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No Place for Pets 2: Becoming Her Owner

by DonnerTie

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© Copyright 2014 - DonnerTie - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; naked; petplay; ball; fetch; tease; fantasy; collar; nametag; bowl; food; sex; climax; reluct/cons; X

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Chapter 2: Becoming Her Owner

The sounds of sizzling back bacon filled the still morning air. It was early the sun having barely been up for more than an hour. Jim enjoyed this peaceful time, when the old farmhouse was still and quiet. He had always been an early riser. For as long as he could remember he had been getting up to go for an early morning run. Country life had quickly grown on him. Unlike the hustle and bustle of the city, he could go outside and breathe nothing but pure clean air. It was a welcome improvement over the smelly fumes and honking of cars. Come to think of it he could not remember the last time he saw a car on his morning run, which wasn't surprising when their closest neighbour was 15 kilometres away.

The bacon was golden brown as he placed a generous portion on his plate. Eggs, bacon, and toast the perfect start to any day. Kara was still waking up as she walked into the kitchen. She gave a tired yawn as Jim placed a plate with much smaller portions then his own in front of her.

"Morning, honey" he said. Jim was tall he would have had to bend over to kiss her on the lips. Instead he opted to plant a kiss on top of her head.

"Morning" she mumbled, eyes half closed as a smile spread across her face.  

As he took his seat across from her his eyes gazed upon the woman before him. She was beautiful, although all women are in the eyes of those that loved them. No but she truly was, Jim still found himself in disbelief that she was in love with him. Even now with her golden hair a mess and her eyes still heavy with sleep he found himself enthralled by her. It certainly helped that he could clearly see the pair of matching satin blue bra and panties she wore. For her only attempt at modesty had been to throw on one of his T-shirts so large it left one of her shoulders bare as it hung loose about her slender frame. He found himself gazing at her long slender legs, which to his delight were completely uncovered past the bottom hem of the shirt. Of course this was nothing new and was standard breakfast dress during the hot summer months that they were currently approaching.  

"So about last night," Jim paused before continuing "I think we should talk about what happened." He had been thinking about what to say and how she might react all morning. A thousand different scenarios had played through his head as he showered after his run and gone about the morning chores. Kara liked to sleep in which Jim didn't mind. He actually enjoyed feeding and watering the dogs. It was kind of relaxing to watch them play after having eaten their morning meal. It reminded him of days gone past when he was a young boy wrestling and playing with his friends, filling their summer days with games.

"Oh, ah that." Kara seemed a little taken off guard by the suddenness of the topic. "I am so embarrassed," she covered her face with her hands, fingers rubbing at still tired eyes "I don't know what came over me, or why I said the things I did."

Jim laughed, "I don't know baby last night you didn't seem too unsure." His thoughts went to how last night she had teased him until he could stand it no more. "How long have you had these thoughts?" He was curious more than anything. Especially now that in the light of day she seemed to be backing out.

Kara's cheeks had gone a healthy shade of red now. "Well, uh I don't know it's all so weird. You must think I'm crazy for having these thoughts." One of her hands began to play with a strand of hair, twirling it round and round. As her eyes refused to meet his own.

"Kara you should know that I would never judge you." His breakfast was going cold now but Jim had been thinking about how he would say this all morning. "I love you, and if that does not come without its challenges than what does love really mean." Jim took a deep breath, because he was about to embark on what was probably going to be the biggest test of their relationship to date. "And besides it's not like I don't have some pretty strange fetishes myself." She giggled at that. He smiled it was so unexpected he couldn't help himself he always loved to hear her laugh.

"You mean when you do that thing with your hands, and then you make me…."

"Yes, yes that," a little flustered Jim cut her off before she could finish.

She frowned, "Well that’s not really the same thing." She was looking down at her plate, moving her eggs around with her fork. "I get it," she said dejectedly "you must think I'm crazy for asking."    

"Kara baby look at me," he waited until her beautiful baby blue eyes were staring back at him. "If this is truly something you want to do than I will do it for you."

Her eyes went wide in excitement as he spoke those last words. "Really? You're not kidding we can actually do it!" Kara could barely contain her happiness. Her eyes shone bright with glee as her smile stretched from ear to ear. "Oh I can't wait, this is so exciting, when can we start, can we start now, let's start now!" She was almost shouting now, happiness causing her to lose all self-restraint.  

