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Ponygirl's for Christmas

by DonnerTie

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© Copyright 2014 - DonnerTie - Used by permission

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"What about this one Lizzy?" I held up the black latex corset. A look of utter embarrassment spread across my friends face. Her cheeks had turned crimson red, and she quickly averted her eyes.

"No I don't think so Kelly" she managed to whisper. She tried to hide her discomfort by turning back to the rack of latex and rubber outfits that hung in front of her.

I looked down at the shiny piece of material in my hands. It felt deliciously smooth to the touch. I found myself staring at Liz, as my fingers continued to explore. We had been best friends since high school. Dated the same dumb jocks and went to the same lame parties. But if there ever was anyone that could make me a hot quivering mess. It was her.

Surprise would flash across her angelic face as I ripped her blouse from her body. Next her bra would be stripped away revealing her supple breasts. The sinister black corset would provide a sharp contrast to Kelly's blonde hair and creamy skin, as I swiftly wrapped it around her waist. The air would be forced from her lungs, as one by one I pulled the corsets draw strings tightly closed. Her already skinny waist would be constricted even further.

I let out a heavy sigh, placing the corset back onto its hanger. It would never happen. Lizzy was like a sister and besides she was currently dating some brain dead guy anyway.

Sigh a girl can dream though.

"Kelly I don't think this stuff is what I had in mind for Teddy's Christmas present."

I let out an involuntary giggle of laughter, as I saw the dismay on Lizzy's face, held tentatively in her hands was a studded gimp mask, like one used in only the most hard core BDSM play.

"Come on Liz, you said you wanted to do something special for Ted's Christmas present. Don't you want to see him drooling over you, when we find the perfect outfit?" Which if I'm telling the truth was only part of the reason I had dragged her to this store. While Ted may get to be with Liz, I would at least get to see her cute behind trying on some sexy costumes.

At the moment though I was striking out, the outfits just weren't right. As I browsed through the hangers I found myself with a problem. Each was ether too mild, 'oh look another sexy maid outfit, yawn'. Or downright scary, 'why would you ever stick a tentacle in there of all places!'

It was beginning to feel like a wasted afternoon, and I had almost given up hope, when at last I found it. Near the back of the store nestled under a shelf filled with old discarded packages. The boxes green and red colour had drawn my attention.

I ran a hand over the faded red and green stripped paint. Despite its age I could see that this was no mere cardboard container. Someone with considerable skill and experience had moulded and formed the wood, until no joint or snag could be felt upon its surface. It looked more like an antique chest then a mere container for a costume.

A thick layer of dust coated the top of the lid, as if it had been forgotten many years ago. Eager to reveal the boxes secrets, I wiped away the dirt and grime revealing the inscription beneath.

'Santa's Little Helper' was stencilled in beautiful golden lettering across the wooden top. The mysterious package had my mind running wild. Like a curious child on Christmas day, I eagerly opened the lid.

My eyes went wide, my mouth falling open in shock.

It was beautiful.  This was it, this is what I had been looking for.

So enthralled was I by the chests contents that I didn't even notice Liz come up behind me.

"Hey what's that? She called out to me, a puzzled look upon her face.

Snapped out of my stupor, I quickly slammed the lid closed "It's nothing!" I shouted as I scrambled to my feet. My heart was beating like a race horse, and I had to take a moment to try and collect myself.

Putting on my most convincing face "Actually it’s your outfit Lizzy, but it’s going to be a Christmas surprise, not only for Ted but also for you." I couldn't help keeping a stupid grin from spreading across my face. Carefully I tucked the box under my arm.

Liz was giving me that look of hers. The one that said I'm not stupid, "Kelly what did you find, and why are you grinning like a madwoman?"

I hated to admit it but she knew me too well.

"Look honey" I put my other arm around her, taking her in a tight embrace. "You want this night to be special right?"

