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Antonia had grown up living near the ocean, she loved swimming and the feel of the water as she splashed and played in it. Her grandfather always told her stories of when he sailed the oceans but the ones she loved the most were about the mermaids he had seen. Going to college was a real eye opener for Antonia, of course she knew the stories of mermaids weren’t true but still enjoyed dreaming of them and becoming one herself. During her child hood she had become very adept at swimming like a mermaid often tying or taping her ankles and knees together for hours while she swam out further and further in the blue waters near her home. Antonia found out that on the night after finals the whole school went out to party and finally gave in and went with her friends. The hotel bar they went to was huge and was packed with college students making Antonia very uncomfortable. As she was about to slip away from her friends and go home she spotted her first real mermaid!

Antonia couldn’t believe her eyes as she stood staring at the two beautiful women wearing very real looking mermaid tails in a huge tank. She watched them swim for several minutes before having to take a breath from one of the many air lines bubbling around the tank. She was hooked and knew she had to be part of the show sneaking through the back door and finding her way to the top of the tank surprised there was only a small opening in it. The two mermaids emerged from the opening after Antonia had stood watching them for an hour both being very friendly to her and sat talking during their entire break before dropping themselves back into the tank. Antonia watched them amazed by their movements and how they played in the clear water. After finally being forced to leave the tank vowing to come back tomorrow and get a job there.

Antonia had always been bookish but had kept her small body lean and trim just needing a little sun having a very narrow waist and long legs. Since leaving her home to go to school she had not been able to spend much time in the water but had spent many hours in her bathtub practicing her ability to hold her breath dreaming about swimming to the underwater caves she had found and spent many days exploring. Arriving at the hotel asking for Howard as the mermaids had suggested also telling her that they normally had three mermaids and one had left recently. Howard was very pleasant asking why she thought she wanted to do this job and listening to her explain her dreams of being a mermaid. Howard was excited he could see through her bookish appearance and knew she was beautiful asking her to show him her ability to swim like a mermaid.

Howard escorted her to the tank explaining that the tank had been built to be a large aquarium but he didn’t like the added cost of having fish and when someone had suggested he put a couple of mermaids in it he quickly found a couple of girls to try it out. The first suits were simple and over the years he had improved the suits and breathing equipment making it much nicer and safer for the mermaids. Howard was surprised when Antonia quickly stripped to her bathing suit wrapping her ankles and knees with tape she had asked him for and dropped herself in the tank swimming around easily. Howard watched her breath from the hoses while she swam around finding the small castle and cave hidden inside the tank scaring him when she didn’t emerge from the cave for a few minutes. Antonia sat in the cave enjoying the cool dark area finding a gap in the ceiling leaving her a small pocket of trapped air remembering the caves she loved. Howard smiled as she popped out of the opening saying “You’re hired” as she struggled to rip the tape handing her his small pocket knife helping her to stand as he asked if she wanted to try on a suit.

Antonia squealed giggling as she nodded her head following him to the “dressing room” squealing again as she saw all the different tails hanging neatly on their racks. Howard picked out two different suits telling her some are more difficult to get into but look better recommending she try a simple one first. Antonia slithered easily into the first suit Howard agreeing it was too big for her leaving too many wrinkles and loose spots. Antonia was looking at one suit when Howard told her it was very complex but looked very good under water suggesting another suit, seeing the desire in Antonia’s eyes putting it away and helping her to try the much more realistic suit on. Howard explained there were two of these that had been given as samples to the hotel and he had purchased three others but the girls preferred using the other suits because how difficult they were to get into and out of.

Antonia relished the tightness of the suit feeling it hug her legs as she pushed them deep into the tail needing Howard to hold her up as she stood up forcing her feet into the fin. Antonia wrestled the suit up over her shoulders guiding her breasts into the cups then forcing her arms into the long sleeves. Antonia’s arousal was growing quickly as she felt her legs being crushed together in the tail glad there were separate tubes for her legs to keep them from rubbing together. Howard was tugging on the back stretching the rubbery material asking “How far do you want to go?” explaining it took quite awhile to close the suit. “I have time if you do” Antonia said with a pleading look in her eyes.

