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Mary's New Job

by WishItWereMe

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Mary flopped down in the nearly empty train carriage. It was late in the evening and the rush hour was long over. At the end of long day stocktaking and a walk to the station through the sudden summer downpour she felt spent. Thank goodness she now had a week off to recover! She rested her hand on the next seat to change her position and realised that she had placed it on a discarded magazine. She picked it up and looked at the cover and blushed. The front was taken up by the title “Pony Experiences” and a large picture of a naked girl dressed in a strange harness.

Mary looked around to check that no-one was watching her. Satisfied that she was unobserved, she opened the magazine and glanced through the pages. It was full of similar pictures and some explanatory text. Strangely, she realised that it was stirring something within her which excited and disturbed her simultaneously. She hastily slid the magazine into her bag and sat for a few moments, examining her feelings. Unable to restrain herself, she took it out again and read one of the articles.

She began to discover a world she knew nothing about. Girls seemed to be getting a kick out of being dressed as ponies and others (both men and women it seemed) appeared to enjoy dressing them. She replaced the magazine in her bag and resumed her thoughts. She took it out again and looked at the pictures and again hid it away. She felt nervous and oddly thrilled.

Mary leaned back against the seat and closed her eyes. The idea of being the pony and of being controlled by another person strangely appealed to her. She realised that she would prefer the ‘owner’ to be a women. Did that mean she had lesbian tendencies? Suddenly she found that the train was pulling into her home station and she was forced to abandon her daydream and jump from the train.

Later that evening she was sitting watching the end of the news when the magazine returned to her mind. She switched off the TV and fetched the magazine from her bag and settled down to read it. After a few minutes, the warmth in her crutch forced her to admit that the idea excited her. Mary couldn’t explain why and she felt confused.

The last page contained personal adverts. Several were requests for ‘partners’ – mostly looking for girls to be ponies. Not surprising, she thought. Who would trust someone without knowing them or having some sort of assurance that they were safe? One advert caught her eye. It was from a woman who said that she had a ‘paid position’ for a pony girl. Interestingly, a landline telephone contact number was given. Most of the rest of the adverts used mobile numbers.

Mary thought about the advert during the evening but was plagued by uncertainty about whether she dare do it or not. After a restless night, she awoke to the realisation that the magazine was still haunting her. She had her breakfast, she sat back to decide what to do with her week’s holiday. She had made no plans as she had been too busy at work and too tired at home. The magazine taunted her from the coffee table.

On impulse, she located the advert and dialled the number. After all, she didn’t have to commit herself, just find out some more? A pleasant sounding woman answered the phone. Mary explained why she was calling and that she knew nothing about being a pony girl. The woman laughed. “We all have to start somewhere, pet”, she said. “Why not come over and have a look? We can take it from there.” She named a daily fee which made Mary’s eyes water and gave her the address.

“Some starter rules.” She said. “Tell someone my name and address, so that you feel safe. I can’t have you feeling worried all the time. Now, clothing. Skimpy T-shirt, shortest skirt you have. No underwear at all. No shoes or stockings. No jewellery. Nothing in your hair. Bring your toothbrush. OK?”

Startled, Mary agreed.

“OK, can you be here this morning? I’ll see you then.”

Mary dressed herself as she had specified. Feeling exposed she hurried downstairs from her flat and leapt into her ancient mini. To her relief, finding the house was easy. It was one of a number of largish detached houses in the road, with a large garden surrounded by shrubs and trees, making it quite secluded

She stopped on the gravel area in front of the house and climbed out. The house door was opened as soon as she pressed the bell. A perfectly normal looking, but well dressed, middle-aged woman stood in the door. She smiled, stepped aside and said, “Come in, come in, don’t be shy!”

Mary stepped in and followed her down the passageway, through the kitchen and into another corridor. The woman stopped at a doorway and ushered her in. The room was plain, with a table and chair and hooks on the wall with various leather harness items hanging from them. Below them on the floor was a pair of long black boots. The walls were plastered and painted cream, but the floor was plain concrete. There was a large rush mat covering the centre of the floor and a large unframed full length mirror on one wall.

