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by StreamKnown

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Storycodes: F/f; bond; latex; petsuit; hood; gag; collar; leash; toys; buttplug; chastity; oral; cons; XX


“So. This looks nice, doesn’t it?” Asked Stella.

Luna and Stella both looked at the place they were going to call their new home. They had just both recently finished their University courses, with both of them both studying Photography, and both decided to find a place to live together. Ask everyone they know about their friendship, and they would always respond with “They are practically sisters.”

Stella was 22 years old, quite short, with brown hair that was down to her shoulders when it was in her signature ponytail. She had large, firm breasts and a thin waist. Luna was 21, taller than Stella and had blonde hair, which she kept down. She had smaller breasts than Stella, and the same waist. They both had small rings on their nipples to match as well.

“Could do with some renovations, but it works for the time being,” responded Luna, her hair flowing in the small breeze.

“I want to check out the inside, did you call the Moving Company?”

“Yes, you asked me in the car, remember?”

“Oh yeah, I did.”

“Come on, inside we go.”

They both walked up the stairs to the small, red brick house. It was a perfect square that had a green roof, two sets of windows on either side of the door and all the way around the house. The inside was decently sized, with a kitchen, living and dining in the centre and two rooms on either side of the house, one being a bathroom, one being a laundry and the other two being bedrooms.

Stella and Luna both share a bed, as they were both experienced in bondage, and played almost daily; they love each other. The backyard had a high, steel fence, with trees on all sides, adding extra height and privacy, making it impossible to be seen while outside.

“Renovations might not need to be made,” said Luna, caressing Stella’s arm as they had a tour, “it’s perfect.”

The Moving Company arrived an hour later, and helped move the larger items into their respective rooms, leaving Stella and Luna’s clothes and smaller items to do themselves. As Luna set up the house, Stella removed two extra suitcases from the back of the car, and put them in the spare room. She started setting up, pulling out two latex bodysuits, dildos, buttplugs, vibrators, gags, belts, floggers, crops, and started putting them in the rooms built in cupboard, seeing as it was supposed to be a bedroom, but it had now become their playroom.

That night, they sat at the table, planning ahead for the next few days, because it was going to be Luna’s 22nd birthday soon. They planned for shopping and a fun filled day. Unknown to Luna, Stella had ordered her a very special and expensive bondage gift, for them both to share, along with some attachments. Stella knew that the type of bondage the device included was one that Luna had wanted to try for ages, but never had the money. For the next few days, Stella and Luna went to discover the new place they lived. It was a small but busy town, with shops and cafes that made it feel alive.

Three days later, the present that Stella got for Luna arrived. Luckily she was out of the house, buying some random things she wanted before her 22nd. Stella thanked the delivery man and put it in a secret spot, ready for the day to arrive. Luna arrived home an hour later, with some jewellery for Stella and some extra groceries they forgot to get when they had gone the day before.

Finally the day arrived: Luna’s 22nd. They slept in till 8am and got up to find all the presents that their friends and Stella had gotten for Luna, all on the table. There were all sorts of things, such as dresses, money and her favourite type of tea.

“Wait here,” said Stella, and walked out of the room to go and get the present. She came back a minute later with a medium sized box that had Luna’s name on it. “This is very special. It is for both of us to share and it only arrived two days ago.”

“What is it?” asked a curious Luna.

“Open and find out.”

Ripping off the tape, Luna opened the box to see four items, the largest being a white, rubber blob. There was also a mask with a gag attached, a white hood that had little cat ears on the top, and would cover the eyes but not the mouth and nose, and a tail plug.

“It’s a petsuit, or bitchsuit, whichever term you prefer.” explained Stella. “On the actual suit, while wearing it, your tits, pussy and ass will hang out of their holes, but you wouldn’t be able to see at all. I think you know how the mask and the tail works though. And you would be walking around on your elbows and knees, but the inside is cushioned, so it’s not going to hurt, and look! Where your elbows and knees would go, there’s small paws, which is cute.”

“Thank you so much!” responded Luna, her face wide with glee. “Let’s use it now!”