It was hard for Jim to keep up, as the words seemed to tumble from her lips in a tangled mess of exuberance. "But on only one condition." Jim's words were lost before they had even left his mouth, lost beneath her excited ramblings. In frustration he shouted with as much command as he could muster "KARA!"

Like a dog hearing its name being called, she stopped. Her mouth half open, she gazed in silence across at Jim, as if seeing him for the very first time.

"That’s better, now like I was saying I will only agree one condition." He licked his lips nervously, "Now if either of us wants to stop, then we stop. No questions asked, and that is non-negotiable." Jim was trying to be as stern as possible. But the task was made almost impossible by the dopey grin on Kara's face.

"Agreed." She said nodding her head without a moment's hesitation.

Jim was pretty sure at that moment he could ask her to do anything and she would if it meant getting what she wanted. That is why with a good deal of apprehension he said the words that Kara had been waiting for it seemed her whole life. "Well then, I don’t think puppies are supposed to be wearing clothing?" She looked at him puzzled for half a second. "Go on girl, you heard me."

He had never seen someone move so fast in his life. One second Kara was sitting there grinning at him the next she was scampering out of the kitchen, only a fleeting glimpse of her cute bottom was seen as she turned around the corner and out of view.

Jim breathed a sigh of relief. He had said what he had wanted to say, and now he could only wait in trepidation for what was to follow. When Kara had first told him of her kink it had seemed odd. Petplay was not something he had ever encountered before. At first he had hoped it only a passing fad of hers, but as their relationship grew so too did her desire.

He had never really experienced the appeal of the whole fetish. It might seem crazy to say. I mean who wouldn't want someone at your beck and call. Ready to perform for you, no matter what it is you desire. All while she was naked from head to toe, crawling around on hands and knees, her body on display for your viewing pleasure or for your use whenever you have need of her.

But for Jim none that had ever really mattered to him, he had always just wanted Kara. Just to hold her in his arms and to feel the warmth of her body against his chest.  

He tried to tell himself that perhaps he had never given it a proper chance to grow on him. Which to be honest was probably true. Kara had only ever brought up the idea less than a handful of times. His lack of enthusiasm after each session, would deter her from asking at least for another couple months. Then in a fit of desire which had slowly grown until it broke like a wave crashing over itself she would do whatever it took to convince him to give her what she needed.

"So what do you think?" her voice broke the silence. So lost was he in his own thoughts that he had not seen her enter the kitchen.

After living with someone you love, you get to know each other's bodies pretty well. To the point that it takes a lot to be surprised by a little bare flesh here or there. Kara had gotten rid of the T-shirt and with it the bra that had hidden her beautiful supple mounds. The blue panties were gone too exposing her clean shaven womanhood for all to see. Perhaps it was the early morning hour or that breakfast was still cooling on the table, but seeing Kara before him completely naked him utterly speechless. 

"How's this for less clothing?" She began to run a hand seductively from the top of her thigh up along the curve of her body. "Do you like what you see big boy!" She brought her hands up to her chest cupping her pert breast pushing them together.

"Well at least you're not wearing my shirt anymore" he said smiling back at her. "Although I think I can get used to the idea of you walking around naked all day." Jim had gotten to his feet now, closing the gap between them. He placed his arms around her, his big hands grasping her bottom in a tight grip so that his pelvis was pressing into her.

"So then by that," she said indicating to the bulge in his pants now pressed up against her belly. "I take it you approve?"

He took a deep breath, the familiar smell of her hair filling his nose. "Hmm, well I always approve of my woman being naked." He released his grip on her bottom, "It makes things much more interesting." He said as he flicked one of her exposed nipples causing her to gasp in surprise.

"Hey that's not fair!" she said biting her lip, her face turning into a frown.

"You don't get a say remember" he said laughing at the face she was making. Kara did not seem to share his amusement. "I'm sorry," he said stopping his laughter, "this is about you, ahh so what should we do next?" Jim had not actually thought about what would happen after he agreed I mean this was all pretty new to him. In the past any role playing they had done had been in the bedroom more specifically under the sheets. "I mean it's not too late we could always go back to the bedroom." He said grinning.

"Is that all you guys ever think about?" She said giving him a shake of her head, despite herself though Kara was once again smiling. "We will get to that don't you worry." Jim felt her hands grasp the bulge beneath his pants. Slowly she ran her fingers up and down, stroking his shaft through the material of his jeans. "But for now he stays in your pants." She said patting him before removing her hands.