“Let’s start, shall we? If you have second thoughts, we can stop at any time. Now, take off your clothes.” With some trepidation, Mary slipped off her T-shirt and skirt. The woman took them from her and put them on the table. She turned her gently round, examining her critically. “Good!” she exclaimed. “Nice firm boobs, not too big. Small rump. Nice long hair. What size feet are you?”

“5.” Said Mary

“That’s a relief. Those should fit. They’re quite expensive.” She said pointing to the boots. “The harnesses are adjustable anyway. Right, turn with your back to me.”

She took down a corselet and placed it around Mary. “Hold that for me while I do it up.” She quickly laced it up. “Not too tight, is it?” she asked.

“No, fine.” Said Mary. “It’s very comfortable, actually.”

The corselet extended down almost to Mary’s navel and had two cups which supported her breasts, but did not cover her nipples.

“By the way,” she said, “My name’s Lorna, but to you I’m Mistress.” “Not that you’ll have much opportunity to talk.” She added.

She faced Mary and carefully lifted each of her breasts and dropped them so that they nestled squarely in the cups of the corselet. They felt very high. Mary blushed at her touch, but did not protest. Mistress nodded approvingly.

Mistress took down a harness and placed it over Mary’s shoulders. She fastened the collar which had two shoulder pads. Two straps at the front formed an ‘X’ which passed between her breasts and then joined a belt which she buckled at the front around her waist. Two similar straps were attached at the back, but with extra straps fixed to the crossover point of the X. She took Mary’s arms high up behind her back and restrained them at the wrist using the two straps. Mary’s elbows were bent and just protruding beyond her sides.

Finally, she took a strap hanging from the waist belt at the front and passed it between her legs, buckling it to the other belt at the back. It divided where it passed over her sex and mistress carefully adjusted it so that she could gently tease her labia through the slit. Mary jumped nervously at this invasion. Mistress looked up, smiled and said, “There , you’ll get used to this attention.”

From that point on, Mary was always conscious of the belt nestling against her most sensitive region. On the belt was a small stud on a slider, which mistress adjusted until it was pressing against her anus. She then returned to the belt buckle and pulled it in a notch or two until it was tight. Mary was now also conscious of the stud pressing against her anus. In a reflex action, she clenched her muscles to prevent its entry. After several minutes, she was forced to relax and she could feel it slowly working its way in as she moved. As it was little more than finger sized in diameter, it wasn’t painful, but she was acutely aware of a feeling of fullness. At the same time, the width of the strap was pushing her buttocks apart as it pressed down.

Mistress returned to the hooks on the wall and brought back another harness which turned out to be for Mary’s head. She placed it on and then teased Mary’s hair through a loop in the back strap, forming a pony tail. There was a strap across her forehead and another buckled under her chin. Mary was immediately aware of two side blinkers restricting her field of view and a plastic bit dangling down one side of her head. “Open.” commanded mistress as she presented the bit to her mouth. Mary opened her mouth and mistress locked it in place.

“Now this is important.” She said. “This side of the bit is held in with this spring pin which comes out downwards. This cord from it is clipped onto your belt at the other end. If you choke on the bit and there is no-one to help you, you can pull it out by hooking the cord on anything like a door knob, tree branch, one of the wall hooks etc. Be warned though. If you do remove it you will forfeit a day’s pay. Understand?” Mary nodded, as she could no longer speak clearly.

“Sit on the chair.” Mary went over to the chair and sat down. As she went, she caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror. The effect was startling and quite sexy, she thought. After dusting the soles of Mary’s feet with her hands, Mistress pulled each boot on and fastened the straps at the top which were just below her knees. She then pulled Mary to her feet and attached a short hobble chain between them. Standing up, Mary found the boots to be very high heeled but otherwise comfortable. The leather was soft and they seemed to mould to her quite nicely.

“That was a marathon.” Mistress said. “If I don’t hurry I will be late for lunch.”

