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Pony Suit Trap

by Mikel

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© Copyright 2022 - Mikel - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/f; MF/f; latex; catsuit; ponygirl; crop; toys; buttplug; gag; hood; trick; enema; cuffs; tease; breathplay; cons; nc; XX

Jane had made great achievements in her company, working closely with her business and frequent sexual partner Claire. Claire had shared in Jane’s private passion for total submission bondage, predominantly pony training. The duo shared long sessions with Jane sealed inside her heavy rubber catsuit wearing her pony boots, the large bit gag wedged deep in her mouth attached firmly to the fancy pony head harness for the entire week. 

Jane had loved every minute she spent under Claire's control especially when Claire would bind her hooved hands high up her back attaching the heavy leather and steel body harness that was locked on over the rubber to the small cart and made her pull her around the small property she owned. 

Jane would grunt and struggle to pull the cart while Claire sat comfortably in the leather seat using the reins to guide Jane and whipping her with the long riding crop. Jane would spend hours pulling her friend around eventually having her eyes covered and forced to rely completely on Claire's guidance.

After several days of being Claire’s pony staying out in the small shed hobbled with her arms still bound behind her the two would spend a few days satisfying each other’s need to cum. If Jane performed well Claire would allow her to climax ending the vacation with them sleeping and showering together returning to work acting like they were just coworkers again smiling whenever they saw each other. 

Jane had become so accustomed to having the large plugs embedded deep into her pussy and ass that she had started to keep them in, twenty-four seven, taking great pleasure in the feelings they gave her. Claire had even helped her find and schedule her private vacations at a specialized training stable where she would spend two weeks being trained as a pony without any breaks in her training. 

Each time Jane returned, the two spent another week with Claire getting Jane back to her own normal professional domineering self with each time seeming to take longer because Jane wanted to stay as a pony more and more. Jane told Claire of her new design for a product that would earn her millions in commissions excitedly telling Claire they could finally buy a larger estate with a full pony training facility and spend as much time as they wanted together. 

Claire learned that Jane had not told anyone else about her new designs and began planning to put Jane into permanent pony training. While Claire started to look for a pony suit that she could keep Jane in indefinitely, she talked Jane into building a new home on a huge property that was way out in the country so they could start her training as soon as she started getting her commission. 

Claire enticed Jane by telling her she can train her on the weekends, making Jane locate and purchase a horse training facility that had gone up for sale. While all this was going on Claire had the custom suit with en-point pony hooves, a large horses head that has a mask that would cover her mouth and nose with a mouth-filling gag attached to a hollow bit gag. 

The hollow bit was to be used to slip a bridle and bit through so the heavy harness could be used over the large horse’s head. The gloves would keep hands closed in tight fists and look like pony hooves, limiting her flexibility and making them completely useless to Jane. 

The hood looked like a detailed horse head, with thin tubes leading to her ears allowing her to only hear when her head was pointed towards the sound. The mask filled her mouth and muffled any sounds with the two making her completely silent. The hood's lenses covered her eyes, keeping her vision blurred and making everything dim as another way of controlling Jane.

The inner suit was the hardest part for Claire to figure out, she needed a way to seal off Jane’s body so her hair and fluids wouldn’t become a problem. The inner suit she had made was made of a thick shrink wrap type material, it was crystal clear so Jane’s body could be inspected. 

The plastic material could be heated so pressure could continuously be increased on her body keeping her breathless and under control. Claire was also told by the manufacturer that as the plastic shrank it thickened making it much stiffer in each area it had been heated.

Claire didn’t understand what that would mean to Jane; she only appreciated that the coating of, technically it was a glue, would control Jane’s hair and nail growth and that it had micro-pores so her body fluids wouldn’t become problematic. The glue would adhere to Jane’s skin and could only be released by soaking the plastic in a release agent that would dissolve it completely. 

Jane already kept her entire body hairless mostly because she loved the feel of latex on her skin but also enjoyed being able to change her look by changing her wig. Claire spent a few weekends with Jane, training her encased, gagged and harnessed as her pony each time keeping Jane restrained more stringently making her work harder to become her perfect pony. 

Claire’s intentions were to make Jane accustomed to their playtime teaching her each time she could not change nor question anything Claire asked her to do. The last weekend before Claire introduced Jane to her new suit Claire sealed her into the latex, heavy harness and en-pointe pony boots before they had left the house. 

Jane had thought they were just going to stay home, allowing Claire to seal and restrain her in her pony gear, only resisting when she realized she was being led to her own SUV. Claire pulled the reins dragging the struggling woman into the back of the SUV tying the reins to an over the door handle before attaching the short hobbles around the pony’s ankles. 

Jane was forced to stand fully exposed in the back of the truck hoping the dark windows protected her from being seen by other cars on the long drive to the new house. Claire kept Jane in her pony gear for four days, never releasing her and making her pull heavy items like a work horse then locking her in one of the empty stalls each night. 

On the fifth day she tied her pony into the back of the truck watching the exhausted woman sway side to side with her head hanging low the entire drive. The next day Claire attached the cart to Jane’s exhausted body whipping her until she started pulling her around the small property. 

