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Princess Gets a Job at the Shelter

by KnottyNarrator

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Priscilla was playing on her phone at work. Again? How many times would he have to fucking remind this spoiled… Mark had to calm down. Mark was the owner of a local animal shelter, and Priscilla was his only employee at the moment. Mark never kept a big staff, especially now as the shelter had recently been renovated with state-of-the-art technology; the place practically ran itself now. Though he did try to keep a few employees around for extra help from time to time though, as someone would have to physically interact with the dogs to keep them socialized. This was a dream gig! Mark would pay people a fair wage to essentially play with dogs throughout the day, and the system would handle the rest! Yet here was Priscilla, his recent, spoiled brat of a hire. She had worked at the kennel for 6 months now, and Mark had to practically beg her to do her incredibly easy job. Priscilla would come in late, leave early without permission, and when she was at work it would take a miracle for her to pull herself away from her phone long enough to actually do her job.

Priscilla looked like every bit the spoiled bitch Mark thought she was. She was 5’4”, Platinum blonde haired 22-year-old who looked like she had never worked a day in her life. Priscilla hadn’t gone to college. Instead, upon hearing she’d be inheriting her very wealthy father’s fortune as he passed away, Priscilla decided she’d rather wait it out and never have to bother putting in the effort for school. She hadn’t been close with her father, so his death meant little to her. His money on the other hand, was at the first thing on her mind after hearing the news. Priscilla finally won her fortune after a heated battle with the family regarding her inheritance, culminating in the rest of her family disowning her. There was one stipulation standing in Priscilla’s way however; her father explicitly stated in his will that she’d have to earn the inheritance by holding down a job for one year! It was completely unfair in her mind. That’s why she got this do-nothing job at the shelter in the first place! Priscilla planned on skating by at this easy job for a year then moving onto bigger and better things in life. Mark, of course, was aware of all of this.

Mark couldn’t stand the little brat; each week he’d wrestle with the desire to fire her or not. He kept her around though, at least for now. He had his reasons though; was as much as Mark hated her stuck-up personality, god damn did that girl have a body. She was definitely easy on the eyes, and Mark didn’t hate having the eye candy around the shelter. Priscilla dressed like a total slut most of the time, wearing only the most revealing of shirts and the shortest of skirts. All designer of course. Priscilla routinely showed up to work wearing heels, a signal to Mark he’d likely not be getting any real work out of the bitch that day. The other reason, the real reason, that he tolerated the girl’s poor work performance was, well, she paid him. Mark knew what was going on with her family’s finances, and she’d bribed him with $10,000 a month for every month he kept her employed. Mark had grown comfortable with that extra income, and it was part of what allowed him to renovate the shelter like he had. Still, Mark would fantasize of a day where Priscilla would finally get her comeuppance. It was a love hate relationship; he hated that girl’s personality yet couldn’t turn down her money. He hated her nonexistent work ethic, but at least she gave him something nice to look. Really, as much as her stuck-up existence pissed him off, Mark got off to the fantasy of seeing that bitch get put in her place.

It was Friday, and business hours were about to end. Mark was going out of town for the weekend, and knew he’d have to remind Priscilla tonight if he expected her to remember to come in over the weekend to check in on everything.

“Hey, Priscilla,” Mark began. “Remember what we agreed, right? You’ve gotta come in tomorrow and Sunday morning and check on everything, remember?” He explained with condescension laced in his tone. “I know you don’t care, but the dogs DO need someone to check on them, so if you could at least do it for them this time, I’d be SO grateful.” Priscilla was annoyed that Mark felt the need to interrupt her, she was in the middle of texting someone. She was even more annoyed that he was speaking to her like some child.

“Let’s not forget,” Priscilla arrogantly responded. “Who really pays the bills around here. Besides, with all of these upgrades for the place you bought with my money, this place essentially operates itself.” Priscilla scoffed. “But fine, I’ll come in for like an hour tops to make sure the place didn’t burn down.”

God this bitch really made his blood boil, Mark thought to himself behind clenched teeth. He decided it was probably for the best that he did not dignify her with a response, and so he started to close up shop and the two of them went their separate ways.