She was teasing him, Jim knew. Getting him excited so that he would go along with her plans, and well it was working. "So my little puppy girl what should we do next then, you obviously have an idea" his fingers brushing her bangs out of her eyes.

"I thought we could play a little game," she said.

"Like what, like fetch?" Jim said a little unsure.

"Yes!" she blurted out suddenly. "I have this red ball that I bought, that I have been dying to play with. Its soft plastic so it won't hurt my teeth but you should be able to throw it really well. This is going to be so much fun!" Kara was talking very fast again. It was all Jim could do to understand her as she started to prance about with glee. "I will be right back, I have to go and get it!"

He stood there unsure of whether to follow or to wait for her, in the end he decided to wait. The time gave him a moment to reflect on how fast things were getting out of his control. This was all obviously becoming much more involved than Jim had originally imagined.

He was just beginning to wonder where she had gone when he heard a strange shuffling sound. Looking over at first he did not see her, but then he lowered his gaze. Kara had returned with the ball, and he could see that it was indeed a very bright red. Although she was not carrying the ball as you normally would. For her hands were a little preoccupied. Jim watched as she came into the kitchen crawling on her hands and knees. She was in fact holding it in her mouth, lips spread wide as the ball was grasped tightly between her teeth. Jim was amazed and left speechless as Kara crawled across the floor stopping only when she was before him. He watched in stunned silence as she knelt, like a dog sitting on her haunches. Finally he felt her gaze as she stared up at him with her big blue eyes.

The room suddenly had become very silent. The walls and furniture seemed to disappear around him. There was nothing in the room at that moment but for her, the love of his life naked and kneeling before him like a dog with her favourite toy ball grasped between her teeth. It all seemed so strange like a dream one that he kept hoping to wake up from at any moment. Time seemed to slow in that moment each second seemed to last a life time. The man and the girl both locked in each other's silent gaze.  

It was only when Jim reached out his hand that time seemed to return to normal. The girl seemed to have been waiting for this, releasing her tight grip on the ball it slid into his palm. Jim felt the squishy plastic in his hand, a slight sheen of drool coated it from where Kara had held it in her mouth.

"I guess you want me to throw this for you then?" He said giving her an inquisitive look.

Kara was silent other than the rapid movements of her head as she nodded in agreement.

Later if you were to ask him why he did it he wouldn’t have been able to give you a definitive answer. Perhaps it was simply a lifetime spent playing fetch with canine companions, or maybe his desire to make her happy, whatever the reason once he gave that first good toss of the ball, there was no stopping her.   

In a flurry of uncoordinated limbs Kara scrambled after the bouncing red ball. It had gone clear across the tiles of the kitchen and onto the hardwood of the living room before becoming lodged underneath the base of an upholstered chair. He watched in fascination as she began to paw and claw just like a real animal would to retrieve the ball. She returned to him like a victor having conquered her foe. Even with the ball between her teeth he could see her smile.

So it was they played their little game. At first Jim was hoping for a quick end, still confused as to why anyone would want to crawl around playing fetch. But as time went on he stopped worrying about it, simply enough because he began to enjoy himself.

At first he would simply lob it with little thought. But he found this was too easy for her, and she would be right back at his feet dropping the ball with a smug look on her face. So he began to change up his routine, he would throw lobs, or curve balls, high bounces, low bounces, or a dribbler. But each time Kara was quicker darting around the house finding the ball no matter where it ended up. It wasn't just trying to one up her that made him try harder, it was also the show he was being given. On hands and knees there wasn't much that Jim didn’t get to see of her beautiful body, from her firm shapely bottom, to her pert breasts. The view alone was enough to keep him thoroughly entertained.    

Jim soon found himself trying to go so far as to trick her. He began to bounce the ball off of corners, or into potted plants. Anything he could do to make the game last and by extension the view.

"Ready," he called as he pulled back his arm to throw "go and get it!" he called with excitement.

Kara turned and began to run after the ball. He watched as she searched high and low. It was only when she heard his giggling laughter that she turned to see the ball still clutched in his hand. "Hey that's not fair! You were supposed to throw it!" she said cross with him. 