"Yeah, I guess, but…"

"No buts Liz. You brought me along for my expertise, and believe me you picked the right girl." I could feel my pulse quicken as I rubbed my hand along her shoulder, in a sympathetic gesture. Her skin felt silky smooth to my touch. I could feel goose bumps at the back of my neck.

"I am what you would call an expert in these delicate matters." I really wasn't kidding. When it came to fetish play I had seen it all, or at least I would after tonight.  

"Trust me, with one look at you in this outfit, and he will be so hard you could crack granite with his cock."

I could see her resistance was wavering.

"Come along Liz it's time to check out."

Defeated, she slowly followed my lead, dragging her feet the whole way.

~Back at Elizabeth's House~

"What do you mean naked? Doesn’t it go over my underwear?" She was so cute standing there in her lacy black thong and matching bra. "I don’t understand Kelly why can't you just show me the outfit first, why does it have to be a surprise?" I loved it when she got herself all worked up.

"Come on Liz I have seen you naked a thousand times growing up together. This is no different than showering after track practice." Except now I get to do more than steal glances through the hot steam, I thought deviously.

She must have noticed my eagerness, because she hesitated. She stood staring at me with concern in her eyes. "I think I would rather keep them on Kelly"

Slowly I approached her, "But then you wouldn't look your best for little old Ted." I purred out the words as I placed my hand along her back. "And we do want to look good for our man don't we?" Slowly I began to run my fingers teasingly up her back.  A shiver ran up her spine as my nails teased and tickled her soft skin.

Without complaint I had her bra's straps sliding down her now bare shoulders.

Liz seemed to lean back into me as I worked to free her bosom. The familiar smell of her favourite shampoo filled my nose. Greedily I took a deep breath of the sweet smell. Finally her arms free, I let her bra fall to the ground.

She slowly turned around, our body's still pressed together. The cold winter air had caused her now unprotected nipples to harden. Like icicles they stuck out from her ample bosom. Longingly I gazed at her unprotected beauty.

Disappointingly my view was ruined. Liz as if snapping out of a dream, quickly folded her arms across her chest, and retreated from my reach.

I let out a sigh.

"Now the panties too, or do you need my help with those too?" I asked jokingly, trying to diffuse the tension that now permeated the air.

Slowly she slid the last thin piece of protection down her shapely legs.

I have to admit she did look quite stunning standing stark naked before me. Even her attempts to preserve her modesty only added to her youthful beauty, and despite her best efforts she was doing little to keep my prying eyes at bay.

If you were to put a little red bow on her and she would be just what every teenaged boy really dreams of for Christmas, or girl I thought with a smile.  

With a loud thud I dropped a pair of boots on the ground in front of her "The first part of your outfit honey." I said with a smile.

They were not your normal pair of walking boots. These came with thigh high rubber stockings that Liz had to fight with to slide over her legs.

"They seem really tight Kelly" She groaned out as her fingers fought to pull the skin tight latex over each of her legs.

I only smiled, as I relished the wonderful spectacle before me.  

When she tried to stand Liz realized the sinister nature of the boots. Each was formed to force its wearer to stand with their entire weight supported only by the front of their foot. It was like wearing an extreme pair of high heels, except without the heel for support.  

She stumbled as she rose. Her legs were shaking like a new born calf as she fought to find her footing.

While she was distracted I reached into the chest pulling out a bundle of leather straps and buckles. "The next piece of the puzzle" I said handing the harness to her.

The metal buckles and rings attached to the harness rattled and rang as slowly she turned it over in her hands. She seemed confused by all the different rings and straps going each and every way. After a couple minutes of frustratingly trying to untangle the mess she turned to me "Could you… maybe give me a hand?"

"Sure thing sweetie, just turn around for me okay." My heart positively leapt for joy, I had to fight to keep my excitement bottled up inside me. With nervous hands I quickly worked to untangle the twisted straps.

"You are going to have to step into it, almost like a dress Lizzy." My eyes fluttered wide as slowly she placed her first foot through the outstretched harness, her shapely bottom now only inches from my face. Soon her second leg joined the first, and I began to work the leather straps up her bare legs and thighs.

