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The Prettiest Animal

by Julien Sorel

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© Copyright 2010 - Julien Sorel - Used by permission

Storycodes: MF/f; D/s; bdsm; pony; slave; conditioning; harness; cart; cons; X

Joseph woke me up early today, took me into the shower rooms, and washed me carefully. In the dressing room, to my surprise, he slipped a white dress over my arms and pulled it down into place.

I smiled, looking at myself in the mirror. It's been so long since I’ve worn anything, and this dress was actually pretty. It looked like a Grecian tunic, loose and free-falling, a bit tapered at the waist and landing at mid-thigh.

Joseph brushed out my long copper-red hair. He surprises me sometimes: he has taste, he was actually making my hair look nice. I checked myself in the mirror when he was finished, liking what I was seeing. I wore no makeup, but I look okay without it. The dress was simple but lovely. Except for being barefoot, I might almost have gone out to the grocery store like this on a warm summer day.

Joseph headed down the hall to the front rooms, gesturing for me to follow. I enjoyed the feeling of the dress swirling around my thighs as I walked. Even without shoes, I was two or three inches taller than Joseph, and Iiked looking down at the beginning of a bald spot on the back of his head.

We entered one of the front rooms, where a complete surprise awaited me. Kate Hemmings was sitting there. I'd seen her only once since college, and even that must have been more than five years ago. Seven or eight, maybe. Then we completely lost touch. I smiled at her once the amazement wore off.

She stood up with a look of shock on her face. "What's wrong?" Joseph asked her.

"Nicole?" she asked, still incredulous. I smiled.

"You know her?" Joseph asked.

"It's Nicole Fairchild, isn't it? We went to Wesleyan together," she said.

Kate and I were fairly close in college - we weren't best pals, but we hung out with the same group during our last two years. At first I thought her personality was too aggressive, but after I got to know her, I realized that she was a good and supportive friend, the kind that gave help when you needed it. We took a class together senior year, and did a lot of studying together. I have pleasant memories of her.

She stepped closer. "My God," she said quietly. "How are you, Nicole?"

I smiled warmly at her. "Don't ask her any questions, if you don't mind," said Joseph. "She's been trained not to speak. It might confuse her."

"Yeah, I understand," said Kate. She stared at me. It was certainly a strange way to meet again...

"If you take her, of course, you can train her however you want," said Joseph.

"This is so bizarre," said Kate. "I don't know if I can do this. We were good friends in school."

"It's up to you, of course," said Joseph.

Kate looked at me, thinking. I smiled back.

"She was the class brain, you know," said Kate. "She carried me through a tough politics class."

"I would think all this history could make the new relationship rather interesting, no?" said Joseph. "But of course it's up to you."

A smile was creeping across Kate's face. "Nicole, if only I knew back then," she said. "No, I was so closeted in those days that I wouldn't have done anything anyway."

Suddenly Kate looked at Joseph and laughed with embarrassment. "Well, so what now? I was going to do some rude things to her during inspection. But now..."

"It won't bother her, so please yourself," said Joseph.

"But will she freeze up because I know her?" asked Kate. "How can I tell I'm getting a true response?"

"If we've trained her properly, she should have no say whatsoever in how she responds," said Joseph.

"Amazing," said Kate. Then she looked at me and gave me that cute little lopsided grin of hers, which I haven't seen in years. "Okay, Nicole, I guess that's what you're here for, right?" Suddenly she seemed confident. She stepped forward and spread the neckline of my dress open, so that my bare boobs fell into her hands.

It felt nice. Oh, God - she's flicking her thumbs back and forth across my nipples...

I opened my eyes and saw Kate holding the middle finger of her right hand in front of my face. "Give me some lubrication," she said.

I sucked, as wetly as I could. My nipples were still tingling in a distracting way.

"You won't need lubrication," said Joseph.

Kate pulled her finger out of my mouth with a "pop" and pushed it right up inside me. Oh, God - this is so strange, so strange...

I opened my eyes and saw Kate's face, her mouth open. She's excited too. Oh, Kate, I love you, I love you so much...

Suddenly she pulled her fingers out of me. I took a deep breath and tried to get my bearings. She would have made me come if she'd have kept going a little longer.

"Amazing," Kate said again, wiping her fingers off with a handkerchief.

"What do you think?" said Joseph.

"I'm interested," said Kate.

"Want to give her a test spin?" said Joseph.

"Yes, please," said Kate.

"Okay, let's go out back," said Joseph, showing Kate to the door.

