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Pony Penalty

by Anon

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Susan sat in her cell wondering what was next. Tomorrow would be the four-week anniversary of her being sold by her government to this group of colonists. Laws that allowed them to put her to death for their violations unless she voluntarily agreed to be sold had trapped her. Surprise, surprise, she agreed to live and be sold like produce. Of course she understood how desperate things were on earth. There were so many people on earth they had problems with food and raw materials to meet their needs. And those resources were available thanks to some intrepid souls who were settling other planets. Then they were willing to sell food and raw materials to earth. But to those men, the most desired thing they wanted on their distant planets was a woman, so they used their food supplies to force earth to sell women to them. This then led to laws on earth meant to trap women into voluntarily selling themselves because the alternative would be the death penalty. And Susan had become one of those women.

Susan had exercised that day, as she had been required to do everyday since her sale and transport by starship to this planet. Her twice a day exercise routine started with her walking and built her up to running an hour at a time twice a day. Though she would wear a ball gag, for Susan the tough part of that requirement had been the five-inch high heel stiletto pumps she was forced to wear and that her arms were bound behind her in a leather sheath. Susan had spent most of her life avoiding high heels or heels of any kind, but to have to wear them all day as well as run in them was tough on her. Then there was the injection she was given before boarding the starship.

The injection would accomplish three things on her. First it would keep her looks forever young looking. Second it would immunize her against most diseases and thirdly it gave her a Barbie Doll style body. For Susan that meant she would go from a 34A-26-36 body to a 36C-20-32 body. It also reshaped her feet so that the only types of shoes she would comfortably wear were high heels. And it would surprise her when she would actually enjoy wearing ballet boots and shoes. Those were boots and shoes with heels so high the woman wearing them would have to stand and walk in them en point like a ballerina.

Now on the eve of her anniversary she was instructed to pack up the all of the clothes she had been wearing over the last four weeks, leaving her one set of workout clothes only. She obeyed and had them packed up because she didn’t want to disobedient to her masters. When her dinner was delivered to her cell they picked up the box containing the few clothes she had in her cell. For four weeks she had sat in this cell, which was twelve by ten feet. It had an attached bathroom, which included a shower, a toilet and a sink. It also had provided a small closet for the clothes she had been expected to wear with a set of drawers in that closet for corsets and stockings.

Now she was down to the high heels with ankle strap, one pair of black back seamed stockings, the corset she wore and a tight fitting t-shirt. Though worried about what the morning might bring, she stripped naked to look in the full-length mirror that hung in the bathroom to examine the body the drugs they gave her had created. Her breasts were very firm and perky sticking straight out and shaped like the cones of the bra cups of the corsets she wears all the time. Her hands nearly fit around her narrow waist to meet in the middle of front and back. And her hips looking small compared to the breasts but giving her huge curves after that very small waist. She would put her corset back on and go to bed worried about what was next for her.

The lights in her cell went on at five thirty just as they had done for her since she was sold as a prisoner. She got up and brushed her teeth, then put on her stockings, shorts, t-shirt and high heels. She waited patiently until three minutes before six before putting her ball gag in her mouth. The one and half inch plastic ball with holes in it would help keep her silent while doing her morning exercises without interfering too much with her breathing. She then stood clear of her cell door, but close enough to make it easier on her guard to handcuff her, turning her back to the door. The cell door opened two minutes later and her guard had her quickly handcuffed.

The guard then left her with the door opened and Susan turned to exit her cell. Turning to her right after leaving her cell, Susan walked down to the end of the hall where there was a large room filled with treadmills. As she walked down the hall others joined her and others were already on their treadmills when she entered. Susan quickly walked over to the treadmill that had her name on it and stepped up into place. She had to wait for all thirteen of her fellow prisoners to arrive and take their places on the treadmills before they were started. For the next hour she would walk, jog, run, jog and walk on her treadmill.