“Hold on there love,” said Stella, holding up her hands. “We haven’t had breakfast yet, and you need to shower first so you can get in easier.”

They had pancakes for breakfast, and showered together, touching each other, turning the other on. They didn’t bother to put their clothes back on, because it was time for the suit.

“Do you want to wear it first?” asked Stella.

“Sure, but I want to try without the hood, mask and tail first,” said Luna.

Unzipping the suit slowly, Stella waved Luna over and told her to lay on top of the suit, with her tits and pussy lining up with the holes. Stella folded Luna’s arms over so that her hands were in between her neck and shoulders, and fitted them into the sleeves. Stella zipped up the sleeves, and got to work on the legs, folding them the same way as the arms. Luckily, both of them were very flexible, so Luna’s legs folded over, so her feet were just next to her ass cheeks, and zipped them in too.

“Can you stand up?” asked Stella.

“I think so?” said Luna. She pushed down onto the elbows and raised her ass, making her able to stand on her elbows and knees.

“Ok, is anything uncomfortable?”

“No, but can you move the latex around my tits, it’s stuck on one of them.”

After shifting around the latex, Stella asked Luna to try and walk around, and Luna managed to get the hang of walking so soon. She also felt that her elbows and knees weren’t hurting, and she could walk faster than she thought she could.

“Ok now that’s done, wait here for a bit.” requested Stella, and she walked out of the room. Luna walked around a bit more, and sat up on her bottom when Stella returned, holding a lead, a collar and three bells. She clipped the bells onto Luna’s nipple rings, and fastened the collar around her neck, attaching the lead and last bell onto it.

“Come on Luna.” Said Stella, pulling on the lead, making her slowly go back onto her new legs. The bells jingled as they walked around their new home multiple times, but they didn’t go outside. The one time Stella tried to take Luna outside, Luna started to pull on the lead saying “No! Not today! Not right now!” So they settled in their bondage room, and decided to play a bit.

Stella unhooked the lead and ordered Luna to sit in front of her. Stella grabbed a vibrator from the cupboard and a small stool and positioned the vibrator under Luna’s pussy.

She then sat on the stool, and slowly moved Luna on the head of the vibrator, and got Luna to start to lick her pussy. She was already so wet, and then her moans started to fill the room. She flicked on the vibrator and it buzzed to life, making a noise being jammed between Luna’s pussy and the carpet of the floor. Both of their moans filled the room and they were like this for fifteen minutes, before Luna’s orgasm broke and she fell back onto the floor, breathing heavily. Stella went and sat on top of Luna’s pussy, and rubbed them together, squeezing Luna’s tits in the process. An hour later, with both of them breathing heavily and laughing, they got Luna out of the suit, but Luna asked to keep the bells on for a bit, until it was time for Stella to have her turn. They still didn’t decide to put clothes on, and went to sleep together. Ending the day with fun.


They woke back up the next day, took the bells off Luna, and finally put some clothes on.

“When do you want to wear the suit?” asked Luna.

“Probably later, I’ve got to get some things from town again.” responded Stella. She packed up her things and took the car into town.

Luna went into the kitchen to see a small note from Stella. It asked her to insert a dildo, and wear a chastity belt until Stella returned. Luna happily went to the bondage room, got out a dildo, and placed it in her panties, slowly pushing it up her pussy to before putting on a chastity belt. She kept it there all day, walking around the house with it, doing the laundry, having a shower, eating lunch and finally watching the TV until Stella returned.

She was holding a large cat bed, which had two bowls and a kitty litter box sitting on top of it.

“Oh, I think I know what that’s for!” said Luna, very happy to see Stella again.

“I also think you know what it’s for,” smiled Stella. She placed them in the bondage room and came back to Luna and they kissed, with Luna rubbing Stellas pussy, and Stella squeezing Luna’s breasts.

“Did you see my note?” asked Stella.

“Yeah, I did, it’s getting a little uncomfortable now.”