Priscilla woke up in the morning late. She glanced at her clock; 11:30am. Oh well, it’s not like Mark would be there to catch her running late again. Leisurely, she got dressed. Priscilla was thinking of hitting up the beach later, so she decided she’d change into her bathing suit now and finish her check-in at work on the way out to the water. Nearly two hours later, Priscilla found herself in front of the animal shelter. She unlocked the door, contemplating why she’d even bothered to come in in the first place; It’s not like Mark would find out one way or another. Whatever, she was just such a hard worker, Priscilla mused to herself. Priscilla immediately headed into the back where the dogs were housed. She hated this side of the animal shelter. It smelled and the dogs would track dirt all over the place whenever the system brought them back inside from their exercise; Priscilla loathed dirt. She decided she’d just do a quick run through to ensure all the dogs were in their respective cages and all the gates were secure.

This area of the shelter consisted of essentially five aisles or hallways lined with twenty cages flanking either side of each hallway. The new monitoring system Mark had been able to purchase using Pricilla’s money would completely automate handling each dog’s daily routine, guiding them outside in given intervals on a leash connected to a moving guidance system on the ceiling. It would calculate the proper amount of food and water they needed throughout the day and dispense it accordingly. It would even make dietary adjustments based on observed health and behavior of the animals. In the event of more unruly animals, the system also had a protocol to train them, and would administer training via a shock collar to discourage aggressive behavior. Really the only thing the system couldn’t replicate was human interaction, which is why Mark tried to keep another person on staff to help socialize the animals. 

Priscilla was flying through her checks. She’d held her breath to avoid smelling the dogs as she jogged down each hallway, verifying all of the animals were secure and still alive. Aisle 1, good. 2 and 3, good. Aisle 4, good. Too easy, Priscilla thought. She arrived at the front of Aisle 5. There weren’t any animals in aisle 5, so this would be easy. It didn’t smell as bad in this aisle, so she’d take her time and catch her breath from the quick runs she’d just been doing. All of the cages, essentially 5’ by 8’ rooms of chain link, were empty and their gates were secure, until she reached the end of the aisle. At the very end of the aisle, Priscilla noticed one of the gates was cracked open. Priscilla approached, and saw that what appeared to be a dog toy had gotten caught in the hinge of the gate as it tried to close, preventing it from locking. The last thing Priscilla wanted was evidence she’d not done her job over the weekend, who knows how long she’d have to listen to Mark whine about it. Priscilla strolled over to the gate, opened it further, stepped in, and kicked the toy free from the hinge with her foot. Too easy. Except things suddenly got a lot more complicated.

As Priscilla knocked the chew toy free, the system seized control of the gate and slammed it shut with her still inside! There was no latch from the inside, and as she squeezed her dainty little wrists through the chain link to open it from the outside, the handle wouldn’t turn! How was she going to get out? She’d have to call Mark to come open the gate, and now she was going to miss the beach! Priscilla should have never come into work, she thought. She reached for her phone to call Mark, and suddenly she remembered; She was in her bathing suit! Priscilla had left her phone on the counter in the front office, how was she supposed to get ahold of anyone now?! 

Priscilla stomped her feet in frustration. After briefly considering her options, she decided to just try and force the gate open out of frustration. She immediately slammed into the gate with as much force as her small body could muster, pulling on it back and forth, kicking and screaming. The shelter's automated system did not like that.

“NEW ANIMAL DETECTED” Priscilla heard the system announce over the intercom. What the fuck was going on? “SPECIES: UNKNOWN. AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR DETECTED” The system went on, “ADMINISTERING BEHAVIORAL CORRECTION.” What the fuck was that supposed to mean, Priscilla wondered. Suddenly, from the guidance system on the ceiling, a mechanical arm descended with blistering speed. Before Priscilla could even process what was going on, the mechanical arm enclosed one of the systems collar’s around her neck. Priscilla hardly registered what was happening when the system piped up again; “SPECIES DETERMINED: CANINE” Canine?! She wasn’t some dog!

Priscilla began to scream. “AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR DETECTED: CORRECTIVE TRAINING INITIATED.” Immediately as she began to shout, she felt a sudden jolt to her throat, causing her whole body to seize up briefly before causing her to buckle at the knees and fall to the ground. Priscilla was speechless! Literally. The shock had knocked the wind out of her, and she couldn’t find the oxygen to try again just yet. Before she could try and catch her breath however, the system started up one more time. “INITIATING INITIAL INSPECTION: PROCEEDING TO INSPECTION AREA.” The gate flung open! Finally, her chance to escape. 