She attached a rein to a loop on Mary’s collar and led her down the corridor into the garden to a tree in the centre. She tied the rein to the tree and walked away. Surprised, Mary stood there watching her leave. Mary stood with little to do but experience the effect of the costume on her body. This made her more aware of the height that her breasts were lifted to, the cool air on her nipples, the pressure on her sex and the feeling of fullness in her rear. She began to realise that she was aroused. There was also a feeling of calm as she realised that there was no pressure on her to make decisions and that she was enjoying the feeling of submission. She looked around and was pleased to find that she was well hidden from onlookers in the secluded garden.

Mary guessed by the movement of the sun in the sky that it was about two hours before Mistress returned. She was pleased as she was getting bored and the standing in one place was making her legs and feet ache. “Missed me pet?” asked Mistress. Mary nodded enthusiastically. Mistress took the lead and led her back to the patio by the kitchen and dropped the rein while she went inside. Mary stood still and waited.

She returned with two containers. The larger bowl had a mixture of prepared muesli in milk. The other mug had water. Mistress unhooked the bit from May’s mouth. “No talking.” She ordered. She proceeded to feed Mary with a spoon and then gave her a drink of water. “Ponies are vegetarian.” She explained. “You’d better like muesli.” She wiped her chin, rinsed the bit and replaced it in her mouth.

“Now for some exercise to get used to the boots.” She led Mary across the garden to a post fixed in the ground. It had a horizontal bar which extended about ten feet sideways. She tied Mary’s rein to it and walked back to the house wall where she flicked a switch. The post started to rotate and Mary was obliged to move forward, pulled by the rein. Mistress returned to the patio and picked up her book, reclined in a chair and started to read. With the weight of the boots and the hobble forcing her to take small quick steps, Mary began to warm up in the hazy sunshine and then started to sweat. She drooled even more copiously as she started to breathe harder. Eventually, she realised that Mistress has stopped the motor and she came to a standstill, leaning on the bar, panting.

Mistress took her to the wall of the house and tethered her so that she could lean against it while regaining her composure. She returned to her book. After a few minutes Mistress brought Mary some water to drink and said, “You did well on that. We need to get your strength up for the cart.” Mary jerked round at that. “Did you not realise that’s what you would be doing? Come along.”

She took her rein and led her to a brick outhouse. She opened the large doors to reveal a small cart. She backed Mary into it and attached the shafts to her harness belt. Then, walking alongside, she called out “Forward!” Mary pulled and the cart rolled easily forward. For the next hour she was directed by Mistress to manoeuvre the cart around the garden, getting used to the weight and width and cornering smoothly, whilst lifting her knees high whilst ‘ trotting’.

She released Mary from the cart and turned her out into the garden. Mary wandered aimlessly around it, exploring, until Mistress brought her muesli meal in the evening.

After the meal Mistress took Mary into the house and removed her boots. She then led her to the next room to where she had put on the harness. It was a stark windowless bathroom with a barred gate rather than a door and a concrete floor. Mistress locked the gate after Mary had entered, then removed the harnesses and corselet through the bars. She left Mary to wash and returned with a clean harness set, but no boots or corset. When she had been re-secured, Mary was led to her room, which was next door. Without the boots, Mary was able to lie on the bed. There was still some discomfort as she still had her arms secured and was obliged to wear the bit.

* * *

After several days of this routine, Mary was beginning to feel that the novelty of the situation was wearing off. The periods where she was exercised by Mistress were interesting, but the long intervals when she was left unattended in the garden were very trying. The thought of the money kept her going however. In the end, after some agonising, she decided she liked Mistress and at the end of the week she nodded in agreement to Mistresses enquiry to continue for a longer term. She was directed by Mistress to write to her landlord to terminate the lease of her flat. Mistress arranged for her possessions to be put in storage in the stables.

Early one day, Mistress arrived dressed in riding clothes which were clearly brand new. She took Mary out and fed her and then took her to her bathroom. She released her from her trappings and took it all away. Minutes later, she returned with a new set. The new corselet was white trimmed with black lace. The leather harnesses were white leather with black stitching and black buckles and studs. Even the white boots were new. Mary thought that the white would look very good against her newly tanned skin.

