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Petgirl's Peril

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2021 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; petgirl; public; hum; collar; leash; bond; spreadeagle; rope; punish; pain; reluct; XX

A tug on my leash reminds me of my place as my Master’s Petgirl. The hiking trail is moderate but more difficult wearing 5 inch stilettos. Along with the sexy heels my attire includes a bikini that's covered in cute kitty fur and a kitty tail that is actually a butt plug/vibrator. My ears have been altered to look like cute furry kitty ears. Then there's my kitty collar with a large loud bell and my pet tag that says ‘Ava, Property of Master Bill’.

Some twenty years ago it became legal to own a Petgirl. Of course the female had to be willing to become a Petgirl, but once they became a Petgirl they lost all rights as a free woman, their owner could train, modify, educate, punish them.

My Master and former husband says, "heel Ava." I comply as I'm merely a Petgirl. I'm not allowed to speak, as only humans speak.

I'm kneeling on the side of the trail as other hikers approach us. I'm so embarrassed to be seen by strangers as a pet. The trail is on private land and most people here are aware of people owning pet girls on this large area of land.

I think back on when I was a teacher at a college teaching Astronomy. A young 21 year old male made an impression on me. I was instantly attracted to him and his personality. I was 31 years old at the time when we had an innocent coffee date that ended up in my bed.

We got married a few months later and that's when his dominance over me began. He first introduce me to bondage sex and then pet play. I was so in love with him I would do anything for him, including becoming his Petgirl.

The hikers start a conversation with my Master. "She is lovely, what's your Petgirl's name?" The female hiker pets me, as my Master tells them my name.

She feels my furry tail that sends pleasure waves to my kitty pussy. I purr like a horny kitty, hoping for her to play with my tail more. She then squeezes my kitty tail which sends pain into my ass. I want to yell at her to stop but I'm a Petgirl.

Since becoming my Master’s Petgirl over four years ago I have not been fucked by my Master or anyone. My master has many new girlfriends that please him in bed while I watch from my Petgirl cage. I have become an object, a play thing, a true Petgirl. I love my Master and I rely on him to feed me, bathe me, take care of me and to walk me.

The conversation with the hikers continues as my Master shows them an embarrassing picture of me…the Christmas photo card. I'm wearing a long silk red evening gown and white long satin gloves. This photo was taken a year after our marriage, he had just introduced me into pet play. He talked me into wearing a pretty red silk bow around my neck for fun and for our private photos. He then added a pet bowl with my name Ava on it. We took many photos together but mostly with me on my knees as a submissive Petgirl.

Without me knowing he made it into a Christmas photo card and sent it to our friends and my coworkers…I was so embarrassed. My coworkers were laughing at me and leaving me cat food on my desk. I had to quit my job as a teacher. Soon after that I became a Petgirl and no longer his wife.

The other hiker asks my Master where we are heading.

As my Master holds my leash, "I'm taking my naughty Petgirl to a spot on this trail to punish her."

I look down at the ground in disgrace as I know what I did wrong.

"What did your Petgirl do?"

"Her hands are locked away in cat mittens, therefore her fingers are useless. I caught her humping the bedpost trying to masturbate. A big no-no!"

"Well, we will continue our hike and allow you to punish your Petgirl."

The male hiker feels my kitty ears. "Such a naughty kitty."

My Master pulls hard on my leash and I follow like an obedient Petgirl.

We reach the spot, though the hike was difficult wearing the stiletto heels. The spot is a clear area that's mostly in shade but soon it will be in the sun. My Master pulls out some rope and stakes from his backpack.

My Master soon has me staked to the ground spread eagled. I'm purring trying to get his attention to let him know I'm so horny but he will not touch me..

He removes my kitty furry panties and pulls out one more item from his backpack. "You are a naughty Petgirl and I will teach you a lesson. Petgirls are not allowed to masturbate, so your pussy will be punished."

He pours honey on her pussy and then leads a trail of honey to an ant hill. I see my peril and I quickly fight the ropes that have me staked to the ground.

I look at my Master. "Meow…meow…Meow!"

Before my Master leaves me to my peril. "I will be back in four hours. This will teach you a lesson to never masturbate."

I watch as the ants swarm all over the honey as they near my vulnerable pussy. There is nothing I can do, I know their bites will hurt like hell.

As the ants reach my wet pussy covered in honey I know my Master is right to punish his Petgirl. I'm his property and I exist now only to please him. I adore my Master so much and I look forward to the day when my Master will fuck my kitty pussy!

I scream from the first of many ant bites on my pussy!


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