The harness was a beautiful work of art in its own right. Two straps hugged each of her thighs, while more were pulled around her stomach making her already petite waist even tighter. Finely crafted leather straps and stainless steel rings wrapped around each of her breast, helping to hold and support each in place.

While finally a collar in the same leather material as the rest of the harness was wrapped tightly around her neck. The collar had the added advantage of forcing its wearer to keep her head up and to face straight ahead, as the wide leather would bite cruelly if she tried to look down or turn her head too far. A final strap hung between her legs, this one I left loose for later.

Liz was still trying to make sense of all the leather now entrapping her, and was too busy looking at herself in the mirror to notice me pull out the next part of her outfit.

"Arms behind your back Lizzy." I was standing behind her now.

"Is this part of the costume too?" She asked hesitantly.

"Just trust me Liz, this next piece will really help to bring out your form." I was prepared to make a grab for her arms, to pin them behind her back at the slightest sign of defiance, but after a moment's hesitation Liz let out a sigh and meekly placed her arms behind her back.

"Hands together, like your holding hands with someone." I wasted no time in slipping the leather sleeve up her arms. "Wait Kelly, what are you doing?" I ignored her as I pulled the gloves strings tight. Liz whimpered as slowly her arms were pressed together. Next came the belts I made sure to pull them as tight as I could until even her elbows were touching. The new pressure on her shoulders forced the girl to arch her back thrusting her chest out to try and relieve the strain.

"Ah Kelly this is way too tight." She was panting now, her face betraying her discomfort. "Can't you maybe loosen it a little?" Her face turned upward, a pleading look in her eyes.

"If I loosened it then you wouldn't look right. How are you going to make your boyfriend hard, if you are slouching?" I said as I finished strapping the arm binder to the back of her harness.

Placing a hand on her shoulder I turned her around so that we were again both looking into the mirror. "See how it forces you to stick your chest out. It makes even those small tits of yours look big."

"But Kelly it really hurts." She whinnied in discomfort.

"Come on Liz a little bit of pain never hurt anyone." I said laughing to her. "Besides it makes you look so damn hot."   

My eyes glanced down, drinking in the sight of her pert breasts. It really did look good. With her chest thrust out like that, and the straps biting into her silky skin made each swell up in size. I could feel my pulse quicken and my breathing grow shallow, without thinking my hand had started to reach out.

This was killing me to be so close to what you have always desired and yet to know that you can never have it. I had to bite down on my tongue to get my emotions back under control. I clenched my outstretched fingers closed, with considerable effort I pushed my arm back down to my side.

For so many years I had kept my dark desire a secret, I couldn't now risk our friendship over fleeting lust. I had to look away momentarily to recompose myself, and get my breathing under control. Even still I felt the beginning of a damp spot growing between my legs, as I reached down to pull out another bundle of leather.

To the untrained eye this next piece would appear like another mess of metal buckles and leather straps. But to anyone having grown up around domesticated farm animals its purpose would be abundantly clear.

I began by slipping the bridle around her head. Taking care I pulled her long flowing hair back into a pony tail before slipping it through a ring at the back, between a pair of straps.

While I worked Liz kept quiet. She stared at the ground, shifting nervously back and forth still unsteady in her new boots. Occasionally I could see her arms flex as they strained against their rubber enclosure, but her effort did little good as her arms remained firmly trapped.

After securing her hair in place high atop her head I began to work on the fitting the rest of the bridle. Each of the leather straps were held together by small metal rings, that had to be positioned just so.

"Chin up." Liz's eyes locked on mine as she brought her head up at my command. Her face was a mask of concern. She was biting her lip, a bad habit of hers. It was in that instant that I almost stopped, I wanted to take her in my arms, to make her pain go away.

But alas I continued, set upon finishing what I had started. I would just have to let her white knight boyfriend be the one to free her from bondage.   

