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Pony Trap

by dianag

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© Copyright 2021 - dianag - Used by permission

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Carol and Diana had been friends since their schooldays and even now, in their early 20’s were seldom seen apart. Even their birthdays were on the same day. It was a joke that both sets of parents said that they had two daughters. They were even able to share their clothes, being almost the same sizes. Diana was a honey blonde and Carol’s hair was so black it shone almost blue, and both kept their hair in a neat page boy style. When Diana’s parents were killed in an accident, it was only natural, as there were no other family members that she moved in with Carol’s parents. Shortly after they had turned 19, Carol’s parents also died, leaving her also with no family and alone in the world apart from Diana. Sadly, due to poor investments, there was nothing left for Carol to inherit, so both girls went out and found jobs at the same store. They were able to rent a flat near their place of work and settled down together. They both found that they were uncomfortable with men so seldom went out and even slept in the same bed. Although they often kissed and cuddled each other, it never progressed any further.

Because they seldom went out the only real friends they had made were Elizabeth and her younger sister, Gwen, who between them, ran a farm in Yorkshire, or as Carol described it, “Out in the middle of nowhere.” The farm had no livestock, apart from some chickens, as they mostly grew hay, barley and oats, which they sold to surrounding farms as fodder to help feed their livestock during the winter, and the girls had often spent time there. There was a standing joke that they were Elizabeth and Gwen’s livestock and during one visit, Elizabeth locked Carol and Diana in a stall for the weekend. They each had a chain locked around their necks and attached to the wall of their stall so they couldn’t climb out. They both found the experience unusual and amusing and secretly, when talking about it afterward, strangely relaxing. Shortly afterwards, they came across what looked like a horse’s bridle but close examination showed that it was too small for a horse. That was when Elizabeth told the girls all about people who played at being horses, pony girls she called them. The girls each wondered what it would be like to be harnessed up like a pony, so when more items came to light, they started to play wearing bit and bridle with their arms secured behind their backs and Gwen acting as Mistress and groom.

They were sitting at their local coffee shop, one March afternoon looking at a letter they each held when they heard a voice behind them,

“Hello, you’re looking miserable today.”

They turned to see Elizabeth and Gwen. “Why so gloomy?” Elizabeth continued, sitting down beside them. “What are they?” she asked, pointing to the letters the girls were holding.

It turned out that what the girls were holding were redundancy notices. Although Alison, the HR manager at their branch was sympathetic, there wasn’t a great deal she could do for them. The main company was making cutbacks, and about 10% of the staff were being paid off. Carol and Diana were two of them.

“You’ll easily get another job,” said Gwen, but Carol responded,

“Unfortunately, it’s not that simple.” She went on, “the lease on our flat is up and we’re also looking for somewhere new. However, before anyone will let us rent a flat, we have to have a job, and we can’t get a job if we can’t provide an address.”

“Oh”, exclaimed Gwen, “I didn’t know.”

The four of them sat silent for a moment and Carol and Dana were so engrossed in their problem that they didn’t see the look that passed between Elizabeth and Gwen.

“I know,” exclaimed Elizabeth, sounding as if she had just thought of something. “Why don’t you come and stay on the farm? That way, you can relax and take the time to think of the future.”

Gwen suddenly laughed, leaned forward and in a quiet voice said,

“Who knows, maybe we can turn you into our full time pets, maybe even,” she paused, “train you as pony girls!”

As Carol and Diana looked at her, Elizabeth, in an equally quiet voice, chuckled, leaned forward as well and in an equally low voice said, “Just think about it. You’d be fed, exercised, and not have to make any decisions for yourselves.” She sat back and laughed. “Just think, you’ll be looked after but would be treated just like real livestock!”

Diana and Carol looked at each other, then Carol said, “Oh what the hell. We’ve wondered what this pony girl thing is all about, so we may as well give it a try.”

So a few days later, Carol and Diana moved into the farm and quickly settled down.

They had been there for about a week when Gwen turned to them one morning and said, “Listen. I’ve been sorting through some stuff that’s meant for pony girls, and I’d really like to see how they look. Would you both like to become my ponies for a while?”

Intrigued, the girls agreed and shortly afterward were in the part of the farmhouse that doubled as a playroom-cum-workshop for Gwen and if she wasn’t busy, Elizabeth. Gwen brought out two complicated looking harnesses of what appeared to be leather.

“This is an artificial leather,” she explained. “It looks and feels like real leather but is harder wearing and can be soaked with no problems.” Turning first to Diana, she went on, “Here, let me fit this on you.”

Previously, Carol and Diana had played with pony girl bit and bridle that were fairly simple with a hard rubber piece in the mouth as the bit. However, as soon as Gwen started to fit this bridle and bit assembly, it quickly became apparent that this was an extremely sophisticated item. It was a very tight fit, even before the various straps and buckles were fastened, and Gwen explained that the buckles could be tightened but could not be slackened or undone without a special tool. The bit comprised several pieces of metal, that Gwen said was surgical steel, which wrapped around and sat on the wearer’s tongue. Diana tried to speak but nothing except wordless grunts came out. When the strap under Diana’s chin was buckled closed, holding the bit down against her tongue, even that amount of noise was reduced to almost nothing.

“The idea,” said Gwen as she adjusted the straps, “is that the pony can only whinny, neigh or snort, just like a real horse.”

She then attached a set of reins to the harness and gently pulled and Diana immediately followed Gwen.

Gwen then fitted an identical bit and bridle harness to Carol, attached reins and then spent the next couple of hours making Carol and Diana follow her round the farm buildings. When she led the girl’s back into the workshop she demonstrated an additional feature of the bridle harnesses. Moving to Carol, Gwen reached up and closed the blinkers over her eyes, then pulled down what was part of the brow band. There was a soft click and the blinkers had become an effective blindfold. Turning to Diana, Gwen soon had her blindfolded as well. Both girls reached up but were unable to lift the strap covering their eyes and holding the blinkers.

“There’s a couple of catches that lock closed and need the same tool as the harness buckles to allow the band to be moved back up,” said Gwen, then she went on, “but I think I’ll leave you like that while I go and get a coffee.” The girls found themselves blind and dumb, slowly and carefully feeling their way around the room. Eventually they found each other and stayed where they were, holding onto each other until suddenly they heard,

“Oh good, you’re still here.” They each felt hands at their heads and then they could see again. Gwen had returned and Elizabeth had come with her.

“Fine ponies you two make,” she laughed. “Wearing clothes, able to wave your arms about and not even a pony boot in sight.”

With that Elizabeth and Gwen each produced a small tool and proceeded to remove the harnesses from Carol and Diana.

“Right,” Elizabeth said, “enough pony play for today. It’s almost dinner time,” and led everyone back into the house.

Over dinner there was much discussion over the design of the bridle and bit, especially the bit. Elizabeth showed how pulling against any reins that were attached caused the metal pieces of the bit to expand, some parts up into the soft palate, some into the sides of the mouth and one piece that pushed down on the tongue. Carol and Diana examined the assembly and it was Carol who said, “If I’ve worked this out correctly, a pony girl would be guided by the reins sending a signal through the bit and as long as she obeyed everything would be fine, but if she fought against the reins, than this lot,” she held up the metal parts of the bit, “would expand and hurt her.”

“It would only hurt if she continued to fight,” answered Elizabeth. “At first, it would be rather uncomfortable, and it would be a foolish or very recalcitrant pony girl who continued to resist.”

After dinner, while Elizabeth was dealing with some paperwork, Carol, Diana and Gwen continued to discuss pony girls and how some spent their time pulling buggies around with someone in them. As Carol mimicked someone pulling a barrow, Gwen laughed,

“Of course, ponies don’t have arms so those,” she pointed to Carol’s arms, “would be secured out of the way.”

“How?” asked Diana, “do they simply tie their hands behind their backs, like we do when playing?”

“Oh no,” replied Gwen. “The harness used is much more sophisticated than that.” She smiled and pointed at the bridle harness, “it also has to compliment that.”

“What does the harness look like?” asked Diana as Elizabeth came back into the room.

“If you’re really interested,” she said, “we have a couple of sets here.”

“Can we try them,” asked Carol, but Elizabeth sat down and looked at the girls.

“If you want to,” she said, “we’ll let you, but.” She stopped and the girls looked at her as she continued. “But, because of the design, you would have to be naked.”

The girls looked at each other as Elizabeth went on, “We can use the nearest barn as it’s almost empty. You will be harnessed up and if you’re happy to continue, we’ll fit the bridle harness on you as well.” She stopped and before Carol or Diana could say anything, she continued, “Sleep on it and let me know in the morning. One other thing.” She stopped again and smiled, “Before putting you in harness, you will be given an enema!”

Shortly afterward, two slightly shaken girls climbed into the double bed they were sharing and spent a sleepless night talking over what Elizabeth had said, and what they felt about things. It was a couple of sleepy girls the next morning that stated that they wanted to try the harness.

“After all,” said Carol, “I said that I wanted to try out this pony girl stuff, so I might as well go all in.”

Elizabeth smiled. “OK then, we’ll give it a try and if you’re both still happy tonight, we can get you both a suitable pair of pony boots from a friend.”

“Some friend,” laughed Carol and Elizabeth replied, “She runs a ponygirl farm down on Cornwall, and she’s always on the lookout for new ponies to pull buggies round her estate. Right. Let’s get you cleaned out and harnessed up. We can use the barn.”