That evening Claire released Jane from her pony gear, bathing and feeding her, expecting Jane to be upset; instead she listened to Jane thank her for treating her that way, saying, that’s how she was to be treated during her vacations from now on and she had really enjoyed it and hoped that once the deal was done, she could spend more time as her pony.

Claire was sure she could make everything happen so she could get all the credit for the new design and collect all the money, still debating on whether or not she would keep her pony once the deal was done, knowing Jane would be upset with her stealing the money. 

Claire thought to herself, we will cross that bridge when we get there. Claire cared for Jane but had always wanted to find a way to become a millionaire wanting that more than a relationship with Jane. Jane was spending more time away from the office as Claire’s bondage pony while Claire was putting her plans into action trying to make it so no one would even ask where Jane had gone. 

Jane had spent another week with her arms bound high up her back dressed in her rubber and leather pony gear mostly alone while Claire finalized her plans. Jane was locked in her stall unable to tell how much time had passed due to being kept blindfolded and unable to tell day from night suckling blindly from her feeder going to the bathroom like a horse would do relishing every moment.

Claire returned on the ninth day to find Jane calmly pacing in her stall responding as a true pony would to Claire’s return, getting excited and rubbing her head on her. Claire freed her friend, cleaning and feeding her, allowing her only enough freedom to get her ready to be encased indefinitely. 

Jane enjoyed being rewarded for her performance telling Claire, “Soon we will be able to do that for as long as we want.” Claire shared her bed with Jane, satisfying both their sexual needs completely. The next morning Claire asked Jane to flush herself fully, telling her to meet her in the ‘barn’, which is what they called the shed they used as her stall. 

Jane was very excited as she flushed her bowels completely then pranced naked on her toes to the barn. Claire showed the new suit to Jane watching her stare at it getting more excited and asking if she could wear it now. Claire explained the process of getting her into the suit to Jane noticing her lack of attention as she pulled out the large plugs Jane would be fitted with from now on. 

The plugs had been designed by Claire to be able to stimulate Jane with both pleasure and pain and would keep her body waste functions under control. Jane eagerly let Claire insert the new plugs moaning as each was slowly inserted and both fitting tight enough, she didn’t have to worry about them sliding out as Claire showed her the plastic suit. 

Jane practically jumped into the plastic suit only thinking about being encased in the new pony suit barely noticing how loose the plastic hung around her body. Claire began warming the plastic, being careful to smooth it out as it shrank until Jane was purring as she felt it tightening all around her body. 

Once the suit was form fitted Claire continued heating the plastic around Jane’s waist and chest watching it draw her waist in by several inches before moving the heat to her seal pussy and ass. Jane was standing with her eyes closed quietly moaning as the plastic drew tighter all over her body getting louder as it pulled very tight across her pussy sinking deep into her ass as well forming around her as it pulled tighter. 

Jane loved the feeling of being compressed by the plastic urging Jane with her gasping pleas, “Please don’t stop.” Making Jane smile as she continued to warm and shrink the plastic now encasing her friend. Claire moved to Jane’s coated arms and hands warming the plastic watching amazed as the clear plastic pulled tightly around her arms finally heating her hands watching it shrink actually seeing it thicken as the plastic gloves drew tighter. 

Jane was lost in the sensations ignoring her brain trying to warn her of what was happening. Claire was now warming the plastic over Jane’s head and face, Jane had already felt the air getting thin and was engrossed in the sensations from the plastic and heat. Claire watched the plastic shrink over Jane’s face, sealing her mouth and nose under the hard plastic mouth piece she would be breathing through from now on.

The mouth piece also had a large gag that forced Jane’s mouth open filling it with much firmer plastic. The tube running from the mask went through the gag allowing her to breathe and be fed through it. Claire knew it wouldn’t be comfortable for Jane but had been using a similar mask and gag during the last few months of Jane’s training so she could learn how to breathe and swallow her nutrients with it. 

Claire waited until Jane’s eyes popped open in a panic and she started groping her encased head with her stiffened hands before cutting the plastic around the short tube smiling as Jane panted through the mask moaning and closed her eyes again. Claire warmed the hood until it was stretched tightly around Jane’s head. 

The hood was pressing firmly on her eyes leaving her gasping through the tube blind and mostly deaf while she forced her feet into a pair of pony boots and began warming the plastic under the unlaced leather making sure her feet were held in the strict en-pointe position they would remain in.

Jane was enjoying her growing helplessness, the pressure around her chest and abdomen making her pant as her body tried to adjust to it. Feeling Claire force her feet into the pony boots made her hornier as she stroked her plastic covered body. Claire finished fitting the plastic skin rubbing her friend's coated body, getting very aroused herself. 

Claire took a small pair of scissors and cut away small circles of the thickened plastic from around the openings in the plugs snapping the hoses into the fittings. Speaking loudly, Claire told Jane to remain very still as she carefully cut the plastic from around her eyes. 

As soon as she was finished Jane opened her eyes smiling at her friend and reaching out at her clothes pulling at them until Claire was standing naked in front of her. Jane wobbled over to the tall tack cabinet pulling out a leather hood and a pair of handcuffs barely able to grasp them, handing them to her friend. 