The leather fittings now hung loosely about her face. A strap ran from the ring around her pony tail to another on her forehead. Where more ran down each of her cheeks hugging them in tight embrace. Slowly one at a time I began to tighten them. Until not even a finger could slip beneath them.

"Can you maybe not make them so tight?" Pausing from my work, I looked at her.

"Silly girl, ponies can't talk"

"What are you talking about Kel…" I didn’t let her finish her sentence, my free hand had closed around her hairs ponytail and with a jerk I pulled her head back.

Liz let out a startled scream more in surprise then in pain.

It was all I needed as in slipped the bit between her open lips. Before she knew what was going on I had the rubber bit snapped into place between the bridle rings that sat on each of her cheeks.

As I finished tightening her bridle in place, the first tears began to roll slowly down her cheeks, her eyes silently pleading with me.

The bit was forced deeper into her mouth as I pulled the straps ever tighter. "Now remember little pony, good girls listen to their owners commands, while bad girls get punished." I emphasised my point by tightening the bits strap until the very last notch.

I could at least have a little bit of fun while I was here. I had no doubt that she would be thanking me come tomorrow morning as she regaled me with stories of her sexy evening alone with the boyfriend.

Liz could only groan as the rubber coated bit was driven deep into her mouth until it sat wedged between her teeth, her lips stretched tight. She was forced to bite down on the foul tasting rubber to keep it from pressing any further.

As I stepped around to finish tightening her chin strap, she tried to desperately speak to me. An added benefit of the bit that she was now just finding out was that it trapped her tongue beneath it. Unable to form words all that I heard was inarticulate moaning. More like the snorting and whinnying of a horse really.

"It's okay girl we are almost done." I tried soothing her. The back of my hand gentle wiped away the tears upon her face.

Despite my best efforts I could see that my little pony was becoming very agitated.

I finished pulling her chin strap tight, so that she now had no choice but to clench down on the bit in her mouth, her teeth sinking even further into its rubber coating. 

A hair band came next a pair of reindeer ears and antlers protruding up from it. "I guess you aren't a pony after all" I said as I fitted the hair band around her head.

"Oh don't you just look stunning Liz, you could be one of Santa's reindeers." I laughed with glee. She was only able to stare at me sullenly as I marvelled at her transformation.

With a snap I clipped on a pair of reins that had come with the bridle. "Come on girl." I shouted to her as I gave a quick tug on her reins. The bit painfully wedged between Liz's teeth forced her to react obediently to my every command.

I led my little pony over to one of the wall radiators. With a sharp tug on her reins, she was forced to bend over while I secured her bridle to the base of the heater.

Liz was only able to moan as I left her bent over with her bare ass sticking up in the air for all to see, while her face was perilously close to the white hot metal.

"Mhhm" she was snorting and groaning in her desperate attempts to talk to me, while spittle flew from her open mouth. "It's okay girl, shhh calm down." My hand petting her back, my hands seemed to have a calming effect on the upset girl. "I'm sorry that I had to tie you like this, but I didn't want you making a big fuss about the last piece of your costume."

"You see it's such a beautiful fiery red almost just like your own hair girl." I was amazed to see that colour actually perfectly matched her hair. "Liz's eyes went wide at the sight of the tail plug." It was indeed a rather stunning red horse's tail, but it was what was attached to it that had the girl petrified. At just over 5 inches in length and 2 inches thick the butt plug was indeed big. But for an anal virgin like Liz it looked massive.

"Don’t worry girl it feels so soft to the touch." My attempts to calm her failed as my little ponygirl kicked and squirmed as I began to press the lubricated plug against her rosebuds entrance. Her pleading moans turned to squealing and whimpering as I pushed the plug deeper and deeper.

"Calm yourself, little pony, it only makes things worse." I gasped out as I put my weight behind the plug. Liz let out a pitiful groan as the last few inches finally pushed past her clenching walls. The plugs flared base coming to rest against her firm bottom.