When the hour was up the treadmills were halted and then the fourteen prisoners could step down. Susan joined the others in filing out of the workout room heading down the hall to return to her cell. Once she reached her cell, she stepped in and made sure she was on her mark to be just clear of the swinging solid steel door. She had to wait a couple of minutes before a guard came by and removed the cuffs. The cell door closed immediately after the removal of the cuffs. Susan noted that on her bed were a brand new corset, a pair of rubber gloves, a jar of cream, a spatula like applicator and a note. The note instructed her to take a thorough shower, and then using the gloves and applicator apply the cream to areas of her body that would be covered by the corset. The note did instruct her not to put cream on her breasts. The note admonished her not to touch any other part of her body with the cream and once applied put the corset on right away.

Susan obeyed the note taking a thorough shower and then drying her hair. Having taken all of the items into the bathroom she would carefully apply the cream to her body as directed in the note. She then took the corset and carefully put it on her body in such a way, as only it would touch the cream. She noted a one inch hole at the end of the cone shaped bra cups of the corset as she put the thing on. But since her breasts fit perfectly in the cups and only her nipples protruded she figured that it was designed that way. The corset closed with a side zipper and as soon as she had closed it, the thing tightened itself on her body like all previous corsets had done.

There was one difference in this self-adjusting corset in that it didn’t stop at the twenty-inch waist. It continued to tighten until it had taken another two inches off her waist. This was not the first time but Susan hated being this uncomfortable. After getting the corset on, she followed the instructions for cleaning the applicator and sealed the jar of cream. She finished in the bathroom by tossing away the rubber gloves. Returning to her cot she put her heels on and then struggled to reach the straps to close them on her ankles. No sooner had she accomplished that and her breakfast arrived.

There was a note on her breakfast tray that instructed what to do when she was done eating. As she ate Sue felt some discomfort in the creamy areas of he corset. It felt warm and prickly. After having her breakfast, she went to use the toilet then put her tray in the door drawer for removal. A minute later her tray disappeared. Before sitting down on her cot to await the next step in her activities for the day, she tried to readjust her corset to make it a little more comfortable. To her dismay though she couldn’t find the zipper and the corset acted like it was glued to her skin. She sat on the bed to watch the clock until the time she was instructed in the note. At that time she stood up and took her mark in front of her cell door, then faced away from the door with her hands behind her back.

A minute later her cell door opened and a guard slipped a leather sheath over her arms closing it and tightening it up nearly bringing Susan’s elbows together. Once secured in place with the straps going under her arms, crossing her chest and over the shoulder, the guard took about a minute to put on rubber gloves. She grabbed the cream off the cot, opened it and applied some to the inside of a collar, which she then put on Susan’s neck from behind. It had a small rectangular box in the front of the collar that laid on her voice box with a big ring on the other side. In the back where the collar was secured with Velcro was another ring. A few seconds after being secured the collar self tightened on her neck pushing the box into her skin just a bit.

Taking Susan by the arm she led her out of the cell but halted her just outside the door and left her standing. About eight others were already standing in the hall identically dressed to Susan and silently waiting. To her left at the exit of the cell block to the outside world were two female guards. Susan was left standing in silence as they waited and within five minutes the remaining prisoners joined the crowd in the hall. But even with the last brought out into the hall, all activity ceased. The guards who had gone cell-to-cell securing and bringing out the prisoners went down to the exercise room while everyone else stood quietly in the hall.

In their silent vigil they could hear the rattle of metal chains coming from exercise room. It quieted down again and a total of fifteen minutes would pass before the guards reappeared. The guards approached the first two prisoners standing facing each other across the hall and put a chain on the front of their necks. They then pulled her to the next in line to attach that chain to the back of the next down the hall. After that they would attach a second chain to that prisoner and lead the pair to then next down the hall. They did this until all fourteen were chained in two lines of seven.

Two guards took the last chain attached to the front collar of the lead prisoner of each line and started them towards the exit. The guards at the exit opened the barred sliding door to allow the line out. They would fall in line at the end while two other guards fell in with the group flanking the center of the two lines. Turning down another hall and walking past two more sliding cell doors to the end of a hall and two freight elevators. The lead guards each opened the door to a freight elevator and pulled their respective line into the car. The guards split themselves between the two cars as well. They both arrived two floors up, which was the ground floor, at the same time.