Claire understood inserting the large phallus attached to the hood into her mouth before lacing it tightly around her head. While Claire worked on the hood Jane pulled out a large vibrator returning to her friend as she sat down on the bench and ratcheted the cuffs tightly around her own wrists. 

Claire was now bound, gagged and blindfolded with her friend encased in plastic unable to see or hear Jane as she knelt down between her legs. Claire jumped slightly as she felt the cool plastic hand of her friend touch her bare leg hearing a muffled giggle from Jane. 

Jane stroked her bound friend with her encased hands for several minutes before inserting her fingers in the bound woman’s pussy. Claire leaned back spreading her legs wide as Jane continued stroking her pinching and pulling on her nipples making Claire whine and try to twist away from her tormentor. 

Jane was really enjoying the numb feeling the gloves gave her and how smooth they made everything feel finally slowly inserting the vibrator. Claire was whining and moaning as Jane pumped the vibrator deep into and out of her pussy making Claire twist and rock on the bench. 

Claire was desperate to cum thrashing and moaning while Jane continued her assault watching her bound friend fight her bonds. Jane teased her friend for an hour before finally turning the vibrator on high and fucking her with it while she pulled and twisted her nipples. 

Claire was frantically struggling in the steel cuffs while trying to control her breathing, feeling her orgasm growing until she exploded screaming into the hood. Claire grabbed Jane with her legs squeezing her encased body tightly as Claire’s body convulsed and she struggled to get enough air into her lungs.

Jane let Claire hug her tightly with her legs smiling while she watched her friend climax feeling her legs loosen their grip slumping back to the floor allowing Jane to stand up wobbling on the pony boots to the tack cabinet. Claire was still gasping in the leather hood as Jane tried to pick the small key up out of the drawer, finding with her stiffened encased fingers, she could not pick up the key. 

As the orgasm’s afterglow faded Claire sat up pulling at the cuffs gasping as she tried to figure out why she hadn’t been uncuffed yet. Jane was still struggling with the key while Claire sat pulling at the cuffs and shaking her head, finally standing and slowly moving until she ran into Jane’s body. Knowing it was her by the feeling of her plastic-coated body and started rubbing and pushing on her whining as she nudged her. 

Jane was trying to get Claire to understand she couldn’t pick up the key and the two stood bumping and nudging each other while Jane tried to get the key out of the drawer. Jane finally pushed her friend away from her, yanking the drawer out of the cabinet, dumping it out on the bench. She quickly searched through the mess, finding the key, then pushed her fingers into the thin mat and picked up the key. 

Claire had wandered away from her friend, having lost her bearings, making Jane follow behind her. She stopped her and pressed the key into her friend's flailing hand. Claire stopped struggling, unlocking her wrists and unlacing the hood, pulling the wet leather from her sweat covered head seeing the mess on the bench quickly figuring out what had happened. 

Claire spent the next few hours stroking and teasing her encased friend forcing some nutrients into the mask watching Jane suck her food down her throat. Claire rubbed Jane’s plastic skin really starting to wonder how it would feel to be encased herself wondering if she could do it on her own or not. 

Jane was still thinking about the new rubber horse suit she had been shown and pulled her friend towards it pointing trying to get her to help her into it. The suit had been custom built just for Jane, it had ports for the hoses coming from Jane’s encased body that would allow her to relieve herself and be fed. 

The plug in her ass would have to be snapped onto a special port made into a toilet and would automatically fill and flush her bowels. She would relieve her bladder like a horse would peeing freely from the small opening. The head was shaped like a true horse head linking the small tubes fed into her ears and the short tube from the mask.

The tubes would make it so she could only hear loud noises directly in front of her and could push the slightly opened mouth onto her feeding tube and suck in the liquid. The head like all the other parts of the suit were made of the same thick rubber and all was one piece including the hooved pony boots and gloves.

Claire stretched the rubber open so Jane could feed her feet into the legs of the new suit, forcing her feet past the tight ankles was more difficult than she had thought. It was making her wonder if the suit would be too tight for Jane. Jane was not much help in getting into the suit being distracted by the itch she was feeling all over her body and was becoming concerned that something might be wrong. 

Jane was standing in the new pony boots learning not only were they higher they felt like they were steeper than her other boots. Jane stood struggling with the itch and trying to keep from falling while Claire pulled and tugged the tight rubber up her legs. Claire continued to struggle with the thick rubber until she had it pulled up to Jane’s compressed waist, stopping to wipe the sweat from her naked body.

Jane’s concerns about the new suit were growing but so was her arousal about being encased dreaming about being sealed inside it for months wishing she didn’t have to go to work. Claire started pulling the rubber up Jane’s torso fighting the reinforced stays molded into the rubber around her waist finally getting it to snap up to Jane’s chest.

The new tension made Jane take a deep breath as the tension around her increased substantially. Claire could tell Jane was getting nervous so she quickly fed her arms into the sleeves forcing her hands past the thicker wrists of the gloves making sure Jane’s hands grasped the small metal bars inside the hooved gloves. 

As soon as Jane’s hands were set inside the gloves, she leaned her head forward pushing it inside the horse’s head and yanking the suit up over her shoulders. Claire made sure the short tube from the mask was seated into the head pulling it down forcing Jane’s head to pop into the formed opening inside the head. 