The barn, which was near the house, was usually used to store the crops when they were gathered in, but as it was still spring, the barn was empty. The first surprise for Carol and Diana was that they had to strip naked in the house then walk to the barn. The stone floor felt cold on their feet, but they were glad to get in out of the chilly March wind that was blowing. They were led over to a corner of the barn and made to bend over a wooden bar that was at waist height. They looked at each other as their wrists were strapped to supports and then their legs were pulled apart and also secured. The enema was mildly uncomfortable, unpleasant and humiliating for them, but not painful. Their next surprise was the butt plugs that were inserted after being given the enema.

“That’s to keep the enema inside until it’s done what it’s meant to.” Was Gwen’s comment when the girls demanded to know why the plugs. After an uncomfortable wait, the plugs were removed and when the girls had emptied their bowels, they received another surprise as the enema routine was repeated. In fact, they received three enemas “Just to make sure you’re good and empty,” was Elizabeth’s comment. The girls were grateful that they were washed clean with warm water, as they had expected to see the hose that was used to clear everything away turned on them.

After they had been released the harness fitting commenced, but only after thick leather mitts had been strapped then locked onto their hands. The mitts had individual fingers inside, but the leather was too thick to permit any more than miniscule movements, and Carol and Diana looked at each other realising that they were now at the mercy of Elizabeth and Gwen. The first part of the harness was a wide leather item that wrapped round the waist and went from the girls’ hips to just beneath their breasts, where it lifted and supported the breasts. As Elizabeth and Gwen tightened the straps, Diana joked that it felt like a stiff leather corset, to which Gwen replied,

“You’re not far wrong. It’s designed to hold and support you and help you maintain the correct posture.”

Both girls grunted as the securing straps were pulled tight, and they both found their breathing constrained.

Attached to the waist cincher was a leather and steel collar, linked by a leather strap that passed between their breasts. The collar was fastened, and the girls listened as their collars were ratcheted closed. Although they didn’t interfere with their breathing, they both found that movement of their heads and necks was severely restricted. Two more straps went from the waist cincher, round the outside of their breasts, over their shoulders and buckled to the waist cincher behind their backs. These straps were also secured to their collars, further inhibiting any head movement. The girls’ breasts were framed by the leather and together with the waist cincher made them stand out in a rather prominent manner. The final part of the harness was a crotch strap which held a dildo and butt plug. As the straps were pulled sharply up and buckled, it brought a gasp from both girls.

“Still OK?” asked Elizabeth. Carol replied that apart from having to take shallow breaths, she was fine, but Diana asked why everything had to be so tight. It was Gwen who explained.

These harnesses are designed to allow a pony girl to pull a buggy. If there was any slack, the harness could rub and hurt the pony. The girls accepted the explanation and Elizabeth then asked,

“Ready to lose your arms?”

When the girls signified that they were ready, each found her arms gently but firmly taken up their backs and each felt straps being tightly buckled round their wrists, holding their arms in a reverse prayer position. Another strap, level with their elbows was slowly tightened and the girls found their arms held tightly against their bodies with their leather encased fingers almost touching their necks. This also had the effect of making their breasts even more prominent and caused the leather surrounding them to tighten even more.

“Oh look,” exclaimed Carol, “I’ve finally got a pair of boobs to show off!”

Everyone laughed and Elizabeth asked,

“How are you feeling? Any pain or tingling?”

Both girls said that they were fine, although Diana said that she felt a deep ache in her arms, especially her biceps.

“Do you want to carry on?” asked Elizabeth.

Carol and Diana looked at each other then agreed to keep going as Gwen approached with the bridle and bit harnesses. They were buckled onto the girls who then stood looking at each other.

“One more thing,” commented Elizabeth, and leather cuffs were locked round each girls’ ankles and joined with a 9” chain.

“There we are,” laughed Elizabeth. “Two pony girls ready for training.” Turning to Gwen she asked, “How much do you think we could sell them for?”

This brought snorts and whinnies from the two girls as Gwen replied,

“Not much. They’re not trained.” Then she added, “But I suppose we could train them,” as she attached reins to the bits and proceeded to make Carol and Diana walk around the barn.

The girls spent the entire day in harness, learning how to respond to various commands, like ‘Walk on’ ‘Trot on’ ‘Down’ (which meant kneeling) and ‘stand’. They also learned to eat the special pellets that Elizabeth said were produced specifically for human ponies to eat while wearing their bit. The pellets, in various flavours, and containing all the nutrients and vitamins required for health and general fitness, simply melted in the mouth and could then be swallowed. They also learned how to drink from the special bottles that were designed to allow a pony to drink while still wearing her bit. Eventually Elizabeth called a halt and the girls were released from their harnesses, taken back into the house and allowed to shower and dress before having a late supper.

The girls slept late next morning, partly because they had been talking about how they felt, but while they were having a late brunch, Elizabeth asked what they thought.

“Well,” said Diana, “it’s a bit difficult to explain. It was a combination of fear and excitement.”

Carol took over. “When we were fully harnessed, we felt completely helpless. Apart from an ache in our arms, there was no physical problem, but talking it over last night, we both felt totally controlled by you and Gwen.”

Diana went on, “If you hadn’t released us last night, there would have been nothing we could do about it. We couldn’t use our arms, couldn’t run with those hobbles and we couldn’t even talk let alone yell or scream.”

“You don’t look too distressed today though,” responded Elizabeth, to which Carol replied, “We’re not. In fact we’d like to have another go. It was fun.” She and Diana laughed. “Besides, like you said, we don’t have to work or even think for ourselves.”

Elizabeth was silent for a moment, looking at the two girls. Then, as Gwen entered the room, she said, “So if I get you both a pair of pony boots, you’d be willing to try again, maybe for a bit longer?”

The girls agreed and Carol even said, “Maybe we could try it for a couple of days next time.”

“We’ll see,” responded Elizabeth, “but until your boots arrive, I think you should spend every second day in harness, and possibly even try an overnight session.”

Both girls agreed, but wondered how they would be able to sleep with their arms strapped in a tight reverse prayer, but Gwen replied that they had something that would be suitable.

Over the next ten days, a routine was established. One day, the girls would help out around the farm, mostly helping with administration paperwork, the next, they would be in full pony harness, bridle and bit. Unless being exercised, they learned to respond to various commands such as ‘walk on’ trot on’ ‘step’ which involved lifting the leg until the thigh was parallel to the ground, and ‘down’ which meant they had to kneel. Often, the commands were reinforced with a light whip which, while it would sting, did no damage and in fact, didn’t even leave a mark. Their bare feet rapidly hardened to walking, trotting and sometimes running on the bare concrete floor of the barn.

One morning, while being exercised, Elizabeth’s phone rang and when she answered it, found that someone wanted to come to the farm to discuss buying some fodder when it was harvested. The two girls found themselves left in the barn, hobbled and with their reins simply tied to a supporting pole. They were left like that until early evening when the prospective buyer had left. Elizabeth looked at the two girls, who were standing, heads down surrounded by puddles where they had peed.

“Oh my,” she exclaimed while laughing. “You really do look like a couple of ponies that have been left for the day. It’s a pity we didn’t have a convenient paddock or field to leave you out in.”

The girls stood, looking embarrassed, but Elizabeth simply said, “Look, you’re ponies. Ponies don’t go to the toilet.” Then she added, “Be grateful you both got an enema.” At this, first Diana, then Carol started giggling, although it sounded like equine snorts. Elizabeth and Gwen quickly released the girls and got them out of their pony tack. Soon, after a shower the girls sat down to an excellent meal. After their day, they never bothered to dress, so sat in the lounge naked.

That night, as they were lying in bed, Diana said,

“I don’t know about you Carol, but I’m all mixed up.”


“Well, on the one hand, I felt a kind of sexual thrill today at being unable to do anything except stand there.”

“And pee!” laughed Carol.

Sitting up in bed, Diana turned to Carol,

“That’s just it, we couldn’t do anything for ourselves, just like a real horse,” she paused, “or any kind of livestock. Like I said, I got a thrill out of being so helpless and terrified of being helpless at the same time.”

Carol was quiet for a moment, then said,

“I wasn’t terrified, but I did think at one stage I was going to have an orgasm.”

At Diana’s startled look, Carol laughed and went on, “Fortunately, before I got to that point we were left tied up, or you might have heard how a pony reacts to having a climax while bound and unable to scream!”

The thought of having an orgasm while in harness left both girls giggling then as they settled down, Carol added, “I’m not terrified of being helpless and unable to get free, because I know that Elizabeth or Gwen would eventually let us go.”

With that the girls settled themselves down for a good night’s sleep.

At lunchtime the following day, a package was delivered and when opened revealed two pairs of knee high pony boots. Carol and Diana sat looking them over, noticing how they would tightly lace up and how the thick leather would hold and support their ankles. The boots resembled a horse’s hoof, complete with a metal horseshoe and the girls felt how heavy the boots were and realised that wearing and walking in these boots would take an effort. There was also a thick pad that came over the knee at the front and Elizabeth explained that the boots were made from the same synthetic leather as their harnesses and also that the pad was to provide a cushion for the knees when the pony had to kneel. The girls were up for trying the boots out, but Elizabeth said that the next day would be soon enough, and when they were happy wearing the full pony tack, she and Gwen would introduce them to pulling a buggy or cart.