Once again the two lines were led off and turned immediately left to exit out through a loading dock style entranceway to the fifteen thousand square foot mansion that was above the cells they had been living in. Next they were led along a path through the gardens and beyond into the woods and a downhill slope. Upon reaching the bottom of the hill they came out of the woods towards a wide metal building. The two flanking guards had moved quickly forward to open the two doors in the center of the building and they entered.

They were in a hallway that spanned the fifty-foot width of the building to another set of doors leading to the outdoors. After twenty feet, they came to a ten-foot wide hallway, which split the building down the length. The left line went left down that hallway and the right line of prisoners to the right half of the building. Susan was in the group on the left side. They were halted in the middle of the hallway and stood there in silence two minutes. Then doors on both sides of the hallway on both halves opened and out came some women from those rooms. Two women came from each room and checked with the guard that had led the line to this point then the pair would take one of the prisoners from the line and lead them into the room they had come from.

These twenty-eight women were dressed in black ballet boots with black pants tucked into the top of them, a white shirt, red jacket and black ball cap. They looked a lot like female lawn jockeys. The two women who came for Susan, both were brunettes. One was only two inches taller than Susan, but that was probably the seven inch heels of her ballet boots maker her taller. Susan was sure she was five foot two inches tall just like she was. The other woman was five feet 10 inches tall and her brunette hair was barely shoulder length. The shortest of the pair unclipped Sue from the woman in front with the help of the woman working the front prisoner; the other unclipped the rear chain from Sue’s collar. Then with the lead chain they led Susan into the room they had come from when they entered the hall. The room was a twenty-foot square room with cabinets along three walls and a stool in the middle. In the corners were two cloth-covered items, next to those were two rolling tray stands similar to what one would find in a doctor’s office.

They sat Susan on the stool in the center of the room facing away from the door. The shortest woman stepped behind Susan after grabbing a tray and started working with her hair. She pulled Sue’s hair into a high and tight ponytail but also pinned her bangs back up off her forehead. As this was being done the pair started talking.

“I’m Dawn and my friend here is Katherine or Kate for short. We are your handlers Sue. From now on we will be calling you Susie-Q,” said the woman working Sue’s hair.

With the shoes off and the hair done they had Sue stand up. They put on rubber gloves and Kate got some of the same cream that Sue had put on before the corset. She carefully spread the cream on Sue’s face, being careful not to get it in her eyes, nose or mouth and in a thin layer. They avoided her chin as well, but did get the top of her nose and her ears. She and Dawn spread the cream down to the base of her neck but not in her hair. Kate turned around, opened a cabinet and removed something from that cabinet. She fiddled with it for a minute and then turned around to present it to Sue’s face. It was a hood of some sort and it had a built in mouth gag. Sue immediately opened her mouth to accept the gag, which just did fit in her mouth.

Once she accepted the gag, Sue felt Dawn pull at the neck cowling of the mask pulling it around her throat and securing the lower portion as Kate worked at smoothing the facial part onto the cream and having the eyes lined up with their assigned holes. After taking care of the neck, Dawn worked on the hood above the neck bringing it around and working with Sue’s hair to close at the back of her head. Kate had to help with regard to the hair and they had to hold this part of the hood in place until it closed on its own. To Sue it felt like her hair was protruding out the back and the hood melded with her hair. Sue tested her mouth with the gag in her mouth and figured it couldn’t function too well as it allowed her some great freedom making her think she could still communicate if told to do so.

Dawn removed the arm sheath from Sue as Kate began to spread more cream on the torso, from the shoulders to the top of Sue’s calves. Dawn would follow suit on the backside with the cream and they included her arms to a point halfway between the elbows and wrists. Warning Susan not to let her creamy arms touch the corset, Kate went to the cabinet and returned with a one-piece jumpsuit that was crotch-less. Lifting one leg at a time they pulled the suit up on her and then required her to put her arms in the sleeves. The legs stopped at the top of her calves and the sleeves stopped where the cream was.

