he is having guests for dinner. A friend from work, her boyfriend and her sister. I have never been in front of three strangers before. It is only ever Master’s lawyer or his best friend who come and see me. I am to be on my best behaviour. As Master tells me this he is playing with my clit ring and turning me on. So by best behaviour Master means horny little pet. Master tells me to stay and goes inside the house. I wait patiently as I am trained to be for his return. Master comes back quickly to my happiness. Master is holding a bag and pulls out something shiny and metal. Master orders me to all fours and starts fitting the chastity belt around my waist. A padlock appears and is locked on. The bells are removed and a small vibrator appears and slips easily inside my dripping pussy. The main part of the belt is pushed tight against my clit and pussy rings and two chains part my ass on either side of my tail. Several more padlocks appear and are locked on. Master tells me the keys were in the package I posted earlier when running my errands . The package is postage paid through a few cities so he doesn’t know when it will arrive back. So no sex and this vibe will be in me for who knows how long. Master says that although his guests get to play with his puppy, they don’t get to see or play with everything.

The doorbell rings and I instinctively start to run to the door. I stop myself to seek permission. Master nods and I run off barking. Master loves when I am playful and puppy-like. I bark and scratch at the door before Master comes and orders me to sit and to be quiet. A leash is attached to my collar and I move to Master’s side.

The three guests enter and I recognise two of them. The guy is from a shop I frequent on my daily trips. One of the girls went to my school. She was maybe two years younger than me so may not recognise me. Actually she shouldn’t recognise me with this puppy hood on anyway. She looks like she may be the girlfiend. The other girl I do not know. She must be the sister.

Master invites them in, takes their coats and introduces me to them. Each give me a hello and a pat on the head. This is humiliating and so stimulating. The vibe triggers and gives me a jump. The bells are still on my nipples and they jingle. My tail wags. Everyone is enjoying the show. Master and his guests speak to me, about me, over me. I am happy to be involved but often excluded, just sitting at Master’s feet. Master will typically have one hand on my head with the other holding the leash just taut. It is the perfect feeling.

Master gets up to start serving dinner and my leash is handed over to the girl I know. I think her name was Katy. She tugs on the leash and pulls my head to her lap for a pat. I can smell her, she is aroused by all this. Katy is getting more and more comfortable patting me on the head, neck and down my back and her hands are starting to venture further and further. She sneaks a hand down to my nipple and gently plays before I growl and her hand retreats. Katy continues to hold me close until we are welcomed for dinner, even then she only reluctantly hands over my leash to Master as he places my bowl of food down.

During dinner I know they are talking about me but I don’t care. I fall away into my old little world and doze at Master's feet.

We all move to the lounge for more drinks and conversations. Again Katy takes my leash and pulls me in close. Her hands are patting me but she learnt her lesson. She asks Master some questions about me. How obedient I am? Do I know any tricks. Master obliges his guests by getting me to perform. I hate this. Especially in front of people I know. The man from the store definitely knows who I am. It will be very embarrassing to see him next time.

Master makes me fetch, roll over, beg and speak. Each one makes my tail wag, bells jingle and tits sway. Up on my knees begging exposes my tits and I whimper for attention. Master turns his hand into a pretend gun and says ‘bang! Play dead!” I immediately fall to my back, arms and legs open. My soaking wet pussy would be on display if not for the chastity belt. I stay there ‘dead’ for what feels like a lifetime before hearing ‘heel’ and returning to Master’s side. Master hands the leash to the other girl and gets my water bowl. Katy seems annoyed to have lost my leash. With my thirst quenched I lay down at Master's feet with the girl still holding my leash. I doze.

An hour or so later Master gets up to show our guests out. I wake from my doze and follow slowly to the door. Hugs, handshakes and kisses and the shop man and Katy leave. The sister remains behind and it seems like Master has a new friend for the night.

They return to the couch and Master tells me to sit and stay. I have been trained to never move once instructed to stay. Not even turn away from Master.

Master and the girl talk but quickly start kissing and become very passionate. Master is putting on a show for me. Master loves me but he is proving that I am not his equal. I am his pet. We have intimacy but not like what Master is giving this girl. They fuck right there in front of me. Master performs well. She screams with delight. I am still as instructed, waiting and watching. Coming out of her passionate embrace the girl realises I am still there and quickly dresses. She is invited to stay but declines. She seems nice and seems to make Master happy but selfishly I am thrilled she is gone. I am not sure what my morning routine would be like if she had stayed the night in Master’s bed.

Master pours a scotch and sits down. Master pats his lap for me to jump up and he pats me gently and lovingly. Master tells me I have been a good puppy and he loves me. Master then pulls his cock out and I lovingly give him a blow job. I taste the girl and his dried cum and I enjoy it. She was cute and her juices taste good. Once finished Master sends me out for a late pee before locking the house.

We head up stairs to Master’s room and I am locked to the chain for the night. Master commands ‘bed’ and I obey. Master showers and then lights are out and he sleeps. I am awake. The new metal belt invades my privacy and makes me even hornier. Even though I won’t touch myself, this belt now pushes against my clit and rings and keeps a constant pressure. The vibe is still in me but luckily not active. I try to sleep even though I am frustrated, horny, wet and have Master’s (and her) taste still in my mouth. I need rest to do this all again tomorrow.

I lay there in the dark, a chained up, chast, paid sex pet. I should be ashamed. I am an educated and talented girl. The silliest thing of all this is that right now I can’t ever imagine not being his puppy. I love Master so deeply and unconditionally. Maybe I will feel different at the end of our contract, but right now I don’t want to be anywhere else.


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