Next day, after breakfast, the girls tried on their pony boots for the first time. For this first try, they wore t-shirts and shorts. As they had thought when they first examined the boots, they were very tight fitting, which along with the thick leather, helped support their ankles. The inside of the boot was padded so although they felt as if they were walking on tip toe, their feet were comfortable as well as supported. At first, the girls found that it was difficult to walk in these boots but they soon mastered the technique and after a short while, they were not only walking but jogging, or as Gwen referred to it, trotting. Also, as they had thought, the boots were heavy and by lunchtime, the girls were tired so Elizabeth called a halt for the day.

The days passed and the girls built up strength in their legs. Soon they were able to go all day wearing the boots and one day in late July, they were ready to try out the full outfit. After stripping off their clothing, the girls endured their morning enema, then after being cleaned up, were buckled into their tack. They stood there while Gwen took some photos, then Elizabeth and Gwen pulled the covers off something that had been in the corner of the barn, and Carol and Diana stood amazed as they saw a buggy. It was very basic and designed to be lightweight and comprised a seat on a single axle with two rubber rimmed wheels and two shafts that a pony would stand between. As the girls went to go towards it, Elizabeth called out, “Stop!”

The girls stopped as Elizabeth walked over to them and went on,

“You are now ponies, not people so from now on you only go where we take you. Understood?”

The girls replied as they had already been taught, by stamping a hoofed foot once.

“Good,” responded Elizabeth who then went on as Gwen approached holding something. “To make sure you behave we have a little something extra for you to wear when you become ponies.”

This turned out to be a steel U shaped device that slipped up each girl’s nose and was screwed into place. It pinched the septum but didn’t pierce it and the girls, once they had become accustomed to it, found that it wasn’t at all uncomfortable. However, when Gwen clipped a light chain to the nose clip and gently pulled, the girls found that if they didn’t immediately follow, the pain in their noses was quite severe.

Effectively leading the girls by their noses, Carol was led over and placed between the shafts of the buggy and stood obediently still as various straps and buckles were fastened, securing her to the buggy. Diana meanwhile had been led to a wall at the far end of the barn and her nose chain simply clipped to a ring bolt set in the concrete at head height. She snorted, partly in amusement at the knowledge that although her chain was held by a simple spring catch, because of the way she was restrained, it might as well have been welded in place. She heard Gwen suddenly call “Walk on,” followed by the sound of leather striking flesh. She tried to turn round to see what was happening, but the shortness of her chain prevented her from turning round.

“Now then, we can’t have this,” came Elizabeth’s voice from behind her and suddenly Diana felt her blinkers being folded over her eyes and secured, leaving her standing, attached to a pillar and left with only her hearing to try and work out what was happening.

Carol, on the other hand, stood between the shafts and felt the reins being flicked against her shoulders followed by “Walk on” then felt a sharp sting on her bare backside as Gwen flicked her with a buggy whip. Carol’s immediate response was to move and suddenly she was walking along pulling the buggy. After a few minutes, she found a rhythm and started to enjoy the sensations. Because of the way they had already been playing, she was responsive to the reins and actually found it easier while pulling the buggy. She walked round the barn a couple of times, catching sight of Diana chained to the wall, then Gwen called out “Trot on,” followed by another flick of her whip. Carol responded and moved into a trot but baulked when Gwen directed her towards the open doors of the barn. However, a couple of strokes from the buggy whip enforced Gwen’s commands and Carol found herself pulling the buggy round the farm buildings. After a while, Gwen slowed her back to a walk then commanded her to “Step”. This meant lifting her legs until her thigh was parallel to the ground, but now, Elizabeth appeared, also holding a short whip and used it on the back of Carol’s thighs every time she failed to properly lift her leg. This went on for some time before Carol was directed back into the barn and brought to a halt next to Diana.

Carol was freed from the buggy, and Diana released from the wall and her blindfold removed. The girls looked at each other trying to see how the other felt, then Carol was attached to the wall and blindfolded, and Diana was placed between the buggy’s shafts. While Carol stood wishing she could rub her stinging bottom and thighs, Diana was put through the same routine as Carol. However, as she was receiving the attentions of Elizabeth’s whip, she felt herself becoming more and more aroused. However, Elizabeth and Gwen had noticed this and stopped Diana and left her standing, frustrated and trying desperately to achieve a climax. It was not to be and it was a very frustrated pony girl that was led back to the barn. When the girls were released from their tack, they were astonished to learn that it was late afternoon.

“No wonder I’m hungry,” exclaimed Diana.

“I wonder if it’s the fresh air or the exercise?” replied Carol, to which Diana responded,

“It certainly can’t be somebody using a bloody whip on us, can it?”

Everyone laughed and Elizabeth spoke. “Well, if you think it through. You were harnessed and used as ponies, and sometimes, ponies need a touch of the whip to help them concentrate on what they’re supposed to be doing.”

That night, lying in bed, Carol sat up, turned to Diana and asked, “What’s wrong? You look as if there’s something on your mind. I don’t think Elizabeth or Gwen noticed, but I did. Come on, tell me.”

Turning to her friend, Diana confessed how she was feeling so frustrated having been brought to the brink of an orgasm than being denied it. Carol pulled Diana into her arms and lay there holding her and gently stroking her hair. Then her hand moved down to cup one of Diana’s breasts. There was a sharp intake of breath as Diana tensed up, then almost immediately, relaxed. Carol’s hand then moved down and slid between Diana’s legs and her breathing increased, then she moaned.

“Relax, Diana,” said Carol softly as she slid down until her head was level with Diana’s crotch. Using her lips and tongue, she gently started to lick and nibble as Diana’s breaths became shorter and shorter and she grabbed her pillow and stuffed a corner of it in her mouth as she came. When she had recovered, she found herself being cradled in Carol’s arms and was gently hushed to sleep.

Next morning, Diana woke, feeling refreshed and then blushed as she remembered the previous night. She turned and looked at Carol, lying asleep on her back and thought, “Why not? It’s the least I can do,” as she slowly slid under the duvet until her head was between Carol’s legs, then she started to use her tongue on Carol. She gently nipped Carol’s clit and felt her start then relax, and as Diana continued to lick and suck, she felt Carol’s hands on her head pulling her into Carol’s crotch as she came in a long drawn out moan. When Carol released her head, Diana moved back up beside her friend, and they wrapped their arms around each other and kissed. Eventually they had to stop to take a breath and lay just looking into each other’s eyes. Diana giggled,

“That was my first time. I wish we’d done this a long time ago.”

Carol chuckled, “You and me both. I don’t think I’ve had such a pleasant wake up call.”

Laughing, the girls showered together before heading downstairs for breakfast.

For the next few weeks, Elizabeth and Gwen were too busy to play with Carol and Diana, so the girls amused themselves. They only played on alternate days, but took turns being pony and driver. They learned what was involved in caring for a pony girl, even to the point of administering an enema. Their muscles hardened and each could spend several hours pulling the other round the barn, walking, stepping and trotting. However, with the possibility of visitors, they stayed indoors. Then one Friday morning as they were having breakfast, Elizabeth asked them,

“As I’ve got a few days with nothing planned, would you like to spend the entire weekend as ponies?”

The girls looked at each other before jumping up and hugging Elizabeth.

“We’d love to,” said Carol and Diana then asked,

“How do we sleep? I don’t think I could sleep lying on my arms.”

“Don’t worry,” responded Elizabeth. “I think I mentioned a few weeks back that I had something that would help.”

As soon as they had finished tidying up, the girls stripped then followed Elizabeth and Gwen to the barn where they went through the routine of having an enema, being cleaned then being harnessed up. The day passed with one pony being blindfolded and secured to a wall while the other was put through various exercises. Elizabeth and Gwen used their whips, but only to encourage and not to cause pain or injury, and the girls responded. Unless they girls were being exercised or pulling the buggy, each girl was kept blindfolded and hobbled.

The girls were worked until late evening when they were both secured by their nose chains to a wooden post, their blindfolds removed, but nothing else, and then fed. Afterwards they were taken outside and ‘encouraged’ to pee before being led to the far end of the barn where they saw what they were told were their beds. Each bed consisted of a large, deeply padded wooden platform, lying at an angle of about thirty degrees. The padding had a cut out where the girls arms could fit and the design of the padding meant that their bodies would be supported and not resting on their arms. Carol and Diana were led to their ‘beds’ and helped to settle down. The padding cushioned and supported them and each found their sleeping arrangements quite comfortable. What they didn’t expect were the leather straps that were pulled over their bodies and tightly buckled. One strap went round their ankles, another above their knees, another just below their hips, yet another strap at their stomachs and finally below and above their breasts. Then, small straps were connected to their bridle harnesses and the girls found that they couldn’t even move their heads.

“There now,” said Elizabeth as she checked each and every buckle, tightening some of them, “we don’t want our ponies to start wandering off in the night. They might hurt themselves, and that would never do!”

A blanket was then pulled over each girl but just before leaving them, Elizabeth looked at Gwen and together, they closed the blinkers and secured them in place, leaving the girls hopelessly bound, unable to speak and now blind.

“Good night ponies, see you in the morning,” and with that Carol and Diana were left.

They were woken up by the sound of the barn door opening and they lay there, feeling, despite their restraints, comfortable and relaxed. They were released from their beds and their blindfolds removed before they were fed and then, surprisingly, given another enema. When they had been cleaned, Elizabeth turned to the girls and said,

“As you’re now our ponies, it’s about time you had pony names.” She stood looking at the girls then looking at Carol, said, “I think we’ll call you Shadow because of your jet black hair.” Turning to Diana she said, “Because of your hair, I think we’ll call you Honey. What do you think girls?”