Priscilla immediately began to crawl out of the cage area, when suddenly she felt something tugging her along by the throat. It was the system’s guidance system! A long, stiff leash connected her to the ceiling but left her unable to stand, and it began to pull her along down the hallway. Priscilla wasn’t used to moving on her hands and knees and given that the system was accustomed to moving at a dog’s pace it was everything she could do to keep up and prevent getting choked! The system led her back to the entrance of the holding area and led her up to the scale. The scale itself was also state of the art and was used whenever they first processed new animals into the system. “SPECIES: CANINE. BREED: UNKNOWN. WEIGHT: 105lbs. SIZE: EXTRA-LARGE.” 

“Extra-large?!” Priscilla exclaimed back, offended at the idea. For a dog though, she was quite heavy. As soon as the words left her lips another shock coursed through her body, making her vision go black for a second. 

“DISPOSITION: AGGRESSIVE.” The system continued. “DEBRIS DETECTED: INITIATING CLEANING.” Cleaning?! Immediately the system produced a number of additional mechanical arms, each with various brushes and sponges. Warm water suddenly sprayed down her back, and the various brushes began aggressively scrubbing her down. It didn’t take long for the brushes to knock her bathing suit loose, causing it to fall to the ground and be swept away by the water. Priscilla wanted to cry out for her lost bathing suit but was quickly learning the collar wouldn’t tolerate that.

Suddenly an immense amount of heat began to radiate around her, and as quick as it began her ‘bath’ was now over. Priscilla’s mind was racing at a million miles per minute, she needed to get out of here! The system, now thoroughly satisfied with its evaluation of her, led her back to her cage, sealing the gate behind her. With the chaos settling down, Priscilla began to cry. Not loudly of course, she could only muster a whimper without the collar zapping her again, but the tears rolled down her cheeks either way. Priscilla thought her suffering was over, but before departing for good the mechanical arm holding her leash secured it to an anchor on the ground, preventing her from standing up or even reaching the cage gate. Priscilla curled up into a ball and sobbed herself to sleep, hoping it was all just a horrible dream.

A few hours later Priscilla awoke, still very much stuck in this nightmare. She’d noticed a food and water bowl had been placed in front of her. As if she’d ever eat or drink from a bowl! She was an heiress, not some fucking bitch! Priscilla was dying of thirst though, as she reconsidered the water. Finally, after a long internal debate she opted to try drinking the water. First with her hands, but the narrowness of the bowl prevented her from scooping anything up meaningful. Finally, she relented. Priscilla placed her head down into the bowl and began to lap it up… like a dog! She felt so humiliated and defeated. Curious, she took a whiff of the dog food and it made her stomach turn. She decided to go back to sleep.

Some more time had passed, and Priscilla awoke later to the sound of the system. “INITIATING HOUSETRAINING PROTOCOL” it declared emotionlessly. House training? What the… Fuck. Priscilla suddenly realized she’d had to pee. The system knew too, somehow. Again, her gate flung open and she was led from the cage, but this time to a small area outside where aggressive dogs would be sent for bathroom breaks, separate from the general population. Priscilla was outside, in the dirt, naked. She felt disgusting! If this system thought she would be relieving herself out here like some gross animal, it had another thing coming. So, she held it. Priscilla sat there waiting for the system to bring her back in after time had lapsed. 

Unfortunately, that time hadn’t come. She’d waited over 20 minutes now! Why wouldn’t it let her back inside yet?! The system knew. Priscilla was nearly bursting at the seams now. Once again, she had no choice but to give into the system’s demands. Her head hung in shame, Priscilla crawled out into the grass, lifted one leg, and began to pee. It felt a little exciting, honestly, and this confused her. There would be no fooling the system, she realized, as it instantly led her back to her cage once she had finished.