To her surprise there were holes for her nipple to protrude through the suit like they did with the corset. When the suit was in place, Dawn zipped it up and the suit began to shrink around her body. Another thing Sue noted was that about ten minutes after each area was creamed and covered she would feel warm and prickly. After the jump suit was on, Kate presented her with a pair of gloves. Holding them up to show Susan the inside, she spoke to the prisoner.

“You see the inside of these gloves?” Susan nodded her head as a way of saying yes to each question Kate would ask. “Good. Do you notice the wooden bar in them? Good. I want you to stick your hands in these gloves and make sure your fingers come in over the bars. Then as we push the gloves onto your hands wrap your fingers around the bar and hang on to them tightly. Got it? Good.”

Before they presented her the gloves they creamed her hands on both sides and her arms up to the elbows including the part that was already covered by the suit. Then Sue was putting her hands in these gloves. Up to the point that actually covered her hands from the wrists out, the gloves were made of the same fabric as the hood and jumpsuit. The parts that actually covered the hands were hard and stiff. The gloves had a zipper that allowed the gloves to go on without too much trouble but closed the fabric part after Sue had her hands in place. Shortly after the zipper was closed the material shrank itself around her arms.

After the gloves were on they had her sit down on the stool again. She was relived to do so because her feet were hurting. Without the support of high heels, standing or walking for too long hurt her feet. That was a change thanks to the drug they gave her when she was given/sold to these jailers a month earlier. Once she was seated they started smearing cream all over her feet and legs up to her knee. Then they started to put boots on her feet. Though she couldn’t look down, as they didn’t want her to just yet, she could feel the knee-high boots. She was glad to put her feet in them as they felt just like her five-inch high heeled pumps and were very comfortable. They had the boots on her quickly and as usual, once zipped up they shrunk on her.

As they had put the boots on her, she looked at the gloves that had been put on her hands. On close examination she discovered they looked a lot like horses hooves, small they may be. The flat end, which was the bottom of her fists, had what looked like a shiny horseshoe attached just like a horses hoof, though they were plastic instead of metal. Kate went to the cabinets to one side and opened a large door there and pulled a metal table from the cabinet. One end of the table was attached to the inside of the cabinet and had folding legs to help it stand on its own on the other end. Kate pulled out attachments to place at the outer end of the table that were stirrups much like a gynecologist would have for women.

The metal table had padding on it and Dawn pulled out a pillow to put at the cabinet end of the table. Then they had Sue stand up and walk over to the table, get on it and lay down with her head on the pillow. They placed her feet in the stirrups and forced her legs wide open. Kate then applied a cream to the hair of the crotch area, waited a couple of minutes and then wiped it clean with a towel. With the cream went her hair in that area as well, leaving her bald. Dawn then took over inserting a tube into Susan, which turned out to be a catheter. Some cream applied to the outer areas of her lips before attaching something else to her nether regions.

As she lay on the table she first felt the sensations of heat and prickling on her hands. The areas that had been creamed in preparation of for the boots followed this. After the sensation in her hands started she tried to move her fingers. When she first inserted them into the gloves there had been a little room to wiggle her fingers. But now she felt like her fingers were fused to the wood dowel she had grabbed hold of upon putting on the gloves. They had her lay on that table until she felt the same sensation in the areas around her lips that had been creamed. That happened after ten minutes, but they waited another five minutes before having her get up from the table.

While Dawn put the table away Kate had Sue stand on the stool. She then put leather cuffs on the hoofs that had replaced Sue’s hands and on her ankles. A lock secured the ankles together and a six-inch chain was attached between the hands. Kate pressed a button on a remote control and a hook attached to a wire descended from the ceiling. Kate took the hook and attached it in the center of the chain between the wrists. The press of another button on the remote started retracting the hook into the ceiling with Sue’s hands attached. The hook rose until it started to lift Sue off the stool and Kate halted it.

She pushed another button and the hook was lowered, halting just as Sue’s weight was on her legs. Though that weight Sue had on her legs were barely there as her body was pretty well stretched. And stretched as she was, Sue could not turn her head to look behind her and down to see what Dawn doing. Some last cream was placed in and around her butt crack above her anus and then a thin wire was inserted into her anus. It came out of the anus and curved up her crack to the peak and held something there that was rather weighty. Sue wanted to wiggle to get that thing out of her ass, but didn’t because trying would cause her more trouble.