Both girls stamped a hoof once in agreement, then Elizabeth went on, “We’ll carry on with your training then, but I think we’ll have to arrange somewhere for you to pull a buggy.”

Saturday and Sunday followed the same routine and it wasn’t until late Monday afternoon that the girls were released from their pony tack and allowed to get dressed.

The next two weekends followed the same routine, but on the Tuesday, Elizabeth turned to Carol and Diana.

“Are you enjoying being ponies?”

Both girls replied that they did enjoy themselves, and Diana added, “At times, it feels a relief not to have to think about anything.”

“In that case,” Elizabeth replied, “I think we can help you play even more.”

When the girls asked for details, Elizabeth told them,

“Because it’s starting to get busy round here, with the crops almost ready for harvest and people starting to come in, it wouldn’t be a good idea for you to be seen tacked out as ponies.” She paused, then went on, “Gwen and I have been working on the bunker, so we can use it as a pony stable. Are you interested in being ponies for a two week period?”

The bunker, which the girls knew about but had never visited, was an abandoned wartime ammunition storage depot about ten miles from the farmhouse and set in the middle of a wooded area. The girls knew that there were numerous paths winding through the wood and the thought of pulling a buggy over these paths made them eager to try.

Late on the Friday afternoon, Carol and Diana found themselves back in the barn being harnessed up. Carol was fully bridled with her bit secured and Diana’s bridle was being fastened when she suddenly asked,

“We’re not going to have to walk to the bunker, are we?”

Gwen, who was tightening all the various straps and buckles on Diana’s bridle laughed.

“Oh no, Honey, certainly not in broad daylight. Somebody might see you. No. Elizabeth has gone to get your transport.”

Gwen then fitted Diana’s bit, ending any further questions, took hold of the girls’ nose chains and led them outside to where Elizabeth stood next to the farm Landrover that had a pony trailer attached. The girls snorted with glee as they were led up the ramp and then secured, standing, inside the trailer. A web of straps were connected to both girls and they soon found that they couldn’t move, so securely were they restrained. Land Rover and trailer lurched off and the girls were glad of their restraint harnesses as the trailer bounced around, but the girls were held securely in a standing position.

The bouncing finally came to a stop and the girls were released from the horsebox and stood watching as Elizabeth unlocked and opened a set of heavy steel doors then led the girls into a large vestibule area. Once the outside doors were closed, and locked, the girls noticed, Elizabeth then unlocked a heavy steel barred gate and then holding their nose chains, led the girls into the main area. The place was about sixty feet long by about thirty wide with a hard packed earth floor. Light came through skylights in the roof, augmented by LED lighting around the sides of the place. The girls stood looking around as best as their blinkers allowed them to and then Elizabeth drew their attention to what appeared to be a long continuous rail hanging about ten feet above them. The rail curved away to one side of the building then meandered back and forth before reaching the far end of the building where it crossed over to the other side and meandered back again to where they were all standing. At intervals of about six feet, chains hung down to about waist height.

“I believe that it was meant to deliver various components to the different work areas,” Gwen explained, “however, everything at floor level was removed. We had the floor covered in a nice deep layer of earth a few years ago, thinking that this would be a good place to keep livestock in the winter.” She paused and laughed, looking at Carol and Diana. “I never dreamed that the livestock would be so good looking!”

Elizabeth then added, “I decided to see if the overhead rail system still worked, and found that with a few modifications it worked very well. I can now control it with my tablet. Let me give you a demonstration.”

With that she led first Diana then Carol over to where two chains dangled and clipped the end of a chain the each girl’s nose ring. She then tapped away on her tablet and the whole rail assembly began to move. The girls had no option but to walk along following the meandering track. “I think this is an excellent way to exercise my ponies,” called Elizabeth as she and Gwen walked off to one side and stood watching the captive pair being forced to walk or be dragged by their noses.

“I worked out,” Gwen called out, “that the distance covered in one complete circuit is about a quarter of a mile, so we’ll let you do four circuits, just to loosen you up.”

By the time they had reached the far end of the building, Carol and Diana had settled into a rhythm but then Elizabeth called out, “Oh yes. I forgot to mention that I can vary the speed.” With that she tapped again on her tablet and the track increased in speed until the girls were moving at what Gwen described as a useful trot. The girls were made to go round six or seven times. Elizabeth kept altering the speed and on one occasion, reversing the direction of the track. This was when the girls found that their dildos and butt plugs were Bluetooth devices and could be made to vibrate at a command from either Elizabeth or Gwen, who kept calling out encouragement to Honey and Shadow. By the time Elizabeth brought the track to a stop, the girls were panting for breath, and not just from their enforced exercise!

They were unclipped from the track and then led over to a corner where there was a large canvas cover. When it was removed, it revealed two large buggies. These were much more sophisticated than the one they had pulled round the farm. Each buggy had a double seat and a much stronger frame. The girls each thought that they would never be able to pull these until Elizabeth showed them the electric motors attached to the axles.

“Once you start to move, the motors kick in and provide the motive power. All you do is steer it where your rider directs.”

The girls were each harnessed into a buggy and a curved metal bar was fastened across their stomachs, and it was explained that as they leaned forward, an electrical contact would be made that would start the motors running. They were each taken for a couple of circuits of the building, starting at a walk, and working up to a trot then finally a short gallop. By this time both girls were exhausted and they felt a sense of relief as Elizabeth said,

“Right, time for something to eat then we’ll get you bedded down for the night.”

They were led over to a panel in one of the walls and as Elizabeth pressed a remote control she was holding, the panel slid aside to reveal an elevator. The girls were led in, the doors closed and they felt themselves descending.

“The lower level is about a hundred and twenty feet down,” Gwen explained, “and this elevator is the only way up or down.” A thought that made both girls feel a little uneasy.

Once at the bottom Carol and Diana were led along a short corridor lined on one side with heavy steel doors. They were stopped outside one of the doors, which Gwen unlocked and opened and the girls were led, not really willingly, inside.

Against the back wall were their sleeping platforms and on the wall next to the door was a trough set at waist height and next to it, the nozzles identical to the ones used on their special water bottles.

“We’ll give you some time to relax and unwind,” said Elizabeth and after removing the chains from the girls’ nose clips left, locking the steel door behind them. The heavy ‘thunk’ as the door closed sent shivers through the girls and they stood looking at each other. Suddenly there was a rattle as the trough filled with food pellets. With nothing else to do, the girls ate and found that they could also get a drink from the nozzles. Time passed and the door was opened and Elizabeth and Gwen came in.

“OK ponies, time for bed.” The girls were helped into their sleeping racks and securely strapped down. Diana found herself wondering why they needed to be strapped down so tightly. It wasn’t as if they were planning on going somewhere! However, her bit prevented her from making any comments, which was probably just as well. With the girls now strapped down until they couldn’t move, Elizabeth and Gwenn wished them a cheery, “Goodnight Shadow. Goodnight Honey,” then left, locking the door behind them and leaving the girls to try and get some sleep.

They were woken by the sound of the door being opened and they were released from their sleeping platforms, and allowed to eat before their nose chains were reattached and they were led to the elevator and back up to ground level. Once there, they were taken to a small area they hadn’t noticed the previous day and given their enemas. When asked if they had enjoyed their night’s sleep, the girls indicated ‘No’ by stamping a hoof twice.

“Why not?” asked Elizabeth, who was about to do a simple yes/no quiz. However, Gwen interrupted.

“Was it the ventilation system?” she asked. Both girls signified yes.

“I thought so,” Gwen responded. “I’ve always thought it’s very noisy.”

“Ah, we can do something about that,” Elizabeth exclaimed. “We’ll sort things tonight. Now. Let us get on with things.”

Carol and Diana, or Shadow and Honey as they were being called, then spent the morning being, to use Gwen’s expression “exercised and trained.” While one would be linked to the overhead track and sent off to walk, the other would find herself on a lunge line being put through her paces by Elizabeth, who wasn’t in any way reluctant to use her whip.

“You’re ponies, not people,” she would say, “and ponies sometimes need encouragement.”

This went on all morning, with the girls being alternately exercised by Elizabeth or sent for a walk via the overhead track. At lunchtime, they were given a drink then left hitched to one of many ring bolts set in the walls while Elizabeth and Gwen went back to the farm for lunch. When they came back the girls were hitched to the buggies and then taken out and round the various paths, their privacy protected by the trees.

When they were brought back to the building, Carol and Diana were each given a brisk wash, thankfully with warm water before having a nice scented lotion rubbed into their skins. The girls enjoyed the pampering, but once again felt unease when taken back down to their stall, or cell as they were both thinking of it. Again, they were left for a while allowing them to get something to eat and drink. Having been worked hard all day, both girls were ravenous so ate with a will. They had just finished when Elizabeth and Gwen came back.

“Right ponies,” Elizabeth said, “we’ll make a couple of adjustments to your bridles and you should have no trouble sleeping tonight. The changes to the bridles allowed the fitting of earplugs into each pony’s ears. Elizabeth then held up her phone and explained what they had done.

“Each earplug is controlled by an app on our phones. It can be selected to ‘Ambient’ which means you hear as if you didn’t have them fitted, ‘white noise’, ‘voice’ which only allows you to hear whomever is speaking into this mike.” She tapped the small device clipped to her blouse. “Finally, they can be selected to ‘silent’ which means you hear absolutely nothing. There is a noise cancelling circuit inside that cancels any sound coming in.” She then proceeded to demonstrate each function. The voice function was mildly strange, the white noise was just that. A hiss just at the level of hearing, but the silent mode was the worst. Because of the design of the circuitry, the girls couldn’t even hear the sound of the blood rushing through their ears.