Mistress dressed her and unlocked the gate. She then walked round behind her and, to Mary’s surprise, she slipped on a blindfold. Mary stood there, realising that she now had completely lost any control of her body. She was led out of the house and up a ramp into what was a vehicle of some sort. Mistress led her to the front and strapped her to a vertical board, preventing any movement. There was the sound of some activity which Mary guessed was the cart being loaded. Mistress spoke to another woman, who replied and then Mary heard two doors closing. The engine started and the vehicle moved away.

A short while later they stopped. There was some conversation, a little manoeuvring and the engine stopped. The noise of the cart being unloaded was followed by Mary’s release and removal from the vehicle. Mary stood still, listening to the sound of many voices and arriving vehicles around. There was the sudden noise of the public address welcoming people to the pony festival. She was horrified at the prospect of being paraded almost naked in front of a host of people. She tried to attract Mistresses attention by pulling on the rein and stamping her feet. Mistress responded with a sharp “Stop that!” and a slap across her rump with the end of the rein. It stung, and Mary realised that she was achieving nothing and would be forced to accept her fate.

She felt the cart being brought up and the shafts attached. Mistress removed the blindfold and began to brush Mary’s hair. At the same time the other woman began to polish the leather harness. She then began to apply oil to Mary’s body, rubbing it in to produce a gloss all over her. She released the crutch strap and applied oil to her private parts, again massaging it in with vigour. Despite her worries, Mary began to feel aroused. The strap was replaced and then the woman produced two tassels which matched Mary’s hair in colour. They were attached to two small discs with self-adhesive pads. The woman removed the protective paper and carefully applied them over her nipples, heavily smoothing them down with the palm of her hand.

Mary looked around as much as she could with the restriction of the blinkers. There were many other carts with girls and the odd man harnessed to them being prepared by their handlers. There were also many hundreds of onlookers and supporters in a large audience around an arena.

She heard their name being called. Mistress then surprised Mary by going up to her and kissing her on the cheek, whispering, “Let’s go and win this my pet.” Mary was suddenly elated, realising belatedly that she adored her mistress, and wanted to please her above anything else. At Mistresses command she pranced out into the arena.

They didn’t win the competition, but Mistress was obviously elated at their third place. “Not bad for our first effort.” she cried. She removed Mary’s bit and kissed her gently on the lips. In response, Mary ground her sex against Mistresses legs. Startled, Mistress stepped back and said, “So that’s how you feel?” Mary nodded and leaned her head against Mistresses shoulder. Mistress gently stroked her rump. “I think we had better get home and sort this out?”

Back at the house, Mistress admitted, “I’ve been neglecting you. Do you feel frustrated?” Mary nodded vigorously. Mistress immediately undid her crotch strap, inserted two fingers into her vagina, located her clitoris and began a gentle massage. Although this wasn’t the frustration Mary had in mind, she revelled in her inability to resist and quickly rose to a climax.

The training regime increased, Mary was attached to the cart from dawn till dusk, and revelled in perfecting her performance. Mistress often rewarded a good day’s work with masturbation and any slacking gained a firm slap on her rump. Mary realised that the continual exercise had toned her body and she was able to work the long hours without difficulty.

Mistress announced a second pony fair was to be held. Her friend arrived and together they cleaned the harnesses and the cart. Mary was brought out and tethered in the centre of the yard below a stout wooden frame. One at a time, her arms were released and fixed to the frame. She was washed down and every orifice was subjected to a thorough inspection and clean. Her hair was brushed thoroughly until it shone. With no bit in, Mary succumbed to temptation to ask a question. “Where…” She was cut off with a smart slap from Mistress. “Ponies do not talk!” She quickly put on the head harness and the bit then removed her belt and smacked her hard across the rump.

The shock of the pain caused Mary to buckle at the knees. Mistress then said, “We will discuss this after the show.”

The show was a disaster for them. Mary was too affected by the punishment to perform well. There was a red weal across her buttocks which the judges noted. As they prepared to return home, Mistress blindfolded Mary. She then led her into the horse box, fixed her to the vertical board and then unexpectedly strapped her legs tightly together. Arriving home, Mary heard the two women leave the cab and walk away. They did not return and Mary was left strapped up all night.

