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Liz's New Life

by Wolven

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© Copyright 2023 - Wolven - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; bond; rope; cons; X

Chapter 1: Home for the weekend

The key rattled in the lock before turning, with a solid thrust of weight of her curvaceous form the door to her basement apartment begrudgingly gave way. She stepped through the doorway and announced her arrival to her cats descended the stairs to her living space, “Hi kids I’m home. Dabby, Moe?” And at the sound of her voice the cats came racing around the corner and bounding up the stairs with a “puurrpt” curious as to what treasures would be bestowed upon them. Liz continued her way down the stairs being careful not to trip over nor step on the rambunctious.

“Yes, I know, let me get my shoes off and then we will take care of the important things, like treats and tuna.” The cats grew eager at hearing the word tuna and made a constant display of being under foot in order to demonstrate who should be given the fishy goodness first.

Liz placed he parcels on the table and proceeded to put her groceries away, with the last being the bottle of cabernet she had been anticipating all week as her treat for the weekend, but when she sided away the bags she found a gold envelope with her name on it that had been placed on the table while she away. She stared at the envelope curiously, but it gave away no clues as to who had left it as her name had been typed. She smiled as her mind processed the information allotted to her so far; Liz loved a good mystery and endeavoured to come up with answers before the answer presented itself. It wouldn’t have been her best friend because they worked together and Lara would have already planned out every detail with her before putting things in motion. Liz liked her friend but, it seems the prerequisite for working in finance was to be meticulous. She knew it wasn’t her landlady as her car was still in the driveway, the lights were one in the house, and the front door was open no doubt to let fresh air flow through the building and as such would have just opened the door at the landing and shouted down to her when she knew Liz was home. Liz’s mind continued to search for answers, but none came to the forefront, nobody had a key. Liz smiled to herself as if her landlady Sandra had let “someone” in then it had to have been, James.

Liz’s mind wandered to the previous dates she had been on with James, everything about him put her at ease, not just how he held himself or the confidence he exuded, there was something to his voice that was relaxing like a soothing song. It was how he worded something, which he paired with what he had to say that elicited an atmosphere of trust and compliance. He was always able to take her out of her comfort zone, but did so while holding her hand and edging her in the direction she wanted to explore but until meeting him was never confident enough to tread. Liz never trusted anyone enough to surrender control over her, and god knows there were enough assholes in her past who were always eager enough to want to take it. Yet for her James was different, he never demanded dominion over her, instead he asked for it, and her being unaccustomed to such a tactic found herself surrendering his guidance before it dawned on her she had surrendered to the control of another. The trust and patience he had built with her never gave Liz pause to question her choices of letting him lead her in the direction he wanted, and she was gleefully happy to allow him to convey her to a realm of submissive bliss. Liz was often faced with moments where her mind said “eeek” while her wet pussy said “yeah” and at the end of the day, of the “session”, of the period of ultimate closeness she felt like he knew her like no other had.


Liz sat smiling to herself as she reflected on the things she had done to her, done with her, and had shown her. She remembered how she loved the smell of leather, how she loved how it felt against her skin, how it had been used to restrain her, yet was made to feel empowered and adored while adorned by it. She remembered how he had woven intricate tapestries of rope about her body, and how he had convinced her to begrudgingly wear them under her clothes as they went out in public. The ghostly caress of the rope against her alabaster skin, his body pressing against hers from behind while they flipped through a book in the sexuality section of her favourite bookstore. Liz becomes more and more aroused while her mind swam in the confusion of the rope, his presence and the building her desire like a fragile flame from a match that is slowly nurtured by someone until it becomes a roaring blaze of sexual passion that openly dares anyone to try and quench it. 

Liz remembered how he had simply asked if she could get him a coffee at the onsite coffee shop, she blushed at the memory of the series of knots James had tied into the rope harness and how they had been positioned to cover the opening of her pussy. She felt herself getting wet as she recalled how “his knots'' kissed the lips of her vagina with every step towards the counter. The ropes massaged her full breasts as her weight shifted and her tender pussy embracing his handiwork in a fluid embrace. Liz felt her heart racing as the memory flooded her mindscape, the recounting of reaching the counter, the sales person asking what they could get her, and Liz having to bite her bottom lip and the urge to say “A private room, and the cute redhead currently standing in the sexuality section of the store.”

Liz reflected on her memory while trying to decide which she should open first, the letter or the cabernet. Against her better judgement she opted to open the bottle first so she could enjoy her good drink while she read the contents of her perceived love letter. After pouring herself a robust glass she began to read:

Dearest Liz:

I hope you have had a great day, and if you will indulge me I should think it will get much better. The weekend I have planned has definitely required lengthy attention, and preparation but I think you will find it quite rewarding, and with your patience, enjoyable. I have arranged for a ride to pick you up, at 18:00, and it will be waiting to ferry you to your destinations. Don’t bother to pack a bag as everything has been taken care of, if you want to see what is down the rabbit hole all you need do is take a leap of faith.

P.S., I am sorry about the wine.


Liz read the note again, she couldn’t believe her eyes. Her conscious mind rebelled. Did he really expect her to get into a car and go to unknown “destinations”, and do “unknown things” or worse have “unknown things” done to her? 

Her pussy still slick from the memory of the coffee shop became even more so as she pondered his expectations of her getting into a car with a complete stranger and speeding off to the unknown?

How could he have known she would open a bottle of wine? Did he really know her well enough to have the insight that the letter would arrive after the seal had been broken and subsequently require an apology? Of course he did, and it both stimulated her curiosity enough to garner a smile, and frustrated her enough for her to clench her teeth.

Against her better judgement, Liz slipped on her shoes, grabbed her purse and her coat as it was already 18:10 and the evening air was developing a chill. She walked up the stairs to her apt and walked outside to see for herself what was going on and hopefully get some answers, because if there was one thing that she knew it was she hated not knowing. Liz froze after walking around the corner from her apartment entrance as the driveway was completely blocked by a large white limousine parked along the curbside. A woman driver who was wearing a full black chauffeur uniform, complete with cap and sunglasses had her chestnut brown hair pulled up into a bun and stood there holding the rear passenger door open for Liz. The driver stood fully erect as if she had been one of Liz’s ballet students, or a member of the Queen’s guard. Liz’s conscious mind went “No… No Way… We aren’t doing this”. Her childish side went “This looks like fun”. As she was about to turn around and go back into her apartment and call James, Liz’s curious side chimed in, “If we don’t do this, it will bother you until the end of your days not knowing what’s down the rabbit hole.” Liz whispered to herself under her breath “Fine”.

Liz cautiously walked up to the limousine while the driver remained unmoving and silent which was for the best as if the driver had said anything to Liz the inevitable flight or fight response would have resulted in physical violence.

A gust of wind blew Liz’s long auburn hair over her shoulder, gently stroking her red locks the way James had so many times before, reminding her how relaxing it was when he did that, and she wished he were here to do that now.

She sighed, knowing that if he had been here she would have also bludgeoned him with questions about every detail demanding to know what was going to happen. Perhaps it was better he was not present after all.

Liz walked up to the driver and asked “You're waiting for me?”

The driver asked “You’re Liz?”

Liz replied with “Yeah, that’s me. Now what is going on? Where are we going? James sent you here? Where is he? Why isn’t he here?”

The driver’s answer was simple “All I know is that we have many destinations, but I am only privy to the first one until such time as we have finished there, then and only then will the proprietor release details for the next destination. I wasn’t given any detail beyond where to pick you up, and the address where I need to take you. I am sorry for the inconvenience Ma’am and if you would be so kind?” The driver motioned that Liz’s carriage awaited.


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