I reached down between her legs taking a hold of the loose crotch strap. "Silly me I almost forgot to do up this strap, here let me help." The strap began to bite deep between her legs as I gradually pulled it through its buckle. Liz threw her head back as she let out a cry of ecstasy. The leather strap had slipped between her nether lips trapping her sensitive clit beneath it's rough surface.

Liz was a mess as I knelt to release her reins from the radiator. Her breathing was ragged as she panted for air.

She was very slow to rise, which was understandable since she was now filled with a rather large plug. The whole tail seemed to sway with the most subtle of her body's movement. Vibrations running along its length until the plug rocked within her. Each new step she took would now elicit fresh moans from the poor girl.  

Added to the frustration of her new plug tail was that now each time Liz tried to move, the strap running between her legs would also shift. The hard rough leather strap harshly rubbing against her sensitive clit. All ready her outer lips were becoming puffy and red from the friction. 

Her tongue trapped by the bit allowed her only to moan and whine in desperate pleading, as the relentless assault on her most private areas continued.

I felt my breathe quicken. The sight of Liz in such erotic bliss was overwhelming. My hand reached down quickly finding its familiar way beneath my sweats and now soaking panties.

I let out a satisfying sigh as my fingers began to press and rub in familiar rhythmic embrace.   

Liz began to stumble about the room. The strap was merciless in its assault. No matter which way she turned or twisted it continued to dig ever deeper.

I could feel my heart beating harder, as my fingers sent waves of pleasure shooting through my body. My breathing had increased, each breath a frenzied gasp of hot air, my mouth fell open as I felt the ecstasy begin to overtake me. As I rubbed harder and harder it became more difficult to keep my eyes on my beautiful prancing ponygirl.

The harness wrapped around Liz in a tight loving embrace, each strap digging into her beautiful silky skin. Her beautiful shining tail flicked back and forth as she danced across the floor. While flecks of drool had slowly began to dribble down her chin before falling upon her outstretched chest.

In that moment oh how I wished it was me trapped in the outfits unforgiving bondage.

The doorbell made me jump up in surprise. I froze not sure what to do. I felt like a kid caught with their hand in the candy jar, except mine was literally down my pants. A hard knocking broke my indecision, and brought me back to reality. Being careful to avoid Liz who was so lost in her own wet dream she had not even noticed someone was at the door.

Wiping my still wet and sticky fingers on my sweats I cracked the door slowly open, carefully taking a quick glance around. No one was in sight. Strange I thought, but as I turned to head back inside the familiar red and green package caught my eye. It was another chest identical to the one I had found at the store except this one appeared almost brand new so much so that the paint looked still wet!

Gleefully I dropped my treasure upon the bed. I was not surprised when opening its lid revealed the same outfit that I had dressed Liz in less than an hour ago. Any doubts I had about the packages mysterious arrival vanished from my mind as I stroked the luscious blonde tail.

Stripping quickly I was soon naked. The boots went on first, Liz wasn't kidding I thought as I struggled to pull the skin tight latex stocking over my legs. It was only after much swearing and cursing that finally both boots were in place.

Standing up I learned just how much harder it was then it looked. Standing in those wicked hoof boots, my legs felt unsteady my calves already burning just from the effort of trying to stay balanced. I even almost fell over as I stepped gingerly into my harness.

The leather straps truly did feel as good as they looked though. Each felt deliciously smooth as I worked them into place. While the chill of the leather sent fresh goose bumps running down my spine as each was strapped tightly into place.

Next came the tail plug, and its size caused me to pause. Like the one I had forced inside Liz it was rather big at 5 by 2 inches, although I have to say things look very different when you are on the receiving end. With clenched teeth and a generous helping of lube I pressed the plug home. I whimpered with the effort, it was too big, I felt like I was going to be split in two. Despite the discomfort I continued to press the plug deeper. With a satisfying groan I finally felt the flared end press against my now sensitive bottom.