Fifteen minutes after her butt insertion was done, the hook was lowered and her wrist chain removed from the hook. They lowered her to the floor standing without removing her leg hobble and then the fixed her wrists behind her back. After facing her towards the door, Kate went to the door. There was a set of blinds on the door that Sue had presumed to be covering a window. Kate lifted the blinds to reveal a full-length mirror. Susan stared in shock at the image that was staring back at her in the mirror. Dawn and Kate maneuvered two free standing full-length mirrors to provide Susan a view of her other areas through the mirror on the door. Susan wasn’t looking at a human being. She was looking at a small reddish brown horse standing on its hind legs with it front legs bound behind its back. There was a white spot on its nose and a bit with big rings in its mouth. The mane at the back of the head and the tail at the rear were the color of Sue’s natural hair, brunette with a hint of red in the right light. She no longer had feet but hooves just like her hands. But the biggest surprise was the huge penis dangling from her lips covering her sex.

“Do you have any questions?” asked Kate. “You may speak freely.”

“Yes ma’am I do. Why do I have a big dick where my sex should be and how am I supposed to go to the bathroom with that dick and the tail sticking out of my ass?” Sue tried to ask. To her surprise all that came out of her mouth was a bunch of whinnies and neighing like a real horse. When she realized that she was creating that noise, Sue started to panic and began machine-gunning questions. But the more she panicked and tried to speak the louder and more frantic the horse sounds were becoming.

“Now, now Susie-Q, calm down” Dawn quietly said standing right next to her petting her head between the two big horses ears. “Everything is going to be okay if you just settle down. We’ll tell you everything.”

Dawn continued talking to Sue softly with kind words and it worked in calming her down and quieting her. Then they released Sue’s hands and feet from their hobbles and had her sit down on the stool. As Dawn was quieting Sue down, Kate had gone out and returned with a leather bound desk chair on wheels. After Sue was seated on the stool, Kate sat on the chair while Dawn stood by.

“All prisoners of our prison are pony girls,” said Kate, as she would do all the explaining. “Prisoners will spend six months to ten years as a pony and the masters require we look and sound the parts. And everything that has been done to you took years to develop just right. The collar that they put on you up at your cell is pressing on your voice box now and changes everything you try to say from words of a human to the noises of a horse. Even a sigh will come out as that of a horse snorting. The cream that went on you prior to putting anything else on is a glue that begins to work when in contact with your skin and the fabric, or two pieces of the fabric that make up your outfit. The wooden dowel in your gloves and the inside of the gloves was coated with the fabric to glue your hands in place. The glue is semi-permanent for up to ten years. The masters of this place have a liquid that if and when you are paroled they will use it to remove the glue and allow you to become human again.”

“Since the minimum sentence is six months that is at least how long you will be like this. The maximum sentence is ten years, but I don’t know how long you’ve been sentenced to serve. Only the masters know how long you will be a pony. I must warn you that after ten continuous years the glue and the voice changes are permanent. We could remove the voice box at ten years and one day, but you would forever sound like a horse from that day on. And no, we haven’t had anyone sentenced to ten years yet. Dawn did six months and I did two years before being paroled. The maximum anyone has done is five years so far. And like us, as long as you’ve been free of being a pony for three consecutive months, you can keep coming back over and over again.”

“Now you may be asking yourself what a pony girl is supposed to do. The requirements of you are quite simple. You’ll be training for several different competitions that you will compete in about five and a half to six months from now. First you will be trained to run so that you can race in several races. One level is the single pony cart race in which we will race you around a quarter mile track against others. There are also the double pony carts, and the four pony carts. So you will have to learn to work with a team of one to three other ponies to race with. Then there is your show pony competition in which you will be judged on showmanship and presentation. The same girl will be working you in all the competitions, she had Dawn as her pony and nearly won everything, but ended with best show pony and third place in racing pony. We’re hoping you will do better. As for your partners they are being chosen now, but Dawn has volunteered to be a pony with you. Therefore when we’re done with you, she will be turning herself into a pony in front of you. As for the other three I don’t know if any volunteers have been found. I volunteered but I’m too tall for you. Have you heard anything about volunteers for Susie-Q?” Kate looked at Dawn with that question.

