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My Pet Dog

by Garsponlin

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Storycodes: M/f; petplay; leather; dogsuit; tape; bond; hood; tail; outdoors; walked; lost; hole; stuck; M+/f; discovery; rescue; bagged; petcarrier; blackmail; reward; cartrunk; transport; cons/nc; X


David and Sharon have an unusual relationship, Sharon loves playing the pet, and she is good at it most weekends. Sharon is a dog taped up in a doggy style, but she would really like to go to the next level, and Dave wants that too.

He gets home a bit later than normal.

“Sharon, I have a surprise for you I think you will love it.”

“Give me a minute, I need to go to the loo I will be with you shortly.”

“Actually, I’m glad about that it's perfect for what I have in mind.”

Sharon is intrigued by what Dave has just said and when she has finished she walks into the lounge, where Dave is standing with a large parcel in his arms, he unwraps it and holds it out so Sharon can see it.

“Ok Dave what is the surprise and what is that you are holding?”

“It's your new dog suit I have had it made for you, so our games are more authentic and erotic, it's taken ages to make and cost a small fortune, so I hope you like it.”

“Wow, you are a sly one you never gave a hint that you where doing this, let me have a look are you sure that it will fit me.”

Sharon looks at the suit with amazement, it has intricate stitching and shaping and is designed to mould to her body, she can see that it would have taken a long time to make. 

“I have measured you when you have been taped up in doggy style, so it should be near perfect. I have tried to think of everything, it will only be when you put it on that we will find out if it's ok.”

“Can I try it on, by the way, what's it made of it feels like leather.”

“Yes it's made of leather, it even has ears and a tail, there are other parts that go with it to make it better, I have tried to make it as much like a real dog as possible.”

“Ok let's go, what do we put on first? That is an unusual gag how does it work?”

“All will be revealed, now get undressed and lay on the table on your back.”

Sharon knows what to do, she has done something similar many times. Dave starts by fitting Sharon with the breath-through ballgag. Next, he folds her arms and duct tapes them together and then does the same to her legs.

“Are you ok?”

Sharon nods, so he gets on with pulling the dog costume legs over her folded arms and legs, he then turns her over, so she is standing on her new legs and pushes a long piece of plastic tubing onto the breath-through gag, and then fits a dogs nose shaped piece of foam over her nose and the breathing tube, and then pushes it fully on, now she can only breath through her mouth.

“Ok Sharon time to put the dog suit on, it will take a bit of effort so bear with me it will be worth it.”

David pulls the head cover on and does all the zips up on the legs and then the long zip that runs from the head to the tail, he folds her feet over her back and duct tapes them like that, she does make a mmmphing sound when he does that.

“Sorry if it hurts, you will look so much better with your feet not showing.”

Even though Sharon is in a lot of pain, she still nods.

He finishes doing the long back zip up its quite a struggle, but the dog costume does need to be tight to look good, he does all four leg zips up and padlocks all of the zips apart from the one over her fanny. Sharon looks so much more like a real dog now and he carries her upstairs so she can see herself in the bedroom mirror, she walks up and down in front of the mirror admiring herself, all he has to do now is cut the excess from her breathing tube, and she is done.

“Sharon can you hear me nod if you can?”

Sharon nods so that's a good start, he stands back and just looks at her, she looks amazing even better than he thought and she seems to really love it as well, it is what he has been planning for months, and finally she is in it he couldn't be more delighted and what an amazing thing to have a wife who is so completely into this as well. 

“Sharon are you ok? Are you comfortable? Do you want to stay in there for a while? By the way you look amazing.”

Sharon nods again and wags her leather tail.

“Sharon there is a zip at the rear so if you need to go to the loo just shake your head and I will undo the zip for you, and I can also give you a good shagging when you need it.”

Sharon nods again.

“Ok Sharon time to go for a walk.”

He has had wear pads put on the foot part so they should be durable and protect Sharon from any discomfort.

“Sharon do you want to go to Box Wood? It's quite late, so there won't be anyone about.”

She nods furiously at that.

He puts her lead on and carries her out to the car, there is nobody about so that's good. He lays Sharon in the boot of his car and zip ties her legs together, they always do this, and she really loves it then he shuts the lid.

Box Wood is only a short drive away, so they get there quite quickly, his is the only car in the car park but he still parks under some trees as he doesn't want to attract any attention.

“Ok Sharon time for walkies!”

She is still laying where he put her in the boot, so he cuts the zip ties and lifts her out and stands her upright.

“If you are ready just wag your tail?”

She wags furiously so its obvious that she is very ready, so they start walking slowly down the narrow track into the woods. Sharon has been a dog many times so she knows how to walk like one and is loving the feel of the leather dog suit on her naked body. They have only gone about a quarter of a mile and come to the first seat on the track, so David sits down and pulls on Sharon's lead to make her stop, she doesn't like that and starts grunting and wriggling about so its obvious she wants to go on.

“Ok Sharon I will take the lead off, so you carry on down the track on your own but make sure you stay on the track, and I will catch up with you in ten minutes or so.”