Howard knew he had his next mermaid agreeing he would help her into the suit but he had several meetings so it would be a few hours before he could remove it. Antonia agreed asking if it was ok to stay in the tank while she waited even though the bar was not open yet. Howard agreed saying he would inform the bar tender to keep an eye on her and started lacing up the back of the suit. Howard pulled the laces squeezing Antonia from her thighs to her shoulders only hearing slight gasps when he pulled the suit tight explaining it was designed to be very tight to keep the water out. Antonia nodded she was ok feeling more like a mermaid with each tug of the laces. Once the suit was pulled closed Howard closed the hooks of the second layer before zipping the outer layer closed sealing her inside the suit.

Antonia had been partially sitting on a stool since she was unable to stand in the suit because of the reinforced swim fin and the tension around her legs. She had been concentrating on her breathing fussing with the fingerless gloves and stretching her neck inside the tall collar when he said “All done!” Antonia was grinning as he moved the rolling mirror around her showing her how perfectly she had made the transformation. Antonia looked up at the tall tank and back to Howard not needing to ask before he pulled a harness attached to a winch to her wrapping it around her very narrow waist letting her put her arms through the holes for her arms. Antonia had not realized how tall the tank having only seen it from the bar and top was until she was being hoisted upwards. The tank was three stories tall and much longer than she had found in her brief swim. Howard was waiting for her on the top when she finally cleared the top the winch automatically sliding towards the opening.

Howard was explaining the winch system telling her it had originally been designed to be used for the bags of fish food and any new fish that were put into the tank. Antonia was slowly sliding her tail to the opening when she noticed the large cover nearby getting even more aroused when she thought about being locked inside the tank. Antonia pulled the lid over towards the opening as Howard reset the winch slowly sliding into the water reaching up and closing the lid. Howard spotted the lid closed darting over and yanking it open asking Antonia if she was alright thinking it had closed accidently finding the young woman giggling as she hovered by kicking her tail slightly. “This thing was supposed to be removed, I’m always afraid it will get closed trapping my girls in there”. Antonia giggled again muttering “That would be ok with me” before disappearing under the water leaving Howard even more sure he had found his next mermaid.

Howard walked away from the tank smiling as Antonia started exploring her new world, the tight suit limiting her lung capacity and making her have to strain to raise her arms. She had been worried about the rubber suit making her float being told it had added weights that would make her sink but just barely finding he was right when she stopped swimming she would slowly sink towards the bottom. Antonia swam carefully from each of the bubbling hoses as she learned her limits and became accustomed to the suits compression. She was shocked to find that the tank was also the back drop for the front counter and the restaurant swimming slowly around the tank finding if she swam within a few feet of the wall she could see outside stopping to wave at some children checking in with their parents. The restaurant was empty so she glided around that end of the tank finding a back entrance to the castle not swimming in because she was still unsure of her ability to hold her breath in the tight suit.

Antonia swam around for two hours unaware she had been there that long already forgetting she could be seen by anyone looking in the tank as her arousal increased. Antonia swam to the opening pulling herself up looking around since she saw no one around she pulled the lid over slamming it shut feeling her pussy almost explode as she dropped away from it watching the closed lid as she sank to the bottom. Antonia was alone trapped in the tank she knew there was a microphone in the castle she could call for help on but quickly swam to the cave curling herself up on her new tail keeping her face near the top. Antonia started stroking her mermaid body as her climax neared gasping for air as her hands desperately tried to touch herself finding she could not touch her pussy at all and even her covered breasts felt numb under the thick material.

It had been over four hours since she had slipped into the water and the other mermaids had arrived to start their shift turning on all the lights for the tank. Antonia was still in the dark cave, her desperate attempts to cum driving her to fight the suit even harder making her wish she could reach her pussy. The other girls found the top closed as they pulled themselves to the opening not finding it unusual because sometimes it gets closed if people had been working around it. They secured it open before dropping themselves into the water and getting acclimated to the temperature. Antonia was just feeling the beginning of the orgasm dreaming of being trapped in the tank for days and forced to wear the tight mermaid suit forever when she screamed and started to convulse as the orgasm slammed through her.