Mistress returned next morning. She unloaded the cart and released Mary from the board. She led her into the yard, stood her on a small block and re-strapped her legs together after removing her boots. She then fixed her arms to the wooden frame, one at a time so she was never free to resist. Mary felt the box being kicked away and she was forced to stand on her toes to ease the strain on her arms. Mistress then removed the main harness and the corselet and walked away to store them. She returned and Mary felt her stick some wide tape over her mouth and bit.

“Right.” Said Mistress. “Let’s get some things clear. I’ve spent too much time and money on you to throw it all away now. Consider our arrangement terminated. There will be no more payment for you. Do you want to leave? Yes or no?” With the tape over her mouth, Mary, crying with frustration was unable to respond, except to shake her head. “Good.” Said Mistress. “I will take your silence as agreement. However, your status has changed. I consider you are a runaway risk, so your regime will be much stricter from now on.”

Mistress roughly ripped off the tape and Mary heard her leave again. She realised she needed to relieve herself and eventually had to give in. The warm liquid running down her legs humiliated and disgusted her. She was hungry, having not eaten since lunchtime the day before.

Eventually Mistress returned and released Mary from the frame, securing her wrists one at a time behind her back to a belt around her waist. She put on her collar and lead and pulled her over to the stables. Mary was forced to hop as her ankles were still strapped together. She could feel the discomfort of her unrestrained breasts bouncing up and down. “Here’s your new home.” She fixed the lead to a ring at the back of the stall, which had straw on the floor. She removed the blindfold, head harness and bit, placed Mary’s muesli on the floor in a bowl and left. Mary called out “Please don’t do this.” Mistress returned and again lashed her with her belt. “Ponies do not talk.” She walked off, leaving Mary crying on the straw where she had collapsed.

Next morning Mistress arrived, fed her breakfast together with a pill which she didn’t explain to Mary. After this, Mary was given the pill after every breakfast, without explanation. Mistress let her wash herself and then put her in her harness, all without speaking a word. The day’s training was relentless, as it was for the next month. The only words from Mistress were her commands during the dressage training. Mistress was also not afraid to use her belt on her rump if she wasn’t up to her expectations. Mary had little time to reflect on her situation. When she was not being worked, she was so tired that she immediately fell asleep on the itchy straw.

She was woken one morning to find Mistress again in her show gear. With her was her friend and a small girl who watched wide-eyed as Mary was prepared. When she was ready, Mistress said, “I have entered you for the dressage and concours d’elegence as usual and also for the races. Alice here will be your driver in the races. She has practised on full sized horse and carriage, so we expect no difficulties for her.”

“I expect total obedience from you with her.” Mary nodded, anxious not to receive a stroke from the belt.

They arrived at the show, where Mary was prepared with the cart and lined up for the judges’ inspection. This time, Mary was able to see the reaction of the crowd as they walked down the line of the ponies. Many of the women discretely showed envy at her trim body and the effect of her display on the men. They also envied her apparent willingness to be displayed. The men (especially the younger ones) were more openly impressed. Some were slightly embarrassed and tried to hide it with coarse comments to raise a laugh. Some had obvious erections: many with hands in trouser pockets, covertly attempting to rearrange their penis and make themselves more comfortable. Mary was startled to realise that she no longer felt any embarrassment.

They came second in the concours, losing marks for not removing her pubic hair. Mistress said, “That won’t happen again!”

In the dressage, led and commanded by Mistress, Mary achieved first place, much to Mistresses delight. She stood at the presentation gently stroking Mary’s bottom. “I have a reward for you, my pet.” She promised.

The race wasn’t so successful. Alice was too indecisive in which line she took and in maintaining her position under pressure. Mary was unable to make use of her speed by being hemmed in for much of the time. They were eliminated in the second round. Mistress made it clear that she did not blame Mary.

They returned to the horse box. Mary was surprised when Mistress blindfolded her. She was then led some distance to another horsebox and up the ramp. At the front she was startled to find herself being strapped behind another pony. She could feel its hands high up its back and then having her breasts felt before they were pulled tightly together.

The return journey was uncomfortable because of the tightness of the straps and the heat generated by the proximity of two bodies.

