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A Ponygirl Transformation

by Dean

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© Copyright 2012 - Dean - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/fm; D/s; drug; capture; bond; shave; tattoo; piercing; latex; catsuit; ponygirls; mast; denial; cons; X

The Mistress was pleased.

She had her two new pets downstairs, and they were being transformed, they would not be ready until tomorrow, she could wait, as she had done before, but she was still excited. “Roll on tomorrow” she thought “roll on tomorrow”

In the morning, a little while after waking, The Mistress was told that her pets were ready for her, She had come across them a week ago, and had enticed them into her lair with her usual charm and character, and now they were her minions, here to serve and obey her. As she dressed, she pondered on what to call her pets, as of course they would have to be renamed, as she did with all who came into her ownership. The Mistress descended the stairs, the wait was nearly over. She was dressed in her Black halterneck rubber mini dress, black latex Gauntlets , black latex stockings and suspender belt and black patent leather lace up thigh boots and a black latex mask with her ruby red lips poking out of the mask.

Once downstairs she dealt with a few menial tasks, taking her time to savour the anticipation of meeting and the initiation of her two “girls”. “Yes” she thought “they will be my two new girls”. After a little further consideration she worked out the names of her new sluts. All that was left now, was to meet her girls, they would be fully awake now, and more than a little concerned about their predicament.

The Mistress slowly and purposely made her slow steps down into the dungeon and stood side by side in front of her were her two girls. They were dressed in an identical manner but she was able to distinguish one from the other.

They had been clothed and chained up and were fully supported. They were unable to move a muscle. Their legs were clamped in place their arms were tied up behind them and their head and shoulders were also clamped in place, they knew they were stood next to each other but could not see one another or speak to one another.

“Welcome to my dungeon girls” she greeted them, “you will forget your old names, they are no longer part of your life. From now on you will be known as Amber” pointing to the taller of the two, “and Aimee” pointing to the other.

Twenty four hours earlier The Mistresses new girls had been in a bar talking to one another when they had met and chatted with this lady as had been arranged, Since then it had all been a blur, with most of it a complete blank. Now stood here they each felt powerless, helpless, completely at the mercy of someone else. They also felt pain over various parts of their body, as well as fear, trepidation and excitement. When they both saw the elegant and beautiful latex clad Mistress enter the room, they knew their lives would be forever changed.

The Mistress, had after talking to these two at the bar, slipped a drug into their drinks. It was very mild but had enabled her to get them back to her home. Once there she slipped them a much stronger dose that simply knocked them out. That way they were totally at her disposal to do with as she pleased, which is exactly what she did. Her house slaves assisted her when she required and once they were in her dungeon she had them stripped naked and laid on a bed. It was here that she got her people to work on Aimee and Amber. Once her instructions were given she left and the transformation took place.

Aimee and Amber had any and all body hair removed, this was done by waxing. Once done they each were tattooed, on their lower backs a large pink ribbon bow was tattooed, as Aimee had a tattoo there already this was put above and incorporated in it, making a simply stunning tattoo, Then they were both rolled over and had a small pink ribbon bow tattooed onto their “pussies”. With that the tattooist was done and the girls were marked.

Next up and the cause of the current dull aching it was the turn of the body piercer.

As with the tattoos Aimee and Amber would get exactly the same. First under the needle would be Aimee. The piercer stood over her naked newly tattooed body with his piercing equipment, first was her navel here he pierced her twice, one through the top and one through the bottom of the navel. Through the top hole he put a bar and through the bottom he put a shiny dangly belly ring. Following this he took out two circular rings and pierced Aimee’s nipples. After this the piercer had 2 more to do for now at least. He moved back down Aimee’s body and pierced her pussy, a hood ring just above her clit. Then to the final and most painful piercing he opened her mouth and quickly pierced her tongue. He inserted an unusual tongue ring it was a bar to go through the tongue and this had a small circular ring on which sat on the tongue. This was a new thing specifically asked for by the Mistress. Now completed he turned his attention on Amber, and carried out the same piercings.

Time was needed for the two to heal, so they were tied to the beds and left in their knocked out state. A state they would remain in for another twelve or so hours.

About two hours prior to The Mistress arriving to see her sluts, the house slaves got to work on cleaning and dressing the girls. All the piercings were healing nicely and so after a quick wash down the dressing began.

Aimee again was first and again they would be dressed identically. From the cupboard the slaves removed Aimee’s clothing, the bodyglide gel was applied inside the black Demask Torpedo tit catsuit. The catsuit easily slid up over Aimee’s legs she was then stood up and held as the tight black rubber slipped over her smooth tattooed and pierced pussy . Before her arms were put into the catsuit two small balloons were put into the torpedo tit cups and then her arms went into the catsuit and after a small adjustment the suit was zipped up and her body was encased in the black shiny latex.

Still being held upright a mask was then taken out of the cupboard and put over Aimee’s head, once in position it too was zipped up. Black latex gloves were next to put on. The slaves then sat Aimee back on the bed as her very special Marquis pony boots were put on her feet, followed by her tail being inserted. One final thing was to be applied and that was the fettered pleasures deluxe Pony harness. This was slipped over her head, the bit put between her luscious red lips, and then it was buckled in place. Aimee was then stood up and moved into place where she was tied and restrained in her standing position. Looking at her was a divine sight with her huge tits, she was all shiny black latex and patent leather, the only flesh on show was her closed eyes a luscious lips.

Next it was Amber’s turn, a short while later both Aimee and Amber stood there virtually identical; they were the Mistresses new shiny Ponygirls.