The other girls had swam to the bottom testing the air lines as they played with each other for a few minutes chasing each other swimming quickly into the cave. Antonia was gasping for air stroking her encased body when suddenly there was two faces in front of her making her scream from being startled. Kim and June both laughed remembering her from the other night asking if she was going to be one of the girls. Antonia was still in shock and aroused wondering if they had seen her stroking her breasts muttering she hoped so. Both the girls squealed and reached out touching Antonia’s body squealing again as they said “He made you wear the tight one?” both commenting about what an asshole he could be having Antonia explain she had asked to wear it. The girls chatted for a few minutes both of them stroking the new girl’s body telling her she looked great and how they had never been able to get used to the tight suits.

Kim squealed “Let’s play tag, the people always like that!” quickly turning and disappearing in the water. June laughed as she said “She really enjoys playing the part, come on!” Antonia watched her swim away taking a deep breath and following her out of the cave surprised at how fast the two girls were as they swam around the tank. About half way around Antonia lost sight of the other two having to stop for air more than they did sitting on her folded legs when she saw them coming from behind her pointing at her indicating she was it. Antonia swam away using her larger tail to push her quickly through the water using the rubber fins under her arms that she had found to be the cause of her inability to raise her arms freely to let her turn tightly and without thinking swam away from them. Antonia was no longer thinking about holding her breath and swam quickly into the castle pushing herself to shoot through to the other side reaching a bubbling hose just as she was starting to get scared about needing air again.

Howard had been watching since before the other girls arrived laughing with the crowd that had gathered to watch the mermaids play in the water. The three mermaids stopped chasing each other sharing a breathing hose as they smiled at each other looking out seeing the crowd waving their arms as they cheered for the girls. Slipping into the cave again the girls were all laughing and talking about how much fun that was telling Antonia it was no fair since she was wearing one of the good suits and agreeing they should all wear them because of how good she looked in hers. Antonia spent the rest of the night in the tank playing and swimming around entertaining the guests and herself having to stop three more times to try and orgasm being unable to complete another climax leaving her frustrated but having too much fun to leave yet.

After that first day Antonia spent every moment she could in the tank often spending the weekend in it never getting out really enjoying being trapped in the suit and tank until Sunday night when she was forced to get out. As the weeks turned into months all three of the girls had become accustomed to the nicer mermaid suits and all having more fun in the tank becoming big news in the community increasing the sales in the restaurant and bar considerably. Antonia had taken one of the suits home wearing it whenever she could never being able to quite close it but still enjoyed being compressed inside it often binding her wrists after filling her mouth with a large gag and struggling to her release while the vibrators she had inserted deep in herself made her orgasm several times. Getting brave Antonia began inserting vibrators in herself before she went to work especially on the weekends setting the remotes on random leaving them near the dressing area so each time she swam by that area they would change settings. The first few times she had done it the powerful vibrators had made it almost impossible to stay out of the castle or cave making her glad they died quickly. But now she has strong rechargeable batteries installed in them they would run from Friday night until late Saturday of even Sunday depending on the random settings.

Antonia played mermaid for the next two years graduating from school making her have to decide on what she was going to do. Of the three original girls she was the last, the others had left one getting married and the other graduating and getting another job. Antonia now ran the whole thing, if it involved the tank she was the boss, the new girls were almost as enthusiastic as she was having moved there for the jobs learning about the tank from the on-line comments and stories. All the women had gotten new suits all of them tighter than before because Antonia wanted them to look more feminine and even had sexy suits made that would leave their breasts exposed for when they would do special parties in the bar or restaurant. Antonia almost never went without her suit, the company that produced them had made her several that had legs so she could wear them out of the water for her interviews and public appearances. The out of water suits were designed the same way being much tighter and having legs keeping her completely covered with built in high heels making her feet and waist look incredibly small. Howard had paid special attention to Antonia’s needs and requests giving her almost anything she had asked for even giving her a room in the hotel so she could stay in the tank as much as she wanted.

Howard knew she was making the hotel very popular and was sure she was enjoying herself much more than the others and hoped she would agree to what he asked her when he was done setting everything up. Antonia was doing an appearance on a late night talk show, the show wanted to show her dedication to her trade asking her to travel the entire way in her mermaid suit arranging to have a tank for her to ride in sent and shipped to the studio as a publicity stunt. Antonia was excited at the idea, she would be traveling in a large clear tank as a mermaid in public, just at the thought she had been forced to orgasm agreeing quickly. When she was talking to the man who would set everything up including building the tank they had determined the correct size essentially being a large coffin made of steel and clear plastic. During her conversations about air tubes and construction she had asked that the tank be lockable citing being concerns about being helpless in her mermaid outfit inside the tank and not wanting anyone to be able to get into it.