Stella crouched down and pulled down Luna’s skirt and panties to reveal the belt and dildo. She grabbed the keys from Luna, took off the belt and slowly brought the dildo out; standing back up she shared it with Luna, licking it and putting it in both their mouths.

Later that night, Stella called Luna to the table for a small discussion.

“You know the suit we used yesterday?”

“The bitchsuit? Yeah, of course! How could I forget the best gift I got for my 22nd?”

“Can I use it?”

“Sure, it would be fun!”

“Of course. But there’s something else.”

“What is it? Is something wrong?”

“No, of course not. It’s just that I want to be your pet for 24 hours or more.”

Luna hesitated for a second at this request. Stella, hers, for a full day.

“Sure. Would you be wearing everything?”

“Yea, just telling you this so that I can trust you to feed me, let me go to the toilet, and take me for a walk out the back, and play with me for at least an hour.”

“Write it down, and I will remember easier.”

After writing down the requests and discussing toilet and food times, they showered together again and went to the bondage room. They took the suit and its components out of the box it came in, and placed them on the floor. Luna folded Stella’s arms and legs into the suit and zipped it up.

After going through almost the same routine as they had done to Luna to check if the suit was comfortable. Luna then tied Stella’s hair in a ponytail. She then got the hood and slowly put it over Stella’s head, covering her eyes and leaving her mouth and nose free. They weren’t free for long, as the mask and gag were put on. The gag was small and spherical, but fit Stella’s mouth fine. The mask was made so it would show no skin around the mouth and chin. Stella’s head was completely white now, and the only parts of skin that could be seen were Stella’s breasts, pussy and bottom. Luna fitted the bells on to Stella’s nipples, the collar and its bell and stood back up.

“Ready for the tail?” asked Luna. Stella nodded, and positioned herself so she was on her forearms with her bottom in the air. Luna grabbed their bottle of lube and rubbed some all over the plug part of the tail and onto Stella’s butthole. She rubbed the plug on Stella’s butthole and traced it twice, before positioning it and slowly pushing, using calming words of praise as she worked. Finally, with a satisfying pop, it was in.

The tail was one of a white fox, matching the suit, and the end tuft of the tail faded to black, adding some contrast to the suit. Getting out her camera, Luna took photos from multiple angles, some of Stella standing up, and others of her sitting on her bottom, and finally photos of her on her back.

“You’re so cute!” said Luna, and a muffled laugh came from Stella.

“Ok well, it’s time for bed now. I’m going to move your bed into the living room and put the bowls and litter box in the kitchen, Ok?”

Stella nodded to show she understood and was led on to her bed, which she curled up in, jingling her bells as she did so. Luna unclipped Stella’s leash and rubbed her pussy goodnight, with a little licking, then went off to bed.

The next morning, Luna was woken up to a small bang from the main room. Rushing to get her clothes on, she came out to find that Stella had walked into a wall and was stuck on her back, trying to get back up. Luna came over and touched Stella’s head to signify she was there to help; she grabbed Stella’s waist and flipped her back over.

“Do you want some food now?” asked Luna, crouching down and stroking Stella’s back.

Stella nodded, and Luna went and got some milk and some cereal, and poured the milk into one bowl and the cereal into the other. Luna walked over to Stella and removed her gag, and guided her over to her meal. Stella lowered her head and couldn’t reach the food, so she had to spread her front legs so she could get lower. She ate and slurped, while Luna sat at the table watching her and eating her own bowl of cereal. Once they had both finished Luna started asking questions.

“How was last night? Did you get any sleep?”

“It was actually easy for me to sleep, the suit is very comfortable,” said Stella, “I was shaking when you left after licking my pussy. My head still hurts a bit from this morning though.” Stella gave a small laugh.

“How much can you see?” asked Luna.

“Practically nothing, not a single bit of light.”

“Well, I’m going to put the gag back in soon. Do you need to go to the toilet?”

“Yeah, can you take the plug out?”

“Ok, lean over again for me.”