Once back in the cage, the system had apparently detected another problem with her behavior; she hadn’t eaten her dog food. “ANIMAL’S APPETITE ABNORMALLY LOW: INITIATING FEEDING PROTOCOL!” It announced. Oh great, Priscilla wondered what this torture would consist of. It didn’t matter how many times this stupid collar shocked her; she would NOT be eating from that dog bowl. Once again, the system’s mechanical arms descended upon her; she was too tired to put up a fight anymore. Priscilla felt the system securing something around her head; it was a muzzle! How much more humiliating could this get, she wondered. As the muzzle began to secure itself in place around her skull, she suddenly felt something push up against her lips. Curious, she parted her lips ever so slightly to try and determine what it might be. Priscilla had given an inch, and the system took a mile. As her lips parted the system immediately shoved whatever it was into Priscillas mouth, nearly causing her to gag. Her tongue curiously examined the intruder; it was some kind of tube. A moment passed, and suddenly something began to pump into her mouth, via the tube. It was her dog food! Priscilla wanted to vomit, but it would have nowhere to go. If she didn’t want to suffocate, she had no choice but to swallow everything it pumped into her. After it was finished Priscilla began to cry once again until she passed out from exhaustion. 

Priscilla was trapped in her cage and training routine until Monday when Mark got back. Mark came in Monday morning at his usual time, and immediately noticed something was out of place; he saw Priscillas phone on the counter. She was never here on time, let alone early, Mark thought to himself. Suspicious, Mark began to explore the shelter to find his bratty employee. Finally, after scrubbing every inch of the place, he found her. Mark stumbled upon that final cage in aisle 5 and saw his bitch of an employee naked on the floor, covered in dirt, with a collar around her neck and muzzle around her face.

“Mmmphhhhh!” Priscilla whined as her eyes met Mark’s. At Last, Mark was here, someone would rescue her from this nightmare. Mark had other ideas. Priscilla’s mood went from hope to nervousness as she saw a vicious look in her bosses’ eyes.

“What have we here?” Mark exclaimed innocently. “Another bitch found her way into my animal shelter? Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you…” He said with a sinister smile.

One year later

Priscilla, or Princess as she was called now, was Mark’s finest employee! Princess was always the first one to arrive and the last to leave; she practically lived at work. She was always so enthusiastic to do a good job as well, especially since Mark had gotten her a new uniform. Mark had decided to help her get into character a little more, she needed a costume. Mark had remembered something he’d seen online years ago, a bitchsuit, that he always wanted to try. It was a lovely leather, full-body outfit that would force its wearer to crawl on their knees and elbows and designed to look like a dog! Mark had spared no expense of Princesses’ money when it came to buying the nicest model he could find. Now Princess fully looked the part of the bitch she had always been. She’d been made to look quite convincingly like a short haired golden retriever. Her face was mostly covered by a harness made to look like a dog's snout, and a ring gag had been lodged into her mouth beneath, turning her into a drooling mess and preventing any attempt at speech. Mark had finished off her look with a lovely tail! It wasn’t just any tail of course, this one was made from Princesses actual hair! And it was connected to a buttplug that was now lodged deep into her ass, of course. A minor detail.

Initially, Princess was very stubborn about her training, but Mark just modified her training regimen in the system to be just a bit stricter. And there was her new diet of course! Mark made sure all of Princess’s meals contained healthy doses of chemicals to keep her horny and gradually reduce her cognitive abilities. The chemicals happened to be addictive too, so Princess couldn’t wait to eat out of her bowl every day now. This coupled with the ultimatum Mark had given her kept Princess obediently in line and enthusiastic at work. Mark had told her very early on that either she would start showing some serious enthusiasm as his bitch, or he would be letting her sleep with the other extra-large dog’s cages to learn her place. Needless to say, Princess changed her attitude rather quickly. Now every morning Mark couldn’t wait to let her out of her cage so she could give his cock so many kisses. Princess quickly became Mark’s favorite, and he kept her by his side all day during work. He even loved to show her off outside on walks around the property, letting her play with the other dogs. The best part about the whole arrangement was not only did Princess decide to work for just food, water, and a warm cage now: as long as she was still on the payroll her $10,000 a month would still get deposited in Mark’s account! Maybe had Princess not burned all of those bridges with her family, someone would have come looking for her. Everything would work out though; Mark decided even though no one had come to save the little bitch, Princess would be welcome to stay with the shelter indefinitely.


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