Howard saw this as an opportunity to enact his plan adding several things without her knowing it and telling Antonia he had bought her a new suit for the interview. Howard had already been giving Antonia special lotion to help with her skin from being exposed to water for so long helping her apply it all over. Antonia didn’t know why she need it all over since she was normally sealed inside the suit leaving only her face and head exposed but used the lotion as directed noticing how her skin had tightened and smoothed out dramatically. The transport tank arrived and a fully suited Antonia slid inside it finding because of the thickness of the plastic there was not much room for her to move around. She checked the locks letting the TV station advertise she would be locked inside to keep everyone else safe showing the case letting them really promote her being shipped as live cargo. Antonia had not checked into how she would actually be shipped assuming she would ride in a truck so when the day came to go out of town she had filled her pussy and ass before slipping into the newest suit having Howard and another one of the mermaids lace her and seal her inside it. The new suit was incredibly tight crushing her from her neck to toes, the arm fins were twice as thick forcing her to keep her gloved hands down but giving her a great look. The suit also covered her head leaving only her pretty face exposed, the hood had small holes where her hair could be vacuumed out of it showing her long red locks.

Once laced into the suit Antonia was helpless to remove herself from it, the gloves made her hands look like fins having trailing edges of thick rubber along the tops and forcing her hands to remain flat with webbing in between her fingers trapping her thumbs under her palm. The helplessness of the new suit was arousing her even more at the thought of being unable to remove the suit unless someone else releases her. She checked the breathing system, two small air tanks in the bottom of the case and a simple air hose running out of the case. Signaling she was ready she felt the pressure increase as the lid was closed pressing more water out of the case. She hadn’t been told that the case needed to be completely filled so there was no sloshing inside it leaving her absolutely no room for trapped air. There were two small valves that allowed spent air to escape but would hold back water allowing her to breathe normally. Antonia was concentrating on her breathing in the much tighter suit and her arousal as she was rolled out of the hotel and into the waiting truck. Inside the truck the tank was covered with a wooden box to keep anyone from seeing inside the tank until it was time and to protect the tank from being scratched something else she had not been informed of. After driving for half an hour being bounced and shifted inside the dark case Antonia was getting worried about being trapped inside the coffin for three days.

The tank was rolled out of the wooden box and once her eyes had adjusted Antonia realized she was in front of the air port. The box was rolled past rows of reporters as they pushed her to the large cargo department. The press all watched as she spun around in the tank grabbing each hose trying to control her panic and put on a good show. When her tank was handed off to the airport personnel and she saw the man she had been dealing with walk away she became nervous desperately trying to get someone’s attention before everything went dark and she was inside the wooden crate again. Antonia was terrified as she was roughly loaded onto a plane feeling the entire flight in complete darkness being shifting front to back inside the tank during takeoff and landing. Reaching the airport she was freed from the crate thankful to be out of the dark and rolled into an open warehouse and left alone feeling the water cooling quickly as the temperature where she was left was much lower.

Antonia was left alone for what seemed like hours before a large truck backed up to her coffin and she could see the man she had been talking to. He tapped on the glass holding his thumb up as he pushed her into the truck taking her to the hotel across the street from the studio leaving her in a room to wait for Howard to arrive. Antonia had thought the trip would take much longer just now realizing she would be forced to stay in the coffin until the host of the show opens the locks so she could give her interview tomorrow night. All her planning had been part of the promotion and now she could do nothing to change it and let the massive orgasm slam though her body while she hung on to the natural air hose panting. During the trip she had climaxed three times each time when she felt totally helpless and once during the interview while she was rolled onto the stage.