Jane felt the pressure all over her head and face looking through the tinted lenses of the hood raising her hands in front of her, noticing that she could barely bend her wrists and couldn’t open her hands at all. As the sudden realization of being totally encased and helpless to be able to release herself Jane started to panic as Claire pulled the tab across Jane’s shoulders sealing the suit. 

Jane felt as though she couldn’t breathe anymore, the tight plastic under the increasingly tight rubber suit was smothering her and she began to flail helplessly while Claire stepped back to watch her new pony thrash and twist. Jane fought with the tight rubber for thirty minutes finally sitting on the floor, her gasping breaths hissing from the horse’s mouth while she tried to control her breathing. 

Claire had redressed in her favorite horse trainer clothes, she wore her tight leather riding pants and matching corset with a bolero jacket covering her heavy breasts and long leather gloves. The high heeled boots had small spurs attached and a firm riding crop tucked into one. 

Claire had pinned the small hat slightly sideways on her head and smiled as Jane turned the long nose of the horse’s head towards her, staring at the dim figure in front of her. Claire pulled the pony to her pointed toes listening to her gasps coming out of the mouth of the mask and began telling her how good she looked while she polished the rubber skin. 

Jane was on the verge of another panic attack, still struggling to breathe in the tight rubber when she felt Claire put something on her new head. Jane could barely see around the long nose of the hood catching sight of the harness Claire was putting on her then feeling it get pulled tight. 

Now she felt Claire pull on the reins yanking her thrashing head to one side as she heard her yell, “Quiet down!” Jane calmed herself as she listened to Claire’s orders to follow her signals, seeing the reins flash by as they were pulled over her head. Suddenly Jane felt a flash of pain across her ass as Claire whipped her yelling, “Giddy up!” 

Jane instinctively raised her knee-high prancing out of the room letting Claire lead her by pulling the reins towards the direction she wanted to go. Claire led her new pony around the yard for an hour before letting Jane stop and gasp for air. While Jane stood panting Claire wrapped a thick reinforced rubber collar around the base of the horse head. 

The collar made it look like it now had a full thick neck of a horse with a flowing mane and all, further limiting how much Jane could move her head and neck. After the collar was in place Claire pulled Jane’s hooved hands up behind her back attaching them to a d-ring mounted under the mane keeping them held high between her shoulder blades.

Jane was concentrating on her breathing feeling her chest heaving inside the tight rubber and plastic thankful the itching had stopped. Jane could feel Claire wrapping the short hobbles around her ankles and whining inside the hood unaware that even her loudest screams would be completely muffled by the mask and hood. 

Once Claire had Jane bound and hobbled, she began whipping her again, forcing the rubber pony to shuffle out of the barn towards the trailer that she had hitched to their SUV. The trailer had been used to haul petting ponies to kids’ birthday parties, essentially being small horse trailers. 

Jane had found it on the internet, promptly buying it, in hopes someday she would be hauled around like a true pony, finding out quickly that it had many openings that would allow anyone to see what was inside so she had never used it. As the pony approached the trailer, she was able to make out what it was and stopped shuffling as she realized that Claire was intending on putting her inside it. 

Claire whipped her again swinging the reins to get her moving. It took several lashes to get pony Jane to start moving again and she shuffled up the short ramp. Claire yelled, “Whoa!” flipping the reins over her head and tying them securely to the front of the trailer. Claire attached to securing straps to each side of her pony then tied the hobble to the ring in the floor making it impossible for Jane to move or fall. 

After Jane was secured, Claire took out her crop and yelled, “This is for fighting me!” whipping the helpless horse’s ass leaving Jane struggling and screaming inside the heavy rubber. Jane felt the ramp slam closed, unable to turn her head to see around her. Jane was forced to stare straight ahead at the back of her own SUV while they rumbled down the roads to her new home several hours away.

Jane had given up fighting her bonds concentrating on her breathing and not getting sick with all the rocking the trailer was doing. Jane was snapped out of her trance when she felt the ramp drop to the ground feeling her straps being released. Claire untied the reins pulling them over Jane’s head forcing Jane to back out of the trailer. 

Jane was exhausted and was starting to want the game to stop when the whipping started again urging her to move where she was directed. Claire guided her pony to her new home, Jane watched as the large building came into view. Thankfully, she had made it to the new property planning to have a long talk with Claire about how she had been transported when she was freed. 

Claire led Jane into the nearest stall slamming the gate closed behind her leaving her arms bound behind her back and her ankles hobbled being exhausted herself she wanted to go and relax in the tub and get some sleep. Jane stood in the brightly lit stall looking around noticing there was no place for her to lie down or even sit. 

Jane spotted her feeding tube and a short tube sticking from the wall. After shuffling around in the fresh straw, she slowly lowered herself to her knees falling over to her side gasping in relief from the strain of standing. Jane slept deeply in her rubber cocoon, waking sore and confused late the next day. 

With her arms bound high up her back and her feet connected so close together she struggled for an hour before she was able to stand on her pointed toes again. Jane was gasping from the effort to stand feeling like her waist and chest had been put into a vise. Leaning against the wall she steadied her breath and began shuffling around her small cage while she twisted and flexed trying anything she could think of to free her cramping arms.