Stella lent over into the same position used for the plug to be put in, and Luna slowly took it out, and took Stella over to the litter box. Stella did what she needed to do and walked back over to Luna who was in front of her. Stella spun back around and leant over again for Luna to put the pre-lubed tail back in.

“Ok, I’m putting the gag back in again, can you sit up?”

Stella sat back on her bottom and opened her mouth for the gag to be replaced. Luna positioned the gag and tied the mask back onto Stella’s face. Luna hooked the leash onto Stella’s collar and made her walk around.

After multiple loops around the house, Luna asked if it was okay that she would let her go outside. Stella hesitated before nodding and Luna brought her to the back door. They walked outside onto the grass and Luna unhooked the leash and tapped Stella’s bottom twice, indicating she was free. Stella walked slowly around the backyard until she got a feel for its borders and started to go a little faster. She went around and around the backyard, and Luna was thankful for the trees making sure that no nosy neighbours could see them and call someone about them. Luna got up after a bit and hooked the leash back onto Stella and took her back inside.

“Do you need to rest after that?” asked Luna. Stella nodded and Luna guided her over to Stella’s bed. The leash was unhooked once again and Luna went and sat on the couch, and turned on the TV watching the midday news. Nothing interesting was shown so Luna turned off the TV and went into the kitchen to prepare for lunch. She took some meat from the fridge and heated it up for Stella to eat before making herself a toasted sandwich. Luna went to get Stella and positioned her in front of the bowls and took the gag off. After they ate lunch, Luna put the gag back in and decided it was time to play.

Luna took Stella into the bondage room and took a dildo and a vibrator from the cupboard and started to use them on Stella. Stella moaned behind her mask and gag and eventually started to almost scream. She was on the brink of having an orgasm and orgasm she did. Her bells jingled with her movements and as Luna played with Stella’s breasts. Luna took Stella’s mask off and, using a double-sided dildo, inserted it into Stella’s pussy and her own and started to use it, while making out with Stella.

“That’s almost enough for today.” said Luna. Leaving Stella lying on the floor, she took out the dildo and put it back, along with the vibrator, returning with a chastity belt and insertable vibrator. She put the vibrator into Stella’s pussy and pulled the tail through the hole of the chastity belt, before locking it on. She hooked on the leash onto Stella and took her around the house, with the vibrator buzzing around inside of Stella. They did several laps of the house before the vibrator turned off.

Luna looked at their clock, and found out they had played for almost three hours! It was almost dinner already, so she decided to be lazy and order pizza from town. She ordered a pizza and found some spaghetti in the cupboard for Stella. She also added a fizzy drink to Stella’s drink bowl. Luna hid Stella before the pizza arrived and after it came and the delivery man had left, Luna brought Stella back out for a chat while eating dinner.

“How do you feel?” asked Luna.

“I still feel fine, but that vibrator was a bit mean though.” said Stella.

“Sorry.” said Luna “Do you want it out?”

“Not yet, it’s nearly time for me to get out of the suit soon is it?”

“You’re out in two hours.”

“I might be able to sleep another night. Can you leave the vibrator on while I sleep?”

“Sure. You might be tired in the morning.”

“That’s fine.”

So that night, the gag was put in one more time, Luna played with Stella’s breasts and bells before they both went to sleep.

The next morning, Stella had breakfast in the suit again, which was the same cereal, and Luna took her to the bondage room to take off the suit. She removed the chastity belt first, before taking out the soaking vibrator. She unzipped the legs first, and a loud moan came from Stella as she let her legs unfold for the first time in almost a day and a half. The same thing happened when the arms we released. When Stella stood up, she almost fell over.

“Are you okay?” asked Luna, releasing a small laugh.

“Best. Two. Days. EVER!” squealed Stella, punching the air with a big grin on her face, her breasts bouncing as she jumped around, the bells jingling and the tail waving around.

“Seemed like it.” said Luna, moving over to Stella to kiss her. “Which is why you deserve this.”

Luna bent down to have her head the same level as Stella’s pussy, and started to lick her so much that it was half an hour till she stopped, with Stella having multiple orgasms and being edged twice as much.


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