"Not my fault my puppy doesn’t know how to watch properly" he said grinning back at her. Jim watched as Kara's face went red in embarrassment as she realized she had been tricked just like you would with a real dog.

Next time Jim threw the ball Kara made sure to watch it as it left his hand and sailed across the room. Jim soon had her flying around the house again as he tossed the ball this way and that. She never did fall for the fake out again although Jim did enjoy watching her eyes track the red ball as he moved his hand from left to right never letting it out of her vision.

Soon enough Kara was panting with exhaustion, her knees and palms dirty and sore from scrambling across the floor. "Can we take a break I'm a little tired, and my mouths kind of sore." she said trying to work some feeling back into her jaws.

"That works for me I actually have to answer some emails and get some work done anyway." In truth Jim kind of wanted to keep playing he was still really enjoying watching Kara, and liked the competitiveness of their little game. But he didn’t want to admit any of that to her. Strange as it may sound he didn't even want to admit it to himself ether. He gave his head a shake, trying to rid his mind of such thoughts. He tried telling himself that he was only doing this for her, and that if it was up to him they would not be doing any of this. Yet as much as he told himself these things he couldn't forget the feelings that lingered as he walked toward the den.

The computer hummed as he pressed its power button. His mind was still trying to process what had just happened as he sat down in his well-worn office chair. He was a computer consultant so he spent a lot of time sitting in the den before what Kara had dubbed as his battle station. As he opened his browser he was greeted by the lovely sight of 61 new emails, many of them marked as urgent. He began to regret spending his morning playing ball as he clicked on the first flashing icon.

He was just delving into the second urgent problem of the day when Kara came crawling into the room. Jim was too engrossed in his work to hear her. Like a cat she moved stealthily across the hardwood, stopping just before she reached him. She curled up at the base of his chair much like a kitten would, her arms tucked up to her chest. Kara's eyes soon became heavy as sleep took her. Jim was none the wiser to his new companion too engrossed by his work to have noticed. noplaceforpets2.jpg
click for larger image in new window It was quite a few emails later before the soft sounds of her gentle breathing finally alerted Jim to her presence. Looking down his breath caught at the sight of her. He had never seen Kara like this before. Asleep her face was calm and happy. At same time she appeared so vulnerable, naked sleeping on the ground before him. Jim realized then the trust that Kara must have in him to place herself in such a position. His hand reached out hesitantly as if afraid to wake her. Very gentle he began to stroke her bare shoulder, his fingers running across her silky smooth skin. He watched fascinated as bliss seemed to spread across her face, as if his touch brought forth a happy memory in her dream filled state. He let himself get lost tracing all the way down her arm with his fingers gentle and careful as he could. He couldn't say how long he spent petting her but it was much longer then he cared to admit.

He was about to drag himself back to working when a thought caused him to pause for a moment.

"If this is what will truly make you happy, than I guess it's about time I stop pretending" he said whispering so as not to wake her.

Jim opened a new tab and began to type into the search bar. It was a simple enough query 'What is petplay?'

For the next hour Jim found his eyes being opened. He would never have guessed at the amount of information or people that were into what he had always thought such a niche fetish. More than once he had to scramble to hit the back button as his search took him to places that should not be named in the bright light of day. But for every 1 dead end there were 20 more with new information. He was a sponge reading countless blogs, wikis, and seeing more dick pictures than he cared to mention to anyone.

It was during this search that he met her. He had not meant to make contact. But sometimes life is funny that way. For when one makes a simply database search they never know where it might lead them, or who might be watching.

The messenger system beeped as the mysterious woman known only as Lady_M sent him another message.

"Lady_M: Oh well you could say that I have some experience in regards to owning a pet or two.  Have you ever done anything like this before? Any bondage or domination play?" 

"NewOwner842: Not too much to be honest, and to be fair to Kara I have always kind of avoided all of this kind of stuff. I guess I am just not into the whole whips and chains deal let alone having someone as my pet…. I guess I am just too normal for all this stuff, haha. :)"

"Lady_M: See this is you first problem no one is normal, because there is no such thing as normal. Everyone has their own desires, and to let society tell you what is wrong or right is just conforming to someone else's ideals. It's sad to see and not at all very endearing. As long as it is a consenting action between adults with no risk of permanent harm who is to say you can't do it. You have to get over yourself. The problem isn't with Kara it's with you."

The words stung as Jim read them. He felt like a little boy being chastised by his mother. He quickly scrambled to type up a reply.