Claire was at the office bright and early having already put her plan into effect she had no problems passing off the new idea as her own. Claire spent the next week working on the new design only returning to the new ranch early Saturday morning finding her new pony asleep in the straw. 

Claire let her sleep after checking her breathing and how much fluids she had taken in and went to the large tack room. Claire opened the boxes that had been delivered squealing as she put the new equipment away, organizing them as she went along. Jane woke, quickly getting to her hooves taking her morning drink and beginning her slow pacing around the stall. 

Jane had no idea how long she had been left alone but had accepted she would die shortly after her nutrients ran out. As Jane thought about being left to die Claire had watched her get to her feet amazed at how quickly she had already adapted to her restraints opening the gate letting Jane walk around until she spotted Claire standing in the doorway.

Jane froze in place not wanting to believe her friend was really there since she had been the one to leave her so long ago. When Claire approached her Jane backed away until she felt the wall behind her. Claire slowly reached out taking the dangling reins and gently pulled them leading the frightened pony from the stall. 

Jane followed Claire’s tugging, the mouth filling gag twisted it each time the reins were pulled hurting the inside of Jane’s mouth just like a real horse’s bit did. Claire led Jane to the doorway of the tack room tying the reins to the railing before lowering her bound arms and removing her hobble. 

Claire spoke loudly as she explained to Jane about the special tack in the room letting Jane look inside and see all the equipment setting around the room. Jane was confused about what was happening and listened to her friend as she told her about her new life. 

Jane listened about how the sets of hooves setting along the shelves would be used to increase her legs strength, each set of hooves weighed more than the other and would be easily snapped on her current hooves. 

The collection of tails was even more interesting to Jane, being told as Claire noticed her looking at them that they were attached to the plug in her ass and that each was designed to give a different appearance. “Sort of like your old wigs except these bounce and shake depending on the size and the spring steel used.” Claire explained, to a stunned Jane, some can be pleasurable while others would be uncomfortable. 

Jane was staring at the two saddles sitting on the rack turning her whole body to look at Claire. Seeing her dim face smiling as she told her that they had been designed to use on her like the ones they had talked about. Jane was getting excited at the thought of being strapped into a saddle and forced to train, encased in her rubber but her mind had cleared slightly and she wanted to be released and began struggling against Claire.

Claire pushed Jane’s flailing arms up under her long nose attaching a lead to them, then pulled her reins tight forcing Jane to stand still and listen to what she had to tell her. Jane stopped resisting and listened to what was now going to be her new life as Claire’s pet.

Claire explained the plastic suit was to keep her body hairless and dry and to help prevent any chafing from the pony suit since it would slide much easier under the rubber than her real skin. The itching she had felt was the glue adhering to her skin making it impossible to remove. Claire said, “Ever,” but she knew that it would dissolve in a bathtub filled with water and special chemicals. 

The thick rubber would only be removed for inspection of Jane’s body and however long it took Claire to get paid was how long Jane would be encased and trained. “When I have earned my fortune, I will decide if I want to continue to train and maintain you or if I will sell you to a horse farm that will keep you as a show pony until you're broken then you will be made into a work horse”.

Jane was stunned by her deception and stood frozen as she thought about what was happening slowly shaking her horses head back and forth. Jane started flailing and twisting as she realized she was now not just a pony, she was trapped and would be forced to serve out her days as someone’s pet. 

Jane felt Claire putting something on her hooved feet then her ankles, she tried to move her feet finding not only were they already secured together but Claire had added a set of weighted hooves making her have to strain to pick her foot up. Jane was now forced to keep her hooved hands close under her horse’s neck close to where her chin was and her legs were strapped closer together. 

Jane struggled until she was gasping, spotting Claire sitting on a stool a few feet from her laughing at her struggles. Jane stopped struggling and stood gasping, staring at her friend with desperate thoughts of how she was going to get out of this. Claire started talking again telling Jane if she was good and didn’t cause her any trouble then she might keep her but if she continued fighting her, she would sell her. 

Jane knew she was beaten all she could hope for was this was just an intense game and Claire would not really keep her forever as her pony or worse sell her off. “Yes, that’s it, she is just playing a game, I had told her that I always wanted to be her pony and now that we have the money I can be kept as her pet for much longer than ever.” 

Jane was relieved at these thoughts realizing her friend was helping her to live her dream of being a full-time pony girl and lowered her head signaling her servitude to Claire. Claire could only see her lower her head and knew she had won untying the reins and leading the hobbled woman out the door so she could see her new home. 

Jane followed as best as she could, stopping when the reins were pulled on and turned to see the large barn in the bright sunlight for the first time. Jane was gasping from the short walk as she stood on her toes turning her body to try and see around her long nose before feeling the sting of the whip urging her to move again. 

Jane was led into her stall where Claire explained her feeding system and how to flush herself telling her it should only be a few more weeks until she could return permanently and then she would begin her real training. Jane felt her wrists being released from under her chin barely hearing Claire telling her that the hobble would remain until she returned and was left alone again.