Over the course of the next two hours before The Mistress made her enthralling entrance, the two ponygirls began to stir. Waking from their drugged state, was terrifying initially, they had a headache and a fogged brain. Making its way through the fog they slowly became aware of their position clad head to toe in latex and locked firm in an upright position. Where they had been pierced they felt a throbbing and could only assume they had been, although they could clearly feel their new tongue rings within their mouths. An itch was felt where they were tattooed but they were still unaware that they had been marked. As the brain fog cleared they could feel one anothers presence but could not see each other, it was a comfort to know they were together. They were of course unable to talk because of the bit in their mouth on the pony harness. Despite the aches and pain and the brain fog, both Aimee and Amber were highly aroused about being clad in latex and their tongue piercings.

When The Mistress made her entrance both Aimee and Amber were fully conscious and thinking clearly, she timed her entrance perfectly. After informing them of their new names she turned around and opened a large set of curtains revealing a wide full length Mirror. For the first time Aimee and Amber could gaze at each other and at their own transformations into ponygirls.

Seeing her wide eyed sluts gaze in astonishment was a pleasure beyond pleasure for The Mistress, there would be more of that to come soon, as all the changes would be revealed. The Mistress picked up her riding crop and moved across to Amber, her whip hit hard across Amber's ass, causing a very small movement, as much as the restraints would allow, she did the same to Aimee.

“Yes my girls, your asses are mine” she said, “You are my ponygirls now”

She walked across to Aimee and rubbed her hand across Aimees huge torpedo tits and down to her pussy, hearing her breathing quicken a little at the touch. “You will forever be known as Aimee, never again will you be called Vanessa.”

“and you” she said walking behind Amber and putting her hand been Ambers legs and rubbing in exactly the right spot. “will forever be known as Amber, never again will you be called Dean.”

Moving behind Aimee, The Mistress reached her hand through Aimees legs and slowly unzipped the latex catsuit. Once done The Mistress ordered Aimee to look into the mirror seeing for the first time her new look pussy. It was thrilling and her pussy was already very wet. The Mistress ran her hand over her smooth skin and to her moist lips where she slipped her finger into her sluts hole, immediately pleasure came across Aimees face so she walked away leaving her ponygirl desperate for her touch. Aimee then had shown to her the new tattoo on her back as The Mistress held up some mirrors for her to see. After this Aimees catsuit was zipped back up and the Mistress turned her attention to Amber. For Aimee the frustration was immense, she was desperate to touch herself and feel the new adornment in her pussy, she wanted to rub her clit and spread her legs, but she was held in place unable to move. The pleasure of being encased from head to toe in latex was better than she ever thought.

“Amber what are we going to do with you” The Mistress said. “you were once a man but now you are my girl, you must now act and be like a girl, my ponygirl. You will never call that thing between your legs a penis, that is your pussy, never forget that. How do you like your tits slut, I bet you love them, don’t you, I bet you both love your big, giant tits don’t you? Yes I know you do.”

Continually the Mistress circled Amber walking menacingly around her, riding crop tapping out a rhythm against her thigh boots. The mistress then moved in close to Amber so their faces were millimetres apart, Then she stuck out her pierced tongue and lick Ambers latex clad cheek, her hand moving down and rubbing Ambers pussy through the latex. As the Mistress moved away, she unzipped Ambers catsuit to reveal the new tattoos. As Amber was already pierced, The Mistress had ordered that have a ring in her perineum, the bit between her pussy and her anus. Just like Aimee, Amber was thrilled with her changes and was also desperate to explore her own body. With both ponygirls yearning to touch themselves The Mistress knew she had the ultimate control over her slaves, not that she didn’t anyway.

Aimee was released from her chains first and The Mistress ordered Aimee to kneel before her, this she dutifully did. After taking a small step closer The Mistress, with her left had grabbed Aimees head and pulled it towards her own pierced pussy. Tentatively Aimees pierced tongue poked out of her mouth and licked the Mistresses inner thigh before moving slowly and nervously across to her wet pussy. Aimees tongue quickly hit the spot and the Mistress gripped her girls head even harder pulling her closer. Waves of pleasure rolled through her, but she forced herself back in control as she wanted to have both her girls free before she let go fully. Despite the pleasure and feel of Aimees tongue, she pushed her new toy away, leaving her on her hands and knees on the floor.

“Now stand up slut” ordered The Mistress, which Aimee duly did.

“Walk over and stand in front of Amber”

Aimee lithely moved across the room and stood eye to eye with Amber, who was still chained up, so that they were inches apart.

“Now kiss and caress Amber” The Mistress ordered Aimee

Aimees head cocked slightly to one side and then moved forward her hands rising to hold Ambers head. Their mouths opened and then their pierced tongues intertwined Aimees hands began to wander loving the feel of Ambers latex clad body and wishing Ambers hands could feel her own.

After touching and feeling Ambers back and tight arse, Aimee moved them to the front of Ambers catsuit, rubbing her hands over the hard “cock” in her catsuit. Despite being fully aroused already Aimee felt a wave of pleasure rip though her body as she touched that hard cock. Her lust overwhelmed her, and without thinking she unzipped Ambers catsuit, revealing the pierced cock and fresh tattoo. Quickly she bent over and opened her red lips, her tongue flashing out touch the hot hard cock and the cold steel ring.

Whilst she was bent over licking and sucking the hard cock, a hand reached through and unzipped her catsuit. Aimee was bent over, her new tattoos on show and her pussy poking out from between her legs. Without being fully aware she felt something part her wet pierced pussy lips...


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