The host had unlocked the tank allowing her to sit up for the first time in twenty four hours eventually his staff pulled her from the tank sitting her on several towels while they dried her moving her to the chair for the rest of the show. The host spent most of the show talking and touching the suit in awe of it construction and her ability to remain sealed inside it indefinitely. That night in the hotel Howard opened the coffin and the two talked with her sitting in a chair still squeezed tightly into the suit wondering when he planned on releasing her. After an hour or two Howard told her of a way she could breathe under water asking her if she would like to be a real mermaid. Antonia was shocked as she listened to the explanation of what oxygenated water meant learning that with just a simple mouthpiece she could actually breathe under water. Howard continued to explain as he hooked up a long hose to the breathing hose in the tank and turned it on letting Antonia watch the water begin to bubble. Howard also explained her had contact lenses that would allow her to see under water perfectly clear and ear plugs that would allow her to hear while under water.

Antonia was very excited as she listened to his explanations thinking she would finally be able to live her dream of being a real mermaid and wondered how long she could actually survive under water. Howard asked her if any of what he was saying interesting her getting a loud squeal and vigorous nodding. He told her that she would need to be a mermaid for a much longer time than she was now, making all this work takes a long time and is difficult to remove so she would need to be sure she was really ready to live her dream. Antonia sat thinking about her options while Howard finished oxygenating the water going over the check list in his head making sure everything was working as he had planned. His reason for getting her out of the tank wasn’t to let her change but to make sure the new suit had done what it was supposed to.

The lotion he had been giving her not only helped her skin in water it was the second part of the two part adhesive that would seal the new suit to her permanently. The suit had been coated with the first part and once it was placed on her the two chemicals reacted securing the suit to her body almost at a molecular level making it impossible to be removed. He had made sure the suit had adhered to every square inch of her body filling every crack and crevice while he dried her off. The suit had attached itself to her showing every inch of her toned body and making it appear she had never had any legs and sealing her breasts under layers of the material. Antonia had noticed how sensitive her skin had become since she started using the lotion and thought that was why she could feel everything that touched her in the new suit having no idea it was because the suit was now a part of her body and she would never be able to remove it again.

Antonia looked at Howard and said “I would love to be your mermaid forever”. Howard smiled knowing she had no idea just how true that statement would be. Howard walked up behind her telling her she needed to keep the mouthpiece in her mouth for at least two hours so it would set completely giving her the ability to breathe telling her to open wide and fed the large “blob” into her mouth telling her to push her tongue into the opening for it. Antonia did as she was told biting down feeling the blob ooze around her teeth and strange pressure on her tongue. With her mouth full Howard inserted the large contacts into each of her eyes getting a muffled squeal as she sat blinking her eyes listening to him tell her to keep them closed until they felt better. As Antonia sat humming Howard carefully worked the ear plugs into her ears pressing hard on them getting another squeal and making Antonia quickly raise her gloved hands to her ears. She opened her eyes to look at Howard finding she could barely make out his vague form through the contacts he had put in.

Antonia sat whining confused at what was happening feeling the air she could take in getting thinner and started to panic waving her hands as she tried to open her mouth. Howard held her hands telling her to breathe through her nose until she got used to the breathing device in her mouth. Antonia calmed as she gasped through her nose listening to Howard explain that once she was in the water she would no longer be able to breathe through her nose and would have to get used to the lower oxygen level of the breather. Antonia was still confused but felt better as she continued to inhale through her new mouth piece trying to get accustomed to the thinner air supply. The two sat quietly for several hours before Howard asked her to hold a towel over her face and breathe deeply, Antonia did as she was told having done it many times before when Howard had given her treatments that helped her hold her breath longer and soon went to sleep.

While his new mermaid slept Howard prepared for her final conversion to a real mermaid carefully slicing around the exposed end of the plug in her firm ass removing it and inserting a slightly larger plug that she would use to flush herself out from now on. He wasn’t sure but assumed her pussy was filled with another phallus and hoped it was too big since he didn’t want to cut the suit anymore than he had to. Antonia would sleep for another four hours waking to total silence and learning no matter how hard she tried she could not remove the mouth piece wedged into her gaping mouth.