Mary was unloaded and taken into a yard by a stranger, where she was undressed from her harness and boots. Her wrists were transferred one at a time to straps looped onto a belt around her waist. A bowl of muesli was put on the floor and she ate hurriedly as she was hungry. They quickly washed her and then led her into a stable block and to a stall with a bed in it. She was made to lie down on her back. A strap was passed round the bed, over her arms and under her body so that she could not sit up. Her feet were brought up near her bottom so that her knees were in the air and her ankles were secured to a second strap running around the bed. Mary found that she could not lower her knees, leaving her sex fully on show. The blindfold was replaced. The strange woman left. Noises outside told of the second pony being prepared. Then the pony was led into the room. The woman commanded, “No talking from either of you, or you will be whipped. I will be listening on the baby alarm.” and the door was closed. Mary listened. She could hear the pony’s breathing, but nothing else.

She felt the other pony, obviously also blindfold, nudge the bed and then tentatively start to climb on from the foot. She jumped with shock as she felt breath on her crutch and then the ecstasy of lips and tongue on her labia and clitoris. She squirmed on the bed, more and more violently. When she felt that she would climax very soon, the attention of the other pony suddenly moved to her navel and then her nipples and breasts as the other squirmed up her body. Mary suddenly felt an erect penis brushing the inside of her legs and the wetness of its aroused tip. It was a man! She was going to be raped - and she wanted it more than she would have believed! So that was what the pill was that Mistress had been giving her! She spread her legs further and worked her wrists round the waist belt until she was able to grasp his penis and help steer it into her gaping vagina. With both so aroused, it did not take many strokes for them both to climax.

They lay there panting for some time, Mary being forced to support the weight of his hot body, as his arms were also restrained. He roused himself and kissed her passionately on the lips several times. She could feel that he was also blindfolded. She responded as she felt him deflate. As he pulled out she could tell that he felt as sensitive as she did. Thoughtfully, he started to slide over to one side to ease his weight off her. She responded by twisting her body so that one knee was lowered and he was able to slide over it. He lay on his side, facing her. She gently held his softening penis in her hand. They lay, comfortable in each other’s presence, and eventually fell asleep.

Morning came suddenly with the other Mistresses cry of “Wake up you two.” He was removed quickly. Mary could smell his body as he rose. She was re-gagged with her bit and unceremoniously transferred to the horsebox, still blindfolded.

She was taken back to her Mistress, who allowed her to wash and gave her breakfast. “I hear that you both performed very well!” Mistress laughed. “If you behave yourself and perform well at the meetings, it could happen again. Meanwhile, we have some work to do.”

The third and last pony event of the season was held a month later. They were most successful, first in the dressage, second again in the concours and third in the races. Mistress was delighted. Mary was left standing alone whilst she went to receive congratulations from her friends and rivals. Mary had spent the entire meeting wondering if any one of the three male ponies there could be her sexual partner. She discretely sidled up to the nearest, who was still sweating from the last race. As soon as his scent reached her she realised it was him! She made eye contact with him and looked questioningly at him. He looked startled, glanced around to make sure that he wasn’t being observed, nodded and then inspected her approvingly.

She moved close him and began to rub her body against his, but their cart shafts made it difficult. Mistress saw them and surprised Mary by laughing. She walked back to another woman, pointed at them, and they talked and laughed together. Mistress and the other pony’s owner came over and they were taken to their horseboxes. Mistress exchanged Mary’s harness and corselet for a waist belt with wrist restraints and removed her boots, replacing them with a hobble.

She led her back out naked to where the male pony was with his mistress. He was also wearing only a waist belt and a hobble chain and she could see that he was already becoming aroused. Mistress attached a double-ended rein to each of their collars, so that they could move only six feet apart at most. Mistress pointed at the now empty field, smacked May’s rump and said, “Off you go!” They ran off to the furthest corner of the field as fast the hobbles would allow and were soon entwined on the ground, all inhibitions abandoned.

The two Mistresses sat drinking a cup of tea in the evening sun, watching them in the distance.

“Do you think we could breed ponies?”

“Worth a thought!”

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