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Pet Treatment for a Cheating Husband

by Techie & Techster

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© Copyright 2020 - Techie & Techster - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; cheat; puppy; collar; leash; chastity; electro; mittens; humbler; cuffs; true; reluct; XX

A decline in the economy forced the husband of our back-fence neighbor Cliff to close the office he had been renting and work at home. Since his business is internet retail sales it was very easy for him, except he laid off the secretary he had been working with for several years.

His wife, Regina, who is a trim carpenter, called me over to ask a question. We spoke about it over the fence. She enlightened me with the fact that her husband, Cliff, was working out of their home with his computer, which she “borrowed” since it was a newer unit than the old Windows 7 machine Cliff lets her use. The “spare bedroom had become his office.

By the way Cliff is a very controlling husband, and treats her like a slave, because his fundamentalist religion stresses that the woman is totally subordinate to the husband. For example he puts all of her earnings in a bank account that only he has access to. She has to literally beg for money to buy food, gas and repairs to keep her 20 year old car running while Cliff drives a new German luxury car which she is not allowed to drive.

One morning Regina had watched Cliff as he entered his password on his computer. Cliff goes to the gym every morning, but will not let her join any fitness classes. Later that morning while Cliff was at the gym she “explored” the email files on his computer and discovered literally hundreds of emails that told her that Cliff had relationships with both his secretary and one of his female “gym buddies”. What was worse were hundreds of his secretary’s “love letters “ to him that mentioned his making love to her.

The next day Regina made it a point to get up early and check Cliff’s expense account reports on his computer and examined his expenses for all of his business trips to symposiums. All of the Seminars and conventions that he attended she noted - and printed out - had one thing in common and that was the fact he paid for a double occupancy room and meals and drinks for two.

After relating all of this, she said, “Over the years Cliff and I have observed some of your and Techster’s kinkier moments and I remember when Techster was locked in puppy play gear for the neighborhood Halloween party. I plan to teach him a lesson for his infidelity. He will become the pet dog that he would not let me have.”

I responded, “Of course, when he is in costume may I have a look at your pet in the puppy play gear.”

Regina replied, “Of course! After all, I plan to take him out on the back yard so he can pee and poop.”

I told her, “All our kinky and bondage gear is in boxes in our storage room. The puppy play stuff is boxed separately. It is easy to install, I have a set of written instructions to go with it. By the way the anti-bark shock collar has three settings, low, medium and high. You can set it with a wireless remote. The only thing that is tricky is installing the humbler with the ankle cuffs that lock his ankles to his balls.

How will you get him to voluntarily submit?”

Regina smiled and with an evil laugh told me, “Cliff takes a heavy sleep med that knocks him out, but to be certain I will crush one of his sleep meds and put it in his evening glass of wine. I have discovered that when he is sedated by the sleep meds I can roll him over or whatever without his waking up.

“That way when he wakes up in the morning he will be in for a big surprise! He will protest but when I tell him why and divorce or this and show him the printout of the evidence and I’m sure he will understand. After all with evidence like this it would cost him half our assets and his salary in alimony. My real hope is that begs forgiveness and submits to being locked in chastity with me for a keyholder!”

I sprinted back to our home and returned with the “puppy play” box, which I passed over the fence to her.

The next morning Regina called me with the news, “I will be letting my pup outside so he can pee. Would you like to say hello to him?”

I walked to the back fence and noticed that Regina had installed a long ramp out of the back door to their home. She led Cliff out to pee saying, “Now you be a good dog and pee and poop in the backyard.”

Cliff saw me observing, started to say something when the shock collar hit him then he tried to turn back into their home but Regina slapped his balls with a riding crop and said, ”Get used to it. You don’t have any choice!”

Regina said, “When he woke up and found out that he was my pet he started to curse and then the anti-bark collar hit him! I explained what I had discovered and showed him the print out of everything. Then I offered him the choice, be my pet and ask forgiveness or face divorce, loss of his sports car, half of our assets, alimony. I turned off the shock collar and he begged me to forgive him. He agreed that his punishment being my pet was kind.