The ambient noise function came back on and the girls were then strapped down in their sleeping platforms. Gwen called out “good night” and everything went silent, but then their blinkers were folded over their eyes and secured, leaving the girls in a frightening situation. They couldn’t move, not even their heads, couldn’t see and couldn’t hear. All they could do was smell the leather holding them.

This was their routine for the next two weeks, but the girls had lost all track of time by then. In fact, they had almost stopped thinking. They just went where they were led or did what they were told. When they were taken up to ground level one morning and had all their pony harness removed, they just stood wondering what was happening, and it took them about half an hour before it sunk in that they were back in the real world. They were given tracksuits and trainers to wear and taken back to the farmhouse where they enjoyed hot showers and then hot food. They both felt that they needed to think about their experiences before talking it over with Elizabeth and Gwen, and they readily agreed that they would wait to talk when the girls were ready.

That night, while getting ready for bed, they talked about how they felt. They both agreed that the lack of any stimulus wouldn’t be a good thing over a long period, and Diana said,

“At first I was worried, especially with being so far underground, but after a while it stopped bothering me. I need a break, but I think I’d like to try it again.”

“Would you?” asked Carol, and as Diana walked across the room suddenly called out, “Honey, down.”

Immediately, Diana fell to her knees. She was back up again just as quick and turned an astonished look at Carol.

“What did I just do?” she asked in a puzzled tone.

“It’s something I’ve been aware of,” replied Carol. “Every time we get harnessed up we go through the same routine, except that each time, the routine seems to become stricter. I think we’re in danger of being conditioned to obey.”

“Surely Elizabeth and Gwen aren’t doing it deliberately?” Diana said.

“I don’t know. But think about it for a moment. They could put us down in that underground cell and keep us there. In fact, when we’re harnessed up we are completely at their mercy. They could do anything to us, make us disappear and nobody would ever know.”

“They wouldn’t do that,” stated Diana.

“I don’t think they would mean to,” Carol replied, “ but it wouldn’t take much of a mental leap to go from playing with us, albeit a bit roughly with those whips, to just thinking and treating us as livestock.”

“What should we do?”

Carol frowned. It’s getting late in the year, so I think we’ll call a halt to our pony game for now, even though we enjoy being ponies. We can use this place as our address and see if we can get a decent job then another place of our own.” She stopped and smiled at Diana. “We can turn it into our very own love nest.”

Diana laughed then leapt across the room at Carol and both tumbled into bed in a welter of cuddles, tickles and kisses.

When they told Elizabeth next morning, she appeared happy with their decision, but then asked,

“Would you be willing to give it one more week, say next month? Just for our enjoyment?” she asked. Carol and Diana turned and looked at each other then agreed, although Carol expressed some doubts about the weather.

“That’s why I asked if you would give it one more try,” Elizabeth said. “I’ve got a couple of those artificial leather catsuits for you to wear. They’ll keep you warm.” So it was agreed that in two weeks’ time, the first week in October, Carol and Diana would become Shadow and Honey for a week.

The week dawned cold and blustery as Elizabeth asked,

“Well girls, are you ready for us to turn you into our ponies for the last time?”

Diana replied,

“Yes, we’re ready, and I’ll admit I’m a little sad. However, it’s time we went back into the real world.”

“OK then let’s go out to the barn and get you ready.”

The girls entered the barn where their adventures had begun several months earlier and looked around as if trying to store up the memories as Elizabeth and Gwen presented them with the artificial leather catsuits they were to wear. The girls stripped and pulled on the catsuits, and there were laughs and giggles as they found that their crotches, buttocks and breasts were left bare. The suits also had close fitting hoods that incorporated the noise cancelling earplugs as Elizabeth explained that this would hold the earplugs more securely in place and prevent them being jarred out when pulling a buggy.

“How are these suits going to keep our sensitive bits warm?” asked Carol with a smile as Gwen pulled up the rear zip.

“Oh don’t worry, you’ll be warm,” replied Elizabeth. The next item was leather mitts, but although similar to the ones the girls had previously worn, these ones had reinforcing steel inserts that prevented any movement whatsoever from the fingers. The pony boots were tightly laced on followed by the harness, bridle and finally the bit. The girls arms were gently but firmly pulled up into the reverse prayer position and tightly buckled into place, then the girls were loaded into the horsebox and taken to the bunker where they were given their enemas then locked to the overhead gantry for some ‘loosening up exercise.’

The girls spent the first couple of days very much as they had on their previous stay, with one exception. This time they were kept in separate cells, which left them both feeling lonely. However, on the third day, they began to feel that their treatment was becoming a little too rough and Elizabeth and Gwen were using their whips excessively. After a couple of days when they were taken to their cells feeling exhausted and sore, they independently decided that enough was enough and instead of tamely allowing themselves to be led to the elevator, they stood stamping their hoofed feet and making as much noise as their bits allowed.

“What’s the fuss with you two?” asked Elizabeth in an annoyed tone. The girls continued to protest as much as they could and it was Gwen who then said,

“I think they’ve had enough of being ponies.” Turning to Carol and Diana she asked, “Am I right?” Both girls stamped once.

“Oh, I see,” said Elizabeth as she and Gwen approached the girls. However, instead of starting to remove the pony tack, they went round and tightened a buckle here and there. As the girls wondered what Elizabeth and Gwen were doing, Elizabeth laughed.

“Tell me, did you really think that after all the trouble and effort Gwen and I have gone to, as well as getting all this gear, we’re simply going to let you go?”

Carol and Diana stood in shock as Gwen produced two documents that looked as if they had been written by each of the girls and held them so Carol and Diana could read them. Each document stated that they were voluntarily and deliberately submitting to becoming pony girls for the rest of their lives. The documents were worded in such a way as to give the impression that they agreed never to be released or have their bits removed. The girls stared in horror as they read, apparently in their own handwriting, that they accepted that they could be put to sleep by their owner, their bodies cremated and the ashes scattered. They started to scream and stamp and generally create a fuss until stinging blows with a riding crop to their breasts brought an end to their protests.

“As of now,” Elizabeth went on, “you are now and forever Shadow and Honey. We will continue your training until you have reached a suitable standard where we will be able to give you to the Mistress who has already paid for you.”

As the girls stood listening in shocked silence, Elizabeth continued,

“By the time you’re taken away sometime towards the end of January, you’ll both be very good and obedient ponies. Once Christmas is over, you will be fitted with permanent nose and nipple rings.”

She stopped and smiled at the girls’ reaction to what she had just said, then continued, “Of course, by then I doubt if you’ll have the intelligence to appreciate your new jewellery. Now, let’s get you fed and settled for the night. Oh yes, one more thing.”

At this, Gwen sniggered as Elizabeth went on. “If there is any disobedience from either of you, the other one will be punished.” At that, the noise cancelling element of their earplugs was activated and the girls, now just ponies, were taken down to their cells, fed and secured to their sleeping platforms. One final act of cruelty was the securing of their blindfolds as they were locked in for the night.

The following days went in the same unremitting routine. Unless they were being allowed to eat, being put through some training exercise or routine, or being taken out pulling a buggy, the girls were kept blindfolded, and sometimes, they were even kept blindfolded when taken out. The only sounds they heard was the voice of either Elizabeth or Gwen, depending on who was controlling them. One day, Diana found herself being forced to watch as Carol was bent over a frame and whipped. Shortly afterward, blind and deaf, Diana found herself receiving a whipping. They quickly learned to be totally obedient. Even so, Elizabeth and Gwen seemed able to find an excuse to use their whips or riding crops at almost any and every opportunity.

The human mind can only take so much before it starts to withdraw from reality and descend into itself. The unremitting treatment and sensory deprivation soon brought the girls to that point. Elizabeth and Gwen stopped using their whips because there was no longer any reaction. The girls simply existed, totally isolated not only from the world, but each other. So it was a shock to their systems when after receiving another enema, instead of being attached to some piece of equipment or a buggy, they found their blindfolds removed and their hearing restored. The stood, held in place by Gwen who was holding the chains attached to their nose rings, their minds trying to comprehend what was happening and also confused by the sudden return of their senses of hearing and sight.

“Well, ponies,” they heard Elizabeth say, “I wanted to keep you for another two months or so to make sure you were properly trained, but your owner has decided to take you back to her stable today.”

She turned and indicated the person coming forward,

“Say hello to your new owner.”

The girls half turned and their minds were sufficiently aware to register their shock. Their owner was Alison, their former HR manager.

“Hello my pretties,” she said as she came up to the girls and started to gently stroke their faces. The gentleness of her caresses, in complete contrast to how they had been treated froze their minds and prevented any reaction, so they stood placidly as Alison continued,

“I was interested when Elizabeth said that you enjoyed being ponies, but when she told me that you had decided to become permanent ponies I knew I had to have you in my stable.” She paused, while continuing to stroke the girls. “I was very unhappy at the way the company cut their staff, so I decided to resign and concentrate on running my stable, although” here she paused, looked back at the dark haired woman approaching and laughed, “Isabella is much better at managing the stable than I am. Now, let’s get you loaded and we’ll be on our way. It’s a long drive to Cornwall.”

Taking the nose chains from Gwen, Isabella gave a gentle tug and the girls, still in shock and numbed by their treatment over the past few weeks, allowed themselves to be led towards the small horse box just outside the barn.