“Yes and no Miss Kate. I know that they have two others to join us. There was no shortage of volunteers as usual to choose from. The volunteers are changing now in another room because they don’t want us to know their identity. I know that you volunteered and would have been chosen but since our master didn’t have a pony near your size he didn’t want to release you to another master. And that is all that I know.”

“Well, let’s get back to Susie-Q.” Kate turned to face Susan again before continuing. “As for eating, the thing in our mouth has a tube inside. You will have two liquids that you can dip your nose into and suck on the tube. One will be plain water and the other will be a green liquid. This liquid will provide all the nutrients you need to live and thrive off of though it may taste strange to you at first. The good news is that it will keep your stools lose enough to pass through your ass without getting hung up on your tail holder and it can be sucked through the hose in the mouth of the horse mask. This means we won’t worry about constantly removing your horse head mask. Like everything else it is on you for the duration”.

“You have been made a stallion for your time as a pony. The reason is quite simple. You are a virgin and master wants you to remain that way. But the glue has a side effect that makes ponies horny as all get out. Those who are not virgins are mares and virgins like you and Dawn will be stallions. When a horny mare comes near you, your dick may be activated remotely to harden and be able to insert into the mare. When it hardens you are expected to mount the mare and give her satisfaction. When you mount a mare and she orgasms the artificial dick will ejaculate into the mare like a real one. Then you will go limp again and move on. Without reloading you will be able to ejaculate seven times and reloading you will take only a few minutes when needed. You though will not get too much satisfaction from the sex like the mares will. When you are not hard to perform sex, the catheter we inserted into you will funnel your pee through the dick just like a stallion. But you will not be doing any of that today.”

“In fact nothing will begin today for any of you. Though the glue takes hold in ten to fifteen minutes, it does need twelve hours to set. If we started any of your work today, we’d destroy the glue and have to start the whole process over again. So, when we are done here, you will get to enjoy the warm sun for the rest of the day lounging around the corral with all the other ponies. I also have no doubt that when you are paroled and join us humans that you will want to volunteer for this in the future because you will come to have fun with it like we did. Now did I answer all your questions?”

“Yes” said Susan, but all that came out was a whinny.

“Good then. Stand up” commanded Kate.

Susan stood and Dawn produced a rope with a loop in it. She placed it over Sue’s head around her neck and tightened it. Holding it tight she turned to face Kate who had moved her chair out of the way.

“Let’s get you branded,” said Kate.

Susan immediately went into panic mode hearing the word branding, pulling back and waving her arms in attempt to remove the rope from her neck. But her hoofs were useless leaving her just flailing away as the rope got tighter around her neck. Her screams of no and begging not to be branded just came out as frantic horse noises. The rope tightened around her neck so strong that it started to strangle her and she had to calm down because she was blacking out. At that moment Dawn got a hold of Sue and held her by the neck while loosening the rope. While Sue recovered from nearly suffocating herself Kate calmly explained the branding to her.

“Susie-Q, you have nothing to worry about. We are not going to burn your flesh like a real horse. The branding tool will feel warm as we bring close to your ass, but then a little sting and your done. We’ve been branded and you have nothing to worry about.”

Susan having calmed down now and regained her breath gave Dawn a chance to release her, but she secured Sue’s hands behind her back before once again taking up the rope. Kate opened the door to the hallway and Dawn led Sue from the room. Sue was headed back to the center of the building but led out the door opposite the one they had entered. This door opened onto a path that led between two barns into a courtyard with the barns on three sides hemming four corrals. Each corral was attached to one of the four barns that bordered the area. Opposite the two barns that formed the division between the changing building and the corrals was a pathway that led to what looked like a stadium. Two women were leading a pony girl in the opposite direction and there was another trio in the center up by the corner of one of he corrals.