Sharon wags her tail, so he knows she really wants to do this, she sets off down the track on her own, he is blown away by the sight of her bum wiggling as she walks she is now just a fantasy come true, she is walking quite fast now which makes her arse wiggle even more and she disappears out of sight around a bend in the track, it's starting to get dark, so he won't leave it long.

Sharon really loves the whole thing, the dog suit feels so good on her and she knows David will be feeling so horny now. She is finding it hard to make out the track as the dogs eye lenses are so dark and she is finding it very difficult to make out details, she can just about make out that the track goes to the right so she walks as fast as she can and doesn't see the hole till its too late and slides straight in, she is falling and sliding completely out of control she slides right into the hole till it gets smaller, then she stops, she is so wedged in that she can't move at all.

Sharon has gone off the main track and gone down an animal track and she has fallen into a large hole that was probably a badger’s set at one time, she has slid down into a small narrow part, a lot of debris has followed her into the hole and filled it so now you can't see her at all, she stops moving in case she slides even deeper.

David is starting to worry, it's getting dark now, and there is no sign of Sharon so he starts to walk along the path in the direction she went, he thinks she must be just round the bend in the path, but there is no sign of her.

He walks along the path for another fifteen minutes and still no sign it's really dark now he has a torch so he carries on looking, he really wishes he had kept her on the lead, he keeps calling her name and nothing he knows its a waste of time as she can't hear well and she certainly can talk but he still does it, he walks right to the end of the path and back again and there is still no sign of her. He comes to the conclusion that she has gone off the path by mistake, she probably couldn't see that well as it was too dark, he realizes that it was his fault for having the eye lenses made so tinted, he really thought it would make it more erotic for both of them.

It was now too dark to search, so he decides to come back in the morning when its light again, at least she will be warm enough in the leather. He drives back home, goes indoors sits down on the sofa and pours himself a large whiskey in a way he finds the whole thing quite a turn on, and he hopes she does wherever she is.

Brian and Ross are out rabbiting, they are using really powerful lights so they can see clearly.

“Ross hold the light for me while I clear the earth away from this hole so I can put my trap out, it looks like a good place I can see fresh activity, so it looks like active rabbit hole this is fresh earth, so it's only just fallen in there.”

Ross clears away the debris and puts is hand inside the hole, and he reconciles when he feels something alive in there.

“I think there is something in the hole, it doesn't feel like a rabbit, I think it's alive it's certainly not a rabbit, it's smooth and warm whatever it is can you help me pull it out.”

Brian climbs into the badgers set alongside Ross, and he slides his hand down the side of Sharon to get a grip and starts pulling.

“Ross, we both, need to pull at the same time otherwise we can't get whatever it is out it feels warm, so it's definitely alive.”

They both pull at the same time, and she starts coming more pulling, and she is out.

“Brian I think it's a woman wearing a dog suit, is that kinky or what! I wonder how she got here, ok let's take her back home and decide what to do.”

“Ok, Ross put her in my duffel bag so we can carry her and I think we will give rabbiting a miss tonight.

Sharon realizes that she is being pulled out of the hole, she thinks it is David, but she feels more than one person’s hands on her out, so she assumes he has found a helper. She can hear voices and realizes that none of them are David's and then she feels herself being crammed into a bag and she is now quite terrified.

Ross and Brian pull up on the driveway and carry the wriggling duffel bag into the house.

“Ross don't open the bag yet I want to see this, but I need a beer do you want one?”

“Yes give me one I also want to see this, get my digital camera it's got video on it so let's record it as we open the bag.”

He puts the camera on a tripod and points it at the bag and start recording.

“Ok Brian, unzip the bag but don't get in the way of the camera.”

Brian unzips the bag, and they lift the contents out and puts her on the floor. Sharon starts wriggling and thrashing about trying to stand up but she can't.

“Well Brian, what do we have here this is a very feisty woman. I’m sure its a woman, lets unzip at the back there is no lock on that, and it will confirm if it is a woman.”

Sharon is feeling very randy now.

“Yes, its definitely a woman I fancy a go on her, she can't stop me.”

“I don't think that is a good idea Brian, we don't know who she is yet, so I think let's put her in a pet carrier and consider what to do.

“I wonder if she wants to go to the toilet, carry her to the loo and see if she wants to go.”

He sits her on the toilet and holds her upright then he unzips her she definitely needed to go, and he wipes her pussy and bum and zips her back up, she really loved that particularly when he cleaned her sexy bits. Then he puts her in a pet carrier, it's his terriers so its quite small she doesn't resist, she feel safer in it even though its very tight in there, they have quite a job to get her in and the door locked.

“There may be some sort of reward for her Brian, she must be owned by someone I guess they must have been having a play when she got lost, perhaps if we go back tomorrow we may be able to find her owner, he will be looking for her I’m sure and negotiate a finders fee, we have all the cards don't you think” 

David realizes he will have to get up really early to have the best chance of finding Sharon, he really hopes she is ok, next time he will put a GPS transmitter on her if there is a next time.

