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9 to 5

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2013 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; latex; bond; bdsm; hood; catsuit; corset; boots; ponygirl; cart; stable; bitgag; toys; insert; slave; climax; cons; X

Jim and Linda had been together as sub and dom for 6 years, Jim loved her deeply and could look at her thin body with perfect tits and ass for hours, while she stared back at him through the long red hair that hung down to her shoulders, with her crystal blue eyes and her perfect red lips suckling on a large ball that had been strapped into her mouth as she knelt in front of him, her hands pulled back in a proper reverse prayer and her knees and ankles held firmly by spreader bars.

This was one of his favorite positions and Linda had spent days over the years in it just waiting for him to take her as she held herself as rigidly as possible. Linda had become extremely flexible and could wear her arm sleeve laced tight from elbows to wrists for days comfortably, and often did and the reverse prayer position was the one she picked when given the choice and had spent up 36 hours with her arms pulled up close to her posture collar that she wore from the moment she got home until she left the house again.

Jim had trained her in pony gear, tightlacing, and extreme footwear as well and Linda spent many days wearing her saddle/corset, pony boots and mittens with a head harness, with attached gag and blinders being forced to “prance” as she was led around his large estate, being whipped every time she missed a step. While out of the house she always wore tightly laced corsets and minimum 6 inch heels, her pierced pussy lips and nipples had small locks keeping her chaste and aroused while she was not in his sight.

Linda had always worked at least part time while Jim was head of a large company, Linda worked mostly because she always had and felt like it was the last part of her independence, something he didn’t control and a way to stay connected to the rest of the world, because when she left work she was under his control until she went to work again.

Now Linda had been feeling that she wanted to be under his control constantly but had not brought these feelings up with him, unsure what it would mean to give up total control of her mind and body to him, she had seen how firm his control could be and even though she still would get wet when she thought of those weeks she had submitted to him completely, she was careful to make it permanent, he had always told her when she was ready she could become his slave 24/7, but once she chose that life she would not be allowed to change it except once a year, when he would give her the option to leave him or stay as his slave and she knew she didn’t want to leave him.

Jim’s training schedule increased and Linda found herself either dressed as a slave maid wearing an extremely tight corset with a latex or PVC maids uniform, a large gag and her ankles and wrists chained together on top of ballet shoes and expected to clean their large home and punished if she didn’t complete her tasks, or dressed as a pony in a full latex suit with full face hood, gloves and feet, her arms bound behind her under her saddle, her mouth filled by a large bit gag, attached to the training wheel that kept her walking in her horse shoe pony boots from the time he left in the morning until he came home in the evening, sometimes being left overnight in the horse barn and the process repeated the next day. If she hadn’t completed the correct number of revolutions she would stay as a pony until she did, she spent four days straight as a pony and the last he was there all day whipping her steadily forcing her to prance like he thought a pony should.

Linda always enjoyed these training days and even suggested different things and tasks for her to be made to complete. Jim listened carefully and added to her suggestions but normally with a twist of some sort, one suggestion was making her pull a small cart around the property leaving a small trail of seeds for their wild flower trails. Jim’s idea had been to cover her head completely with a horse head hood leaving only small nose holes, while securing her arms to a larger cart making it impossible for her to let go or even bend down to sit.

With her arms fused across her back to the connecting link of the carts arms and the large yoke corset she was laced into that attached her body to the cart meant her only position was standing almost straight up until she was unhooked from the cart, next he had hooked her lead that entered the hood and pulled directly on her steel bit to a small electric runner that would ride on top of the metal fence line, then loaded the cart with enough seed to thinly spread over 3 miles of fence line and said, "When you get to the end the runner will reverse and lead you back to the barn".

Linda had been excited when he had dressed her in the thick tan rubber suit and inserted her black horse’s tail into her tight ass, the suit was much thicker and Linda did not know but the reason was so she wouldn’t tear it as she plodded blindly along the fence line.

When Linda was dressed she was wearing black thigh high pony boots laced tight up to her crotch and attached to a belt that kept them from sliding down and also acted like a tight chastity belt keeping the dildo that was filling her pussy from sliding out. Her body was a nice beige and her head and tail was black making her appear to be a beautiful horse.

Only after she was fully dressed and attached firmly to the cart was she told what her challenge was and slapped on the rear and told good luck, she felt a strong tug on the metal bit in her mouth that would twist the u-shaped bit roughly in her mouth making it uncomfortable for her to resist the tug and started blindly walking not knowing that she would have to walk 3 miles out and 3 miles back. The hobbles around her knees she had been placed in kept her from lifting her legs as high as a good pony normally would but she kept walking fighting the plug and dildo exciting her constantly, even though they were inert the continuously moving Linda made them feel like they were alive.

The following morning she was standing dirty and exhausted by the barn waiting to be released, she was panting in the hood and needing something to drink but instead she was only unhooked from the cart and tied in her stall to wait for Jim to return that evening, she spent the day sweating profusely in the thick rubber with her arms still bound tightly behind her back as she suckled the watering tube with the hoods mouth desperately trying to get enough water to sustain her.

That evening Jim released her and unwrapped her exhausted latex covered body and bathed and dried her before lying her in bed and letting her sleep until the next day. As her training increased she began to tire of her work schedule and enjoying her training more and more as Jim had also increased her daily bondage and sexual training as well. Giving her daily orgasm’s if she serviced him well and allowed her to kneel next to him for the evening in her corset, gag and ballet shoes holding the leash that was attached to her steel collar.

Linda decided to quit her job and stay home full time and put in her notice and left her job without telling Jim until she just didn’t go to work one day and Jim asked why and she told him, he gave her the choice to remain his slave full time or get another job and she quickly chose being a full time slave. Jim chained her wrist and ankles and locked her chastity belt on her and gave her two days alone to make her final decision, after explaining her options again and even though she knew it would be at least one year before she could opt out of being his slave, she was tired of the 9 to 5 schedule of working and was extremely excited about the idea of giving herself completely to him now.

Jim returned two days later to find Linda on her knees holding her riding crop in her mouth waiting for him and he knew her decision and said, "As you wish".

Her enslavement started that night with her laced into a corset that went from her arm pits to her ankles and laced tight enough to keep her on the edge of blacking out, her feet were locked into ballet boots and she was told she would never wear anything but toe shoes or pony boots again. Her hands were pulled up to the back of her tall posture collar and locked in place, a chain was run from a ceiling hook to her hands keeping her teetering on her toes as he laced a sensory deprivation hood tightly then pulled all the straps tight and locked each.

Linda stood on her toes for three days with no contact, hearing or sight thinking well at least it’s better than nine to five.

The End?

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