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Pampered Pet

by Sogo

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“Um, this is highly unusual, sir.  Here at The Pampered Pet we only do pets.”

“But she is a pet.”

The middle-aged owner felt a little queasy as she looked down at the woman crammed into the pet carrier.  The caged and naked woman couldn’t speak due to the leather muzzle, so she looked up at the owner with, well, puppydog eyes.

“Oookay,” said the owner nervously.  “I guess we can accommodate her . . .”

“Good.  Here’s my credit card.”

“We’ll, um, have to charge you a little extra, ‘cause, uh, she would be classified as an exotic pet.”

“No problem.  I want the deluxe package.  Nothing is too good for my little Snuggles.”

“Is . . . that her name?  Snuggles?”

“Yes.  She’s very affectionate.  She doesn’t like baths, though, so I brought a metal framework you can strap her into so she doesn’t struggle.  I’ve also brought some of her favorite toys, some rawhide chewies, treats, her dog dishes, and some cans of her favorite food.  I’ll be back for her tomorrow night.”  The man held up a duffel bag.


“Yes, I have an out-of-town business meeting, and I won’t be back till then.”

Snuggles began to whimper and scratch at her cage.  The man bent down and stuck a finger in her cage.

“It’s okay, girl.  They’ll take good care of you while I’m gone.  Be a good girl now, okay?”

The puppygirl became even more agitated, and she tried to bark, but the sound was muffled by the muzzle.

The man stood up.  “She’ll calm down once she gets used to this place.”  He took his receipt and left.

The owner looked down again at the woman becoming restless inside the pet carrier.  She was glad there were no other customers in the store at the moment.  Her voice wavered as she called out to her employee.

“Maddie, could you come here?  Now?”

Maddie, a 20-year-old college student with long blue-dyed hair, came out from the back room, the sound of barking dogs following her as she emerged.

“What’s up?”

“I probably just did something I shouldn’t.”

The girl saw the pet carrier and started to bend down.  “Why?  What—.“  She gasped and straightened up suddenly.  “Oh, my God!  What the hell?”

“A guy brought her in and said she was his pet.  Help me take her in back and we’ll see if she needs help.”

Together, the two of them hauled the pet carrier into the kennel area.  Once there, they opened the door, and the imprisoned woman bounded out and ran around the room on all fours, stopping at all the occupied pens to sniff at the other dogs.  She was naked except for her dog collar and muzzle, and her bulbous breasts swung freely like fleshy pendulums.  Her hair was parted in the middle and tied off at both sides, so that it framed her face like two dog ears.  The owner went over and removed her muzzle, which Snuggles let her do.

“Are you being held against your will?” she said.

Snuggles, her tongue hanging out happily, looked up at her and gave a few playful barks as she bounced up and down on her front legs.

“Doesn’t look like it,” said Maddie.

“Maybe she’s mentally ill,” said the owner.


“Okay, I guess not,” said Maddie.  “Maybe she likes being a puppy dog.”

“Arf!  Arf!  Arf!”

The two women looked at each other.  This was going to be a challenge.

They retrieved her bag of stuff and brought it back.  As soon as they opened it up, Snuggles shoved her head in and emerged triumphantly with a squeaky toy shaped like a rolled-up newspaper, which she proceeded to chew nonstop as she ran around the room, agitating all the other dogs.

“Let’s get her into one of the pens.”

They unloaded her blanket, dishes, and toys into one of the unoccupied pens, but she was having too much fun.  They had to chase her down, snap a leash on her, and drag her into the pen as she gave a low growl of protest.

Maddie had a worried look on her face.  “So what do we do with her?”

The owner shrugged.  “What he paid us to do.  In the morning, we’ll give her a bath.  And hope he comes in early to get her.  We don’t want our other customers to come back and see this.”  They both turned and looked down at their newest “client.”

Snuggles, clearly unhappy about her new situation, bounced around the six-foot-by-eight-foot pen, growling and pawing her blanket, upending her food dishes, and throwing her toys around.

“Should we give her a sedative or something?” asked Maddie.

“No, we don’t know her medical history.  Let’s just hope she calms down.”

But she didn’t.  After twenty minutes of whimpering and howling and causing a ruckus in her pen, the women decided to take her out in the yard for some exercise to wear her out.  Fortunately, there was a high fence around the property, so no one could see.

Snuggles ran around the lawn excitedly, barking non-stop, her dog tags jingling musically.  The owner looked around.  “I just hope no one hears her and wonders what’s going on.”

Maddie had one of the puppygirl’s chew toys, and passed the time throwing it for the new boarder to fetch.  Like any playful pup, the canine cunt would often refuse to give it up, and Maddie would have to play tug-of-war to get it back.  Before too long, the employee got into the spirit of things and laughed at her playful antics, such as shaking the toy vigorously like she was trying to kill it or tossing it in the air with her mouth.

“You silly—-NO!”

But it was too late.  Snuggles had lifted her leg and was watering one of the trees.  She showed no shame in doing this out in the open-- it just came naturally.  Maddie wondered how long it had taken her to reach her current state of mind.  Perhaps it was something she had wanted to do all her life.  All the young girl could do was shrug.

But that was before the puppygirl squatted.