“Ven, mis lindas,” said Isabella as she led the girls up the ramp, into the horsebox and with Alison’s help, secured the girls in place facing each other. The ramp was closed, they heard an engine start then with a lurch, they drove off. The girls, held securely in place, stared at each other as the realization of what had just happened sunk in, and tears began to flow as they were driven away to an unknown future.


“I don’t know what the problem is Miss Alison, but there is something most certainly wrong with Honey and Shadow.” Isabella spoke as she and Alison headed for the stable block where Honey and Shadow had been placed in adjoining stalls on their arrival.

“What do you mean, wrong?” asked Alison.

“I’m not sure,” replied Isabella. “They’re not eating, keep trying to call to each other and they have been crying. This is not the way I have seen other girls act when they become ponies. Angry, yes, but not this listless way.”

“OK,” said Alison, “Let’s see what I can work out. This is not something I need three days before Christmas.”

Entering the stable block they went up to where Carol and Diana were being kept.

“Right then,” said Alison in a stern voice, “I don’t know what's wrong with you two, but it has to stop. You both signed yourselves over to become ponies on a permanent basis.”

At this point, both girls started stamping. Two stamps, a pause then two stamps.

“What do you mean, no?” demanded Alison. She held out the two documents. “Here are the agreements, in your own handwriting.”

The girls continued to stamp ‘no’ then Isabella asked,

“Are you saying that you did not sign these?

One stamp.

“Did you agree to become ponies on a permanent basis?

Two stamps.

Alison and Isabella turned and looked at each other, then Isabella spoke.

“You know, I’ve had a bad feeling about this since we collected these two. They seemed far too subdued and Elizabeth and Gwen were too…. Too…”

“Smug?” completed Alison.

“Yes. Too smug. As if they had made a big joke.”

Turning back to the girls Alison looked at them and they both stood quietly looking back.

“Isabella, take Honey through to the other stable block. It’s empty just now. Get her settled in a stall then remove her bit and help her so she can talk. I’ll work on Shadow here.”

She looked at the two girls, noticing, for the first time, the sparkle in their eyes and said to them,

“If it turns out you’re both lying then you will be kept apart, possibly sold and I would insist that you be kept blindfolded and deaf for the rest of your lives. Do you still want to go ahead?

The emphatic single stamp from both of them made Alison and Isabella share a look.

As Honey was led away, Alison leaned into Shadow’s stall and, using the special tool, undid and removed the bit.

“Just take it easy,” she said. “Keep drinking and working your tongue until you feel comfortable.” She laughed. “Along with every member of staff, I have spent time as a pony, so I have an idea how you’re feeling.”

While Shadow was recovering the use of her voice, Alison phoned the house.

“Is Penelope there? Good. Ask her if she can come down to the stable block. I think we’re going to need her expertise.”

Turning back to the pony girl, she explained. “Penelope is one of our trained psychologists. They help people who are wanting to become ponies adjust to the lifestyle. Sometimes, they only want to spend a couple of days, sometimes a few months. Penelope’s job is to make sure the person understands what they’re trying to do, even if they don’t know themselves!”

Penelope appeared, and with her came a woman who as well as being a doctor, also acted as pony girl and pony boy vet if required.

“Right Shadow,” said Alison. “Let’s hear what you have to say for yourself.”

Slowly, haltingly then as the girl regained her voice and confidence, the whole story came out. There was shocked silence then Alison said,

“Shadow, I believe you but we still have to check your story with Honey. We’ll have to leave you here for now.” She paused, “and I have to refit your bit.”

“That’s alright,” was the surprising reply. “I’ve been able to tell you what’s happened to us so I know you’ll do what’s right.”

Alison refitted the bit into Shadow’s mouth and the pony girl was left as everyone went to speak with Honey, and it quickly became apparent that the girl’s story was shockingly true.

There was a hurried discussion between Alison and the others and the girls were quickly divested of their pony tack and boots. However, they were in no condition to walk and they were having cramping pains in their arms and shoulders because they had been held in a reverse prayer for so long. Fortunately, the stable had acquired some wheelchairs in the past and they were put to use transporting Carol and Diana up to the main house where they were taken to an underground room. The room was very comfortably furnished and as the girls tried to relax on the large double bed, the doctor, who had sent for another member of the staff who was a qualified physiotherapist started working on the girls’ arms.

“Right,” said Alison in a stern voice, “while you’re both being helped, it’s time to deal with the two who put you in this position.” As Alison turned to leave, Carol called out,


Turning back, Alison asked, “What do you mean, no? Surely you want Elizabeth and Gwen dealt with for what they’ve done to you?”

Carol replied, “Yes, I want them dealt with, but if you’re prepared to listen, I have an idea for getting our revenge. However, I want to talk it over with Diana first.”

Diana responded with, “I have a few ideas of my own.”

Carol continued, “Can you give us a few hours to talk things over? If you’re not happy with our ideas, then you’re free to deal with those two as you see fit.”

Alison looked at the others who were in the room and agreed to wait. She then said,

“I have to apologise to you both.”

The girls looked at her as she went on,

“Obviously we cannot keep you as ponies, but because of the secrecy of our organisation, we can’t let you go either.” She gave an exasperated sigh. “Through no fault of yours, we’re in an impossible situation. We can’t keep you, and we can’t let you go.”

The response from the girls astonished everyone there as both Carol and Diana burst out laughing. They had a quick whispered conversation while everyone looked at them, then Carol explained.

“Sorry Alison, it’s just that we don’t have anywhere to go to anyway. After being made redundant, we were about to become homeless. That’s why we accepted Elizabeth’s offer to move to her farm.”

Diana then added, “Not that we’re in any condition to go anywhere anyway.” She laughed. “We’re not only homeless, but we don’t even have any clothes.” Everyone smiled at that point, but sobered quickly as Diana went on,

“Elizabeth took great delight in making us watch as she burned everything we owned. Clothes, phones, laptops, even our birth certificates.”

They’ll pay for that,” stated the doctor. Turning to Alison, he said, “Let’s give these two young ladies some time to relax and recover. I’m of the opinion that we should seriously consider going along with whatever ideas for revenge they come up with.”

“That will be for the committee to decide,” replied Alison. Turning to Carol and Diana she went on, “Just try and relax. I’ll have some food brought down for you.” She smiled, “Sorry to say, I’ll have to lock you in.” In response Diana replied in a melodramatic tone,

“Oh bring on your chains then. We don’t care!”

Several days later, the girls were brought up to the large lounge. They each wore a plain shift style dress and sandals. The dresses helped hide the fact that both girls were wearing a diaper, but they had chain hobbles locked round their ankles, giving them a step of about 12”, a belly chain to which was attached a set of handcuffs, which were locked around the girls’ wrists. They were helped into comfortable chairs, their hobbles locked to fittings on the chairs then their wrists were released. They were offered and accepted cups of coffee and sat looking at the five people sitting facing them. Apart from Alison and Isabella, Carol recognised one man as a prominent MP and Diana recognised the only other woman in the room as a TV presenter. It was the MP who spoke first.

“Ladies, on behalf of the EQ Corporation, of which this stable is a part, I offer you my most sincere apologies for what you have been through and for the continued indignities you still have to put up with. I hope we can come to a suitable solution to our mutual problem. Rest assured, we have no intention of turning you back into ponies. Now, before we discuss that, would you be so kind as to tell us your suggestions for dealing with the two who brought you to this state?”

Carol’s thought, as she prepared to speak was, ‘Yup, he’s a politician!’ She smiled and responded,

Thank you for the apology, but it isn’t really needed.” At the gasps from those there, she went on. “What happened to us isn’t your fault. However, before I go on, Diana and I have had long talks over the past few days, and found we’re both thinking the same way. We don’t mind being turned into ponies.” She paused as her audience looked at each other. “We just don’t want to become permanent ponies, and there are a couple of other bits as well.”

“You’ve made me curious,” exclaimed Alison, “What other bits are you talking about?”

“We would want to be together, most of the time anyway,” Carol continued “and we wouldn’t want to lose the use of our arms, especially now that we’re starting to regain the strength in them. We’d like to be able to talk, at least to each other some of the time, and we aren’t comfortable about being approached by any men.” She shrugged, “Sorry for the list, but you did ask.”

The other man in the room laughed and said,

“They sound like perfect candidates for your stable Alison.”

Alison sat quietly for a moment then turned to Carol and Diana.

“What you have just said fits what I call the comfort zone of many of those who come to this stable. If you want, I do have a need for pony girls during the summer months. Will you stay as my ponies?”

Both girls looked at each other and in unison said, “Yes.”

There was a great deal of laughter, which continued as Diana interjected, “I suppose that takes care of your can’t keep, can’t release problem?”

As the laughter died down, Isabella then spoke,

“Now we have two new ponies, what are we going to do with the two who put these girls here?”

“Yes ladies, we would like to hear what you have to say.”

It was Carol who replied,

“Firstly, our revenge would have to wait until next Christmas, and Elizabeth and Gwen should have no inkling that we are not your permanent ponies.”

“Why next Christmas?” asked Alison.

“Because of the novelty things you do with the guests who come here,” replied Carol. “We’ve been told all about the games you play, and that’s why we would like to wait until then.”

“I’m happy to wait,” replied Alison. “So what have you in mind?”

As Carol explained what she and Diana had concocted between them, there were gasps and laughter from those listening. A couple of points needed clearing then those present agreed that what was proposed was possible. A lengthy conference video call to the executive committee of the organisation was made. The girls received apologies again and then their plan was approved. The MP’s niece, Barbara, was going to take over a farm in the future and it was agreed that she would be put into the farm to ‘shadow’ Elizabeth and learn what was required. The fact that she already knew would be kept secret.