“By the way this outfit is great! The humbler and ankle cuff keeps him on all fours, the ball type gloves on his forepaws make his hands useless and the anti-bark shock collar guarantees he will be quiet.”

I asked, “May I talk to him? I’d love to know how he is dealing with his canine status?”

Regina pulled on Cliff ‘s leash and he crawled over to the fence and told him,

“Techie has some questions for you. If I turn off the anti-bark collar will you answer her in a polite manner?”

Cliff nodded and looked up at me.

I asked him, “I have three questions for you. First: What do you think of the reasons that you are now Regina’s pet?

“Second: What was your first reaction to your canine status?

“Third: ”How do you do your on-line sales?”

Cliff replied, ”To answer your first question all I can say is that my infidelity is the reason and I do regret that. Quite frankly with the evidence that Regina has I wouldn’t stand a chance in divorce court. I do regret my actions and I’ve agreed to endure the humiliation of being her pet and do whenever she wishes. And I have agreed to surrender my sexuality, be locked in chastity and renew our vows.

“Second answer: At first I was very angry and tried to curse at Regina, but when she

showed me the evidence and explained that a divorce would give at least half of all we own and alimony I thought it over and will accept the fact that I am and will be her pet, submissive and slave until she decides otherwise. When she goes out to work I am locked in a heavy metal pet crate with food and water.

“Third: Regina puts my computer on a low table every afternoon and I can handle all the orders using voice command. The merchandise I buy through a second source. Needless to say I have to avoid face to face contact.”

Well it’s been over two weeks of his submission Cliff is still peeing and pooping in their backyard. Regina watches over each outdoors event and if he poops she washes off his butt with the garden hose and dries him with a towel. I’ve noticed that Cliff has apparently accepted his - what he hopes will be temporary - canine status and if he sees me he will lift a forepaw and wave to me.

Regina, who is a trim carpenter by trade, was working on a project in their backyard and asked me, “Would you like a gate through our fence? If yes, then this project would become a gate between our yards, if that is OK with you?”

I answered, “Hey, that’s great! That way I don’t have to walk around the block or climb over the four foot tall fence to visit your home. Also you and Cliff can visit us while he is a dog.”

She took her saw and in a few minutes created a space in the fence, installed the gate, opened it and she and Cliff came through. Techster came out onto our patio with three glasses and a shallow bowl, saw Cliff and said, “Hey, Cliff, how are you adapting to the pup life?“

Techster looked to Regina and asked, “Can he have some wine and can you shut down his shock collar so we can talk?”

Regina smiled and agreed, “Yes on both counts.”

Cliff said, “Yes please on the wine. You asked about my acceptance of my submission to my canine status, well all I can say is I earned it. It is humiliating but it has added a whole new side to our relationship for I am totally dependent on Regina for everything. I love her stronger than ever in two ways.”

Techster asked as he poured wine into the bowl, “Please define that two ways statement.”

Cliff answered, “I love her as a husband would and enjoy licking her clit to an orgasm. I love her in a dependent way as a dog would love it’s master and owner; for since I am now her pet I am truly owned, dependent on her for everything and enjoy her touch when I am petted by her.”

With that Regina petted his head, a long soft rub down his back and patted his balls.

Cliff smiled and continued, “She has trained me to do several tricks such as fetch what she wants, sit up, roll over and lick her clit. Of course it’s very easy to train me, her human pet, by using a riding crop swat on my balls if I don’t do what she wants me to do! But that’s part of my humiliation, submission and punishment and considering all the facts I am not in a position to complain!”

With that answer Cliff lowered his head and began lapping up the wine. As the sun was setting, the evening chill rolled in. Cliff and Regina finished their wine, and Regina said, “Well excuse us now it's getting cold and I don’t want Cliff to get too cold. “ She took Cliff’s leash and led him home.

Techie laughed and asked me, ”Does that look like fun, would you like to be my pet?”

Techster stuck out his tongue and said, “OK! I can add a whole new meaning to the term ‘lap dog’!” He knelt on all fours, slid his head under my skirt and nuzzled my sex.


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