The pony they passed was a black pony with four white hooves and a white spot on its nose that was four inches taller than Sue. The pony in front of her was yellowish in color with blond mane and tail, best described as a palomino pony. The palomino was having her legs placed in wooden stocks as Sue approached. A blindfold was placed over her eyes before she was forced to bend over a sawhorse and have her hands put in the same stocks with her feet. One of the handlers picked up a rod that was on the fence of the corral and pointed it at the left buttocks of the palomino. The pony girl whinnied and wiggled a bit when the rod got to within an inch of her hide. She settled down and then a button on the rod was pushed and the pony girl gave a startled whinny.

The pony was quickly released and Sue noted that a circle around the letters RG looked like it had been burned into the hide. Once the palomino was free they were heading back the way Susan had come. And Sue was being locked into the stocks, blindfolded and bent over. She could feel heat from the rod and then the sharp sting to her left buttocks causing her to give a mournful whinny too. Susan was quickly released and was led back to her changing room passing a white pony coming out for her branding. They returned to the changing room and Sue was taken to a corner of the room. Her arms were hobbled at her back and her ankles were hobbled to keep her from moving. And the rope around her neck was tied off to a drawer so that she couldn’t move very far anyways. She was facing the center of the room as Dawn began to strip off her clothes. When she was naked she walked over to Sue, turning so that Sue was looking at the naked woman’s left side and pointed at her left buttocks. Susan looked at the buttocks.

“I wear the same brand as you do,” Dawn said proudly pointing at her buttocks. “The bar Circle K is worn by me and by Kate.”

Susan looked at the buttocks to see a line over a circle that surrounded a capital K tattoo. The naked woman returned to the center of the room and repeated the routine they had done to Susan to transform Dawn into a pony. One difference was with the gloves. They actually would go on last so that the transformed woman could help with the work at hand. The collar, horse head mask, horse skin jumper and hoof boots went on her first. Then Susan watched as Kate inserted a catheter into Dawn on the metal table and then attached a penis to her. After the attachment of the tail the gloves were added to finish Dawn’s transformation to pony Delta Dawn.

She would walk over again and point once more to her left buttocks and Susan would see the same brand as had been on the skin, but this looked like it was burned into her. Dawn was in the same brownish red color of pony as Sue making them a matched set of ponies. Kate freed Sue from her hobble of her limbs and then untied the rope to leave it dangling from her neck. She put a similar rope over the neck of Dawn and left them standing in the corner side by side. A knock at the door and Kate would open it to reveal another woman, dressed similar to Kate standing with two ropes and two ponies in the hallway. At the invitation of Kate she and her two ponies entered the room.

“This is Lil’ Debby and Lil’ Princess, the volunteers to join your newest pony Kate,” said the new woman. “These aren’t their original pony names, but due to circumstances the master allowed them to adopt new ones to hide their identities.”

Kate came over to Sue and Dawn to pick up the ends of their ropes and brought them over to face the two new ponies. Sue was on Dawn’s right when they were halted and Kate introduced Sue and Dawn to the new pair. Susan noted Lil’ Princess was the slightly shorter than she while Lil’ Debby was about the same height as Dawn. Debby and Princess were both the same shade of tan with slightly different markings on their horse suits. But they did give the appearance of being a near match set of ponies.

“Let’s get them out to the corral” Kate said to the newcomer. It had taken an hour to get Dawn dressed and even longer for Sue. The sun was high in the sky when they returned to the path between the two barns. Once they stepped outside the woman leading Lil’ Debby and Lil’ Princess stepped aside and allowed Kate to take the lead. Why would soon become apparent as they got to the other side of the barns they met another woman. She too was dressed similar to lawn jockey but was different then a lot of others. She lacked the Barbie Doll body of large breasts, tiny waist and small hips of the others and her boots were standard riding boots, not the high heeled or ballet boots the others were wearing. Kate approached the woman and halted bowing her head before speaking.

“Mistress Jaclyn, your humble servant Katherine presents her new pony trainee, Susie-Q, along with her competition partners.”

“Very good” said the woman looking down her list of names and then flipping paper on her clipboard until she found the name. “And what are the names of her competition companions?”