When Antonia woke she tried to look around feeling her skin itching badly almost feeling like it was on fire. She could not hear her whines nor could she see anything around her and started flailing feeling her body shift and suddenly was able to see clearly again as she slid under the surface of the water. Her skin immediately felt better and she rolled over in time to see Howard closing the top of her tank and quickly closing the locks thought the hasps. She watched him pick up something and suddenly could hear him talking, telling her she was to be shipped to her new home and to try and learn to breathe through the mouth piece but her hose was still functional. Antonia was shocked as she lay trapped in the coffin panting through her mouth no longer able to inhale through her nose feeling like she wasn’t able to get enough air but was surprised she could actually breathe while under water.

The box was moved to the truck even with her thrashing and twisting inside the tank none questioned anything as she was returned to the dark crate and loaded on another plane. Antonia was feeling better about her breathing when she felt the plane landing and hoped she would be let out of the tank soon. This time the tank was rolled out still in the crate and left on the tarmac for several hours before a truck came and hauled it away shaking and splashing Antonia around as it rumbled along. When the tank was uncovered again Antonia was in full panic mode kicking and thrashing inside the small tank desperately wanting out. Suddenly she heard Howard’s voice in her ears again asking her to calm down waiting for her to stop thrashing and pointed towards the other side of the tank. Antonia rolled over a stared at what looked like a beautiful lagoon with blue water a large cave and a huge house next to it.

Howard stood next to the locked tank explaining her situation to her watching her reaction as she learned she was now permanently sealed in the mermaid suit. Howard briefly explained the process she had gone through and that the material was now physically a part of her. The suit reacted when becoming too dry by giving her a burning sensation that would increase with intensity until she would black out. The next surprise was the mouth piece and nasal inserts, they also could not be removed allowing her to only feed on the soft food prepared for her that could be forced through the small valve in the mouth piece. The nasal inserts would only allow her to exhale through her nose since she couldn’t exhale through her mouth anymore. Antonia couldn’t believe anything he was saying pointing her flipper to the locks desperately trying to get him to open her coffin watching him walk around her tank as he continued to explain what she was now.

Antonia listened to him explain the hearing plugs understanding she could hear only when and what he wanted her to hear and that like everything else could not be removed. The lenses were permanent allowing her to see under water perfectly but would almost be blind out of the water. Antonia started flailing again pointing at the locks feeling like she was drowning or suffocating inside the small tank grabbing a hose and cranking the air up desperately trying to get more air into her lungs getting a grunt from Howard as he explained the oxygen in the water must be running out. Howard told Antonia she was to be his personal mermaid she would have the whole lagoon to herself and would be pampered the rest of her life or she could stay in the small tank until she changed her mind. Antonia sucked on the hose glaring at Howard trying to decide what she should do knowing deep down she had no choice, if what he had told her was true she was now his mermaid to do with as he pleased for as long as he pleased. She was his PET she thought looking at her hands that were now only good for swimming and her beautiful tail that felt more real to her than the thought of having legs did. Howard left her alone locked in the small tank to think about and decide what she wanted to do until the next morning adding some more oxygen to the water before walking into the house. When he returned the next morning Antonia was much calmer waiting for him and when he asked her what she wanted she pointed her fin at the lagoon. Howard smiled as he started unlocking the tank while Antonia thought about what she had decided. She had always wanted to be a mermaid he had helped her achieve that dream before locking her in the tank and now she was what she always wanted to be and the idea of being someone’s pet was strangely arousing for her. Howard opened the tank getting a large smile from her filled mouth.

Antonia had still not fully grasped she would never have sex again while being kept constantly aroused by the phallus sealed inside her, she also didn’t realize she would be forced to live as a mermaid meaning she would never stand, speak or hear anything again. Howard picked her up carrying her to the water telling her she must keep her skin at least damp from now on or she would feel it burning. Antonia pointed to her mouth suddenly hearing a strange click when she bit down and exhaled making Howard laugh and say “In time you will learn to speak just like a dolphin”. Antonia was released in the lagoon quickly swimming away from Howard diving under the water exploring her new home. The first few weeks was difficult for her having tried twice to leave the lagoon both times finding how badly the drying suit could feel. By the end of the first month Antonia had accepted her situation quickly learning to love it, she had exactly what she had always wanted only left to wonder if she could convince him to let her have sex. Howard would come home each day to find her combing her long hair on the rock ledge under opening for the cave stopping to stare until she saw his blurry figure and swam to him clicking to him and floating near his chair while he told her about his day both happy in her new life.

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