"NewOwner842: Sorry I didn't mean it that way, it's just I am a little out my depth." He was actually nervous waiting for her reply now. He could feel his heart beating faster the longer he waited. There was something about the way she typed so abrupt and to the point, it was…… intimidating.

"Lady_M: Look I am not here to give you relationship advice. But when your significant other shares with you their deepest held secret it's not done lightly. It's not just about whips and chains as you so ignorantly put it. It's about the shared trust between you. She is putting her fate in your hands. That is a beautiful thing. You need to respect that or else everyone's wasting their time here myself included."

He found himself looking down at Kara as he finished reading Lady_M's last words. She was right he knew that, and it shamed him. The courage that it must have taken to ask him when so many had laughed at her before was tremendous. 

"NewOwner842: Let's say I believe you….what can I do though. I don't know a thing about fulfilling her desires or how to make her dreams come true."

"Lady_M: Petplay is like any form of domination role playing. There are two people playing the game not one two. That means you have to put aside being her boyfriend and become her owner. Treat her the way she wants to be treated."

"NewOwner842: You want me to treat her like a real dog???"

"Lady_M: Yes, because believe it or not if she is anything like the subs I have owned she will love it. It's hard for those of us who have never had these desires to understand. But she wants to lose control, to be humiliated before her master. The more realistic you make it the better it will be for her."

"NewOwner842: What if I go too far….what if I do something wrong. :(" Jim found himself opening up to this anonymous woman. He didn't know why, but talking to her was both intriguing and frightening at the same time.

"Lady_M: She will tell you, she has a mouth doesn’t she? If she really didn't like something she would let you know, even if she was tied up head to toe and gagged she would tell you. Believe me they always find a way. I can't stress this enough people like Kara want to be pushed. They want to feel that loss of control. But like most subs they will never tell you. It's in their nature quiet and shy they wait sometimes their entire lives hoping to feel it. Dreaming of someone to come along and give them what they so desire. Now Kara doesn’t sound like your typical sub, asking you first and all. Almost makes me think the relationship roles are backwards here….but anyways if she was willing to ask you to make her your pet think about it, what else is she not telling you? What other things does she want you to do to her? The things she secretly wishes to feel."

"NewOwner842: So all I have to do is take control, and treat her like you said?" Jim's palms were sweaty as he hit send.

"Lady_M: If you do what I say, and put aside your ideas of what 'normal' is, Kara will be the happiest girl in the world."

Jim hesitated, he was unsure of how to word his not question and honestly a little scared of what she might say.

"NewOwner842: Are you sure? What if I get stuck and don't know what to do.

"Lady_M: Trust me she will love it! If you don't know what to do send me a text at 879-546-9215, it will be easier than trying to catch each other online"

"NewOwner842: Thanks Lady_M! You have been a big help. I will send you a message later tonight and let you know how things go. :D "

"Lady_M: No problem and please call me Mellissa. Just remember play your role if not for you then for her.

After Jim signed out of the chat messenger he tried to return to work. The IT problems of a company half a world away no longer seemed to interest him. Instead his mind was filled with what Lady_M or better yet Melissa had spoken of. Jim found himself smiling as his hand dropped to his side, and as he thought he began to pet Kara. He did not think about it instead the action happened subconsciously like you would with a real pet curled up at your feet. And so he sat deep in thoughts about what Mellissa had told him as time slowly ticked by, work completely forgotten.

He mused about how he could end this game at a moment's notice he still had that power. But then he would remember how Kara's face had lit up when he had agreed that morning. Or the enthusiasm with which she had scrambled after her ball like a new born puppy. He looked down at his sleeping beauty. Noting how she was even beginning to look the part. How long had she hidden this desire from him? How long had she been forced to keep her true self locked away? Suddenly any thought of bringing their game to an end seemed so selfish. Jim knew what he had to do.

Any hope of getting any more work done was abandoned as he powered off his computer. Quiet as a mouse he crept out of his seat and across the old hardwood floor. Only when he got to the doorway did he pause to look back at his sleeping girl. He lingered longer then he should have not wanting to leave her. He gazed at her, and in that moment he envied her. She was so relaxed all her problems and worries gone, content to nap away the day, her only concern when next she would eat. It was only with considerable effort that he turned and headed out the door. There was something he had to get, something that he needed to make this game of theirs into a reality.