“We have Delta Dawn, Lil’ Debby and Lil’ Princess” Kate spoke slowly with extra pauses between the names to give the brunette with the clipboard a chance to write down the names. Kate continued when Jaclyn looked up at her. “Delta Dawn is returning under her original name while Lil’ Debby and Lil’ Princess are under aliases.”

“Good” the woman said looking over the four ponies. “Your ponies are assigned to barn three, stalls seven, eight, nine and ten.”

“Thank you Mistress” Kate said as she took the ropes to Lil’s Debby and Lil’ Princess from the other woman. “With your permission and by your leave I’ll take my ponies to their corral now, mistress.”

“You have my leave and permission,” said Jaclyn.

With a tug on the rope Kate led the four ponies on between the two corrals that were attached to the spit barns to the path intersection in the center of the courtyard where the branding station was. She turned them to the right and over to the gate that opened to the corral of the barn that had been on their right as they were entering the courtyard. Kate opened the corral gate and led her four charges into the corral, then closed the gate. She looked at Susan to speak, as the other three would already know the information.

“In all pens that we will put you in there will be a sandy area where we would prefer for you to do your business on. It makes it easier for us to clean up and keeps the area better sanitized for you and the rest of the ponies. There are also two troughs in the corral; one will have your lunch in it and the other water. To get the water or lunch just stick the mouth of your mask into the trough and suck on the straw that is in your bit. You shouldn’t have trouble getting both, but if you do get my attention when I see you later and we’ll see what can be done. Now enjoy your day for tomorrow we start training in earnest.”

Kate removed the ropes from their necks of the four and exited the corral. Sue didn’t see where she went because Sue realized she really needed to use a toilet. Spotting the sandy area she made a beeline for it and relieved her self with a long pee and a good shit. The other three had also come over to the pit to pee as well. Then the foursome proceeded to the troughs. Susan found the trough with sustenance and stuck in her horse mouth in and started sucking. She found it wasn’t too hard to suck in the tasty liquid and stayed at the trough to get her fill. She did stop at the water trough to get some water. There had been some ponies in the corrals when they came out, but within an hour the corrals would be filled with a total of fifty-six ponies. Barn and corral number one would hold sixteen, as would barn/corral number two. For Sue’s barn and barn number four they would have twelve ponies each.

After having her fill and taking care of her other needs she decided to try her best to get to know those who shared her fate with her. She’d walk up and try to speak to the pony in her corral but all that came out where the sounds of horses. They would try and respond but with the same results. Sue did become good at identifying her three partners in the crowd. It took two hours but she also noticed that she could pick out the forty-two ponies that had prior training from the fourteen that were first time pony girls. The walk of those considered veterans were distinctly different from the novices. And in the case of Delta Dawn it was different from when she was working on Sue’s transformation. It was almost as if the transformation for her had caused her to get into being a pony again. Susan watched closely than began trying it herself as she walked around the corral. Dawn saw her and came up giving her a nod and whinny of approval. Then she worked with Sue another two hours on the walk. By the time they were finished a lot of the other novices had picked up on what Sue was doing and were imitating the walk too.

The newly costumed pony girls would laze away the afternoon trying to amuse themselves and with some napping. It would be about six o’clock when their handlers moved them into the barns and into individual stalls. Each stall had a bowl for water and a bowl with liquid nutrient, a sandy area for the pony to do her business and one thing few real ponies get, a cot to lie down on. There were a couple of clocks on the wall throughout the barn that would give Sue and her companions the time.

Kate had brought in the four ponies and one by one had put them in the stalls. There were twenty-four stalls in the barn and Sue’s stall was just inside the door that led to the corral. Next door to her would be Dawn while the other two occupied stalls opposite the center aisle from the pair. Sue was led into her stall first after Kate had tied off the leaders to the other three. Inside her stall, Kate would take a horse blanket to put on Sue. It wrapped around the neck and there was an attachment point around the waist. That would be the last Sue would see of Kate for the night. It was just after six at night when she was left alone. Within fifteen minutes the barn was quiet except for the noise made by the ponies sipping their water and dinner, using their sandy areas or just moving around. It was ten o’clock when the lights went out leaving faint night-lights the only illumination for the sixteen ponies.


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