Isabella then added,

“If Carol and Diana are in agreement, I think we can add to the deception.” She explained and the girls agreed.

Once again shackled hand and foot, the girls were taken back to their underground, albeit comfortable, cell while the discussion continued in the lounge.

“Do you think they’ll be able to go through with it?” someone asked.

It was Isabella who responded,

“After what they have endured, I think they will.” She continued, “At the moment, they’re still wearing diapers but that will not be for long as they have now regained full control of their bowels.” She passed and her lips stiffened in anger as she went on, “You haven’t seen the marks on their buttocks and thighs from the constant whipping they received. The marks have almost faded now, thanks to our good doctor. They have almost recovered the full strength in their arms as well.”

Alison spoke. “They know that as ponies, they can expect to have buggy whips or crops used on them, but they told me that they know that there would be no cruelty in their use by anyone here. I would half kill anyone that displayed any sadistic tendencies towards my ponies.” She paused. “I just hope that the marks in their minds fade as quickly as the physical ones.”

The conversation then went on to more general topics while Carol and Diana continued to recover and cheerfully accepted their kind hearted, but secure imprisonment. During one of her many visits to them, Alison asked why they wanted to become ponies, and it was Diana who replied.

“Apart from the last few weeks, back when we trusted Elizabeth and Gwen, we both found being ponies kind of freeing.”

Alison said nothing so Carol took over.

“We didn’t have to make any decisions, they were made for us and we were simply guided where to go and taught how to behave. It’s funny, but the more we were restrained, the more freedom I felt I had. No worries, no decisions, just be a pony.”

When asked, Diana expressed the same feelings as Carol, especially feeling relaxed being a pony but secure in the knowledge that she wasn’t being kept restrained like a pony all the time.

“If only I’d known what that pair had planned,” she muttered.

Alison told the girls that their feelings mirrored those of many who came to be ponies, and the girls learned that there were those in various places around the world, both men and women, who had chosen to become ponies for the rest of their lives. They signed away any rights as people, and the girls shuddered thinking back to the documents that Elizabeth and Gwen had forged as they realised that but for Isabella, they too would have been consigned to being ponies, with no freedom of any kind. When Alison explained that one part of the agreement was that when the pony became old or infirm, it would be painlessly put to sleep, the body cremated and the ashes scattered, and they both looked at each other as a cold shiver ran through them realising that this would have been their fate. It made them even more determined than ever to take their revenge on Elizabeth and Gwen.


“Elizabeth, Gwen. Hello! Glad you could make it. How are you keeping?”

Alison smiled as she came forward and hugged first Elizabeth then Gwen as they got out of their car.

“Hi Alison,” responded Elizabeth. “We’re fine. Barbara is really getting the hang of running the farm so we were happy to leave her and come down for a few days.”

“Are you sure you can’t stay for more than the weekend?” asked Alison.

“We’d love to but we’ve got people coming over next week to discuss contracts.” As they stood looking round, they watched as several ponies, pulling buggies left the stable area and Gwen asked,

“How are your two new ponies?”

“You mean Honey and Shadow?”

“Yes,” replied Elizabeth. “We haven’t heard much about them since you brought them here.” She sounded a little apprehensive as she went on, “Have they worked out OK?”

Trying hard not to laugh or show that anything was out of the ordinary, Alison replied,

“Oh they’ve worked out just fine. They were a bit reluctant to begin with, which is common among those who have committed themselves as permanent ponies then changed their minds, but a few sessions with Isabella sorted them out. They still haven’t reached the acceptance stage yet, but we feel that they’re well into the resigned stage. Another few months and they’ll be happy with their lives. Lately, Penelope has been helping Isabella with taking them out.” Alison turned and indicated where two ponies were pulling buggies into the yard.

“In fact, here they come now.”

Turning round, Elizabeth and Gwen watched as two ponies, pulling whip wielding riders galloped into the stable yard. The ponies were brought to a halt near the watchers and stood, heads down and panting heavily.

“Come over and say hello,” said Alison, and showing some reluctance, Elizabeth and Gwen were led over to where Honey and Shadow were standing with sweat dripping from their heads. Spittle and saliva dripped from their mouths and Elizabeth smiled as she recognised Honey’s rider as Penelope, a woman with a reputation for using her buggy whip on reluctant ponies. As they approached, Alison explained,

“It has become policy that those who are long term or permanent ponies, should stay in the artificial leather catsuits. It helps protect the skin and we’ve found that it also enhances the skin, keeping it soft. An additional benefit, as you found out last year, is that the suit hood helps hold the earbuds in place”

“They still have the buds fitted?” asked Gwen.

“Oh yes,” responded Alison, “it makes it so much easier to help them hear any verbal commands if there’s a lot of background noise. And of course, with no other sounds to distract the pony, she is able to concentrate on her rider’s wishes.” She went on, “As of now, they are both in silent mode so you can talk away and they won’t hear a thing you say.”

Elizabeth was standing in front of Honey, but looking at her bridled face, she could see no signs of recognition, in fact, both ponies stood completely still, heads down and with no expression in their eyes, so she smiled and relaxed. She looked at the rings in both ponies’ noses and asked,

“Could I take Honey or Shadow out for a ride,” thinking of the fun she could have, but Alison replied,

“Oh I’m sorry Elizabeth. They’ve both become such biddable ponies, that they’re fully booked for the entire weekend.”

In fact Alison had made sure the stable was busy that weekend before she invited Elizabeth and Gwen to come down. However, as Elizabeth and Gwen expressed their disappointment, Alison then went on,

“Look. Why don’t you both come down for Christmas? Things will be quiet and I’m sure you’ll be able to get acquainted with these two then.”

Alison headed back towards the house accompanied by Elizabeth and Gwen who were both happily agreeing to come down the week before Christmas and more importantly, agreeing to go along with whatever scenario Alison dreamed up.

If Elizabeth or Gwen had turned round as they walked away, they would have seen that Honey and Shadow were no longer panting for breath and had straightened up. Honey and Shadow looked at each other, then at Penelope who was holding their nose chains, and Honey winked at her. Penelope smiled, checked to make sure Elizabeth and Gwen were gone then said,

“You two should have gone into acting,” then led both ponies back to their stalls.

The following morning, Elizabeth and Gwen were looking round the stable and when they entered the large training barn, they saw Honey and Shadow, noses clipped to a pony walker, and stood watching as the ponies practised high stepping, where the thighs had to be lifted parallel to the ground. They saw that both ponies had weights attached to their boots, so they had to work hard. Elizabeth and Gwen exchanged grins as they watched the grooms using their whips if the girls didn’t lift their legs correctly.

“I think I’m going to enjoy coming here for Christmas,” was Gwen’s only comment.

She would have been less willing if she had overheard the conversation Alison had with another guest a few days later who had commented on Honey and Shadow.

“I think they should have been called Mischief and Cheeky,” Alison said laughing, and when asked why she explained, “Since they came here they have insisted on addressing me as Mistress and nothing I say will get them to change.” She paused and gave a short laugh, “They’ve even got the rest of the people here doing the same, even Isabella!”


“Good afternoon everyone.” Alison smiled as she looked round the seven people gathered in her lounge. She continued, “As you have all agreed to the conditions for this year’s scenario, I would strongly suggest you drink lightly and later have a light dinner. Starting tomorrow morning all of you,” she paused and smiled, “and myself will become ponies for at least the next 48 hours. You will each be under the care of a particular groom but to add to the fun, whenever your groom is present, you will be blindfolded and the earbuds you will each be wearing will only let you hear an artificial voice.” She stopped as someone asked,

“And what about you?”

Alison laughed and looked at Isabella. “I too will be under the same restrictions as the rest of you. The only person any of us will see for the time we’re ponies will be Isabella.”

The group broke up as some went exploring and others started chatting with others. Gwen turned to Elizabeth and asked,

“Do we have to go through with this? I don’t want to be trussed up like a package.”

“Shush,” was the response from Elizabeth. “We’ll go through with it because it will give us an ‘in’ with the corporation. Just think what we could make out of supplying them?”

Gwen wasn’t happy but managed to keep a smile on her face as she and Elizabeth were introduced to some of the other guests. Everyone had a relaxing time and enjoyed their dinner, taking Alison’s advice about having a light meal. As the following day would start early, everyone then turned in for the night. Gwen had one last comment to make before settling down to a restless night.

“I’ve had the feeling that someone has been watching me ever since I came here,” she said.

“Oh you’re just imagining it. Get some sleep. The weather forecast for the rest of the week says it will be dry, so I’m hoping to get the chance to take Honey or Shadow out for a drive.” With thoughts of buggy whips striking bare flesh, Elizabeth settled down for the night.

Although everyone expected an early start, they didn’t expect to be woken up and taken to the stable block at 5 am! It was a tired group that gathered in the middle of the training barn looking at all the grooms, who were all hooded to conceal their identities. Alison, setting the example, stripped off and allowed Isabella and one of the grooms to help her into the artificial leather catsuit. The suit was adjusted to make sure it fitted correctly and that the earbuds were properly seated. Once everyone else was attired, they were all fitted out in their pony harnesses, which included a U shaped nose shackle. Gwen might have complained, but the stern look from Elizabeth kept her silent. She did wince when her arms were locked into the reverse prayer position, but as some of the others were making comments as well, it appeared a natural comment. Finally, all that remained to be fitted were the bits and Alison turned to the others as Isabella offered up her bit.