It was something Mellissa had said that had finally made it all click into place for Jim. He repeated the words as he pulled open the old kennels gate. He had to duck down to fit inside the waist high cage for what he sought was near the back of the wire enclosed space. He found it half buried beneath old straw and dirt. As he felt the cool leather between his fingers he said the words once more. "Put aside being the boyfriend and become her owner."

Much later Jim was just finishing pulling the lasagne out of the oven when Kara walked in. "Well hello there sleeping beauty" he said with a grin.

Kara yawned as she made her way over to the table. "How long have I been asleep for?" she asked rubbing the sleep out of her eyes as she took a seat. Still tired from her nap she almost completely missed the wrapped package sitting in front of her. "What's this?" she asked puzzled.

"Oh that, it's just something I found when I was cleaning up the yard. I thought of you when I found it." He said over his shoulder as he scooped out a healthy portion of pasta for himself. Kara was too intent on the gift to notice what Jim was doing as he brought over his dinner.

"Well go on and open it." Jim's confident voice hid the anxiety that was coursing through him. He should have never listened to that woman he had met online. His hands were shaking as he placed his plate onto the table. Why oh why did I take advice from her his mind screamed. It was too late now though to undo his plans. Jim could do nothing now but hope Mellissa had been right. In a moment of panic Jim suddenly forgot how to breathe as Kara lifted the boxes lid.

"Oh Jim…" Kara's eyes had gone wide, her face a mask of stunned surprise.

She hates it he thought. He wanted nothing more than to bury his face in his hands, as his cheeks reddened. He was just about to mumble an apology or an excuse he wasn’t sure which anything to try and hide his shame.

"It's perfect," Kara's eyes instantly went to his. "Thank you" she gasped out tears almost in her eyes as her lip trembled. The emotions seemed to overwhelm her as she pulled the old leather collar out of the box. The leather material was well worn but of a high quality so that it still shined as if new. The faint aroma of its previous wearer could still be smelt as Kara turned the collar over in her hands. This was a collar that had been well worn the inside rubbed smooth where it had lain against a furry neck for years. Its colour was dark almost black only the stainless steel buckles and D-ring standing out.

All of this was familiar to Kara however it was the tags that had told her everything. There were two tags both heart shaped, her father had protested. He had told her no one wants to buy a working dog with some pretty pink heart, but she had insisted. Going so far as to save up her allowance and pay for the tags herself. "Thank you" she whispered again trying to keep her emotions in check. For it was in big bold letters that the name SANDY was engraved across the tags front.

Jim moved without thinking. No words were needed now as he carefully picked up the collar. Kara having waited all her life for this moment needed no prompting as she pulled back her hair exposing her bare neck beneath. The cold leather caused her to silently gasp as Jim placed it around her neck. Carefully he pulled the roller buckle tight, before slipping the loose end closed. Gently he moved the collar about her neck so that the tags were centered above her breasts.

Kara let out a deep satisfying sigh as he finished. He watched as her body seemed to rid itself of all tension. She seemed calm like she felt safe now that the collar was around her neck. Somehow in that moment he knew he had made the right decision.

Wiping away a tear from her cheek he kissed her gently on her forehead and whispered "I want you to be happy. You're my everything Kara. I'm sorry I have been such a bad boyfriend." 

"No Jim you haven't" she began to protest. But he stopped her with a finger to her lips.

"I have, I see that now." He took a deep breath before continuing. "But now I'm ready to make up for everything."

Jim wanted nothing more then but to take her into his arms, to hold her and never let go. It was powerful thing to see your loved one experience such emotions and his need to share in the experience was almost overwhelming. But they both had a role to play, and his now was not to be the caring boyfriend. No his role was to be her owner, and so he took his seat. Carefully picking up his utensils he began to cut up the pasta. It was a hard thing to ignore your loved one, but Jim pressed on. Repeating the words that Mellissa had told him.

Kara had gotten her emotions under control by the time Jim was just placing the first bite into his mouth. He watched as she looked down seeing nothing but the empty packaging of her gift. No plate was before her nor utensils or even a glass. Her place at the table was completely bare.  