I followed them outside into the stable, my snatch still wet and swollen. It's weird that I always feel as if I'm desperately in love whenever someone turns me on. Actually, that's probably not such a weird reaction at all - but for me, the way my life is now, living as a sort of public thing, it's not terribly appropriate. But I still do it.

Through my sex fog, I heard Kate asking Joseph about how I was trained.

"There's really only one principle we follow," said Joseph. "You know what the biggest difference is between people and animals? If someone hit you on the head, you'd be angry, you'd brood about for days, maybe you'd plot your revenge. But if you hit your head on a shelf, you wouldn't do any of those things - you'd just watch out for the shelf in the future. Right?"

"Right," said Kate.

"Well, all of Nicole's training was for the sole purpose of removing that prideful reaction to being hurt or dominated by someone else. For her, it's all the same as bumping into a shelf. Other than that, she hasn't changed. She could still help you pass that tough college class. But by making that one little shift in her consciousness, she becomes an animal that can be domesticated."

Last time Joseph told this story to a customer, he slapped me as an illustration. Thankfully, I think he's past that point in the story.

"But what about her getting turned on so easily when I touched her?" asked Kate. "You didn't train that into her?"

"Not directly," said Joseph. "It happens naturally once they lose their pride. It's interesting how the mind works. Once they stop caring about being in control, their sex drive just comes right out and says hello."

We arrived at the stable, where Joseph lifted off my dress and began to harness me. I tried to remember whether Kate had ever seen me naked before. I'm not shy about being naked anymore, and my body is actually looking pretty good these days, but the fact that it's Kate looking at me is naturally making me a little self-conscious.

"Do you want her shod, or barefoot?" asked Joseph. "She can run either way."

"I run ponies barefoot on the grass at my place," said Kate. "Oh well, why not shoe her, just to get the full effect?"

Joseph had me strapped into the harness now, which makes your body feel like sausage meat forced into a casing. I'm getting nervous and distracted, like always before a run. No matter how good your conditioning is - and I'm probably in as good condition right now as anyone on the planet, I guess - pulling a rider is a huge exertion. While it's going on, you don't know how you can possibly last. On top of that, being bitted puts you under total control: you can't even think about not obeying with a bit in your mouth. That's exciting, of course, but when you're running at top speed and pulling a cart and driver, it's also frightening. If you fall, or if anything goes wrong, you're harnessed and can't protect yourself. Being driven fast feels a little like being carried across an abyss by a tightrope walker: all you can do is hope the rider knows what he's doing. Or she.

Once Joseph had me strapped into my shoes, I was a full head taller than both him and Kate. But I was too skittish to enjoy the feeling. He led me to the cart and fastened me, and I felt Kate climb in, the shift in the cart's weight pulling my hips back and up. She fiddled with the reins and whip for a while, which I hate. The last thing I want is a delay at this point.

Then I felt the cart lurch backwards. Kate had taken the brake off the wheels while she was reclining in the driver's seat. I don't know why, but I freaked, even though I knew exactly what had happened. I started screaming through the bit, and tried to drop to my knees, though of course I couldn't go down that far.

In a split second I felt the reins pulling me back. I stood straight as quickly as I could, and tilted my head until I was looking straight up. I came to rest with my thighs pressed against the frame of the cart, unable to move any part of my body without pain; but if I stayed still, the pressure on the bit was bearable, firm but not unpleasant. As she reined me in, Kate leaned forward in the seat, and I heard her right behind me, whispering gently, "There, Nicole, there."

My fear fell away instantly. It was obvious that she knew exactly how to handle me. The pull on the reins was perfect, dominating but painless. And she understood my little tantrum immediately, and gave me the calm place I needed to recover.

This had been what I'd been waiting for all this time, the person I'd been dreaming of. And it was Kate all along, my old friend Kate. How strange life is! From that moment on, Kate owned me. All that was left was for me to show her that I belonged to her. I became aware that the position Kate was holding me in forced me to thrust my bare boobs forward, and I felt a surge of pride that I was looking good for her, that I could be a pretty accessory for her.

I felt the reins relax a bit, just enough for me to look straight ahead. I knew exactly what would happen next, and I was ready. Kate lightly flicked the whip across both my ass cheeks, saying "Go, Nicole!" Even the slightest touch from those whips hurts like hell, but it's not so bad if you can take action. I dug the hard rubber on the front of my shoes into the ground, and in a few seconds I was at trotting speed, pulling Kate easily behind me.

The End



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