“Well, friends, it’s been nice knowing you. Hopefully our grooms will release us in 48 hours, but if they don’t,” she stopped, looked at Isabella and sighed, “there’s not a lot we can do about it.”

The grooms acted in almost perfect unison, as if they had rehearsed this moment, and the instant Alison stopped speaking, eight severe bits were forced into eight mouths and tightened. Elizabeth had actually opened her mouth to ask Alison what she meant by ‘hopefully release us’ but this just helped her groom to get the bit securely in place.

With every one of the eight now secure in their tack, they then heard Isabella’s voice.

“Until we choose to release you,” a comment that caused a few worried expressions. “The only sounds you will be permitted to hear will be either my voice or the disguised voice of your groom. Ladies, take charge of your ponies.”

Each pony then had his or her blinkers closed and the brow strap lowered to lock them in place. The then felt a slight pressure at their noses as leads were clipped to nose shackles and the new ponies were led to their individual stalls.

As the day progressed, each pony was taken from its stall and led back to the exercise area. Only there was the blindfold removed and the pony would be put through some form of equestrian exercise. With the exception of Elizabeth and Gwen, the others were enjoying the experience, especially Alison. Elizabeth and Gwen, on the other hand, were initially reluctant to do what was required, but rapidly found that their individual groom was quick to use her whip to encourage them. Each pony was exercised under Isabella’s supervision and when she was satisfied they had performed in a satisfactory manner, they were blindfolded and taken back to their stall. The blindfold was only removed when the pony was hobbled and locked back in its stall. Elizabeth and Gwen found themselves looking at each other, but were shocked to find that they could hear absolutely nothing as their earbuds were set to silent mode. They, along with everyone else, learned how to drink and eat the special pellets that made up their food while still wearing a bit.

That night, everyone, including Alison, received a surprise. Although everyone expected to be strapped down in their sleeping platforms, what they didn’t expect was to be blindfolded and with their earbuds set to ‘silent’. For most of the ponies, it was a long and restless night, although it transpired that Alison and two others found their situation restful and slept soundly. The following morning brought another surprise as each one, in turn, was taken from his or her stall, still blindfolded, and given an enema. Even Alison didn’t know what was to happen. After they were cleaned, they were taken back to their stalls, their blindfolds removed and they were allowed to feed. The rest of the day consisted in every pony being put through an exercise programme and Elizabeth and Gwen found themselves on the receiving end of their grooms’ whips yet again. Everyone was a tired pony that night but Elizabeth and Gwen also had sore buttocks and thighs as they were strapped down for another uncomfortable night. Everyone else slept soundly!

The next day started with every pony hearing Isabella’s voice.

“Good morning ponies. I trust you all had a good night’s sleep? You will all be glad to hear that you will find out who your grooms have been, so just relax and wait your turn.”

Silence again settled over the ponies, but shortly, every pony felt her or himself being unstrapped, then led by their nose shackle out of their stalls. Each pony was then secured to a rail by their nose shackle and then most of them had their sight and hearing restored. The exceptions were Elizabeth and Gwen, who remained standing, blind and deaf, waiting for their turn to be released.

Starting with Alison, every pony was introduced to the person who had been their groom and who was now releasing them from their pony tack. There was a great deal of laughter and joking as each pony found that they had been looked after by a friend or partner and then were led from the stable back to the house for a shower and cooked breakfast.

Elizabeth and Gwen were left standing and Elizabeth was starting to become angry at the wait. Gwen was shaking, thinking that they had been forgotten about, but suddenly, they each felt hands at their heads and the blindfolds were removed. They realised that they were standing beside each other and found themselves looking at Alison and Isabella. Alison tapped her pad and suddenly both women could hear her voice.

“Good morning ladies. Sorry for the delay, but I wanted to get something to eat and get dressed.”

Elizabeth stamped her foot, stumbling slightly as she had forgotten she and Gwen were still hobbled. Then a feeling of dread swept through her as she noticed that only she and Gwen were the only ones still being held as ponies.

Alison went on, “Would you like to meet your grooms?”

Two figures appeared from behind and Elizabeth and Gwen stared in horror at Carol and Diana, fully dressed and holding riding crops.

“Hello Elizabeth,” cooed Carol. “Surprised to see me?

At that point, Gwen, who was shaking in fear, suddenly released a stream of urine that ran down her legs.

“Oh poor pony,” exclaimed Diana as she leaned forward and gently stroked Gwen’s face. “Don’t you worry. We don’t expect ponies to use toilets, so you just have to pee where you are.” As Elizabeth and Gwen stood listening, she went on “However, you won’t have to worry about doing a poo. Your daily enema will take care of that.”

Alison interrupted, “To say that I am angry with you two would be an understatement. Your greed has put our entire organisation at risk. In fact, it is only because of Carol and Diana that we are still a going concern. The central committee would have dealt with you last year, but decided to allow Carol and Diana to have their revenge for your actions.”

Stepping forward, Carol looked Elizabeth in the eye.

“Why? Why did you treat us the way you did?” She paused. “If you had introduced us to Alison when we first started playing at ponies, we would probably...” She paused again and looked at Diana before continuing. “No. We would definitely have become her ponies to some extent at least. Until you started to treat us so roughly we actually found a sense of peace as ponies.”

Diana continued. “You probably never realised just how difficult life was for us. Our combined wages paid our rent and utility bills and we had to combine our overtime so we could buy food for the week. If you hadn’t been so cruel to us we would probably have chosen to stay as ponies.”

Alison interrupted. “And you would still have been paid, even if Carol and Diana only became pony girls part of the time, which is what they have become.”

Carol saw Elizabeth staring at her face and guessed what she was thinking.

“When you were here in the summer, you thought we were totally under control, didn’t you?” She laughed. “A short 100 metre dash wouldn’t leave us out of breath and the sweat was mostly water. Oh yes. Penelope is very good with her whip, and so is Isabella. A couple of light strokes to leave marks in case you looked, but every stroke you heard was on our leather suits.”

Elizabeth stared at Carol and then Diana and this time Diana spoke.

I see you looking at our faces, or rather our noses.” Reaching into a pocket she produced what appeared to be a 1” diameter steel ring, except that there was a small gap with each end forming a small sphere.

“Looks just like a nose ring, doesn’t it?” asked Diana as she slipped it into her nose. “Looks just like the real thing.” She removed the ring and flexed it. “Just plastic, painted to look like steel. Her voice hardened as she continued, “Your nose rings will be steel, and permanent.”

She turned away and Gwen moaned in fear. She would have sunk to her knees but the short nose chain kept her standing as Alison spoke.

“You have both been found guilty by the executive committee of kidnap, assault and deception. The sentence is that you will both become ponies for the remainder of your lives.”

As everyone turned and walked away, Alison lifted her pad and selected ‘total silence’ for the earbuds. The last words Elizabeth and Gwen heard before silence descended on them was when Carol turned round, looked at them and said,

“Merry Christmas.”

The years come and go. Whisper, or Gwen as she used to be known, quickly succumbed to her new position in life, accepting her new life in a matter of weeks. Elizabeth, or Gale as she was called, fought with every iota of her stubborn nature. It needed two experienced grooms at all times to handle her as she would try and kick, bite or head butt anyone and everyone. Only an experienced rider could take her out. Even the application of the whip made no difference, so in the end the executive committee agreed on extreme measures. Gale was strapped down in her stall, blindfolded and kept in total silence. She was fed through a tube down her throat into her stomach, had a catheter inserted into her bladder and was given daily enemas where she was. The silence was broken by a barely audible voice that kept whispering in her ears.

“I am a pony, and nothing but a pony. I am no longer a person. I exist only to obey my reins. I do not need to think.”

This was far more severe than what she and Gwen had put Carol and Diana through. They at least were able to move around. After almost three months of subliminal messages, coupled with being unable to move or see, her mind broke and she became a quiet, obedient pony. Sadly, she had lost the ability to think rationally and would only react to her reins or commands.

Both ponies were sold overseas. Gale went to the USA and Whisper to Australia. Sadly, Whisper’s mental health then her physical health slowly deteriorated after a few years, despite all the care and attention lavished upon her, so one day she was found in her stall, lifeless. The body was cremated and her ashes scattered. Was this cruel? Maybe, maybe not. Elizabeth and Gwen deliberately put two young women into a situation that would ultimately have led to their being put to sleep, cremated and forgotten as if they had never existed. It was Gwen who had forged the acceptance letters that would have eventually condemned Carol and Diana to life as livestock and ultimately, an ignominious death. Gale however, continues in fine health, at least physically, but it is assumed that is because she no longer has the ability to think for herself any more.

As for Carol and Diana, from April through September, they spend most of their time as Shadow and Honey, pulling buggies round the estate and living as ponies, especially at weekends. During the regular breaks they’re given, all the pony tack is removed, but they remain naked and chained up in the stable. Sometimes, Alison only allows one of them at a time to have their break, but both girls are happy.

From September, through the winter and into April, they live in a small cottage on the estate. They are free to come and go as they wish, but much prefer simply enjoying each other and dressing up in the glamorous clothes Alison provided for them and attending the formal dinners that Alison likes to have at least once a month. Of course, they also enjoy the festivities over the Christmas period, joining in with whatever scene Alison or Isabella come up with, although everyone agrees that the time as ponies was one of the best.

They’ve been told that they’re free to leave but both find that they enjoy their new lifestyle and look forward to many more years as Alison’s ponies.


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