As I ran a hand through the hairs of my new ponytail I could see why girls would want one. It really was quite beautiful to see splayed out behind me, just like a real pony's tail. I gave my new tail an experimental shake moving my hips back and forth. I giggled as the tails teasing strands ran along my inner thighs. It felt wonderful sending fresh sensations running through my body.  

The plug tail also had the added benefit of making me feel deliciously full. Like a lover impaled to the hilt, within me. "Hmm so that’s what you’ve been enjoying." I purred seductively to my little pony. She was only able to moan in response, her trapped hands desperately straining to reach her overstimulated sex.

I took a hold of the strap hanging loosely between my thighs. Do I dare submit myself to the same excruciating torment?  Nervously I looked back at Liz who was now whimpering at the teasing brink of blissful release.

Maybe just a little bit wouldn't hurt. I cinched the crotch strap closed being careful to leave it loose enough so that the cold leather was just kissing my outer lips.

Even then just the feel of that hard leather strap between my legs had me fighting to keep my balance. As fresh waves of pleasure crashed like a tsunami against my body.

At that moment I wanted nothing more than to lie back down on her bed and to finish the job my fingers had started earlier.

A nudge from Liz brought me back to reality. Looking up it was obvious the now taunt strap that stretched lips was driving her insane.  "What's wrong honey?" I feigned ignorance as I watched the clearly frustrated girl.

Liz felt on fire as I pressed a hand against her sweaty stomach. She shivered at my touch despite her red hot warmth that radiated off her. I was taken off guard as unexpectedly she began to thrust her hips toward me.

"Such a horny little pony, you are." I reached down with my hands taking a hold of the strap which was rapidly disappearing between her legs. "Does my slutty little girl want me to rub her needy cunt?"

Liz's head flew back in euphoria as pulled upward on the strap. She began to moan in pleasure her nostrils flaring as she desperately sucked in air. I had barely even touched her, and she was already panting like a bitch in heat.

"I think that’s enough for now, don't want to tire you out. You still have to be ready for your stallion tonight." I gave a smack on her ass as I let go of her crotch strap.

The pony girl whimpered in disappointment, and began to whine and plead as best she could. The girl turned crimson in humiliation as in desperate need for release she began to sway her hips back and forth. But I just giggled as I watched her tail swing back and forth, like a mare in heat trying to entice its lover to mate.

Ignoring her pleading moans I bent over to grab my bit and bridle. The movement caused the crotch strap to slip between my already moistened lips. Unprepared the feeling of the leather rubbing against my clit almost made me climax on the spot.

I whimpered in pleasure as black dots began to appear before my eyes. After what seemed like an eternity, and with my breathing ragged I slowly recovered enough to able to stand.

It was torturous the harness strap now digging deeply between my legs. Each time I moved the abrasive leather would slide ever deeper, always pressing further and harder against my clitoris.

Panting heavily I began to wrap the bridle's straps about my head. Every time I moved to tighten the bridles straps I felt the pressure tighten between my legs. I didn't think I had tightened the strap so much to cause such arousal. At first it had barely been touching but now constant pressure rubbed against my sensitive clit, while my thighs were sticky and wet with my warm juices.  

Just in time I slipped the bit between my lips. Locking the gag in place as a scream of pleasure wracked my body. It felt like the belt had cinched another whole notch tighter. The strap was now mercilessly splitting me in two. The feelings of bliss were too much as I doubled over in euphoria, once again brought to the edge of release by the merciless strap.

I would have stayed like that, basking in the overwhelming joy I felt. Even the most subtle movement sent pleasure racing up my spine. But suddenly I was sent flying as Liz crashed into me. For a moment pure panic took a hold of me as the ground rushed up to meet me. Luckily I managed to get my legs out just in time to catch myself.

Unsteady on my new boots I turned to see a very horny pony girl staring me down. I tried to speak to her, I knew I needed to calm her down. But all that escaped my lips was the pathetic moaning that I had giggled at Liz for earlier.