“Ok Brian lets hit the hay, we need to get up early if we want to find her owner I can see a good pay day coming up.”

It's very late so they only get a few hours sleep and when they do get up they go to the pet carrier before they have any breakfast.

Sharon has managed to get some sleep, although she is quite uncomfortable and she is awake when Brian walks up to her.

“Ross I think we should give her a bit of a clean before we take her out, she is covered in mud from last night “

They unlock the carrier and get her out, then they get a bucket of soapy water and a sponge and wash all the mud off her. Ross then gets some leather dressing from his garage to finish her.

“I enjoyed that, and I think she probably did as well.”

Sharon did get quite horny when they were cleaning her, but she still wants to go back home to David.

“Ok Brian she seems a bit lively this morning, better get her back in the carrier fairly quickly otherwise she may be a problem.”

Sharon is very frightened she just wants to go home, she is puzzled as to why they have cleaned her, even though she did like it, she can feel them trying to put her back in the carrier, and she does resist that.

“Ross I don't think she wants to go back in the carrier, if I tip it up you push she will go in, ok I’m sure...... That's got her in ok lock the door, and we are ready to go.”

Ross puts the pet carrier in the boot, and they both set off for Box Wood it's not very far, and they pull up in the parking area and wait for whoever might turn up.

“There are loads of people walking their dogs but no one who looks likely at the moment Brian.”

“What about that guy who has just driven up, he has no dog and he seems a bit agitated, and he has immediately gone down the path into the wood.”

“Yes he could be our man, just leave him for a while, and when he comes out we will ask him if we can help, just don't give anything away till we are sure he is her owner.”

It is at least an hour before the man comes out of the wood and starts walking back towards his car, so Ross gets out and approaches him.

“Hi man, have you lost something can we help?”

“Yes I have lost my dog, but there is no sign.”

“Is your dog a bit unusual, a bit strange.”

The man looks a bit startled at that and starts stuttering.

“Yes, a bit unusual would be one way to put it why?”

“We may be able to help, we found an unusual dog last night when we where trapping rabbits.”

“Can I see it? To see if its the dog I lost.”

They open the boot and stand back the man bends down and looks into the pet carrier, he stands up so fast he bangs his head on the boot lid.

“Yes, that's my dog how did you find her?”

“We found her in an animal hole completely covered by debris, so we were really lucky.

“Thanks for that I will just put her in my boot and take her home, do I owe you guys anything for your trouble?

“You owe us £10,000, and you won't be taking her home without payment. I’m sure she is very valuable to you.”

“You can't do that, that's extortion and kidnapping, please just hand her over, and we will say no more.”

“I think we will make this public, I’m sure the papers would lap this up and I think your neighbours would love to read all about it.”

Sharon can hear all this she can't do anything, but she really hopes he will give them the money, she really wants to be released now and go home this has been an amazing experience, but she wants to get back to normal for a while.

“Alright I give in, it will take me a few hours to raise that amount of cash, so can we meet back here in about three hours and do the exchange, but can you release her from the pet carrier in the mean time.”

“No she stays in there until you come back, I don't want her getting away or making too much noise, and its a sort of guarantee's that you will come back, by the way the £10,000 includes the carrier and the key.”

“That's very kind I will be back as soon as I can.”

“Ok, looking forward to that.” 

Ross and Brian drive back home to kill a bit of time before David returns with the money.

“Ross shall we release her while we wait.”

“No not worth the aggro, given the problem of putting her in the carrier last time, I’m sure she will be fine in the boot for the next three hours or so.”

They arrive back in the parking area in plenty of time wait, and in about an hour Sharon's owner pulls up behind their car.

“Have you got the money? Otherwise we will have to keep your dog.”

“Yes, I’ve got it lets get this done quickly is she still ok.”

“She is fine I have just checked her, ok let's count the money then you can go with her.”

The cash is all in bank sealed packs of £50 notes so its easy to count.

“Ok that's fine it's all there.”

“Can you give me a hand to put her in my boot.”

They lift the carrier out of their boot and lift it into Brian's, he checks that Sharon is ok in the pet carrier and closes the boot lid.

“I have to say thanks for looking after her for me, I couldn’t stand it if I had lost her.”

“No problem we enjoyed it, I hope you have some more games, safer one's this time.”

David drives very carefully and takes at least forty minutes to get back home.

He leaves her in the boot for now, there are too many people about, he will take her in later and its 9.30 before he can do that, he lifts the pet carrier out of the boot and put it on a sack barrow and wheels it inside into the living room, he locks the front door and sets it down before he does anything he locks the front door.

He looks for the key and realizes that they haven't given it to him, he will have to cut the lock off, he doesn't have anything that can cut through the lock it's too hard, he will need to go to the DIY shop tomorrow for something that can do it.

“Sharon I can't remove the lock, I don't have a key, and the lock is a heavy duty type. I will need to get something tomorrow to cut it, so you will have to stay in there till then I hope that is ok.”

There is hardly any noise coming from the pet carrier noise just a faint mmmmphing sound.

So he turns the lights off and goes to bed.



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