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Planet of Women

by Sensual Robert

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© Copyright 2020 - Sensual Robert - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; bond; chastity; toys; collar; costume; nc; XX

The year is 2400 AD, after many centuries of war, pollution, environmental disaster and plagues, men have nearly become extinct. Man has also shrunk in size, an average male height is now only 3 feet tall. Men have lost power and rights in this planet, now dominated by women. All men at the age of 18 are required by law to be collared and placed in chastity. This means men lose the right to masturbate and to have sex. Men either become a pet or get painfully milked for their semen. So either way life is not good for the sub-male.

Sub-males that become a puppy pet to rich women must learn to obey their Mistresses. The puppy pet will always be in chastity and this is pure torture since the new sub-male is always horny and needs its puppy-cock to be touched. Puppy's hands are placed in special mitts, these mitts or paws do not allow the use of fingers. Often a puppy tail is added to the sub-male puppy which is a painful butt plug. A collar and puppy ears are added to the sub-males embarrassing costume. Puppies are forced to go for walks on leashes and they must always eat and drink from doggy bowls. Puppies are forced to please their female owners by licking their pussies!

Sub-males that are milked for semen endure a more painful life. They are confined to a small stall, usually tied down, a milking device is attached to their penis and their semen is collected for 12 hours a day. The sub-male penis becomes very sensitive when it has an orgasm, but the milking machine continues to stimulate and extract the semen despite the screams from the sub-male. The sub-male also has to endure the anal probe that is forced in at any given time.

So no sub-male wants to be milked or to become a puppy...but there is the escape option. There is a rumor that a sanctuary exists for sub-males, a place where their cocks are free and where there are warm tight pussies for their eager cocks. Many sub-males try to escape but many are caught. This is always a risk that sub-males are willing to take to escape becoming a mindless puppy or the painful milking process.

Hector is a young, strong sub-male standing at 2 1/2 feet tall and he just turned 18. He must submit himself to the local vet to become collared and placed in chastity forever, but he tries to escape. He is running at night naked, his cock is erect as he runs. He hides behind trees and bushes, trying to get outside the city walls. Suddenly a net falls on him and he is captured. The women quickly tie him up in a hogtie position. They slap his balls before placing him in the van.

Hector screams "Get your hands off of me. Let me go you stupid fat bitch!" Hector screams as his balls are slapped.

Gertrude the 300 pound woman says "Let's put a muzzle on this puppy."

The muzzle is a penis gag and Hector is forced to suck on this penis as he struggles in the hog tied position. The van takes him to the local vet where he will now be processed. They easily place the small sub-male on the processing table. He is strapped face down and his genitals are exposed through a hole in the processing table. Hector sees two very attractive nurses as they place scary medical devices and instruments on the cart next to him. One of the nurses goes under the table with an instrument, first Hector feels pleasure as the nurse's large hand is teasing his cockhead then Hector screams into his muzzle as he was just pierced!

Hector mitts, puppy ears and collar are placed on him. Next are the sexy ballet boots, these boots are nearly impossible to walk on and encourage the puppy to walk on all fours. Hector is un-strapped from the table and he sees his once free's locked away in a chastity device and there is a gold ring attached to his tiny cock head. The nurse attaches a leash to his cock head, she laughs "This is how you will be led around by your locked puppy cock." Hector tries to tell her to fuck off but "Arrf" is the only noise that comes out of his mouth.

She laughs again, "This special collar controls your speech and you can only make puppy noises."

Hector tries to remove the collar but his mitts or paws have no fingers "Arrf."

The nurse says "You are now ready to be taken home by your new owner. You are going to love her."

That's when Hector becomes scared, when he sees Gertrude, the large 300 pound woman.

"Arrf, Arrf!"

Gertrude grabs Hector's leash and tugs on it harshly showing her new puppy who is in control. "You are such a cute puppy. You are going to enjoy your new home with me! You like tasting fat pussy?"

Hector shakes his head no as the leash is again pulled hard causing him pain.

"Wait until you meet Fido, HE is going to get EXCITED when he sees you!"

The leash is tugged again as Hector walks on all fours following his new disgusting owner and towards his new puppy life!


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