For weeks the constant constriction and hooved feet and hands forced Jane to slip in and out of reality, staying more in the world of being a pony than being a woman. When Claire would return, she would force her pony onto the trainer that led her around in a large circle leaving her to struggle to keep up. 

When Jane would slow down Claire would bind her arms up high on her back and add even more hobbles to her legs making it even harder for Jane to keep up. Claire worked diligently on the new design completing it in a few months never telling Jane how long she had been encased and several times skipping the long drive leaving Jane bound in her stall for two weeks alone. 

As time continued to drag on for Jane, she had accepted her fate, relinquishing her mind to the fact that she was now living the dream she had wanted for so long and only wanted to stay with Claire. Claire had started to become bored with Jane making her challenges more difficult enjoying watching her pony struggle.

Claire even started adding weight to the small cart and using the heaviest tail so each step would get more painful while she struggled to pull her around the large property. Jane no longer thought of anything but pleasing Claire wishing she would talk to her like she used to instead of punishing her without letting her know what she had done wrong. 

For months Claire trained and tortured her pony often leaving her bound with her reins tied to a tree or fence for days unable to move, lie down and without anything to drink or eat. After eight months Claire had gotten her money and left the company with plans to travel the world deciding she would release her friend since she believed there was nothing she could do to stop her.

Claire drove out to the large house for the last time with a plan to exhaust Jane completely by forcing even more stringent punishments on her, then free her from the pony suit. Claire found her pet pacing in her stall leading her out near the tack room tying the reins to the rail leaving her arms bound up high on her back while she fitted the special saddle on her. 

The saddle had cutouts in it for her arms to fit in and was attached to a full body suit made from very thick neoprene with only one zipper and a heavy leather harness that could be locked around her body covering the zipper and making it impossible for her to remove. 

Jane was standing near the wall gasping as Claire hung the saddle on her back letting the shoulder straps hold it while she squeezed the neoprene and fought the heavy zipper upwards. The neoprene was extremely tight and as Claire slowly closed it Jane could feel her body being compressed even further. 

When Claire stopped pulling Jane had hoped it was over until she felt the rubber getting hot then the plastic getting tighter squeezing her until she thought she would pass out and started flailing. Claire stopped heating the plastic and resumed pulling the neoprene closed until Jane was fully encapsulated by it and closed the straps around her body pulling each one very tight hoping to make Jane as miserable as possible. 

Claire spent the next week tormenting her pony, amazed at her stamina, being able to carry Claire sitting in the saddle using the blunt spurs to motivate Jane. To Jane it was all fun surprising Claire at how well she pranced even with Claire riding her. Claire started having thoughts of keeping her Pony Jane as her pet. 

One evening as Claire was putting her exhausted pony away, she looked into the tack room seeing the rack of gear noticing the plastic suits hanging there. Claire had always thought about trying one of the suits on, having put a plan together on how she could seal herself in one but more importantly how she could get out of one. 

Claire couldn’t resist stripping down to her corset quickly unlacing it before taking an extra pair of pony boots and stepping into them. The boots were amazing, the position and feeling of restriction almost making Claire orgasm. Claire stomped around for a few minutes smiling and giggling at how the boots forced her to walk.

Claire almost stopped herself as she thought about getting a vibrator then deciding she could push herself over the edge later. Claire forced her feet into the plastic suit pulling it up over her booted feet and legs stopping at her waist. Seeing the small nipple clamps with the bells on them she used her scissors to cut small holes in the suit.

With her nipples exposed Claire clamped both her nipples setting the clamps tightly before scooping the hood over her head and popping the suit over her shoulders. Claire quickly opened a small hole over her mouth before pulling the hood down and feeding one of the mouth pieces Jane had been using into her mouth.

With the hood on again with the hole lined up Claire felt she was ready, Claire took the heat gun and started warming her new skin up, giggling as the suit contracted around her boots and legs. “I wonder if it felt the same to Jane with the glue inside the suit.” Claire had ordered three suits of each with and without glue just in case she needed them.

As Claire continued warming herself, she became more aroused, turning the heat up and quickly shrinking it over her hands and arms. The tighter it got the more she wanted and continued heating her torso crushing her waist while shaping the plastic over and around her breasts.

Claire was panting as she moved the heat gun behind her letting the plastic pull itself tighter all over before moving to her head. Claire squealed slightly as the plastic almost jumped tight around her immediately closing her eyes and crushing her mouth closed around the mouth piece.

Claire continued to blindly heat her new skin warming her torso and her waist, getting more lost in the feelings of the plastic squeezing her so tight. When she was done Claire was blind and partially deaf groping with her numbed hands trying to find her way around the small room.

Claire was having problems walking in the pony boots still groping around becoming more frantic about finding the scissors wanting to open the hood so she could see. After a few minutes Claire’s skin began to itch and she fumbled around desperately trying to find something to cut the suit as she became desperate to scratch herself.

Claire’s troubles continued, unknowingly she was standing in front of the heat lamp system she had purchased. The rack had four lamps from top to bottom to heat the suits evenly. Claire mistakenly thought the heat she was feeling was from the tightened suit and her struggles.