By the time Maddie realized what she was doing, it was already too late.  She was going to have to clean it up.  And it was a big load, too.  Fuck, she thought, I should get bonus pay for doing this one.

She got some rubber gloves, paper towels, and a plastic bag.  She wiped the puppygirl clean and scooped up the mess, hating every second of it.  She wondered how her owner dealt with such matters.  Her owner.  I’m already thinking of this grown woman as if she were an animal.

It took nearly forty-five minutes to tire her out.  Maddie was able to lead her back to her pen with no problem.  She poured water into one of the dishes, and was amazed at how the woman was able to lap it up with her tongue.  There was an unwashed T-shirt in the duffel bag, and the employee tossed it into the pen.  Snuggles grabbed it excitedly with her paws and rubbed her face in it, before finally falling to sleep with her head resting on it.

The two women looked down at the naked woman lying on her side behind the wire mesh.

“Well, I suppose if we treat her like the others, she’ll be all right,” said the owner.  “Do you think we should let her run around and play with the others, though?”

“I guess.  Though I’d keep her away from the male dogs.”

The owner looked at her, her eyes growing wide with realization.


In the end they decided it was better if she played by herself.  Early the next morning, after a breakfast of GRRReat Buffet Meaty Chunks ‘n’ Gravy, she was let outside to pee.

Obviously, they couldn’t take her for walks in public, so while the owner took care of the other dogs, Maddie leashed Snuggles and took her back out in the yard.  They circled around the perimeter, the puppygirl stopping frequently to sniff at things or roll in the grass.  The blue-haired girl was beginning to feel affectionate toward her unusual charge, wondering what it would be like to care for a pet girl in the long run.  Would the novelty wear off, or would a strong bond form between owner and “pet”?

Maddie had a plastic bag ready for the puppygirl to poop on, so clean-up was a lot easier.  Even dogs looked like they were a little embarrassed to do their business in public, but not Snuggles.

Maddie decided to experiment.  “Sit,” she commanded.  Snuggles sat, looking up at her expectantly.  Maddie laughed.  “Good girl!” she cooed.  “Now roll over.”  Snuggles rolled in the grass, her breasts flopping freely.

Sit up.  Speak.  Gimme your paw.  Snuggles performed all of these with gusto.  Maddie formed her hand into a gun and pointed.  “Bang!”  Snuggles collapsed to the ground and lay still.

“You’re just one smart doggie,” joked Maddie.  The puppygirl looked up at her affectionately and wiggled her paws.

“Belly rub?” said the girl hesitantly.

“Arf!  Arf!”

Maddie bent down and ran her fingers up and down the puppygirl’s stomach, getting dog-like grunts of pleasure in return.

By this time the owner had returned, and Maddie put Snuggles in her pen before helping her put the other dogs in their pens.

“How was she?”

“She’s . . . well-behaved.”

They set about feeding the dogs, and Snuggles eagerly ate her dog food and lapped up her water.

“Okay, I guess now it’s time for her B-A-T-H.”

Unfortunately, Snuggles understood what the owner was saying.  She resisted mightily, growling menacingly as they dragged her out of her pen, her feet and knees skidding on the floor.  They took her to the bath area, dragging the resistant puppygirl all the way, and spent several minutes strapping her into her framework.  The two women were tired and sweaty when they finished.

The puppygirl growled non-stop as they hosed down her naked body, washed it with soap, and shampooed her hair.  She calmed down, though, when they dried her off with a towel.  They finished off by putting pink bows in her hair.

As they unstrapped her from the framework, Snuggles took off.  They cornered her in the bathroom, where she was sticking her head in the toilet bowl to drink.

“NO!  NO!  EWWWW!” screamed Maddie, and pulled her away.  Snuggles grumbled, but let herself be led back to her pen, where she rolled around on her blanket and unwashed T-shirt.

The women looked at each other and shook their heads.  Physically, she was human; mentally she was 100% dog.


The women were relieved when the owner came back later that day to get Snuggles.  They had to deal with two other customers, waiting until the coast was clear, before they brought out the pet in her carrier.  The puppygirl barked excitedly and wiggled her butt at the sight of her master.

“Thank you once again, ladies.  Everything went fine, I assume?”

“Nothing we couldn’t handle,” said the owner of the day care center.

“Good.  This doesn’t happen often, but I’ll try to give advance warning next time I bring her in.”  He tipped generously and left with his “pet.”


Maddie glanced up and smiled as the customer entered the door.

“Hi!  Welcome back!”

The young woman came out from behind the counter and bent down.  She stuck her finger in the pet carrier.

“And how’s Snuggles?” she cooed.  “Have you been a good girl?”

The puppygirl barked happily at the sight of the owner.  She loved Maddie.

“Let’s take her back, shall we?”

The man followed her back to the kennel area.  Many of the spacious pens were inhabited by naked women on all fours, who immediately began a chorus of barking and jumping around as they caught sight of the newest addition to their ranks.  Maddie opened the gate to an empty pen, and together the two put Snuggles in it, along with her possessions.

“I’ll be back for her next week.”

“No problem sir.  Have a nice day.”

Since The Pampered Pet had first taken care of Snuggles, word had spread, and Maddie now had her own center, one which catered exclusively to pet girls.  It was even more profitable than the original location.




Copyright 2018 by Sogo.

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