He watched the confusion spread across her face as all the while he continued to eat. It was only when she stared back up at him that he stopped. Silently he pushed back his chair walking over to the stove. He began to scoop more of the still warm lasagne into a stainless steel bowl. Without a word he knelt placing the bowl in front of the stove on the tiled floor. He sensed her questioning eyes following him as he returned to his seat. He met her gaze once more as he picked up his fork and returned to eating his dinner.

Stunned into silence would have been the words to describe Kara at that moment. Her eyes kept glancing from Jim then back to the bowl and its rapidly cooling contents on the floor. He sat watching her, and as he did he noticed something had changed. Gone was Kara confident attitude, her self-assuredness. It had been there even when they had played fetch, or when she strutted naked about the house. 

It was as if someone had suddenly switched on the lights for Jim now saw everything. Up until now Kara had been in control she had dictated what was going to happen. But in that moment his simple action had turned her whole world upside down.

"Well are you going to eat your dinner?" he asked trying to keep his apprehension out his voice.

"From… from down there?" she gulped.

"Puppies don't get to sit at the table, now do they?" He was calmer now. Slowly he was learning to keep his voice and emotions under control.  

Kara licked her lips and hesitated. In an instant all his confidence almost melted away. What would he do if she refused? Would he have to force her? He didn't know if he was up that just yet. Luck it seemed was on his side for Kara had napped straight through lunch and now her stomach was practically growling. Even still there was nothing stopping her from getting her own plate. 

Her chair squealed as she pushed it back. Slowly she rose standing up from the table. Kara hesitantly took a step toward the bowl.

"Crawl." He said it as a command. Jim was elated and could feel his confidence building in leaps and bounds now.    

Staring straight ahead as if afraid to look at him now, Kara slowly sank to her knees. He could hear her increased breathing as she placed one hand and then the other onto the ground. A sly grin spread across his lips as he watched her begin the slow crawl toward the bowl and her awaiting dinner. Her firm bottom seemed to sway with each movement of her body as she crossed the long kitchen floor. It was only when she was before the bowl of food that she dared to look back at him.

He let himself savour that moment the look in her eyes. Pleading but if it was for him to stop or force her to continue he did not know. "Go on puppy eat your food, like a good girl." It was not a suggestion it was a command.

Almost begrudgingly Kara lowered her head toward the bowl. He watched as she took that first messy bite getting more sauce on her face then into her mouth. But chew and swallow she did before grudgingly returning for more. Any initial hesitations Kara may have had quickly disappeared, as each bite forced her to push her face further and further into the bowl of pasta and sauce. She seemed to wallow in it enjoying it almost enjoying being down on her hands and knees eating from her bowl. It would be easy to think it was hunger that drove her to push her face into the bowl licking its edges and fumbling for each bite with her tongue. But no Jim knew now that it wasn’t hunger. He knew it was something much more primal, a need that burned within her. Kara needed to be at his feet to be treated no better than a pet.

Jim felt different like a man waking up for the first time. The more he watched Kara the more he felt the power growing within him. His eyes drank in everything. How she knelt down on all fours like an animal. Tomato sauce coating her mouth and face like a lion with the blood of a fresh kill. Jim felt alive and the more he watched her the more he wanted her. He could feel the testosterone surging through his body. He wanted to take her there and then. The familiar tightness in his pants agreed as rapidly hardening member strained to be free. Nothing could stop him now even if it meant forcing himself onto her.

Dinner forgotten Jim sprang to his feet. His breath was hot and heavy as his fingers fumbled with his belt. Kara gasped as his hand cupped the flesh of her bottom. In a flash his pants fell away exposing his shaft already dripping with its own natural lubricant.

Kara looked back at him sauce dripping down her cheeks. No words were shared both parties having felt the mutual burning desire. She dropped to her forearms face and chest pressed against the floor. Like a bitch in heat she raised up her bottom, her cheeks parting to reveal her hidden glistening pink lips.

She felt afire as Jim entered her. Her warm embrace enveloping him completely as he disappeared within her. She moaned as with one quick thrust his pelvis quickly pressed up against her bottoms cheeks. Like a glove her walls clung to him sending waves of bliss along his shaft as he began a slow building pace.  

His movements at first were slow. Painfully so in fact, but gradually he began to build his pace. Rhythmically he began pump his hips. Deliberately Jim would pull back just enough so that his cocks head tugged at her outer lips before sinking back down within her. Kara began to whimper beneath him each time she felt his member sliding out of her afraid it would slip out and she would lose her source of pleasure. He suddenly loved the sounds of her distress like music to his ears it made him want to tease her, all the more. Partly he did it as punishment for what she had put him through last night, but another part of him, a darker part of him just wanted to hear her cry in frustration.