What Claire couldn’t see was a large man standing just outside the door watching her every move. Or that he had turned on the lamps as she searched for something to cut the suit. Luke had worked for Jane for years, mostly as her security and investigator but also as her safety release.

He knew her likes because he had assisted her many times in the past with her bondage games. When he lost contact with her, he began investigating, eventually finding Claire. He had full access to Jane’s work computer and knew most of the people in the company so it had been easy to find out about Jane’s sudden disappearance and Claire’s sudden rise to riches.

He had already been to the new ranch multiple times before they had moved in so he started watching Claire, finding Jane in the stall but never approached her. Jane had him promise he would never interfere with her playtimes with Claire but the more he watched the more concerned he became.

When he had enough to warrant his intervention, he set Claire up to be busy, while he went to Jane. Now that Claire was stumbling around in the pony boots, sealed in the tightening plastic, he had made sure to swap the ones with the glue and without just in case it came up. 

Luke had removed the scissors, knives and anything that could puncture or cut the plastic before she was done shrinking it, and now as Claire became more desperate and the plastic continued to shrink around her, he went to his friend. Jane was still in a daze from her workout just standing in her stall staring at the blank wall when he entered.

Luke knew from watching and listening that her vision was blurry so he eased behind her and began unsealing the saddle and its rigging from her. When he was finished, he continued unbuckling, zipping and unlocking until he was finally able to remove the horse's head and the outer suit covering her plastic-coated body.

Jane stood on her weighted hooved feet, the plastic had been shrunken until she looked half her size but with her constant workouts and the heavy boots her legs and stomach were very muscular. Her arms just hung at her sides, being bound so tightly for so long she couldn’t feel or move them at all.

Luke stepped in front of her seeing the strange mouthpiece and waited for her to recognize him. Jane was still dazed, looking away as she walked to her feeding tube and started suckling. Luke shook his head sure this is not what the once powerful woman had intended for herself.

Angry, Luke went to find Claire lying on the floor, the lamps had turned off but the added heat had caused Claire to collapse on the floor. “Good!” Luke grunted looking around choosing pieces of tack he thought would be the most uncomfortable. Luke was using every piece of leather and steel he could find to secure Claire’s unconscious body.

After an hour he returned to Jane who was sitting staring at her hands as she flexed them in front of herself. Luke went and sat in front of her smiling when she looked up at him and was sure she had smiled. Luke asked if she could hear him getting no reaction form her so he yelled getting a nod she could.

“Do you want to be released?” Luke yelled, getting a vigorous nod “Yes” from Jane. Luke patted her on her plastic covered leg yelling, “Wait here I’ll set everything up!” Leaving Jane Luke grabbed three of the cans of release agent walking to the small water trough making sure how much water was in it before dumping the agent into the water.

Luke had found what and how Jane had been sealed days before the intervention and was ready mixing the solution before picking up Jane and lowering her into it. Jane sat in the cold water squealing as he told her not to splash it around too much and don’t drink it. 

Jane could feel the plastic loosening its grip on her body, Jane was almost crying as the plastic not only released from her skin but disappeared in the water. Luke was padding the solution on her head and face watching the plastic essentially melt leaving her head and face free of its coating.

Luke pulled Jane from the trough wrapping her in a horse blanket and carrying her into the house lying her on a bed before filling a large bathtub with hot water. Jane slowly removed the mouthpiece drawing the long tube out if her throat gasping in pain feeling very thankful for being free of it.

After an hour in the tub Jane carefully removed the phalluses from herself whing as the plug came out almost making her pass out. While she adjusted in the hot water Luke returned to his captive in the tack room having already planned to force her to live as his pony.

Claire would wake and struggle until she blacked out again, Luke had not noticed the opening in the plastic for her mouthpiece wasn’t lined up correctly and was pulled tightly over two thirds of the opening. Luke immediately began adding more restraints to the unconscious woman's body.

Luke found the reverse prayer arm sleeve she had planned to use on Jane wrestling it onto her arms pulling her hooved hands up to the base of her neck. With the sleeve secure Luke started looking around the tack room checking the boxes finding another piece of steel that intrigued him.

He stood holding what looked like a steel corset, it was a swimsuit style corset, but that wasn’t the part that confused him, it was the circles of steel connected to a tall collar and none of the pieces including the wide thigh cuffs had anything that looked like a keyhole.

He admired the strangely shaped plugs knowing they were for cleaning not pleasure realizing from the shape of it she had built it for Jane. Jane was taller than Claire with smaller breasts and longer legs than her captor so he knew it would be very tight if he could get it onto her at all.

Luke carefully applied the plastic removing agent to Claire’s breasts, working them out from under the tightened plastic before he forced the corset, collar and bra onto her. Luke kneaded Claire’s breasts through the small steel rings pushing the steel collar around her throat.

Luke squeezed the collar and thigh cuffs onto her plastic-coated body before rolling her over and kneeling on her corset until it latched closed. Now Claire was sealed into an excessively tight plastic suit covering her from head to toe, her arms bound high up her back in a leather armbinder.

The hooved boots held her feet en-pointe, the boots were designed to make the wearer appear to have higher ankles like a horse forcing them to walk on the hooves without any heels. The steel corset and collar were squeezed tightly around her neck and torso forcing her breasts to bulge from the steel rings.