She stood there eyes fixed upon me like a predator tracking its prey. Her lungs rising and falling rhythmically in time with each hot breath of air she took. Strands of loose hair clung to the perspiration upon her face.

My mind felt heavy, the near constant torment of the crotch strap was making it hard to focus. To make matters worse I now faced a new torture as strands of my silky blonde tail began to tease and stick to my sticky wet thighs.

Watching her warily I reached down to pick up the last piece of my outfit. For some reason I needed to finish putting on the last piece of my outfit. I wouldn't even be able to pull the straps tight around the arm binder. But it didn't matter I needed to do it. Maybe it was because I wanted to feel the cool rubber against my bare arms that drove my actions, or maybe it was the need that was slowly building within me. I'm not really sure but it took quite I bit of effort before both of my arms were finally inside the loose glove.   

She pounced on me with agility I not thought possible bound as she was. In desperation she began to press against me. The strap having driven her near mad in its unrelenting torment.

I had only been trapped within the bondage for a couple minutes and was already feeling its effects. I couldn't imagine how Liz must feel.

She was determined in her advance. Taken off guard and with no time to slip my arms out, I felt myself falling backwards onto the bed my legs kicking out in panic.

Landing with a crash I found myself with my arms now trapped beneath my body, and with a rather stunning horny pony girl atop me.

With a need driven by her insatiably lust she began to press and grind her body against mine. The effort bound as she was soon had me panting heavily. Her breath felt heavy and hot upon my face.

The fog was getting thick now, my mind slowly clouding over. I shook my head to try and regain my senses. The fall must have caused my harness to tighten as I felt my sensitive lips parted ever further, the leather strap pressing and rubbing against my tormented clit. While my plug tail felt like it had been driven even further within me.

Liz began to shift her body as she lay atop me, trying to reposition herself.

Each time she moved new pleasure would shoot through me, as the springy bed caused the strap to pull tighter and tighter. I could feel my thoughts getting lost as my need built, growing with each scrape and press of the leather strap.

Like someone drowning I desperately tried to cling to reality. I need to pull my arms free. I thought desperately. Have to get out of this bondage …. can't let Liz humiliate herself like this.

Wildly I tried to pull my arms free of their latex prison. I strained against my bondage, but it seemed that the more I tried to escape the tighter the arm binder became. Until finally my elbows were pressed tightly together, and my hands were locked together. I screamed in frustration, but only a pitiful whimper could be heard.

While I had been occupied Liz had finally managed to work herself into position. Ecstasy filled me as she began to grind her pelvis against me. I could feel the hot and wet press of her pussy press against mine. My eyes flew open as the strap buried within me began to rub and chafe with greater frequency and force. If it wasn't for the bit between my teeth I surely would have woken the neighbours as my moans joined hers in lust filled joy.   

The fog overwhelmed me as my mind was filled with bliss. My heart was racing, my breath ragged. Like an animal in heat driven by my need I began to press upwards against her thrusts.


"Looks like two more for the sleigh, boys" the little green elf called out to his brothers, "and what a fine horny pair they are."

The girls were oblivious to the new comers as their minds were only filled with lust. The elves had to fight to separate the two coupling reindeer girls.

Exhausted from the multiple orgasms that had rocked their bodies, the girls could put up no resistance as the elves clipped reins to each of their bridles.

"Do you think Mr. S will let us fuck these new girls?" One of his brothers asked. "Yeah the girls from last year are getting so loose." Someone else chimed in.

"You know the rules boys, Mr. S gets the first fuck." All the elves suddenly looked disappointed. "But have no fear little brothers these girls will be all ours after that. There won't be any escape for them this year." The elves were grinning at the prospect. But even without the smiles the rather large bulges in all of their pants would have given away their excitement. 

The girls could do nothing but follow obediently to the pull of their reins. The throng of elves struck up a merry jingle as they lead Santa's newest reindeer girls to their new home.



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