Each thrust now was causing familiar sensations to run through him, but always they left him wanting more. Suddenly his hands wrapped about her slender waist and with savage strength he began to pull her toward him. He timed each thrust with the pull of his arms ensuring that each time he impaled her about his hardened shaft. As his pace increased it didn’t take long before Jim's whole body was screaming at him with the need for release.

The whole time Kara was like a wild cat. Her body on fire her mind going crazy as Jim teased and worked his way toward release. Jim knew now that this was what Kara had always dreamed of. To be taken like an animal nothing to stop her owner from having her. She was at his mercy whenever he pleased. Her ecstatic moans and groans encouraging him onwards. Causing him to slam harder and harder against her body. All the while Kara pressed her hips back against him with each thrust. Adding her effort to that of his own. He could feel her squeezing muscles each time his hardened shaft buried within her. Her rippling walls sending pleasure up his cock as it bumped and scraped deeper and deeper.

Jim's pace had built to the point of bursting now, and it was all he could do to hold back his release. Each thrust brought his pelvis slamming down against her cheeks, a loud audible slapping noise filling the air from where their skin met each time. The force so great it was slowly pushing Kara across the floor. Her face pressed hard against the tile was leaving a saucy trail in its wake. Her cries and shouts had turned to inaudible moaning and whimpering now as Jim took her with greater and greater force. His fingertips were turning red from how hard they were gripping her torso. His muscles straining pressed himself against her over and over again. He was panting with exhaustion nearing the end of his physical limitations now. But he pressed on each thrust bringing him to new heights of pleasure.

He did not care in that moment about anything else but his need. It was as if something dark and feral had taken over his mind. No longer capable of rational thought his only concern the growing pleasure between his legs. This was not sensual lovemaking this was sex, raw, brutal, unscripted sex. Kara no longer existed in that moment the only thing that mattered was the need that burned within him.  

His release was sudden and like nothing else he had ever experienced. It overwhelmed him his muscles screaming as they pushed his pulsing member deep within her sopping passage one last time. Kara screamed out as his fingers dug deep into her flesh forcing her body to take him completely. Everything seemed to melt away as he closed his eyes and groaned in his final moment of bliss. Beneath him Kara's whole body seemed to convulse her slick thighs and reddened bottom pressed tight to him. The feeling of his member filling her with his hot cum sent her over the edge. She let out a guttural moan of pure pleasure sending flecks of sauce and spittle flying across the tiled floor. As her juices began to mix with his own.

He stayed like that mounted deep within her basking in the afterglow of their shared Orgasm. They would stay like this for quite a while nether daring to move apart, as each subtle shift brought fresh wracking pain and pleasure coursing through their exhausted bodies. It was silent except the occasional whimper or gasping moan. The only movement now was the slow drip of his cum running down Kara's quivering inner thighs sending fresh spasms running up her spine.

It was only later when they had both showered and lay within each other's arms that they found their voices again.

"That was amazing" she whispered as they lay in bed facing each other.

"I thought you might like that" he mused, while his powerful arms pulled her closer to him so that their bodies pressed up against each other.

"I thought you had just been humouring me this entire time. I had no idea that you could be so…… commanding." Her voice was quiet as she rested her cheek against his bare chest. 

"I just needed someone to help me bring it out, I guess." He gave a satisfying yawn as he laid back closing his eyes one arm wrapped about his girl.

"Mhmm well this new you can stay, I like him." Kara was mumbling now her eyes completely shut as sleep seeped into her.

Jim realized then that Kara was right. The old Jim would never have dreamed of any of the depraved things he had done today. It was like there was a part of him that had laid hidden his whole life. He liked this new Jim, he liked how when he became him he felt powerful and in control. Even now just thinking about the things he had made Kara do was starting to get the blood flowing through his body.

"Kara?" He whispered, half hoping. But it was no use she was dead to the world. Exhausted from her long day Jim thought as he stroked her hair, for she had quite the day. He would not wake her. Jim watched her so content so happy, her head rising upon his chest with each breath he took. Brushing back her hair he ran a finger along the leather collar that still encircled her neck. For he knew she would need all the rest she could get for the days ahead.


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