When Luke was done dressing Claire, he stood over her seeing the clear suits hanging behind her smiling as he cut the plastic away from the opening in her mouth before inserting the long tube into her throat. As soon as the tube was inserted Luke wrestled another plastic suit onto the slowly waking woman.

Luke pulled the plastic over everything Claire was now locked into, taking the heat gun and warming the plastic, sealing it onto her bound arms, over the mouthpiece adding another layer over the knee-high boots. Claire was trying to understand what was happening as Luke locked the steel manacles around her ankles, locking them directly together.

Claire woke immediately whining and thrashing in her bonds as Luke yanked her to her pointed toes dragging her roughly into the stall Jane had been kept in. Luke slammed the door, turning around he saw Jane standing in the door stopping him in his tracks. Jane had dressed herself in Claire’s latex riding outfit and filled it out nicely.

Jane smiled at Luke’s reaction as she stood on her pointed toes wiggling in the tight rubber, “I thought I would dress appropriately.” Jane said, smiling.

“You sure recovered quickly,” Luke said smiling.

“I didn’t want to miss anything.” Jane said smugly walking past Luke to her new pony.

Jane inspected how Luke had dressed Claire, turned to look at Luke and smiled. “Very nice, do you think we should allow her to see again?”

Luke smiled, shaking his head “No”. Jane went to the tack room returning with the latex suit she had been sealed in motioning to Luke to help her.

Jane liked that Claire was not only restrained but everything was sealed in another layer of tight plastic. Luke touched Jane’s waist feeling the corset under the latex and smiled leeringly at her raising an eyebrow. Jane chuckled saying I felt I needed it, sort of like the pony shoes.

The two dressed Claire-pony in the black rubber stopping at her breasts still bulging around the rings, Luke had left the plastic loose over them so Jane quickly cut holes around each nipple. Jane found the clamps that Claire had hanging in the tack room, they were made to inflict ultimate pain, having large pads with tiny needles in each and the springs could be tightened brutally tight.

Claire was trying to resist being held by Luke as Jane pulled the suit up fitting the hood before sealing the back of the suit pulling it tightly across Claire’s clamped nipples. Claire was still thrashing as Jane led her to the exercise machine that Claire had enjoyed using on her so much.

Jane attached to reins that would pull on the bit that spread the mouthpiece each time it was pulled on hurting the inside of her mouth. Claire began slowly walking behind the machine still trying to figure out what had happened and how she ended up bound and gagged.

As Claire learned how to walk in the short hobbles and layers of tight rubber and plastic Luke led Jane back to the house telling her how wonderful she looked and how much he had missed her. After a long night of Luke and Jane taking care of each other’s sexual need’s Jane called her company, setting up a meeting to get everything under control.

Before leaving Jane had Luke lace her tightly into another corset to ease her suddenly decompressed body’s cramping. She was forced to wear steep high heels and they only made the pain in her feet tolerable. “I’ll be gone a couple of days straightening this out, don’t have too much fun training our new pony.” Jane said, smiling.

Luke went to the barn watching Jane drive off, when he got there, he found Claire on her knees, the reins still attached to the machine. He picked up his whip and walked over to the blind pony and started whipping its ass, hitting it harder each stroke until it started moving. 

Luke tormented his pony for the next five days, Claire fought every chance she got until she could barely walk in all the restraints he had added including making her hooved feet weigh an additional forty pounds each. By the end of the week Claire-pony was broken, she would do anything she was guided to do and stood still until directed to move.

Jane returned to the ranch, immediately letting Luke dress her anyway he wanted to go see her pony’s progress opting for a long hobble dress after lacing her pony boots back on. Jane was feeling very submissive so she added a large head harness spreading her mouth wide while encircling her head and face in wide leather straps.

Before leaving the bedroom Jane locked heavy leather cuffs around her wrists handing a small lock and its key to Luke then turning her back placing her hands together behind her. Luke snapped the lock between her cuffs then ordered her to get to the barn. Jane giggled as she struggled to walk in the tight dress loving the feelings of the tight rubber, corset and pony boots.

When they reached the barn Luke placed a chair near the path where their pony would be passing and sat Jane down so she could watch Claire suffer. Each time Claire would pass her owners Luke would whip her until she was out of range making Jane squeal and laugh.

That night Jane was lying next to Luke only wearing her corset with ankles and wrists cuffed and asked, “How long do you think she can stay sealed?” Luke said he had been looking into it having ordered a mixture of nutrients that should keep her healthy for years. Jane smiled looking at Luke, “I would like to be your pony, sometimes, if you're ok with that?” Luke hugged her saying he was but had worried her experience might have turned her off of it.

Jane told him that she not only missed being a pony she craved it, asking him another question before he gagged her for the night, “Would you be interested in becoming the foreman of a working pony ranch?” Making him laugh before pushing the large ball into her mouth and saying, “Go to sleep.”

Claire turned into a first-rate working pony, pulling everything from carts of materials for Luke to wagons to demonstrate for future clients. When Luke and Jane were married Claire pony even pulled them to the altar in their two-person cart Luke had built just for the occasion. 


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